[108] The 2:1 Temple (Sanctuary) Ratio Prophecy of Emmanuel Diaz Sanchez

Applying the temple ratio prophecy to the 6 day/night working week of Genesis1


'When the solution is simple, God is answering' - Albert Einstein

1 And a reed like a rod was given me as he said: Get up and measure the temple [sanctuary] of God and the altar and those worshiping in it (Revelation 11).

Seems like a good idea...

From the door of the tabernacle sanctuary of Moses to the curtain which divided the Holy from the Most Holy was 20 cubits. From the curtain to the far end of the Most Holy was 10 cubits. So the whole tabernacle was 30 cubits long and actually 10 cubits wide. The Holy chamber was twice a long as the Most Holy chamber. This ratio was preserved in Solomon's temple...

16 Further, he built 20 cubits at the rear sides of the house with boards of cedar, from the floor up to the rafters, and built for it inside the innermost room, the Most Holy.
17 And it was 40 cubits that the house proved to be, that is, the temple in front of it. (1 Kings 6 NWT).

Now we are told by Paul that...

19 Therefore, brothers, since we have boldness for the way of entry into the holy place by the blood of Jesus,
20 which he inaugurated for us as a new and living way through the curtain, that is, his flesh,
21 and since we have a great priest over the house of God (Hebrews 10).

So the temple curtain symbolises Jesus' flesh. Jesus' flesh first appeared when he was born sometime in 2Tishri/Heshvan BC, becoming a soul of flesh separate from his mother. Now Jesus; body itself became the temple of Christianity, made up of the living stones of the 1NC...

18 Therefore, in answer, the Jews said to him: What sign have you to show us, since you are doing these things?
19 In answer Jesus said to them: Break down this temple, and in 3 days I will raise it up.
20 Therefore the Jews said: This temple was built in 46 years, and will you raise it up in 3 days?
21 But he was talking about the temple of his body.
22 When, though, he was raised up from the dead, his disciples called to mind that he used to say this; and they believed the Scripture and the saying that Jesus said (John 2).

Now Jesus we know was the last Adam, not the second Adam (who was Jared, who was Melchizedek) but the last Adam, the last human to be non adamic as we say, which means to be a son of Man, a son of pre-fall Adam, but not a son of post-fall Adam, not a son of sinful ageing flesh...

45 It is even so written: The first man Adam became a living soul. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit
46 Nevertheless, the first is, not that which is spiritual, but that which is physical, afterward that which is spiritual.
47 The first man is out of the earth and made of dust; the second man is out of heaven.
48 As the one made of dust [is], so those made of dust [are] also; and as the heavenly one [is], so those who are heavenly [are] also.
49 And just as we have borne the image of the one made of dust [Adam] [so] we shall bear also the image of the heavenly one (1Corinthians15).

So Adam was the first Jesus, looking at the situation from his angle. So if the body of the last Adam is a temple, then so was the body of the first Adam.

The first Adam became a living soul sometime around 4027Tishri1 BC. Hence the Tishri1 calendar.

Jesus was born on 2Heshvan21 BC because, then he was circumcised on the 8th day which by Hebrew counting is 2Heshvan29, since the first day is 2Heshvan22. Whereas Peter was sanctified on 29Heshvan29 the day of the Jewish call when Jesus was 30 years old by Jewish registration precisely to the day. This was when the water was turned into wine at Cana, symbolising the Jewish call into the 1NC and coincident with that call. That was Jesus' first miracle and you cannot do a miracle unless you are a priest and you could not be a priest under law until you were 30 - which he became on 29Tishri1 by Hebrew reckoning - except that he was non adamic. 

Now the Jewish call lasted for 30 years precisely from the 30, 60,100 fold in the parable of the sower. But Jesus' actions are all temporally central since the whole plan for man rests upon his shoulders and so he is the fulcrum - see U100

3 And he said to the man with the withered hand: Get up and come to the centre (to meson) (Mark 3).
Jesus positioned himself in ‘the centre’.

So he instigated the Jewish call dead centre of the period from his circumcision/registration/naming to the end of that call (the end of Jewish naming into the 1NC, to be the Jewish part of his wife, his flesh, his body). So he was indeed circumcised on 2Heshvan29 and he was born on 2Heshvan21 BC. 

Daniel12:12 insists that we get a blessing at the end of 1335 days after a day when we started being in expectation. 

We were in expectation of something from 2008Nisan14. We thought at the time that the Kingdom secular year would combine with the Kingdom sacred year and that both would start on 2008Tishri1, which would be the first day of the Kingdom under this new combined calendar. But that was incorrect and our expectation should be justified. So justified expectation must have started on 2008Tishri2, 2NC first fruits, when the first presence 3rd Holy Spirit was appointed as kingdom priests to both the LWs and Laodicea, the divided sons of the 4EC. Such an appointment could be expected to give us non adamic kingdom bodies. 

12 Oh the blessednesses/happinesses of him who is keeping-expectation/waiting and who reaches/touches the 1335 days [one assumes the far end of the 1335 days i.e. day 1335 or day 1336 after 2008Tishri1 or 2008Tishri2, inclusively - since first fruits is always counted as day 1 - of the Kingdom i.e. 2012Sivan16/17. For more see U152] (Daniel12).

Satan's lease and the ministry ransom deal were the only two things preventing a son of the ICC from getting the body he is covenanted to receive. For God does not resurrect sons of Adam as non adamics whilst Satan has authority over them. The ministry ransom deal expired on 2014Heshvan20, 1266 days of the miracle ministry length after the expiration of Satan's lease on 2012Nisan14 - see U27.

So there we were all are bearing the image of the first Adam, worshipping in the temple of his flesh. So let us take the door to the temple as the birth of the flesh of Adam. Then the 20 cubit length of the Holy stands for 4025 years and 6 to 66 days until the curtain which was Jesus' flesh appeared. The 10 cubit length of the Most Holy would therefore stand for  2012½ years and 3 to 33 days from the temple curtain, the birth of Jesus, the beginning of his flesh, until the end of Adam's flesh in some way at its far wall. 

Now in order to get the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy to end on 2012Sivan15/16 it has to work like this...

4027Tishri2 to 2Heshvan21 is 4025 years and 49 days. Then we add 2012½ years and 24½ days and get 2012Sivan15/16. 

54THE 2:1 TEMPLE RATIO PROPHECY FOR BIRTHS (taking the temple curtain of Jesus' flesh to be the non adamic flesh of Immanuel that Michael possessed at baptism, which flesh lasted 33½ years and defines the start of the Christian era) 

2NC first fruits
Adamic Holy Starts
Adam born
2NC Pentecost. Temple
curtain (Jesus' flesh) begins
Jesus born in Bethlehem
2November20/21 BC
2Heshvan21 BC
Law Passover
Caiaphas sacrifices Jesus
Jesus flesh ends on earth
33April1 (Friday)
Zoar Passover
Adamic Most Holy ends
True churches die to Adam
1st day of Zoar Cakes/Zoar first fruits
Non Adamic Abrahamic flesh begins (Jubilee edenic restoration is complete)
All true church congregations born again non adamically (Laodiceans and Lords Witnesses)
4025 years 49 days (40 cubits) 2012½ years 24½ days (20 cubits) 40 cubits Holy chamber length: 20 cubits Most Holy chamber length = 2:1

We take the start of the curtain as defining the division between the Holy and the Most Holy and we permit the curtain to extend 33½ years into the Most Holy.

THE 2:1 TEMPLE RATIO FOR ADAM IN GOD'S FAMILY (taking the temple curtain of Jesus' flesh to be Adam under Michael's ARC lease, during which Jesus possessed Adam as leaseholder over him) 

2NC first fruits
Adamic Holy Starts
Adam born
Adam 'circumcised'
Adam Registered
into God's family
Adam sins and goes
into Adamic death
leaving God's family
3993Nisan14 BC
Michael's 6004 year ARC lease
over Adam begins on first fruits
Adam becomes Jesus' flesh
3993Nisan21 BC
Michael's extended 6004 year
ARC lease over Adam ends.
Adam ceases being Jesus' flesh
2nd crop Passover of
Revelation22. Late
Laodicean Passover. Last
Laodicean FRC is executed
Ark rapture of 2nd crop of Revelation22
2½ days after the 2nd crop Passover
The end of Laodicean FRC salvation
7 days
to registration
33½ years + 5 days
(40 cubits)
7 days
as an orphan
6004 years
16¾ years 2½ days
(20 cubits)
40 cubits Holy chamber length
20 cubits Most Holy chamber length = 2:1

So the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy gives us the date of the 1st escape from Adam into Abraham on 2012Sivan16 and the date of the last such escape from a satanic Caesar in this world, to a Caesar representing God (as is the right of members of God's family) for Laodiceans on 2028Tebbeth16. For the first shall be last. This appears to show that late partakers are executed when they partake. So the tree of life can double crop in a month.

THE 2:1 TEMPLE RATIO FOR CHRISTIAN ADAM (taking the temple curtain of Jesus' flesh to be the non adamic flesh of Immanuel that Michael possessed at baptism, which flesh lasted 33½ years)  

Adam sins and God makes him
a 960 year maximum lifespan
long garment of adamic flesh skin
3993Nisan14 BC
2NC Pentecost ( + 8 days?).
Temple curtain Jesus' ( circumcised?) begins
Jesus is born (registered ?) in Bethlehem
2Heshvan21 (2Heshvan29?)
Jesus ascends
after 40 days of Acts1.
Jesus' flesh ends on earth
The late Christian FRC Passover execution
The end of Christian FRCs.
3991 years 7 months 7 days
(40 cubits)
33½ years plus 4 days of Jesus'
non adamic flesh
1995 years 288½ days
(20 cubits)
40 cubits Holy chamber length
20 cubits Most Holy chamber length = 2:1

Births: 4027Tishri2 to 2Heshvan21 BC (4025 years 49 days: Adam's birth to Jesus' birth) to 2012Sivan15/16 (2012½ years 24½ days: Jesus' birth to non adamic Abraham's birth, the start of the escape of Adam into non adamic Abraham). Taking the curtain of Jesus' non adamic flesh as defining the start of the Christian era and extending 33½ years into that era
God's family: 4027Tishri9 (Adam 'circumcised'/registered) to 3993Nisan14 BC (33½ years 5 days: Adam's registration entrance to his sin exit from God's family) then 6000 year curtain of Adam being owned/possessed by Jesus and therefore being Jesus' flesh, to 2012Nisan14, the end of Michael's extended ARC lease. Then 2012Nisan14 to 2028Tebbeth16 (16¾ years 2½ days - Passover is at midnight on 2028Tebbeth14, the end of the escape from Adam into non adamic Abraham for Laodicean FRCs.
Christian Adam: 3993Nisan14 (Adam sins and God makes him a 960 year long garment of flesh) to 2Heshvan21 BC (Jesus' non adamic flesh is born to Mary): 3991 years 217 days) and 33Iyyar25 (Jesus' ascension) to 2028Adar14/15 (the late Christian Passover execution/resurrection, the end of Christian FRC salvation): 1995 years 288½ days).


Adam sins - evicted from Eden
Denied access to tree of life
3993Nisan14-17 BC
1st month of Adamic Jubilee system
Adamic monthly Jubilee systems begins
3993Iyyar1 BC
1st Adamic Jubilee month
50th month of Jubilee system
Adam installed high as priest to mankind
3989Sivan5 BC (granted access to tree of life)
Adamic to Abrahamic Passover: True church Adam becomes non adamic Abrahamic
Adamic Sabbath begins from working for God in a priestly capacity
2012Sivan14-16 AD
1 month 49 months 6000 year working week of  Adam for God

2012Sivan is the 1st adamic Jubilee of the post ARC lease Kingdom.


Learning good and bad begins
Adam appointed high priest over Adam and Cain
Satan's 6,000 year sublease begins
Satan appointed Caesar over Adam and Cain
3989Nisan16 (must follow a Great Sabbath)
1st Adamic Jubilee month
50th month of Jubilee system
Adam installed high as priest to mankind
3989Sivan5 BC (granted access to tree of life)
6000 year
lease ends
1NC first fruits
Jesus appointed
Caesar to Adam
2nd 1NC first fruits
Jesus appointed
Caesar to Cain
1NC Pentecost
Jesus installed as
Caesar to Adam
Adamic to
2nd 1NC Pentecost
Jesus installed as
Caesar to Cain
Cainian to
Satan's 6000 year sublease over Mankind 2nd 1NC Pentecost: Cain is under Adamic death

Furthermore this means that Adam was born on Tishri2, 2NC first fruits day and Jesus was born on Heshvan21 the 2NC Pentecost. That is fitting as the 2NC is for human saints, whereas the 1NC is for angelic saints in the Kingdom. And Adam was the first fruits of mankind whereas Jesus was the first ripe fruits of mankind. So the birthday of Jesus should be a Pentecost with respect to the birthday of Adam. And now it is. It is the 2NC or the human Pentecost.

In this way the first first fruits day, Adam's birthday is the last first fruits day, the 2NC first fruits festival.

Finally 2012Sivan15 was the Venusian transit day when Venus (the Roman Goddess of Love) became a black ball travelling across the face of the sun from 22:09 on June5 to 04:49 on June6 GMT. So love went right across Jesus' face upon that day, for Jesus said: I am the light of the world, and the light of the world is the Sun. And he is the greater luminary of Genesis1 dominating the day whereas Satan is the lesser luminary dominating the night. Love crossed his face as his true church had their bodies changed so as to be Isaaic non adamic.

2012Sivan15/16, was therefore the day when the sons of the ICC, those in the temple, leave Adam's body and become non adamic. In other words we get the father that we are the sons of. We got a non adamic Abrahamic body on that day and then we got a non adamic Isaaic body on 2013Sivan16. The sons of the CRC then get a reverse ageing Methuselaian body after the ark has come to rest on the mountains of Zoar. Well the ark comes to rest on 2019Tishri17 (the 17th day of the 7th month of the sacred year) on the 2NC mountain of Zoar and again on the autonomous Laodicean/1NC mountain. It is only when the ark is at rest upon both mountains of Zoar, that we can start reverse ageing. The mountains of Ararat are the administrations of curse reversed - Hallelujah Halleluyeshua, Hallelumethuselah, Hallelumelchizedek.

The first Jubilee of the sacred ARC Kingdom Sabbath, the 50th month from the first whole month, from 2008Iyyar1, is 2012Sivan. In that month we were released from Adam and became non adamic. A Jubilee releases on the 10th of the month. 2012Sivan10 would have been when the Adamic to Abrahamic Passover victims enter the house. We must have entered Zoar on that day as adamic humans and been sacrificed in that house at the Passover on 2012Sivan14. So the Zoar congregation began on 2012Sivan10, the Jubilee release day, the release to Jehovah from Adam. Those who are water baptised after 2012Sivan14 become non adamic on the 3rd day counting from their baptism as day 1. The unclean FRCs and OMCs become non adamic at the 12 Passovers from 2028Chislev14-16 to 2029Heshvan14-16, the 12 crops of the tree of life of Revelation22. Entrance into the early 1st Laodicean FRC Passover on 2028Heshvan14 begins on 2028Heshvan10, late Atonement day and the late 1st Jubilee release day for Adam being in God's family (with a 6004 year extended ARC lease gap from 3993Nisan14 to 2012Nisan14). 

However a working week lasts for 6,000 years, 1,000 year for a day. It does not last for 6,000 year plus 50 months. So we must revisit when the sacred working week for Adam began...

Applying the temple ratio prophecy to the 6 day/night working week of Genesis1

Here is a sentence which has taken me 32 years to construct...

"We can deduce that the end of the world is 2033Nisan14 by applying the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy to the 6000 year salvational working week of Genesis1, with the temple curtain being Jesus' death on 33Nisan14".

There are 6x 7500 year long dark universe creative nights and 6x 26060.6060606 light universe creative days and 6 millennial recreative (salvational) days of Genesis1. It has these 3 fulfilments which are laid out in U234.

The double designation required for the 2 word threads (in addition to the literal thread - making 3 threads - giving 3 interpretations of Genesis1) occurs in verse27

27 And God proceeded to create the man in image of him, in  image of God he created him; male and female he created them. (Genesis 1 NWT)

We know from 2 Peter3 that there is a 6000 year kingdom salvation week and then the 1000 year Kingdom begins at which point it is too late to be saved into it, other than from Gehenna.

8 One but this (thing) not let it be lying hidden to you, loved (ones), that one day beside Lord as thousand years and thousand years as day one. (2 Peter 3 KIT)

So all we have to do is find out when this 6000 year week began and we will know when it ends.

For this we simply apply the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy to the hexamillennial working week and split it 4 days then 2 days: The Holy then the Most Holy.

Then identify Jesus' flesh as the temple curtain which divides the temple and the therefore the week 2:1. So Jesus' flesh divides the 6000 year week at the 4000 year mark. 

19 Having therefore, brothers, outspokenness into the way into [the holy] of the holies [the most Holy] in the blood of Jesus,
20 which he innovated to us way freshly slaughtered and living through the curtain, this is of the flesh of him, (Hebrews 10 KIT)

19 Therefore, brothers, since we have boldness for the way of entry into the most holy by the blood of Jesus,
20 which he inaugurated for us a freshly slaughtered and living way through the curtain, that is, his flesh, (Hebrews 10 LWT)

This tells us that Jesus died 4000 years into the week. We take his flesh to be the sacrifice of his flesh here. For that sacrifice ripped the temple dividing curtain in two.

38 And the curtain of the sanctuary was rent in 2 from top to bottom. (Mark 15 NWT)

So the end of the 4th recreative day is 33Nisan14. So the end of the working week in 2033Nisan14. Then the Kingdom of God is appointed/installed over non adamic Abraham on 2033Nisan16/Sivan5.

And we have used the temple ratio prophecy and the day for a thousand year substitution of 2 Peter 3 to deduce the date of the end of the world as 2033Nisan14. It is the most fundamental proof we have got.

That is the simplest and most straightforward proof of our present chronology. I originally deduced that Jesus died at the end of the 4th recreative day because he is the light of the world and Satan is his poor reflection and both luminaries appeared in the 4th day and Michael and Satan appeared together both possessing humans at the last supper. And because when Jesus died, the light of the world was ended and so the morning of the 4th recreative day ended, which means the 4th recreative day ended. 

But there is nothing stopping us applying the temple ratio prophecy to the light universe working week and deducing that fleshy souls (initially of animals) came into existence at the end of the 4th human/earthly /light universe creative day
And there is nothing stopping us applying the temple ratio prophecy to the dark universe working week and deducing that spirit souls (initially of angelic animals - whatever they are) came into existence at the end of the 4th angelic/heavenly/dark universe creative night.

We have gone towards the end as Daniel was instructed. And God has taken us there and proven to us that he has taken us there with this 2:1 temple ratio prophecy confirmation.

Applying the 2:1 Temple Ratio Prophecy to the Recreative Week of Genesis1

Abelian Faith Covenant made between
Adam (aged 58) and Abel (aged 21)
First system salvation covenant made
Salvation of adamic mankind begins
1st salvational recreative day begins
3968Nisan14 BC
Jesus sacrificed by Caiaphas
End of the 4th recreative day during which the sun
(Jesus) and the moon (Satan) appear to humans
Jesus' sacrificial flesh is the temple curtain
which gets ripped in 2 when he dies
God accepts Jesus'
angelic sacrifice.
God starts to give
angelic souls to humans
Absolute end of Adam
by Passover execution
1st death Passover
4x 1000 year recreative days (Holy) 2x 1000 year recreative days (Most Holy) 4000+2000 = 6000

Applying the 2:1 Temple Ratio Prophecy to the Creative Week of Genesis1

God invents Causal or part causal time
But does not subject creation to it until the
light Big Bang on 147,327Chislev14 BC (real)
1st light universe creative day begins
160,357Ab25 BC
4th creative day, during which the sun
and the moon become visible on earth, ends
5th creative day begins
God starts to make fleshly souls for animals.
4,690,926,114 BC (apparent)
56,115Tebbeth28 (real)
Adam sins and dies adamic death.
God rests from his light universe creative works
ARC is made and Adam's death is then passed over by resurrection.
6th creative day ends
7th creative day begins
3933Nisan14 BC
4x 26060.606060 year creative days (Holy) 2x 26060.606060 year creative days (Most Holy) 104,242424242 + 52,121.121212 = 156,363.636363 years

Applying the 2:1 Temple Ratio Prophecy to the Dark Universe creative Week of Genesis1

God invents 100% undo time,
100% non causal divine time
But does not subject creation to it until
the dark Big Bang on 188,577 Chislev14
1st dark universe/angelic
creative night begins
192,327Chislev14 BC
God starts to make angelic/spirit souled
heavenly animals
End of the 4th dark creative night
during which the sun (Jesus)
and the moon (Satan) appear to humans
The 5th angelic/dark universe creative night begins
The light universe Big Bang occurs
The morning of the 1st light universe creative day begins
The angel Michael is born
God rests from his angelic creative works
The 6th angelic/dark universe creative day ends
The 1st angelic/dark universe Sabbath begins
147,327Chislev14 BC (real): 23,454,562,478 BC (apparent)
4x 7500 year  dark creative night (Holy) 2x 7500 year dark creative nights (Most Holy) 30,000+15,000 = 45,000 years


Adam was installed as priest to his family on 3989Sivan5, the Pentecost, and the first member of his family was baptised on 3989Sivan10, Jubilee release day in the first 50 month Jubilee of Michael's 6,000 year headlease

16622 And Jehovah God went on to say: Behold! The man [1x] has become like one [1x] from us [2x - Jehovah and his wife, the 1st Holy Spirit] towards knowing of to be good and [knowing of to be] evil [2x], and now in order that he may not put his hand out [5x] and actually take [fruit] also from the tree of life [1x] and eat [1x] and live to time indefinite [1x], -- (Genesis 3 NWT)

23 And Jehovah God put him out of the garden of Eden to cultivate the ground from which he had been taken [1x]. (Genesis 3 NWT)

(1x+1x.2x ).2x.(5x+1x+1x+1x)+1x = 49x. 49 months. Then he gets a priesthood which gives him access to the tree of life (by putting his hand out to God) on the Jubilee, the 50th month, the release to Jehovah for Adam 3989Sivan, the first Jubilee under Michael's 6,000 year lease from 3993Nisan14 to 2008Nisan14. The Jubilee could also be looked at as a Pentecostal installation period in months.

So the sacred working week of Adam ran for 6,000 years from 3989Sivan5 to 2012Sivan14, when we died to Adam and became non adamic - ending that week.

On 2012Sivan14 both true church, the LWs and Laodicea, became non adamic. So there was no true church of Adam working for God. So the sacred working week of Adam ended. We deduce this from the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy - see U108

All this occurred because Satan 6,000 year lease ran from 3989Nisan16 to 2012Nisan14. Adam did not need a priesthood whilst Jesus was Caesar, because there was no division between the sacred and the secular under Jesus. He did need a priesthood when Satan was appointed Caesar. So Adam was appointed high priest to his family on 3989Nisan16 and installed on 3989Sivan5.

Adam sins dies
Enters adamic death
leaves God's family. ARC agreed
Ransomed offered by Michael. 
Adam evicted from Eden
Exedenic Times begins
Adam denied Tree of life
ARC lease begins
Jesus appointed
Caesar to Adam
Adam enters Michael's family
1st month of
Adamic Jubilee system
Adamic monthly
Jubilee system begins
1st Adamic Jubilee Month
Adam installed as priest to mankind
Granted access to tree of life
True church Adam becomes non adamic Abrahamic
Adamic to Abrahamic conversion Passover
1000 year Adamic Sabbath from working for God as priest begins
2:1 temple ratio prophecy 4027Tishri2-2Heshvan21-2012Sivan15/16
50 months inclusively 6000 year working priestly week for Adam

3989Sivan5 was the installation of Adam as priest to mankind in the Jubilee month and his appointment on 3989Nisan16-22 MUST follow after a great Sabbath (because it is a release based upon Jesus' ransom given on 33Nisan16 to God after the Great Sabbath of 33Nisan15). So 3989Nisan15 was a weekly Sabbath in order that it is also the first Sabbath of Cakes and therefore a Great Sabbath.

So if 3989Nisan16 BC was the weekly Sabbath, then since there were 360 days precisely in the pre flood year, we can calculate that 3993Nisan21 was first fruits after Adam's sin (the 1st day of the week)166

Once in Zoar we cannot die through ageing or sickness (we can however die from a bullet or a bus). This is in addition to the wonderful provision given to the saints which truly is the fulfilment of the words of Jesus to Martha when he said...

25 Jesus said to her: I am the resurrection and the life. He that exercises faith in me, even though he dies, will come to life; 
26 and everyone that is living [not under a death penalty - either in Zoar or a saint] and exercises faith in me will never die at all. Do you believe this? (John 11).

So the whole worship system based exclusively upon Adam's flesh lasts for 6037½ years and 73½ days and Jesus flesh appears 2/3rd of the way into that system. This is represented by the ratio of the lengths and actually also the areas of the Holy and the Most Holy in the physical temples. Of course our adamic bodies are our physical temples. So the first men, the LWs, were released from the adamic body on 2012Sivan15/16, 6037½ years and 73½ days after Adam was born and came to be a soul separate from his mother. 

Here it is pictorially (4027Tishri2 - 2Heshvan21 BC - 2012Sivan15/16) - TempleRatioProphecy2012.pdf

Here it is pictorially (3968Nisan14 - 33Nisan14 BC - 2033Nisan14) - TempleRatioProphecy2033.pdf

On 2012Sivan15/16 the first adamic human enters into a non adamic Abrahamic body with an adamic age limit of 240 years rather than 120 years. In other words we start aging at half speed on 2012Sivan15/16. He walks through the end of the Sanctuary wall rather like in the Harry Potter Movies. He leaves his adamic body behind. This being the exact opposite of leaving the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve put on ageing flesh, the long garments of skin that Jehovah made for them. Here people shed their ageing Adamic flesh initially in favour of the non adamic ageing flesh of Isaac, the father of the ICC and then later in favour of the non ageing Melchizedaic of Methuselaian flesh. This is the end of Adam's monopoly on human flesh. Melchizedek in Jared was the second Adam. Jesus was the last Adam.

In fact Jesus had to come in Edenic (pre fall Adamic) flesh or he would have no place in the Sanctuary! Gabriel (who possessed Methuselah) and Melchizedek (who started life as Jared) are also in the Sanctuary. They are the two Cherubs guarding the ark.

History of the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy and the 1335 days of expectation of Daniel9

On 2008Shebat2 (2009Feb2-3 from tote.doc) Emmanuel contacted Mike and told him that the ratio of the Holy to the most Holy of 2:1 was the ratio from Adam to Jesus and then from Jesus to the end of Adam. Mike told Gordon. Gordon and Mike immediately accepted this brilliant interpretation. Gordon then changed his date for the end to be 2012Heshvan27, the end of a greater flood beginning on 2011Heshvan17.  Our first attempt at the end of the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy was 2012Nisan10. The prophecy ran from 4027Tishri10 (Adam's supposed birth) - 2Tishri10 (Jesus' supposed birth) - 2012Nisan10 (when we thought we would go into the ark). Here is our attempt at the timetable of the end as of 2009May26. The Dates in 2008 are according to the ABLC which is one month retarded with respect to the BLC. So 2008Shebat2 (ABLC) is 2008Adar2 (BLC). We no longer use the ABLC (Abib Biblical Lunar Calendar). 

"Timetable of the Time of the End: 2008Nisan14-2012Heshvan27 (May 26th 2009)

2008Nisan14 (March21) The end of Satan’s 6,000 year lease. The world ends judicially.
2008Nisan16 (March23) Angelic loss day. Satan is abyssed in Gehenna.
2008Nisan17 (March24) The Kingdom of God starts judicially.
2008Iyyar1 (April7) Nisan1 again, we adopt an intercalary Nisan2 barley not headed
2008Tishri1 (October4-5) The first day of the year under the New Kingdom Calendar. 
2008Chislev6 (December8/9) Pentecost 2008 Kingdom BLC (Tishri1 start). 
2008Chislev7 (December9/10) Jubilee Release day. 10th hour of 7th day of 100th month of LWs.Mina, Mina, (50, 50) fulfilled. 50, 50 man in cave fulfilled. 2nd Pentecost in 2008, 2nd Jubilee release day of the LWs.
2008Shebat2 (2009February2-3) 951 days of prophets of 1Kings18 end. 2 Answers given to Mike and Gordon. Temple Ratio Prophecy and 1335 days of Daniel12. LWs advertise last day of adamic mankind as 2012Heshvan27
2008Shebat24 (2009February24-25) 1600 days of Revelation14:20 end. 1000 days of Daniel5 end. Watchtower loses control of congregations.
2008Adar13 (2009March15/16) Evil Slave is cut in two. 1335 days of Daniel12 begin.
2009Nisan14 (April9/10) Passover according BLC calendar (Nisan1 start).
2009Iyyar29-Sivan5 (May24-31) 7th week of Pentecost. Violent explosion, terror attack in Manhattan. Acts 2:2 fulfilled. Mushroom cloud of 1Kings18. 
2009Heshvan15-28 (May10-23) Hezekiah’s Late Great cakes and 2nd cakes under Tishri1 calendar. 
2009Ab29-Elul5 (August22-30) End of 90 days of cloud rising in West to South Wind. Last 1NC reserve saint from Watchtower comes into LWs.
2011Heshvan17 (November16/17) Greater flood of Noah begins.
2012Nisan10 (November16/17) 1st person enters the ark, Temple Ratio Prophecy
2012Iyyar27 (May18/19) Rapture begins, half way through overthrow of cities.
2012Tishri10 (September28/29) Entrance into Zoar ends. 300 day for cubit length of ark ends. Everyone not in Zoar by now will die in the next 46 days.
2012Tishri17 (October5/6) 40 day lava flood of extinction level volcanic event starts. Preaching ends. Final 31 day rapture period starts.
2012Heshvan18 (November5/6) Rapture from Zoar ends.
2012Heshvan26 (November13/14) Total Solar Eclipse on last whole day of adamic mankind.
2012Heshvan27 (November14/15) 40 day lava flood ends. All non raptured humans dead. End of greater flood of Noah. 1335 days end. "

We thought at the time that the Kingdom required a new calendar since leaving Egypt required one and we thought that the new Kingdom calendar united both the sacred and the secular year to begin on 2008Tishri1  So we were in expectation of some manifestation of the kingdom from 2008Tishri1 (one could argue - in fact we were in expectation from 2008Nisan14). Then 1335 days later is 2012Sivan16, the end of the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy, Zoar 2NC first fruits. Certainly 2008Tishri1 began the first whole year of the Kingdom of God. 

3 Enoch

45 Ishmael said: Metatron said to me: Come and I will show you the curtain of the omnipresent one, which is spread before the holy one, blessed be he. And upon which are printed all the generations of the world and all their deeds whether done or to be done, to the last generation. I went and he showed them to me with his fingers, like a father teaching his son the letters of the Torah. And I saw each generation and its potentates....

And I saw Adam and his generation, their deeds and their thoughts...

And I saw the Messiah, the son of Joseph, and his generation and all that they will do to the Gentiles
And I saw the Messiah, the son of David, and his generation, and all the battles and wars and all that they will do to Israel whether for God or Bad.
And all the rest of the leaders of every generation and every deed of every generation both of Israel and of the Gentiles, whether done or to be done in the time to come to all generations, till the end of time [for the Adamic system, the world], were all printed on the curtain of the omnipresent one (3 Enoch).

So 3 Enoch informs us that the heavenly curtain of Jehovah displays the entire activities of the world of Adamic man from the beginning until the end. Whereas the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy asserts that the position of the earthly curtain gives us the chronology of all the activities of the world of Adamic man from the beginning to the end. It tells us that they run from 4027Tishri2 to 2012Sivan15/16. 

The heavenly curtain gives you the heavenly picture, all the deeds for judgement, and the earthly curtain gives you the earthly picture, the chronology, of the world of Adamic man. Perhaps the position of the washing basin represents the time of the first baptism of a pre-adamic human.

The Altar and those worshipping in it

The altar of sacrifice is the 1NC reserves, for they are baptised into the sacrificial death of the Christ. The only living being that gets sacrificed in a Christian church is Jesus (either himself or through the flesh of his wife). We know that there are 6,000 1NC reserves left . So that is the measure of the altar. Which is very interesting because that is precisely the length of Satan's lease in years. So we have a bride for a year here! The 2:1 temple ratio prophecy runs from 4027Tishri2 to 2012Sivan15/16 which is 6037 years and 253½ days. Those worshipping in the altar are those worshipping in Jesus - which is all of those in the true church with a valid water baptism - I think. That will be 10% of mankind God's percentage. So that is presently 350 million. That is the measure of them.

The Temple Courtyard

Since the dimensions of the sanctuary are critically important to man's chronology, we must infer that the dimensions of the courtyard have a similar import. If the sanctuary is Adam, then the courtyard must be mankind. There was no distinction between Adamic and pre adamic man before the sanctuary and neither will there be such after the sanctuary. This means that ex-adamic man will be united with adamic man after the end of the time of the end. Also pre-adamic man existed in parallel with us during some of the 6,037 years and 253½ days of fallen adamic man, hence the width of the courtyard. We must exist as humans for 4025 years and 49 days after we escape from Adam's flesh. So the last human gets the capability to become an angel in 6037 AD.

We will of course keep our right to be human, and one can imagine angels going on human themed package holidays for a few years every now and then. 

Solomon's Temple

This one was twice as large as the Tabernacle in its dimensions. This may represent that it functioned for a period twice as long as the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was inaugurated in 1512Nisan. Solomon's temple was inaugurated in 1026Tishri and Zerubabbel's temple (a rebuild of Solomon's) ceased being operational on 33Nisan. So the Tabernacle was the temple for 486½ years and the double size temple had a gross period of operation from 1026Tishri to 33Nisan which is 1057½ years. But there was a gap of 70 years and 8 months between 586Ab10 when Nebuchadnezzar burnt down the Solomon's temple and 515Nisan when Zerubbabel's temple was inaugurated. There was a gap of perhaps 2300 days plus 1080 days during the persecution of Antiochus Epiphanes from when he, a Gentile, appointed Jason as the high priest (with a bribe) on 174Elul1 (calculated - may be wrong) to 165Chislev25 when the temple was rededicated. So the double sized temple was operational for around 977 years. So perhaps the net period of operation was 2x 69½ weeks of years or 973 years?

The 1:4:4 Area Ratios of the Tabernacle, Solomon's and Zerubbabel's Temples

The sanctuary of the Tabernacle was 10 cubits by 10 cubits. The Sanctuaries of Solomon's and Zerubbabel's temples were 20 cubits by 20 cubits. So the area ratios for all 3 temples of the law were 1:4:4.

Now Jesus was the foundation stone of the Christian temple so we take Solomon's temple, which was a stone building to be the first presence and Zerubbabel's to be the second presence and the tabernacle to be the temple of the entire Law of Moses. Then we see that the ratio of physical Jews who have been under the law of Moses to the rest of the 1NC saints in the two presences is 1:8. So there are 16,000 Jews who have been under law among the 144,000 1NC saints. There are of course other Jews who have not been under law amongst the 1NC saints. Since the Jews came into the 1NC first they will be dominating it, because God is patriarchal. This is why Isaac (meaning Isaac and his seed) loved Esau (the 1NC saints) because of game/hunted ones/evangelisees in his mouth, i.e. hanging on his command.

Two parts for the firstborn son

The Scriptures tell us that God’s own law required that the son with the firstborn rights would inherit a “double portion” or 2 parts of his father’s belongings…

17 For he should recognize as the firstborn the hated one’s son by giving him two parts in everything he is found to have, because that one is the beginning of his generative power. The right of the firstborn’s position belongs to him. (Deuteronomy 21)

“Insight into the Scriptures” remarks…

The firstborn son inherited a double portion (two parts) of the property as compared with that allotted to other sons.

The father could transfer the birthright if he had a good reason, giving the firstborn’s inheritance to a younger son. In the instances of this noted in the Bible, it was not through whim or favouritism, but there was a basis on which the father determined to make the change in the birthright inheritance. Ishmael, as Abraham’s oldest son, was prospective heir for about 14 years. (Ge 16:16; 17:18-21; 21:5) But at Sarah’s request and with Jehovah’s approval, Abraham dismissed Ishmael, then about 19 years of age. Isaac then possessed the firstborn’s right - it-1 p. 1199 Inheritance

So it is a well founded fact that the father with 2 sons divided everything into 3 parts, giving 2 thirds to the son with the firstborn rights.

We do also understand that God uses the spatial to symbolize or prophesy the temporal. Now I wondered if this rule for the legacy too has a prophetic and chronological application. An application reflected in types and antitypes in the lives of the main patriarchs.


A simple start to try out this concept was Abraham. We know from the “midst prophecy” that Jesus died in the centre of the Abrahamic Covenant, the salvation covenant for all those with faith who obey their conscience. Bible chronology shows that Abraham crossed the Euphrates as instructed by Jehovah in Nisan 1943 BC. The whole Abrahamic Covenant lasts 3950 years until 2008AD, 6000 years after Adam’s sin in 3993BC. Jesus died dead centre in this covenant in 33AD, 1975 years after the inauguration of the covenant and 1975 years before entrance into that covenant ends (2008AD).

So I tried to apply the principle of “2:1” to these 3950 years.

3950 / 3                               = 1316.66         This is 1 third.

1316.66 * 2                         = 2633.33          This is 2 thirds.

1943BC + 2633,33 years   = 691.33AD

 691.33AD + 1316,66 years = 2008AD

We know that 2008 is the year of the end of entrance into the Abrahamic Covenant. But what about the year 691AD?

Well, something remarkable happened back then as regards the sons (heirs) of Abraham, the capital of the land that was to be inherited and the spiritual domination…

The sons of Ishmael, the Moslems, completed the “Dome of Rock” on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem!!!


So for 2 thirds of the time of their father’s covenant, the offspring of Isaac was the dominant seed, but in this year, this landmark made it clear who was to dominate for the remainder of the covenant period.


Well, I thought what applies to Abraham must also apply to Isaac. The trick is to find the correct start date for the type and the correct end date of the antitype.

The most remarkable event in Isaac’s life surely was when he agreed to be sacrificed to Jehovah by his father.

Again, we understand from biblical patterns, that Isaac was 33½ years old when this happened. He reached that age in 1885 BC. Obviously, the antitype he was proclaiming is Jesus’ ransom death in 33AD. So the period between the 2 events is 1917 years long.

1917 / 3                          =        639 this is 1 third.

639 * 2                            =        1278 this is 2 thirds.

1885BC + 1278 years    =        607BC

607BC + 639 years        =        33AD

Bingo! Jesus’ death and the start of the Gentile Times! In this year, Pharaoh Necho established Jehoiakim as vassal king over the offspring of Abraham through Isaac!

For the last third until the arrival of the Messiah, - God’s chosen vassal king - foreign powers were to rule over God’s people. Now it was their turn…

I have to do more studying on Jacob yet how this principle does apply to him.


Alternative Idea on seeds

1913 BC Isaac weaned, affliction starts, battle of seeds on holy ground starts

70 AD holy ground captured by Romans

Time Total for Isaac: 1982 years

687 Temple Mount under control of Caliph Abd al-Malik, Dome of Rock construction begins

1982/3*2  = 1321.33

687 + 1321.33 = 2008.33AD