[659] Evidence for Jesus being appointed/installed as Caesar to Cain on 2022Chislev16/Shebat5 and Adam on 2022Chislev20/Shebat9

Here is the latest and hopefully last iteration, with Jesus being appointed as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Tebbeth16 after the end of the 2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry and 4 year Paul's Gentile Ministry gapped Gentile Times on 2022Tishri15 (from 607Tishri15). The Gentile Times always ends on Tishri15. The question that has now been resolved was can Jesus be appointed but not installed during that malediction? The answer is no. He cannot be either appointed or installed as Caesar during a secular Kingship malediction.  So we are in a very interesting position as regards paying Caesar's things to Caesar. Because right now we have no Caesar and because of Luke 23:2 which says...

1 So the multitude of them rose, one and all, and led him to Pilate.
2 Then they started to accuse him, saying: This man we found subverting our nation and forbidding the paying of taxes to Caesar and saying he himself is Christ a king.
3 Now Pilate asked him the question: Are you the king of the Jews? In answer to him he said: You yourself are saying [it].
4 Then Pilate said to the chief priests and the crowds: I find no crime in this man. (Luke 23 NWT)

Oh dear. That is an unfulfilled hypothetical. Someone will forbid the paying of taxes to Caesar. Someone who says he himself is anointed and a King. Someone in whom Pilate finds no fault.

This is obviously a bit of an issue. I think we need a face to face meeting to discuss it. My present thoughts having kicked it around with Frank are the following...

1. Any instalment paying agreement that you made with the taxman whilst he did represent Caesar we should honour because God regards our word as a done deal. We have effectively already paid according to your agreement.

2. Back taxes which have been demanded but have not yet been paid and which you have not entered into an agreement to pay are owed to Caesar. But the government of your nation is no longer Caesar. It is now Jesus who was appointed/installed over Cain on 2022Chislev16/Shebat5 over Adam on 2022Chislev20/Shebat9, over Abraham on 2022Tebbeth16/Adar5 and over Isaac on 2022Adar16/2023Nisan5. The Kingdom is therefore fully installed  on 2023March26/27 if our Chronology is correct. 

But we have made around 747 false prediction for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kigns18. So our chronology has hitherto not been reliable. So I myself have not decided to stop paying tax yet. But I do delay it as long as is legally possible in case the Chronology is correct. After Jesus becomes Caesar, tax is payable to him. If you pay the government at that time, you have not paid Caesar. 

If they failed to collect some taxes when they were Caesar and now they are not Caesar, then it's like you owe a debt to IBM, but IBM has been closed down by divine decree. Administrators have been appointed for IBM in the form of Jesus who has not yet got his feet under the desk. So if you pay taxes you are disregarding God's decree to pay them to the true Caesar, not a sitting tenant of that position..

3. Taxes for services. Taxes such as Government Health Insurance or Local tax for sewerage and garbage collection should arguably still be paid because you get a direct service for them. If you take the service you should pay the tax, or that part of it attributable to the service.

4. But income tax and capital gains tax and corporation tax are examples of taxes not for specific to any service and are simply funding an outfit that God has rejected. When they have no authority to tax us, when they are not Caesar to anybody any more, they should let us go and serve God and retire gracefully. They have had 6010 years and 7 months as Caesar.

So plainly we need to ensure we have the Chronology right or we could be advising breaking both man's law and God's (who asks us to be in subjection to the superior authorities and to pay Caesar's things to Caesar - whilst he is Caesar). Although in court the argument would be show me the lease and if it is still in force I will pay the tax. There is a lease you know. It's just that the Dragon chooses to hide it from his subjects. But God does not hide it. It is in Revelation13. It last for 42 months. And man has to work out when that period starts and ends.

4 And they worshiped the dragon because it gave the authority to the wild beast, and they worshiped the wild beast with the words: Who is like the wild beast, and who can do battle with it?
5 And a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies was given it, and authority to act 42 months was given it. (Revelation 13 NWT)

If God gives us wealth, then the wealth is not coming from donations which are an act of love individually. It is coming from a command from God to tax. 

17 Then tell us, what do You think? Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not? [Binary question - only if he is divinely appointed]
18 But knowing their wickedness, Jesus said, Why do you test Me, hypocrites? [because when Jesus is Caesar they will test him by refusing to pay him the tax he is due]
19 Show Me the tribute coin. And they brought a denarius to Him.
20 And He said to them, Whose image and inscription is this?
21 They said to Him, Caesar's. Then He said to them, Therefore give to Caesar the things of Caesar, and to God the things of God. (Matthew 22 GLT)

So Jesus says Therefore give God's things to God, in answer to the image and inscription being those of Caesar. So he bears witness that God shall become Caesar. Of course that occurs at the installation of the Kingdom of God.

You don't pay Caesar to kill you with vaccines or wars or power shortages or manufactured famines. When God was Caesar to Israel, the tax rate was 10%. When Julius Caesar was Caesar it will have been more punitive. When Solomon and David taxed the people they did it on behalf of God. They were his vassal Caesar. 

Furthermore these taxes we know will be used to fund the persecution of people of faith, the murder of people of faith with plagues and WMDs and famine and the exclusion of people of faith from the economic system. So there cannot really be a worse use of funds.

What does this mean...?

9 even for preparing timbers for me in great number, for the house that I am building will be great, yes, in a wonderful way.
10 And, look! to the gatherers of wood, the cutters of the trees, I do give wheat as food for your servants, 20,000 cors, and barley 20,000 cors, and wine 20,000 baths, and oil 20,000 baths.
11 At that Hiram the king of Tyre said [the word] in writing and sent [it] to Solomon: Because Jehovah loved his people he has constituted you king over them.
12 And Hiram went on to say: Blessed be Jehovah the God of Israel, who made the heavens and the earth, because he has given to David the king a wise son, experienced in discretion and understanding, who will build a house to Jehovah and a house for his kingship. (2 Chronicles 2 NWT)

Here are 20 chronological interpretations supporting the 42 month Dragon's lease running from 2019Sivan18 to 2022Chislev14 and the 2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry and 4 year Paul's Gentile Ministry gapped Gentile Times ending on 2022Tishri15.

0. God made no animal with 2 heads (other than when there is a genetic error). So he does not appoint two true churches over the same group of saints ever.
1. The 2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry and 4 year Paul's Gentile Ministry Gapped Gentile Times.
2. The 6332 days of the Sentence count of the the contest of 1Kings18:21-24 from the 2005Sivan14 fall of the Watchtower, to 2023Nisan7, the baptism of the remaining 7½½ 2NC apostles (with an 81 day Isaaic installation gap from 2015Tishri14 to 2014Tebbeth5)
3. Contest noon of 1Kings18
3a. 6000 day working weeks
4. The Chronology of the Beast and the Dragon
5. Jubilee Months meet Atonement Days for the 3rd Holy Spirit and for All Mankind
6.  The 8010 days of the earth based congregation of the LWs before we are raptured.
7. 22x/24x 70 weeks of Daniel9
8. The 3600 Overseers of 2Chronicles2 and the 3550 Treaders down of 1Kings5
9. The Dragon's lease began on 2019Sivan18 because then the 1,000 day chain of Revelation20 ended on 2021Adar28 = 2022Nisan4, 14/20 days AFTER Putin invaded Ukraine with his singularly unsuccessful 'peacekeepers' on 2021Adar14
10. It takes Elijah 12x precisely plus a 44x sentence count of 1Kings18:30-33 to build his altar out of 12 stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob (by the immediate number repetition principle of the code - see code c36). They run from the first fire sign on 2010Chislev22 when all the people (interested in the contest) approached Elijah, to examine that fulfilment, to 2022Shebat6, the start of the Isaaic 4EC baptism.
11. The year of 2022 is to the 2NC what the year of 2019 was to the 1NC. The 33½ year pattern of the LWs
12. UK Reformation - Isaaic Zoar fulfilment of Daniel9
13. 2000 days of demon possession of Mark 5 and the payback for that period look like this...
15 4 Years 4 Months 4 Days and 4 Hours from 2019Tishri10, the start of killing to Adam of 1NCs by reappointed Laodicea for the 1st Watchtower Passover, to 2023Shebat14, the end of Zoar
16. Hanukkah 32 and 2022 AD: The Laodicean 2NC rapture ends on 2022Adar22, during the 3rd meniversary of Jewish Hanukkah as celebrated in Jerusalem. The Jews are still God's prophets even today
17. The 11, 12, 14 years precisely it takes for Abraham's seed to inherit the kingdom from 2012Nisan14/2012Sivan14 to 2023Nisan14/2024Nisan14/2026Sivan14: The Isaaic World Exodus Passover/The Absolute end of Adam/ The Gentile Call out of Hades
18. Cain is non adamic and older than Abraham and Isaac. So Jesus and Jehovah become Caesar over him first (except when Cain is still under the Dragon's lease)
19. The LWs are always born on Elul16 (616 day of Revelation13). Temple APOSTOLIC FOUNDATION built with hands for 21 years to the DAY from the laying the first foundation stone of Dave on 2002Nisan14 to 2023Nisan14, the end of the installation of the 2NC apostles

0. God made no animal with 2 heads (other than when there is a genetic error). So he does not appoint two true churches over the same group of saints ever.
1998Tishri27: The Watchtower fell over the 1NCs having denied the Christ accountably 'in that night' on 1996Nisan14/Iyyar14 and 1997Nisan14/Iyyar14 and 1998Nisan14/Iyyar14 
1998Heshvan2/Chislev21: FDS4 appointed/installed to feed the 1NCs
2002Iyyar21/Tammuz10: FDS4 fails to be appointed/installed to rule over the 1NCs
2003Chislev2/Shebat21: Laodicea appointed installed to feed the 1NCs
2007Sivan22/Elul11: Laodicea appointed/installed to rule over the 1NCs.
2015Tebbeth2/Adar21: Isaaic FDS4 is appointed/installed to rule over the 2NCs (3rd after adamic FDS4 and non adamic Abrahamic FDS4 - 1000Heshvan and 2012Tebbeth were monthly Sabbaths). 

Gordon/FDS4 was appointed/installed to rule over the 2NCs on 1999Tishri2/Chislev21, because 1999Heshvan was a Sabbath month. 
Laodicea lost its saintly installation (to rule over the 1NCs) and we lost our installation to rule over the 2NCs on 2012Sivan14 and were reappointed/reinstalled on 2012Chislev2/Shebat21 in Abrahamic Zoar (2012Tebbeth was a Sabbath month) and then on 2015Tebbeth2/Adar21 in Isaaic Zoar. Laodicea were never appointed/installed actually even to feed the 2NCs. 

Satan's 6,000 year lease as Caesar over Adam and Cain was a sublease to Michael's headlease. But nonetheless Satan was a new appointment not anticipated in the original lease. Therefore it starts in the next month of the year on 3989Iyyar17 and ends on 2012Nisan14/Iyyar14. So the Dragon's 42 month lease of Revelation13, which is not a sublease, begins on the 3rd month for a 3rd appointment over Adam and Cain on 2019Sivan18 (3rd 1NC first fruits) and runs to 2022Chislev14, when the Beast starts acting AGAINST divine authority.
Reverted Laodicea falls on 2022Elul14, which is 3688 days of Genesis 15:13-16 of affliction of Abraham in a land not his after 2012Sivan16, AND leads to the month of no escape running from 2023Heshvan14, the Christian LRC Passover to 2023Chislev14, the late Christian LRC Passover (when reverted Laodiceans could enter Zoar if they left the Watchtower for a Christian church first) and gives 1,000 days of feeding by reappointed and reverted Laodicea, the 5 loaves into 5,000 of John6 - see U67. And gives 6,000 day of Laodicea from 2005Tebbeth14/15 and gives 2x 1804 days of non adamic existence either side of its fall on 2017Elul10

1. The 2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jewish Ministry and 4 year Gentile Ministry Gapped Gentile Times.

2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jesus' Jewish Ministry and 4 year Paul's Gentile Ministry gapped Gentile Times of God's People (the sons of Isaac by Covenant, the sons of the ICC) denying them an ICC Caesar

Booths after Nechoh   Booths after Jehoiachin's    Booths after Evil Merodach dies    Booths after Demetrius II grants    Booths after Julius Caesar makes     Booths before       Booths after      Booths before       Booths after      Earthly JACs can now have 
appoints Jehoiakim     throne is raised up in           Last Judean King dies in Babylon  Jonathan Maccabeus  exemption   Antipater, the Idumean, ethnarc         Jesus becomes   Jesus' miracle   Jesus becomes   Paul's miracle   God's approved Caesar
Vassal paying tribute  Babylon by Evil Merodach   after 2 years of throne elevation      from paying tribute to Caesar        of Judea. He pays tribute to Caesar   Caesar to Jacob   ministry ends    Gentile Caesar     ministry ends    Gapped Gentile Times Ends
607Tishri15                561Tishri15                          559Tishri15                                     144Tishri15                                     46Tishri15 BC                                     29Tishri15 AD       33Tishri15        59Tishri15 AD       63Tishri15         2022Tishri15
X________________X                                           X___________________________X                                                     X_____________________________X                           X___________X                            X___________X
         46 years            Jehoiachin's 2 year exilic gap - see U121      415 years                           98 year Maccabean Gap                                   74 years                     4 year Ministry gap        26 years     4 year Ministry gap   1959 years

46 + 415 + 74 + 26 + 1959 = 2520 years of the Quad gapped Gentile Times, the secular Kingship malediction on Jacob (genetic and covenant). Paul could have been Jesus' Vassal Caesar to the Gentiles outside the true church (genetic Gentiles who were also spiritual Gentiles - not God's people) from 59Chislev21 (the installation of FDS2 to feed the 1NCs) to 63Tammuz8 (their installation to rule over the 1NCs). He could not be Caesar to his own church (TCC2) because no man can be King and priest to the same group (Father and Mother). 

The reason that Christians suffer from a malediction on the Jews, is that the malediction is on God's true people, the sons of Isaac by covenant, the sons of the ICC, either through the subcovenant of the law, mediated by Moses or through one of the 4 subcovenants of water baptism, mediated by the 4 Elijah's who began the 4 true Christian churches.

The Gentile Times malediction, caused by the idolatry of Physical Israel, could not extend further than the end of Satan's lease, since it was a removal of the blessing of having God as king under a Satanic lease. Once the lease has gone, then God is King rather than Satan period. So Satan's lease ends on 2022Chislev14 and the 2 year Jehoiachin and 98 year Maccabean and 4 year Jewish Ministry and 4 year Gentile Ministry gapped Gentile Times ends 2 months before on 2022Tishri15. This is true of all Gentile Times maledictions. The Gentile Times maledictions always run from Tishri15 to Tishri15. So we know for sure that Jesus was appointed/installed as Caesar over Cain on 2022Chislev16/Shebat5. The Dragon's 42 month lease must start in the 3rd month (Sivan) being a 3rd lease as Caesar over mankind (Satan's lease was a sublease under Michael's headlease on Adam). So the Dragon's 42 month ministry payback lease of Revelation13 runs from 2019Sivan18 to 2022Chislev14. Then Jesus is appointed/installed as Caesar over Adam on 2022Chislev20/Shebat9.

2. The 6332 days of the Sentence count of the the contest of 1Kings18:21-24 from the 2005Sivan14 fall of the Watchtower, to 2023Nisan7, the baptism of the remaining 7½½ 2NC apostles by Elijah4 himself (with a 81 day Isaaic installation gap from 2015Elul14 to 2014Heshvan5)

2023Nisan7: 6332 days of the sentence count of the contest of 1Kings18:21-24 from 2005Sivan14, the fall of the Watchtower (when JWs became prophets of Baal), to the last prediction failure, with 81 day Isaaic installation gap, when the LWs were not an appointed church but the Laodiceans were (so we were competing against God for that period - woops). The 51 day Abrahamic installation gap for the LWs had both competitors as unappointed churches. So the LWs were not competing against God. 

Watchtower falls as a true church     LWs not true - Laodiceans true       LWs + Laodiceans true church  Jesus installed as Caesar to Abraham      777 day, the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th Tishri1 sacred year of Isaaic Zoar                             
Unilateral contest day begins              LWs die to Abraham                       LWs installed over Abraham       Jesus can now rapture Abraham                Isaaic 4EC baptism of remaining 7½½ 2NC apostles
2005May23/24                                     2015September30/October1           2015December20/21                  2023March2/3                                             2023March28/29 
2005Sivan14                                        2015Tishri14 (noon ends)               2015Tebbeth5                             2022Adar5                                                   2023Nisan7
           6300 days = 14x.450x                 81 day Isaaic installation gap                                                                  32 days of Elijah's work       

2005Sivan14 is 347 days of the majority of the 450 prophets of Baal over the 100 prophets of Jehovah + Elijah + attendant + Obadiah (103) before 2006Sivan1 when I sent the revised sign of Jonah letter which had the prediction of 2006Sivan12 which was the first failure. Elijah4 cannot do any more work for the contest after 2023Nisan7. No more predictions. No more baptisms of male 2NCs either (at least not of apostles).

3. Contest noon of 1Kings18. 

UNILATERAL 6322 DAY CONTEST DAY OF 1KINGS18 (BLC) NOON MEANS DOUBLE LIGHT IN HEBREW - JESUS LEAVES IN THE MIDST OF CONTEST NOON - which is the period of continuous double light in the middle of the contest
There was no LW 1NC Alienation Times because we failed the test to rule over the 1NCs from 1998Heshvan2/Chislev21 to 2002Iyyar21/Tammuz10.

Fall of the Watchtower   Laodicea installed over 1NCs   Midday                             LWs die to Abraham                   LWs installed over Abraham      ??
2005May23/24                2012August23/24                      2014March2/3April1/2     2015September30/October1      2015December20/21                  2023March24/25
2005Sivan14                  2012Elul6 (noon begins)           2013Adar25/VeAdar25    2015Tishri14 (noon ends)           2015Tebbeth5                             2022Adar27 = 2023Nisan3
   Morning: 2602 days              Contest Noon:      559 + 559 days                      LWs not true - Laodiceans true          Afternoon: 2602 days 

Solomon's temple was first accepted by fire of Jehovah consuming the bull of Solomon on 1026Tishri7, the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th Nisan1 sacred year of its construction from 1033Iyyar2 of 2Chronicles 3:2..

The LWs and Laodicea were both uninstalled from 2012Sivan14-Ab5. During that period we were both competing without the backing of God. During 2015Tishri14 to 2015Tebbeth5, Laodicea was installed as a true church and the LWs were not. During that period the LWs were competing against God and therefore this is excluded from the contest which is the period wherein the LWs compete on God's side not against him

We take noon as running from 2012Elul6 to 2015Tishri14, the middle period of double light. And we take midday to be the mid point of that period and pivot the day on that point (3161 days either side of it) or just make it symmetric about noon.
(2602 contest days either side of it). We first saw this symmetry in solar days at 17:00 on 2022February4 (2021Shebat28, the weekly Sabbath). We saw the BLC symmetry incorrectly at 20:32 on 2022April6 (2022Nisan5). We saw the correct start date on 2022Tishri14, when we realised that the Watchtower fell on 2005Sivan14 not 2005Iyyar14. And on 2022Tebbeth4 (06:46 on January1) when we excluded 2012Sivan14-15 and 2015Ab14-Elul16, when the LWs were not a true church. We corrected that to 2012Sivan14-16 and  2015Elul14-16 on 2022Tebbeth16. We moved the start date of noon from 2012Tishri5 to 2012Elul6 on 2033Shebat5. We added the installation gaps to 2012Sivan14-Ab5 and 2015Elul14-Heshvan5 on 2022Shebat8. We moved the start date of noon back from 2015Elul6 to 2015Tishri5 and we removed the Abrahamic installation gap from 2012Sivan15-Ab5 on 2022Shebat23. We reset the Isaaic installation gap to 2015Tishri14 to 2015Tebbeth5 on 2022Adar24.

The first fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2010Chislev20-23 was a voice but not an answer. There was no voice and no answer prior to that sign. 

3a. 6000 day working weeks

6000 day Contest working week:

Started working on Sign of Jonah letter       Died to Adam                Zoar installed over Abraham    Died to Abraham             Isaaic Zoar installed over Abraham       Finish taking bolt of Joshua5 form upon foot
2006Nisan23 (after letter to Don Adams)    2012Sivan14                 2012Ab5                                   2015Tishri14                   2015Tebbeth5                                        2023Iyyar5 (4EC baptism of last Laodicean 2NC)
                      2211 days                              51 day installation gap                  1149 days                81 day installation gap                      2640 days   Total: 6000 day of installed contest work. 

6000 days of Laodicean prophet hiding::

Start of Laodicean hiding of 2NCs         Fall of Reverted Laodicea 
2005Tebbeth14/15                                 2022Elul14
6000x sentence count of 1Kings18:4

6000 day Laodicean Leek of Ezekiel47:

JW Exedenic Times before adamic and non adamic Laodicea

Watchtower falls & becomes Egypt  Exedenic Times begins   Exedenic Times Ends. Laodicea begins by 4EC baptism theft                        The fall of reverted Laodicea
2005Sivan14                                      2005Sivan15                    2005Tebbeth15 (Laodicean leak begins)                                                           2022Elul14
                                                                      7 months               6000 day leak of Ezekiel47 (200 denarii of monthly loaves) inclusively

Watchtower fell on 2005Sivan14                                   Laodiceans and LWs become non adamic Abrahamic. 
2005Sivan15 (1sr day of Fallen Watchtower Cakes)    2012Sivan15
 7 years of Naaman's bathing in the Jordan

11 And they began to eat some of the yield of the land the day after the Passover, unfermented cakes and roasted grains, on this same day. (Joshua 5 NWT)

Watchtower falls   Naaman went down on 2005Sivan14 (The Watchtower fell as a true church)    Naaman and all of Laodicea die to Adam     Naaman and all of Laodicea are restored to non adamic Abraham     Laodicean Exedenic Times ends
2005Sivan14         2005Sivan15 (1st day of fallen Watchtower Cakes)                                             2012Sivan14 (Zoar Passover)                      2012Sivan15 (his flesh comes back like the flesh of a little boy)          2019Sivan15
                               Bathing 7x in the Jordan (4EC) during the Watchtower Exedenic Times                                                                                                   7x of the Laodicean Exedenic Times

4. The Chronology of the Beast and the Dragon

                                                      3 ribs of Ukraine                                                                    Dragon's 42 month lease ends                     Mark Enforced                                              Dragon goes to Hell          Babylon Destroyed 
                                                      are in bear's mouth                                                               10 Dragon horns start                                   WW3 begins        7 Beast heads start           10 Dragon horns end         10 Beast diadems end
                                                      Bear sends peacekeepers                                                     7 Dragon Diadems start   10 Diadems          10 Toes of            7 Dragon diadems end     2000 day Mark5 demon      7 Beast heads end       Mark test ends
Dragon's 42 month lease starts      Putin annexes Donbas         End of Rev20 1000 day chain    7 Dragon heads start        of Beast start        Daniel2 start        7 Dragon heads end         possession ends                Beast authority ends    10 Toes end
2019June22/23                               2022February21                    2022April5/6                              2022December11/12         2023March27/28    2023April26/27     2023June29/30                  2023August28/29                2024January25/26         2024February20/21
2019Sivan18 (3rd 1NC first fruits)   2021Adar14                           20221Adar28=2022Nisan4          2022Chislev14                  2023Nisan6            2023Iyyar6           2023Tammuz10                2023Elul10                          2023Shebat10              2023Adar6 

1000 day chain of Revelation20                     14 days                                  8 months                                4 months                        1 month                2 months                 2 months                           5 months                          1 month

3 And was seen other sign in the heaven, and look! dragon great fiery-red, having heads 7 and horns 10 and upon the heads of it 7 diadems, (Revelation 12 KIT)
And I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea, with 10 horns and 7 heads, and upon its horns 10 diadems, but upon its heads blasphemous names. (Revelation 13 NWT)

10 Horns start                                                                                               10 Diadems start               Diadem power                                                                                                                                                7 Sea Beast heads end 
10 kings = 10 horns not yet  1 hour Authority starts                                     1 hour Authority ends       transfer begins (10)                                                                                                     Sea Beast caught         10 Diadems end 
received a kingdom            End of world judicially   Transfer begins         4 Leopard heads start      10 King unity of    Mark Enforced    7 Sea Beast heads begin   Lava flood ends         It is domesticated         Kingdom prevails        Zoar ends
1000 day chain ends           42 month lease ends      10 horns end              China makes war             thought begins      WW3 begins       4 leopard heads end         4th horse ends            WW3 ends                   Sea Beast destroyed    12th crop
2022April5/6                        2022December11/12       2023January30/31       2023March26/27               2023March27/28    2023April26/27    2023June29/30                    2023November20/21   2023November22/23     2024January25/26         Jan29/30 
2021Adar28=2022Nisan4     2022Chislev14                 2022Shebat4              2022Adar29=2023Nisan5   2023Nisan6 (10)      2023Iyyar6          2023Tammuz10                  2023Chislev4              2023Chislev6                2023Shebat10               2023Shebat14 
8  months = 8 horns            2 months = 2 horns         1½ months = 1½ horns  30 day power + authority transfer of Revelation17:13-14    WW3 runs for 7 heads = 7 months of Daniel3     70 days of leftover ones of Revelation19:21 
Total: 300 + 62 + 304 = 666 days of the beast, the number of the beast.

Putin was tethered which limited his reach in Ukraine to the Donbas. But it did not limit his warfare within the radius of the tether.

The 1000 day chain of Revelation20 runs from the start of the Dragon's 42 month lease of Revelation13 from 2019Sivan18, 3rd 1NC first fruits, to 2022Chislev14. Babylon has to last at least until 2023Tebbeth14, in order for the late Babylonian LRC Passover to be a proper test on those in fake religion. Putin invaded Ukraine on 2021Adar14 (by annexing the Donbas). This DID occur during the 1000 days of the chain. That is why he was unable to take the Kyiv with his Nazi Blitzkreig. The chain did not extend much outside the Donbas. Had he started the war on month later, he might have succeeded. Thank God he did not. The Dragon operates through the intelligence agencies of all the world. Putin is an intelligence agent. The Obama (Biden) administration green lighted the invasion by demonstrating globalist control of the US military to Putin through the deliberately botched Afghan withdrawal. A withdrawal which violated every tenet of US military conduct yet provoked not one reprimand or demotion for any member of the military. It was therefore deliberate. The operation was a success in globalist terms. The leadership of the US military has been taken over by foreign agents placed there by globalist traitors in the US Intel community which ran and which runs the Obama presidency from 2008-2023. Many of the organs of state were listening to Obama rather than Trump throughout Trump's presidency. They hamstrung Trump with a bogus investigation, so that any move he made could be labelled an obstruction of justice. Then they carried on as if Hillary had won. They now call any attempt to investigate their trampling upon US democracy, a threat to US democracy. A democracy which they have already destroyed.

2 And he seized the dragon, the original serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for 1,000 years [1000 days from 2019Sivan18 to 2021Adar28 = 2022Nisan4, taking a day for a year following Ezekiel4 and Numbers14 - see U151#20].
3 And he hurled him into the abyss and shut [it] and sealed [it] over him, that he might not mislead the nations [into WW3 by Russia invading Ukraine] anymore until the 1,000 years were ended. After these things he must be let loose for a little while. (Revelation 20 NWT)

19 Then it was that Nebuchadnezzar himself got filled with fury, and the very expression of his face was changed toward Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He was answering and saying to heat up the furnace 7 times more than it was customary to heat it up. (Daniel 3 NWT)

8 the wild beast which you saw it was and not it is, and it is about to be stepping up out of the abyss, and into destruction it is going under
2 And the 10 horns that you saw mean 10 kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast (Revelation 17 NWT)
13 These one opinion are having, and the power and authority of them to the wild beast they are giving [10 kings with one opinion is a witness to 10x precisely of the 10 diadems giving power to the beast from 2023Nisan10 to 2023Shebat10]
14 These with the Lamb will war, and the Lamb will conquer them, because Lord of lords he is and King of kings, and the (ones) with him called (ones) [saints] and chosen (ones) [priests] and faithful (ones) [citizens]. (Revelation 17 KIT)

Verse 13: 10x+10x.(1x+1x) = 30x. From the start of the 10 diadems which unifies their opinion on 2023Nisan6 = 2022Adar30, to 2023Iyyar6, Mark Registration/Enforcement day, the start of WW3.
Verse 14: 10x+1x+10x.(1x+1x)+(2x.2x).(1x+1x+1x).10x = 151x. These must end on 2023Elul7, the end of the FRC ark rapture, when all of verse14 have conquered the 10 kings (salvationally). So they start on 2023Nisan6.

16 And the 10 horns which you saw and the wild beast, these will hate the harlot, and having been desolated they will make her and naked, and the fleshes [polite plural like faces or right sides] of her they will eat, and her they will burn down in fire [11x.(1x+1x+1x+1x+1x)=55x];
17 the for God gave into the hearts of them [11x. 10 kings and 1 beast have 11 hearts] to do the opinion of him [1x], and to do one opinion [1x] [a witness to some kind of precision] and to give the kingdom of them to the wild beast [1x], until will be finished the words of the God [2x]
[11x.(1x+1x+1x+2x)=55x]. (Revelation 17 KIT).

Total count of verses16-17: 55x.55x=3025x, 8 years 4 months 25 days precisely from 2015Elul15, when the LWs became Isaaic, at the start of the LW Exedenic Times, to 2023Shebat10, the end of Zoar entry into the 12th crop of Revelation20, the end of the assumed authority of the Beast (666 days of Revelation13 of the unchained authority of the beast from 2022Nisan4) in fulfilment of God's words of verses 8 and 16 (not his words to Adam, because the beast does not last until the completion of the death sentence on Adam). So God put the destruction of false religion into the hearts of the 10 horns and the Sea Beast at the start of Isaaic Zoar. It is as if God goes further than his own words. His salvation obligations end on 2023Shebat14. But he continues with the last chance saloon until 2024Nisan14. The beast finishes its destruction of the harlot of false religion, on the day it loses its authority, 2023Shebat10.

8 the wild beast which you saw it was and not it is, and it is about to be stepping up out of the abyss, and into destruction it is going under
2 And the 10 horns that you saw mean 10 kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast (Revelation 17 NWT)
13 These one opinion are having, and the power and authority of them to the wild beast they are giving [10 kings with one opinion is a witness to 10x precisely of the 10 diadems]
14 These with the Lamb will war, and the Lamb will conquer them, because Lord of lords he is and King of kings, and the (ones) with him called (ones) [saints] and chosen (ones) [priests] and faithful (ones) [citizens] [will conquer them]. (Revelation 17 KIT)
17 the for God gave into the hearts of them to do the opinion of him, and to do one opinion and to give the kingdom of them to the wild beast, until will be fulfilled the words of the God [of verses 6 and 16]. (Revelation 17 KIT)

10 is compared to 1 in verse 2. 10x precisely from 2022Nisan4, the end of the 1000 day chain of Revelation20, to 2022Shebat4, the end of the 10 horns who have not yet received a kingdom, the start of their transferring of power to the beast.
10 is compared to 1 in verse 13. 10x precisely from 2023Nisan6 to 2023Shebat6 of the 10 diadems empowering the beast. The diadems continue to 2023Shebat10, refusing to empower the beast in their last 4 days.
The 10 toes of Daniel2 are the length of the image of the beast of Revelation13, which is the image of Nebuchadnezzar of Daniel3 (CBDCs).
60 cubits height is compared to 6 cubits wide in the Image of Daniel3 yielding 10x precisely from 2022Iyyar6, Mark Enforcement Day, to 2023Adar6, the end of CBDCs, the image of the Beast of Revelation13, the image of Nebuchadnezzar of Daniel3, the end of Mark testing, the end of the 10 toes.

Horn = month to date of power for 10 kings who have not yet received a kingdom.
Diadem = month to date of post horn kingship for the 10 kings based upon their own power (diadems upon their horns) not upon God's authority. 
Head = month to date of headship./rulership

6+1=7 months precisely (of all ones compared to the free, the slaves, the rich, the poor the great and the small ones of Revelation13:16) of Universal Mark enforcement by WW3 from 2023Iyyar6 to 2023Chislev6, the catching/domestication of the beast

5. Jubilee Months meet Atonement Days for the 3rd Holy Spirit and for All Mankind

The final 1NC/HLC Atonement (for the heavenly kings of the kingdom) occurs when the Abrahamic Jubilee release day meets the Nisan1 sacred year Atonement day on 2020Tishri10
The final OMC Atonements (for the citizens of the Kingdom) occur at the Isaaic Jubilee release day on 2023Shebat10, the end of entrance into Zoar, the end of salvation through Zoar, and at the Tishri1 Isaaic sacred year Atonement day on 2024Nisan10, the end of entrance into the last chance saloon, the end of the end of entrance into salvation through the last chance saloon.

6.  The 8010 days of the earth based congregation of the LWs before the Kingdom is appointed.

ALSO 3x.(1335 days + 1335 days) = 3x.2670 days = 8010 days from 2000Elul16/Tishri16, the start of the 4EC congregation of the Lords Witnesses (the baptism of Tony/Jamie, the 2nd/3rd LW) to 2022Chislev16/Tebbeth16, the appointment of Jesus as Kingdom Caesar to Abraham/Isaac. A lot more impressive than the Royal Albert Hall (the Watchtower's original and current interpretation for the end of this period).

13 And as for you yourself, go toward the end; and you will rest, and you will stand up for your lot to the end of the days. (Daniel 12)

Baptism of Tony, the 2nd LW (not a 2NC)                    Jesus appointed Caesar to Cain              Jesus installed as Caesar to Cain
2000Elul16 (2 gathered together in Jesus' name)         2022Chislev16 (Kingdom appointed)       2022Shebat5
   6x 1335 = 8010 days of expectation of Daniel12         7th Abrahamic Zoar Pentecost

Baptism of Jamie, the 3rd LW (2nd 2NC)                     Jesus appointed Caesar to Abraham     Jesus installed as Caesar to Abraham     Abrahamic 2NCs raptured during Booths of Leviticus 23:43 
2000Tishri16 (3 gathered together in Jesus' name)      2022Tebbeth16                                       2022Adar5                                                 2022Adar17-22                                                   
   6x 1335 = 8010 days of expectation of Daniel12      8th Abrahamic Zoar Pentecost

Yes. The LWs last 8010 days until the Kingdom of God is appointed.. The 2NCs have to keep in expectation for another 91 days until 2022Adar17-22/2023Nisan17-22, until they all stand up for their lot at the end of the days and gain the happinesses/blessednesses of being raptured into the ark. One cannot enforce the law of a church without at least 3 church members (2 to judge the 3rd). 22¼ years to Jesus!! 22½ years to rapture!!

7. 18x/20x/22x/24x 70 weeks of Daniel9

Qere (spoken): 490x.(1x+1x).(1x+1x+1x+3x+2x+1x) = 490x.18x = 8820x. SOLAR Days from 1999Chislev21, the installation of FDS4 to rule over the 2NCs, to 2023Shebat10/11, the end of entrance into Kingdom salvation through Zoar. That must be upon the people. 

Qere (spoken): 490x.(1x+1x).(1x+1x+2x+3x+2x+1x) = 490x.20x = 9800x. SOLAR Days from 1996Nisan18, the appointment of FDS4 to feed the 2NCs, to 2022Shebat9, the installation of the Kingdom of God over Adam! That must be upon the city

Kethib (written): 490x.(1x+1x).(1x+3x+1x+3x+2x+1x) = 490x.22x = 10780x. SOLAR Days from 1994Tammuz9, when Letter to the Governing Body showing that Milton Henschel was the angel of Sardis and therefore unsanctified, to 2023Tammuz9, the absolute end of the Watchtower??

Kethib (written): 490x.(1x+1x).(1x+3x+2x+3x+2x+1x) = 490x.24x = 11760x. SOLAR Days to 2023Shebat14, the 12 crop of Revelation22 Passover, the end of Zoar, from 1991Chislev7 (1991November18/19), 10 years of testing in Egypt of Numbers14 and 7 days before 2001Chislev14, when God took away their 3EC water baptism of repentance, after being tested by them for 10x. The 2001Heshvan10/11 letter to the Bethels showed no repentance for riding the beast as a harlot church and putting the throne of Satan in the temple of Jehovah. Perhaps the Governing Body made the decision to join the UN by becoming affiliated to the UN DPI on 1991Chislev7 (1991November18/19) but did not apply until 1991Chislev14, 10x precisely before 2001Chislev14.  The 1991September8, Awake magazine (page 10) did a publicity piece for the UN in accordance with the UN publicity obligations for NGOs wishing to become associated with the UN DPI. The Awake magazines (now discontinued) were distributed after their publication date. The UN archive cannot find the record of the date of application only the year of acceptance. The Watchtower had authority over the saints for 100 years and 8 days from 1905Sivan6 to 2005Sivan14. They committed UN idolatry testing God for 10x of Numbers14 and 10% of their period of authority - see U651

8. The 3600 Overseers of 2Chronicles2 and the 3550 Treaders down of 1Kings5

Two Parallel accounts in 1Kings5/2Chronicles8 and 2Chronicles2 means two slices of a whole cake. These are the LW piece from 2012Shebat21 (our Abrahamic Zoar installation over the 2NCs) to 2023Ab2 (3600 overseers/shining ones + 157 day installation gap + 4 day rapture gap) and 3300 treaders down from 2012Ab5 (Zoar's installation over non adamic Abraham - when non adamic Abrahamic 2NCs should have come to us) to 2021Tishri5, the last day of 2NC entry into reverted Laodicea, when the Watchtower cannot tread them down anymore. The Watchtower treads them down. But we build the non adamic temple of Solomon with them.

So there are 3600 days of oversight and shining (with a 157 Isaaic 2NC day installation gap + a 4 day rapture gap) from 2012Shebat21, Abrahamic Zoar's installation over the 2NCs, to 2023Ab2, the 1st 2NC marriage
There are 3300 days of treading down and suppression from 2012Ab5, the installation of Zoar over Abraham to the end of Watchtower oppression of 2NCs.

Abrahamic Zoar installed over 2NCs       LWs die to Abraham      Isaaic Zoar installed over 2NCs     2NCs raptured out of earthly oversight     End of 2NC earthly interaction
2012Shebat21 (4th 2NC Pentecost )      2015Tishri14                  2015Adar21                                    2023Nisan17-21                                         2023Ab2 (the 1st 2NC marriage)
               3600 overseers/shining ones of the LWs of 2Chronicles2 with 157 day Installation gap + 4 day rapture gap

Watchtower treading down 2NCs preventing them becoming non adamic      Watchtower stops treading down its 2NCs, because they have all left
2012Ab5 (by joining the LWs from 2012Ab5 or Laodicea from 2012Elul6)       2021Tishri5 (End of 2NC entrance into reverted Laodicea, 300 denarii of John12 from 2020Chislev5 and 480 days of 1Kings6 before 2022Shebat5)
  3300  treaders down of Watchtower 2NCs of 1Kings5 (one does not have to be in a true church to tread people down. One does have to be a true church to shine light or have legitimate oversight)

Isaaic Zoar is appointed/installed over non adamic Abraham on 2015Elul16/Heshvan5
2015Tishri16 is the weekly Sabbath. So Isaaic Zoar is appointed/installed over Isaac on 2015Heshvan16/Tebbeth5

Laodicea installed over 1NCs        Fall and Ostracism of Laodicea                        Gathering of prophets to non adamic Sodom ends and treading them down ends
2012Elul6 (4th 1NC Pentecost)     2017Elul10                                                         2022Elul14
                           1804x                   18x+12x+12x+450x+400x+12x+450x+400x+50x = 1804x of 1Kings18:17-20

So Laodicea falls as a true church at the mid point of its non adamic existence.

So it appears that entrance of prophets into non adamic Sodom ended on 2022Elul14, when it fell. And then they went down onto the sea of the Dragon's land, the end of her 42 month lease, 2022Chislev14, got into the boat of John6 and they rowed 25 or 30 stadia (sentence count of John 6:19 is 98x) to 2022Adar22, the end of the Laodicean ark rapture into a somewhat more impressive boat - the ark -see U112#6a.

9. The Dragon's lease began on 2019Sivan18, because although the 1,000 day chain of Revelation20 ended on 2021Adar28 = 2022Nisan4, 14 days after Putin Annexed the Donbas by sign an agreement between himself and himself and sent in his  with his singularly unsuccessful 'peacekeepers' on 2021Adar14, the Dragon was bound with a chain not with leg irons. So he could misbehave within a small radius. And that is precisely what the beat did in Ukraine. She tired to take the whole country but was yanked back by the chain of Revelation20 to the Donbas where she started from. She gets 3 ribs in her mouth and all she can do is eat much flesh fulfilling Daniel 7:5, which is precisely what she is doing in Bakhmut in early 2023. She never gets more than 3 ribs, the provinces, 3 oblasts, Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk. Not until the entire Leopard (BRICS) becomes a war beast anyway. So we are free to start the Dragon's 42 month ministry payback lease on 2019Sivan18, the 3rd month for the 3rd Caesar over mankind after Michael and Satan.

2021Adar12: Saturday 2022February19 US defence Secretary Lloyd Austin (a retired military general) said to Baltic leaders in Vilnius the Lithuanian capital as reported by Reuters that Russian forces were " uncoiling and are now poised to strike,"  Comparing Putin's forces to a giant snake. He said: "Having done this before, I can tell you that that's exactly what you need to to attack and the and the stance that you need to be in to attack,"
2021Adar14: Monday February21. Putin unilaterally Annexes Donetsk and Luhansk by signing an agreement between himself and himself. The bear now has 3 Ukrainian ribs in its mouth, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk.
2021Adar14: Monday February21: Putin sends Russian 'Peacekeepers' into Donetsk and Luhansk in tanks. They may not prove to be very successful at keeping the peace. (indeed they were singularly unsuccessful)
2021Adar14  Putin orders 'peacekeeping forces into the Donbas. 14 days after 2021Shebat30, the end of the 1,000 day chain of Revelation20 from 2019Iyyar20, the start of the Dragon's 42 month lease of Revelation13 to 2022Heshvan14.
2021Adar14 - 2022Elul23: 189 day sentence count of Daniel7:5 of the 3 ribs or 'they' telling the bear to get up and eat much flesh. This is the period of Russia having the 3 provinces of Ukraine (Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk) in its military jaws (but no other provinces of Ukraine) to 2022Elul23 (2022September21/22) when Putin mobilised 300,000 reserves - see U156

‘We are now at war not just with Ukraine but with the collective West too’ https://www.spectator.co.uk/article/putin-calls-up-300-000-reservists 
‘The decree on partial mobilisation has been signed. Mobilisation activities will begin today, September 21.’ Sergei Shoigu (Russian Defence Minister) 

 2021Adar17 (2022February24) Full scale Russian invasion of Ukraine occurs 45 days after the end of the Dragon's 1,000 day chain. He did not waste much time. Snakes attack by deception slithering sideways and uncoiling before they strike. Hence the 'peacekeepers' were sent in first. If we move the Dragon's lease one more month forward, then it would run from 2019Sivan18 and the 1,000 day chain would end on 2021Adar28, 14 days AFTER Putin attacked by deception. That cannot be the case. The chain would prohibit Putin from such an invasion. So we must now have the 42 months correctly.   

THEY who tell the bear to get up and eat much flesh are not the 3 ribs themselves who are subjugated but fighting hard for freedom having been infiltrated by the Wagner group in 2014 to foment insurrection in order to prevent NATO membership for Ukraine. Just as was the case with the 2 ribs of Georgia. THEY are not the teeth, the Russian military, who are having a very rough time of it. No THEY are the globalists. The 10 kings. They are behind the continued and destructive and pointless attempt to conquer a sovereign nation in 2023 by WW1 style military tactics. They are the heartless pigs who consider a square mile of stolen land to be more valuable than the lives of thousands of soldiers. They are grotesquely and obviously mistaken. God's justice is soul for soul. Not soul for a bit of turf. I refer the generals concerned to the relevant episode of Black Adder.

10. It takes Elijah 12x precisely plus a 44x sentence count of 1Kings18:30-33 to build his altar out of 12 stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob (by the immediate number repetition principle of the code - see codec36). They run from the first fire sign on 2010Chislev22 when all the people (interested in the contest) approached Elijah, to examine that fulfilment, to 2022Shebat5, the instruction to start building teh temple of Solomon by Isaaic 4EC water baptism of 2NCs.   

30 And Elijah said to all the people: Approach [ye] me. And all the people approached him. And he sewed together/mended the altar of Jehovah the [one torn/pulled down.
31 And Elijah took 12 stones, as/like according to the number of the tribes/staffs of the sons of Jacob, to whom Jehovah's word had come, saying: Israel is what your name will be.
32 And he built the stones [into] an altar in the name of Jehovah and made a trench as/like the area sowed with 2 seah measures of seed [dual only time ever needed], circuit to/all around the altar.
33 And he ordered/arranged the woods and chopped/cut up the young bull and placed it upon the woods. And said: Fill ye 4 large jars waters and pour ye upon the burnt offering and upon the woods.
34 And he said: Do it again. And they did it again. And he said: Do it a 3rd time. And they did it a 3rd time.
35 And the water went/walked circuit/around to/for the altar, and the trench additionally he filled waters (1Kings18)

2022Shebat5 to 2023Iyyar5, 3x of Isaaic 4EC baptism INSTRUCTION of the trench with the 2 measures of seed (4 FULL jars poured 3x). This is the Isaaic 4EC baptism of the 2NCs and the ELCs
2022Shebat5 to 2023Sivan5, 4x of Isaaic 4EC baptism INSTRUCTION of the trench with the 2 measures of seed (4 FULL jars poured 3x). This is the Isaaic 4EC baptism of the 2NCs and the ELCs and the 1NCs and the HLCs.

But Zach baptised 5 people on 2022Shebat6 (2023February1 after sunset), So he did not fulfil the 1st time quite - hence the scripture only speaks of performing his instruction for the 2nd time and the 3rd time, not for the 1st time. 
The trench is filled on 2023Sivan5, after 4 FULL water jars are poured. All the 2NCs are baptised by then, all the ELCs, all the 1NCs and all the HLCs are Isaaic 4EC baptised by then. ALL THE SAINTS.
2022Shebat6 - 2023Tammuz15: 5 Colonnades of Bethzatha from the start to the end of the Isaac 4EC, to the end of the ascension of Laodicean 2NCs and the start of the Ascension of the non Laodicean 2NCs (who chose their priests).
Verse 30: 1x.3x+3x+1x = 7x
Verse 31: 12x stones + 12x of number of tribes = 12x  + 12x years.1x.1x = 12x + 12 years
Verse 32: 12x+(1x+2x).1x = 15x.
Verse 33: 3x+1x+3x+3x = 10x
Total 7x+12x+15x+10x = 44x from 2022Chislev22, the end of the 12x of years from 2010Chislev22, when all people approached Elijah4 for the 1st fire sign as recognised by Ian, to 2022Shebat6, when Zach began the Isaaic 4EC in Tanzania.

1st 1Kings18 fire sign on Mount Carmel seen by LWs    12x precisely after 1st sign seen    Elijah4 opens/Zach performs first Isaac 4EC                                                     4EC ends for 2NCs       4EC ends for 1NCs
2010Chislev22                                                                   2022Chislev22                                2022Shebat5/6                                                                                                    2022Iyyar5                     2022Sivan5
12 years precisely 12 stones according to 12 tribes    44x count of 1Kings 18:30-33        3 months precisely and 4 months precisely of 4 FULL jars poured 3x         4th full water jar

11. The year of 2022 is to the 2NC what they year of 2019 was to the 1NC. The 33½ year patterns of the LWs

The 33½ year Fundamental Passover Pattern of the LWs

1st Watchtower Passover Gordon attended    1st LW Passover    Adamic/Egyptian Passover     Zoar/Abrahamic Passover   Abrahamic Zoar Passover    Isaaic Zoar Passover   3rd HLC marriage Passover      Absolute end of Adam
1990Nisan14                                                     2001Nisan14          2012Nisan14                           2012Sivan14                          2015Sivan14                         2015Tishri14                 2020Tishri14                              2024Nisan14 (1st death Passover)
                               11 years                                      11 years        Passover & sacred year change           3 years                Passover & sacred year change    5 years             3½ year post 1NC/HLC ministry

The 33½ year Fundamental Temple Pattern of the LWs

Started a JW bible study in 1989
Gordon born again into 2NC                                                Solomon commissioned to build temple                    1st Watchtower Passover                                    2NC Temple of Solomon Inaugurated     Whole Temple of Solomon inaugurated
1989Tishri22 (100 years after Russell was born again)     2000Tishri16 (4EC baptised Jamie, 2nd LW 2NC)    2019Tishri14                                                          2023Nisan15-21                                      2023Iyyar15-21 
                                    11 years                                                                         19 years                                          3½ year 2NC ministry to Laodicea and the world

Commissioning to inauguration is 22½ years for all temples.

12. UK Reformation - Isaaic Zoar fulfilment of Daniel9

On 1532May15 the Convocation of Canterbury agreed the Submission of the Clergy, whereby the Roman Catholic church in England would not make church law without Royal assent. Sir Thomas Moore resigned the next day on May16. This was the effective start of the Reformation but not the legislative start. The Submission of the Clergy was then included in the 1934 Submission of the Clergy and Restraint of Appeals Act.

But the word of the Reformation in England went forth to restore and rebuild the English church in accordance with Daniel 9:25 legislatively with the Ecclesiastical appeals Act 1532: 24th of Henry VIII 12th Act out of 13 in the year, so around November/December (Julian). If you count 69 weeks of Daniel 9:25 from then, taking a day for a year, making 483 years, you get to 2015Chislev16 (2015December1/2), when the LW church administration was appointed to rule over non adamic Isaac. Then if you count a further week of years making 70 weeks of Daniel 9:24, you get to 2022Chislev16, when Jesus was appointed as Caesar over Cain,. This is his first post Dragon's lease installation as Caesar over mankind.

Ecclesiastical Appeals Act                                Isaaic Zoar appointed over Isaac        Jesus' first appointment as Caesar to Cain
Legal basis of the Reformation in England       7th Abrahamic Zoar first fruits             The Kingdom of God is appointed under Jesus
1532November/December (Julian)                   2015December1/2                               2022December13/14
1532Chislev/Tebbeth                                         2015Chislev16                                     2022Chislev16
         69 week of years = 483 years                         1 week of years = 7 years

The Reformation is of course the going forth of the word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem.

24 There are 70 sevens that have been determined upon your people and upon your holy city, in order to terminate the transgression, and to finish off sin, and to make atonement for error, and to bring in righteousness for times indefinite, and to imprint a seal upon vision and prophet, and to anoint the Holy of Holies.
25 And you should know and have the insight [that] from the going forth of [the] word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah [the] Leader, there will be 7 sevens, also 62 sevens. She will return and be actually rebuilt, with a public square [for the public, for sons of the 1AC] and moat [a water baptism for the priests and the kings], but in the straits/distress of the times [The Time of Distress of Daniel9].

13. 2000 days of demon possession of Mark 5 and the payback for that period look like this...

Start of demon possession payback   End of possession payback   Demonic Passover     Eviction from heaven   Demon Possession starts      Laodicean LRC Passover entry      End of the lava flood                                  12th crop of Revelation22
2012Nisan16 (1NC first fruits)             2017Tebbeth6                         2017Tebbeth14           2017Tebbeth20            2017Shebat20                         2023Elul10 Possession ends         2023Chislev4 (end of ride of 4th horse)     2023Shebat14
2060 day 1st century eviction payback      8x war of Revelation 12:7    6x eviction of Rev 12:8  30 step Jacob's ladder  2000 day 21st century possession                         84 days                 70x of the leftover ones of Revelation 19:21

2000 days of possession plus 30 days up and 30 days down Jacob's ladder making 2060 days is the total time of being evicted from heaven.
3 demons to each pig gives us 3 demonic fulfilments of the 2,000 days of possession, making a total of 6,000 day of demon possession, a legion of days. One in the first century and 2 in the 21st (the payback and the possession).


101 months of MENE MENE TEKEL & PARSIN (taking Parsin as the resulting divisions of mankind, Adam and Abraham) after 2012Sivan14 our Abrahamic makeover is 2020Heshvan14, the 4th HLC marriage Passover execution, when the last member of the 3rd Holy Spirit is harvested.
102 months of MENE MENE TEKEL & PARSIN (taking PARSIN as 2 divisions of TEKEL, 2 half shekels) after 2015Tishri14 our Isaaic makeover is 2024Nisan14, the 1st death Passover execution, when the last member of the BLC is harvested.

15 4 Years 4 Months 4 Day and 4 Hours of Revelation9 from 2019Tishri10, the start of the Abrahamic 3EC baptism of non Laodicean 1NCs, which kills them to Adam and resurrects them to Abraham, to 2023Shebat14, the end of Zoar, the Passover execution of the 12th crop of Revelation22.

15 And the 4 angels were untied [4x], [This substitutes to: The 4 angels, having been prepared... were untied] the [ones] having been prepared into the hour and day and month and year [4 Times: 4 years 4 months 4 days and 4 hours], in order that they might kill a 3rd of the men [4x/3. All 4 of them kill 1/3 of the men of the 12 tribes of 2NC Israel and of 1NC Israel, since the 3rd Holy Spirit is baptised into 2NC Zoar] (Revelation9)

The 4 angels being prepared for the hour, the day, the month and the year, are a witness to 4 years 4 months 4 days and 4 hours which run from 2019Tishri10, the start of the execution by non adamic baptism of reappointed Laodicea, to the Passover execution of the 12th crop of Revelation22 in Zoar (the last OMCs) to be executed by baptism and resurrected during the 6016 years of this system (from 3993Nisan14 BC to 2024Nisan14 AD). These 4 years, 4 months, 4 days and 4 hours are the entire period of Passover execution of humans in order to resurrect them into the ark in this system. The period starts with the 2019Tishri10 Passover entry baptism for the 1st Watchtower Passover execution on 2019Tishri14 and ends with the Passover execution of the 12th crop of Revelation22 on 2023Shebat14, the last day of Zoar. The Laodicean 1NC reserves who are baptised on 2019Elul10, starting the 3rd presence, are entered into the 1st Watchtower Passover a month early. So although baptised on 2019Elul10 and although they celebrate 2019Elul14, they are regarded as having entered on 2019Tishri10 and executed on 2019Tishri14.  

The 4 angels are the 4 cornerstone apostles of the 1NC temple and the 4 cornerstone apostles of the 2NC temple who are their angelic sons, cornerstone for cornerstone, and are therefore regarded by God as their fathers (being in their fathers' houses, just as Israel is the sons of Israel). One 3rd of the men killed are 4/12ths of the tribes of the JAC, of angelic Israel. The 1NC reserves are not in the 12 tribes.

1st 1NC reserves are killed to Adam by Abrahamic 3EC baptism into reappointed Laodicea     The end of Zoar.
Entry day into the 1st Watchtower Passover (JWs had to payback the Sabbaths to Tishri5)     The 12th crop of Revelation22
2019Tishri10 (for Passover execution on 2019Tishri14)                                                               2023Shebat14 (Midnight)
                         4 years + 4 months + 4 days + 4 hours

Laodicea suffered the Laodicean Exedenic Times Malediction from 2012Sivan15 to 2019Sivan15. During that time their 4EC baptism (when it was valid - i.e. up to 2013Adar10) did not cause an Abrahamic makeover. The first 1NC reserves to be killed by water baptism were those baptised on 2019Tishri10. The 1NC reserves baptised on 2019Elul10 were already non adamic Abrahamic by virtue of having been 4EC baptised before 2012Sivan15. The Laodiceans must have policed this themselves. Only Abrahamics could be baptised on 2019Elul10.

 16. Hanukkah 32 and 2022 AD:  The Laodicean 2NC rapture ends on 2022Adar22, during the 3rd meniversary of Jewish Hanukkah as celebrated by Jews in Jerusalem, who even today are still acting as God's prophets!

22 But the festival of renewal/innovation/dedication [egkainia] from en and kainoj, mean in-new] took place in Jerusalem [Chislev25-Tebbeth2. Literally this was the rededication of the temple by Judas Maccabeus] and it was winter
23 and Jesus was walking in the temple in the colonnade of Solomon [Not said to be in Jerusalem. Walking, without stumbling means sins are regarded as forgiven, which pictures sainthood. This is 1NCs in the ark walking amongst Laodicean 2NCs in the ark who are waiting to enter into the temple of Solomon, which is yet to be built]
The Jews therefore [oun] [because it was Hanukkah so the Jews were there and because Jesus was there so 2x from the setup] encircled him [2x. One encirclement by the plural Jews who made one circle around Jesus] and said to him: Until when, the soul of us are you lifting/taking up/removing? [This is a self answering question until the sentence count up to this question + Hanukkah AND the festival (Passover + Cakes-Booths) of the rededication of the 2NC temple in the form of the temple of Solomon in the ark - which festival is an innovation in temple building!] If you are the Christ, say to us outspokenly 
Answered to them the Jesus I said to ye and not ye are believing. The works which I am doing in the name of the Father of me these (things) is bearing witness about me; (John 10 KIT)

We are kept in suspense until 2 encirclements of Jesus after Hanukkah as celebrated in Jerusalem in Greek winter. Winter in Matthew 24:20 is Hebrew winter. But here it must be Greek winter, because Hanukkah is always in Hebrew winter and so the phrase "And it was winter" would add nothing to the account, if it referred to Hebrew winter.

The Jews (2x) encircled Jesus (1x) counts as 2x+1x = 3x (Jesus wearing 2 circles basically).

Jerusalem (1), counts 1x and Jesus (4) counts 4x in the account from John 10:22-39. So Jesus takes a greater meaning (the 1NCs). But Jerusalem does not. So the festival is literal Hanukkah in literal Jerusalem as celebrated by the Jews. But the rededication is of the earthly temple of Solomon back into the 4EC. The fact that it is a rededication shows that this is a second 4EC baptism for some of the 2NCs

Well Jesus started lifting souls up from Reappointed Laodicea into the ark on 2019Tishri17 and continued until the Abrahamic 2NC rapture from 2022Adar17-22 into Ark3. Hanukkah should run from 2022Chislev25-Tebbeth2 BLC. But the Jews celebrated it in literal Jerusalem from 2022December18-26 which is 2022Chislev21-28. 3 monthly encirclements after that is 2022Adar21-28. The last day of Greek winter was 2022Adar22 (2023Marcvh19/20. The vernal equinox was 2023March20 at 21:13 GMT), 

So actually the Laodicean Jews were lifted up until the last day of Greek winter, during the 3rd meniversary of Jewish Hanukkah as celebrated in Jerusalem in 2022. 

The original account was set in winter time which means it must have been in 32 AD (29 is too early and the 30,31,33 did not have Hanukkah in Greek winter).
BLC Hanukkah and Jewish Hanukkah are in winter in 2022 and 2025. They are not in winter in 2023 or 2024. So the 119th congress cannot be the 2nd horse of the apocalypse. It must be the 118th.

Hanukkah is always in Hebrew winter. It is not always in Greek winter. 

17. The 11, 12 and 14 years precisely it takes for Abraham's seed to inherit the kingdom from 2012Nisan14/2012Sivan14 to 2023Nisan14/2024Nisan14/2026Sivan14: The Isaaic World Exodus Passover/The Absolute end of Adam/ The Gentile Call out of Hades

These 11/12/14 are represented by God's promise to give to his seed namely the land from the Nile until the Euphrates and namely the land of the 10 ethnic groups from the Kenites to the Jebusites, only one of which groups, the Rephaim, is plural. A promise which counts as 11x namelys (direct object Markers [tae], 12x peoples and 14x in total from 2012Nisan14, the end of Satan's 6,000 year lease as Caesar to Adam, or from 2012Sivan14, the Abrahamic Zoar Passover, the beginning of non adamic Abraham, to 2023Nisan14, the Isaaic World Exodus Passover, to 2023Nisan14, the absolute end of Adam and to 2026Sivan14, the Gentile Call to non true church (non proselyte) and non ex true church (no Samaritan) Abraham from Hades.

18 In day the that cut/cut off/destroyed/killed Jehovah covenant [cut a deal] namely Abraham to say: To seed of you [1x] I have given namely the land the this from river of Egypt [The 1AC baptism of Michael's World from 1943Nisan14 BC to 2008Nisan14 AD]. until the river the great, river Euphrates [meaning sweet water] [1x] [The Kingdom 195 day OMC baptism from 2023Nisan29 to 2023Heshvan14]. 

From the river of the 1AC to the river of the OMC, the Sweet Water

19 namely the Kenite and namely the Kenizzite and namely the Kadmonite
20 and namely the Hittite and namely the Perizzite and namely the Rephaim [Hebrew plural - ~yaip'r>]
21 and namely the Amorite and namely the Canaanite and namely the Girgashite and namely the Jebusite [10x families in a further specification of the land from the Nile to the sweet water]. (Genesis 15 NWT)

The Hebrew direct object marker tae is translated 'namely'.

Verses 18-21: 2x namely land from A until B + 12x namely various peoples = 14x from 2012Sivan14-16, when the first earthlings became non adamic Abrahamic to 2026Sivan14-16, when the Kingdom administration gets its inheritance of Abraham out of Hades where he presently resides. So 2026Sivan14 is the Gentile call to Abraham in Hades, the start of the Kingdom resurrections therefrom. Since the Gentile call is always precisely 3½ years after the Passover, we deduce that the end of the world, the end of the Dragon's final 42 month lease, was 2022Chislev14.

But there is also a strong witness to 12x precisely of peoples who are given to Abraham's seed by covenant. FRCs are Abraham's sealed seed even if they are not yet Abrahamic. They existed at the end of Satan's 6,000 year lease fro 3989Iyyar17 to 2012Nisan14. These run from 2012Nisan14, to 2024Nisan14, the 1st death Passover, the end of Satanic authority and people. The end of giving living people to the authority of Abraham's seed beginning with the removed of the authority of Satan over them.

Then there are 11x namelys in the account. These stand for 11x precisely from the end of Satan's lease on 2012Nisan14 to the Isaaic World Exodus Passover on 2023Nisan14, the end of his control over the 2NCs who are given the Kingdom. 

So the account gives us:

11 years from 2012Nisan14, the end of Satan's lease, to 2023Nisan14, the Isaaic World Exodus Passover
12 years from 2012Nisan14, the end of Satan's lease, to 2024Nisan14, the 1st death Passover, the end of Adam, the physical end of the world
14 years from 2012Sivan14, the end of the true church being adamic, to 2026Sivan14, the Gentile Call to Abraham is Hades to be resurrected into the Kingdom.

There is an ambiguity as to whether we start these periods from 2012Nisan14, the end of Satan's lease, when Jehovah, as in verse18, cut off that covenant to be Caesar to Adam (including adamic constructive Abraham) or from 2012Sivan14, the start of our non adamic to Abrahamic conversion.

We have to use the latter of the two for the 14 years to the Gentile Call, and then count back the 3½ years of the fundamental pattern to what must be the end of the world Passover on 2022Chislev14, which we have for the end of the Dragon's 42 month lease. So that confirms we have the correct end date for his lease. It cannot have been 2 months earlier of we would already be in the ark. This means that Jesus first stood on the bank of the river of Egypt on 2022Chislev16, by appointment as Caesar to Cain and 2 cycles later is 2022Shebat16, when he was appointed as Caesar to Isaac. Then the 7 fat cows and 7 thin cows of the recital to 2024Nisan14, the end of Kingdom salvation, the 1st death Passover, the absolute end of Adam.
So we must use 2012Nisan14 as the starting point for the 12x of Jehovah giving living Abraham to his seed through the JAC.

It also means that we became Isaaic on 2015Tishri14-16, 2x1290 days of Daniel12:11 prior to the end of the 42 month lease. And Laodicean 2NCs were raptured 2x 1335 days after 2015Tishri14-16 which take us to 2022Adar14-16. The Abrahamc world Exodus Passover to first fruits thereafter. So the Isaaic world Exodus Passover is 2023Nisan14. So we must use 2012Nisan14 for the start of the 11x namelys to that Passover.

So the much sought after Reverse ageing Passover is 2026Sivan14, the Zoar Passover and the Abrahamic Gentile Call to Hades.
2023Nisan10: The 2nd row of the 2NC temple stones, must be 'in' the Passover house of Zoar by 2023Nisan10. Because they are the Passover victims who will be sacrificed one lamb per Passover house on 2023Nisan14.
2023Nisan14: The 11½½ apostles are all Passover angels who must kill the one male Passover victim in each of their 12 Passover houses by Isaaic 4EC water baptism on 2023Nisan14. They will be delivered to each house by angelic interdimensional ark chariots!

18. Cain is non adamic and older than Abraham and Isaac. So Jesus and Jehovah become Caesar over him first (except when Cain is still under the Dragon's lease)

Cain is no adamic. But he is under his own ageing and death penalty from his killing of Abel.. Satan's 6,000 year lease was over Adam. It was not over Cain because it was a sublease of Michael's lease which was only over Adam. It was not over non adamic Abraham or non adamic Isaaic neither of whom existed on 3989Sivan6 BC. So the Dragon's 42 month ministry payback lease runs from 2019Sivan18 to 2022Chislev14 (being a 3rd appointment after Michael and Satan as Caesar over Adam). So Jesus could not be appointed/installed as Caesar over Adam on 2022Tishri17/Chislev6. He had to wait until 2022Chislev20/Shebat9. 

But what about Cain? Did the Dragon's 42 month lease cover him? Well the scripture says:

5 And was given to it mouth speaking great (things) and blasphemies, and was given to it authority to do [what it wants - Sinaiticus] months 42.
6 And it opened up the mouth of it into blasphemies toward the God, to blaspheme the name of him and the tent of him, the (ones) in the heaven tenting
7 And was given to it to make war in the midst of/among [meta] the holy (ones) and to conquer them, and was given to it authority upon every tribe and people and tongue and nation  
8 And will worship him [the dragon - masculine not the beast - neuter] all the (ones) dwelling upon the earth,  whom not has been written the name of him in the little book of the life of the Lamb the (one) having been slaughtered from throwing down of world (Revelation 13). 

Revelation 13:7 makes it clear that the Dragon's 42 month lease was over adamics and non adamics. So Jesus could not become Caesar to anybody until it expired on 2022Chislev14. So he became Caesar to Cain first (being the eldest non adamic) on 2022Chislev16/Shebat5 and Adam on 2022Chislev20/Shebat9 and Abraham on 2022Tebbeth16/Adar5 and Isaac on 2022Shebat16/2023Nisan5.

So it has 42 months of authority and that authority is over every tribe and people and tongue and nation. And they all worship the Dragon except those with life (Abraham and Isaac and Jacob). So it looks like the Dragon has authority over Adam, Cain Abraham and Isaac, but those with life although under his secular authority do not worship him spiritually. However the 42 month period lasts for 1256 days rather than the 1254 day net of Jesus miracle ministry (from 29Heshvan29, the 1st miracle at Cana to 33Sivan5, the Pentecost, 1266 days, less 33Nisan14-16 and 33Iyyar25-Sivan5). But if we count 33Nisan14 and 33Nisan16 and 33Sivan5 as ministry days then the two period match day for day at 1256 days. Jesus' ministry was over Adam and Cain and Abraham and Isaac but was not over non adamic Abraham or non adamic Isaac. The lease only covered Adam and Cain. It did not cover non adamic Abraham and non adamic Isaac who have been Caesarless since their births in 2012Sivan14-16 and 2015Tishri14-16. As Lazarus would have been actually. He was in a crazy position. Satan had no authority over him after his non adamic resurrection at all. 

The Dragon was appointed over Adam on 2019Sivan18, over Cain on 2019Sivan16, over Abraham on 2019Tammuz16 and over Isaac on 2019Ab16 (none of which were weekly Sabbaths - monthly Sabbaths are sacred and so do not prevent secular appointments). So he got 42 months over Cain and Adam, 41 over Abraham and 40 over Isaac.

After Jesus is installed over Cain, Cain becomes a son of Satan with God as Caesar rather than Adam being a son of God with Satan as Caesar.

19. The LWs are born on Elul16 (616 day of Revelation13) or late on Tishri16. 

The LWs should celebrate the Passover on 2022Tishri14, the day of the year when we entered into the land of non adamic Isaac. We arrived fully on 2015Tishri16. 

The FOUNDATION of the temple is built with hands for 21 years from laying the first apostolic foundation stone of Dave on 2002Nisan14 to the installation of the last apostolic foundation stones on 2023Nisan14.

Dave on 2002Nisan14 is the first stone who did not leave. He is the first apostle, the first foundation stone.

7 Who are you, Oh great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. And he will certainly bring forth the headstone. There will be shoutings to it: How charming! How charming!' (NWT)
8 And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying:
9 The very hands of Zerubbabel [10x] have laid the foundation of this house, and his own hands [10x] will break into pieces/finish [it] [1x/3x]. And you [1x/3x] will have to know that Jehovah of armies himself has sent me to yoo [people] [1x/3x].
For who has despised the day of small things? And they will certainly rejoice and see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel. These 7 are the eyes of Jehovah [the 7 rows of the temple wall]. They are roving about in all the earth. (Zechariah 4 NWT)

I have decided to use yoo as the plural of you. Since it has the double oo and the pronunciation is the same.

Zechariah 4:9 is an exercise in singular/plural ambiguity. Break into pieces [plural] is a metaphor for finishing [singular]. You [singular] have to know that God sent me [the angel speaking to Zechariah] to yoo [plural] is an absurdity. The angel was sent to Zechariah, not to all Israel. But he was sent to Israel as a group in the sense of being sent to one member of that group, namely Zechariah.

So we can interpret all literal plurals as metaphorical or metonymical singulars and get a count of 10x+10x+1x = 21x.

Then we must remember that when a number is repeated immediately, then the number of times that it stands for is precise to the day. So the foundation is started on 2002Nisan14, the baptism of the first apostle. And it is finished on 2023Nisan14, the end of the installation of the last apostle.

We baptise the remaining 7½½ apostles on 2023Nisan7. They are installed to baptise and do baptise the 2nd row on 2023Nisan14. We finish the 2NC part of the temple on 2023Iyyar5. We finish the ELC part on 2022Iyyar19.

But if we take everything as a plural the count is 10x + 10x.3x + 3x.3x = 49x which is the time it takes for Solomon to build the temple, from his being laid as the rock mass on 2023Nisan2, to the end of its inauguration on 2023Iyyar21, when the temple is finished and inaugurated and therefore operational. For more see U271-11

Solomon Commissioned to build the temple    Solomon lays first foundation stone    Zerubbabel's hands finish the foundation
1st 2NC baptised, 3rd LW (Jamie)                    1st 2NC apostle baptised (Dave)        All the 2NC apostles are baptised/installed
2000Tishri16                                                      2002Nisan14                                       2023Nisan7/14
                     1½ years                                                21 years of Zechariah 4:9           Total: 22½ years from commissioning to inauguration

1957Elul16 Gordon was born
2000Elul16: LW 4EC congregation began with the baptism of Tony (who was not a 2NC saint due to having a child outside marriage).
2000Tishri16: The LW 2NC congregation began with the baptism of Jamie.
2002Elul16: The Laodicean apostle "Roger Knight" was baptised.
2012Sivan16: LWs were born as Abraham along with Laodicea. But for us this was only a stepping stone, lasting for 3 years of Abraham's 3 day journey to sacrifice Isaac of Genesis22, to 2015Elul16, our birth as Isaac, our final incarnation on earth
2015Tishri16: The LWs completed their Isaaic transition and were born again as non adamic Isaac. This is NOT the final destination for a water baptised church that is born again. We must become Methuselaian and then reverse age.
2023Elul16: The last 2NCs enter into Heaven through the Tsohar.

Elijah4 was commissioned to build Solomon's temple on 2000Tishri16, when he baptised Jamie, the 2nd 2NC LW (Tony was not a 2NC having defiled himself women - having a child outside marriage). Because one cannot perform a valid baptism of a stone into a future temple of Solomon without being commissioned to build said temple. 22½ years after that (the commissioning to inauguration period for every temple) is 2023Nisan15-21 when Solomon's temple is inaugurated.