Come and Help us Decode the Scriptures and Produce the Apocalypse of John - the Final Revelation to Mankind

1 A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place. And he sent forth his angel and presented [it] in signs through him to his slave John, (Revelation 1 NWT)

Dear future citizens of the Kingdom of God on earth that will cut short Trump's 2nd presidential term,

We need your help to finish the job mankind has of fully understanding every word of the bible. The bible was not written for the Lords Witnesses church. It was written for every ploughboy and every handmaiden on this earth. William Tyndale, the father of the King James Bible, is quoted in "The Acts and Monuments of John Foxe" as saying to a Catholic Friar, in 1522, 14 years before he was burnt at the stake for heresy... "If God spare my life, ere many years, I will cause a boy that driveth the plough to know more of the scriptures than you do." Well God did spare his life long enough for the Tyndale Bible to be produced in 1526 and 1534 and his work then made up 90% of the King James Bible of 1611..    

But today on Xmas day 2023 I am in the same position as Tyndale found himself in 1522. Tyndale studied classics and theology both at Magdalen Hall Oxford from 1506 to 1515 and at Cambridge from 1517-1521. Whereas the writer studied Natural Sciences and Mathematics at Magdalene College Cambridge from 1975-1979 and started but did not finish a PhD in Pure Mathematics at Magdalen College Oxford in 1979. Tyndale had to get the people reading the bible for themselves in English. I have to get them interpreting it for themselves in the tongue of the angels of 1Corinthians13. Ironically that means going back to the original Hebrew and Greek words which carry the code (until someone produces a code preserving translation - that would truly be a modern day Tyndale).   

Tyndale has so far been a lot more successful than I have. My Job, and the job of the LW church, is to take the bible out of the theology bookshelf and put it in the morality bookshelf, the genetics bookshelf, the mathematics bookshelf, the linguistics bookshelf, the cryptic puzzles bookshelf, the astrophysics bookshelf, the poetry bookshelf, the history bookshelf, the Sci Fi which becomes fact bookshelf, the medical bookshelf, and finally the bookshelf of the laws for every one of the 144,000 individual nation states on God's earth in the Kingdom of Jesus, which was appointed/installed under Jesus as Caesar over Adam on 2020Tishri20/Chislev9 and over Cain on 2020Heshvan16/Tebbeth5. Then the Kingdom of God will be appointed/installed under Jehovah as Caesar over Abraham on 2024Tishri16/Adar5. Yes, Jesus manages the transition and then, when he has brought the last enemy death to nothing on 2024Shebat16, the resurrection back to this planet of the sealed last chance salooners Passover executed on 2024Shebat14, the 1st death Passover, he will had over the Kingdom to God, replacing all our present governments. Yes, replacing our present nations. Yes, giving those who want it, the chance to get right in the next system what we got wrong in this system. Satan is not too keen on that prospect however. Hence all the trouble we are presently seeing and experiencing. But God has promised to protect his people.   

Here is an example of that angelic tongue. For those with the faith to wrestle with the angels as did Jacob, the genetic father of all Israel and the covenant father of all the saints, spiritual Israel, through the Jacobian Angelic Covenant (the JAC). For the progression for Moses to Jesus is the progression from genetic love to covenant love. Which is the progression from loving your brother by the blood of your genetic father to loving your brother by the blood of your covenant father, your covenant mediator.


May Almighty God Jehovah Bless Protect and Save you
May the 2nd God, Jesus Christ Jehovah, the appointed Caesar to mankind, liberate you from the coming slavery by rapture or by resurrection.

My Love
Gordon Ritchie
Lords Witnesses Christian Church
The Church of Mary not Martha, a research church rather than an evangelical church
Zoar, the departure lounge for all those to be raptured into the ark (see U154).
The church of the SECOND New Covenant to be Kings not in heaven but on earth (see Intro35)
The 1st horseman of the final Apocalypse - who is the antitypical Joseph - the bible decoder (see U151)
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The antitypical Solomon (see U296), Daniel (see U150U152, U153, U155, U156, U157, U160, U161, U162, U163, U164, U167, U169, U170, U171, U172), Joseph (see U304, U312).