[124] The Third Determination Of The Gentile Times

Returning to Leviticus 26, there are four similar verses:

I shall then have to chastise you 7 times as much for your sins (Leviticus 26:18).

I shall then have to inflict 7 times more blows upon you according to your sins (Leviticus 26:21).

I shall have to strike you 7 times for your sins (Leviticus 26:24).

I shall have to chastise you 7 times for your sins (Leviticus 26:28).

Whilst verses 18 and 21 contain the phrases: "seven times as much" and "seven times more", verses 24 and 28 contain the phrases: "I shall have to strike you seven times for your sins" and "I shall have to chastise you seven times for your sins". These two phrases miss out the concept of "as much" or "more".

The literal account refers to the Discontinuous Israeli Gentile Times from 586Tammuz, the deposing of Zedekiah, to 1948Sivan4, the founding of the state of Israel, the minute the British Mandate expired. Omitting the 6 years from 561Adar25/27 to 555Tishri1-554Elul30, when Jehoiachin reigned from his elevated throne in Babylon and the 4 years from 29Tishri15 to 33Tishri15 caused by Jesus being Caesar to Jacob from 29Heshvan29 to 33Sivan5 during his miracel ministry repaid by the Dragon's 42 month lease of Revelation13. However in the word symbolic meaning...

Verses 18 and 21 refer to the 6 years Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccaben and 4 year Jesus' Ministry gapped Gentile Times of Reverend John Aquila Brown and Elijah3 Charles Taze Russell and to the Discontinuous Gentile Times of Dr Stephen E. Jones of the now defunct Worldwide Church of God and Grdon Ritchie of the Lords Witnesses.

Verses 24 and 28 refer to the 7 years of the LW Gentile Times from 2015Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15 and the Laodicean Gentile Times all from 2012Tishri15 - 2019Tishri15. For more see U121.