[123] The Daniel 4 Determination of the Exedenic, Alienation and Gentile Times

The setting of this account is that King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon  has burnt Jerusalem and Solomon's temple on 586Ab10. He has taken the head ones of the people into exile in Babylon. Daniel, a Hebrew Prophet and Symbolic Dream Decoder, has also been taken captive and resides in Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream about a tree which is chopped down and 7 times pass over it. Daniel interprets this dream as meaning that the King will lose his kingdom for 7 times, i.e. 7 years by the literal meaning of the Times Principle.  The account has two word symbolic threads due to the double designations such as Nebuchadnezzar, the king. Here is the dream as described by Nebuchadnezzar to Daniel:

The literal meaning referred to King Nebuchanezzar himself who lost his kingdom for 7 years and then regained it. But the bible is not about Babylonian Kings ruling over the Chaldeans. It is about God ruling over his chosen people from mankind through Jesus Christ or his other chosen vassals. So the Reverend John Aquila Brown and Charless Russell, realised that the dream had a second fulfilment referring not to the King of Babylon but to the King over God's people who were physical Israel before Jesus (the sons of Jacob by genetics) and covenant Israel after Jesus (the sons of Jacob by covenant, the sons of the Jacobian Angelic Covenant, the sons of the JAC, the saints, spiritual Israel, the Israel of God of Galatians 6:16).

But we now must go further and explain the code in which Daniel and all scriptural accounts of dreams is written. Here is a simple made up example of the format.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon: Belteshazzar = "lord of the straitened' s treasure" 
Bel-te-shaz'-zar, who lays up treasures in secret, who secretly endures pain and pressure. A name given to Daniel at the court of Nebuchadnezzar — The Proper Names of The Bible (1855) by John Farrar
Meaning: lord of the straitened's treasure.— A Dictionary of the Proper Names of the Old and New Testament (1909) by James Beaumont Jackson

DREAM: The King of Babylon had a dream. In his dream the King was arm wrestling with God's angel and the king won and God's hand was pushed down to the King's table. 
The king asked his court officials, magic practicing priests, conjurors, snake charmers, illusionists, advertising executives, elders, wise men and his astrologers to interpret the dream and nobody could
Finally Daniel appeared whose name had been changed to "chief of untangled bible interpretation" who was known to have some holy spirit. 
RECITAL: The King said to Daniel: I had this dream in which I was arm wrestling with God's angel and I won and I pushed his hand down onto my table. I asked all my wise men what the dream meant but nobody could interpret it.
INTERPRETATION + RECITAL: May the dream apply to one group and the interpretation to another
Because you were wrestling with God's angel and God's hand was pushed down onto the table of the King, here is what the dream means oh King: You will win conquer God's people and his people will eat from your table which is under his hand
FULFILMENT: And it came about a few months later, that King conquered Israel and took the king of Israel captive and so they both ate at the table of the king of Babylon.

Here is the greater meaning which applies not to the military conquest of physical Israel by Babylon. But to true churches.

Dream A 1st true Christian church baptises God's people and feeds them under God's hand
Interpretation with recital Recital: A 2nd true Christian church baptises God's people and feeds them under God's hand
Fulfilment: A 3rd true Christian church baptises God's people and feeds them under God's hand

Each articulation of the dream has a fulfilment. For every word and every articulation of events in scripture must have power, which means it must have a fulfilment. The same thing happens with 4 gospel accounts of the same actions of Jesus. These would give rise to 4 fulfilments of his actions by the Parallel Account Principle of the bible code.

1 Nebuchadnezzar, the king [all the second presence 1NCs], to all the peoples, national groups and languages that are dwelling in all the earth: May your peace grow great.
2 The signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed with me, it has seemed good to me to declare.
3 How grand his signs are, and how mighty his wonders are! His kingdom is a kingdom to time indefinite, and his rulership is for generation after generation.
4 I, Nebuchadnezzar, happened to be at ease in my house and flourishing in my palace.
5 There was a dream that I beheld, and it began to make me afraid. And there were mental images upon my bed and visions of my head that began to frighten me.
6 And from me an order was being put through to bring in before me all the wise men of Babylon, that they might make known to me the very interpretation of the dream.
7 At that time the magic-practicing priests [2NCs], the conjurers [Laodiceans], the Chaldeans [JWs] and the astrologers [!NC Zoarites] were entering; and I was saying before them what the dream was, but its interpretation they were not making known to me.
8 And at last there came in before me Daniel, whose name is Belteshazzar according to the name of my God and in whom there is the spirit of the holy gods; and before him I said what the dream was:
9 'Oh Belteshazzar,
[Bel protect the King] the chief of the magic-practicing priests, because I myself well know that the spirit of the holy gods is in you and that there is no secret at all that is troubling you, tell [me] the visions of my dream [Plural: ALL the visions themselves as well as their meanings] that I have beheld and its interpretation.

DREAM [Applies to Watchtower 1NCs]
10 'Now the visions of my head upon my bed I happened to be beholding, and, look! a tree in the midst of the earth [like the tree in the midst of Eden], the height of which was immense.
11 The tree grew up and became strong, and its very height finally reached the heavens, and it was visible to the extremity of the whole earth.
12 Its foliage was fair, and its fruit was abundant, and there was food for all on it. Under it the beast of the field would seek shade, and on its boughs the birds of the heavens would dwell, and from it all flesh would feed itself [counts as 100x from 1901Heshvan21, the installation of FDS3 to feed the saints to 2001Heshvan14, the loss of their 3EC water baptism].
13 'I continued beholding in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, look! a watcher, even a holy one, coming down from the heavens themselves.
14 He was calling out loudly, and this is what he was saying: Chop the tree down [by Passover execution], and cut off its boughs. Shake off its foliage, and scatter its fruitage. Let the beast flee from under it, and the birds from its boughs.
15 However, leave its rootstock itself in the earth [the 1AC congregations], even with a banding of iron and of copper [Kingship of iron and Priesthood of copper], among the grass of the field [Exedenic]; and with the dew of the heavens let it be wet, and with the beast let its portion be  among the vegetation of the earth.
16 Let its heart be changed from that of mankind, and let the heart of a beast be given to it [permanently - this is the only heart change in the account], and let 7 times pass over it [Let the angel pass over it 7x. It suffers 7 Passovers, the 7 1NC marriage executions into the death of the Christ, and resurrections therefrom into Ark2].
17 By the decree of watchers the thing is, and [by] the saying of holy ones the request is, to the intent that people living may know that the Most High is powerful/the authority [adjective used substantively - the potentate, the authority, the ruler] in the kingdom of mankind and that to the one whom he wants to, he gives it and he sets up over it even the lowliest one of mankind [This was known when the Signs of the Times of Matthew 24 began at the end of the continuous Gentile Times on 1914Tishri15 because WW1 was the start of those signs. Britain declared war on Germany on 1914Ab10 and Britain and France declared war on Turkey on 1914Heshvan13].
18 'This was the dream that I myself, King Nebuchadnezzar, beheld; and you yourself, Oh Belteshazzar, say what the interpretation is, forasmuch as all the [other] wise men of my kingdom are unable to make known to me the interpretation itself. But you are competent, because the spirit of holy gods is in you.'

Here is how the dream does NOT end: The copper and iron bands are NOT removed. The tree does NOT grow back. The birds do NOT return to the branches. The best of the field does NOT return underneath the regrown tree.

These are deliberate omissions. The dream is like a movie with two endings that are shot. One ending is that the tree dies and never grows back and no bird or beast returns to that tree but they do return to a second tree. The other ending is that the tree does grow back and the birds and beasts return to it.

God does not specify which of these two possible endings occurs because he is telling us that both endings occur in different fulfilments.

The Gentile Times itself on physical Israel did not end with the reestablishment of the State of Israel in 1948. Because the Jehoiachin and Maccabean gapped Gentile times was still ongoing in 1948 and Jesus has never been king of the state of Israel, and the state of Israel are not God's people today, they are not even a Christian state constitutionally. The government of Israel does not represent God. We are still paying tax to Caesar. We are still under the 42 month lease of the dragon until 2022Elul14. Jesus is not yet King of Israel on earth (covenant or physical). In the classical Jehoiachin and Maccabean gapped Gentile Times from 607Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15, the Kingdom is restored to Jesus through the tree of covenant Israel (the saints, the covenant sons of Jacob, the sons of the JAC), rather than genetic Israel, the physical sons of Jacob.

A malediction is the removal of a blessing that you actually have.

Exedenic Garden of Eden from 3997Tishri to 3993Nisan15 BC 3993Nisan15 to 1473Nisan15 Promised land entered and first fruits eaten on 1473Nisan15
Alienation Priesthood over God's Adamic or Cainian covenant people from 3989Sivan5-11 to 2488Sivan5-11 No gifts of the spirit used or given or ARC sealing for Adamic or Cainian people from 2488Sivan5-11 BC to 33Sivan5 AD Gifts of the spirit poured out onto the 12 apostles and then through their
hands onto other saints from 33Sivan5 (1NC Pentecost)  onwards.
Gentile Death (Satan1) ruled as King from Adam to Moses. God became King to Israel after 1513Nisan14 appointed/installed on 1513Nisan18/Sivan7 BC, He initially exercised his kingship through Moses. He ruled over the nations of Israel and Judah until 607Tishri15, the first Booths after Josiah was killed by Pharaoh Nechoh who appointed Jehoiakim/Eliakim who paid him taxes. Anyone could join Israel by proselytism. No king over representing God over Jacob or Adam or Cain
from 607Tishri15 - 2022Tishri15
less Jehoiachin exilic gap from 560Tishri15 to 550Tishri15
and less Maccabean gap from 144Tishri15 to 46Tishri15
After 2022Tishri15, The Kingdom of God is installed under Jesus
as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Heshvan5
over Adam on 2022Heshvan8
over Isaac on 2022Chislev5.
Over Cain on 2022Chislev6

On Mankind: The Exedenic Times
The Alienation Times
 The Jehoiachin and Maccabean gapped Gentile Times

The Watchtower is this tree. But only in as much as it is the Kingdom of the Watchtower non reserve 1NCs. Their Kingdom is restored to the 3rd Holy Spirit, which they become. The tree of their kingdom regrows. The tree of the Watchtower does not regrow after it is cut down or all JWs would be non adamic. The tree of physical Israel regrew as the tree of 1NC and HLC Israel, which is the 3rd Holy Spirit. 
The Watchtower is not cut down and restored. It is burnt in the fire of Gehenna.
Tree cut down: Fall of the Watchtower as a true church
Rootstock left in the earth: JWs to not lose 1AC status. But they do lose the ability to impart it.
Watchtower 1NC Alienation Times: 2005Sivan5 to 2012Sivan5 (1NC Pentecost to 1NC Pentecost). Then Laodicea and TCC4 die to Adam on 2012Sivan14 and are resurrected to non adamic Abraham on 2012Sivan15
Watchtower 1NC Exedenic Times: 2008Nisan15 to 2015Nisan15: This is a 7 year malediction after the end of the ARC lease and pre kingdom 1AC entrance on 2008Nisan14, denying them marriage of Jesus, which is entrance into the promised land/congregation of the 3rd Holy spirit. It delays the 2nd 1NC marriage until 2015Iyyar20. It is a fulfilment of week of Leah of Genesis 29:27.
Watchtower 1NC Gentile Times is 2015Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15: The last 7 years of Kingship malediction after the 2nd 1NC marriage on 2015Iyyar20.

Exedenic Watchtower feeds the 1NCs from its appointment/installation on 1901Tishri2/Heshvan21 to its fall as a true church on 2005Iyyar14 2008Nisan15 to 2015Nisan15: It runs after the end of the ARC lease on 2008Nisan14. It delays the 2nd 1NC marriage until 2015Iyyar20. the promised land is the congregation of the 3rd Holy Spirit 2015Iyyar20: The Watchtower non reserve 1NCs enter into the 3rd Holy Spirit as the 2nd 1NC bride.
Alienation The Holy Spirit could seal and acts as high priest for JWs until 2005Sivan5  2005Sivan5 to 2012Sivan5 (1NC Pentecost to 1NC Pentecost): During this period the Holy Spirit could no longer seal JWs into the ARC and could not restore them to be non adamic, On 2012Sivan14-16 it could. All Laodiceans came from the Watchtower and so were under this malediction 2012Sivan5: After this Pentecost JWs could once again be ARC sealed (if they joined Laodicea and got themselves a water baptism, and could be non adamically restored
Gentile Watchtower appointed/installed to rule over the 1NCs on 1905Nisan17/Sivan6 and rules over them with some heavenly authority until 2005Iyyar14 2015Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15: The last 7 years of the Jehoiachin and Maccabean gapped Gentile Times after the 2nd 1NC marriage on 2015Iyyar20. After 2022Tishri15, The Kingdom of God is installed under Jesus
as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Heshvan5. that is the beginning of the Kingdom of the 2nd 1NC bride

The Watchtower 1NC Exedenic Times
The Watchtower 1NC Alienation Times
 The Watchtower 1NC Gentile Times

Heavens counts as 3x for a Hebrew plural rather than 2x for a Hebrew dual. 

14 Behold, the heavens and the heavens of the heavens, the earth and all in it, [belong] to Jehovah your God. (Deuteronomy 10 GLT)

This perhaps means the atmospheric heaven and God's heavenly home in heavenly stellar space

The atmosphere, stellar space, and God's home (dark matter) would constitute 3 heavens.

Here is the sentence count of the dream of verses:10-12...

And visions of my head upon my bed, I was beholding 3x+1x=4x.
and look!  
a tree in the middle/centre of the land 1x+1x
and height of him enormous 1x
he grew large the tree (trigger - 3rd item in a list) 1x
and he grew strong 1x
and height of him reached to the heavens/skies (2x)/3x 
and visibility of him [reached] to end of all/whole of the earth 1x
leaf of him beautiful 1x
and fruit [singular] of him abundant/plentiful  1x/3x go with 3x
and food to/for all [unspecified] in him 1x/3x go with 3x
under him she sheltered, beast of field 1x-1x=0x
and in branches of him they dwelt, birds of the heavens  3x.3x = 9x
and from him, he was fed, all of flesh (singular of the 3EC) 1x


104 years from the appointment/installation to feed as priests of FDS3 on 1901Tishri2/Heshvan21 to the end of their feeding all flesh of the 3EC on 2005Iyyar14, the fall of the Watchtower as a true church (when their tree no longer reaches to the heavens)

'Birds of the airs' are the saints. Every creature is being fed 'at the proper time' of Matthew24. The branches of this tree are the 5 watches of the Watchtower or perhaps the WTBTS.

The branches of the tree are either the presidencies or the Laodicean branch and the Watchtower branch, or even the branches of the WTBTS geographically.
FDS3 took centre position in the land when it was appointed/installed to feed.

Nebuchadnezzar thread:
The Dream applies to the 2nd presence non reserve 1NCs, who hate Jesus. like any modern wife.
The Interpretation applies to Laodicea, who act as Jesus' enemies, preventing any non Laodicean from understanding the true power or meaning of the scriptures for 18 years.
The Fulfilment is upon the 1NC reserves.

King thread:
The Dream applies to Jesus over Mankind - The tree suffers the Exedenic Times, the copper band is the Alienation Times (priesthood malediction), the iron band is the Jehoiachin and Maccabean double gapped Gentile Times (secular rulership malediction)
The Interpretation applies to the adamic and non adamic Abrahamic and non adamic Isaaic LWs, the cities/encampments of Jesus (not the enemies of Jesus)
The fulfilment is on the non JW non LW reserves??

Daniel is Gordon
Belteshazzar is the mediator of the 2NC (a name of Gordon)
The Magic practicing priests are the 2NCs
My Lord is Jesus
The King is Jehovah
Nebuchadnezzar the 2nd presence 1NCs the non reserves or the reserves.

INTERPRETATION with RECITAL [applies to Laodicea, which falls and is reappointed]
19 At that time Daniel himself, whose name is Belteshazzar, was astonished for a moment, and his very thoughts began to frighten him. The king was answering and saying, 'Oh Belteshazzar, do not let the dream and the interpretation themselves frighten you.' Belteshazzar was answering and saying, 'Oh my lord, may the dream [apply] to those hating you [1NC saints in TTC1 and TCC3], and its interpretation to your cities/encampments/adversaries/enemies [Laodicea - who hid their talent in the ground and screwed up man's chances of decoding or understanding the bible for 18 years]

20 'The tree that you beheld, that grew great and became strong and the height of him reached the heavens and was visible to all the earth,
21 and the foliage of him was fair, and the fruit of him abundant, and in him there was food for all; under him the beast of the field would dwell, and in the boughs of him the birds of the heavens would reside,
22 it is you, Oh king [Jesus], because you have grown great and become strong, and your grandeur has grown great and reached to the heavens, and your rulership to the extremity of the earth.
23 'And because the king beheld a watcher, even a holy one, coming down from the heavens, who was also saying: Chop the tree down, and ruin it. However, leave its rootstock itself in the earth, but with a banding of iron and of copper [Kingship of iron and Priesthood of copper], among the grass of the field [Exedenic], and with the dew of the heavens let it become wet, and with the beasts of the field [Exedenic] let its portion be until 7 times themselves pass over it,

tree that you beheld that grew great 1x
and became strong 1x
and the height of him reach the heavens 1x.3x = 3x
and was visible to all/the whole of the earth 1x
and the foliage of him was fair 1x 
and fruit of him abundant 1x 
and in him there was food for all 1x.3x=3x
under him the beast of the field would dwell 1x-1x=0x
in the boughs of him, birds of the heavens would reside 3x.3x = 9x
It is you oh king because 1x.
You have grown great 1x
and become strong 1x
and your grandeur has grown great 1x
and reached to the heavens 3x
and your rulership to the extremity of the earth 1x

Verse 20: 1x+1x+3x+1x = 6x
Verse 21: 1x+1x+3x+0x+3x.3x = 14x
Verse 22: 1x.(1x+1x+1x+2x/3x+1x) = 7x
Total: (6x+14x).7x = 20x.7x = 140x. The 140 months of the Laodicean congregation from 2005Tebbeth15 (the theft of the 4EC) to 2017Elul10, when they were chopped down by God becoming a false church

24 this is the interpretation, Oh king, and the decree of the Most High is that which must befall my lord the king [1NC reserves in Laodicea].
25 And you they will be driving away from men, and with the beasts of the field your dwelling will come to be, and the vegetation is what they will give even to you to eat just like bulls; and with the dew of the heavens you yourself will be getting wet, and 7 times themselves will pass over you, until you know that the Most High is powerful/the authority [adjective used substantively - the potentate, the authority, the ruler] in the kingdom of mankind and that to the one whom he wants to, he gives it.
26 'And because they said to leave the rootstock of the tree, your kingdom will be sure to you after you know that the heavens are ruling [on 2022Elul16/Heshvan5, the appointment/installation of the Kingdom under Jesus over Abraham].
27 Therefore, Oh king [1NC reserves in Laodicea], may my counsel seem good to you, and remove your own sins by righteousness [repent], and your iniquity by showing mercy to the poor ones. Maybe there will occur a lengthening of your prosperity.'

The tree is 'your kingdom'. In the case of the Gentile Times, this is over physical Israel and then over covenant Israel, the saints.

Tree cut down: Laodicea being killed to Adam on 2012Sivan14. The tree is restored as reappointed Laodicea.
Laodicean Gentile Times is 7 years from 2012Tishri15 to 2019Tishri15, when Jesus raptures his 3rd bride into Ark2.
Laodicean non adamic  Alienation Times is 7 years from 2012Tishri5 (their reinstallation to feed the non adamic Abrahamics) - 2019Tishri5 (before the Ark2 rapture of the 3rd 1NC bride on 2019Tishri15)
Laodicean Exedenic Times is 7 years from 2012Sivan15 to 2019Sivan15, their resurrection as non adamic Abraham until the 1st day of Zoar Cakes in 2019.

Exedenic Laodicean congregation from 2003Chislev2/Shebat21, when they were appointed/installed to feed the 1NCs to 2012Sivan14, Laodicea's death to Adam 2012Sivan15 to 2019Sivan15. A spiritual feeding malediction. Some edenic food must have become available to Laodicea on 2019Sivan15?
Alienation Laodicean congregation from 2005Tebbeth15, the theft of the 4EC baptism to 2012Sivan14, Laodicea's death to Adam No gifts of the spirit used or given or ARC sealing for Laodiceans from 2012Tishri5 to 2019Tishri5 Laodicea reappointed as a true church on 2019Ab7 and appointed/installed over the 1NCs on 2019Ab21/Tishri10. Laodicean 1NCs must have started to be sealed into the ARC on 2019TIshri5. The same tree grows back! 
Gentile 2007Sivan22/Elul11: Laodicea appointed/installed to rule as sacred king over the 1NCs. The installation ended after 40 months in 2010Tebbeth. At that point they had authority over the congregation through their version of the law of the 4EC, but no rulership over the saints  2012Sivan14: Laodicea died to Adam and on 2012Tishri15 they were maledicted from being a part of a Caesar representing God, from being part of the 3rd Holy Spirit, by marrying Jesus for 7 years to 2019Tishri15, when the 3rd 1NC bride was resurrected from reappointed Laodicea into Ark2 After 2019Tishri15 on 2019Tishri17-23, the 3rd 1NC bride was installed into the 3rd Holy spirit for the 7 days of her marriage installation. The the Laodicean 1NCs of the 3rd bride became Caesar to those in Ark3.

The Laodicean Exedenic Times
The Laodicean Alienation Times
The Laodicean Gentile Times

FULFILMENT [Applies to the 2nd presence 1NC reserve saints. The 2nd presence ones die to Adam on 2012Sivan14]
28 All this befell Nebuchadnezzar, the king [All the second presence 1NCs]
At the end of 12 lunar months [one BLC year, 360 BLC days, the unit of time measurement for this subaccount from 2012Sivan15 to 2013Sivan15. The first 360 day of being non adamic Abrahamic. So 7x is 7 years] he happened to be walking upon the royal palace of Babylon.
30 The king was answering and saying: Is not this Babylon the Great, that I myself have built for the royal house with the strength of my might and for the dignity of my majesty? [Literally yes it is. Symbolically. No it is not. you stole it]
31 While the word was yet in the king's mouth, there was a voice that fell from the heavens: To you it is being said, Oh Nebuchadnezzar, the king, 'The kingdom itself has gone away from you [falling as a true church on 2017Elul10],
32 and from mankind [angels] they are driving even you away [40 month Laodicean wilderness period from 2016Nisan1 to 2019Tammuz30], and with the beasts of the field your dwelling will be [From 2017Elul10 to 2019Ab7 - as a false church]. Vegetation they will give even to you to eat just like bulls [The bulls of the contest of 1Kings18. Unprocessed food], and 7 times themselves will pass over you [From 2013Sivan15 to 2020Sivan15, the ark2 resurrection of the 7th 1NC bride. When all the 1NCs see whom God has chosen to run their Kingdom], until you know that the Most High is powerful/the authority in the kingdom of mankind and that to the one whom he wants to, he gives it'

33 At that moment the word itself was fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar [the 1NC reserves], and from mankind he was being driven away [in Laodicea], and vegetation he began to eat just like bulls [??], and with the dew of the heavens his own body got to be wet [in the gaps between presences], until his very hair grew long just like eagles' [feathers] [the 3rd Holy Spirit is the great Eagle of Revelation12. It has a first presence wing and a second presence wing - see U151] and his nails like birds' [claws] [to analyse and rip apart scripture].
34 And at the end of the days I, Nebuchadnezzar, lifted up to the heavens my eyes, and my own understanding began to return to me; and I blessed the Most High himself, and the One living to time indefinite I praised and glorified, because his rulership is a rulership to time indefinite and his kingdom is for generation after generation.
35 And all the inhabitants of the earth are being considered as merely nothing, and he is doing according to his own will among the army of the heavens and the inhabitants of the earth. And there exists no one that can check his hand or that can say to him, 'What have you been doing?'
36 At the same time my understanding itself began to return to me, and for the dignity of my kingdom my majesty and my brightness themselves began to return to me; and for me even my high royal officers and my grandees began eagerly searching, and I was re-established upon my own kingdom, and greatness extraordinary was added to me.
37 Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, am praising and exalting and glorifying the King of the heavens, because all his works are truth and his ways are justice, and because those who are walking in pride he is able to humiliate (Daniel 4).

36 In that appointed time my understanding itself began to return upon me [1x+1x=2x], and for the dignity of my kingdom my majesty and my brightness themselves began to return upon me [2x+1x=3x]; and for me even my high royal officers and my grandees began eagerly searching [3x+3x=6x], and I was reestablished upon my own kingdom [1x+1x=2x], and greatness extraordinary was added to me [1x+1x=2x]. (Daniel 4 NWT)

Verse 36: 2x+4x+4x+2x+1x = 15x from 2022Sivan14, the end of 1NC Zoar, to 2023Elul14, the absolute end of Adam.

LW Maledictions. These are witnessed to in the 2nd word thread, from the designation 'King'.

Gordon/Elijah4, the King of Zoar, the Angel of Philadelphia, the mediator of the 2NC, and an idiot who wasted years trying to be Bill Gates2 which cost him the 2nd part of the 2nd presence. Then wasted more years trying to be Elon Musk2 which became a denial of his master Jesus Christ. He should have been very very happy just to be Elijah4. Martin Luther King was wrong. You do not need to balance the spiritual the physical and the emotional. You need to focus on the spiritual and not be distracted by either the physical or the emotional for that is the first law. The first law is that you should love God with you whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind and your whole strength. Not with the balance of the same left over after you have pursued various other facile ambitions however noble they may seem to you.

Tree cut down: On 2012Sivan14 from Adam to Abraham and on 2015Tammuz14 from Abraham to Isaac. 
LW Isaaic Gentile Times: 2015Tishri15 - 2022Tishri15. the last 7 years of the Jehoiachin and Maccabean double gapped Gentile Times. During this time the LWs could not have a secular king appointed by God. 
LW 1NC Alienation Times does not exist. The LWs were appointed but never installed over the 1NCs. Gordon and Gary McCaffery invented HyperOs 2002 in 2000November (2000Chislev) after we were installed over the 2NCs but before we failed to be installed over the 1NCs. Gordon wanted to compete with Microsoft, for himself, rather than competing with the Watchtower and the other churches of Christendom for God. 
LW 2NC Alienation Times: 2015Chislev21 to 2022Chislev21. They start at the installation of Isaaic Zoar over the 2NCs. These are the go back 7x of 1Kings18:43.
LW Exedenic Times: 2015Tammuz15 - 2019Tammuz15 (1st day of late Zoar Cakes to 1st day of late Cakes). This was a malediction preventing the LW church from entering any further into the land of the 2NC (we think). In other words we could baptise no more 2NCs during this time. This malediction did not apply to Laodicea.

Exedenic LWs become non adamic Isaaic on 2015Tammuz14-16 2015Tammuz15 to 2022Tammuz15. During which we cannot enter into the land of the JWs.  After 2022Tammuz15 we can baptise JWs into the church
Alienation Isaaic LWs were appointed/installed over the 2NCs on 2015Heshvan2/Chislev21 (2nd after adamic FDS4) 2015Chislev21 to 2022Chislev22: No ARC sealing and no gifts of the spirit. This is the 7x malediction of 1Kings18 The 12 2NC Apostles are given the gifts of the spirit on 2022Chislev21. We can be raptured during the LW Alienation Times it appears.
Gentile 2015Tammuz15 to 2015Tishri15: Isaaic LWs have no Caesar due to the Jehoiachin and Maccabean gapped Gentile Times. But the malediction preventing us from having a Caesar representing God cannot start until Tishri15 2015Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15: During this time we appear to have no Caesar at all but are merely alien residents in the world. After 2022Tishri15, The Kingdom of God is installed under Jesus
as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Heshvan5
over Isaac on 2022Chislev5.

The LW Exedenic Times
The LW Alienation Times
The LW Gentile Times



However 2017Tishri2 was the 552nd 2NC Pentecostal day of the contest, attended by 551 prophets. On this day Elimelec first contacted Gordon and asked to be baptised. Now Daniel4 says let 7x pass over him until he know that the most high is ruler in the kingdom of mankind and to the one whom he wants he gives it. Elimelec means my God is King. Certainly Gordon and FDS4 have been driven away from mankind by the failed nuclear predictions of the contest until we have sharpened our claws to the point where we can tear scriptures apart. Elimelec was too young to be a 2NC saint. He was baptised on 2017Tishri18.  Then he resigned in 2018Shebat  But actually his baptism we now understand was invalid due to the LW Exedenic Times

The 2520 year fulfilments. These are witnessed to in the 2nd word thread using the designation 'King', rather than Nebuchadnezzar

Gentile Times: 607Tishri15 to 560Tishri15 and 550Tishri15 to 144Tishri15 and 46Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15
Exedenic Times: 3993Nisan15 BC (the first day of Adamic Passover Cakes) to 1473Nisan15 BC (the first day of eating the fruits of the promised land)
Alienation Times: 2468Sivan5-11 (Pentecost) to 33Sivan5 (1NC Pentecost).

Exedenic Garden of Eden from 3997Tishri to 3993Nisan15 BC 3993Nisan15 to 1473Nisan15 Promised land entered and first fruits eaten on 1473Nisan15
Alienation Priesthood over God's Adamic or Cainian covenant people from 3989Sivan5-11 to 2488Sivan5-11 No gifts of the spirit used or given or ARC sealing for Adamic or Cainian people from 2488Sivan5-11 BC to 33Sivan5 AD Gifts of the spirit poured out onto the 12 apostles and then through their
hands onto other saints from 33Sivan5 (1NC Pentecost)  onwards.
Gentile Death (Satan1) ruled as King from Adam to Moses. God became King to Israel after 1513Nisan14 appointed/installed on 1513Nisan18/Sivan7 BC, He initially exercised his kingship through Moses. He ruled over the nations of Israel and Judah until 607Tishri15, the first Booths after Josiah was killed by Pharaoh Nechoh who appointed Jehoiakim/Eliakim who paid him taxes. Anyone could join Israel by proselytism. No king over representing God over Jacob or Adam or Cain
from 607Tishri15 - 2022Tishri15
less Jehoiachin exilic gap from 560Tishri15 to 550Tishri15
and less Maccabean gap from 144Tishri15 to 46Tishri15
After 2022Tishri15, The Kingdom of God is installed under Jesus
as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Heshvan5
over Adam on 2022Heshvan8
over Isaac on 2022Chislev5.
Over Cain on 2022Chislev6

On Mankind: The Exedenic Times
The Alienation Times
 The Jehoiachin and Maccabean gapped Gentile Times


The height of the tree reached to the heavens counting 3x (for a Hebrew plural). This is because the tree is cut down then restored under Jehoiachin for 10 years, then cut down, then restored under the Maccabeans for 98 years, then cut down again. So it reaches the heavens 3x before the final cutting down. It is cut down 3x. Hence we read in Ezekiel 21: A ruin, A ruin A ruin I shall make it.

26 this is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said, 'Remove the turban [end the priesthood], and lift off the crown [end the kingship]. This will not be the same. Put on high even what is low, and bring low even the high one.
27 A ruin, a ruin, a ruin I shall make it. As for this also, it will certainly become no [one's] until he comes who has the legal right, and I must give [it] to him.' (Ezekiel 21 NWT)

The Big Question

So the big question for God's people as prisoners in the foreign land of Babylon, having been deported there by Nebuchadnezzar, a Gentile, after he burnt Jerusalem and Solomon's temple, is not how long will it be until we get Nebuchadnezzar back as our king? But, how long will it be after God ceased being our king, before he again becomes our king through a vassal King who actually represents him? And how long do we have to spend outside of the promised land? And when can we get a temple to worship in once more with a priesthood that forgives our sins?

The tree is the administration of God's people. It provides blessed food. It provides divine secular rulership. It provides divine spiritual rulership. It provides a true priesthood which provides salvation baptism and gifts of the spirit. It has the heart of mankind (humane, win-win, morally sustainable). rather than of a beast (satanic self absorbed competitive, win-lose, morally unsustainable). 

The Gentile Times Interpretation

The 7 Prophetic Times passing over the stump of the tree have been taken as 2520 years (7x 360 lunar day years, making 2520 days, then substitute a day for a year as was done in Numbers14 and Ezekiel4) during which God/Jesus was unable to be the King over his people. Then at the end of this period, the hope of the second adventists and the Russellites was that Jesus would come (the second coming) and start ruling over his people which would begin the Kingdom of God. The Watchtower originally thought that the end of this period would be Armageddon (not unreasonably on the basis of Daniel 4 alone). The Watchtower even today still think that the period from 607Tishri to 1914Tishri is the 7 Prophetic Times (each being 360 years long) of the Gentile Times of Daniel4. The believe that Jesus came in heavenly Kingdom power in 1914Tishri invisibly. It is a wonderful interpretation - so close to the truth. It was enough for Russell to start the Watchtower church upon. This interpretation, originating from the Reverend John Aquila Brown - see U120, was the beginning of all second presence bible decoding - such as there has been. 

Historically, what 'second adventists' have done is to take Nebuchadnezzar to represent: God's vassal king over his people, in the entire account. They then say that the 2520 day period, which represents the time during which God does not have a vassal king over his people, is obviously way too short and so should be taken at 'a day for a year', effectively using the Times Principle, without realising that it is a general principle of a bible code. Yes all bible researchers think that the idea of taking 7 times as 2520 years is unique to and only applies to Daniel chapter 4. No one thought of applying it to Daniel5 or to Genesis4 until 1992 - when Gordon Ritchie broke free from the brainwashing of the JWs thanks to Massoud Vakili his doctoral friend and colleague at Imperial College department of Aeronautics.

The problem with the naive symbolic interpretation of 'Nebuchadnezzar' as being God's vassal king over Abraham's true seed, who is Jesus at the end of the 2520 year period, is that Daniel says to him:

27 Therefore, O king, may my counsel seem good to you, and remove your own sins by righteousness, and your iniquity by showing mercy to the poor ones. Maybe there will occur a lengthening of your prosperity (Daniel 4).

Jesus had no sin, but was unblemished, and he had no iniquity, so this counsel cannot apply to him - personally. The solution to this is to realise that the Gentile Times is not a malediction on Jesus but on all the sons of the JAC (the saints), who cannot rule over the sons of the ICC for 2520 years. Or put another way it is upon the administration of God's true people who are denied any secular rulership over themselves for 2520 years from when the tribute started to be paid to Pharaoh Necho by a vassal King appointed by him, in 607Tishri to 1914Tishri. 

For King David and King Solomon were both saints...

12 When your days come to the full, and you must lie down with your forefathers, then I shall certainly raise up your seed after you [Solomon, the seed of David], which will come out of your inward parts; and I shall indeed firmly establish his kingdom.
13 He is the one that will build a house for my name, and I shall certainly establish the throne of his kingdom firmly to time indefinite.
14 I myself shall become his father, and he himself will become my son
[Solomon was born again as were the whole line from Moses through the Judges to Jehoahaz]. When he does wrong, I will also reprove him with the rod of men and with the strokes of the sons of Adam.
15 As for my loving-kindness, it will not depart from him the way I removed it from Saul, whom I removed on account of you (2 Samuel 7).

In fact all the heads of Judah from Moses to Jehoahaz were saints because God would not cause a non saint to rule over the sanctified. Of course just as there are rotten saints in the church, there were rotten saints ruling over Israel. This is proven by the word symbolic meaning of the genealogy of Matthew1 - see U254.

So these saints, sons of the JAC, born again angelic children of God in human bodies, could sin and fulfil Daniel 4:27.

The secular ruler of a group of people, the Caesar to that group is the person to whom they pay tax. So the Gentile Times did not begin when Nebuzaradan sacked Jerusalem and burnt the temple on 568Ab10, which the Watchtower fudge to be 607Tishri. It began when the Jews began paying a tribute to Pharaoh Necho following his conquest and killing of King Josiah in 608 BC - see U120.

But once you realise what truly started the Gentile Times, namely the appointment of a Caesar over God's people to whom a tribute, a tax, had to be paid, then you realise that we are all still in the Gentile Times since we all still pay tax to our respective Caesar's today who set very often unjust secular laws for us all. So the Gentile Times in the sense of God not having secular rulership of his official people did not end in 1914Tishri. 

The Extra 10+98 years of the Gentile Times

Our thanks to Dr Stephen E. Jones for coming up with this general idea - http://www.gods-kingdom-ministries.net/teachings/ffi-newsletter/ffi-2014/05-01-2014-the-progressive-kingdom/

The Jews managed to procure self rule for themselves under the Hasmonean dynasty for around 101 years from 141 BC to 40 BC - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasmonean_dynasty. The got a freedom from taxes and a measure of self rule from both the Seleucids and from the Romans during this period.  Dr Jones postulated the idea that the Gentile Times is punctuated by a Hasmonean period of 100 years. He ran this period from 163 to 63BC when the Romans under Pompeii conquered Jerusalem from the Hasmoneans. But we can be more accurate than this. 

For the sequence of events leading up to the start of the Gentile Times was the following.

29 In his days Pharaoh Nechoh the king of Egypt came up to the king of Assyria by the river Euphrates, and King Josiah proceeded to go to meet him; but he put him to death at Megiddo as soon as he saw him [608BC].
30 So his servants conveyed him dead in a chariot from Megiddo and brought him to Jerusalem and buried him in his grave. Then the people of the land took Jehoahaz the son of Josiah and anointed him and made him king in place of his father.
31 23 years old was Jehoahaz when he began to reign, and for 3 months he reigned in Jerusalem [608BC]. And his mother's name was Hamutal the daughter of Jeremiah from Libnah.
32 And he began to do what was bad in Jehovah's eyes, according to all that forefathers of his had done.
33 And Pharaoh Nechoh got to put him in bonds at Riblah in the land of Hamath, to keep him from reigning in Jerusalem, and then imposed a fine upon the land of 100 silver talents and a gold talent.
34 Furthermore, Pharaoh Nechoh made Eliakim the son of Josiah king in place of Josiah his father [608-607BC] and changed his name to Jehoiakim; and Jehoahaz he took and then brought to Egypt, where he eventually died.
35 And the silver and the gold Jehoiakim gave to Pharaoh. Only he taxed the land, to give the silver at the order of Pharaoh. According to each one's individual tax rate he exacted the silver and the gold from the people of the land, to give it to Pharaoh Nechoh.
36 25 years old was Jehoiakim when he began to reign, and for 11 years he reigned in Jerusalem. And his mother's name was Zebidah the daughter of Pedaiah from Rumah. (2 Kings 23 NWT)

So Pharaoh Necho appointed a vassal King for himself, Eliakim whose name was changed to Jehoiakim to make him sound more like Jehovah was behind him. And he demanded a tribute from the people of the land. So a vassal appointed by a conquering King and a tribute levied by that King define a Gentile Times, a kingship malediction. 

So when did the Hasmoneans cease having to pay a tribute to the Seleucids? And when did Judea appoint its own King?

Josephus quotes letter from the Seleucid King Demetrius II to Jonathan Maccabeus, the Hasmonean, written after he became king in September 145BC and before Jonathan was taken prisons by Tryphon in 143/142. This absolved Judea from all future taxes in perpetuity (Antiquities of the Jews book 13 chapter 2)  - http://www.mycrandall.ca/courses/ntintro/intest/hist3.htm 

2. When Alexander knew what promises Demetrius had made Jonathan, and withal knew his courage, and what great things he had done when he fought the Macedonians, and besides what hardships he had undergone by the means of Demetrius, and of Bacchides, the general of Demetrius's army, he told his friends that he could not at present find any one else that might afford him better assistance than Jonathan, who was both courageous against his enemies, and had a particular hatred against Demetrius, as having both suffered many hard things from him, and acted many hard things against him. If therefore they were of opinion that they should make him their friend against Demetrius, it was more for their advantage to invite him to assist them now than at another time. It being therefore determined by him and his friends to send to Jonathan, he wrote to him this epistle: "King Alexander to his brother Jonathan, sendeth greeting. We have long ago heard of thy courage and thy fidelity, and for that reason have sent to thee, to make with thee a league of friendship and mutual assistance. We therefore do ordain thee this day the high priest of the Jews, and that thou beest called my friend. I have also sent thee, as presents, a purple robe and a golden crown, and desire that, now thou art by us honored, thou wilt in like manner respect us also."

3. When Jonathan had received this letter, he put on the pontifical robe at the time of the feast of tabernacles, (2) four years after the death of his brother Judas, for at that time no high priest had been made. So he raised great forces, and had abundance of armor got ready. This greatly grieved Demetrius when he heard of it, and made him blame himself for his slowness, that he had not prevented Alexander, and got the good-will of Jonathan, but had given him time so to do. However, he also himself wrote a letter to Jonathan, and to the people, the contents whereof are these: "King Demetrius to Jonathan, and to the nation of the Jews, sendeth greeting. Since you have preserved your friendship for us, and when you have been tempted by our enemies, you have not joined yourselves to them, I both commend you for this your fidelity, and exhort you to continue in the same disposition, for which you shall be repaid, and receive rewards from us; for I will free you from the greatest part of the tributes and taxes which you formerly paid to the kings my predecessors, and to myself; and I do now set you free from those tributes which you have ever paid; and besides, I forgive you the tax upon salt, and the value of the crowns which you used to offer to me (3) and instead of the third part of the fruits [of the field], and the half of the fruits of the trees, I relinquish my part of them from this day: and as to the poll-money, which ought to be given me for every head of the inhabitants of Judea, and of the three toparchies that adjoin to Judea, Samaria, and Galilee, and Peres, that I relinquish to you for this time, and for all time to come. I will also that the city of Jerusalem be holy and inviolable, and free from the tithe, and from the taxes, unto its utmost bounds. And I so far recede from my title to the citadel, as to permit Jonathan your high priest to possess it, that he may place such a garrison in it as he approves of for fidelity and good-will to himself, that they may keep it for us. 

I also make free all those Jews who have been made captives and slaves in my kingdom. I also give order that the beasts of the Jews be not pressed for our service; and let their sabbaths, and all their festivals, and three days before each of them, be free from any imposition. In the same manner, I set free the Jews that are inhabitants of my kingdom, and order that no injury be done them. 

I also give leave to such of them as are willing to list themselves in my army, that they may do it, and those as far as thirty thousand; which Jewish soldiers, wheresoever they go, shall have the same pay that my own army hath; and some of them I will place in my garrisons, and some as guards about mine own body, and as rulers over those that are in my court. I give them leave also to use the laws of their forefathers, and to observe them; and I will that they have power over the three toparchies that are added to Judea; and it shall be in the power of the high priest to take care that no one Jew shall have any other temple for worship but only that at Jerusalem. I bequeath also, out of my own revenues, yearly, for the expenses about the sacrifices, one hundred and fifty thousand [drachmae]; and what money is to spare, I will that it shall be your own. I also release to you those ten thousand drachmae which the kings received from the temple, because they appertain to the priests that minister in that temple. And whosoever shall fly to the temple at Jerusalem, or to the places thereto belonging, or who owe the king money, or are there on any other account, let them be set free, and let their goods be in safety. I also give you leave to repair and rebuild your temple, and that all be done at my expenses. I also allow you to build the walls of your city, and to erect high towers, and that they be erected at my charge. And if there be any fortified town that would be convenient for the Jewish country to have very strong, let it be so built at my expenses."  (Antiquities of the Jews Book13 Chapter2)

1Maccabees11 quotes the same letter...

1 Maccabeans 11:

18 Two days later [en th hmera th trith] [in the 3rd day] Ptolemy himself died, and the troops he had left in the fortresses were then killed by the local citizens.
So in the year 167 [this is 145BC in fact in September according to Wikipedia - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demetrius_II_Nicator] Demetrius the Second became king.
20 About that time [en taij hmeraij ekeinaij] Jonathan gathered the men of Judea to attack the fort in Jerusalem. They built many siege platforms to use in the attack. 
21 But some traitorous Jews who hated their own nation went to King Demetrius the Second and told him that Jonathan was laying siege to the fort in Jerusalem. 
22 When Demetrius heard this, he was furious and immediately moved his headquarters to Ptolemais. He wrote to Jonathan and ordered him to lift the siege and to meet him for a conference in Ptolemais without a moment's delay.
23 When Jonathan got the message, he gave orders for the siege to continue, and then chose some Jewish leaders and some priests to go with him. At the risk of his life, 
24 he went to the king in Ptolemais, taking along robes, silver and gold, and many other gifts. He made a good impression on the king. 
25 Although some lawless traitors of his own nation had made accusations against Jonathan, 
26 the king still treated him just as his predecessors had done. He honoured him in the presence of all his advisers, 
27 and confirmed him as High Priest, restoring all his former honors and appointing him to the highest rank among the Friends of the King.
28 Jonathan asked the king to release the territory of Judea and the three regions of Samaria from the payment of taxes, promising that if Demetrius would do that, he would pay him a lump sum of 22,000 pounds of silver. 
29 The king agreed and wrote a letter to Jonathan to confirm all this:
30 King Demetrius to King Jonathan and to the Jewish nation, greetings.
31 For your information I am sending a copy of the letter I have written to the Honorable Lasthenes about you:
32 King Demetrius to the Honorable Lasthenes, greetings. 
33 I have decided to grant the Jewish nation certain benefits because they are our loyal allies and keep their treaty obligations. 

34 I confirm their rights to the land of Judea and the three regions of Ephraim, Lydda, and Arimathea, which are hereby annexed to Judea from Samaria with all the lands belonging to them. This will be of benefit to everyone who goes to Jerusalem to offer sacrifice, since payments of the annual tax on produce and fruit from these lands will no longer be made to the king, but to the Temple [meaning God is now Caesar - pay Caesar's things to God]

35 And I also grant them relief from the payment of revenues now due me from tithes, tolls, salt taxes, and special taxes. 
36 None of the provisions mentioned in this letter shall ever be cancelled in the future.
37 You are required to see that a complete copy of this decree is made and given to Jonathan, to be posted in a prominent place on the Temple hill. (1 Maccabees 11 - GNT)

The words "in those days" preceded by the 167th Seleucid year (145BC) and knowing that Demetrius II (Nicator) became king in September 145, tells us that the letter was written after 145TIshri15 and before 144Tishri15.

The agreement of the letter was never reneged on. But Demetrius did renege on his agreement to withdraw his garrison from Acra in Jerusalem in return for Jonathan protecting him in his own city of Antioch. It was never determined during Jonathan's life whether he or his brother Simon was the ruler of Judea. Jonathan was tricked and murdered by Diodotus Trophon in 143/142 BC. 

Ceasing paying a tribute ends the Gentile Times. So the date of the letter from Demetrius II to Jonathan Maccabeus is critical is determining the start of the Maccabean gap in the Gentile Times. Jonathan died in 143/142 BC.

"Diodotus Tryphon went with an army to Judea and invited Jonathan to Scythopolis for a friendly conference, where he persuaded him to dismiss his army of 40,000 men, promising to give him Ptolemais and other fortresses. Jonathan fell into the trap; he took with him to Ptolemais 1,000 men, all of whom were slain; he himself was taken prisoner.

When Diodotus Tryphon was about to enter Judea at Hadid, he was confronted by the new Jewish leader, Simon, ready for battle. Tryphon, avoiding an engagement, demanded one hundred talents and Jonathan's two sons as hostages, in return for which he promised to liberate Jonathan. Although Simon did not trust Diodotus Tryphon, he complied with the request so that he might not be accused of the death of his brother. But Diodotus Tryphon did not liberate his prisoner; angry that Simon blocked his way everywhere and that he could accomplish nothing, he executed Jonathan at Baskama, in the country east of the Jordan. Jonathan was buried by Simeon at Modin. Nothing is known of his two captive sons. One of his daughters was an ancestor of Josephus.

Simon assumed the leadership (142 BC), receiving the double office of High Priest and prince of Israel. The leadership of the Hasmoneans was established by a resolution, adopted in 141 BC, at a large assembly "of the priests and the people and of the elders of the land, to the effect that Simon should be their leader and High Priest forever, until there should arise a faithful prophet" (1 Macc. 14:41). Ironically, the election was performed in Hellenistic fashion.

Simon, having made the Jewish people semi-independent of the Seleucid Greeks, reigned from 142 to 135 BC and formed the Hasmonean dynasty. The Roman Senate accorded the new dynasty recognition by the Romans c.139 BC, when the delegation of Simon was in Rome"
- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasmonean_dynasty

A good chronology of the beginning of the Hasmonean liberation of Judea from http://www.mycrandall.ca/courses/ntintro/intest/hist3.htm is as follows...

146-45 Ptolemy VI Philometor, son-in-law of Alexander Balas, comes against Alexander Balas, in order to remove him from power in favor of Demetrius II. The Antiochians attempt to make Ptolemy VI Philometor king of both kingdoms, but he declines and persuades them to accept Demetrius II as king. Ptolemy VI Philometor forces Alexander Balas to flee to Arabia, where he is killed. According to Josephus, Alexander Balas has become unpopular with the Antiochians because of a certain Ammonius (Ant.13.4.6; 108; 13.4.7; 112). Ptolemy VI, however, dies from wounds shortly thereafter, so that Demetrius II is left in control of the Seleucid Kingdom. 1 Macc 11:1-19; Ant. 13.4.5-9; 103-21 see Diod. 32; Livy, Epit. 52; Strabo 16.2.8. 
*1 Macc and Ant. differ with regard to Ptolemy' s motives. The former claims that he has designs on Alexander's kingdom, whereas the latter (in agreement with Diod. 32.9) says that he turns against Alexander only when it is discovered that he is conspiring to kill him and that he never intended to annex the Seleucid Kingdom.
145/144 Jonathan, having no ally in the Seleucid Kingdom, attempts to gain independence. He besieges the Akra, still occupied by Syrian troops, and is called to Ptolemais to explain. In exchange for lifting the siege he demands control of three Samaritan toparchies and exemption from taxation, to which Demetrius II agrees. Demetrius II also confirms Jonathan in all the titles, honors and privileges that he had under Alexander Balas. Jonathan pays the king 300 talents. Jonathan has many Jewish opponents who complain about him to the king, but he ignores them. 1 Maccabees quotes a letter from Demetrius II to Jonathan confirming their arrangement (11:30-37). Maccabeans were from the tribe of Levi. They were Aaronic priests - https://www.chabad.org/holidays/chanukah/article_cdo/aid/3857239/jewish/The-Maccabees-The-Jewish-Freedom-Fighters.htm  1 Macc 11:20-37; Ant. 13.4.9; 121-30
*Josephus says that Jonathan also asked for control of Joppa and Galilee (Ant. 13.4.9; 125).
*In 1 Macc 13:48, the reduction of pay and Crete are not mentioned as they are in Ant. 13.4.9; 129.
143 A certain Diodotus known more popularly as Tryphon, exploiting the discontent among the troops of Demetrius II, declares Antiochus VI, son of Alexander Balas, to be king, who was raised by Imalkue, an Arab. Demetrius II promises Jonathan control of the Akra in exchange for sending troops to Antioch to help suppress the revolt against his rule. Jonathan sends troops, who prevent the Antiochians from removing Demetrius II from power.  1 Macc 11:38-52; Ant. 13.5.1-3; 131-41; Diod. 33.4a; Strabo 16.752; Livy, Epit. 52; Appian, Syr. 68
*Unlike 1 Macc, Josephus identifies Tryphon as Diodotus of Apamea and calls Imalkue Malkus (Ant. 13.5.1-3; 131).
143 Demetrius II reneges on his promises to Jonathan, but is removed from power in Antioch by Antiochus VI and Tryphon, who then seek Jonathan's support. They promise to confirm Jonathan in power, and make his brother Simon the commander of the army between Tyre and Egypt. Ostensibly, in support of Antiochus VI and Tryphon, Jonathan and Simon conquer territory still held by supporters of Demetrius II: Askalon, Gazara and Beth-zur (where a garrison loyal to Demetrius II resided). Jonathan is forced to lay siege to Gazara before it would submit to him and agrees to support Antiochus VI. Demetrius II sends an army against Jonathan in Galilee, but is defeated. 1 Macc 11:53-74; Ant. 13.5.3-8; 142-62 
*Absent in 1 Macc, Ant. 13.5.3; 143 says that Demetrius II insists that the Jews pay tribute.
*Unlike 1 Macc 11:60, Ant. 13.4.5; 148 says that Jonathan traveled through Phoenicia.
*Ant. 13.4.5; 148 says that Jonathan gathers no Syrian troops in support of Antiochus VI and Tryphon beyond the Jordan, whereas 1 Macc says that he does (11:60).
*Josephus indicates that the reason that his soldiers turned against him is that Demetrius II has not paid them (Ant. 13.5.3; 144) (but see 1 Macc 11:55).
 143 Jonathan renews the treaty with Rome and forms an alliance with Sparta. 1 Macc cites the letter sent to the Spartans and to Rome (1 Macc 12:19-23). Josephus inserts a paragraph about the three Jewish "sects" (haireseis) and how they differ over the issue of free will and God's sovereignty ("fate"): Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes (Ant. 13.4.9; 171-73). The implication may be that these "sects" came into existence around this time. 1 Macc 12:1-23; Ant. 13.5.8; 163-70
*1 Macc makes no mention of the motive of covetousness to explain attacks on the Jews (Ant. 13.4.8; 169).
 143 Troops loyal to Demetrius II march on Jonathan in Judea but retreat from fear of Jonathan's strength. Jonathan pursues the fleeing army as far as Damascus, and then makes war on the Nabateans. At the same time, Simon marches through the land as far as Askalon, and takes Joppa. 1 Macc 12:24-32; Ant. 13.5.10; 174-80
*Josephus says that Jonathan, taking the Nabateans prisoners and plundering their cattle, sells both in Damascus (Ant. 13.5.10; 179).
143  Jonathan and Simon fortify Jerusalem and other places. A wall is built between the Akra and the rest of the city to isolate the former. Simon fortifies Adida in the Shephelah.  1 Macc 12:35-39; Ant. 13.5.11; 181-83
*Unlike 1 Macc, Josephus says that Jonathan convenes the Jewish elders in the Temple and fortifies the Temple precincts with high towers (Ant. 13.5.11; 182). Ant. omits reference to events in 1 Macc 12:27-38.
143-42 Tryphon intends to kill Antiochus VI and become king, but Jonathan is an obstacle to his plans since he is an ally of Antiochus VI. Tryphon betrays Jonathan. He convinces Jonathan to come to Ptolemais with only a few troops ostensibly to be given control of the city. But he deceives Jonathan, capturing him and killing his troops. Simon is chosen as Jonathan's replacement. Tryphon claims that he is holding Jonathan ransom because he has not paid what he owes to the royal treasury; he asks for 100 talents of silver and two of Jonathan's sons as hostages. Simon provides what is demanded, but Tryphon does not free Jonathan. Tryphon marches against Simon, because the men of the Akra request his assistance. He does not engage the Jews in battle; rather he retreats to the land of Gilead (Galaaditis) where he kills Jonathan, and then returns to Coele-Syria.

1 Macc 12:40-13:24; Ant. 13.6.1-6; 187-209; Appian, Syr.. 67-68; Justinus 36.1
*Josephus adds that the people of Ptolemais closed the city gates on orders from Tryphon (Ant. 13.6.2; 192).
*Josephus says that Simon assembles the people in the Temple (Ant. 13.6.3; 197). He also embellishes Simon's speech (Ant. 13.6.3; 198-200; cf. 1 Macc 13:3-6).
*Unlike 1 Macc, Josephus has Simon inform his army of Tryphon's plot (Ant. 13.6.5; 205-206).
Possibly 1QpHab 9 and 4Q171 (4.10) refers to the death of Jonanthan, whom they name the "Wicked Priest."

143-42 Simon collects Jonathan's remains, brings them to Modein, and buries it with the rest of his family. He builds a monument over the tomb of his father and brothers. 1 Macc 13:25-30; Ant. 13.6.6; 209-12
*Josephus says that the monument had porticos, but says nothing about the suits of armor and ships carved on the columns.
142 Tryphon kills Antiochus VI and makes himself king. (Demetrius II, however, still has control of part of the Seleucid kingdom.) Simon allies himself with Demetrius II, who grants him exemption from all tribute, in effect declaring Judea and the three Samaritan toparchies to be politically independent. This marks the beginning of Jewish independence. 1 Macc 13:31-42; Ant. 13.6.1; 187; 13.6.7-7.1; 213-22; see Diod. 33.28; Livy, Epit. 55; Appian, Syr. 67-8; Justin 36.1, 7.
*Josephus says that Tryphon usurps power and kills Antiochus after Demetrius' defeat and capture by the Parthians, whereas 1 Macc reverses the order (see 1 Macc 13:31, 41).  (Appian, Syr. 67-8 agrees with Josephus). 
142-40 Simon captures Gazara, Joppa, Jamnia and Beth-Zur, and fortifies these. He also captures the Akra in Jerusalem, and removes the Seleucid garrison and those Jews who oppose Hasmonean rule. Simon renews alliances with Rome and Sparta. It is officially decided that Simon should be leader (h๊goumenos) and High Priest forever (1 Macc 14:41-43). 1 Macc 13:43-53; 14:4-49; Ant. 13.7; 213-17;  War. 1.2.2; 50 
*Josephus says that Simon razes the Akra, and levels the hill on which it stands, so that its elevation will be lower than the Temple mount, whereas 1 Macc 14:37 says that he fortifies the Akra (see War. 5.139).

The Hasmonean succession worked as follows...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hasmonean_dynasty 

1. Mattathias, 170–167 BC
2. Judas Maccabeus, 167–160 BC
3. Jonathan Maccabeus, 153–143 BC
4. Simon Maccabeus, 142–141 BC
5. Simon, 141–135 BC
6. Hyrcanus I, 134–104 BC
7. Aristobulus I, 104–103 BC
8. Alexander Jannaeus, 103–76 BC
9. Salome Alexandra, 76–67 BC
10. Hyrcanus II, 67–66 BC
11. Aristobulus II, 66–63 BC (taken prisoner to Rome when Pompey conquered Jerusalem in 63 BC. Pompey restored Hyrcanus to the high priesthood and appointed him the ethnarc of Judea under Rome with authority to raise taxes for Rome (Pompey did not install a different Judean governor).
10. 63-47 BC Hyrcanus II was high priest and governor/king under Rome until Julius Caesar defeated Pompey on 46February6 BC = 47Shebat21/22 at the battle of Thapsus.
12. Antipater, the Idumean (Edomite) 47–40 BC. Hyrcanus II was recognized by Julius Caesar but demoted to Ethnarch under Antipater the Idumean (Edomite), the founder of the Herodian dynasty, who became the Roman governor of Judea after the defeat of Pompey, with rights to raise taxes - because Hyrcanus had not been very good at that - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipater_the_Idumaean. the appointment by Caesar of Anitpater of Judea, restarted the Gentile Times.
13. Antigonus, 40–37 BC (not accepted by Rome, the world power, but installed by the Parthians as King and High priest - Northern Persians, not by the Judeans)
14. Aristobulus III, 36 BC (only as High Priest)


The Judeans came under taxation again when Pompey captured Jerusalem from Aristobulus II in 63BC. But Pompey favoured Hyrcanus II (the ruler whom the Jews themselves had chosen) and put him back in power as ethnarc of Judea, the Roman governor of Judea, with authority to raise taxes for Rome (and he was really bad at raising taxes!). Then Caesar defeated Pompey at the battle of Thapsus on the 6th either of February or of April in 46 BC. Julius Caesar then promoted Antipater, the Idumean to be the ethnarc of Judea, the Roman governor of that province with the right to raise taxes for Rome instead. Antipater was a much better tax collector than Hyrcanus II. Perhaps that is why the people loved Hyrcanus II. Hyrcanus continued as the deputy under Antipater, the founder of the Herodian dynasty until 40BC when he was taken prisoner by the Parthians in Babylon and had his ears cut off so that he could no longer be ruler or high priest. Wikipedia has...

"The excessive taxation wrung from the people to pay for the extravagances of Anthony and Cleopatra had awakened a deep hatred against Rome. Antigonus gained the adherence of both the aristocratic class in Jerusalem and the leaders of the Pharisees. The Parthians, who invaded Syria in 40 BCE, preferred to see an anti-Roman ruler on the throne of Judea. When Antigonus promised them large sums of gold and five hundred female slaves besides, they put a troop of five hundred warriors at his disposal. Hyrcanus was sent to Babylon after suffering the mutilation of his ears, which rendered him unfit for the office of high priest. Herod fled from Jerusalem. In 40 BCE Antigonus was officially proclaimed king and high priest by the Parthians. His three year reign was a continuous struggle.

Herod succeeded in having himself declared king of Judea by Rome. On Herod's return from Rome in 39 BCE he opened a campaign against Antigonus and laid siege to Jerusalem. In the spring of 38 BCE, Herod wrested control of the province of Galilee and eventually all of Judea as far as Jerusalem. Due to the approach of winter, Herod postponed his siege of Jerusalem, where Antigonus and the remnants of his army took refuge, until spring. Herod was held off for 3–5 months but the Romans did eventually capture the city; however, the supporters of Antigonus fought until the Romans reached the inner courtyard of the Temple. Antigonus was taken to Antioch and executed, ending Hasmonean rule."

So Antipater, the Idumean, the founder of the Herodian dynasty, was the first tax raising ethnarc of Judea installed by Caesar, rather than by the people. For although Hyrcanus was appointed by Pompey, he had already been installed by the people previously. So the Gentile Times began again on 46Tishri15 BC (since this malediction always begins and ends on the first Sabbath of Booths).

This makes a 98 year gap in the Gentile times from 144Tishri15 BC to 46Tishri15 BC.

This punctuation of the 2520 years of the Gentile Times means that it ran from 607Tishri to 144Tishri and then from 46Tishri to 2012Tishri in agricultural, secular, years. 2011Iyyar14 was when Satan's 6,000 year lease from 3990Iyyar17 BC expired. 

And Jesus would have started ruling the Kingdom of mankind as secular King through the 3rd holy spirit, the 144,000 1NC Kings on 2011Iyyar14, had they themselves not come under the 7x of the Kingdom Gentile Times malediction from 2012Tishri15 to 2019Tishri15.

So the Gentile Times of John Aquila Brown and Charles Taze Russell and Dr Stephen E Jones, ran for 2520+98 years from 607Tishri to 2012Tishri. Then the Kingdom Gentile Times of Ritchie (which is the actually Catholic Gentile Times and the Watchtower Gentile Times and the LW Gentile Times all being paid back simultaneously) runs for a further 7 years from 2012Tishri15 to 2019Tishri15. Then the ark comes to a rest upon the mountain of Ararat on 2019Tishri17, the 17th day of the 7th month of Genesis 8:4. This is when Zoarites start entering into the ark wherein Jesus is Caesar rather than the dragon.

Or in a more prosaic format...

Booths after Nechoh appoints Jehoiakim    Booths after throne of Jehoiachin       Booths after Jehoiachin dies              Booths after Demetrius II grants         Booths after Julius Caesar appoints             Earthly JACs can have a JAC Caesar
Booths after Eliakim/Jehoiakim                    is raised up in Babylon by                    Last king of Judah dies in Babylon    Jonathan Maccabeus  exemption       Antipater, the Idumean, ethnarc of Judea      who is appointed by God
Vassal king pays tribute to Nechoh              Evil Merodach                                     after 10 years of throne elevation       from paying tribute to Caesar             He pays tribute to Caesar                              Discontinuous Gentile Times Ends
607Tishri15                                                  560Tishri15                                         550Tishri15                                         144Tishri15                                          46Tishri15 BC                                                2022Tishri15 AD
X_________________________________X                                                          X_____________________________X                                                          X__________________________________X
                         47 years                                Jehoiachin's 10 year exilic regnal gap - see U121       406 years                                 98 year Maccabean Gap                                        2067 years

47 + 406 + 2067 = 2520 years of the Discontinuous Double gapped Gentile Times the secular Kingship malediction on God's earthly people from physical Israel             

The Gentile Times malediction prevents God from ruling as Caesar over the sons of the ICC (his official tribed people on earth), through a vassal chosen by him and his people (the sons of the ICC). 

1 And it must occur that when all these words will come upon you, the blessing and the malediction, which I have put before you, and you have brought them back to your heart among all the nations where Jehovah your God has dispersed you,
2 and you have returned to Jehovah your God and listened to his voice according to all that I am commanding you today, you and your sons, with all your heart and all your soul,
3 Jehovah your God must also bring back your captives and show you mercy and collect you again from all the peoples where Jehovah your God has scattered you.
4 If your dispersed people should be at the end of the heavens, from there Jehovah your God will collect you and from there he will take you. (Deuteronomy 30 NWT)

However the queen, Jesus' wife, the 3rd Holy Spirit, is crowned, and anointed as Caesar to Laodicea and to Zoar in accordance with the following timetable...

That is the finished mystery of the 7 prophetic Times plus the 10 year Jehoiachin restoration gap plus the 98 year Maccabean restoration gap .

The queen (the 3rd Holy Spirit) cannot exercise any sacred authority over the sons of the ICC before becoming herself a daughter of the ICC. For God is no hypocrite. The manager of the football team needs to know how to play football and the manager of a hospital trust needs to know how to cure the sick. So actually on 2022Shebat5, the 7th Zoar Pentecost, when the 3rd Holy Spirit is installed over 2NC Zoar. When she finishes being baptized into the 4EC, the ICC and 2NC Zoar, she takes over the church - well actually she becomes coregent with Elijah4 until his ascension, when he no longer is coming down to the king but is going up to heaven.. 

6 And Jehovah went passing by before his face and declaring: Jehovah, Jehovah, a God merciful and gracious, slow to anger and abundant in loving-kindness and truth,
7 preserving loving-kindness for thousands, pardoning error and transgression and sin, but by no means will he give exemption from punishment, bringing punishment for the error of fathers upon sons and upon grandsons, upon the 3rd generation and upon the 4th generation. (Exodus 34 NWT)

Well the 1st generation was called into TCC1 (which became the Roman Catholic Church), the second was called into TCC2 (the Gnostic church of Paul and Apollos), the 3rd was called into TCC3 (the Watchtower) and the 4th was called into TCC4. All 4 of these brought maledictions upon the sons of the ICC. 

The crazy thing is that the escape of the Jews in Babylon under Jehoiachin for 10 years from 560Tishri15 to 550Tishri15 and the Maccabeans from Gentile rulership for 98 years from 144Tishri15 to 46Tishri15 BC necessitated the slavery of the 3rd true church (the Watchtower) and the 4th (the LWs) to Satan as Caesar for 98 years from 1914Tishri15 to 2022Tishri15, although Satan's 6,000 year lease was never going to end until 2012Nisan14. But perhaps we could have been raptured out of here on 1914Tishri15, as Russell expected were it not for the 108 years of gaps in the Gentile Times?

At 2NC first fruits/Pentecost on 1901Tishri2/Heshvan21, FDS3 were priestly appointed/installed to feed the Watchtower by Jesus - see U42. They were appointed/installed to rule as sacred king over all of Jesus' belongings (All the saints, the 1NCs and the 1NC reserves) on 1905Nisan17/Sivan6, 1NC first fruits/Pentecost, for the 2nd presence. But this was a first appointment over the 2nd presence saints. So Russell was the first sacred vassal king of Jesus after the end of the continuous Gentile Times to 1914Tishri15. They had authority to make and enforce sacred law for the church. But they were never the secular King of any Jehovah's Witness - the Gentile Times of secular rulership of God's people was still in force throughout the entirety of the priesthood and the administration of the Watchtower. All JWs obey the secular rules of the nation to which they belong so long as they do not conflict with God's law (as interpreted or misinterpreted by the Watchtower).

The Gentile Times malediction, caused by the idolatry of Physical Israel, could not extend further than the end of Satan's lease, since it was a removal of the blessing of having God as king under a Satanic lease. Once the lease has gone, then God is King rather than Satan period. Whereas the Kingdom Gentile Times and the Laodicean Gentile Times are maledictions preventing the 3rd Holy Spirit from being King under God. So God's chosen vassal is prevented from exercising kingship on behalf of God during those maledictions.

In conclusion a Gentile Times over God's people occurs when they have a ruler appointed over them by a foreign power who raises taxes for that power.

To demonstrate that the Hasmoneans were Kings in Israel consider the following map of Jerusalem from the time of Jesus. Notice the Hasmonean palace just to the left of the temple and to the right of Herod's palace.

For comparison, here is a map of Jerusalem today...

What is the Significance of 1914Tishri, 2520 years after the Gentile Times began?

Well the key here is to realise that the phrase...

know that the Most High is powerful/the authority [adjective used substantively - the potentate, the authority, the ruler] in the kingdom of mankind and that to the one whom he wants to, he gives it.

appears 3x in the account verbatim. It appears twice prefixed by the words "7x themselves will pass over you until you". The bible code tells us that a verbatim repeated phrase is a key symbolism. It also tells us to treat everything as distributively as possible.  It also tells us that ambiguities (such as being the authority - which could be either secular or sacred) are deliberate. So the key symbolic phrase should be read as follows...

7x themselves will pass over you until you know that the Most High is the [secular and the sacred] authority in the kingdom of mankind, 
7x themselves will pass over you until you know that to the one whom he wants to he gives it [the kingdom of mankind]

This gives us two end points, both after 7x. 
1. In 1914Tishri15, 7 Prophetic Times after 607Tishri15, the Signs of the Times of Matthew24 had been fulfilled by nation rising against nation in WW1. So the true church kenw tht the most high was ruler in the Kingdom of mankind by that sign at that time.
2. In 2022Tishri15, 7 Prophetic Times of Satanic secular rulership over God's people after 607Tishri15 (excluding the 10 years of the Jehoiachin exilic restoration and the 98 years of the Hasmonean liberation of Judea). Jesus can become Caesar to Abraham, Isaaic, Adam and Cain. Furthermore all who refuse the mark of the beast, registration for which begins on 2022Chislev23 have Jesus as Caesar. Because refusing the mark prevents paying any taxes to Satan2 as Caesar or obeying his rules since one cannot buy or sell, having no useable money. In fact we are freed from all Satan's laws by becoming outlaws for refusing the mark. Actually this means that the mark of the beast, when viewed spiritually, is a secular liberation - a positive thing!

The Watchtower had authority to make and enforce sacred law for the church from their installation to rule at Pentecost on 1905Sivan6, just as the law of Moses came into force at Pentecost on 1513Sivan7. But they were never the secular King of any Jehovah's Witness and neither was Jesus, because the Gentile Times of secular rulership of God's people was still in force throughout the entirety of the true church priesthood and the administration of the Watchtower. All JWs obey the secular rules of the nation to which they belong so long as they do not conflict with God's law (as interpreted or misinterpreted by the Watchtower).

So although 1914Tishri was not the end of the Gentile Times, it was a time when JWs knew that the most high was ruler in the Kingdom of mankind (since he owns Adam outright being his direct father). For WW1 fulfilled Matthew 24:7 and was the start of the Sign of the Times for the 2nd presence.

7 For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. (Matthew 24 NWT)

Watchtower Tax Exemption

There is an argument to be made that the Gentile Times did end actually on 1905Sivan6, because then they were installed to rule as sacred king and the Watchtower Society being a charity was not paying any tax to Caesar. Whereas the first Christian church would have paid tax to Caesar. The first Christian church does not appear to have been incorporated. The donations were just laid at the feet of the apostles who paid tax like anyone else. This is an interesting argument. But individual JWs including the members of the governing body do pay taxes to Caesar and are subject to his laws as is the Watchtower Society itself. So the charitable status of the Watchtower does not end the Gentile Times.

Nebuchadnezzar did suffer the 7 year malediction himself

There is secular evidence that King Nebuchadnezzar lost his sanity for 7 years from Wikipedia...


A clay tablet in the British Museum (BM34113) describes Nebuchadnezzar's behaviour during his insanity: "His life appeared of no value to him... then he gives an entirely different order... he does not show love to son or daughter... family and clan does not exist (Kendall K. Down, Daniel: Hostage in Babylon, p.30).There is also a notable absence of any record of acts or decrees by the king during 582 to 575 BC (Gleason Archer, Vol 7 Expositor's Bible Commentary)

Both the Continuous and the Discontinuous Gentile Times Maledictions began on 607Tishri15

This is because the 390 years of error of Jeroboam and Israel began on the first day of Booths, 997Tishri15, because Jeroboam made the political decision to forego that festival and instead to make up his own version of Booths starting a month later on 997Heshvan15...

26 And Jeroboam began to say in his heart: Now the kingdom will return to the house of David.
27 If this people continues going up to render sacrifices in the house of Jehovah in Jerusalem, the heart of this people will also be bound to return to their lord, Rehoboam the king of Judah; and they will certainly kill me and return to Rehoboam the king of Judah.
28 Consequently the king took counsel and made 2 golden calves and said to the people: It is too much for you to go up to Jerusalem. Here is your God, Oh Israel, that brought you up out of the land of Egypt.
29 Then he placed the one in Bethel, and the other he put in Dan.
30 And this thing came to be a cause for sin, and the people began to go before the one as far as Dan.
31 And he began to make a house of high places and to make priests from the people in general, who did not happen to be of the sons of Levi.
32 And Jeroboam went on to make a festival in the 8th month on the 15th day of the month, like the festival that was in Judah, that he might make offerings upon the altar that he had made in Bethel, to sacrifice to the calves that he had made; and he put in attendance at Bethel the priests of the high places that he had made.
33 And he began to make offerings upon the altar that he had made in Bethel on the 15th day in the 8th month, in the month that he had invented by himself [but not the day he invented for himsef. This was a counterfeit/replacement Booths festival]; and he proceeded to make a festival for the sons of Israel and to make offerings upon the altar to make sacrificial smoke. (1 Kings 12 NWT).

So 390 years of error of Ezekiel4 take us to 607Tishri15, when the 7 fold penalty for that error began.

4 And as for you, lie upon your left side, and you must lay the error of the house of Israel upon it. For the number of the days that you will lie upon it you will carry their error.
5 And I myself must give to you the years of their error to the number of 390 days, and you must carry the error of the house of Israel.
6 And you must complete them. And you must lie upon your right side in the second case, and you must carry the error of the house of Judah 40 days. A day for a year, a day for a year, is what I have given you. (Ezekiel 4 NWT)

The Dream is primarily about an Exedenic Times not a Gentile Times

Finally on 2015Nisan9, Gordon realised that a tree reaching the heavens providing food and then being cut down so as not to provide food is not a symbolism for the Gentile Times but is rather a symbolism for the Exedenic Times. For blessed food from trees was available to God's people in Eden and in the promised land - but not in between (due to the curse on the ground resulting from Adam's sin in the pre-flood system - which was ended by the flood of Noah. And due to no land being given to God's people - which could be blessed until 1473Nisan). For the scripture says...

9 Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree desirable to one's sight and good for food and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. (Genesis 2 NWT)

And then again...

11 And they began to eat some of the yield of the land the day after the Passover (1473Nisan15, the first Sabbath of Cakes), unfermented cakes and roasted grains, on this same day. (Joshua 5 NWT)

Actually on a Sabbath one should not harvest a field. So they must have harvested the grain for the cakes on 1473Nisan14, the Passover. This was food from a blessed land. Egypt had nice watermelons and fish... 

5 How we remember the fish that we used to eat in Egypt for nothing, the cucumbers and the watermelons and the leeks and the onions and the garlic! (Numbers 11 NWT)

But was not blessed by God so as to produce twice the normal harvest in the 6th year. And was not as good as Israel agriculturally...

5 And why have you conducted us up out of Egypt to bring us into this evil place? It is no place of seed and figs and vines and pomegranates, and there is no water to drink. (Numbers 20 NWT)

So the Exedenic Times ended on 1473Nisan14/15 and therefore started 7x360=2520 years earlier on 3993Nisan14/15 (Adam sinned on 3993Nisan14). 

But the tree had a band of copper and a band of iron around its rootstock, its stump. Now a band goes around the tree one time but has no beginning or end. So since 7x pass over these bands, there is a further period of 7x360=2520 years related to the copper band and a further period of 2520 years relating to the iron band. Well copper is the priestly metal (all the priestly utensils in the temple were made of it) so the copper band stands for the priesthood malediction of the Alienation Times. Whereas iron is the rulership metal, so the band of iron stands for a Kingship malediction. 

27 And he shall shepherd the people with an iron rod so that they will be broken to pieces like clay vessels, the same as I have received from my Father, (Revelation 2 NWT).

The account has no information about when these two further malediction start or finish - that being the symbolism of the two bands - which have no start or end. Also the bands are continuous and unbroken, so they represent 7x with no gap. The Exedenic, the Alienation and the Gentile Times are all isometric (the same length) since the bands each go around the tree trunk one time precisely. 



The Gentile Times began with the end of the physical sons of David having Kingship over Israel. Jehoahaz was the last King to represent God upon the throne of Judah. Jehoiakim represented Pharaoh Necho and was chosen by him.  

26 This is what the Sovereign Lord Jehovah has said: Remove the turban, and lift off the crown. This will not be the same. Put on high even what is low, and bring low even the high one. 
27 A ruin, a ruin, a ruin I shall make it. As for this also, it will certainly become no [one's] until he comes who has the legal right, and I must give [it] to him (Ezekiel 21).

Three ruins of Kings over God’s people. This may just refer to TCC1/2/3.

Incidentally Charles Russell may have correctly identified the great 2520 year malediction of Daniel 4 as the 'Gentile Times' of Luke, which is another way of saying the 'Appointed times of the Nations' of Luke, in a word symbolic thread:

24 And they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations, until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled (Luke 21).

But in the literal meaning this is the Israeli Gentile Times see U121.

Now God ceased having a vassal king that represented him over his people sometime before Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem and burnt the temple in 586Ab10 BC (13th August). In fact the first king over the Jews who did not represent God was Jehoiakim who acceded sometime between 608 Tishri BC (September/October) and 607 Elul (August/September), in fact it was on 608Chislev10 (13th November), see - [97]. So the last agricultural year of God's Kingship started in 608Tishri, and the first agricultural year without God as king over the seed of Abraham started on 607Tishri1 (23rd September). Jehoiakim was appointed by Pharaoh Nechoh of Egypt and was a vassal of his, see [121]. So the Gentile Times, the 7 Prophetic Times of God ceasing to be the King of his people, who are Abraham's seed, the manifestation of which was that a Gentile was their King, started in 607Tishri. So it would have ended in 1914Tishri (there was no 0BC it went 1BC then 1AD) - had it not been for the Hasmonean liberation from 145/144 BC to 46 BC. 

Russell was appointed as head of the faithful and discreet slave to feed God's official people at the proper time. This appointment/installation occurred on 1901Tishri2/Heshvan21, 2NC first fruits/Pentecost. Matthew refers to it, saying...

45 Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his master appointed over his domestics, to give them their food at the proper time?
46 Happy is that slave if his master on arriving finds him doing so. 
47 Truly I say to you, He will appoint him over all his belongings (Matthew 24).

The first appointment is to feed at the proper time, and then if this is carried out satisfactorily, the second appointment is over all belongings. 

Therefore this scripture in Revelation 11 refers to them in respect of one of the two witnesses:

1 And a reed like a rod was given me as he said: Get up and measure the temple [sanctuary] of God and the altar and those worshiping in it.
2 But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple [sanctuary], cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for 42 months [WW1].
3 And I will cause my 2 witnesses to prophesy 1260 days dressed in sackcloth.
4 These are [symbolized by] the 2 olive trees [holy spirit baptisms into 2 covenants] and the 2 lampstands [2 true churches of a presence] and are standing before the Lord of the earth.
5 And if anyone wants to harm them, fire issues forth from their mouths and devours their enemies; and if anyone should want to harm them, in this manner he must be killed.
6 These have the authority to shut up heaven that no rain should fall during the days of their prophesying, and they have authority over the waters to turn them into blood and to strike the earth with every sort of plague as often as they wish.
7 And when they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will make war with them and conquer them and kill them (Revelation 11).

For more on this and on Zechariah 4 see U151. Ok, the nations are trampling Jerusalem underfoot as in the case of Luke 21 above. And it was Elijah who shut up heaven for 42 months in the days of Ahab, and this prefigured Jesus ministry:

25 For instance, I tell you in truth, There were many widows in Israel [covenants with dead mediators exclusive to the inhabitants Israel, LCC, Law, JAC, ICC etc] in the days of Elijah, when the heaven was shut up [the Pharisees were silenced] 3 years and 6 months [from 33Nisan14 to 36Tishri14 when Cornelius was baptised], so that a great famine fell upon all the earth (ghn) [their teachings were shown to be of no nutritional value]
26 yet Elijah [1EC water baptism] was sent to none of those [women], but only to Zarephath in the land of Sidon to a widow [the Gentile call into the 1NC, the widow of Jesus]  (Luke 4).

17 Elijah was a man with feelings like ours, and yet in prayer he prayed for it not to rain; and it did not rain upon the earth (gh) for 3 years and 6 months [the baptism into the ICC through the law of Moses ended at the baptism of Jesus, so from 29Tishri10 to 33Nisan14, it did not rain upon the land of Israel, the congregation under law]
18 And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain and the earth (gh) put forth its fruit [the new heaven of FDS1 appointed on 33Nisan16, was able to give rain, causing its land, its new earth, its congregation to be baptised] (James 5).

So we can now apply the No Coincidences Principle and deduce that the 42 months of prophesying of each of these two witnesses is a direct antitype of Jesus' ministry. Here is the comparison:

Witness Appointed/Installed (by) Jesus to feed Started prophesying in sackcloth Appointed/Installed over some/all belongings Stopped prophesying in sackcloth Duration of Prophesying
Apostles ministry to Jews 29Tishri2/Heshvan21 33Nisan14: Jesus sacrificed. 33Nisan16/Sivan5 36Tishri14 Cornelius baptised 42 months, 1260 days
Watchtower ministry to Christendom 1901Tishri2/Heshvan21 1919VeAdar12/13 (Rutherford and WTBTS directors released from prison) 1905Nisan17/Sivan6 1922Elul13 (Cedar Point ADVertise speech by Rutherford) 42 months, 1260 days
Lords' Witnesses ministry to Watchtower 1996Nisan18/Sivan7 - U42  1992Elul11 First book: [Letter to Society] hand delivered to Watchtower HQ 1999Tishri2/Chislev21 - U42  1995Adar11 Gordon disfellowshipped 42 months, 1260 days
Laodicean ministry to the Watchtower or to 1NC reserves? 2019Ab21/Tishri11 - U42  2016Shebat21, when their 40 day spying on Zoar began. Then 1260 days of prophesying in sackcloth until 2019Ab21, when Laodicea was appointed to feed and rule over the 1NCs 2019Ab21/Tishri11: Re-appointed/installed to rule over the 1NC reserves and the dry sons of the 1AC - U42  They were re-appointed both to feed and to rule since God needs to test nobody twice. 2019Ab21 (appointed over the 1NCs). Also 2019Elul10 the start of the 3rd presence. One cannot mourn when the bridegroom is present 42 months, 1260 days

For more detail of the pattern of Jesus' life mapped onto the early history of the Watchtower - see U42.

The purpose of the above is to establish that Charles Russell became sacred (not secular) King over God's official people, Isaac's seed, the sons of the ICC, on 1905Sivan6, over 9 years before the end of the Continuous Gentile Times on 1914Tishri15.

Returning to the Symbolism of Daniel 4: The Seraph said to Isaiah, to say to this people not once, but again and again:

9 Go, and you must say to this people: Hear again and again, O men, but do not understand; and see again and again, but do not get any knowledge.
10 Make the heart of this people unreceptive, and make their very ears unresponsive, and paste their very eyes together, that they may not see with their eyes and with their ears they may not hear, and that their own heart may not understand and that they may not actually turn back and get healing for themselves.
11 At this I said: How long, O Jehovah? Then he said: Until the cities actually crash in ruins [2019Adar - see U271-11], to be without an inhabitant, and the houses be without earthling man, and the ground itself is ruined into a desolation; 
12 and Jehovah actually removes earthling men far away, and the deserted condition does become very extensive in the midst of the land. 
13 And there will still be in it a tenth, and it must again become something for burning down, like a big tree and like a massive tree in which, when there is a cutting down [of them], there is a stump; a holy seed will be the stump of it (Isaiah 6).

So people are blind and deaf and dull until cities crash in ruins and earthling man is removed far from God. Then there is a tenth, a holy seed, a stump of a big tree, a massive tree, which again becomes something for burning down, like Nebuchadnezzar did to Jerusalem. So the cut down or burned down stump is a holy seed, more than once, these seeds are Jacob, FDS3 and FDS4. A tenth is God’s farming percentage, at Armageddon. For the full decoding of Daniel 4 - see [136].

We do wonder whether the three 7x maledictions on man exist due to the gap between Adam's sin and the 3 big ransoms of Gabriel, Melchizedek and Michael.

3993 to 33 is 4025 years

3340 the birth of Methuselah (653 after 3993) and 969=1622 years

Cainan resurrected Shelah around 2309 BC (1684 after 3393) + 330 = 2014 years

Total number of years without one or other ransom is 7661 not 7560 which is 21x.