(P) Diary of events 1994November 14th to 1995January 17th

Monday 14th Nov:

Spoke to Brother Henschel's secretary, he said speak to the A Desk

Spoke to the A desk, he said all of your letter's have been sent to England, and that I cannot talk to anybody in America, I have to talk to somebody in Great Britain. This is the procedure.

Spoke to Todd, he said write to 124 Columbia heights, this is where Brother Henschel lives.

Received my one and only letter from the Society, written by my friend EZF on 1994November21, it was dated 1994November18.

Wed 23rd Nov, 2:00 pm: Dan Sydlik rang, did not deny that Freddie Franz thought there was merit to my work, said Franz believed that Matt 24:36 was only a prohibition on Jesus' knowledge before he made the statement, and then once he was glorified, he knew the date. I said I agree, and further he set the date when he got engaged. He said the whole governing body could not believe the intricacy and complexity of my work, they could not believe that any man could do work like that, especially one who was not baptised. I said did you never read: Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings I have furnished praise etc, he said that's Isaiah, I then quoted: I publicly praise you father lord of heaven and earth because you hid these things from the wise and intellectual ones and revealed them to babes. He quoted the whole scripture about it being hidden from the wise and intellectual ones, verbatim. He said new understandings don't normally come in a giant flash of light, but Isaiah is against him, 'The people that were walking in the darkness have seen a great light' (Isaiah 9:2). And he was bearing witness that my work was potentially a great flash of light.

Spoke to Dan again on 28/29th December, asked if he could prevail on the writing committee for a meeting, he said, they are a bit sensitive about their positions you will have to do that yourself. He said my book, letter to the elders hit him like a brick, I said it is a bit of a radical departure, he said that is an understatement. I had a go at the memorial blessing he said he understood but thought that the holy spirit pled for such things, he said Romans8 and temple symbolism did not apply (to the memorial!!). You have made your bed he said. Told me he loved me, I said: me too. He said: What, do you want to give a bible study to the writing committee? I said sounds ridiculous doesn't it, I am happy for them to give one to me.

Spoke to a woman on Jan9 tried to speak to brother Barr, he was in a meeting and then not available. Tried again Jan10 spoke to someone in the writing department, he told me Barr and Klein and Barry are all in meetings and unavailable, try on Thursday Jan12, he said.

Tried on Thursday got told by EZF that if they haven't responded then they probably do not want to speak to you. I said why don't they tell me that then. I said I wrote to them over a week before I came they could have responded and told me not to come. He said he would put my work in front of them and get a letter saying yes or no, he asked for my address. I said do you want the New York one or the London one, I am staying here one more week. He said, the London one, I gave him this. I deduced that this meant he knew that they did not want to speak to me, but they are unable to say this it seems.

Friday 13th, hand delivered simplified response procedure, two boxes.

Monday 16th, got the run around. Whenever I rang and asked for brother Barr's secretary they just put me on hold forever, this happened three times in a row. Then I asked why are you doing this? The response was: They put me on hold forever. Then I rang Todd and they actually put me through and he was totally upbeat. I tell you these guys are divided, or the holy spirit wished me to speak to Todd. He said that brother Barry is off for 6 weeks, brother Barr is coming back tomorrow and brother Klein is not in his cognisance. He said if you are going home tomorrow you have not left any time to see brother Barr. I then rang back and said I have changed my flight to Friday and I am making myself available to see brother Barr should he wish to see me, seeing as he will actually be there, and I do not wish to fall down at the last fence. He said fine good enough. We agreed that I would ring him tomorrow.

Rang Todd next day, Todd told me he would put me through to the guy dealing with my work, it was my old friend EZF wouldn't you know? He said: I thought I told you that we are reconsidering your work and we will write to you. I said: Why can't they just tell me whether they want to speak to me? He said: Assume they don't. I said: If you are making a further presentation I will write you one more letter. This was the letter of Jan17.

I spoke to Dan finally I think on Jan16 or 17 and asked him: Should I write this letter to each governing body member individually or to the whole lot of them, what was his advice? He said: Address it to the writing committee. I said: They have agreed to look at my work once more, he said: That is the best you could get. I said: I can't do any more with these guys, I have done my best. He said: I like your spirit, though I have never met you. I said: I am not sure that it's my spirit that you are seeing I am not usually like this. He said: is your background in sales? I said: no its in research, but with Jehovah you have to do everything. He said: You take very big bites of the bible, I said: I am not frightened of overselling God I am only frightened of underselling him. I said: You conduct millions of bible studies with people who do not understand the bible, why don't you conduct one with somebody who does? He said: Where can you find somebody who understands the bible? I said: They are few and far between.