[248] The Manifestation of the first Presence was the Apocalypse of John. The Manifestation of the 2nd is the Jesus' wife descending into the ark and rapturing those to be saved into the ark

14 For if our faith is that Jesus died and rose again, so, too, the [judicially living] ones [of us] who have fallen asleep [in the first death] God, through Jesus, will bring [to be] with him.
15 For this is what we tell you by [the] Lordís word, that we, the [ones] [judicially] living [those who have an indefinite future, i.e. those baptised in spirit, those who have been born again and have a heavenly angelic soul which they can be conscious in. Unsanctified people who have been declared righteous in the flesh are still second dead, existing from a heavenly standpoint on a angelic server which they can only be subconscious in - asleep. They are therefore referred to as 'dead'] the [ones] left around into the presence of the Lord [the descent of the saints to pick up the kids by rapture], shall in no way precede those who have fallen asleep [in death];
16 because the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a battle-command [in the first presence], with an archangel's voice [in the second presence since Peter became an archangel when Russell became the last 1NC apostle. Peter became the head of the 1NC wife of Jesus once Russell was in place as the 12th apostle] and with God's trumpet [FDS4 and Zoar are Godís trumpet. We send out the warning blasts heralding the Kingdom of God and Zoar and fire signs and Satanís descent etc.], and those who are dead in union with Christ [the 1NC saints] will rise first [in 3 groups, those who died in first presence, those who died in the second presence and those who die in Zoar. Only after that, can the sons of the ELC or the 2NC be resurrected from the first death]
17 Thereupon/afterwards [epeita] we the living who are left around together with/at the same time as/them [the 1NC saints], will be caught away in clouds [physical atmospheric clouds] into a meeting of the Lord [Jesus himself in person Ė to get married] into [the] air [the physical air, in an ark, 15 cubits above the top of a mountain hidden in a cloud and dimensionally shifted in some way so that sticking a barge pole up into the air will not impact the ark]; and thus we shall always be with [the] Lord [through marriage or through post ark communication]
18 Consequently keep comforting one another with these words [for they mean a speedy resurrection for the sons of the 1NC and then during the Zoar administration a rapture into the ark for the saints] (1 Thessalonians 4).

Air (1), Cloud (1)

9 And after he had said these things, while they were looking on, he was lifted up and a cloud caught him up from their vision. 
10 And as they were gazing into the sky while he was on his way, also, look! 2 men in white garments stood alongside them,
11 and they said: Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus who was received up from you into the sky will come thus in the same manner as you have beheld him going into the sky (Acts 1). 

The two angels (men in white garments) are mean that Jesus will come as he ascended once in the literal meaning and twice in the word symbolic meaning. In the word symbolism he rises up from the first church of the presence and comes into the second church of the presence due to a physical cloud, the mushroom clouds of the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 in the second presence. So there is to be one rapture with anti gravity levitation of the living ones into the air and into a cloud. In other words into an airborne vehicle hidden by that cloud. And there is to be an ascension from the first true church of each presence into the second true church of each presence, obscured by cloud. 

The two presences of the Son of man, which are the two presences of Christ, are the two 120 year presences of the 1NC saints. The Presence of the Lord, however is something else. It is when he comes as Lord, after the 120 year presence of the flesh of his wife, to harvest via rapture into an airborne ark. He comes via the appearance of all the 1NC saints as humans, in a reverse rapture. They literally float up and down from the earth into and out of the ark in the sky in hybrid human/angelic bodies, of the same type that Jesus appeared in after his resurrection. They do this in the same manner that Jesus floated up into the ark in the cloud in the sky in a human body. This is what Acts 1 above is saying. This is the human-angelic interface. Then the 1NC saints collect all the living saints and rapture the church back into the ark in the cloud in the sky. Jesus sends his wife in the 4x4 to pick up his kids in the final school run.

James says that we get the early rain then late rain, then presence of Lord.

7 Exercise patience, therefore, brothers, until the presence of the Lord. Look! The farmer keeps waiting for the precious fruit of the earth, exercising patience over it until he gets the early rain [the first water baptism of the presence of the 1NC saints, into TCC1 and TCC3] and the late rain [the second water baptism of the presence of the 1NC saints, into TCC2 and TCC4].
You too exercise patience because the presence of the Lord has drawn close (James 5)

The rapture occurs during presence of Jesus through his descended wife. This is the manifestation of the second presence. It is not a part of the 120 year presence of his wife being on earth before the 1NC saints die and ascend to heaven. The manifestation of the first presence was not a rapture at the end of it (for there was no one to rapture then) but was rather the book of Revelation given to John.

8 and then shall be revealed the Lawless One, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall make powerless by the manifestation of his presence (2Thessalonians 2) 

David was born again without being baptized into a covenant requiring a sacrifical death, as was everyone in the line to Jesus (Word1 of Matthew1), but he was buried with his forefathers because he could not be resurrected as an angel until Jesus had ransom Adam. But after the ransom, then David could become an angel. In this regard Peter said:

29 Men, brothers it is allowable to speak with outspokenness toward you about the patriarch, David, that he deceased and was buried and his tomb is among us to this day (Acts 2). 

34 Actually David did not ascend to the heavens [he was not resurrected as an angel], but he himself says, 'The Lord [Jesus/Michael] said to my Lord [Melchizedek, the king of Eden2, the paradise to which David was resurrected]: Sit [upon the throne of Eden2] at my right hand [wait for your kingship in the kingdom of God for 4,000 to 5,000 years]
35 until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.' (Acts 2 NWT).

Paul explains it like this...

35 Nevertheless, someone will say: How are the dead to be raised up? Yes, with what sort of body are they coming?
You unreasonable person! What you sow is not made alive unless first it dies;
and as for what you sow, you sow, not the body that will develop, but a bare grain, it may be, of wheat or any one of the rest;
but God gives it a body just as it has pleased him, and to each of the seeds its own body.
Not all flesh is the same flesh, but there is one of mankind, and there is another flesh of cattle, and another flesh of birds, and another of fish [This is not a cell biology lesson from Paul. The flesh of cattle is that of Melchizedek, since it clothes the citizens of the kingdom. The flesh of fish is that of Methuselah, since it clothes the water baptised priests of the kingdom. The flesh of mankind is the flesh of adamic man here, ageing. The flesh of birds is the flesh of angels who have lived as angels. These have the sort of human body that can beam through a wall a hybrid human angelic body. This might have been a new creation of Michael's after he was resurrected, having reconciled the two species? The holy spirit is using the lower life forms of animals to symbolize higher life forms than ageing humans. Michael created the angelic human himself during God's creative rest, after he had reconciled both species and earned the right to make such a creation. We think that the 1NC Kings will descend in such bodies]
And there are heavenly bodies [angels], and earthly bodies [humans]; but the glory of the heavenly bodies is one sort [intellectual, mental capacity - huge memory etc], and that of the earthly bodies is a different sort [Olympic physical glory].
The glory of the sun is one sort, and the glory of the moon is another, and the glory of the stars is another; in fact, star differs from star in glory [This again is not a lesson in astrophysics from Paul. The Sun is Jesus, the moon is Satan, the stars are the angels. Satan has had the glory of the world. Jesus has the glory of God. The angels have differing glories depending upon their allegiances].
So also is the resurrection of the dead [So everyone is resurrected. But the glory of their resurrections will differ. Some get a resurrection as angels, some as kings, some as overlords, some as underlords, some as priests, some as citizens of the Kingdom of God, and some as soulless prisoners of the second death]. It is sown in corruption [ageing flesh], it is raised up in incorruption [non ageing flesh].
It is sown in dishonour [the sowing being the first death], it is raised up in glory [the glory of God, his love as expressed through the various salvation covenants]. It is sown in weakness, it is raised up in power.
It is sown a physical body [one dies as a human], it is raised up a spiritual body [the spirit goes out of the human body at death to sleep in an angelic server, which is a spiritual body]. If there is a physical body, there is also a spiritual one [an angelic subconscious backup server for the judicially dead and an angel in which one can be conscious for the born again].
It is even so written: The first man Adam became a living soul. The last Adam became a life-giving spirit [having life in himself. Being able to give everlasting life to angels through the ARC].
Nevertheless, the first is, not that which is spiritual, but that which is physical, afterward that which is spiritual.
The first man is out of the earth [the congregation of pre-adamics] and made of dust [dust makes soil that makes plants that make food that is eaten and makes a baby. Adam was a son of two pre-adamic parents, but was gene zapped to be a son of God. He was made in precisely the same way that Jesus, the last Adam, was made. Jared likewise was a non adamic gene zapped surrogate son of Mr and Mrs Mahalalel]; the second man is out of heaven. [This is very deep. The first man is the pre adamics, the second is Adam. The first man is Adam, the second is Melchizedek. Jesus is the last man, not the second]
As the one made of dust [is], so those made of dust [are] also; and as the heavenly one [is], so those who are heavenly [are] also.
And just as we have borne the image of the one made of dust [human], we shall bear also the image of the heavenly one [angelic].
However, this I say, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit God's kingdom [as a possession, having authority/sub-ownership in that kingdom], neither does corruption inherit incorruption.
Look! I tell you a sacred secret: We [the living in the true church at the end] shall not all fall asleep [in death], but we shall all be changed [into a non ageing human body or into an angel],
in uncut [time], in the blink of an eye, in the last trumpet [the 7th trumpet of Revelation 11]. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised up incorruptible [those in the first death will be resurrected into non ageing, incorruptible human bodies], and we [the living in the true church at the end] shall be changed [be gene zapped into half speed ageing Isaaic bodies after 2012Sivan15/16 when the temple ratio prophecy ends - see U108 and then Zoarites were Jubilee restored to baptize the unsanctified non adamically on 2012Sivan14/15/16, but maledicted by the LW Exedenic times from 2012Sivan15 to 2019Sivan15. Then once again we are gene zapped into non ageing Methuselaian bodies - not sure when - so that our souls shall live on (Genesis19) and be highly valued (2Kings1)].
For this which is corruptible [ageing] must put on incorruption [agelessness], and this which is mortal [human] must put on immortality [become angelic].
But when this which is mortal puts on immortality, then the saying will take place that is written: Death is swallowed up forever.
Death, where is your victory [for those who die but are resurrected]? Death, where is your sting [for those who do not die but gain a non ageing body or an immortal angelic body]? (1 Corinthians 15)

Jesus explains it like this...

26 Moreover, just as it occurred in the days of Noah [2x] [120 year warning?], so it will be [2x] also in the days of the Son of man [2x] [120 year presence?]:
27 they were eating [2x], they were drinking [2x], men were marrying [2x], women were being given in marriage [2x+2x: given to men], until that day when Noah entered into the ark [1x], and the flood arrived [1x] and destroyed [them] all [2x] [Total is = 20x]

Jesus, the greater Noah, entered into the ark for the 3rd 1NC marriage on 2019Tishri17 and the flood that destroys non 1AC Adam runs from 2021Iyyar14 to 2021Ab4 20x later. 

28 Likewise, just as it occurred in the days of Lot [2x. Days of the reappointed administration of Laodicea] they were eating [2x], they were drinking [2x], they were buying [2x], they were selling [2x], they were planting [2x], they were building [2x] [2x+2x+2x+2x+2x+2x=12x in 2x = 24x. 24 months from 2019Ab10, the reappointment of Laodicea, to 2021Ab4, the end of the lava flood].
29 But day in which Lot came out from Sodom [1x] it rained fire and sulphur from heaven [2x] and destroyed [them] all [2x] [1x+2x+2x=5x: Lot's Exodus from Laodicea on 2020Adar16 to the end of the lava flood on 2020Ab4 is 5 months of this sentence count]
30 The same way it will be on that day when the Son of man is to be revealed.
31 On that day let the person that is on the housetop but whose movable things are in the house not come down to pick these up, and the person out in the field, let him likewise not return to the things behind.
32 Remember the wife of Lot [think spiritually about the kingdom not physically about this system. Lot's wife is the congregation of Laodicea. Lot had a wife. So there is a congregation within Sodom. She is denied a water baptism in Zoar and becomes a pillar of salt, supporting the church and preserving flesh and seasoning food, due to her looking behind. The reappointed Laodicea church was a dry land!] (Luke 17 NWT).

For in the Watchtower, everyone buggers each other spiritually, by joining themselves in worship to various leaders in the church, to men, rather than to God. 

Yes the Watchtower are spiritual Sodomites. They join themselves in worship of men, their leaders, rather than God.

8 And their fall [ptwma] will be on the broad way of the city, the great which is in a spiritual sense called Sodom [spiritual immorality - Baal worship - worship of leaders of the church rather than God] and Egypt [slavery - this is the Watchtower], where their Lord was also impaled [Jesus was impaled outside Jerusalem by the Romans due to the Pharisees who condemned him. Elijah4 was Disfellowshipped from the Watchtower].

Angelic Rapture and Ark Rapture

If you are a saint and are not baptised into death (not a 1NC saint and not a mediator of a covenant) and if you get run over by a bus so that your body dies physically, then you just float off to heaven in your angelic body as your physical body gets crushed under its wheels. As your lights go out, your spirit goes out of the flesh into the angel and you do not lose consciousness. You do not enter into the first death. You enter the angel before the fleshly body dies. 

If you make it into Zoar, then your soul will live on. So you will be raptured into the ark, if you are born again, which means that you float up into the thing as Jesus did in Acts 1. The ark acts as an intermediate stage between physical death of the body and angelic resurrection. Or if you are not a saint then you will be able walk in/out of the ark after has come to a rest on 2019Tishri17 of Genesis 8:4 (the 17th day of the 7th month of the sacred year) presumably. 

Then everyone in the ark will be raptured into heaven or Eden2 for a while - see U243.

7 But, to you who suffer tribulation, relief along with us at the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his powerful angels  
in a flaming fire, as he brings vengeance upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus [during the lava flood].
9 These very ones will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction from before the Lord and from the glory of his strength, 
10 at the time he comes to be glorified in connection with his holy ones and to be regarded in that day with wonder in connection with all those who exercised faith, because the witness we gave met with faith among you (2 Thessalonians 1).

7 Look! He is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him [as a human, through his wife], and those who pierced him [false 1NC saints intruding into his body]; and all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in grief because of him. Yes, Amen (Revelation 1).

Every eye will see him because he will appear physically as a human. Those who pierced him must enter his flesh and then go bad or never have been sanctified. So they are false 1NC saints. They will still be around as Adamic humans at the time of the sheep and goats separation. This is the time when many false Christians turn up to be raptured, and get shown the door. The scripture will then be fulfilled which declares...

21 Not everyone saying to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will.
22 Many will say to me in that day [of the 3rd presence, Lord. Lord. i.e. the 2nd call to be a lord. the Asher call into the HLC], 'Lord, Lord [We want to be 2nd call HLCs, the sons of Asher], did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name? [In the first presence this means that they did expel demons and do powerful works but not with Jesus' authority. So they did it with Satan's authority].
23 And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew you! [because you never had an associated angel, which you need to have in order to exercise the gifts of the spirit] Get away from me, you workers of lawlessness (Matthew 7).

For more on these 10 virgins see U65.

18 Consequently I reckon that the sufferings of the present season do not amount to anything in comparison with the glory that is going to be revealed in us.
19 For the eager expectation of the creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8).

Jesus and Nathanael (Bartholomew), the apostle

47 Jesus saw Nathanael coming toward him and said about him: See, an Israelite for a certainty, in whom there is no deceit.
48 Nathanael said to him: How does it come that you know me? Jesus in answer said to him: Before Philip called you, while you were under the fig tree, I saw you.
49 Nathanael answered him: Rabbi, you are the Son of God, you are King of Israel.
50 Jesus in answer said to him: Because I told you I saw you underneath the fig tree do you believe? You will see things greater than these.
51 He further said to him: Most truly I say to you men, you will see heaven opened up and the angels of God ascending and descending [literally stepping up and stepping down  - bainw means to step to walk] upon [epi] the Son of man (John 1).

So the son of man is at the bottom of the ladder and at the top. This must be Jesus in heaven and his wife down here. The fig tree is the JWs??

First Century Writings 

In his [Godís] Kingdom, there will be evil and foul days, in which we will be saved (Barnabus 8:6)

So the Kingdom of God will have rotten days (in the beginning), actually from the start of the Time of Distress and escape for Daniel's people on 2020Nisan1 (2020March25/26, when the first lockdown regulations came into force in the UK) to 2020Adar30, the end of 4EC/CRC ark rapture, the end of the escape of Daniel's 2NC and 4EC people.

Dying a la Moses

Moses died at the top of the mountain aged 120 years. The word 'Years' appears once so is literal in the greater meaning. This is the 1NC reserve kings who die by dropping dead at some point at or after the end of the 1NC reserve mediated 2NC OMC Benjamite King human mediated spirit baptism. They see the ark but do not enter into it for salvation purposes. The 2NC Kings do not die at all.

34 Truly I say to you that this generation [of 1NC saints] will by no means pass away/come beside/arrive until all these things occur (Matthew 24).

The word symbolic meaning of this is that the born again generation of 1NC kings and 1NC reserve kings see everything in Matthew 24 including the manifestation of the Christ before they pass away (into their angels). So they do not pass away until after Jesus comes.