[100] The Midst Prophecy

Jesus died in the exact centre of the period of entry into First Abrahamic Covenant under Michael's 6,000 year lease (which is actually the period of adamic entry into said covenant). He died at the mid point between its inauguration, when Abraham crossed the Euprhates aged 75, and the end of the 6,000 year ARC headlease of Michael over Adam, upon which the world was founded. 

This can be generalised to: Jesus is temporally central in his 'salvation activities'

Some religions believe that the First Abrahamic Covenant of Genesis 12 lasts into the Kingdom of God. Well it is true that its blessing, which is to be a citizen of the Kingdom of God, continues through the kingdom of God, but it is not possible to enter into the covenant once the Kingdom of God has started. For it is a covenant of faith. The sons of the 1AC (First Abrahamic Covenant) are the sons of the faith of Abraham. They must put faith in a kingdom that has not yet arrived. Except that the Kingdom does not come observably so that defeats that argument. This one is better...

Jesus saves 50% of mankind through the FRC (the sealing covenant for the 1AC) whilst he owns Adam until 2008Nisan14. But after his headlease epxires he has no authority to save. So salvation by Michael into the 1AC ends on 2008Nisan14, which ends the midst prophecy..Hence the scripture says of the week of Daniel9 from 2008Nisan14-2008Nisan21...

27 And he must keep [the] covenant in force for the many for one seven; and at the half of the seven he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease. And upon the wing of disgusting things there will be the one causing desolation; and until an extermination, the very thing decided upon will go pouring out also upon the one lying desolate. (Daniel 9 NWT)

Jehovah kept it in force in the case of the 7 years of the LCC from 29Tishri10 to 36Tishri14 and Jehovah kept it in froce in the case of the 7 extra post ARC lease days of the 1AC from 2008Nisan14 to 2008Nisan21.

The Hebrew and Greek words: $wt and brq and mesw: all mean: midst, middle, centre, mid-point among or within depending on the context. When preceded by 'in', they mean 'in the midst of'. 

45 And I will tabernacle in the midst ($wt) of the sons of Israel, and I will prove to be their God. 
46 And they will certainly know that I am Jehovah their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt that I may tabernacle in the midst ($wt) of them. I am Jehovah their God (Exodus 29).

Here, God resides among the sons of Israel in the Tabernacle, the first moveable temple of God.

2 In the midst (brq) of the years Oh bring it to life! In the midst (brq) of the years may you make it known (Habakkuk 3).

In the middle of a period of years, something is resurrected, something is made known!

15 A prophet from your own midst (brq), from your brothers, like me, is what Jehovah your God will raise up for you ......... 18 A prophet I shall raise up for them from the midst (brq) of their brothers, like you, and I shall indeed put my words in his mouth (Deuteronomy 18).

This prophet was Jesus, he was raised up in the middle of his brothers!

3 And he said to the man with the withered hand: Get up and come to the centre (to meson) (Mark 3).
Jesus positioned himself in ‘the centre’.

27 I am in your midst (mesw) as the one ministering (Luke 22).

26 John answered them, saying: I baptize in water. In the middle (mesoV) of you one is standing whom you do not know (John 1). 

John baptised into the first Elijah Covenant (the 1EC) which was a subcovenant of the Isaaic Church Covenant (the ICC) - see I28, but he said to the Pharisees...

9 Do not presume to say to yourselves, as a father we have Abraham. For I say to you that God is able to raise children to Abraham from these stones (Matthew 3).

John meant that God can make children of the faith of Abraham, sons of the 1AC, from the stones of the church, who can baptise people in water as John did. The stones of a Christian church are not made of rock but are humans who if sanctified in holy spirit are living stones, and if merely water baptised, are dead stones. But everyone in the church is a stone! And every church stone can make children to Abraham. This procreative capability is in fact the very definition of a true Christian religion. 

So John tells us that Jesus stands in the middle of the sons of the 1AC (actually from the validation of the 1AC to the end of the world judiicially). And Habakkuk tells us that, 'in the midst of the years' something is brought to life and something is made known. Well Jesus was brought to life and God’s plan for salvation was made known by him, so he is the ‘something’.  So Jesus was resurrected and he made something known in the middle of a period of years to do with the sons of the 1AC. Plainly these years are the years of the 1AC in the wolrd from 1943Nisan14 to 2008Nisan14. The climax of Jesus’ ministry, was his death, and in fact Jesus died in the middle of the years of the 1AC. Of course he was raised 3 days later inclusively on 33Nisan16. But Habakkuk said in the midst of the years bring it to life, so he was speaking in years not in days.

Now we know that the 1AC started in 1943Nisan, when Abraham Crossed the Euphrates, and that Jesus died and was resurrected in 33 Nisan, precisely Hebrew 1975 years later.  So Armageddon is a further 1975 years after Jesus' death, i.e. 2008Nisan.

But we know that Immanuel, who was Jesus, the 30 year old non adamic human, was transferred so as not to see death at his baptism on 29Tishri10, with the entrance of Michael. His body, a slave’s form, was taken and used by Michael during his ministry. It became the validation sacrifice for the 1AC - see I28. Jesus died 3˝ years after his baptism on 33Nisan14. This was when his fleshly body validated the 1AC. His angelic body validated something much greater, ransoming Adam's angelic body, see I28. We know that the Jews left Egypt on 1513Nisan14 for the promised land, so it would be likely that Abraham left Mesopotamia for crossing the Euphrates into greater Canaan, the promised land, 430 years earlier on the same day, since we know it was the same month, that would be 1943Nisan14. 

So since we believe in the perfection of God, we trust that his Midst Prophecy will be exact to the day of the BLC. Now since Abraham crossed the Euphrates on 1943Nisan14, and since Jesus died on 33Nisan14, we deduce that entrance into the 1AC ends on 2008Nisan14. This is the end of a 6,000 year Passover of Adam and his children from 3993Nisan14 in accordance with the sacred Nisan1 calendar but it is not the end of Satan's 6,000 year sublease, resulting from the greater bowl of soup deal - see U17, which ran from 3989Nisan16 to 2012Nisan14.

Now beloved reader, can you see the great symbolism of this prophecy? For God's plan to save mankind rests entirely on the shoulders of one man, Jesus Christ. And in the case of those born after 1943BC, all are blessed through the 1AC. The 1AC rests entirely on the validation sacrifice that Jesus made as Michael. So given that the whole covenant is supported by one man, where should we place him underneath it to balance it all upon his shoulders? Obviously 'dead' centre by the principle of the see saw. So here it is:

492nd Jubilee from Adam's sin                  966th Jubilee from Adam's sin      1440th Jubilee from Adam's sin
Covenant inaugurated                                Jesus' sacrifice                              End of Michael's 6,0000 year ARC headlease on Adam
1943Nisan14 BC                                        33Nisan14 AD                               2008Nisan14 AD
 1975 BLC Years (474 monthly Jubilees)               1975 BLC Years 

So the end of the world is 2008March21/22. Actually the Kingdom of God started on 2008Nisan22, 1NC first fruits day, the day when Jesus married the first presence 1NC Kings in heaven. And Armageddon does not start until after God's people reach Zoar on 2012Sivan16 - see U154. For the Kingdom of God is the 1,000 year 'day' of destruction of ungodly men and judgement of many of those who enter it.

7 But by the same word the heavens and the earth that are now stored up for fire and are being reserved to the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men.
8 However, let this one fact not be escaping your notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as 1,000 years and 1,000 years as one day (2 Peter 3).

So: Cry out shrilly and shout for joy! Oh you inhabitress of Zion, for great in the MIDST of you is the Holy one of Israel (Isaiah 12:6).

So now we can see the greater meaning, the word symbolic meaning of God’s words to Moses:

45 And I will tabernacle in the midst ($wt) of the sons of Israel, and I will prove to be their God. 
46 And they will certainly know that I am Jehovah their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt that I may tabernacle in the midst ($wt) of them. I am Jehovah their God (Exodus 29).

Literally, God resides among the sons of Israel in the Tabernacle, the first moveable temple of God. In the word symbolism, his son Jesus resides among men in the midst of the First Abrahamic Covenant. For the repetition in verse 46 of the information contained in verse 45 has power. It has power through a greater symbolic meaning.

The central position of Jesus’ death in the midst of the Abrahamic covenant represents his pivotal and sole role as saviour of mankind through the Abrahamic covenant. Because if one wishes to support something by only one support then one has to put that support exactly in the centre of the thing. In other words the whole plan to save men is resting upon the shoulders of just one man, Jesus, and therefore he must be in the middle of this plan by a spiritual application of the principle of a see-saw. Is this not a wonderful symbolism? Jesus is always temporally central in his activities, this discovery is quite a powerful tool in bible Chronology. Here are some further examples of the Midst Prophecy

70th Week of Daniel 9:27

Tishri10, 29CE                        Nisan16, 33CE                       Tishri14, 36CE
Jesus Baptised                         FDS1 appointed                       LCC ends
                    42 months            X          42 months 

3950 years of entrance into the 1AC

1943Nisan14                           Nisan14, 33CE                       2008Nisan14
3950 years in 1AC start           End of Mosaic system             End of world judicially
                    1975 years          X          1975 years 

430 years in Egypt

1943Nisan14                           1728Nisan                               1513Nisan14
430 years in 'Egypt' start         Jacob enters Egypt                   Exodus
                    215 years            X          215 years 

7 year famine of Joseph in Egypt

1724Tishri                               1728Nisan                               1731Tishri
7 year famine starts                 Jacob enters Egypt                  7 year Famine ends
                    3.5 years              X          3.5 years 

The Abrahamic Faith Covenant lasts for 3950 years or 11 years of years (years wherein each of the 360 days is itself a year) less 10 years [3950 = 11x360 -10]. This is witnessed to in the tent cloths on the tabernacle. There is a further witness to the temporal centredness of Jesus, in the Arrival of Jacob in Egypt.

Jesus' body in Judea

2Heshvan21 BC           33Iyyar14                                     66Heshvan5-8
Jesus' body enters         Late Passover                            Cestius enters the temple and then leaves Israel
Bethlehem of Judea       What happened then?                Disgusting thing in holy place, Jesus 1NC body flees Judea for mountains of Perea
           33˝ years          X        33˝ years

20 Furthermore, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. 
21 Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains, and let those in the midst of her withdraw, and let those in the country places not enter into her (Luke 21).

15 Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,) 
6 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains (Matthew 24).

Perhaps something interesting happened on the late Passover in 33?

As regards the timing of Jacob's entrance into the land of Egypt in the middle of the 430 years, consider:

17 At this Abraham fell upon his face and began to laugh and to say in his heart: Will a man 100 years old have a child born, and will Sarah, yes, will a woman 90 years old give birth? (Genesis 17).

26 And after that his brother came out and his hand was holding onto the heel of Esau; so he called his name Jacob. And Isaac was 60 years old at her giving them birth (Genesis 25).

9 So Jacob said to Pharaoh: The days of the years of my alien residences are 130 years. Few and distressing the days of the years of my life have proved, and they have not reached the days of the years of the lives of my fathers in the days of their alien residences (Genesis 47).

So Isaac was born when Abraham was 100 i.e. 25 years after 1943 BC, i.e.1918 BC, and Jacob was born 60 years later in 1858 BC and he entered Egypt 130 years later in 1728 BC (things count backwards BC!).

So just as Jacob and his family came into the land of Egypt in the middle of the 430 year period of Abraham dwelling in Egypt, starting from the validation of the first abrahamic covenant and ending with the Exodus from Egypt, so Jesus and his family, the sons of the JAC, left the law of Moses and the Christian church they comprised became the only true religion on 33Nisan14 in the middle of the 3950 year period starting from the validation of the first abrahamic covenant to the end of the world on 2008Nisan14.

In other words, just as physical Jacob came into physical Egypt in the middle of the dwelling of the physical sons of Abraham in the 'land' of physical Egypt, so Jesus Christ, the spiritual Jacob, came (not as preacher and teacher) but as ransomer redeemer and sacrificer, giving his sacrifice in the middle of the baptising of the spiritual seed, the true seed of Abraham, the sons of the 1AC, therein. This baptising started with Abraham himself, when he crossed the river Euphrates entering and inaugurating the 1AC, and ends with the closing of the 1AC covenant entry on 2008Nisan14, the last day of the world.

9 It is like Moses said: Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree desirable to one's sight and good for food, and also the tree of life in the middle of the Garden (Genesis 2).

This is our gift to you the reader, to convince you that there is a newer covenant and a new baptism following after the first 'new' covenant and the baptism of the heavenly brothers. It is a covenant of gifts and a covenant of sacrificial smoke and a covenant of knots and difficult questions (Keturah means sacrificial smoke or knots, difficult questions).

1 Furthermore, Abraham again took a wife, and her name was Keturah (Genesis 25).

6 But to the sons of the concubines that Abraham had Abraham gave gifts. Then he sent them away from Isaac his son, while he was still alive, eastward, to the land of the East (Genesis 25).

For the gift of the midst prophecy does not belong to us because interpretations belong to God. But it was given to Gordon and Tony by Jesus through a new covenant - see I35, a covenant inaugurated after the end of the calls into the first New Covenant, the covenant for which we were sanctified, the second New covenant. Incidentally interpretations do not belong to Jesus, not everything is his to give, although he himself gives everything:

23 This sitting down at my right hand and at my left is not mine to give but belongs to those for whom it has been prepared by my father (Matthew 20).

It was a belonging of Jehovah not a belonging of Jesus, just like his interpretations. But Jesus does give these things at the direction of Jehovah for he himself said to his disciples after his resurrection:

18 All authority has been given me in heaven and on earth (Matt 28:18).

This was Jesus explaining that he now had Satan's firstborn rights. He has these permanently, whereas Satan had this authority temporarily, actually from the Big Bang until Adam's sin. John goes further into this logical minefield of who owns what and in what sense in John 16:12-16, we will leave the reader to puzzle it out. This is why FDS3 did not get this one and many others, because they were exclusive over Jesus, their master's, belongings, but they are certainly not exclusive over the belongings of God, which include his interpretations. Actually this was not why they did not get it, this was the legal justification in divine law for Jehovah to give it to whom he pleased. He desperately wanted to give it to FDS3, as did his son, their brother, but they did not want to know. Just as 50% of mankind will not want to know at Armageddon.

Jehovah was still present in the Midst of the JAC after the first presence of Jesus had ended

45 And I will tabernacle in the midst ($wt) of the sons of Israel, and I will prove to be their God. 
46 And they will certainly know that I am Jehovah their God, who brought them out of the land of Egypt that I may tabernacle in the midst ($wt) of them. I am Jehovah their God (Exodus 29).

32 And you must not profane my holy name, and I must be sanctified in the midst of the sons of Israel. I am Jehovah who is sanctifying (Leviticus 22)

34 And you must not defile the land in which you are dwelling, in the midst of which I am residing; for I Jehovah [Jehovah and his born again sons] am residing in the midst [temporal midst] of the sons of Israel [the sons of the JAC] (Numbers 35).

Now the JAC was made sometime after Jacob left Laban in 1762 and before Joseph had his dreams aged 17 in 1752. The first presence ended in 123Nisan, having a gap of 3.5 years in it (Daniel 12 - U152). The middle of the JAC is therefore half way between 1762/1752BC and 2008Ab AD. That is just outside of the first presence. So Jehovah was still residing amongst mankind in a temple of saints, living stones, in fact ELC saints after the 1NC saints had left and the HLC saints after the ELC saints had died. Saints are sons of God and so are God in ancestral terms.

31 At once he [Pharaoh] called Moses and Aaron by night and said: Get up, get out from the midst of my people, both you and the [other] sons of Israel, and go, serve Jehovah, just as you have stated. (Exodus 12).

The Spirit of God enters a foetus in the Midst of its gestation

Day0                                                     Day133                                    Day266
Conception                                           God's spirit is downloaded      Baby born
Sperm and Egg become one flesh      Foetus becomes human         Chord is cut. Woman no longer one flesh with the man physically
           133 days on average              X       133 days on average

19 weeks is 133 days. Please do not have an abortion after 17 weeks to be safe. See joining13.

30 years of LW Teaching

27 And it came about in/at/against noon/lights [literally double light dual] [2x] [from 2006Iyyar1-2006Sivan1 for the 1NC Contest day and from 2012Tishri5, the installation of Laodicea over Abraham to 2015Chislev14, the death of the LWs to Abraham and start of their transformation to non adamic Isaac for the general contest day. So both they and Laodicea were shining as light producers during the period from 2012Tishri5 to 2015Chislev14. Actually on 2006Iyyar1 and 2006Sivan1, Elijah did mock the prophets of Baal mercilessly in the Sign of Jonah letter and the Revised Sign of Jonah letter] and Elijah mocked in them [450x] and said/by saying [further specification]: Call ye in voice loud [450x], because a God he [is] [1x], because meditation [to him][1x], and because retirement [to him][1x] and because road [to him] [1x]. If not/alternatively/perhaps/maybe/peradventure [yl;Wa = al'+ + Aa = if not, where if is a particle of choice HALOT. So the sleeping and ought to wake up is an alternative status of Baal] [this is not 'If not because' he is asleep, for the word 'because' is omitted yet it is implied because these are alternatives] he is asleep and [ought to] wake up! [2x. If A then B is not (A and not B) which counts as  A+B]  
28 And they began calling in voice great [450x] and they self-cut [hithpolel reflexive verb] as/like/according to their custom in/with daggers [2x.450x one dagger each according to their custom singular] and in/with lances [2x 450x one lance each according to their custom singular], until blood flowed/was poured out upon them [1x+450x] (1 Kings 18 NWT).

Noon is the middle of the day and stands for the middle of the contest day, or the middle of the day of the contest. But it means double light in Hebrew and stands for the period of true light from both the LWs and Laodicea. 

Verse27: Noon mocking list counts as 2x.(450x+450x.(1x.1x+1x+1x)+2x) = 8x.450x+4x = 3604x = 10 years 4 days
Verse28: 450x+2x.450x+2x.450x+1x+450x = 6x.450x+1x=2701x = 7 years 6 months and 1 day.

1046305 DAYS: From the end of 1Kings18 contest noon mocking to the start of entrance into the North Inner Gates for ARC sealing of Laodicean 2NCs

Revised Sign of Jonah letter
Noon mocking ends when the fire sign
predictions for 2006Sivan11/12 are being tested
Michael's ARC blood STARTS being poured out onto
Laodicean 2NCs who become sealed into the ARC
ARC sealing for Laodicean 2NCs ends
1600 stadia of Revelation14 end - see U151#14
17 years 6 months 5 days (6305 days) of
the sentence count of 1Kings18:27-28
see U271-12#109


On 1992Elul11, Letter to the Society was hand delivered to Brooklyn by Massoud. On 2006Iyyar1, 4910 BLC days later the sign of Jonah letter was faxed to the Brooklyn Bethel and the bilateral contest day of 1Kings18 began. 30 days later the Revised Sign of Jonah letter was sent. These two letters were the noon mocking by Elijah of the prophets of Baal.

Letter to the Society Hand delivered to Brooklyn
GB meet
to discuss letter
1992Tishri2 (Sabbath)
Sign of Jonah letter faxed to Brooklyn
2006Iyyar1 (noon mocking starts)
The Revised sign of Jonah letter
2006Sivan1 (noon mocking ends)
Noon mocking ends
Predictions start
being tested
Late 3rd Watchtower Passover entry day.
End of 3EC baptism for 1NCs
All 1NCs are now collected in reappointed Laodicea
21 days from delivery until GB meet to consider 4889 Day Morning 30 days of actual noon mocking 10 days in mockery to 1st prediction 4889 Day Afternoon Total: 21+4889+30+10+4889 = 9839 days

The 1NC Contest day of 1Kings18 is the battle between the LWs and the JWs for the salvation of the 1NCs
The 2NC Contest day of 1Kings18 is the battle between the LWs and the JWs and Babylon for the salvation of the 2NCs104

2005Sivan14 (the fall of the Watchtower as a true church - when JWs became prophets of Baal) to 2012Heshvan5-2016Ab14 (contest noon, double light from the LWs and from Laodicea) from Zoar's installation to rule over Abraham to the death of LW Zoar to Abraham on 2016Ab14.


5UNILATERAL 6681 DAY CONTEST DAY OF 1KINGS18 BY SYMMETRY ABOUT NOON WHICH MEANS DOUBLE LIGHT IN HEBREW - which is the period of continuous double light in the middle of the contest

2005Sivan14 (the fall of the Watchtower as a true church - when JWs became prophets of Baal) to 2012Heshvan5-2016Ab14 (contest noon, double light for Abraham from the LWs and from Laodicea) to 2023Tebbeth5, the Isaaic Zoar Isaaic Pentecost. 

Watchtower becomes false church
Unilateral contest day begins
Adamic LWs and
Laodiceans die to Adam
and convert to Abraham
Laodicea installed over
Double light for Abraham
LW Zoar installed over Abraham
2012Heshvan5 (noon begins)
LWs die to Abraham
and convert to become Isaaic
2016Ab14 (noon ends)
Isaaic Zoar installed
over Abraham
2nd Isaaic Zoar Pentecost. Not sure what caused the 1st evening!
Elijah was answered between the 2 evenings. 
On 2023Adar14 with the 500th and 2024Nisan21 with the 501st
2023December21/22 (1st evening falls, sunset, not darkness)
2023Tebbeth5 (2023December22 at 03:25 winter solstice)
2520 days JW Exedenic Times 111 day installation gap 30 day installation gap Noon (double light for 1359 days) 111 day installation gap 2520 + 30 days Total: 2661 + 1359 + 2661 = 6681 days of contest day

36 And it cometh to pass, at/in/against the going up of the bloodless offering [the evening grain offering between the two evenings, between sunset and darkness, between the end of the 24 hour calendar day and the end of the 12 hour daylight day] [The 2 loaves of Pentecost here], and Elijah, the prophet drew near [1x+1x=2x. He draws near to God at the end of the LW Alienation Times on 2024Adar21, when he is permitted to draw near at the Isaaic Zoar 2NC Pentecost], and said 'Jehovah, Gods of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Israel [1x for Jehovah OR 3x for God of Abraham AND God of Isaac AND God of Israel. It is a double designation], this day [12 hour daylight day. The noun 'day' appears 3x in the account -  which has 3 threads due to the double designations Elijah, the prophet and Jehovah, God of Abraham etc., So it is not literal. We no longer make a distinction in the noun count between 12 hour day and 24 hour day] let it be known that thou [art] Gods (Elohim) in Israel [1x/3x], and I [am] thy servant [1x], and in thy word/words [3x - Kethib, 1x - Qere] [the Kethib, the written form, is plural. The Qere, the spoken form, is singular. Prayers are spoken not written. But scriptures are written not spoken] I have done all/the whole of [singular] these words/things [3x];
37 answer me [1x referring to Jehovah NOT referring to the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob] Oh Jehovah answer me [1x], and this people doth know that thou Jehovah [art] Gods (Elohim) [1x]; and thou hast turned their heart back [1x].' (1Kings 18)

Kethib/written (plural)            Qere/Spoken (Singular) 
^yr<b'd.biW          ^r>b'd.biW
ncmpc+2ms+p+c                      ncmsc+2ms+p+c
rb'D'B.w>            rb'D'B.w>
words + in/at + and                     word + in/at + and

36 And it cometh to pass, at/in/against the going up of the bloodless offering, and Elijah, the prophet drew near [Qal imperfect vuv consecutive], and said [Qal imperfect vuv consecutive] 'Jehovah, Gods of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Israel, this day let it be known that thou [art] Gods (Elohim - respectful plural) in Israel [3x], and I [am] thy servant [1x], and in thy word/words [3x - Kethib, 1x - Qere] I have done all/the whole of [singular] these words/things [3x];
37 answer me, Jehovah answer me [1x], and this people doth know that thou Jehovah [art] Gods (Elohim) [1x]; and thou hast turned their heart back [1x].' (1Kings 18)
Verse36: 1x+2x+1x.3x.(3x+1x+1x/3x.3x) = 3x+3x.7x/13x = 24x/42x
Verse37: 3x.1x+1x.1x+1x+1x = 6x
Total is 30x/48x for the Qere/Kethib count from 2024Adar21/2024VeAdar21 to 2025Nisan21, the 2nd fire sign to the 3rd.

God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Israel is short for God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Israel, which is short for God of (Abraham and Isaac and Israel) a tri God (like a tetrarch). So counts 3x. Alternatively it could also be short for God of Abraham AND God of Isaac AND God of Israel which counts 3x.

The word 'day' appears 3x in 1Kings18, which has two double designations in verse 36. So it is not literal (although it is used to mean 24 hour day and 12 hour daylight day in the account).

2005Sivan14 to 2023Adar14 our 500th prediction (and last failure) is 6750 days = 15x450 days = 18 years 9 months. 

Well we got the 501st main prediction on 2024Nisan21 at 11:07 and published it on 2024Nisan22. 2024Nisan20 was 1NC first fruits, when the grain offering goes up. We knew the 500th was too early on 2024Nisan20 due to the Isaaic Zoar sacred year being Tishri1 rather than Elul1. So the 7th month would be Nisan not Adar. But hearts were not turned around when the right predictions were made. They will be turned around when they are seen to come true. Because a wicked generation and an adulterer seek a sign. 

The first fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2010Chislev20-23 was a voice but not an answer. There was no voice and no answer prior to that sign. The 3rd fire sign presumably is the 2nd evening.

StartMorning length141 day Abrahamic
Installation Gap
Noon - Double Light111 day Abrahamic
Installation Gap
Afternoon lengthEnd of 24 hour calendar day (sunset)
2005Sivan14 (Unilateral)7 years2012Sivan14-Heshvan52012Heshvan5-2016Ab142016Ab14-2016Chislev5 7 years+30 days 2023Tebbeth5: Not sure what happened here to make this the 1st evening of the contest

The Hebrew word for noon means double light, not middle. So we can also define noon as the period of double light to Abraham from 2012Heshvan5, Abrahamic Zoar's installation over Abraham, to 2016Ab14, the death of the LWs to Abraham, the start of their non adamic Isaaic transformation from 2016Ab14-16 (which did not occur to the Laodiceans)5.

Jesus died dead centre of the 1AC measured by both the true solar and the ancient lunar calendar, the BLC

If we look at the First Abrahamic Covenant from the Solar Calendar (Gregorian) point of view we have 1943Nisan14 being April10 and 33Nisan14 being March31 and 2008Nisan14 being March21. So each half of the covenant is 1975 Solar years less 10 days. So Jesus died in the middle of the Abrahamic covenant to the day, as measured both by the BLC and the Gregorian (True Solar) Calendar!! We extend the Gregorian calendar backwards to 1943BC (without the Julian Gregorian gap from 1582October5-15)). It is just a true solar calendar.

Nisan 14, 1943 BCE                        Nisan 14, 33CE                                 Nisan14, 2008 CE
April 10 1943 BCE                           March 31 33CE                                 March 21 2008 CE
Covenant inaugurated                      Jesus' sacrifice                                   End of this system 
 1975 Solar Years less 10 days    X   1975 Solar Years less 10 days
          721,344 Solar days                             721,344 Solar days

Both half periods of the covenant are 10 days less than 1975 years with 493 Leap years and 20 Century years and 5 Quadracentury years. The Gregorian calendar has an extra day on February29 (a leap year) if the year is divisible by 4, but not if the year is a Century year unless it is a Quadracentury year. So the total number of Solar days in the 1975 Gregorian years in question less 10 days, in both cases is:

1975x365+494(Leap years 36 to 2008AD) - 20 (Century years) + 5(Quadracentury years) - 10 days = 721,344 days 
1975x365+494(Leap years 32 to 1941BC) - 20 (Century years) + 5(Quadracentury years) - 19 days = 721,344 days 

To get a true Solar calendar BC, since there was no 0BC, we take 1BC as 0, and 101BC as -100 etc. So we just move the leap years one year back BC.

SO YES THE MIDST PROPHECY WORKS IN THE BLC AND IN ANY TRUE SOLAR CALENDAR: There are 1975x360 = 711,000 BLC days and 721,344 solar days either side of Jesus' sacrifice to the start and to the end of entrance into the 1AC under Michael's ARC lease.

25 Also, there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth anguish of nations, not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and [its] agitation (Luke 21).

So Jesus' death is dead centre of the 1AC as measured by the Biblical lunar Calendar and as measured by a true Solar calendar. That is astonishing. Presumably there is some astral centredness going on here too??

Please check this prophecy out with our Biblical Lunar Calendar!

Here is a table of Passover dates showing how unlikely it is that a central lunar day is also a central solar day...

Number of Solar days in these 1975 BLC years  - 1975 BLC years (BC) Date  + 1975 BLC years (AD) Number of solar days in these 1975 BLC years
721,344 1943Nisan14 33Nisan14 2008Nisan14 721,344
721,345 1942Nisan14 34Nisan14 2009Nisan14 721,373
721,345 1941Nisan14 35Nisan14 2010Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1940Nisan14 36Nisan14 2011Nisan14 721,373
721,374 1939Nisan14 37Nisan14 2012Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1938Nisan14 38Nisan14 2013Nisan14 721,343
721,343 1937Nisan14 39Nisan14 2014Nisan14 721,373
721,373 1936Nisan14 40Nisan14 2015Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1935Nisan14 41Nisan14 2016Nisan14 721,345
721,344 1934Nisan14 42Nisan14 2017Nisan14 721,374
721,345 1933Nisan14 43Nisan14 2018Nisan14 721,344
721,345 1932Nisan14 44Nisan14 2019Nisan14 721,373
721,374 1931Nisan14 45Nisan14 2020Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1930Nisan14 46Nisan14 2021Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1929Nisan14 47Nisan14 2022Nisan14 721,373
721,373 1928Nisan14 48Nisan14 2023Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1927Nisan14 49Nisan14 2024Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1926Nisan14 50Nisan14 2025Nisan14 721,374
721,374 1925Nisan14 51Nisan14 2026Nisan14 721,345
721,345 1924Nisan14 52Nisan14 2027Nisan14 721,344
721,345 1923Nisan14 53Nisan14 2028Nisan14 721,373
721,345 1922Nisan14 54Nisan14 2029Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1921Nisan14 55Nisan14 2030Nisan14 721,373
721,373 1920Nisan14 56Nisan14 2031Nisan14 721,344
721,343 1919Nisan14 57Nisan14 2032Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1918Nisan14 58Nisan14 2033Nisan14 721,373
721,374 1917Nisan14 59Nisan14 2034Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1916Nisan14 60Nisan14 2035Nisan14 721,345
721,345 1915Nisan14 61Nisan14 2036Nisan14 721,373
721,374 1914Nisan14 62Nisan14 2037Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1913Nisan14 63Nisan14 2038Nisan14 721,373
721,373 1912Nisan14 64Nisan14 2039Nisan14 721,343
721,343 1911Nisan14 65Nisan14 2040Nisan14 721,344
721,343 1910Nisan14 66Nisan14 2041Nisan14 721,374
721,373 1909Nisan14 67Nisan14 2042Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1908Nisan14 68Nisan14 2043Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1907Nisan14 69Nisan14 2044Nisan14 721,374
721,374 1906Nisan14 70Nisan14 2045Nisan14 721,344
721,345 1905Nisan14 71Nisan14 2046Nisan14 721,343
721,374 1904Nisan14 72Nisan14 2047Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1903Nisan14 73Nisan14 2048Nisan14 721,343
721,343 1902Nisan14 74Nisan14 2049Nisan14 721,373
721,372 1901Nisan14 75Nisan14 2050Nisan14 721,344
721,343 1900Nisan14 76Nisan14 2051Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1899Nisan14 77Nisan14 2052Nisan14 721,373
721,373 1898Nisan14 78Nisan14 2053Nisan14 721,344
721,344 1897Nisan14 79Nisan14 2054Nisan14 721,344
721,345 1896Nisan14 80Nisan14 2055Nisan14 721,373
721,374 1895Nisan14 81Nisan14 2056Nisan14 721,343
721,344 1894Nisan14 82Nisan14 2057Nisan14 721,373

To download the BLC and check this for yourself - see Download.  The Metonic cycle (discovered by the Greek mathematician - Meton) reveals that every 19 years, lunar and solar cycles/calendars coincide. In the table above we have 3 in 50 years (i.e. 1 in 16.666 years). But we started with a coinciding day so this pretty much confirms Meton's theory. So the Passover will be central in both the lunar and the solar calendars around 1 in every 19 years. So there was a 1 in 19 chance of that happening in the middle of the years of the Abrahamic Covenant and it did.