[163] Daniel 10: 1NC reserves see a vision of the 2NCs in 2NC Zoar on 2022Sivan24

1 In the 3rd year of Cyrus [derivation uncertain] [] the king of Persia [The Dragon, sacred years from 2020Sivan1?] there was a matter revealed to Daniel [God is my Judge] [AOL], whose name was called Belteshazzar [prince of Baal] [who was busy being a 1Kings18 prophet of Baal] and the word/saying/matter [was] true, and the warfare/conflict [was] great. And he understood the matter, and he had understanding in the thing seen [he finally understood the LW prophecies for WW3 and the Great Tribulation of Matthew24 and the 2nd and 3rd fire signs and perhaps some of Daniel7 and Daniel8].
2 In those days [the days of the 3rd year or the days of the revealing of the matter? It is BOTH] I myself, Daniel, had been [perfect tense] mourning [during/for/though all of/through parts of] 3 sevens/weeks days [mourning presumably as a result of the matter revealed to him in the literal meaning. And indeed in the word symbolic meaning. 3 weeks of mourning traditionally runs from Tammuz17 to Ab9 for the Jew (with only 29 days in Tammuz). It is a mourning for the loss of their form of worship either in the tablets of Moses or the constant features in Solomon's and Zerubbabel's temples. So here, in the greater meaning, this mourning is for the loss of a form of worship. It is for the loss of Watchtower form of worship].
3 Dainty bread I did not eat, and no flesh or wine entered into my mouth [he did not partake], and in no way did I grease/anoint myself [this is not a baptism since one cannot baptise oneself. 1NC reserves anoint themselves as Kings by accepting the cup of the 1NC at the Passover] until [no 'the'] 3 sevens days were filled [no Passover emblems no Passover lamb for Daniel who is the 1st Watchtower Passover 1NC reserves, during these 3 weeks or at any time before them actually].