[217] Levi runs the earthly true church administration, the Holy Place. Aaron runs the heavenly true church administration, the Most Holy Place

Aaron was installed for 7 days during which time he was not permitted to leave the temple.

33 And you must not go out from the entrance of the tent of meeting for 7 days, until the day of fulfilling the days of your installation, because it will take 7 days to fill your hand with power. (Leviticus 8 NWT)

The Levites were the priests who  could officiate at the altar and in the Holy Place but could not go behind the curtain into the Most Holy
Aaron, the high priest and his genetic successors, Aaronites, were the only ones permitted to go behind the curtain where the ark was with the two Cherubs upon it.

The Levitical priesthood represents the earthly priesthood of a true Christian church
The Aaronic high priesthood represents the heavenly priesthood of a true Christian church

The Holy Place is the earthly administration of a true church
The Most Holy is the heavenly administration of a true church.

The ark with the two Cherubs in the most holy pictures the greater ark of Noah which comes to rest upon the mountains of Ararat/curse reversed/Zoar by becoming the Most Holy Place to those mountains

The administration of Zoar is the Holy Place for Isaac. The Ark is the Most Holy Place for Isaac. The Isaaic Cherub is Methuiselah, the mediator of the CRC
The administration of Laodicea/the autonomous congregation in Zoar is the Holy Place for Abraham. The Ark is the Most Holy Place for Abraham too. The Abrahamic Cherub is Melchizedek, the mediator of the FRC

Jesus' flesh is the temple curtain between the Holy and the Most Holy which is also the cloud at the top of the mountain separating the Holy lover part of the mountain from the Most Holy top of the mountain.

19 Therefore, brothers, since we have boldness for the way of entry into the holy place by the blood of Jesus,
20 which he inaugurated for us as a new and living way through the curtain, that is, his flesh, (Hebrews 10 NWT)

23 At this Moses said to Jehovah: The people are not able to come up to Mount Sinai, because you yourself already warned us, saying, 'Set bounds for the mountain and make it sacred.'
24 However, Jehovah said to him: Go, descend, and you must come up, you and Aaron with you; but let not the priests and the people break through to come up to Jehovah, that he may not break through/forth in/upon them. (Exodus 19 NWT)

The ark comes to rest upon the holy mountains of Zoar and Autonomous Zoar by becoming the Most Holy place for those two mountains. It becomes the tops of those two mountains above the two clouds.