Watchtower Doctrine vs. LW Doctrine

'It is good to be born into a church, but it is bad to die there. It is good to be born a child, but bad to remain a child. Churches, ceremonies, and symbols are good for children, but when the child is grown, he must burst the church or himself. We must not remain children forever' (Moses Cordovero)

57 Why do you not judge also for yourself what is righteous? (Luke 12)

Watchtower Doctrine Lords Witness Doctrine
The holy spirit can only give true new bible interpretations to the Faithful and Discreet Slave Class who are one channel for the holy spirit that the Lord is using and are the one spirit directed organization on earth (Kingdom Proclaimers p626, Watchtower 1973July1, Watchtower2010July15 p22-23) The holy spirit can give true new bible understandings to anybody with faith, which means half of mankind. Most of the understandings the Watchtower have, have come from other churches. Russell candidly admitted that he was more a refininer of other people's understandings than he was an originator of his own. Likewise many of the understandings of the LWs have come from discussions with people of faith who either are not in the church or who have no authority in the church. Every LW can be a founding father of the church and get a fundamental new understanding. The understanding that the name above every other name given to Jesus was 'Jehovah'  was given to a 16 year old girl in the LWs. It proved that Jesus became a God like Jehovah, taking the family name after he saved the world. (1 Peter 2:2)
Only 7 million JWs survive Armageddon (Watchtower1999December p18) 50% of mankind survives Armageddon. No JW will survive Armageddon unless they leave the Watchtower before it comes. Get out of her my people! See U43.
Gehenna, the second death, means eternal non-existence (Insight1 : Gehenna) Gehenna, the second death, is a sin bin, a prison for spirits with a maximum sentence of 1000 years. See I14
Michael's spirit entered into the ovum of Mary at conception (Watchtower2002March15)
Michael's spirit entered into the body of Jesus at his baptism. The possession process being represented by the dove that descended and alighted upon Jesus' head and remained upon it. See U14#b.
Jehovah kills all his enemies forever
(Insight1: Destruction)
Jehovah loves all his enemies and saves them all forever eventually His love wins over for and in each of his children eventually. Love never fails as Paul said. And God is love as John said. And God never fails, since his activity is perfect as Moses said. So he is the perfect parent. See I14.
Jesus is the only direct creation of Jehovah (Watchtower1991February1 p17) Satan and Adam were both direct creations of Jehovah. Michael was not, he was a 42nd generation angel (see Matthew 1 and U254
Jesus is today and always has been the firstborn angelic son of God
(Watchtower1991February1 p17)
Satan was the firstborn angel, he lost his birthright to Michael who was the firstborn angel until he became the firstborn God. Jesus is now a God to be worshipped just like Jehovah. He is the first angel to have become a God. See Intro26.
All creation was made by Jesus
(Watchtower2002September1 p17)
All physical creation was made through Satan and by the 144,000 angels of the first holy spirit covenant which he mediated. All spiritual creation is through Jesus and the second holy spirit covenant which he mediated up until the time he became a God (at his ascension). See U264a.
Jesus' blood ransoms directly all those who live or lived a life worthy of salvation. But not Adam.


Jesus had 2 bodies and therefore two bloods to ransom mankind with. His angelic body ransomed Adam and his human body ransomed Abraham. So all humans who gain everlasting life gain that through Michael's ransom of Adam. Adam is ransomed and today has everlasting life. He becomes the covenant father of everyone with everlasting life. But only covenanted sons of Abraham, sons of the First Abrahamic Covenant (1AC) are ransomed by the human blood of Jesus. See U7.
God forbids life saving blood transfusions - let your children die if they are involved in motor accidents which cause life threatening blood loss (Blood, Medicine and the Law of God 1961 p13-14) We all live due to a blood transfusion from Jesus. If we refuse our children life saving blood, then why would our father save our lives with his son's blood? (1Samuel14:23-46). See joining#j7.0.
Babylon the Great is the world empire of false religion (Babylon the Great Has Fallen p205) Babylon the Great is the 1NC church in each presence after it has become rotten and turned into a harlot, that rides the beast either of Rome in the first presence or of the UN in the second presence. See U159.
The Gentile Times began in 607 BC because Jerusalem was destroyed in 607. (Watchtower1998October15 p10) Jerusalem was not destroyed until 586 BC. The Gentile Times began in 607 BC because Pharaoh Necho appointed Jehoiakim as his vassal king that year. So God no longer had a vassal of his upon the throne of David. See U120 and pretty much any history book (Cambridge Ancient History for example) or go to the British Museum!
Holy Spirit is God's active force (whatever that means) (Insight2: Spirit) The Holy Spirit is God's body, the means by which he gets things done. In scriptural terms his body is his wife. It is a composite of 144k angels. It is God's heavenly organisation, heavenly Jerusalem, the Jerusalem above of Galatians 4.  We know this because Jesus only does what he sees his father doing and Jesus has a wife of 144,000 angels. See U14#a.
Satan was a regular angel who decided to rebel during Eden (Insight2: Satan) Satan was the firstborn angel of God. That is why he had the right to be in charge of Eden. He lost that position to Michael when he sinned killing Adam and Eve. See U264a and U243.
The Time of the End began in December 1914 (Watchtower2004February1 p19)  The Time of the end of Daniel12 is the period between the end of the ARC world on 2008Nisan14, and the end of the heavenly authority of the dragon on 2019Tebbeth10,  or the end of the lava flood on 2024Tammuz4, or the end of Zoar on 2024Tebbeth14 or the absolute end of Adam and Cain on 2024Shebat14  - See U659.
We know only 2 salvation covenants, and we only celebrate 1, the New Covenant. (Watchtower1998February1 p. 9, Watchtower2004March15 p. 5)  We have found 24 salvation covenants and celebrate at least 7. See U9.
Baptism in water is a symbol of your dedication to God. (Watchtower2004February1 p9) Baptism is cleansing for entrance into a covenant. It is a washing in the blood of a mediator. Those who are water baptised into LWs are baptised into the 4th Elijah covenant. They have their sins in the past forgiven and are covenanted to obey the law of the church. See I32.
Paradise is ruled by 144k heavenly kings through human JW elders
Paradise is ruled by 144k 1NC saints in close cooperation with two sets of 144k 2NC earthly kings. It comprises 144,000 Kingdoms all of which have one heavenly 1NC king and one earthly 2NC FRC king and one earthly 2NC OMC King. See U8 and U11.
The second presence began in 1914 when the Gentile Times ended and so Jesus became King. (Watchtower2004March1 p. 13) 2nd presence began when a human was baptised from heaven to be a first new covenant saint. This human was Charles Taze Russell. He was baptised in holy spirit in 1871Heshvan21. See U33 and U42.
The Parousia, the presence, is not a coming and is not visible but other than that we do not know what it is.(Insight2 p. 676 Presence) A presence of the the Christ occurs when a member of his wife-to-be is alive on earth. Since she is one flesh with him. So her existence means his flesh is with us. So any human who is a first new covenant saint and has a valid water baptism (is clean in the flesh) makes a presence. See U33.
Jesus becoming King in heaven in 1914 ended the Gentile Times. (Insights1 p. 132) The Gentile Times was ended in 1914Tishri by Jesus appointing a spiritual Jew, a son of the JAC, the Jacobian Angelic Covenant, the angelic master covenant for the Abrahamic system, as his vassal king over his water baptised people down here on earth (the sons of the ICC, the Isaaic Church Covenant - See U9).  This King was Charles Taze Russell. CTR was sealed into the ARC before he was appointed, so he was a son of Jesus, the greater David, by the Angelic Ransom Covenant (ARC). He was not a genetic son of literal David! See U120.
The dead are conscious of nothing. Their only hope is to 'be in' God's memory' until resurrection. " When a person dies he ceases to exist."
Before the 1st death, the spirit (the software which is your character) is uploaded into sleeping angel where it awaits resurrection. The first dead are conscious of nothing because they are dreaming in their subconscious. They do not remember their dreams, hence their thoughts do perish in that 'day', the 'day' of their being first dead. If they truly ceased to exist as the Watchtower claims then their resurrection would be valueless to them since the new person would merely be a clone of them and not them. Your spirit must continue to exist through all forms of death always in order that you are not destroyed. This indeed is why we dream continuously as we sleep. See I13.
If someone is disfellowshipped or leaves the Society you must shun him and ignore him. (Watchtower2004May1 p. 12) People who are disfellowshipped or leave the LWs must still be treated with respect and love. In fact we should go and find them and put them on our shoulders and carry them back to their church if possible. Luke 15:4, Matthew 18:12. See U76.
Adam was literally the first human, all fossil records to the contrary are garbage. (Insight1 p.44) The angels created pre-adamic man. Adam was a direct creation by God, like Satan. He was in that sense Satan's first true brother. The pre-adamics form the fossil record. This reconciles Archaeology with Christianity. See U1.
There has only been one continuous faithful and disrceet slave throughout the history of the Christian church. (Watchtower2003February15 p. 19) There have been 4 true Christian churches. Two in each presence.  These 4 churches were/are lead by 4 different composite Faithful and Discreet slaves. The first church in each presence is a 1NC church a church of the first new covenant. The second church of the first presence was the gnostic church of St. Paul who was not a 1NC saint. The first true Christian church became corrupt joining up with the Roman State and becoming the Roman Catholic Church. The 3rd true Christian church was the Watchtower. The last is the LWs. See U34.
The soul of a person is the character of that person. (Insight2 p. 1005) The soul of a person is his spirit and his body together as one living unit. The spirit of a person is his character. See U6.
The spirit of a person is his life force (Insight2 p. 1005) The spirit of a person is the character of that person, it is him. It is his software which runs on the hardware of his body. See U6.
There is no immortality of the soul (Insight2 p. 1005) There is immortality for angelic souls. There is immortality for the divine souls of Jehovah and of Jesus. And there is immortality of the spirit since God can only kill the body and the soul in Gehenna - not the spirit. See I14.
You cannot know the day or the hour of the end of the world (Matthew 24:36) (Watchtower1998November15 p. 18) The end of the world judicially was 2008Nisan14. The end of Satan's demonic administration of the world physically is 2024Tebbeth11, after the wild beast is caught/domesticated on 2024Elul21, the end of WW3.  The end of the world physically is 2024Shebat14 (2025January18/19). 2024Shebat14 is the end of dying the first death and of unsealed Abraham, the last 1st death execution. The Greek in Matthew 24:36 says: Concerning that day or hour no one has seen. The verb oiden is in the perfect tense which is used for completed actions in the past. It cannot therefore be a prohibition on the future. Freddie Franz, the 4th president of the Watchtower believed this. See U237 and  U659 .
There is no rapture (Watchtower1993January15 p. 6) All the saints and the water baptised Kingdom priests are saved from the greater flood of lava and fire by rapture into the ark. Charles Russell believed in the rapture. See U248.
God's firstborn son Adam is in Gehenna and will never be saved
Honour your father and your mother. Adam and Eve are both living as angels in heaven right now. Adam will be resurrected as a human at the end of the kingdom of God. Adam repented and had two salvation covenants - see U25. There is no forgiveness for a sin against the holy spirit in this system or the next. There was forgiveness for such a sin in the previous system in Eden. If God cannot save Adam, then neither can he save us for we are all under the same death sentence, the one that was passed upon Adam. See U250
Adam let mankind down when he sinned (Insight1: Adam) Eden was the nursery. The law of Moses was the junior school. Christianity is the senior school. The kingdom of God is the university. Adam like any child, reached the age when he wanted to decide right and wrong for himself. This was the trigger for mankind to enter into junior school. His sin was as inevitable as the disobedience of any young child towards his parents. All children are loved at first with no rules (Eden). Then when they start to be smart enough to manipulate their parents, rules start to be given to them (the law). Adam reached that point when he sinned. We are taking all mankind to be one person here that grows up over 7,000 years. See U264a.
The most important commission from Jesus Christ to all Christians is that we should go therefore and make disciples of all the nations. (Watchtower200July1 p. 13) The most important commission from Jesus to all Christians is that we should sit at the feet of our Lord like Mary, in preference to ministering to people like Martha. In other words, research is more important than evangelism. Selling the wrong message is of no use to Jesus or to mankind. See U58
The Watchtower has fully decoded Daniel. And the 1335 days of Daniel12:13 ended in 1926 between May25-31, when there was a Watchtower convention in the Royal albert Hall in Kensington. This convention was the blessing referred to by the last words of the great prophet Daniel. (Watchtower1993November1 p. 11) The LWs have not fully decoded Daniel, but they have decoded a hell of a lot more of it than the Watchtower - See U152 and see U157.
The Faithful and Discreet Slave declare that they are not infallible but require JWs to treat their doctrine as if they are...  
"Do we truly appreciate how God is directing his visible organization" (United in worship book)
The Governing Body of the LWs has been wrong 224 times so far in their attempts to nail the start date of the Great Tribulation of Matthew24. They believe in Doctrinal Repentance. They believe that the Governing Body is merely a person, and that the whole church is merely a person and every person whether individual or composite will make mistakes and will sin.  God regards the entire nation of Israel as Israel the person. The LWs do not believe in composite Papal infallibility. God does not direct organizations. He directs people. See home page.
Jesus' ransom of Adam did not ransom Adam himself, but applied to some of his children
Jesus' ransom of Adam ransomed Adam himself since it was soul for soul. Adam then became a mediator of a covenant just like Abraham. This covenant is the 3rd blessing covenant. Everyone who becomes a covenant son of Adam through the 3BC gets the benefit of Jesus' ransom of Adam, which is everlasting life. Essentially Jesus gives back to Adam the angelic fatherhood rights that he lost at his sin. But he interposes himself between Adam and God in the process. See U7 and I28.
The First Death is non existence. In that day your thoughts do perish, means you cease to have thoughts on the day that you die.
The First Death (Hades) is falling asleep and having your spirit transferred into an angelic body. In that day your thoughts do perish, means that during the entire 'day' of your first death, you have thoughts which perish because you do not remember them. In other words you dream but you do not remember your dream. Nearly everyone whom Jesus resurrected he insisted on revealing that they were not dead but sleeping. See I13.
Only 144,000 Christians are to be born again, all the New Covenant Saints.(Watchtower1992November15 p. 3) 156,000 1NC saints (Leah) are born again (there are 12,000 1NC reserve kings split 6,000 in each of the two presences). 156,000 2NC FRC Josephic kings (Rachel) are born again. 156,000 2NC OMC Benjamite Kings are born again (Rachel) and millions of other saints are born again into the two helper/slave/Lord covenants the Earthly Lord Covenant (ELC represented by Bilhah) mediated by Paul and the Heavenly Lord Covenant (The HLC for heavenly Lords represented by Zilpah).  Galatians 4:22-31 shows us that there are to be more spiritual sons of Jacob, sons of the JAC, by the heavenly woman, i.e. saints, than there are physical sons of Israel, Jews, from the woman who has the husband, that is the Law covenant. So there are millions of saints, just as there are millions of genetic sons of Israel - see U210. Thanks to Ray Franz for that one. He was thrown out of the Watchtower for eating a meal with his Landlord who had disassociated himself from the Watchtower.
We only celebrate one religious festival - The Lord's Evening Meal which we call the memorial. We treat it more like a funeral than a festival. (Watchtower2003February15 p. 19) We celebrate the Lord's Evening Meal (the greater Passover festival), A Greater Pentecost (as the first century Christains did after the law had ended), A greater Atonement Day and a greater Booths. See U209.
At the Lord's Evening Meal there should be no meal and only the anointed remnant can partake of the emblems of bread and wine of the new covenant. The cup of the New Covenant can be blessed by any JW and both the cup and the loaf should be passed around the entire congregation nearly all of whom can look at it and touch it but not drink it. (Watchtower2003February15 p. 19) At the Lord's Evening Meal there should be the passover meal just as Jesus and the apostles celebrated it. There is more than one cup to be drunk and more than one loaf to be eaten. There was a loaf eaten and a cup drunk during the meal. There was a loaf eaten and cup drunk after the meal. There were in fact two loaves and cups drunk before the meal making 4 cups and loaves in total just as the Jews have always celebrated it and just as Jesus and the apostles would have celebrated it. The 4 cups and loaves represent 4 salvation covenants in the greater meaning. The FRC and the CRC are drunk before the meal, the 1AC is drunk during the meal and the 1NC is drunk after the meal. Everyone with faith can partake of the 1AC and the FRC. The cup of the 1NC (First New Covenant) must be blessed by a 1NC saint. This cup should be passed from one to another 'among yourselves'. Only 1NC saints should touch it. The blood flows around the body, so we pass the cup around the body but not the bread. The bread is given directly to each partaker and not then passed around. The bread is static and defines the body which the moving blood flows around. This is an obvious physiological symbolism. See U15.
Jesus' death ended all Sabbath observance. We do not observe any sabbaths (Insight2 p. 832) Jesus did not die to end the sabbath. He died to establish it for all of mankind who will be saved into the Kingdom and enter into God's rest the 1,000 year sabbath over which Jesus is Lord. The sabbath was not only a feature of the law. It began in Genesis1 and was celebrated by the Jews on 1513Iyyar22 in Midian before the law covenant was made on 1513Sivan6. The LWs celebrate weekly sabbaths, monthly land sabbaths, festival sabbaths such as Atonement day etc. The sabbath is a constant feature of God's law for all creation, and for himself. It is not merely a feature of the Law of Moses (Colossians 12:16-17). See U356.
Being born again means being anointed by God to have a heavenly hope (Watchtower1992November15 p. 3) Being born again means being born again as an angel in heaven. You gain an angelic soul which is yours and can be used when you human soul expires of when you are raptured out of it. See Intro12.
The headline on the cover of every Watchtower magazine reads: Watchtower - Announcing Jehovah's Kingdom The Kingdom of God began in judicially, on 2008Nisan22 (unobservably). This was 6,000 years after Adam sinned. On this day Jesus married the 144,000 1NC saints in heaven. So the Watchtower magazine missed the very thing it claims to be announcing! See U16.

Assassination of Watchtower Doctrine

1. They do not know how the ransom works or whom it saves.
2. They do not know when the angel Michael entered into the human body of Jesus.
3. They do not know what baptism is.
4. They do not know that Charles Russell was the 3rd Elijah
5. They do not know how to celebrate the Lord's Evening Meal
6. They do not know what death is (the First Death or the Second Death)
7. They do not know what it means to be born again.
8. They do not know what the Time of the End is or when it began (either for the world or for their church).
9. They do not know that God will eventually save everyone.
10. They do not know what a presence of the Christ is.
11. They do not know that 75% of mankind is saved at Armageddon.
12. The do not know that Satan was originally the firstborn angel not Michael.
13. They do not know that they have not unsealed the book of Daniel.
14. They do not know what the Holy Spirit is. They think it is God's active force.
15. They do not know that Jesus became the second God, the only begotten God, a God to be worshipped like his father, when he finished his divine ascension on 33Sivan5 and was given the name above every name named.
16. They do not know that they were the 3rd true Christian church and the 1st true Christian church of the 2nd presence.

17. They only know 2 of the 24 salvation covenants.
18. They fail to celebrate any Sabbaths at all.
19. Their refusal to take blood transfusions in life threatening circumstances is unscriptural. The one and only permissible use of blood is to save life.
20. They think that only 144,000 humans get to be born again in this system - whereas the children of the heavenly woman are more numerous than the physical Jews according to Paul and Ray Franz.
21. The Watchtower magazine claims to announce the Kingdom of God but failed to announce its physically unobservable arrival on 2008Nisan22, 6000 years after Adam sinned on 3993Nisan14.
22. They think that Adam was the first human being, and that all the fossils dating back tens of thousands of years before his birth are irrelevant. But Genesis1 reveals that God and the angels together created pre-adamic men. Whereas Adam was the first human to be created directly by God himself, without the angels. Adam was the 2nd born direct son of God after Satan.
23. They do not believe in the rapture which is the means by which 50% of mankind are to be saved.
24. They understand that Jesus has a wife. But they do not accept that God has one too and had one before Jesus did.
25. They teach what they themselves have not seen whilst representing that only they can see.

Counsel to JWs from Isaiah

18 Hear, you deaf ones; and look forth to see, you blind ones.
19 Who is blind, if not my servant [Once faithful and now evil slave of Matthew 24], and who is deaf as my messenger whom I send [The angel of Laodicea - seeing but not responding]? Who is blind as the one rewarded, or blind as the servant of Jehovah?
20 It was a case of seeing many things, but you did not keep watching. It was a case of opening the ears, but you did not keep listening (Isaiah 42).

Counsel to Laodiceans from John

17 Because thou sayest: I am rich [interpretationally] and have acquired-wealth [not having made the interpretations myself, not having bought them from Jesus by direct research] and have need for nothing [3 ways of saying I am wealthy - with 1NC reserves. These are 3 sacred years after the appointment/ installation to rule over the 1NC reserves on 2007Iyyar17/Tammuz6 (2nd after FDS3, FDS4 having failed in that regard). So 2008Nisan1, 2009Nisan1 and 2010Nisan1 starts? Then they fell over the saints after 40 months of Joash in 2010Heshvan28/Chislev26], and thou hast not seen [because they believe not in God's word but in what they are told by the evil slave who keeps them in the dark] thou [AOL, the Angel of Laodicea] art miserable and pitiable and poor and blind [interpretationally] and naked [having no priestly garments and open to every sort of abuse being brainwashed, having no defence against priestly abuse. The worst condemnation in all the counsels. There is nothing good that these guys are commended for]

Laodicea lost its priesthood when it became non adamic on 2012Sivan14-16 at the end of the 2:1 temple ratio prophecy period of U108, the end of Adam's 6,000 year sacred working week and was then Jubilee restored on 2012Sivan15, Venusian transit day.

It was appointed/installed over non adamic Abraham on 2012Ab16/Tishri5 (2012Tammuz16 being the weekly Sabbath)
It was appointed/installed to feed and rule over the 1NC reserves on 2012Tammuz17/Elul6, 4th 1NC first fruits/Pentecost (3rd after FDS3 and adamic Laodicea)
It was subject to the Laodicean Exedenic Times from 2012Sivan15-2019Sivan15 - Yes. During that time people who entered into Laodicea did not become non adamic Abrahamic - or nobody entered?? 
The LW Exedenic Times runs from 2016Ab15 to 2023Ab15, NOT 2012Sivan15-2019Sivan15 because we did not live for 7 years as Abrahamic non adamics - But Laodicea did!

They tested God for 10x of Numbers14 from 2007Elul11 (their installation over the 1NCs) to 2017Elul10
Joash of 2Chronicles24 got 40 months from 2007Tammuz6 to 2010Heshvan28/Chislev26 tablet shattering day (40+40 days after 2010Elul9/Tishri7, the 4th/5th 1NC Pentecost) - see U112.

Verse17: 1x+1x+1x = 3x of wealth from 2007Elul11, their installation over the 1NCs, to 2010Chislev26/Tebbeth24, tablet shattering day.
Verse17: 1x+1x+1x+1x+1x = 5x of misery from 2012Elul6, their installation over the 1NCs, to 2017Elul10, their fall as a true church.

18 I advise thee [AOL, the Angel of Laodicea] to buy from me [with the 3EC baptism from the descended 3rd Holy Spirit] gold refined out of fire [1NC reserves who have left the Watchtower church and face the possibility of Gehenna. AOL buys them and so also owns them. So he is the apostle to the autonomous part of Zoar. He is Caleb. He gets Hebron as his inheritance] that you may become rich [having gold children by 3EC water baptism], and white outer-garments in order to throw about and [therefore] the shame of your nakedness may not become manifested [AOL repents so as to solve his nakedness poorness and blindness. He needs a second 4EC baptism to be declared righteous. So he must join the LWs. If AOL does not have white outer garments then he is not sealed, so he fails his baptism test], and eyesalve to rub in your eyes that you may see [accept the good research techniques of the LWs. If you have an artificial eye you need to rub eye salve in it to stop it getting infected and spreading to the other eye. These guys have agreed to have one eye bored out - 1Samuel11] (Revelation 3)