Come and Help us Decode the Scriptures and Produce the Apocalypse of John - the Final Revelation to Mankind

1 A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place. And he sent forth his angel and presented [it] in signs through him to his slave John, (Revelation 1 NWT)

Dear future citizens of the Kingdom of God on earth that will cut short Trump's 2nd presidential term,

We need your help to finish the job mankind has of fully understanding every word of the bible. The bible was not written for the Lords Witnesses church. It was written for every ploughboy and every handmaiden on this earth. William Tyndale, the father of the King James Bible, is quoted in "The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe" as saying to a Catholic Friar, in 1522, 14 years before he was burnt at the stake for heresy... "If God spare my life, ere many years, I will cause a boy that driveth the plough to know more of the scriptures than you do." Well God did spare his life long enough for the Tyndale Bible to be produced in 1526 and 1534 and his work then made up 90% of the King James Bible of 1611..    

But today in 2022 I am in the same position as Tyndale found himself in 1522. Tyndale studied classics and theology both at Magdalen Hall Oxford from 1506 to 1515 and at Cambridge from 1517-1521. Whereas the writer studied Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Magdalene College Cambridge from 1975-1979 and started but did not finish a PhD in Pure Mathematics at Magdalen College Oxford in 1979. Tyndale had to get the people reading the bible for themselves in English. I have to get them interpreting it for themselves in the tongue of the angels of 1Corinthians13. Ironically that means going back to the original Hebrew and Greek words which carry the code (until someone produces a code preserving translation - that would truly be a modern day Tyndale).   

Tyndale has so far been a lot more successful than I have. My Job, and the job of the LW church, is to take the bible out of the theology bookshelf and put it in the morality bookshelf, the genetics bookshelf, the mathematics bookshelf, the linguistics bookshelf, the cryptic puzzles bookshelf, the astrophysics bookshelf, the poetry bookshelf, the history bookshelf, the Sci Fi which becomes fact bookshelf, the medical bookshelf, and finally the bookshelf of the laws for every one of the 144,000 individual nation states on God's earth in the Kingdom of God, which is fully installed on 2023Heshvan11 (2023October28/29) as our new government. Yes, replacing our present governments. Yes, replacing our present nations. Yes, giving those who want it, the chance to get right in the next system what we got wrong in this system. Satan is not too keen on that prospect however. Hence all the trouble we are presently seeing and experiencing. But God has promised to protect his people.   

Here is an example of that angelic tongue. For those with the faith to wrestle with the angels as did Jacob, the genetic father of all Israel and the covenant father of all the saints, spiritual Israel, through the Jacobian Angelic Covenant (the JAC). For the progression for Moses to Jesus is the progression from genetic love to covenant love. Which is the progression from loving your brother by the blood of your genetic father to loving your brother by the blood of your covenant father, your covenant mediator.

The 2nd horse of the apocalypse is the US congress because its rider has the great sword of the US military - still the greatest sword in the world. So its rider is the President, the commander in chief of the US armed forces. And congress authorises the use of that sword ensuring the separation of powers.

3 And when he [] opened the second seal [2x], I heard the second living creature [2x] saying, Come and see [1x+1x=2x]. (Revelation 6 GLT)
3 kai ote hnuxen thn sfragida thn deuteran hkousa tou deuterou zwou legontoj ercou kai ide (Revelation 6 SinaiO)

The 2nd living creature (the Abrahamic 2NCs) invites the 3rd (the non Laodicean 2NCs and the Isaaic 2NCs) to Come [to reside in the ark] and See [what is described in the next verse] for: 2x+2x.2x=6x .From 2022Shebat15-21, the rapture of the LWs and other non abrahamic 2NCs, when they do come and see from the ark from 2022Shebat15-20 AND the coming of Jesus on 2022Shebat21!!. Gordon saw on Friday 2021Tammuz6 that the fiery colour of the horse was due to vote fraud judgement? (having previously seen it to be red for republican - it could be both)

4 And I saw and look! came out another horse fiery-coloured purroj] [1x Not kokkinoj or eruqroj meaning red, but purroj meaning fiery, from which the English word purify is derived. Yet fire is more red than it is blue. So this represents a republican congress - a very judgemental one], and to the (one) sitting upon it [NOT Vote Fraud Organisation Joe Biden as of 2021January20. But Donald J Trump after the midterms on 2022November8 (2022Heshvan11) or after 2023January3 (next session of congress - 2022Tebbeth6)] was given to him to take the peace out of the earth [by WW3] and [it was given to him to take peace out of the earth] in order that mutually/reciprocally they will slaughter each other [slaughterers kill and slaughterees kill- THIS IS MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION!], and was given to him sword great [US military]. (Revelation 6 KIT)
4 kai idon kai idou exhlqen alloj ippoj purroj kai tw kaqhmenw ep auton edoqh autw labein thn eirhnhn ek thj ghj kai eina allhlouj sfaxwsin kai edoqh autw macaira megalh (Revelation 6 SinaiO)

4 And I saw [1x: John is speaking as the 2NCs] and look! [1x] came out another horse [1x+1x=2x: A horse separate from the white horse - red actually - not said to be 2nd but not the first]  [that was] fiery-coloured [purroj] [1x. It was not another fiery coloured horse], and to the (one) sitting upon it was given to him to take the peace out of the earth [1x+2x+1x = 4x: He was permitted to take peace out of the earth by WW3, Congress Authorises War. He sits on the fiery-coloured horse that is other to the white horse. but he only sits on one horse not two of them] and in-that-place/there they will slaughter one another [But not in the ark. 1x.2x + 1x.2x = 4x A will kill B other than A and B will kill A other than B- THIS IS MUTUALLY ASSURED DESTRUCTION where A kills B and B kills A!], and was given to him sword great [1x: The great sword is the US military]. (Revelation 6 KIT)

4 kai idon kai idou exhlqen alloj ippoj purroj kai tw kaqhmenw ep auton edoqh autw labein thn eirhnhn ek thj ghj kai eina allhlouj sfaxwsin kai edoqh autw macaira megalh (Revelation 6 SinaiO)

Verse 4 from look!: 2x.1x+4x+4x+1x=11x  the length of the ride from 2022Shebat25 to 2022Adar6, the start of WW3, which runs to 2023Tishri6. Whereas on 2023Heshvan4, 28x of Revelation19:20 later, the beast is burnt both physically by the lava flood and judicially being judged to Gehenna on that day for all those OMCs who remain in it until then.

This horse coming out is the 118th congress passing its first law. It came into session on 2023January3 at noon (2022Tebbeth6). That horse comes out after the 2NC rapture (the 117th came out before our rapture). 
The horse comes out fiery-red. Perhaps due to it being a republican house. Perhaps it is initially judgemental in order to repay those responsible for the vote fraud. But then it becomes fiery-red due to WW3. It comes out after the LW 2NC ark rapture, since we see it come out from the ark. 
In what sense does it come out? Well the purpose of a horse is to carry somebody from A to B. It cannot do that in its stables. So coming out for a horse is performing its purpose. So the horse is a congress which is fiery before it starts operating. We are yet to see such a congress. It comes out by starting operations, by passing its first law after 2023January3. Also the rider of the horse is given the great sword after the horse comes out. Biden has already been given the great sword of the US military. So he is not the 2nd horseman. The new rider must be Trump (not Harris or Pelosi who are female - I am a biologist). There is no 2nd horsewoman of the apocalypse.

The rider of the horse is yet to be given the great sword of the US military. So it is not Biden who already has it.
So it must be Trump after the midterms on 2022November8 (2022Heshvan10).

Trump will regain the presidency due to a fraud verdict or the likes in 2022Shebat and Congress will authorize him to take the US into WW3, which is caused not by the US but by the 10 Kings of Revelation17.

The giving of the great sword (US military) is for the NON NUCLEAR parts of WW3, before the deployment of the long sword of Revelation 6:8, the nuclear weapons and other WMDs of the Great Tribulation of Matthew 24:20. Whereas WW3 runs for 7x of the fiery furnace of Daniel3 from 2022Adar6 to 2023Tishri6. For until the end there will be war (Daniel 9:26).

That horse comes out firey-red. This is the 118th congress coming out republican (both houses) and righteously judgmental against those who stole US democracy in 2020 and cover their theft by censorship and by falsely accusing others of being the danger to democracy that they themselves plainly are.   The 118th congress will convene on 2023January3 (2022Tebbeth6). That is a fixed reference point. The red horse comes out of the stables when they pass their first piece of legislation. We have that occurring on 2022Shebat25 (2023February20/21). That is the start of the ride of the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse who we interpret to be Donald J. Trump, the elected president of the United States both in 2016 AND in 2020 (had the non fraudulent votes been correctly counted). 

He rides for 11x of Revelation 6:4 to 2023March3/4 (2022Adar6) the start of WW3. Trump is not responsible for WW3 it is caused by the Globalists. The 10 kings of Revelation17 who declare peace and security of 1Thessalonians 5:3, then the sudden destruction of WW3, is upon them - upon their shoulders - just like the birth pang comes to a pregnant woman, cause it. But Trump is the US president when it occurs. He has to deal with it.   The commencement of the 118th congress fixes and confirms our present chronology.  Here is the itinerary of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse for your perusal...  

Horseman Horse Number Ride start Ride end Ride purpose
(Mediator of 2NC)
2NCs 1st 2022Shebat23 (2023February18/19) 2023Tammuz2 (2023June21/22): 2nd 2NC marriage. End of earthly interaction of all 2NCs The Apocalypse: The truth delivered by returning ark raptured LW Bible researchers and by returning ark raptured LW whistleblowers
D J Trump
(47th President)
118th Fiery-Red Congress 2nd 2022Shebat25
2023Tishri6: End of WW3 (2023September23/24) War: WW3 starts on 2022Adar6 (2023March3/4) and runs for 7x of the fiery furnace of Daniel3 to 2023Tishri6 (2023September23/24). The 10 Kings of Revelation17 cause the war not Trump.
Wild Beast of Revelation 13 (WEF) UN 3rd 2023Sivan5
2023Shebat14 (2024January29/30): The absolute end of Adam and Cain. Famine: Caused by the World Economic Forum rationing through the United Nations.
Satan2 (Cain) Intelligence Services (demon possessed until 2023Elul10) 4th 2023Ab7 (2023July26/27) 2023Heshvan4 (2023October21/22). End of the 40+40 day lava flood from 2023Ab14 (2023August2/3) Death: The Genocide of some of the 25% of mankind who were going to be killed by the lava flood anyway, the faithless & loveless, by WMDs (long sword), Plague and Government Brutality (wild beasts)

It takes 15 months to establish the Kingdom of God on earth and to end ageing and death due to old age. Those 15 months began on Thursday October12 which was 2022Tishri14, the end of Satan's authority as Caesar to mankind.


Many people, Muslims and Christians and Jews, want to know when Jesus or at least the messiah, will come. He comes to release us from Slavery23 just as Moses was sent by God to release the Jews from Slavery1513Nisan14 BC in Egypt. So plainly we must be enslaved in the Egypt of this world before he can come to release us into the real promised land of the Kingdom of God - which our enslavers would deny us!

The slavery is enforced through Chinese style social credit score linked central bank digital currencies, which you cannot own or use unless you have the mark of the beast (your social credit score). you social credit score will be zero if you are unvaccinated.

You will be thrown into the Daniel3 fiery furnace of the front lines of WW3 if you are unvaccinated and refuse to bow down to the image of the beast, the CBDCs.

Everything the demonic powers do is to get you to give up your genetic integrity to them through the computer generated Wuhan Hu1 spike protein. That is why the bivalent shots are only half updated to Omicron (when Pfizer's own figures show that the fully updated shots are twice as effective). There is obviously no medical reason to vaccinate people against a computer generated, man made and therefore unstable virus that fizzled out over 2 years ago. They keep the man made Wuhan Hu1 spike protein code in the shot because that is what alters your genes and your brain and your body to be the seed of Satan, actually of his firstborn human son with Eve, Cain, meaning spike/needle/spear in Hebrew. That is the snake bite of Genesis 3:15 and the man made corona of spike proteins virus bioweapon is the crown of thorns braided (helixed) by the soldiers and placed upon Jesus' head in Matthew27, Mark15 and John19, the last abuse meted out to the Christ by Rome, before he was crucified

Dragon's 42 month lease ends
10 Dragon horns start                                                        7 Beast heads start             10 Dragon horns end                                            10 Beast diadems end
7 Dragon Diadems start                                                     7 Dragon diadems end       Dragon goes to Hell                                              7 Beast heads end
7 Dragon heads start              10 Beast diadems start        7 Dragon heads end           End of 2000 days of Mark5 demon possession      Beast authority ends
2022Heshvan14                       2023Adar6                          2023Sivan6                          2023Elul10                                                            2023Tebbeth6

                 3 months                              4 months                              3 months                                              4 months

3 And was seen other sign in the heaven, and look! dragon great fiery-red, having heads 7 and horns 10 and upon the heads of it 7 diadems, (Revelation 12 KIT)
And I saw a wild beast ascending out of the sea, with 10 horns and 7 heads, and upon its horns 10 diadems, but upon its heads blasphemous names. (Revelation 13 NWT)

Horn__________________________10 Horns________________________ Horn                                                                                                  Diadem__________________________________10 Diadems________________________ 10th Diadem ends
10 kings = 10 horns not yet                                                                                                     Leopard________________________4 heads_____________________Leopard/Sea Beast___________________7 heads______________ Sea Beast heads end
received a kingdom   10 kings get authority  End of world judicially   Transfer begins         4 Leopard heads start    Transfer continues  
Mark Enforcement   7 Sea heads begin        Lava flood ends      Sea Beast caught       Kingdom prevails       Zoar ends
1000 day chain ends    1 hour of 42 months    42 month lease ends      10 horns end             Chinese drones-Ukraine   10 diadems start      and WW3 begin      4 leopard heads end     4th horse ends         WW3 ends                 Sea Beast destroyed   12th crop
2022January9-10         2022July29/30              2022November11/12       2022December27/28   2023Jan27-Feb26            2023March3/4           2023April2/3             2023May26/27                2023October21/22    2023October23/24       2023December22/23    Dec 30/31 
2021Shebat30             2022Tammuz29           2022Heshvan14              2022Chislev30            2022Shebat                     2022Adar6                2023Nisan6               2023Sivan6                    2023Heshvan4         2023Heshvan6            2023Tebbeth6       2023Tebbeth14 
5  months = 5 horns    3 months = 3 horns  1 months = 1 horns  66+30 day power + authority transfer to Adar6 from Revelation17:13-14           WW3 runs for 7 heads = 7 months of Daniel3      70 days of leftover ones of Revelation19:21 
Total: 300 + 66 + 300 = 666 days of the beast, the number of the beast.

The 1000 day chain of Revelation20 runs from the start of the Dragon's 42 month lease of Revelation13 from 2019Iyyar20, 2nd 1NC first fruits, to 2022Heshvan14. Babylon has to last at least until 2023Chislev14, in order for the late Babylonian LRC Passover to be a proper test on those in fake religion. 2023Sivan6 is the 7th Sabbath of 1NC Weeks, 1 short of the Pentecost. Putin invaded Ukraine on 2021Adar14 (by annexing the Donbas). This cannot have occurred during the 1000 days of the chain. Putin is not the Dragon. The Dragon operates through the intelligence agencies of all the world. Putin is an intelligence agent. The Biden administration green lighted the invasion by demonstrating globalist control of the US military to Putin through the deliberately botched Afghan withdrawal. 

2 And he seized the dragon, the original serpent, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for 1,000 years [1000 days from 2019Iyyar20 to 2021Shebat30, taking a day for a year following Ezekiel4 and Numbers14 - see U151#20].
3 And he hurled him into the abyss and shut [it] and sealed [it] over him, that he might not mislead the nations [into WW3 by Russia invading Ukraine] anymore until the 1,000 years were ended. After these things he must be let loose for a little while. (Revelation 20 NWT)

19 Then it was that Nebuchadnezzar himself got filled with fury, and the very expression of his face was changed toward Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. He was answering and saying to heat up the furnace 7 times more than it was customary to heat it up. (Daniel 3 NWT)

8 the wild beast which you saw it was and not it is, and it is about to be stepping up out of the abyss, and into destruction it is going under
2 And the 10 horns that you saw mean 10 kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings one hour with the wild beast (Revelation 17 NWT)
13 These one opinion are having, and the power and authority of them to the wild beast they are giving [10 kings with one opinion is a witness to 10x precisely of the 10 diadems]
14 These with the Lamb will war, and the Lamb will conquer them, because Lord of lords he is and King of kings, and the (ones) with him called (ones) [saints] and chosen (ones) [priests] and faithful (ones) [citizens]. (Revelation 17 KIT)
17 the for God gave into the hearts of them to do the opinion of him, and to do one opinion and to give the kingdom of them to the wild beast, until will be fulfilled the words of the God [of verses 6 and 16]. (Revelation 17 KIT)

Verse 13: 10x+10x.(1x+1x) = 30x. From the media blitz on the 2nd fire sign which unifies their opinion on 2022Adar6 to 2023Nisan6 = 2022Adar30, Mark Registration/Enforcement day, the start of WW3.
Verse 14: 10x+1x+10x.(1x+1x)+(2x+2x).(1x+1x+1x).10x = 151x. These must end on 2023Ab7, the end of the FRC ark rapture, when all of verse14 have conquered the 10 kings (salvationally). So they start on 2022Adar6.

Horn = month of power for 10 kings who have not yet received a kingdom.
Diadem = month of post horn kingship for the 10 kings based upon their own power (diadems upon their horns) not upon God's authority. 
Head = month of headship./rulership

6+1=7 months precisely (of all ones compared to the free, the slaves, the rich, the poor the great and the small ones of Revelation13:16) of Universal Mark enforcement by WW3 from 2022Adar6 to 2023Tishri6, the catching of the beast


42 month lease of the Dragon of Revelation13 from 2019Iyyar20 to 2022Heshvan14, the end of the world judicially.
2023Tebbeth6 is the end of the rulership and diadems of the beast, at the end of the destruction of the harlot of Babylon by the 10 Kings of Revelation17

2021Ab29: 2021August9: France mandates vaccine passports - pass sanitaire - for non emergency hospital visits, non emergency medical centre visits, restaurants, cafes and big shops - proving that vaccine passports are not about health.

2021Elul1: August 11/12: The EUDCC vaccine Passport is the only internationally adopted vaccine passport. It must therefore become the greater registration of CAESAR AUGUSTUS OF LUKE 2. It  was launched on 2021July1 and phased in from July1 to August12. It was first mandated by France on August9. Israel began using a national Green Pass on February16 but stopped using it on June1 then restarted on July29  Denmark started using a nation pass on April 21 but stopped on September 10. The EUDCC is now used by all 27 EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and by a further 22 non EU countries: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Faroes, Georgia, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Panama, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Vatican City. - Actually the greater registration for the Mark of the beast begins on 2022Shebat28, in the 6th month of the Elul1 sacred year of Isaac, rather than the 8th Gregorian year of August.  

2022Tishri16/Chislev5: 2022October14-15/2022December2-3: The Kingdom of God is appointed/installed under Jesus as Caesar over non adamic Abraham. 

2022Heshvan11: 2022November8/9: US midterms are held. The Republicans will take both houses (EVENTUALLY) since the 2nd horse of the apocalypse is fiery red, not blue.

2022Heshvan14: 2022November11/12: The end of the 42 months of authority of Revelation13 given to the Dragon from 2019Iyyar20 (2019May25/26). The end of all its heavenly authority over Adam. The end of the Dragon being Caesar to Adam. The Judicial end of the world

2022Heshvan16/Tebbeth5: 2022November13-14/2023January1-2: The Kingdom of God is appointed/installed under Jesus as Caesar over Cain

2022Heshvan22/Tebbeth11: 2022November19-20/2023January7/8: The Kingdom of God is appointed/installed under Jesus as Caesar over 1AC Adam. 

2022Heshvan29: 2022November26/27: The Image of Daniel3, the Mark of the Beast, is introduced and shown to those who will administer it, 91 days of the sentence count of Daniel3:2-3 before Mark registration begins on 2022Shebat30 (2023February25/26). This introduction leads 91 days later to the greater registration of CAESAR AUGUSTUS OF LUKE 2. 

2022Chislev1: 2022November28/29: The secular calendar is changed from Tishri1 year start to Chislev1 year start in honour of Jesus being installed as Caesar over Abraham on 2022Chislev5 (2022December2/3) rapturing Abrahamic 2NCs to be with him in the ark on 2022Chislev15-19 (2022December12/13-16/17)

2022Chislev15-20: 2022December12/13-17/18: The rapture of the Abrahamic 2NC saints into Ark2. They are transferred into Ark3 on 2022Chislev17-22.

2022Chislev15-20: 2022December12/13-19/20: Booths of the Sivan1 sacred year. The Abrahamic 2NCs are raptured following Leviticus 23:43. 

2022Chislev16/Shebat5: 2022December13-14/2023January31-February1: The Kingdom of God is appointed/installed under Jesus as Caesar over non adamic Isaac. 

2022Chislev30 - 2022Shebat6: 2022December27/28 - 2023February1/2: The 66 BLC days of the sentence count of Revelation 17:13-14 of transferring of power and authority from the 10 horns who are 10 kings from the end of the 1,000 day chain of Revelation20 from 2019Iyyar20 ( the start of the 42 months of authority of Revelation13 to 2022Heshvan14), who are 10 months of power who have one thought and give their power and authority to the beast of Revelation17:13, to the start of the 10 diadems of the beast. 

2022Shebat20-21: 2023February15-17: (7x+7x after after 2022Shebat7/8, the no show/no show declartion fro 2022Shebat4-6, our last failed prediction) - 2nd fire sign on Dartford, East of London producing a large explosive attack producing a mushroom cloud above the Thames OR on Manhattan producing a mushroom cloud above the Hudson!

2022Shebat20-22: 2023February15-18: (The late 2NC Pentecost of the Chislev1 Abrahamic secular year) - 3rd fire sign on Manhattan, a large explosive attack producing a mushroom cloud above the Hudson. OR on Dartford East of London producing a mushroom cloud over the Thames. 

2022Shebat25: 2023February20/21: A new US congress (fire-red, judgemental republicans) passes its first law -  comes out of the stables - with Donald J Trump as president (after the 2022November8 midterms after the 118th congress would normally convene on 2023January3 and pass its first law sometime after that). The 2nd horseman of the apocalypse starts his ride at the end of the ark rapture of the 2NCs. He rides for 11x of Revelation 6:4 to 2023March3/4 (2022Adar6) the start of WW3.

2022Shebat25: 2023February20/21: The 118th congress (fully republican) passes its first piece of legislation, with Donald J. Trump as the President (the true winner of the 2020 presidential election). This is the 2nd horseman of the apocalypse coming out of the stables on the 2nd horse of the apocalypse (the 118th US congress)

2022Shebat5-2022Adar20: 2023January31/February1 - 2023March17/18: Isaaic 4EC baptism of the 2NCs of the temple of Solomon built during the 2NC Pentecost of the Shebat1 Isaaic secular years from 2022Shebat2 to 2022Adar21. The 2nd row is baptised on 2022Shebat22 and the 3rd on 2022Shebat29 for the whole tribe temple, which is built on the 7 days of 1Kings6:38 which are the last 5 Sabbaths of the 2NC Pentecost and the next 2 BLC Sabbaths. Caleb's baptises his half apostles on 2022Shebat22. They baptise their 2nd rows on 2022Shebat29 and the 3rd on 2022Adar6, the 4th on 2022Adar13, the 5th on 2022Adar20, the 6th on 2022Adar27, the 7th on 2023Nisan4 = 2022Adar28.. 

2022Shebat26 - 2023Tishri6: 2023February21/22 - 2023September23/24: The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24. It runs for 220 days of the sentence count of Revelation 7:13-14. It begins 3 days after the 3rd fire sign and ends with the end of WW3. It is the period of worry about WW3. The first wartime firing of the nuclear capable Kinzhal hypersonic missile was 2022 March18 and the announcement of its firing by the Russians occurred  9:00 am on Saturday 2022March19 (2021VeAdar10). Providentially, those days are cut short, or not all [chosen] flesh would be saved. They are cut short on account of the chosen ones. There is a possibility that the spike protein bioweapon might also be terminal for all mankind via vaccine shedding. It occurs in Greek winter and starts on a week day during the adamic/abrahamic Sabbath month of 2022Shebat. The month in which all the 2NCs finish entering into the Sabbath resting of God in the ark (away from a satanic Caesar - see U103. Greek winter begins at the winter solstice on 2022December21 at 21:35 which is 2022Chislev24. Those in Judea, the saints are advised to pray that their flight EITHER precedes winter OR occurs in winter during the Sabbath (month). Laodicea were raptured from 2022Chislev15-19. But by the same token, their return flight to Zoar must occur during the Sabbath (mmonth), the one and only Sabbath month in Greek winter this year. The Great Tribulation must start on and/or contain a Sabbath which is not a Sabbath according to the wonderfully ambiguous Matthew 24:20. 2022Shebat26 is not a weekly Sabbath. But it is a monthly Sabbath.

2022Shebat27/Adar1: 2023February22/23/26/27: PEACE AND SECURITY of 1Thessalonians 5:3 is declared by the 10 Kings who form the Globalist worldwide government excluding the US. Then 5/9 days of the sentence count later, on 2022Adar6 (2023March3/4), the instant destruction of the start of WW3 is "standing upon them". In other words THEY (the 10 Kings of Revelation17)  are responsible for WW3! NOT TRUMP! They declare Peace and Security but they foment war and nuclear insecurity. Typical demonic behaviour. Deliberate proactive hypocrisy.

2022Shebat30: 2023February25/26: MARK COMPULSION DAY: Governments in the nations of the 10 Kings, and perhaps globally, compel all ones of Revelation13:16 to get vaccine passports (for 216 days of the sentence count to 2023Tishri6 (2023September23/24), the catching/domestication of the beast) - notwithstanding the UK Health Security Agency documented nationwide evidence that vaccines increase transmission of Covid and increase death from Covid and cause death by side effects such as blood clots, heart attacks, immune deficiencies and nervous system destruction, miscarriages. Natural immunity is what gives security from Covid not vaccine immunity. And the Vaccine passports will not recognise natural immunity because they are not about health. They are about genetic appropriation of humans by demons and control of those humans by antisocial credit scores. The UK IDVT (Identity Document Verification Technology) DBS (Digital Barring System) Digital ID legislation comes into force in the UK on 6 April 2022. This will become the Mark of the Beast once Vaccine status is added. 

Mark of the beast upon the hand: Vaccine Passports
Mark of the beast upon the forehead: Your Anti social credit score mark out of 10.
Image of the beast: CBDCs authorised by your social credit score.

2022Shebat30: 2023February25/26: MARK INAUGURATION AND REGISTRATION DAY. Mark victims start registering and get some kind of UN ID number.  It is now possible to buy and sell with the Mark. 6 cubits of image width + 210x of the sentence count of Daniel 3:4-7 before 2023Tishri6 (2023September23/24), the Revelation19:20 catching/domesticating of the sea beast of Revelation13. THIS IS THE GREATER REGISTRATION OF CAESAR AUGUSTUS OF LUKE 2.  

2022Adar6: 2023March3/4: MARK ENFORCEMENT DAY. It is now illegal to buy or sell without being part of a worldwide registration and getting some kind of UN ID number. This is 6 cubits of the width of the image of Daniel3 after Mark Inauguration day on 2022Shebat30 (2023February25/26).

2022Adar6 - 2023Tishri6: 2023March3/4 - 2023September23/24: WW3. It being the means of Mark Enforcement - the fiery furnace into which non idolaters are thrown. It lasts for 7x of the fiery furnace of Daniel3. You will be sent to the front in WW3, if you refuse vaccination. Wars are about seed, genetic seed. In wars people get raped. Not just sexually, also genetically. 

2022Adar16: 2023March13/14: The Day of Jehovah of Joel2 and Zephaniah1 and Amos5 and Malachi4 and Isaiah13 begins 45x of the sentence count of Joel 1:1-2 after 2022Shebat1, the Isaaic secular Rosh Hashana, and runs for 11x of the sentence count of Zephaniah1:14-16 to 2023Shebat14 (2024January29/30), the absolute end of Adam, the 1st death Passover. God puts the shield of Genesis 15:1 around Abraham (the sons of the 1AC, the 1st Abrahamic Covenant - those of us with love for God, the 1st law, or love for our brother, the 2nd law). From this point onwards God shields his covenanted people. The skies go dark with volcanic ash at or before the 3rd fire sign on 2022Shebat21 (2023February16/17), the following chief of 50 of 2Kings1 (following the 1st chief of 50 of 2010Chislev21, the fire in Israel upon mount Carmel - with an 12 year 2 month delay, for 12 stones according to the number of the tribes of the sons of Jacob being built into an altar, a means of sacrifice. Tthe installation of the 12 2NC apostles is completed from 2022Shebat15-21. The 1NCs join from 2022Adar16 (2023March13/14) onwards to 2023Iyyar5 (2023April25/26), starting the Day of the Lord, the 4th presence of the Christ. On 2023Iyyar5 (2023April25/26), the 3rd Holy Spirit takes Zoar over, at the start another possible Day of the Lord of Acts2. The skies will fill with ash to the point where the sun is darkened, the moon does not give its light, the stars withdraw their brightness - see U272

2022Adar16 - 2023Iyyar5: 2023March13/14 - 2023April25/26: The 3rd Holy Spirit is 4EC baptised into 2NC Zoar for these 50 BLC days of the 3rd 50 of 2Kings1 inclusively, the 7th Isaaic Zoar Pentecost.

2023Iyyar5: 2023April25/26: The 3rd Holy Spirit takes over Zoar at the 7th Isaaic Zoar Pentecost

2023Iyyar21: 2023May11/12: The holy ones of the supreme one (the true church) are given into the hand of the little horn of Daniel7 for 4 months to 2023Tishri6 (2022September23/24) when the beast is caught and they are released?.

2023Iyyar22 - 2023Sivan5: 2023May12/13 - 2023May25/26 The ark rapture of the Isaaic 4EC priests (200 million of them - 10% of half of male mankind, 2 myriads of myriads, a myriad being 10,000).

16 And the number of the armies of cavalry was 2 myriads of myriads: I heard the number of them.
17 And this is how I saw the horses in the vision, and those seated on them: they had fire-red and hyacinth-blue and sulphur-yellow breastplates; and the heads of the horses were as heads of lions, and out of their mouths fire and smoke and sulphur issued forth. (Revelation 9 NWT)

2023Sivan6-2023Tammuz6: 2023May26/27-2023June26/26: The sword stroke to the US head of the beast, one out of the 7 heads standing for one month precisely out of 7 months precisely of headship from 2023Sivan6 (2023May26/27) to 2023Tebbeth6 (2023December22/23), the end of the 7 heads and the 10 diadems of rulership of the beast at the destruction of the Harlot of Babylon of Revelation 17:16.

2023Sivan8-2023Ab7: 2023May28/29-2023July26/27: The ark rapture of the FRCs, the 1ACs who are sealed by faith. Those faithful to God, to Jehovah, OR to Jesus (4 billion of them - they, the saints and the priests make up 50% of mankind - men and women EQUALLY). 

40 Then 2 men will be in the field: one will be taken along and the other be abandoned;
41 2 women will be grinding at the hand mill: one will be taken along and the other be abandoned. (Matthew 24 NWT)

2023Tammuz14: 2023July3/4: The last FRC Passover, the late non religious FRC Passover. The end of salvation by faith, the 6th crop of Revelation22 is non adamically restored from 2023Tammuz14-16. 

2023Ab7 - 2023Heshvan4: 2023July26/27 - 2023October21/22: The ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse, who has authority to kill non 1ACs with the long sword of WMDs (as opposed to the great sword of the US military) of Revelation 6:8, The ride starts at the end of FRC ark rapture. Satan2, who is the descended demon Cain, the human seed of the Serpent, rides this intelligence services horse for 3 days only. the horse itself, finishes real time killing non 1AC Adam and non 1AC Cain (he only has authority to kill 25% of the earth, those not covenanted to be sons of Abraham through the OMC, those who have no love) on 2023Heshvan4 (2023October21/22). His 87 day ride in the sentence count of Revelation 6:8. This is the period of nuclear war to 2023Tishri6 (2023September23/24) then biological vaccine war and fallout etc., thereafter. The demons set this war up and wage it until they are expelled on 2023Elul10 (2023August28/29), the end of their 2,000 swine for a day earthly sojourn of Mark5, from 2017Tebbeth20 (2018January12/13)

2023Ab14: 2023August2/3: The Laodicean LRC (Love Ransom Covenant) Passover into the 7th crop of Revelation22, the first of the 6 OMC (2nd law) crops after the 6 FRC (1st law) crops.

2023Ab14 - 2023Heshvan4: 2023August2/3 - 2023October21/22: The lava flood of Genesis7/8 begins and runs for 40+40 days. It is a Passover of Abraham and constructive Abraham (the sons of the 1AC) and an execution of non 1AC Adam, who dies out by 2023Heshvan4 (2023October21/22). mankind completes his escape from non OMC Adam and non OMC Cain on the last day of the lava flood. The OMC is the Omega Covenant, the Brotherly Love Covenant, the 2nd Law Covenant of the faithless robber crucified next to Jesus but in the same judgement as him, and of the sheep and the goats of Matthew25, and of the good Samaritan of Luke10. Adam is unclean by a dead soul (his own) hence he is Passover executed at a late Passover in fact on 2023Ab14, the 3rd Passover of the Sivan1 sacred year, rather than Sivan14. The 3rd Passover execution after Eden, and the flood of Noah (which began on 2371Heshvan10 BC, a Passover entry day for 2371Heshvan14 BC). 

2023Elul10: 2022August28/29: The end of the 2,000 pigs of Mark5, the 2,000 days of demon possession from 2017Tebbeth20 (2018January12/13)
2023Elul14: 2023September1/2: The Watchtower OMC Passover into the 8th crop of Revelation22
2023Elul16/Heshvan5: 2023September3-4/October22-23: The appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God under Jehovah over Cain (only OMC Cain is left)
2023Elul22/Heshvan11: 2023September9-10/October28-29: The appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God under Jehovah over Adam (only OMC Adam is left)

2023Tishri6: 2023September23/24: The catching of the Beast. Its domestication. The end of military conflict. 
2023Tishri6: 2023September23/24:
WW3 ends. The Great Tribulation of Matthew24 ends. All war ends for good. John Lennon was right. Isaiah was right. The end of nuclear war.
2023Tishri6: 2023Spetember23/24: Mark of the beast enforcement ends
2023Tishri14: 2023October1/2: The Christian LRC Passover into the 9th crop of Revelation22

2023Heshvan4: 2023October21/22: The lava flood ends. Non 1AC Adam and non 1AC Cain finish being exterminated.
2022Heshvan4: 2023October21/22: The ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse ends. 

2023Heshvan5: 2022October22/23: The Kingdom of God is installed under Jehovah over Cain. Non OMC Cain must be removed first by the flood.
2023Heshvan11: 2022OCtober28/29: The Kingdom of God is installed under Jehovah over Adam. Non OMC Adam must be removed first by the flood. Because one has to be a son of Abraham at least constructively to enter into the Kingdom of God under God.
2023Heshvan14: 2023October31/November1: The Babylonian OMC Passover into the 10th crop of Revelation22

2023Chislev14: 2023November30/December1: The late Babylonian OMC Passover into the 11th crop of Revelation22

2023Tebbeth6: 2023December22/23: Beast loses its headship. Its 7 heads end. Its 10 diadems end. 
2023Tebbeth6: 2023December22/23: The destruction of the Harlot of Babylon is completed. All false religion is gone.
2023Tebbeth14: 2023December30/31: The late non religious OMC Passover into the 12th crop of Revelation22
2023Tebbeth14-16: 2023December30/31 - 2024January1/2: The death and non adamic resurrection of the 12th crop of Revelation22, the end of entrance into Kingdom salvation except for the last chance saloon
2023Tebbeth16/Adar5: 2024January1-2/February19-20: The appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God under Jehovah over non adamic Abraham (Jesus took 2022Chislev16/Shebat5)

2023Shebat14: 2024January29/30: The 1st death Passover. The end of OMC sealing. The absolute end of Adam. The end of entry into the 1st death.
2023Shebat16: 2024January31/February1: The resurrection of the faithless but loving sealed into the OMC/LRC and Passover executed on 2023Shebat14 (2024January29/30)
2023Shebat16/2024Nisan5: 2024January31/February1-March15-16: The appointment/installation of the Kingdom of God under Jehovah over non adamic Isaac

May Almighty God Jehovah Bless Protect and Save you
May the 2nd God, Jesus Christ Jehovah, the appointed Caesar to mankind, liberate you from the coming slavery by rapture or by resurrection.

My Love
Gordon Ritchie
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