[296]   1Kings3: Solomon's threat to cut the child in two (FDS?)

5 In Gibeon Jehovah appeared to Solomon in a dream by night; and God proceeded to say: Request what I should give you.
6 And Solomon said: You yourself have exercised great loving-kindness toward your servant David my father according as he walked before you in truth and in righteousness and in uprightness of heart with you; and you continued keeping toward him this great loving-kindness, so that you gave him a son to sit upon his throne as at this day.
7 And now, Jehovah my God, you yourself have made your servant king underneath David my father, and I am but a little boy. I do not know how to go out and how to come in.
8 And your servant is in the middle of your people whom you have chosen, a multitudinous people which not will be divided and not will be counted from multitude.
9 And you must give to your servant an obedient heart to judge your people, to discern between good and bad; for who is able to judge this difficult people of yours?
10 And the word/thing was pleasing in the eyes of my Lords [polite plural?], because Solomon had requested this word/thing.
11 And God went on to say to him: For the reason that you have requested this thing and have not requested for yourself many days nor requested for yourself wealth nor requested the soul of your enemies, and you have requested for yourself understanding to hear judgement

12 look! I shall certainly do according to your words [in Hebrew]. 

Hebrew word count of Solomon's words of verses 6-9: 25(30) + 16(17) + 11(13) + 16(19) = 68 (79) 

FDS4 has an obedient heart for 68/79 days from 2023Iyyar27 to 2023Ab5, when we hand Zoar over to Jesus.

2022Elul14 (the fall of reverted Laodicea, when all of God's offical people are now in Zoar) to 2024Iyyar14, the end of Zoar, the 12th crop Passover, the end of Kingdom salvation in this system. The mid point is 2023Tammuz14. All the 2NCs of the composinte servant of FDS4 are baptised into Zoar by 2023Tammuz7/14.

Look! I shall certainly give you a wise and understanding heart, so that one like you there has not happened to be before you, and after you there will not rise up one like you.
13 And additionally what you have not requested I will give you, additional wealth, additional glory, which not was [given to] man like you in the kings [of Israel] [the saints], all your days [of judging] [of judging].
14 And if you will walk in my ways to keep my regulations and my commandments, as/like [the regulations and commandments] which David your father walked, I will also lengthen your days. [Solomon should not follow the ways of David, but the regulations and commandments of Jehovah]
15 And Solomon awoke, and look! [It was] a dream. 

Verse 7: 1x-1x+1x+1x+1x = 3x
Verse 8: 1x+(x +x).2x = 3x
Verse 9: 1x.(1x+1x+1x) = 3x
Verse 10:  1x.2x = 2x
Verse 11: 1x+3x+1x+1x+1x = 7x
Verse 12 1st look!  1x+68x = 69x
Verse 12 2nd look! 2x.(2x+1x+2x+1x) = 12x
Verse 13: 2x+(2x+2x).(1x+1x).3x.3x = 74x
Verse14: 3x.(3x+3x+3x+3x)+3x = 39x. Days lengthened again when we become Methuselaian?

Verse 10-14: 2x+7x.(69x+12x+74x)+39x = 2x+7x.155x+39x = 1126x, 3 years 46 days  From 2020Sivan12, the theft of the 4EC by reverted Laodicea, to 2023Tammuz28, the end of the baptism of the 3rd Holy Spirit into Zoar (other than late comers. This is everyone given to Solmon by the 4EC. Why does it start from the theft by Laodicea and not from the baptism of Zach on 2019Tammuz2? 

Then he came to Jerusalem and stood before the ark of the covenant of Jehovah and offered up burnt sacrifices and rendered up communion offerings and spread a feast for all his servants (1 Kings 3 NWT).

15.. And he came to Jerusalem and stood before the ark of the covenant of Jehovah and offered up burnt sacrifices and rendered up communion offerings and spread a feast for all his servants [Laodicean feast after the evil slave loses control of the congregations and ends his feast].

The 1NC woman is pre-existing 1NCs in the church. Because Israel is Israel + sons so the 1NC woman is the 1NC +.sons. God identifies the father with his house, with his sons and the mother with her house, with her sons. They both build genetic or covenant houses.
The son of the 1NC woman is new 1NCs being water baptised into the church.

16 Then [za] 2 women, prostitutes, [Laodicean 1NCs and Laodicean 2NCs as of 2019Ab1, when Laodicea was reappointed as a true church. Both spiritual prostitutes committing idolatry with the evil slave rather than worshipping God] got to come in to the king and stand before him [by 4EC baptism into Zoar].
17 Then the one woman said: Excuse me, my lord [My Lord because Solomon is her husband - this therefore is the 2NC woman NOT the 1NC woman], I and this woman are dwelling in one house [Laodicea], so that I gave birth [to 2NC saints by valid 4EC water baptism into Laodicea up until 2013Adar10, the end of the 2nd presence] close by her in the house.
18 And it came about in the 3rd day to the giving birth of me [by water baptism of 2NCs into adamic Laodicea Abrahamic Laodicea, and reappointed Laodicea], and this woman also proceeded to give birth [by 3EC water baptism of 1NCs into reappointed Laodicea on 2019Elul10 internally and on 2019Tishri10/Heshvan10/Chislev10/Tebbeth10 externally. So the 1NC woman finishes giving birth on 2019Tebbeth10, entrance day into the late 3rd Watchtower Passover, whereas the 2NC woman does not finish until reverted Laodicea. the 4th day of her giving birth in the greater meaning. The Jordan dried up when the ark went across from the Watchtower to reappointed Laodicea from 2019Elul10 to 2019Tebbeth10]. And we were together. There was no stranger with us in the house, no one but the 2 of us in the house [no adamics and no saints but 1NCs and 2NCs, There were no HLCs in the house of reappointed Laodicea or adamic Laodicea or Abrahamic Laodicea - WOW. They only came into Reverted Laodicea!!].
19 And the son of this woman died at night, because she lay upon him [the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th 1NC reserve brides die on the Passover nights of 2019Tishri14/Heshvan14/Chislev14/Tebbeth14 due to the obligations of the 1NC covenant to die the death of the Christ of Romans 6:3].
20 So she got up in the middle of the night [by resurrection into the ark] and took my son from beside me while your slave girl herself [who should be a part of FDS4] was asleep and laid him in her own bosom, and her dead son she laid in my bosom [Lazarus leant back on Jesus' bosom during the Passover.  Laodicean 1NCs represent that the 2NCs are the ones who have been Passover executed not the 1NCs].
21 When I got up in the morning [after the night of Watchtower Passovers from 2019Elul14 to 2019Tebbeth14, still during reappointed Laodicea] to nurse my son, why, there he was dead [having died by losing his water baptism, on 2019Shebat10, when the 3EC expired for reappointed Laodicea]. So I examined him closely in the morning, and, look! he did not prove to be my son that I had borne [these people were not true 2NCs, they were imposters, doves that were sold or money that had been changed].
22 But the other woman [the 1NC woman] said: No, but my son is the living one [judicially and in the ark] and your son is the dead one! [judicially - the 2NC is a fake covenant] All the while this woman [the 2NC woman] was saying: No, but your son is the dead one [physically] and my son is the living one [physically - your son got Passover executed not mine]. And they kept on speaking before the king.
23 Finally the king said: This one is saying, 'This is my son, the living one, and your son is the dead one!' and that one is saying, 'No, but your son is the dead one and my son is the living one!' [meant angelically and physically. The 1NCs say we are the saints and the 2NCs are dead physically or angelically - fake saints. The 2NCs say we are the saints and the 1NCs are all dead physically or fakes - dead angelically]
24 And the king [Gordon, the mediator of the 2NC] went on to say: You men, get me a sword [a scripture from the bible - 1Kings3 in fact]. So they brought the sword before the king.
25 And the king proceeded to say: You men, sever the living child [dl,y<] [child not son. This is all the saints in reappointed Laodicea] in 2 and give the one half to the one woman and the other half to the other [Unfulfilled command literally. So it is fulfilled in the greater meaning. The 1NC reserves are given to the 3rd Holy Spirit is the ark and the 2NCs are given to 2NC woman in Zoar. all the 1NCs in reappointed Laodicean were Passover executed by the sword of their own covenant. they all died the death of the Christ (bypassing Hades being angelic)].
26 At once the woman whose son was the living one said to the king for her inward emotions were excited toward her son, so that she said: Excuse me, my lord! You men, give her the living child. Do not by any means put him to death [Do not disfellowship him]. All the while this other woman was saying: Neither mine nor yours will he become. You men, do the severing! [Right. The 1NCs have prevented the 2NC child from being accepted or recognised by anybody]
27 At that the king answered and said: You men, give her the living child, and you must by no means put him to death. She is his mother [All the remaining saints are now 2NCs. They must be given to the 2NC woman in Zoar].
28 And all Israel got to hear of the judicial decision that the king had handed down; and they became fearful because of the king, for they saw that the wisdom of God was within him to execute judicial decision (1Kings3).

THERE ARE NO 1NCs or HLCs left on the planet. ALL living saints are 2NCs and must be accepted as such (and given to the 2NC woman in the LWs).

The Watchtower cannot accept that all 1NCs have finished their earthly course because that gives them no basis to be running their 1NC church. But they have indeed all gone and they have become a bundle of weeds to be burnt BECAUSE they put their own personal power above the salvation of their adherents..

THIS MEANS THAT ALL 2NCs ARE PRESENTLY ALIVE. There are to be no holes in the temple. All stones will be present. The first rapture occurs on 2022Chislev15.

There were no 3EC baptisms of 2NCs into reappointed Laodicea at all, because the 2NC woman got up in the morning after the church of the night fell to nurse her son singular, the one born in the original Laodicea. So the Jordan dried up for 2NCs when the 1NCs went across into reappointed Laodicea. Unsanctified people must have been baptised into reappointed Laodicea from 2019Tebbeth11 to 2019Shebat10, the end of 3EC entry into that church.