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Roger Hollis
Leyton/Leytonstone congregation

February 15th, 1996

Dear Roger,

Here is a copy of the Latest communication that I sent to Robert Butler, the presiding overseer of the Brooklyn Heights congregation and to various other Presiding overseers of congregations around the Brooklyn Bethel, in order to try to determine which congregations the 8 governing body members excepting Brothers Booth and Sydlik were in. It is self-explanatory. It shows how the FDS has now become the Evil slave of Matthew 24 and the Wicked and Sluggish slave of Matthew 25. And it shows that Brother Henschel, the 5th President of the Watchtower, the 5th angel, the 5th star in Jesus' hand, the President of Sardis, the 5th congregation of Revelation, has the name that he is alive but is dead, i.e. is not an anointed brother in the heavenly baptism. This is the scriptural justifiaction that I witheld from you and the Society when you came to see me nearly 2 years ago.

Yours faithfully Gordon Ritchie.