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1. WARNING:  We interpret that the mRNA (Pfizer, Moderna) and DNA (Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson) COVID Vaccines are the biggest Con in the history of mankind. They are billed as life saving. They are the precise opposite we understand from the bible. They alter your genes or your gene expression to turn you into seed of Cain of Genesis 3:15. They do confer a temporary immunity to the initial variant of COVID-19 by training the immune system to deal with those specific protein spikes (Wuhan alpha). But the spikes which they reprogram your cells to produce then progressively destroy your immune system month on month until the tipping point around 4-5 months after the 2nd jab, when the damage done to your general immune system by the protein spikes overtakes the immunity boost gained from the initial training. See the latest data from around the World - these show that doubly vaccinated people will have 95% anti-viral immune system degradation around a year after their 2nd jab. This will persist if they take boosters. These vaccines are the cause of...

A. SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome)
B. Increased sepsis, shingles, polio, hepatitis, Monkeypox and other viral infections currentlyy plaguing mankind
C. Sudden Cardiovascular death especially in athletes asking more from their hearts. Normally the first heart attack is non lethal. Not so with vaccine induced myocarditis.
D. Neurodegenerative conditions such as FND (falsely labelled as Tourettes by the Main Stream Media controlled by the deep state), especially in younger women
E. Significantly increased miscarriage rates
F. Reduced resistance to certain Cancers.
G. Unexplained Excess Mortality: Delaying healthcare has almost no effect on excess mortality. National Health Service treatment has been neutral or slightly positive on excess mortality for several years, due to Pharmaceutical side effects, Hospital acquired infections, Do not resuscitate orders, Midazolam and Harmful medical protocols enforced by regulatory agencies funded and controlled by Big Pharma and Malevolent Billionaires.

The specific type of hacked (modified) mRNA used in the vaccine is not transient but persistent due to the replacing of the naturally biodegradable base Uracil with an indestructible  fake of it called N1 Methyl Pseudouridine. So your body will continue to produce Wuhan alpha spikes for several months after vaccination. That is what destroys your health and means that the vaccinations are NOT true vaccines which should disappear within a few days having shown your immune system the pathogen. The true purpose of the vaccines is genetic appropriation. It is to MODIFY your genes. Hence MODERNA (modified RNA). The true purpose is....

TRUE PURPOSE: To alter your genes to turn you into the seed of the serpent of Genesis 3:15, the seed of Satan. They make you Cainian rather than adamic, a son of Cain (who killed his brother Abel) rather than of Adam. Jesus ransomed Adam not Cain. Cain means spike/needle/spear in Hebrew.

Vaccine Passports will on 2022Tebbeth28 (2023January24/25) become the Mark of the Beast of Revelation13. The bible advises not to take the mark of the beast upon the hand (actions - using the mark to secure essentials which are denied to those without the mark) OR upon the forehead (thoughts about increasing your social credit score by ratting on your neighbours or eating more bugs).

2. These vaccines have been or will all be corrupted to turn us into the seed of Cain, who is Satan2, the Antichrist. DON'T TAKE THEM. This is the time to have gene therapy from God so as to become non adamic and gain a non ageing human body and benefit from Jesus' ransom which can only be given to Abraham's seed by covenant (those with faith or love). This is not the time to have gene therapy from the wild beast of Revelation13, so as to cease being Adam's seed and become the seed of the Serpent, the seed of Cain. VACCINES DO NOT ONLY KILL YOU PHYSICALLY. THEY KILL YOU SPIRITUALLY TOO. They are a spiritual con.

3. John 19: The Crown of Thorns braided/plaited/double helixed by soldiers of the governor of Judah is the Coronavirus/crownvirus of spike proteins gene spliced by bio weapons military personnel of the US government who are Caesar to the 1NCs in reappointed Laodicea and non adamic Sodom, is given to Jesus' head, the 1NC reserves, and to his body, the Christian church, by spitting and through the forced spikes of the vaccines. Because the soldiers who braided/plaited/double helixed the crown of thorns also spat upon Jesus which is how COVID is transmitted person to person

4. Covid Vaccines are Genetic bestiality, which is the disgusting thing causing desolation of Matthew 24:15 and Daniel 11:31

5. Jesus needs you to help us decode the bible. If you enjoy cryptic, linguistic, mathematical, legal or moral puzzles or investigations or research. COME AND HELP US DECODE THE ENTIRE BIBLE AND PRODUCE THE APOCALYPSE OF JOHN (the final Revelation to mankind)

271-11  Latest Chronology: A brief summary of the reasoning behind the 2nd and 3rd fire sign prediction dates of 1Kings18 for 2022Tebbeth5-6 or 12-13 and 20-22 (2023January1-3 or 8-10 and 16-19).


Informed Consent for Vaccination
Articles written for the Expose
The Expose
Israeli (62% doubly vaccinated) versus Palestinian (8% doubly vaccinated) data shows that Pfizer vaccines stop preventing COVID infections and deaths and then disastrously increase them both around 4-5 months after the 2nd shot 
How to Translate this site into a myriad of languages from Mandarin to Swahili
Warning for Dartford in the UK and Manhattan in the US
Fundamental LW Church Doctrine
Watchtower Doctrine vs LW Doctrine
Confirmation of LW Church Doctrine from the 'Gospel of Philip' discovered in 1950!
Top Kabbalah Rabbi leaves will declaring Jesus Christ to be the Messiah
Applying Christian Principles to Modern Political and Social Problems - How can we solve the credit crisis?
The Statistical Hoax ELS Bible Code of Eli Rips and Michael Drosnin

The Baktun Mayan Calendar and the Heavenly Calendar of the Angels
How to Think like God
From Free speech to Dictatorship, from Voltaire to Stalin in 7 steps
Fatal flaws in the new Watchtower understanding on the Faithful and Discreet slave published in the July 15, 2013 Magazine
Homosexual men are statistically 15 times more likely to be Paedophiles than Heterosexual men (data from 2015)
All the Old Testament verses quoted by Jesus in the Gospels
Special Relativity and the Lorentzian Ether
Misunderstandings (incorrect predictions)
Can the very definition of love not find a way to save mankind without permitting 12 nuclear bomb detonations?
2019Iyyar14 - The Passover
The first wave of C19 has finished in the UK (as of 2020May21) - But the Lockdown will be used a Pretext for the Mark of the Beast
A Masterclass in Deception
The Selfish Office Bureaucrat (SOB) is responsible for the PPE scandal
Imperial College and Professor 'lockdown' Neil Ferguson
Children's Lives Matter and Dead Lives Matter
Slavery was the original form of Social Services
The Wisdom of Winston Churchill
454  Incontrovertible Proof the the Democrats Stole the 2020 Presidential Election
454  Common Sense Proofs the the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen
454  A Less controlling and less economically destructive and less lethal Way to Handle COVID
454  It was Nancy Pelosi's fault that the Capitol was breached not Trump's. She had the authority. So she had the responsibility
454 The Biden administration refused a Taliban offer not to invade Kabul until after the withdrawal deadline and refused permission for privately arranged evacuation flights from Afghanistan - proving that every part of the withdrawal, from the abandoning of the US citizens and Afghan allies to the donating os 80 billion dollars of military hardware to the Taliban terrorists, was not a mistake, but a deliberate strategy meant to damage the US military and reputation. This shows that Biden is a Globalist puppet and that his administration has committed a democratic fraud in ceding presidential authority to anti American globalists. The entire administration should be prosecuted for that fraud and the relevant military participants should be court martialled. The GOP should refuse to partake in any further govt activity until every single American and Afghan ally has been evacuated and all abandoned military hardware either recaptured or destroyed.  
Lockdowns and Mask Mandates are Very Bad Science
The Law of Imperial Capability: When mankind develops the capability to make an empire for himself, someone will make that empire - because he can !
Massive study shows transgender women & men on hormone treatment are 3.8x & 1.5x more likely to die than biological women & men. They have increased cancer, cardiovascular disease, HIV and suicide mortality rates
The 2020Iyyar14 Passover Celebration

Which Religion is the True Religion?
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 God Will Save Absolutely Everyone Eventually 
  Vaccine Passports and Social Credit Scores are the Mark of the Beast


 God Will Save Absolutely Everyone Eventually  
 God's Love for Everyone 
 75% Will be Saved into the Kingdom of God and 25% will go to Hell
 You are Better than the Pope at interpreting Scripture 
 Nailing the End Times chronology. OUT OF DATE: Zoar ends not on 2020Tishri14 but on 2023Chislev14. Adam ends not on 2020Tishri14 but on 2023Tebbeth14.
 Anybody who is still adamic today is not in a true church and everybody in a true church is non adamic
 The Watchtower Missed Weekly Sabbaths Payback Period Ends on 2019July30/31 (actually to 2019Tishri5 - October7/8). The founding of the Papacy on 67Tebbeth20 was the transgression causing desolation to the first true Christian church
  The History of Freddie Franz's, Gordon Ritchie's and Dr Stephen E. Jones' Corrections to the Gentile Times of John Aquila Brown, Nelson H. Barbour and Charles Taze Russell
  The Israeli Gentile Times
  How to decode a bible account by example using the feeding of the 5,000 in Matthew 14 and Mark 6
  Key Features of The True Bible Code
  Why did Jesus only interpret 2 of his many parables?
  Precisely when the saints go marching in
  The Pearl Trader, The John 10 Sheepfold, Balaam, Balak and his Perspicacious Ass
  The 144,000 Benjamite 2NC OMC Kings
  Paul's Example Symbolic Drama of Sarah and Hagar
  A Precise Interpretation of The Gospel Passover Instructions
  The Final 42 Month Lease of Satan and the Dragon ends on 2022Elul14 (2022September12/13). We now have it ending on 2022Tishri14 (2022October12/13)
  How to Put a Camel through the Eye of a Needle, the Greater Meaning of overturning the Tables of the Money Changers and the Benches of the Dove Sellers
  How To Attend The Marriage Of The Lamb
  The Fall and the Fix for Adam and Eve
  The 24 Salvation Covenants for Mankind
 How Does the Resurrection Work? 
  The Latest Proof that God Does Exist 
 How do we achieve Moral Sustainability?
  Bible Code (Greek Noun Counting) Talk1 
  Bible Code (Greek Noun Counting) Talk2 
  Biblical Relativity and the Lorentzian Ether 
  What Your Church Has Missed.
  The EU the UN and the last 16 months of this world from Daniel 7.
  Prof Alan Dershowitz on Principle, Free Speech, Totalitarian regimes, BLM, Critical Race Theory, Israel, Defending people with whom you disagree and the total Corruption of CNN.
  Vaccine Passports will the the Mark of the Beast upon the hand governing your actions and social credit scores will be the Mark of the Beast upon your forehead governing your thoughts.
(youtube version) (LW version) Proofs that 2021VeAdar28-30 = 2022Nisan4-6 (2022April5-8), the 9th Zoar Pentecost or 7th Sabbath thereof or Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Nisan21-23 (2022April22-25), the 6th 2NC Pentecost or 7th Sabbath thereof or Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (LW version) Proofs that 2022Chislev4-6 (2022December1-4), the 5th Zoar Pentecost or 7th Sabbath thereof or Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Chislev20-22 (2022December17-20), the 2NC Pentecost of the new Kingdom Heshvan1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham and Adam, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (LW version) Jesus becomes the King, the President, Caesar, Pharaoh, the Prime Minister to mankind on Friday/Saturday/Sunday 2022December2-4.

(Rumble version)
Proofs that 2022Chislev12, 20-22 (2022December9/10, 17-20), the late 2NC Pentecost or 7th Sabbath thereof or Super Pentecost thereafter, or go back 7 days of 1Kings18:43 from 2022Chislev5, the installation of the Kingdom of God under Jesus as Caesar over Abraham is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Tebbeth5-6, 20-22 (2022January1-3, 16-19), the 2NC Pentecost of the new Abrahamic Chislev1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham and Adam, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, or 30/31 days of the sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44 after 2022Chislev5, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (Rumble version) Proofs that 2022Tebbeth12-13 (2023January8-10), 30/31 + 7 days of the sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44 after 2022Chislev5, the installation of the Kingdom of God under Jesus as Caesar over Abraham is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Tebbeth20-22 (2022January16-19), the 2NC Pentecost of the new Abrahamic Chislev1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham and Adam, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (Rumble version) Proofs that 2022Shebat4-6 (2023January30-February2), the 10th Zoar Pentecost or 7th Sabbath thereof, or Super Pentecost thereafter, 30/31 + 7 days of the sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44 after 2022Tebbeth5, 7x after 2015Tebbeth5, the installation of Isaaic Zoar over non adamic Isaac is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Shebat20-22 (2022February15-18), the late 2NC Pentecost of the new Abrahamic Chislev1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham and Adam, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (Rumble version) Proofs that 2022Shebat11-19 (2023February6-15), 7 days after the prediction no show declaration on 2022Shebat7 for our final prediction fauilure of 2022Shebat4-6. AND the 10th Zoar Pentecost or 7th Sabbath thereof, or Super Pentecost thereafter, 30/31 + 7 days of the sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44 after 2022Tebbeth5, 7x after 2015Tebbeth5, the installation of Isaaic Zoar over non adamic Isaac is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Shebat20-22 (2022February15-18), the late 2NC Pentecost of the new Abrahamic Chislev1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham and Adam, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (Rumble version) Proofs that 2022Adar4-6 (2023March1-4), the 8th Zoar Pentecost of 7th Sabbath thereof or Super Pentecost thereafter is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Adar20-22 (2022March17-20), the 2NC Pentecost of the new Abrahamic Shebat1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Shebat5 and rapturing Abrahamic Laodicea from 2022Shebat17-22, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (Rumble version) Proofs that 2022Adar12-14 (2023March9-12), Going back 7x from our last failed prediction on 2022Adar4-6, is the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Adar20-22 (2022March17-20), the 2NC Pentecost of the new Abrahamic Shebat1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Shebat5 and rapturing Abrahamic Laodicea from 2022Shebat17-22, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
(youtube version) (Rumble version) Proofs that 2022Adar20-22 (2023March17-20), Going back 7x from Isaaic Zoar's installation over the 2NCs on 2015Shebat21, to 2022Shebat21, the LW Alienation Times, then adding the 30x/31x sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44, takes us to 2022Adar21/22 for the 2nd fire sign, and 2022Adar20-22 (2022March17-20), the 2NC Pentecost of the new Abrahamic Shebat1 secular year occasioned by Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Shebat5 and rapturing Abrahamic Laodicea from 2022Shebat17-22, or the 7th Sabbath thereof or the Super Pentecost thereafter, is the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.

 Introduction: Designed to be read in the order listed. Click the text link for the web page and click the icon for a video explanation.

i0  Why should I study the Bible, what use is that old book to me in the 21st century?
i1 There is a God - His name is Jehovah, Yahwey, Yihevuhe, Yihvuh 
i2 Why did God create the Angels? Why did he create the universe? Why did he create us?
i3 The Armageddon Equation and the Corruption Equilibrium
i4 The Bible and its Translations  

i5 Pre Adamic Man, Male and Female Angels, Angelic Procreation, Pre-adamic Procreation, Post-adamic Procreation
i6 Who were Adam and Eve?
i7 The strange way the bible is written: Cain and Abel, No man has ascended, Get thee behind me Satan, the sleeping spirit of Jairus' daughter, Enoch was transferred so as not to see death and Paul's spaghetti speech in Romans4
i7a Logical Pathways and one step thinking
i8 From Adam to Noah to Abraham to David to Jesus, The Patriarchs

i9 What is a Soul, What is a Spirit?
i10 Why do we die?
i11 The Holy Spirit is God's Wife!
i12 How is one born again without dying?
i13 What is physical death?
i14 What the Hell is Gehenna? Why does God permit Demon Possession? Universal Salvation: God will save each and every one of us. For God is love and love is salvation
i14.1 The Inevitable Repentance of Satan

i15 120, 240, 480, 960 and indefinite lifespan humans
i16 Jesus is the archangel Michael, Michaelmas is Christmas and Jesus came to earth before his ministry as Enoch. Michael possessed Enoch
i17 Jesus was non adamic and created by in vivo fertilisation and genetic enhancement
i18 Gabriel was John the Baptist
i19 An introduction to Satan, Michael, Gabriel
i19a The first few verses of John 1
i20 Melchizedek was Cainan in the post flood system and Jared in the pre flood system
i20a Methuselah was the firstborn human son of the Archangel Michael in Enoch. Melchizedek was Jared, the 2nd Adam
i20b Gabriel was the firstborn angelic son of the archangel Michael. Abraham was also his direct angelic son.

i21 The 18+ non adamic humans (for more see U506 and U107 and U8)
i22 Satan, Judas, demon possession, Jesus' torture and the gifts of the spirit
i23 Satan is the ruler of this system of things
i24 Methuselah, Jesus' first born human son, is the physical ruler of the next system of things, the Kingdom of God
i25 Monarchy, Democracy, Qualifying Democracy, Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Democracy, Qualifying Constitutional Meritocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Philanthropocracy, Qualifying Constitutional Patriarchal Philanthropocracy.
i25a Men, Women, Love and Power

i26 When Jesus gave his life for us, he became the second God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah.
i27 Our destiny is to become Gods like Jehovah and Jesus
i28 The 24 Salvation Covenants (The FRC, FBC, BLC/JLC/OMC/2LC, LRC, CRC, CBC, ARC, ABC, SAC, NAC, JAC, PCC, ICC, 1EC, 2EC, 3EC, 4EC, AFC, SFC, 1AC, 1NC, 2NC, ELC, HLC) Part1
i29 The Plan so far for the salvation of Man and the Angels
i30 The Power of the Law of Moses today, Observe the Sabbath, Obey the 10 + 2 commandments for Christians
i31 The First New Covenant
i32 What exactly is baptism?
i33 The start and end of the 3 baptisms
i33a All Israel was entered into the law of Moses at their first Passover aged 11 by Hebrew reckoning and baptised into the ICC at the same time (unbeknown to them)

i34 Loved Animals will be resurrected into the Kingdom
i35 The Second New Covenant (see also U11)
i37 The Lord's Witnesses, the church of the 2NC, the 4th true Christian church, the Church of 1000 corrected mistakes, Institutional Papal Fallibility
i39 The Top Ten Trinity Busters
i40  Why does God not just tell us all the whole plan from start to finish in plain English or Greek or Hebrew? Why is the bible not written in a way that everyone can understand?
i41 When is abortion murder?
i41a How can one reconcile the vindictive God of the old testament with the forgiving God of the new testament?
i41b How can an omnipotent loving God permit so much pain and suffering?
i42 The real heavenly currency

i43 Get up, pick up your bed and walk
i44 Do you have to be a Lords' Witness to enter into the ark? Can gays be saved?
i45 The 2 presences of the Christ
i46 The 4 True Christian Churches
i47 The fall and the fix of Adam and Eve
i48 The Hidden Goal of the Hidden World Government
i49 The Brotherly Love Covenant, the Philadelphia Covenant, the Jesus' Love Covenant, the 2nd Law Covenant, the Omega Covenant, the BLC, JLC, 2LC, OMC
i50  Definitions and Acronyms
i51  We are all human angelic hybrids. Everyone borrows or owns an angel which is his real time backup

Basics: Designed to be read in the order listed.

0      Am I Brainwashed? How can I tell?
      Millions of years of human fossils reconciled with Genesis 
2      A Quick Introduction to the Bible
3      The difference between a prayer and a blessing and who can pray to Jehovah?
4      The Biblical Lunar Calendar (BLC)
5      How Ages & Reigns are counted
Jesus only referred to himself as THE Son of Man after John was imprisoned by Herod AND Job was non adamic
7      How do Women become Gods?
8      The Structure of the Kingdom of God: New Jerusalem and the Great Crowd of Revelation 7:9
9      The 24 Salvation Covenants (The FRC, FBC, JLC/BLC/OMC/2LC, LRC, CRC, CBC, ARC, ABC, SAC, NAC, JAC, PCC, ICC, 1EC, 2EC, 3EC, 4EC, AFC, SFC, 1AC, 1NC, 2NC, ELC, HLC) Part2
10    Abel, Cain and Seth
Jeremiah31 and Hebrews 8: The Earthly Lord Covenant of Paul, the covenant of Bilhah, the ELC, the 2NC of Rachel and the HLC of Zilpah
Jesus spent 5 hours in the Gates of Hades without actually entering the place and 10 hours in Gehenna
13    The Roman Catholic Church removed parts of the present Bible Canon
If you do not hate your brothers you cannot be my disciple - What? You must hate your own soul - Really? If you find your soul you will lose it - Uh?
15    The 4 cups of the the Last Supper
16    The Date of the end of the world and the start of the kingdom of God without using the Code
16a  The Dates of Jesus' birth and death
  The 390 error years of Israel in Ezekiel4: The easy way to get from Solomon to Zedekiah
17    Satan sold his firstborn rights to Michael for a 6,000 year kingdom over mankind, this being the greater bowl of soup, bowl of red, deal
18    The Role of Women in the administrative structure of the Christian Church
19    Making mistakes, false prophets and Papal Infallibility
20    How Can Mankind Avoid Armageddon?
Do True Christians have to give up all their Material Possessions?
22   The Evening Meal of the Lamb's Marriage
23   The Sermon on the Ridge (Totteridge)
The Grand Unifying Theory of Bible festivals: Cakes and Booths are to be united into one giant festival of Cakes Booths
25   The First Blood Sacrifice Ever Made
26   The Logical step from Existence and Uniqueness to Identification (a short tutorial in Logic)
Satan got an extra 2,000 days in heaven and 1254 days of authority (42 months of Revelation13) in the Kingdom of God, after his 6,000 year lease as Caesar over Adam expired on 2012Nisan14, because Jesus got 1254 days net of kingdom powered ministry miracles and Satan was evicted from heaven for 2,000 days of Mark5 during the kingdom of Satan
28   Who is the Antichrist and who are the Antichrists?
29   The circumcision of the flesh, the heart, the mind and the spirit and the triple anchor
30   The 50,000 year Jubliee to Divinity

The First Level: Best to read the basics before you read this level.

Code    The 10th Generation Bible Code

31    The Date of the end of the ARC world from the Exedenic Times and from Pharaoh's Times using the Prophetic Times Substitution Principle of the Code 
31a  The Date of Moses' Birth and Death
31b  Pharaoh's Times: The Heavenly Administration of the Kingdom of God starts 3,600 years after Pharaoh ordered the baby boys to be thrown into the Nile
32    The 7 Mediators and Submediators of the ACP, the LCC and the AAP
33    The 2 Presences of the Christ - Continued
33a  The Pattern of Jesus' Ministry (Elijah, Coming, Lawlessness, Elijah, Coming, Manifestation)
34    The 4 Slaves of the Master in the 2 Presences, 4 True Christian Religions appointed by Jesus
35    Matthew 25: The parable of the slaves given the talents
36    Luke 19: The 10 slaves the 10 minas and the 10 cities
37    The application of the 7 stars and the 7 lampstands to the Lord's day
38    Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia
39    The Word Symbolic Meaning of the Last Supper
40    1Chronicles 21 & 2 Samuel 24: The Registration sin, the 3 times of the Temple Times, the 1.1 million days of 1AC entrance
41    The Fundamental Pattern of Adam's life and Jesus' life
41a  The Pattern of the Holy Spirit: Is this the fundamental pattern of Adam and Jesus as well?
42    The Fundamental Pattern of Adam's Life and Jesus' Life, the Kingdom of God and every true church
43    75% are saved into the Kingdom of God and 25% are not
44    Who should worship Jesus?
45    What is Worship and How should we do it? 
46    Did the Holy Spirit commit adultery with the virgin Mary?
47    The Church of Cain
48    The real heavenly currency, righteous acts, versus the fake earthly currency, money
49    Grammatical proof that the Bible is written in a Symbolic code 
50    To a hidden time, into the age, of the age, into the ages of the ages
51    Isaac Rebekah and the Twins, the battle of the seeds
52    Babel and Pentecost: Scrambling our Tongues and Speaking in Tongues
53    God's view of Prostitution
54    Eden2 and Eden3. Star Trek is a Reality: To where was David resurrected?    
55    The greater meanings of the Crucifixion Scene
56    6x of Slavery followed by a Sabbath Release into Religious Freedom
57    Can Women be 1NC Kings or 2NC Kings in the next system?
58    Mary and Martha: Which portion are you choosing?
59    Beaming and Rapturing: The Sci-Fi Epic of Mankind's Salvation, the Greater Ark of Noah

The Second Level and The Reference Level: This is the edge of the envelope at present.

Gospel Sections Part 1

60    John 10: The Doorkeeper, the Shepherd, the Thief and the 2 Flocks
61    The Rich Man and Lazarus
62    4 Apostles leave or mend their nets
63    The Parables of the Sower of Matthew 13, Mark 4 & Luke 8
64    Judas, the Man of Lawlessness, the one acting as a restraint, the thing as a restraint and the Final Betrayal 
65    The 10 Virgins of Matthew 25
66    The Dragnet
67    The 4 feedings of the 5,000 and the 2 feedings of the 4,000
68    The 4 Gospels relate to the 4 True Christian Churches. There are only 4 Gospels and 5 books of Psalms making 70 books.
69    The Parable of the leaven hidden by a woman in 3 Seah's of flour
70    The Wheat vs the Weeds, the JAC vs the DAC, the 1AC vs the VCC and the OMC vs the CSC
71    The Phoenician Woman and her demonised daughter
72    Give us the sequence of the Signs of the Times!
73    The First Rock and the Rock Mass
74    The Stater Coin (4 Drachmas) in the Fishes Mouth! 4 Christian Churches that Stand up
75    The young child stood in the midst of the church
76    The parable of Star Trek III
77    The Signs of the Times
77a  Matthew 24:7: In the Conclusion of the age there will be regional crises/shakeups and regional famines (not just physical earthquakes)
78    Matthew 23: Jesus Condemns the Pharisees of the Law, the first Christian Church and the Watchtower.
78a  Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Jerusalem
79    Matthew 2: Two Greater Nativity Drama's.
80    The 12 Apostles: The 12 Apostles: Peter is Joseph, the rib that was formed into the woman of the 3rd Holy Spirit and brought to the man of Jesus: Lazarus and Joseph surnamed Justus of Acts1 are Ephraim and Manasseh, his two half tribes
80.1 The 4 Cornerstones of the 1NC and 2NC Temples.
81    The 3 Tents of the Transfiguration
82    Lazarus was the disciple whom Jesus loved and Lazarus Mary and Martha were at the last supper!
83    The first meaning of the first few Chapters of the Gospel of John
84    You must be born from above to see the kingdom of God and born from water and spirit to enter it
85    Water baptism becomes wine baptism at Cana
86    The Sermon on the mount
87    Matthew20: The Vineyard Cultivator Parables
88    The Temptations of the Christ and of his Wife (and some more things to do) 
89    Jesus was first resurrected in his Yeshuaian human body

Chronological Sections

90    Ancient Calendars
91    The Chronology from Solomon to Zedekiah
92    Saul David & Solomon
93    The 450 years of Acts 13
94    The Chronology of Judges
95    The Chronology from Abraham to the Exodus
96    Chronology of early Genesis, from Adam to Abraham
97    Jehoiakimís accession and the 7800 day famine in Jerusalem of Ezekiel 4
98    The 20th year of Artaxerxes I was 455 BC
99    Evidence for 604 being the first regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar
100  The Midst Prophecy
101  The Master Chronology of Godís people from Adam to Armageddon
102  Resurrection Timetables for the Kingdom of God
103  The Weekly and Monthly Sabbath System of FDS4 and Atonement day fasting and affliction rules
104  14 Proofs that the kingdom of God began in heaven in 2008Nisan22 and that Michael's 6,000 year ARC lease expired on 2008Nisan14 and that Adam sinned on 3993Nisan14 BC
105  The Great Jubilee of the Final battle of Jericho
106  The 120x of the Warning Times and of Moses
107  The problem of the 414 or so years between the birth of Boaz around 1450 BC and the death of King David in 1036 BC (Jesse was non adamic) and 6,000 year Hebrew Calendar corruption. Samson and Samuel were also non adamic
108  The Sanctuary/Temple Ratio Prophecy of Emmanuel Diaz Sanchez
109  The Time of the end began on 2008Nisan14, we are now in the kingdom of God. Why the Kingdom of God comes inobservably.
110  The hour of the test, the sheep and the goats, everyone takes the love test
111   Amos 1-2 and the 7 month fire after 8 years of non adamic Zoar
112  More End Times Chronology with the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 occurring on 2022Adar20-22 (2023March17-20) and on 2022Adar20-22 (2023March17-20)
113  The final 3Ĺ year secular Kingdom ministry of the 3rd Holy Spirit from 2019Iyyar20, after 2018Heshvan17 of Genesis 7:11, the opening of the floodgates of the heavens into the ark, to 2022Heshvan14, the 1254/1266 day payback ministry period
114  Anybody who is adamic cannot work for God during the 1,000 year sacred Sabbath for Adam from 2012Sivan14 to 3012Sivan14. Therefore nobody who is adamic is in a true church and all those in true churches are now non adamic.
115  The Roman Catholic Church fell as a true religion on 84Nisan14. The founding of the Papacy on 67Tebbeth20 was the transgression causing desolation to the first True Christian Church (TCC1)
2020Tishri10: The Adamic/Abrahamic Jubilee Release Nisan1 sacred Atonement Day for HLCs. 2023Chislev10: the Isaaic Jubilee Release Sivan1 sacred Atonement Day for 1ACs
117  The 2 leases: The 6,000 year ARC headlease of Michael over Adam and the 6,000 year sublease of Satan as Caesar to Adam.
118  A first installation occurs at the relevant 1st Pentecost festival date, a 2nd installation at the 2nd Pentecost festival date, a 3rd at the 3rd and so on

Prophetic Times Sections

120    John Brown's Gentile Times and 1914
121    Leviticus 26: The Curse of the Law, the 2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry and 4 year Paul's Gentile gapped Gentile Times and the 2 year Jehoiachin and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry gapped Davidic Israeli Gentile Times
122    The Two 70 year exiles of Judah and Israel
123    The Daniel 4 Determination of the Exedenic, Alienation and Gentile Times  
124    The Third Determination of The Gentile Times
125    3 giant leaps for mankind - The realisation that the Gentile Times is one of three large maledictions
126    The 3 blessings for Godís children and the 3 rights of the firstborn
127    The Family under Law
128    The Alienation Times
129    Spattering blood 7x before the altar and the 7 times of the Alienation Times
130    The Sabbath and the Jubilee debt releases and the 7x of the Alienation Times
131    The Ground is cursed due to Adam and baptised in the flood
132    The Exedenic Times
133    Genesis 4: The 7 Prophetic Times of the Exedenic Times and the 11 Prophetic Times of Lamech's Times
134    The 3 Annual Festivals and the 3 Maledictions
135    The 6 Maledictions of Balak the Watchtower administration, and Balaam, the Laodicean administration and the Sabbath payback understanding of the Ass
136    Daniel 4: The 3/4 triple Maledictions of 7x      

Sections on Daniel, Revelation and Armageddon

150    The 70 'sevens' of Daniel 9 and the Wittenberg Castle Church
151    Revelation Decoded
152    Daniel 12: The water baptisms of FDS1 and FDS3
153    The first and last century fulfilments of the 1290 and 1335 days of Daniel 12
154    Genesis 18/19: Armageddon, and greater destruction of Sodom by fire, the greater flood of Noah
155    The Watchtower Societyís 1290 days does not work & their 1335 days do not fit: For Jehovahís Witnesses
156    Daniel 7: The lion the bear the leopard and terrible beast
157    Daniel 8: The ram the goat and the 2300 evenings and mornings
158    Revelation 13 & 17: Earth born & Sea born wild beasts & an image: The meanings of 616
159    Revelation 17: The Roman Catholic Church and the UN
160    Ransoms of humans and of domestic animals and Jesus laid with the animals in a manger since there was no room at the inn
161    The first and 20th century fulfilments of the 1365 days
162    A possible fulfillment of the 1365 days of Numbers 3
163    Daniel 10: 1NC reserves see a vision of 2NC Zoar on 2020Sivan24
164    Daniel 5: Mene Mene Tekel and Parsin
165    Revelation 12: Satan and the Angels of his dragon were passed over in heaven on 2017Heshvan14, after losing the 8 day war of Revelation12 from 2017Heshvan6, the end of the 2000 day first century eviction pay back period from 2012Nisan16, first fruits after the end of Satan's 6,000 year lease from 3989Nisan17 BC
167    Daniel 2: World Powers and The Christian congregation
168    2 Peter 3: The Lord's day and the Day of the God
169    Daniel 6
170    The King of the North, The King of the South, The contemptible King, Historical Theologians vs. Evangelical Theologians
171    Daniel 3: The musical instruments, the image of gold and the fiery furnace
172    Daniel 1: Testing the 4 Hebrews for 10 days with the delicacies of a king
173    Revelation11: The 2 Witnesses are the LWs and Laodicea. The Spirit of life from God is the 3rd Holy Spirit

Sections on Baptisms and Covenants

190   The 5 Gods so far and definitions of God...
191    John 5: Bethzatha, 5 Colonnades and 38 Years
192    Matthew 20: 5 Calls to work in the householderís vineyard. The Householder left the Vineyard 5x to hire a new set of workers, a new true church congregation
193    Acts 10,11: 96 year baptisms of the 1NC in FDS1, the ELC in FDS2, the HLC in FDS2 and a different 96x for FDS4
194    The significance of Dinah's listing in Genesis 30 amongst the sons of Jacob, and the 2 daughters of Lot sleeping with their father
195    Jeremiah 52, 1 Kings 7, 2 Kings 25, 2 Chronicles 3,4: Boaz and Jachin, lillies and pomegranates
196    The 2NC Kings are the angelic sons of their corresponding 1NC fathers
197    Faith perfected works and Works perfected faith
198    The baptisms of Acts 2, Acts 8, Acts 10, Acts 19 and 1John5, the spirit, the water and the blood
199    The Pre Trib Rapture of the Saints, the Mid Trib rapture of the Priests and the Kingdom citizens, the sons of the FRC, into the ark
200    The 4 tablets of the covenant, tablet shattering day and the date of 2NC first fruits and the 2NC Pentecost
201    Malachi 4: The 4 Elijahís
202    Mankind will be vomited out from his land
203    The Baptism into Moses
204    The Minimum Belief Set of the LWs and the method of baptising
205    Mesopotamia
206    The two groups of 144,000 standing on mount Zion
207    1Kings6: 10 cubit Cherubs and the 2 angelic salvation covenants for the angels in heaven
208    John 21: 200 Cubits and 153 Big Fish
The Mandatory Christian Festivals are the Christianisation of the Mandatory Mosaic Festivals - How to celebrate the 2NC and Booths and Cakes
210    Genesis 16:The Symbolic Drama of Hagar and Sarah, the two Women of Galatians 4
211    New Watchtower Passover and the great late Passover of Hezekiah of 2 Chronicles 29 and 30 and Exodus 12 and Josiah of 2Chronicles35
212    John 11: The resurrection of Lazarus (the 1NC reserves in Laodicea). His 2 sisters are 2NCs in Laodicea and the 2NCs in the LWs
213    Where is Jesus' Body? The Mechanics of Validation Sacrifices
214    Acts 3: In the name of the Nazarene - Walk to the beautiful gate! 
215   Code Proofs that Need More Work
216   2 Samuel 7: The Throne of David and his Covenant
217   Levi runs the earthly true church administration, the Holy Place. Aaron runs the heavenly true church administration, the Most Holy Place
218   The 144,000 Benjamite 2NC OMC Kings of Love, the Good Samaritan, the split of FRC and OMC sealing for the 1AC after 33Nisan14, the administrative structure of the Kingdom of God
219   1Peter3: The Greater Ark of Noah

General Interest Sections Part 1

220     Historical Evidence for the Flood of Noah
221     Evolution & Creation: Darwin's Finches may all be in the same species
223     What is a Cult ?
224     How the Nations Descended from Noah and the 120 year max human lifespan from Josephus
225     The Role of John the Baptist in God's Plan
227     The Politics of Reversing Babel
228     Isaiah 1,2,3: Nations will stream to the mountain of the house of Jehovah not the mountain of the house of David
229     Job's 7 Sons were Resurrected!
230a   Sir Isaac Newton's Destruction of the Roman Catholic Trinity Doctrine
230b   The History of the English Bible
231     The way the truth and the life
232     Relative submission and the sacred secret police
233     The 7 presidents of FDS1 and the first 7 presidents of FDS2
234     The Munrose Hypothesis: A Brief History of Light - The date of the Big Bang from Genesis 1    
235     Why do I have to do what God Says?
236     Genesis 3: The heavenly and earthly rebellions
237     Matthew 24, Mark 13: Concerning that day AND hour, nobody knows, Concerning that day OR hour, nobody knows
238     There weren't any pre adamic humans in the ark
239     3 Days of sacrifice in the wilderness for the sons of Israel
240     The 7 appearances of the Christ to his disciples after his resurrection
241     The True Meaning of Christmas
242     Satan has already been abyssed for at least one period of 1,000 years
243     Jacob's Ladder and the 50 cubit width of the ark mean that everyone who enters into the ark is raptured into heaven for a while
244     How Adam and Eve were created
245     23 attempts to prophesy the date of the expansion of the permanent membership of the UNSC. And How might the World End?
246     The Watchtower joined the UN for 10 years in secret, the Harlot rode the Beast
247     The UN accepted the Watchtower as an associated NGO on January 28th 1992 - This was the transgression that causes desolation to them of Daniel 8, it leads to the placing of the disgusting thing that causes desolation of Daniel 12, Matthew 24 and Mark 13.
248     The Manifestation of the first Presence was the Apocalypse of John. The Manifestation of the 2nd is the Jesus' wife descending into the ark and rapturing those to be saved into the ark
249     Isaiah40: Giving advice to God
250     Becoming Acorporeal
251     3 days and 3 nights of Jonah in the heart of the earth
252     Numbers 12: Miriam spends 7 days outside the camp
253     Contributions Ananias and Saphira
254     Michael was a 42nd generation angel
255     Sleep Death and the Heavenly Modem link
256     The Greater Altar and how angels worship God
257     The Spirit is the Mind and the Heart together. It is Software which can run on Human, Angelic or Divine Hardware
258     Conundrums: How did Melchizedek have no beginning of days? How is John the baptist less than the lesser one in the kingdom? How did the one coming behind me advance in front of me? etc
259     What happens if you knock on the door of the Watchtower?
260     The Blasphemy of the 2008 Twickenham Watchtower convention
261     The chess game played by the angels and the demons through your modem link
262     Whitewashed Walls Fall Down
263     A Greater meaning of the annual festivals under law and the traditional fasts of the Jews
264     How did Jehovah become a God? (created on 2010Feb10 at 1am and finished on 2010Feb17 at 1am)
264a   How did Jehovah become a God? Latest Version
265     Is the Universe Real or is it a Virtual Reality?
266     Genesis 11: The new tower of Babel. One set of words for the Watchtower
267     Ezekiel's Temple: The Salvation of Man in Mosaic format
268    Judges 19-20: The folly of Levi and Benjamin, the cut up concubine
269    2 Samuel 21: 4 Physical battles with giant Philistines at Gath are the 4 spiritual battles to establish the 4 Christian churches

The Prophets

270   Isaiah prophesied the 911 twin towers attack. And he prophesied that something similar and a lot larger would occur afterwards

Incorrect Previous Fire Sign Predictions

Current Fire Sign Prediction

271-2022Adar21: 1Kings18: Fire sign predictions and the Bull Dressers versus Bull Dissectors. The 479th main fire sign prediction (476th discounting 2010Chislev21 and 2010Chislev22 and 2010Chislev23-24) for the 2nd fire sign occurring on 2022Adar20-22 (2023March17-20), 30x/31x of the sentence count of 1Kings18:42-44 after going back 7x of the LW Alienation Times from Isaaic Zoar's installation to rule over the 2NCs on 2015Shebat21 to 2022Shebat21. And the 3rd fire sign occurring on 2022Adar20-22 (2023March17-20). WW3 starts on 2023Nisan6 = 2022Adar30 (2023March27/28). The ride of the 4th horseman, with the long sword of WMDs begins on 2023Ab7 (2023July26/27), the end of FRC ark rapture. So nuclear war cannot begin until then. So the fire signs CANNOT be nuclear WMDs. The two fire signs are an attack in the UK, East of London near Dartford producing a rising mushroom cloud over the Thames and an attack in the US on Manhattan, producing a rising mushroom cloud over the Hudson.

271-11  Latest Chronology: A brief summary of the reasoning behind the 2nd and 3rd fire sign prediction dates of 1Kings18

271az  1Kings18: The history of all 401 fire sign predictions.

271Timelines  1Kings18: The history of our Timeline Charts from the 547th to the 552nd subprediction and Further Chronological Understandings

271b  Signs in the Sun and Moon and Stars: Triple Total Solar Eclipses, Quadruple Total Lunar Eclipses and the Double Signs of Acts2 and Joel2
271c  1Samuel11: 300,000 men who fought the Ammonites under Saul
272    What is the Day of Jehovah?
273    Ezekiel 37: The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone - hear the word of the Lord
274    The Sign of Jonah
275    2Kings7: 4 Lepers and an Asses Head
276    Isaiah 60 and Isaiah 61: The acceptable year, the year of acceptance, the accepting year, the year of goodwill
277    Ezekiel 8: Making a hole in the wall
278    Haggai
279    Isaiah 7
280    Ezekiel's Visionary Chariot, Cherubs and Living Creatures
281    Micah 4 and 5: The Greater Bethlehem Ephrathah
282    Hosea 11: Out of Egypt I called my Son
283    Jeremiah 30-31: Weeping in Ramah and a New Covenant
284    Isaiah 9: Galilee of the nations, the people sitting in darkness saw a great light!
285    Isaiah 53: He took our sickness and carried our diseases
286    Hosea 6: I want mercy and not sacrifice
287    Micah 6: Conduct a Legal case with the Mountains!
288    Micah 7: I came to cause division
289    Malachi 3-4: Look I am sending my messenger before your face, who will prepare your way ahead of you!
290    Isaiah 42: No bruised reed will he crush. No dim flaxen wick will he extinguish until he sends out justice with success
291    Isaiah6: Hear but do not understand. Look, but do not see
292    Isaiah29: These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far removed from me
293    Zechariah 9: Your king comes riding upon an ass
294    Isaiah56 and Jeremiah7: The house of prayer for all the nations becomes a cave of robbers
295    Isaiah66: The woman who gives birth before she has birth pains!
296    1Kings3: Solomon's threat to cut the child in two!
297    Judges16: Samson is the 7th angel, the Laodicean Star
298    The Time of Calamity versus the Time of Distress
299    Isaiah 54: The Barren desolate and widowed woman with no birth pains versus the slave girl with the owner

Genesis Sections

300     Genesis 1: The heavenly creations and the earthly creations
301     Genesis 2-4: Forming the Man and identifying Adam's true seed
302     Genesis 37: Joseph is sold into slavery
303     Genesis 29: Jacobs' marriage to Leah and Rachel
304     Genesis 41: Corned Beef, the 7 fat cows and the 7 thin cows and the 7 fat and thin ears of grain are famines and feasts in physical and spiritual food and the last 14 years and the last 14 months of this world
305     Genesis 2: The two will become one flesh
306     Genesis 42-47: Some initial thoughts
307     Genesis 14: Rescuing Lot mustering 318 men, 4 kings against 5
308     Genesis 6: The Nephilim that ruin the Earth
309     The greater 400 years of affliction of one seed by another
310     Genesis 30: Laban and Jacob's flocks
311     Genesis 15: 400 years of affliction of a seed in a land not theirs
312     Genesis 40: The cupbearer, the Baker, the chiefs of the same and Joseph
313     Genesis 17: Heavenly Moses moving the rod from one hand to the other with Aaron and Hur in support
314     Genesis 3-4: The Gory Detail of Original Sin and the Origin of the Nephilim, Satan was the father of Cain - and he or a demonic son of his was Arba the father of Anak.
315     Genesis 27: The greater blessing of Isaac meant for Esau but given to Jacob
316     Genesis 29: Jacob's Well/Fountain
317     Genesis3: Adam was installed as priest to his family on 3989Sivan10, Jubilee release day in the first 50 month Jubilee of Michael's 6,000 year headlease
318     Genesis 22: 2 Horns in a Thicket: Isaac becomes non adamic

Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua

350   Deuteronomy 8: Man will not live by bread alone but by every saying coming from the mouth of God
351   Deuteronomy 24: The Certificate of Divorce (greater meaning)
353   Numbers 21: The Copper Serpent - The snake bite cure of the copper serpent of Moses and the snake bite cure of the crucifixion of Jesus by the true church 
354   Exodus 20: Honour your father and your mother
355   Matthew 18 and Deuteronomy 19: At the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses
356   The Chronology of the Exodus and of Moses in the Mountain. The first Sabbath on 1513Iyyar22. The law covenant on 1513Sivan7 a festival Sabbath, the day after the weekly Sabbath
357   Numbers11: Our eyes are on nothing at all except the manna. Give us meat! Beware low flying quails
358   Exodus 14: Stretch out your hand and lift up your rod and 600 chosen chariots
359   Exodus 3: The Burning Thornbush and the Exodus Route
360   Numbers 13-14: The Greater spies and the 40 month penalty
361   Numbers 20: Moses strikes the rock and fails to sanctify Jehovah in the eyes of the sons of Israel - the waters of Meribah
362   Leviticus 23: What is the Solemn Assembly all about?
363   Exodus 33: No man can see God and live. What is immortality?
364   Numbers 33 prophesies 533 to 546 fire sign predictions and subpredictions made in a chronological wilderness
365   Numbers 25: Who wants to be the greater Phinehas? The job could be yours! God chooses the saints. Priests choose themselves.
366   Numbering the Saints and the Citizens of the Kingdom of God
367   The 2 Spies of Joshua 2 are Laodicean Joshua and Caleb who come to see us after being raptured
368   The Greater 10 Plagues upon the Egypt of this world (Pharaoh is the Dragon of Revelation13, Pestilence on livestock is Coronavirus on the unsanctified)
369   Joshua10: The greater meaning of time standing still for Israel whilst fighting the Amorites is that time stands still on earth for those in the ark - a greater twin paradox of special relativity. Access to the ark is through the Chariots of Fire of 2Kings6
370   The sons of Israel crossed the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba and Mount Sinai is in Arabia

The Psalms and Proverbs

400     Psalm 82: You are Gods and all of you are sons of the Most High
401     Psalm 78: I will cause riddles of long ago to bubble forth
402     Psalm118: Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord
403     Psalm 8: Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings you have furnished praise
404     Psalm 90: Counting days with a heart of wisdom
405     Psalms 122-127 and Psalm 130: The Songs of Ascent
406     Psalm 110: Sit at my right until I put your enemies as a stool for your feet
407     Proverbs 15: A Multitude of counsellors is required for success.
408     Psalm 22: I count all my bones. Jesus was crucified not impaled
409     Psalm 91: 1,000 will fall at your side, 10,000 at your right hand but not even a plague will draw near to your tent
410     Proverbs 8: The Master worker beside God was the 1st Holy Spirit, Wisdom, Sophia, feminine, God's first wife

The Epistles

450   2 Corinthians 3: The Face of God and the Written Code
451   Romans8: The law of the flesh and the law of the spirit 
452  1 Corinthians 15: Non adamic men are sown and then raised up
453  The literal meaning of Colossians1:13-20:and 1Corinthians 11:1-6
454  2 Thessalonians 2: The secular apostasy, the secular man of lawlessness

Technical Sections

500     Ezra 7&8: The Return From Babylon the Great to Heavenly Jerusalem
501     The 2 registrations of Israel in numbers
505     The greater showbread or layer bread
506     The 5/6 earthly identities of Michael, Gabriel and Melchizedek (see also I21)
507     The 390 year error of Israel and the 40 year error of Judah
508     Manna from Heaven
509     The end of the Law, the Ark of the Covenant and its heavenly equivalent
     Letters to Don Adams, The President of the Watchtower, on How to Celebrate the Lord's Evening Meal
511     Will Humans really rule over Angels?

Whole and Part Chapters

600    Matthew
601    Mark
602    Luke
603    John
604    Acts
609    Joel
610    Esther

General Interest Sections Part 2

650   2Kings2: Elijah, Elisha and the she bears 
651   Isaiah40: The mission of Elijah
652   2Kings5: Naaman bathing 7 times in the Jordan, Elisha rejecting his blessing gift, Gehazi taking some of that gift
653   Zechariah13 and Ezekiel5: Strike the Shepherd and Scatter the flock - The 3 thirds division of the Watchtower Church!
654   1Kings8 and 2Chronicles5-7: The Inauguration of Solomon's temple and its acceptance by fire and cloud
655   Dreams and their Interpretation
656   Covid Vaccines are Genetic bestiality, which is the disgusting thing causing desolation of Matthew 24:15 and Daniel 11:31
657   The Transsexual Dilemma: Are there any female spirits trapped inside male brains (people in need of a sex change)?
658   Stanford Mouse Study Destroys The Trans Narrative
659   Evidence for Jesus being appointed/installed as Caesar to Cain on 2022Chislev16/Shebat5 and Adam on 2022Chislev20/Shebat9
660   2Thessalonians2: The mystery of the man of lawless, who is revealed at the manifestation of the presence. The Repentance of Satan and Cain
661   Research
662   Gordon's Awakening

Counting Sections

49    Grammatical proof that the Bible is written in a Symbolic code 
700   Old Testament Noun Counts
701   Sentence Counts
702   Mark 9 and Matthew 17: The epileptic demon and the length of the 1st and 2nd parts of the first presence
703   Matthew 9: The two blind people cured in the house of non adamic Sodom give the length of that house
704   2Corinthians11: Paul's Over abundance of Christian qualifications, confirming the combined length of the presence of the Deacons of Christ as 240 years

Early Christian, late Christian and Gnostic Writings and the Book of Jashar (Genesis2)

800  The Letter of Barnabas
801  The Treatise on the Resurrection shows that the transfiguration was not a vision but a reality
802  1 Enoch 
803  The Gospel of Philip has the wisdom of FDS2
804  The Book of Jashar
805  Crisis of Conscience - Ray Franz (PDF version) (7,482KB)
806  Maccabees
807  Antiquities of the Jews (Josephus)
808  War of the Jews (Josephus)
809  The Odes of Solomon

General Interest Sections Part 3

850    Apparent contradictions between the accounts in Acts 9, Acts 22 Acts 26 of Paul's Damascene conversion
851   The Law of the Light and the Law of the Darkness 
852   Isaiah6: What are the Seraphs? Who is fooling who?
853   Satan possessed the President of reappointed Laodicea. He entered him on 2019Tishri10-12, after the morsel/little fragment, the 3rd wife, the smallest group to marry Jesus, was dipped/baptised into the 3EC by the descended 3rd Holy spirit on 2019Elul10 and 2019Tishri10. He presided over the 2019Tishri14/Heshvan14/Chislev14/Tebbeth14 Passovers honourably. THIS WAS HIS REPENTANCE!
854  Salvation Testing by Deception
855  The Morality of War in General and In Ukraine
856  BLAST Comparison of Covid-19 with Bat Coronavirus

Gospel Sections Part 2

901  Balance: Who wants to save his soul will lose it. You must hate your relatives (relatively speaking)!
902  Matthew25: The Parable of the Sheep and the Goats
903  How did Jesus cure people instantly?
904  John 4: The Samaritan Woman is the Laodicean Church. Living water is a non adamic water baptism.
905  John 6: The Bread from heaven
906   The Fig Trees of the Gospels
907  Falling asleep for 3 times and 3 denials before the cock crows once or twice
908  The Kingdom of the Heavens of Matthew versus the Kingdom of God of Mark Luke and John
909   2 Swords are Enough! But those that live by the sword will die by the sword
910   The 77x of Peter's 1NC reserve brothers sinning against him by testing God Peter in the Contest of 1Kings18 and the 10,000 talent debt
911  The parables of the Mustard grain: The Smallest Seed makes the Largest Tree [Salvadora Persica]
912   God's light shines on the congregation as well as the priest so Stop Moonbathing and Start Sunbathing
913  Jairus' Daughter, The Widow of Nain's Son and Lazarus: The 3 Stages of adamic death
914  The Prodigal Son
915  John 8: The Woman caught in adultery: Let the one of you without sin be the first to cast a stone at her
916  My hour has not yet come
917  John 19: The Crown of Thorns braided by soldiers of the governor of Judah is the Coronavirus of spike proteins gene spliced by bio weapons military personnel of the US government who are Caesar to the 1NCs in reappointed Laodicea and non adamic Sodom, is given to Jesus' head, the 1NC reserves, by spitting and through the forced spikes of the vaccines
918  Mark 9: The epileptic demon and the length of the 1st part of the first presence
920  Luke5: The deeper the water, the larger and more abundant the fish
921  Matthew13: The Parables of the Treasure hidden and re-hidden in the field and the Pearl Trader
922  John9: The Blind Beggars of the Watchtower Congregations and the remouldable clay of Laodicea 
923  Matthew15 and Mark7: The 'Parables' of the Sewer
924  The Eye Lamp Body Parables: Simple Minds or Single Minds
925  Matthew7: The house built on sand
926  Matthew18 Mark9 Luke9: A Millstone of an Ass around the Neck and thrown into the Sea
927  Matthew19 Mark10 Luke18: How to put a Camel through the Eye of a Needle
928  Matthew18: The 10,000 Talent Debt verses the 100 Denarii Debt
929  Matthew21 Mark11 John 2: The Tables of the Money Changers and the Benches of those selling Doves
930  Judas is said to be One of the 12, seven times and Thomas once
931  Matthew22 and Luke14: The Parables of the Marriage festivities of Jesus, which the invited ones decline, and only those who leave the city accept and partake
932  John's Head on a plate and the half kingdom dance of Herodias' daughter
933  The Long Conclusion to Mark only as recorded in the Alexandrinus is Canonical. The HQ of FDS1 was arranged by Jesus to be in Galilee, NOT in Jerusalem and NOT in Rome.
935  Matthew16 Mark9 Luke9 Luke17: 25 For whoever wants to save his soul [with a COVID mRNA vaccination] will lose it...26 For what benefit will it be to a man if he gains the whole world [with a Vaccination Passport] but forfeits his soul?
936  Matthew 27: Jesus tasting then refusing the sour wine mixed with Gall is Christians taking and then rejecting the COVID Vaccines
937 The Second Presence fulfilment of John 1-5, the greater meaning of John1-5

Online Transcription of Codices into a unicode font in HTML

Codex Alexandrinus
Codex Vaticanus B
Codex Sinaiticus
Codex Bezae
Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus
Codex Claromontanus
Codex Washingtonianus

Codices to Download as word 2000 docs with King James verse format in bwgrkl.ttf font

Codex Alexandrinus
Codex Vaticanus B

Codex Sinaiticus
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Codex Claromontanus (All of Paul's letters)
Codex Washingtonianus (the Freer Gospels)

Calendar Tables

The First 2 New Moons in March and April from 2400 BC to 3100 AD (Julian until 1582October4 and Gregorian from 1852October15)
The Gregorian New Moon, Vernal Equinox and Nisan1 data used by the BLC from 2400BC to 3100AD

Obsolete and Incorrect Sections 

9202 The Great Crowd

Out of Date Videos with Incorrect Chronology or Doctrine

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17/03/2023 understanding271a.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Tebbeth5.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Tebbeth21.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Tebbeth13.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Shebat5.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Shebat21.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Shebat19.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Chislev5.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Chislev4-6.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Adar5.html
17/03/2023 understanding271-2022Adar13.html
17/03/2023 understanding271.html
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17/03/2023 understanding98.html
17/03/2023 understanding97.html
17/03/2023 understanding96.html
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17/03/2023 understanding937.html
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17/03/2023 understanding935.html
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17/03/2023 understanding93.html
17/03/2023 understanding929.html
17/03/2023 understanding928.html
17/03/2023 understanding927.html
17/03/2023 understanding926.html
17/03/2023 understanding925.html
17/03/2023 understanding924.html
17/03/2023 understanding923.html
17/03/2023 understanding922.html
17/03/2023 understanding9202.html
17/03/2023 understanding920.html
17/03/2023 understanding92.html
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17/03/2023 understanding915.html
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17/03/2023 understanding73.html
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17/03/2023 understanding67.html
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17/03/2023 understanding63.html
17/03/2023 understanding62.html
17/03/2023 understanding61.html
17/03/2023 understanding6.html
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17/03/2023 understanding5a.html
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17/03/2023 understanding58.html
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17/03/2023 understanding54.html
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17/03/2023 understanding52.html
17/03/2023 understanding51.html
17/03/2023 understanding50.html
17/03/2023 understanding5.html
17/03/2023 understanding49.html
17/03/2023 understanding48.html
17/03/2023 understanding47.html
17/03/2023 understanding46.html
17/03/2023 understanding45.html
17/03/2023 understanding44.html
17/03/2023 understanding41.html
17/03/2023 understanding40.html
17/03/2023 understanding4.html
17/03/2023 understanding39.html
17/03/2023 understanding38.html
17/03/2023 understanding37.html
17/03/2023 understanding36.html
17/03/2023 understanding35.html
17/03/2023 understanding34.html
17/03/2023 understanding33.html
17/03/2023 understanding32.html
17/03/2023 understanding31.html
17/03/2023 understanding30.html
17/03/2023 understanding3.html
17/03/2023 understanding29.html
17/03/2023 understanding28.html
17/03/2023 understanding27.html
17/03/2023 understanding269.html
17/03/2023 understanding267.html
17/03/2023 understanding266.html
17/03/2023 understanding265.html
17/03/2023 understanding264a.html
17/03/2023 understanding264.html
17/03/2023 understanding263.html
17/03/2023 understanding262.html
17/03/2023 understanding261.html
17/03/2023 understanding260.html
17/03/2023 understanding26.html
17/03/2023 understanding259.html
17/03/2023 understanding258.html
17/03/2023 understanding257.html
17/03/2023 understanding256.html
17/03/2023 understanding255.html
17/03/2023 understanding254.html
17/03/2023 understanding253.html
17/03/2023 understanding252.html
17/03/2023 understanding251.html
17/03/2023 understanding250.html
17/03/2023 understanding25.html
17/03/2023 understanding249.html
17/03/2023 understanding248.html
17/03/2023 understanding247.html
17/03/2023 understanding246.html
17/03/2023 understanding245.html
17/03/2023 understanding244.html
17/03/2023 understanding243.html
17/03/2023 understanding242.html
17/03/2023 understanding241.html
17/03/2023 understanding240.html
17/03/2023 understanding24.html
17/03/2023 understanding239.html
17/03/2023 understanding238.html
17/03/2023 understanding237.html
17/03/2023 understanding236.html
17/03/2023 understanding235.html
17/03/2023 understanding234.html
17/03/2023 understanding233.html
17/03/2023 understanding232.html
17/03/2023 understanding231.html
17/03/2023 understanding23.html
17/03/2023 understanding229.html
17/03/2023 understanding228.html
17/03/2023 understanding227.html
17/03/2023 understanding225.html
17/03/2023 understanding224.html
17/03/2023 understanding223.html
17/03/2023 understanding221.html
17/03/2023 understanding220.html
17/03/2023 understanding22.html
17/03/2023 understanding219.html
17/03/2023 understanding218.html
17/03/2023 understanding217.html
17/03/2023 understanding216.html
17/03/2023 understanding215.html
17/03/2023 understanding214.html
17/03/2023 understanding213.html
17/03/2023 understanding212.html
17/03/2023 understanding211.html
17/03/2023 understanding210.html
17/03/2023 understanding21.html
17/03/2023 understanding209.html
17/03/2023 understanding208.html
17/03/2023 understanding207.html
17/03/2023 understanding206.html
17/03/2023 understanding205.html
17/03/2023 understanding204.html
17/03/2023 understanding203.html
17/03/2023 understanding202.html
17/03/2023 understanding201.html
17/03/2023 understanding200.html
17/03/2023 understanding20.html
17/03/2023 understanding2.html
17/03/2023 understanding199.html
17/03/2023 understanding198.html
17/03/2023 understanding197.html
17/03/2023 understanding196.html
17/03/2023 understanding195.html
17/03/2023 understanding194.html
17/03/2023 understanding193.html
17/03/2023 understanding190.html
17/03/2023 understanding19.html
17/03/2023 understanding18.html
17/03/2023 understanding173.html
17/03/2023 understanding171.html
17/03/2023 understanding170.html
17/03/2023 understanding17.html
17/03/2023 understanding169.html
17/03/2023 understanding168.html
17/03/2023 understanding164.html
17/03/2023 understanding163.html
17/03/2023 understanding162.html
17/03/2023 understanding161.html
17/03/2023 understanding160.html
17/03/2023 understanding16.html
17/03/2023 understanding159.html
17/03/2023 understanding158.html
17/03/2023 understanding157.html
17/03/2023 understanding155.html
17/03/2023 understanding153.html
17/03/2023 understanding152.html
17/03/2023 understanding150.html
17/03/2023 understanding15.html
17/03/2023 understanding14.html
17/03/2023 understanding136.html
17/03/2023 understanding135.html
17/03/2023 understanding134.html
17/03/2023 understanding133.html
17/03/2023 understanding132.html
17/03/2023 understanding131.html
17/03/2023 understanding130.html
17/03/2023 understanding13.html
17/03/2023 understanding129.html
17/03/2023 understanding128.html
17/03/2023 understanding127.html
17/03/2023 understanding126a.html
17/03/2023 understanding126.html
17/03/2023 understanding125.html
17/03/2023 understanding124.html
17/03/2023 understanding122.html
17/03/2023 understanding120.html
17/03/2023 understanding12.html
17/03/2023 understanding118.html
17/03/2023 understanding117.html
17/03/2023 understanding116.html
17/03/2023 understanding115.html
17/03/2023 understanding114.html
17/03/2023 understanding113.html
17/03/2023 understanding111.html
17/03/2023 understanding110.html
17/03/2023 understanding11.html
17/03/2023 understanding109.html
17/03/2023 understanding108.html
17/03/2023 understanding107.html
17/03/2023 understanding106.html
17/03/2023 understanding105.html
17/03/2023 understanding103.html
17/03/2023 understanding102.html
17/03/2023 understanding100.html
17/03/2023 understanding10.html
17/03/2023 understanding1.html
17/03/2023 understanding000.html
17/03/2023 understanding0.html