[358]   Exodus 14: Stretch out your hand and lift up your rod and 600 chosen chariots

1 Jehovah now spoke to Moses [Elijah4], saying:
2 Speak to the sons of Israel [all the saints, 1NC and 2NC], and they should turn back and encamp to faces of Pihahiroth [Place where reeds grow - LWs] between/in midst of Migdol [Tower - Watchtower] and between/in midst of the sea [the mass of mankind] to faces of Baal-zephon [Baal of the North, the contest of 1Kings18]. In front of it yeu are to encamp upon/by the sea [So go and camp between the Watchtower and the mass of mankind in view of the contest of 1kings18 and read the LW website].
3 And Pharaoh [ES2] will certainly say to/for/about the sons of Israel, 'They are wandering in confusion in the land. The wilderness has shut/closed in upon them [the LWs have become trapped by their attempts to get the bomb date].'
4 And I shall indeed let Pharaoh's heart [body part: sentence count trigger] become obstinate, and he will certainly chase after them and I shall get glory for myself by means of Pharaoh and all his military force; and the Egyptians [JWs] will certainly know that I am Jehovah. And they did correctly.
5 And it was reported to the king of Egypt that the people had run away. And the heart of Pharaoh and his servants was changed/turned [singular] towards the people, and they said: What is this that we have done [in] that we have sent Israel away from slaving of us? [we have lost all the saints, the sons of Israel, the 1NCs, the HLCs and the 2NCs. This was completed on 2022Sivan14, 300+300 denarii of perfumed oil on the Jesus' feet of John12 after 2020Tishri14, the start of the stolen 4EC for 2NCs in Reverted Laodicea] (Exodus14 adapted from NWT and Hebrew)

600 chosen chariots of Exodus 14:7 do not stand merely for 600 days for they each have a 3rd man and Pharaoh also took his people with him (we count everything taken by Pharaoh) and so we have 600 chosen chariots and 1800 men upon chosen chariots. These make 2400 days. But they are not called men they are called thirds.

6 And he proceeded to make namely his chariot ready [1x. This maybe his generalized chariot, i.e. his army of chariots], and he took namely his people with him [2x].
7 And he proceeded to take 600 of chosen/proven chariot and/even all of chariot/chariotry of Egypts [NOT 3x+3x=6x - because we know the number of them - it is 600.  So this must be 1x.] and thirds [masculine plural] upon all of him [Literally 600 chosen chariots with 1800 men aboard making 2400x. But counts as a further 1800x + 1x for upon all of him, the chariotry] 

Verse2: 12x+12x+12x+1x+1x+1x+1x+12x+1x+1x = 54x
Verse3: 12x+1x+12x = 25x.- when he says they are in the wilderness has shut them in - i.e. they are under a wilderness penalty.
Verse4: 1x+1x+12x+1x+1x+3x+12x = 31x
Verse5:1x+1x+3x.3x.12x = 110x
Verse 6: 1x+2x = 3x
Verse 7: 600x+1x+1800x+3x (Pharaoh's chariot) = 2404x
Total from verse 3-7: 54x+25x+31x+110x+3x+2404x = 2627x from 2016Nisan1, the start of the 40 month wilderness penalty for Laodicea of verse3, to 2023Tammuz18

The 3rd man either a 2NC (3rd in collection to 1NCs and HLCs) or is a late FRC Passover partaker.

600x of chosen chariots chasing after Israel, even all the chariots of Egypt, must run from 2022Sivan14, the end of 2NC entry into reverted Laodicea, to 2023Shebat14, the end of the seizing of JWs for Zoar, the end of Zoar entrance for JWs. the late Watchtower FRC Passover is 2023Chislev14. So JWs can only be sezied for LRC sealing in Zoar up until 2023Shebat14. That is their cut off date, Just as 2023Chislev14, is the cut off date for Zoar entry for Laodiceans.

8 And Jehovah bound/hardened the heart of Pharaoh, the king of Egypt [1x], and he went chasing after/behind [rxa] the sons of Israel [12x+1x=13x], and/while the sons of Israel were going out in/by hand uplifting [out of Adam into Abraham. 12x in 5x = 60x] 
9 And Egypts [dual, but here it is Egyptians 3x] went chasing after/behind them [12x+3x=15x], and reached them camping upon the sea, all the horse of chariot of Pharaoh and his cavalrymen and his military force, upon/at Pihahiroth to faces of/before/opposite Baal-zephon (Exodus 14 NWT). i.e. all the horse of chariot of Pharaoh and his cavalrymen and his military force reached them [whilst they were] camping upon the sea upon Pihahiroth opposite Baal zephon

Verse 8: 1x+13x+60x = 74x
Verse 9: 15x+1x+3x+1x+12x+12x.2x+1x+1x = 15x + 43x = 58x
Total from Verse3  2627x+74x+58x = 2627x+132x = 2759x from 2016Nisan1, the start of the 40 month Laodicean wilderness penalty, to 2023Chislev10 the late Watchtower FRC Passover, the last day of JW Zoar entry for FRC salvation, entry of the 3rd JW man, the late FRC man.

The chariots are charging through the scriptures. The are ridden by research groups. The Holy Spirit needing 2 or 3 gathered together (riding in a chariot). The wheels of the chariot are the new form of locomotion, the new form of bible interpretation. These charioteers must adopt the new LW and bible code methods of interpretation and throw away their old interpretational methodology.

The sentence count of Exodus 14: A stretched hand is 5x precisely. So a stretched hand upon/over the sea is 6x precisely? see U271-11#57

Laodicea is a dry land in the midst of the sea, a dry island, an ex true church