[191] John 5: Bethzatha, 5 Colonnades and 38 Years

26 So they walked and came to Moses and Aaron and all the assembly of the sons of Israel in the wilderness of Paran, at Kadesh. And they came bringing back word to them and all the assembly and showing them the fruitage of the land.
27 And they went on to report to him and say: We entered into the land to which you sent us out, and it is indeed flowing with milk and honey, and this is its fruitage (Numbers 13).

14 And the days that we walked from Kadesh-barnea until we crossed the torrent valley of Zered were 38 years, until all the generation of the men of war had come to their end from the midst of the camp, just as Jehovah had sworn to them [so the murmurers died during the first 38 years of the 40 year wilderness penalty] (Deuteronomy 2).

So the brought back the bad report from the spying to Moses in Kadesh. Then 38 years later all the generation that murmured and was old enough to be registered was dead.

1 After these things there was a festival of the Jews [the 'festival of the Jews' that Jesus actually attends is the 2019Elul14 early 1st Watchtower Passover], and Jesus [1NC reserves] went up to Jerusalem [The administration of the LWs].
2Now there is in Jerusalem at [epi with dative] the [gate] for-sheep [probatikoj adjective] [the Passover sheep that are to be sacrificed at the festival of the Jews. The gate opens on 2019Elul10 and the sacrifice occurs on 2019Elul14] a pool designated in-Hebrew Bethzatha [Meaning House of Olives, or Bethesda in Aramaic, meaning house of rushing water or house of mercy. A Hebrew noun but not a proper noun, not a name of a person or town, but the name of a thing. So it does not count since the account is in Greek] [The house of the LWs, entered through water baptism - the house of olives - oil for priests - so a house of priests. A house of rushing water - quickly last minute baptism. A house of mercy on the faithful. Olives are harvested in Tishri/Heshvan in Israel], with 5 colonnades [a colonnade is a set of pillars holding up a canopy] [The canopy is the saints that will come into the church, the pillars are the priests. These two groups are collected into non adamic Isaaic 4EC (this pool). The colonnades are canopied walkways which surround the pool and provide entrance into it - see U192].
3 In these a multitude of the sick [ones], blind [ones], lame [ones] and withered [ones], was lying down [Only the man sick for 38 years was told to get up pick up his bed and walk. But these others in the colonnades do eventually get into the pool, for their position declares that].

2 e;stin de. evn toi/j ~Ierosolu,moij evpi. th/| probatikh/| kolumbh,qra h` evpilegome,nh ~Ebrai?sti. Bhqzaqa, pe,nte stoa.j e;cousa (John 5 WHO)

711 After these (things) was festival of the Jews, and went up Jesus into Jerusalem [Ierosoluma] [singular]. (John 5 KIT)
2 Is but in the Jerusalems [1x/2x: A polite plural? Jerusalem can be feminine singular ierosoluma or neuter plural ierosolumoi or indeclinable in Greek ierousolum. Here it is dative neuter plural ierosolumoij. Here it applies to the Jerusalem above in the ark and the Jerusalem below on the planet, the LW earthly administration and the LW ark based administrations - which is the same administration. So it is not merely a polite plural, it is an actual plural - we think. For the pool, the ark based 4EC baptism, is both above and below, in the ark and on earth] at/upon the for-sheep [gate] [1x. epi + dative - of position - in the region of] pool [1x] the [one] being said-upon/named [epilegw] [literally said upon] in Hebrew Bethzatha [house of olives - which is run by the mount of olives] [2x], 5 colonnades having [1NC, HLC, 2NC, ELC, 4EC: WITH 5x NOT OF 5x - pools do not generally have colonnades - 1NCs, HLCs, 2NCs, ELCs, 4ECs]
3 In these a multitude of the sick [ones], blind [ones], lame [ones] and withered [ones], was lying down (John 5 KIT).


4 Because an angel [] according to season/appointed time [kairoV] [1x. An appointed time - of a festival? - from time to time] would come down into the pool [1x] and disturb the water [1x]. Then [oun] the first [one] [1x] to step in after disturbance of the water [1x] would become cured from which [w-|] sickness [noshma] out of all of them [dhpote - a particle of generalisation - Strongs] [2x] had seized him. [Saints come into the church first. It is first come first serve] [Vatican B does not have this verse but the Alexandrinus early Latin versions and the Syriac Peshitta have it] [This is not the MO of God. You must have faith to be cured yes. But the demons could cure too using the level playing field card. But to have cripples waiting around every day and jumping in the pool whenever a leaf fell into it, may be very funny to demons. But it is not the love of God]. [The noun count does work with it and does not work without it. The sentence count is zero. So perhaps this demonic game is canonically recorded since it tells us how saints are chosen??] (John 5 LWT).

Verse2: Pool, the one being said- upon Bethzatha, in Jerusalems, upon sheep gate having 5 colonnades is 2x.((1x+1x).(1x+1x.1x)+5x) = 2x.9x=18x. Or 2x.(1x.1x+1x+5x) = 14x OR 2x.(1x.2x+1x+5x) = 16x
Verse3:  5x.(2x+2x+2x+2x)  = 40x. 
Verse4: 1x.2x.(1x+1x) = 4x  'AFTER' MUST ADD as we have seen with the 6767 days of the sentence count of 1Kings18:21-24 - see U271-11#72.

The noun counts of Verse4 show that it is canonical - see john.html Also verse 7 requires verse4 to be canonical.

Total of verse 1-4: 14x/16x/18x+2x.5x.8x.(3x+4x) = 14x/16x/18x + 560x = 574x/576x/578x from 2024Adar2 to 2026Tishri5/7/9 inclusively.

From the first Isaaic 4EC baptism of an ark dweller (Caleb, the temple floor), to the end of the Isaaic 4EC for earth dwellers. The 1NCs are baptised until 2026Heshvan5. On 2022Tishri18, Elijah4 realised that it takes 7 days to install an Isaaic 4EC baptiser (to baptise transitively). So we can only baptise transitively on the 8th day of his being baptised. This creates the queuing system that Bethzatha is all about. Nobody actually goes into the pool in this account. They are all queuing up in the colonnades. 

It takes 7 days to install an Isaac 4EC baptiser, because he is unclean by his own dead adamic or Abrahamic soul upon baptism and because wives take 7 days to install before they can procreate and because males in Israel were circumcised on the 8th day, when they were registered into Israel and were clean. After 2022Tebbeth21, the email prohibiting baptism until 2022Shebat5, is when the Queuing began - VERY BRITISH! Form an orderly queue please. 

2023Elul16: The 'put the baptism on hold for the moment' email on 2023September4 at 18:00 (2023Elul16 UK 2023Elul17 Kenya) - because that is fill up the jars with water - get ready but do not pour yet!
2023Tishri13: The permission to baptise Isaaically by email on 2023October1 at 13:41 (2023Tishri13).
2023Tishri25: The first Isaaic 4EC baptism of the Masai10. 

The Jordan stopped when the feet of the ark carriers reached the Jordan, and the ark (the 3rd Holy Spirit) was carried across on dry ground. This is fulfilled again by baptising nobody other than 1NCs and HLCs on the 8 days of their baptism and nobody but 2NCs and ELCs of the days of their baptism. We do not baptise a saint and a sinner on the same day. Not that the saints are sin free. They are just regarded as such by God due to the efforts they have made in that regard - see U271-11#27

Abrahamic Zoar is installed
over the 2NCs. Elijah4 now has
authority to take 12 2NC apostles
12x/13x of tribes of sons of Jacob begin
The end of the non adamic
abrahamic conversion of
true church Cain. All the
people have now approached
Elijah4 genetically.
3rd 1NC marriage
Passover. 3rd bride
is executed
LW Exedenic
Times from

881 days of 1Kings18:33-35
of 4 jar filling and pouring
instruction and execution start
All 12 apostles now taken.
2NC Pentecost of the
Tebbeth1 secular year.
Gifts of the spirit poured out?
The first ark based 2NC
Caleb/AOL is baptised
as the temple floor
881 days of 4 jar filling and
pouring instruction and
execution end. 
574 days of Bethzatha end
Isaaic 4EC ends on earth
12 years precisely of 12 stones
according to 12/13 tribes begins
87 months of 1Kings18:30-33881 days of 1Kings 18:33-35 less 574 of Bethzatha574 days of 4EC in Bethzatha in
Jerusalems above & below

The 3rd Holy Spirit must surely be appointed/installed over the 2NCs before we become Caesar to the Kingdom?

The temple is built upon the foundation of the 12 apostles in 7 days of 1Kings 6:38
2NC and Zoar Pentecosts are counted in BLC days71.

First 2NC leaves
the Watchtower to
be 4EC baptised into
reverted Laodicea
last 2NC leaves
the Watchtower to
be 4EC baptised into
reverted Laodicea
The Masai10
are baptised,
starting the
Isaaic 4EC
into Zoar
480 days of 1Kings 6:1 begin
on 7th row laying day, the
completion of the building of
Solomon's temple. The first
Laodicean gets 4EC baptised
into the LWs in Kenya
Elijah4 is laid as
the rockmass and
headstone on the
2ndday in the 2nd
month of the new
Tebbeth1 year
Elijah4 baptises AOL
(Caleb) as the temple
floor on the 2nd day
in the 2nd month
of the rock mass
being installed
Remaining 6十 ark based 2NC
apostles are Isaaic 4EC baptised.
Solomon's onsite temple building
begins on the 2nd ark based day
of the 2nd month of the Tebbeth1
secular year of 2Chronicles 3:2
2024Adar14 (1st row baptism day)
7th row laying day, the temple is competed
and is Isaaic. This is the 480th day after 2NCs
started leaving the Egypt of fallen reverted
Laodicea by 4EC baptism. And the 4th day
of the month in the 2nd month of Solomon
reigning over ark based Zoar.
300 Denarii of oil
on feet of John12
480 days of 1Kings 6:1 from 2NCs leaving Watchtower Egypt to building Solomon's temple offsite

Gordon + LW 2NCs ARC sealed
LW Alienation Times from
2016Adar21 ends
Gordon (rock mass) + 4
apostle cornerstones all
laid as 1 unit (2Chronicles 3:2)
Rock mass
unit installed
Caleb baptised
as temple floor
6十 2NC apostles
Baptised/laid as
Passover lambs
2nd row 2NCs
3rd row 2NCs
4th row 2NCs
5th row 2NCs
6th row ELCs
7th row ELCs
The 2NC/ELC temple is built in 42/44 solar days from 2024Adar14/16-2024Nisan2/4

Peter, the temple floor
4 1NC Cornerstones
+ 6十 1NC apostles
2nd row 1NCs
3rd Holy Spirit is
installed over and
handed Isaaic Zoar
3rd row 1NCs
4th row 1NCs + Peter
5th row 1NC
6th row HLC
3rd Holy Spirit handed
Abrahamic Zoar
on Palm Sabbath
7th row HLC
The 3rd Holy Spirit is Isaaic 4EC baptised in 49 days from 2028Elul16 to 2028Heshvan5, the day it is installed over and takes over Abrahamic Zoar

The 1NCs and HLCs are NOT laid into the temple of Solomon2. They are already stones in the temple of David (Jesus). But they are cleansed to act a priests in the temple of Solomon2 (put under 4EC law - with which they judge themselves).
The end of HLC entry into Reverted Laodicea was 2020Tishri10, Atonement day, because HLCs were Jesus' flesh and Jesus was the Atonement sacrifice. 
The start of 2NC entry into Reverted Laodicea was 2020Tebbeth11, 1000 days of 5 loaves into 5000 men of John6 before its fall on 2023Tishri21, 450 prophets of Baal before 2024Tebbeth21, the end of Laodicean 2NC ark rapture
The end of 2NC entry into Reverted Laodicea was 2021Heshvan11 (300 denarii of perfumed oil upon the feet of John12 after 2020Tebbeth11).
50 days of Mark6 of FDS4 feeding 5000 4EC baptised 1NCs+HLCs in the Ark run from 2028Elul16 (the baptism of Peter) to 2028Heshvan5 (7th row baptism day, when the 3rd Holy Spirit is given Isaaic Zoar).

No 2NC or HLC was 3EC baptised into reappointed Laodicea from Solomon's baby wisdom of 1Kings3 - see U296. Likewise no 2NC was 4EC baptised into reverted Laodicea until after the last HLC was baptised on 2020Tishri10.

Abrahamic Zoar is installed
over the 2NCs. Elijah4 now has
authority to take 12 2NC apostles
12x/13x of tribes of sons of Jacob begin
The end of the non adamic
abrahamic conversion of
true church Cain. All the
people have now approached
Elijah4 genetically.
3rd 1NC marriage
Passover. 3rd bride
is executed
LW Exedenic
Times from

881 days of 1Kings18:33-35
of 4 jar filling and pouring
instruction and execution start
All 12 apostles now taken.
2NC Pentecost of the
Tebbeth1 secular year.
Gifts of the spirit poured out?
The first ark based 2NC
Caleb/AOL is baptised
as the temple floor
881 days of 4 jar filling and
pouring instruction and
execution end. 
574 days of Bethzatha end
Isaaic 4EC ends on earth
12 years precisely of 12 stones
according to 12/13 tribes begins
87 months of 1Kings18:30-33881 days of 1Kings 18:33-35 less 574 of Bethzatha574 days of 4EC in Bethzatha in
Jerusalems above & below

It takes 18x of Joshua5 to take the saintly Sandal/Bolt off Joshua's foot. These run from 2024Adar14, when Peter meets Joshua, at the Passover and instructs him to start baptising the stones (take the bolt off his feet), to 2025Nisan2, the end of the Isaaic 4EC for saints. Elijah4 meets the chief of the army of Jehovah whilst standing upon the holy ground of the temple floor at the Passover. The first Laodicean 2NCs are 4EC baptised/laid on 2024Adar14/16, first row baptism/laying day. If believers wish to be priests in the Kingdom of God, they must join Zoar by 2026Ab10. In order to be saved through Zoar, JWs must join by 2029Ab10, entry day into the late Watchtower LRC Passover or they miss Zoar which ends on 2031Nisan5. See U358 for the 2789 days of Exodus14 from 2021Heshvan11 to 2029Ab10, and the 600 chosen chariots from 2024Chislev10 to 2026Ab10. The lava flood runs from 2029Iyyar17 to 2029Ab7.

2022Shebat5: Elijah4 gives Instruction to start Isaaic 4EC baptising (220 days before the LW Exedenic Times ended on 2023Elul15). He erroneously believed that Jesus was installed as Caesar to Isaac on that day. 
2022Shebat6: Zach baptised 5 people into the still Abrahamic 4EC
2023Nisan9: Zach baptised 27 people into the still Abrahamic 4EC.
2023Elul10: Frank got the 6000+50 years from Adam's birth prophecy for the Jubilee release of Adam.
2023Elul17: The Isaaic 4EC is put on hold for 24 days to 2023Tishri13. This is 881 days of 4 jar filling and pouring instruction and execution of 1Kings18:33-35 before 2024Adar14, 1st row baptism day, when Elijah takes the balanceof the 12 apostolic stones of the altar by Isaaic 4EC baptism
2023Heshvan22-23/25: 497th main prediction (747th prediction) seen/published for 2023Chislev1-21 (2023November17-December8) and 2023Chislev20-22 (2023December6-9).
2023Chislev13/15: 498th main prediction (748th prediction) seen/published for 2023Tebbeth1-21 (2023December17-2024January7) and 2023Tebbeth20-22 (2024January5-8).
2023Adar21: The end of the LW Alienation Times from 2016Adar21, the late 2NC Pentecost, Isaaic Zoar's installation over the 2NCs. Elijah4 and the 4 cornerstone 2NCs are sealed into the ARC.

2024Iyyar10: The Laodicean Jericho Jubilee release
2024Tishri10: Atonement day of the adamic Tishri1 secular year. Entry day into the early World Exodus by rapture Passover on 2024Tishri14, for all the Gentile call 2NCs who walk upon the sea bed (hidden saints in the world or in false churches).
2024Tishri14: Rapture World Exodus Passover for Gentile call 2NCs (who have never been in a true or ex true church). 
2024Tishri16-21: Spiritual Gentile (non Laodicean, non LW) 2NC rapture.
2024Tishri22: The start of Hebrew winter. All non LW 2NCs must flee into the ark before then. Laodicean 2NCs are disfellowshipped LWs since they are ex 4ECs.
2024Chislev10: We start 4EC baptising non 2NCs. Revelation 9:15 is fulfilled, 4463.1111/4463.5555 days after 2012Tammuz16, when adamic and cainian LWs and Laodiceans finished being converted into non adamic Abraham. This means that at least one of the 4 2NC cornerstone apostles was cainian See U151#9 
2024Tebbeth2: 2NC first fruits of the new Tebbeth1 Abrahamic secular year. This day must have a fulfilment. Maybe it is a late fulfilment?
2024Tebbeth10: Atonement day of the Tebbeth1 Abrahamic secular year.  All 2NCs have now arrived at Zoar or have been raptured. Caleb goes behind the veil. 
2024Tebbeth10: Entry day into the Laodicean World Exodus by rapture Passover, the Abrahamic World Exodus Passover, on 2023Tebbeth14, for all the Abrahamic Laodicean 2NCs who walk upon the sea bed (hidden saints in the world or in false churches). 
2023Tebbeth14: Abrahamic Laodicean World Exodus Passover. 
2024Tebbeth15: The start of Greek winter. The winter solstice occurs on 2024December21 at 09:14. The flight of all saints into Zoar must be finished by 2024Tebbeth10, to enter into the Abrahamic World Exodus by rapture Passover.
2024Tebbeth16-21: Laodicean 2NC ark rapture of all 5 rows and Caleb.
2024Tebbeth17: The 17th day of the 7th month of Genesis 8:4 of the Isaaic Zoar Jubilee system (2024Shebat is the 2nd Jubilee). The ark comes to a rest upon the mountain of Laodicea of Zoar (curse reversed - non adamic). This is fulfilled by a 4th row Laodicean 2NC ELDER (part of the mountain) entering the ark on a Zoar boarding pass.
2024Shebat2: Solomon is laid as the rock mass along with the 4 cornerstone apostles (already attached to him) after they are all sealed on 2023Tebbeth21.  And all 2NCs are sealed by 2024Heshvan30, the end of the 1600 stadia of Revelation14 - see U151#14). This fulfils 2Chronicles3:2, the 2nd day of the 2nd month of the Tebbeth1 secular year.
2024Shebat2: Late 2NC first fruits of the Tebbeth1 abrahamic secular year.
2024Shebat2-8: Installation of the rock mass lock (Elijah4, the 4 Cornerstones and the other LWs).

2024Shebat9: Gordon is installed as the rock mass of Solomon's temple
2024Shebat9: The 24th day of ark residence of Laodiceans from 2023Tebbeth16, counting to the 9th day of the month. 
2024Shebat9: The temple is established/founded on this day by the completed installation of Gordon and the 4 cornerstones and the LW 2NCs as the foundation block. From this day and forward God gives blessing to Zoar says Haggai2 - see U271-11#84.
2024Adar14: Isaaic World Exodus by rapture Passover.
2024Adar14: 12 (ALL 6十 remaining apostles) are Isaaic 4EC baptised. End of the 881 of 4 jar filling and pouring instruction and execution of 1Kings18:33-35 from 2023Elul17, when the Isaaic 4EC baptism was put on hold for 24 days.
2024Adar21/23: 132 + 12 + 12 (2nd row 2NCs are baptised/laid)
2024Adar28/30: 1320 + 120 + 120 (3rd row 2NCs are baptised/laid)
2024VeAdar5/7: 13,200 + 1200 + 1200 (4th row 2NCs are baptised/laid)
2024VeAdar12/14: 132,000 + 12,000 + 12,000 ( 2NC Temple Building Completed). Last 2NCs. 5th row 2NCs are 4EC baptised/laid.
2024VeAdar19/21: 1,320,000 + 120,000 + 120,000 (6th row ELCs are baptised/laid) 
2025Nisan2/4: 2024VeAdar26/28: 13,200,000 + 1,200,000 + 1,200,000  (ELC Temple Building Completed. 7th row ELCs are baptised/laid).
2025Iyyar17 of Genesis 7:11, the 17th day of the 2nd month of the Nisan1 sacred year, all the vast springs of the deep are broken open before the 40 day deluge of priests into Zoar from 2025Iyyar28 to 2028Tammuz7. This is not the 12 2NC apostles who are springs of the land.

2026Tishri5: Isaaic 4EC ends for non 1NCs (for humans), 574 days of the dual pool of Bethzatha in Jerusalems (above and below) after the Isaaic 4EC pool was started by baptising a dual citizen of the Jerusalem above (the ark) and the Jerusalem below (Zoar) on 2024Adar2.
2028Heshvan5: Elijah4 comes down to Peter over Abraham, at the exclusive 3rd the chief of 50 of 2Kings1. Peter takes over Abraham (the church) on the weekly Sabbath. This is perfect because handing the church over to the 3rd Holy Spirit is a release, not a burden.

2028Elul16/18: Peter is baptised/Isaaic transformed. For he stood up in the midst of the brothers of Acts2 (after the 2NCs and before the 1NCs).
2028Elul23: 3rd presence begins with the Isaaic 4EC baptism of the 2nd member of the 3rd Holy Spirit into Zoar.
2028Elul23/25: 4 Cornerstones + 6十 1NC apostles baptised/Isaaic transformed. The priests cannot stand to minister, they cannot 4EC baptise any non temple stone on a day when the 3rd Holy Spirit is being 4EC baptised, when the cloud of the 3rd Holy Spirit, the glory of Jesus, his wife, fills the sanctuary by being baptised into it.
2028Elul30/Tishri2: 132 + 12 + 12 (2nd row 1NCs are baptised/Isaaic transformed). 
2028Tishri5: LWs hand over Isaaic Zoar to the 3rd Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is installed over Isaac on this day.
2028Tishri7/9  1320 + 120 + 120 (3rd row 1NCs are baptised/Isaaic transformed). 
2028Tishri14/16: 13,200 + 1200 + 1200 (4th row 1NCs are baptised/Isaaic transformed)
2028Tishri21: The end of the Isaaic 4EC baptism of the kings 
2028Tishri21/23: 132,000 + 12,000 + 12,000 (4EC priesthood cleansing of 1NCs completed. 5th row 1NCs are baptised/Isaaic transformed). 
2028Tishri28/30: 1,320,000 + 120,000 + 120,000 (6th row HLCs are baptised/Isaaic transformed). 
2028Heshvan5: The end of the Isaaic 4EC baptism of the HLCs
2028Heshvan5: LWs hand over Abrahamic Zoar to the 3rd Holy Spirit on the weekly Sabbath. The 3rd Holy Spirit does not baptise into the Isaaic 4EC. Leah and Zilpah are now Isaaic. The Holy spirit is installed over Isaac on this day.
2028Heshvan5/7: 13,200,000 + 1,200,000 + 1,200,000  (4EC priesthood cleansing of HLCs completed. 7th row HLCs are baptised/Isaaic transformed).

2024Iyyar10: The 9 happinesses of the Sermon on the mount begin and run to 2024Shebat10, the end of last chance saloon entry. 


Solomon builds the temple by 4EC baptism in 7 days of 1Kings 6:38: On 2024Adar14/21/28 and 2024VeAdar5/12/19 and 2025Nisan2 = 2024Adar26 (all 3rd days of the week). He does not build the half tribe temple. Ark based Laodicea is a separate autonomous congregation even after baptism. We do not mix until after 2028Tishri5, when the 3rd Holy Spirit takes Isaaic Zoar over. They divided us and they unite us.

Caleb's 2 half apostles are adopted by Elijah4 (Jacob adopting Ephraim and Manasseh) to build the Laodicean half tribe temple in 7 days of 1Kings 6:38. The Holy Spirit divided Laodicea from the LWs, when it cut FDS4 in two in fulfilment of Luke13 because we failed to get ready. The Holy Spirit is baptised into the Laodicean branch of Zoar. We do not judge them. They judge Laodicea (meaning people of judgement). We remain separate until then. No Laodicean is permitted to attend LW meetings except Caleb. That is it. The temple is inaugurated from 2025Nisan15-22 as regards 2NCs and from 2029Nisan15-21 as regards FRCs. It is completed as regards 2NCs on 2025Nisan2 (7th row baptism day) . It is inaugurated as regards gifts of the spirit on 2024Shebat21, the 2NC Pentecost of the Tebbeth1 secular year, the late end of the LW Alienation Times. 

11 And the priests were unable to stand to do their ministering because of the cloud, for the glory of Jehovah filled the house of Jehovah. (1 Kings 8 NWT)

Ark Raptures

2024Tishri16-21 (6), 2024Tebbeth16-21 (6), 2024Adar16-21 (6),  2025Iyyar19-21 (3) = 21 days of ark entry by rapture for the birds (who die a Hades free death as humans, the death of the Christ, but not as angels)

1 After that Jehovah said to Noah: Go, you and all your household, into the ark, because you are the one I have seen to be righteous before me among this generation.
2 Of every clean beast you must take to yourself by sevens, the sire and its mate; and of every beast that is not clean just 2, the sire and its mate;
3 also of the flying creatures of the heavens by sevens, male and female, to preserve offspring alive on the surface of the entire earth.
4 For to days repeating/iterating/yet 7,  I am making it rain upon the earth 40 days and 40 nights; and I will wipe every existing thing that I have made off the surface of the ground. (Genesis 7 NWT)

Then 13x7 = 91 days for CRCs from 2025Tishri15-21 to 2026Tishri15-21: 12 months of Revelation 6:7
Then 26x7 = 182 days for FRCs from 2026Heshvan15-21 to 2028Heshvan15-21 (2027Adar15-21 ≠ 2027VeAdar15-21) (2 years of Genesis 7:2 unclean beasts just 2).
Then 2028Chislev16/Tebbeth16/Shebat16/Adar16 and 2029Nisan16/Iyyar16 for the rapture of the 1st to 6th crops of Revelation22 = 6 days
Total is 21+91+182+6 = 300 cubits out of 4 years 7 months from 2024Tishri16 to 2029Iyyar16.
All FRCs get a rapture during Cakes-Booths of Leviticus 23:43. OMCs do not.
Then 2029Iyyar17 is the start of the lava flood, the 17th day of the 2nd month of 600th Nisan1 sacred year of Jesus' life of Genesis 7:11. His life is measured in Nisan1 sacred years which he instigated through the ARC, rather than Tishri1 adamic years which Adam instigated. He was 12 years old in Nisan1 years in Luke 2...

41 And were going their way the parents of him according to year into Jerusalem to the festival of the Passover.
42 And when he came to be of years 12, going up of them according to the custom of the festival (Luke 2 KIT)
42 kai ote egeneto otwn ib kai anabainontwn autwn kata to eqoj thj eorthj (Luke 2 Sinai)
42 kai ote egeneto etwn dwdeka anabainontwn autwn kata to eqoj thj eorthj (Luke 2 VatB)
49 But he said to them: Why did you have to go looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in the [things/affairs - neuter not houses - masculine] of my Father? (Luke 2 NWT)

He was 11 years old in Tishri1 adamic years. 

The Passover was 11Nisan14 AD, 22 years before the temple of TCC1 was inaugurated not at Cakes from 33Nisan15-21, but during the first week of Weeks from 33Nisan16-22. FDS1 was appointed over the 1NCs on 33Nisan16, at the end of 3 temple times from 1048Nisan16 BC, when Jesus was resurrected as a human after 3 days and nights in the tomb. Jesus blew onto the apostles and said receive holy spirit and told them that what they bind on earth will be bound in heaven (from Pentecost 33Sivan5 onwards, when 1EC law is installed. He gives them authority over the law of the church. The temple is accepted and inaugurated on 23Nisan23, when Jesus appears to Thomas and even doubting Thomas recognises the temple of Jesus' resurrected body, which looks very different to the one in which he expired which has been given to God as a ransom for Adam (the validation sacrifice for the LRC). 

22 And after he said this he blew upon them and said to them: Receive Holy Spirit.
23 If you forgive the sins of any persons, they stand forgiven to them; if you retain those of any persons, they stand retained. (John 20 NWT)

This fulfilled the promises Jesus made to Peter and to the disciples saying

19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of the heavens, and whatever you may bind on earth will be the thing bound in the heavens, and whatever you may loose on earth will be the thing loosed in the heavens.
20 Then he sternly charged the disciples not to say to anybody that he was the Christ. (Matthew 16 NWT)

18 Truly I say to you men, Whatever things you may bind on earth will be things bound in heaven, and whatever things you may loose on earth will be things loosed in heaven. (Matthew 18 NWT)

Jesus' parents only went up to Jerusalem at the Passover not for Booths. So although Jesus was commissioned to build the temple at Booths from 10Tishri15-21, 22 years before it was to be inaugurated (following the pattern of Solomon from 1048Nisan16 to 1026Tishri15-21 BC), he went up to the temple he was going to replace for the Passover and Cakes.

15 ...And who is that God that can rescue you out of my hands? [2019Tishri17 to 2029Heshvan16, the 12th crop resurrection - 10 years 1 month of ark rapture and resurrection] (Daniel 3 NWT)

The 2NCs and ELCs are NOT baptised on the weekly Sabbath, because the Synagogue ruler (the ruler of the Jews, the JACs, the saints) of Luke13 said to the crowds come and be cured in the week. Yet Jesus cured the woman bent double for 18 years on the day of the Sabbath. We do not obey the synagogue ruler for in the case of Gentiles (unsanctified): The bulls (Priests) and the asses (faithful).

14 But in response the presiding officer of the synagogue, indignant because Jesus did the cure on the Sabbath, began to say to the crowd: There are 6 days on which work ought to be done; on them, therefore, come and be cured, and not on the Sabbath day.
15 However, the Lord answered him and said: Hypocrites, does not each one of you on the Sabbath untie his bull or his ass from the stall and lead it away to give it drink? (Luke 13 NWT)

2019Ab16/Tishri5: Reappointed Laodicea is appointed/installed over non adamic Abraham. Only Cain could join it due to the Quad Gapped Gentile Times. The 3EC is not for 2NCs.
Reverted Laodicea was appointed/installed over non adamic Abraham in the same slot as Abrahamic Laodicea and reappointed Laodicea (being the same church, one slot per church per group). Watchtower 2NCs entered into Reverted Laodicea from 2020Tebbeth11 for 300 Denarii of feet oil of John12 until 2021Heshvan11.
2023Tishri21: The fall of Reverted Laodicea. Which then becomes non adamic Sodom. We deduce this from the 450 prophets of Baal seized until 2024Tebbeth21, the 127 Pentecosts of Esther, 6350 days from 2005Adar1, when they stole the 4EC by baptising the 2nd Laodicean without reference to the LWs.. See also the 1000 days of 5 barley loaves into 5000 of John6 - U67.. See also the 3300 treaders down of 1Kings5 at point8
2024Shebat21: The end of the 12x of taking the 12 2NC apostles from 2012Shebat21, the installation of Abrahamic Zoar over the 2NCs.
2023Elul15: The end of the LW Exedenic Times. the 4EC becomes Isaaic again.
2023Tammuz28: The angels start bringing Laodiceans out of the Watchtower, after they have all become aware of Zoar. But they do not want to join us. So in the end the angels have to take them by the hand and rapture them into God's rest in the ark. Then 53 days of the sentence count of Genesis19:17-23 after the end of Laodicean 2NC ark rapture on 2024Tebbeth21, 173 days of the sentence count of Genesis 19:16-17 after 2024Tammuz28. In the literal account he could not go up the mountain so he went to Zoar. In the greater meaning he cannot go to the administration of the LWs (earthly Zoar), so he goes to Zoar (in the ark). For God's command to: Escape the mountain lest thou be swept away (Genesis 19:17), was not fulfilled literally. So it must be fulfilled in the greater meaning. After all it is a command from God! But the mountain is the ark administration, which is airborne Zoar - see U154#1.
1522023Tishri21-2024Adar14: The 17x of the concubine of Judges19, fallen with her hands upon the spreading-out/snatching away/basin/vestibule/doorstep/threshold [@s;] (the future rock mass of Gordon laid on 2024Shebat2 and installed on 2024Shebat9). But is not seen to have so fallen by ' the man' until he gets up in the morning and opens the door to the house. She is in contact with the LWs but not inside the church for 11 months from 2024Nisan to 2024Adar (hands upon theshold). She fell until 'the light' of Judges 19:26. See U268. The light of the life, the 4th true church, the LWs, for the life was the light of men arrives to her by baptism of Laodicean half apostles on 2024Adar14. The light of Jesus at the start of the 3rd presence arrives to her on 2026Elul23, when we baptise the 1st row 1NC apostles into Zoar. So she is seen fallen when her master opens the doors which occurs on 2024Adar14-21 for 2NC apostles, who are the doors into the temple of Solomon152.
2024Tishri16-2026Tishri5: Isaiah30:26: The day of the binding up of the breakdown and the healing of the severe wound resulting from the stroke by him: 2x.
2024Tebbeth21: The end of the seizing of the reverted Laodicean prophets of Baal, by the PEOPLE and not by Elijah or his attendant (the LWs). 450 prophets of Baal after the fall of reverted Laodicea on 2023Tishri21. This is the day when the 2NC prophets of Baal finish being seize by ark rapture into the true church congregation of ark based Zoar. They are in fact raptured for Elijah4 but not by Elijah4 from 2024Tebbeth16. Jesus forces us together by rapturing us both into the ark. Let not a man escape from them means there is no month of escape into earthly Zoar. 

Isaiah 30:26: 1x+1x+1x+7x+1x+7x in a day of A and B = 18x from 1st row baptism day to last row baptism day, the light of 7 days of baptism of the 7 rows of Solomon's temple, 7x of temple baptisms.
Or the light of the sun is for 7x like the light of 7x, making 49x. And the light of the moon is like the light of the sun, making one more light of the sun, which is 50x, the temple building Pentecost from 2024Adar16 (1st row laying day) to 2025Nisan4 (7th row laying day), then 2025Nisan5 is the 5th Isaaic Zoar Pentecost.
AND 7x of Isaiah30 of blinding light in the day of binding up the breakdown of all the 2NCs from 2024Tishri16-21 the start of the ark rapture of the saints (Gentile call 2NCs) to 2025Iyyar16-21, the end of the rapture of the saints (Benjamin)
The light of the moon becomes as the light of the sun at the autumnal equinox it being less in length prior to that day. The autumnal equinox in 2024 is September22 at 12:36 (2024Tishri15). Then after sunset on that 2024September22, when the Equinox is actually observed, we are in 2024Tishri16, the start of the God's binding up all the 2NCs by rapture - see U270.
2024Adar14-21: The installation of the apostolic altar, the opening of the last 6十 doors of the house of Jehovah. They finish being opened on the first nanosecond of 2024Adar21.
The dead in Christ shall rise first. That is the 1NCs, the HLCs and the ELCs. The 2NCs are the first non dead in Christ to rise into the ark. 
2024Adar2 - 2026Tishri5: The 574x inclusively of Bethzatha the baptism in Jerusalem above and Jerusalem below (where either the believer of the baptiser are ark based).
2025VeAdar12-27 = 2025Nisan3: 15 cubits above the 5th row baptism. The waters up to the top of the tall mountains in Genesis 7:20 is the baptism of the kings in that mountain. The 15 cubits of water above the top of the tall mountain are 14 days of water baptism of Lords (the lower mountains) from 2024VeAdar12 (5th row baptism day) to 2024VeAdar26 = 2025Nisan2 (7th row baptism day), when the mountains (not just the tall mountains) become covered, then 1 more day taking us to the mid point of the Isaaic conversion of the Lords and the first whole day when the mountains are completed covered and the waters overwhelm them. On 2025Nisan2, the waters brake even with the Lords. On 2025Nisan3, they prevail over them.

19 And the waters overwhelmed the earth so greatly that all the tall mountains that were under the whole heavens came to be covered. (NWT)
19 And the waters prevailed, exceedingly violent on the earth, and all the high mountains under the heavens were covered. (GLT)
20 Up to 15 cubits the waters overwhelmed them and the mountains became covered. (Genesis 7 NWT)
20 The waters prevailed, fifteen cubits upward, and the mountains were covered. (Genesis 7 GLT)

2025Iyyar21/22 - 2032Tishri16/17: 55x55=3025 days = 8 years 5 months less 5 days of the sentence count of Revelation17:16-17 from the start of the 10 horns, to the physical burning of the harlot of false democratic government by the 10 kings who are 10 horns (G20) and the beast, the fulfilment of the words of God of Revelation 17:16-17. The 10 kings stop giving their kingdom, the G20, to the banking beast - because they no longer have a kingdom. They are sell outs right to the end.. 
2025Iyyar28 to 2025Tammuz7: The 40 day deluge of Genesis 7:17, which starts 7 days after Mark Registration day and the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18,, 7 days of Genesis 7:10 after the end of 2NC ark rapture on 2025Iyyar21, when all the saints have gone in to Noah (Jesus). The deluge lasts for 40 days of verse17. The WATERS of the deluge last for 40 days to 2024Tammuz7.

10 And it occurred for/to 7 of the days [literally after they finished boarding] [7 of THE days? What are THE days? The days of boarding or the days of being fully boarded? Well they went in BEFORE the deluge. So it is not the former. So it must be the later. Noah's family, Noah/Jesus and his wife, his sons and his son wives, finish going in from 2025Iyyar16-21] and the waters of the deluge [The 4ECs of the deluge as opposed to the 1ACs of the deluge] came UPON the earth [the 2NC Zoar congregation from 2025Iyyar28-2025Tammuz7, the 40 days of Genesis 7:17, end at the end of the Isaaic 4EC baptism. So 7 days after all the 2NCs have entered into the ark, the deluge of waters comes upon the earth]. (Genesis 7).

17 And the deluge [of believers not only of waters] was on the earth forty days. And the waters increased, and bore up the ark, and it was lifted up above the earth. (GLT)
17 and + was the + fluid deluge 40 day upon + the + Earth and + was multiplied the + waters and + lifted up namely + the + chest and + lifted up oneself from + upon the + Earth (LWTi)
18 And the waters prevailed, and were greatly increased on the earth. And the ark floated on the face of the waters. (Genesis 7 GLT)
18 and + prevailed the + waters and + was multiplied greatly upon + the + Earth and + walked the + chest upon + faces of the + waters (Genesis 7 LWT)

2028Tishri10 to 2029Tishri10: The Accepting year of Isaiah61, from Atonement day, the entrance into the early Laodicea FRC Passover, to the end of entry into the 12th crop of Revelation22.
The end of all beasts, the absolute end of Adam/Cain, the end of the last chance saloon, the descended church of Melchizedek and Yeshua, Hobah of Genesis14. Entry into which begins on 2031Nisan14 (see U307) and ends on 2033Nisan4-10 for Adam and on 2033Iyyar4-10 for Cain, the last last weeks of Daniel 9:27 for each house repsectively24.

140On 2022Tishri18 we realised that there was a 7 day installation period after one's Isaaic 4EC baptism.
We are all disabled, even those in the 3rd Holy Spirit, waiting for the pool at Bethzatha - The Queuing Pool - Very British.  The 3rd Holy Spirit is dipped from 2023Shebat22 to 2024Nisan4. They are disabled too - individually - but NOT collectively. We all are disabled individually until we become Gods. When the soles of the feet (2x.2x.=4x) of those carrying the ark REST in to the waters of the Jordan it stops. We take this to mean that there is no baptism of anybody other than the 3rd Holy Spirit, on the days when they are being baptised. I mean you do not get to overlap with the Holy Spirit. Holy means dedicated, set apart. 

The Ark of Bezalel is the entrance of the 3rd Holy Spirit into Zoar by Isaaic 4EC baptism.

5 But a certain one [tij], a man [A saint, a Reverted Laodicean 2NC in a true church] was there having 30 {years} and 8 years in his infirmity [asqenhma] [literally lack of strength - weakness] [38 months of 2NCs in reverted Laodicea not from 2020Tishri25, the start of 2NC entrance into Reverted Laodicea by 4EC baptism, but from 2020Heshvan14, when the last HLC is Passover executed and so Reverted Laodicea Loses Jesus as its head and has not vassla of JEsus appointed to rule over the 2NCs. Reverted Laodicea was appointed to feed the 2NCs on 2020Iyyar15. But not to rule over them. The 39 months run to 2023Tebbeth16-21, when Jesus raptures the Laodiocean 2NCs into the Ark. He is told by Jesus to wake up (spiritually having fallen asleep) pick up his cot (be sealed into the CRC having been water baptised into 2 true churches, Original Laodicea and reverted Laodicea - but having lost both of them = lso having been ARC sealed) and walk (as a 2NC). JEsus is of course their spiritual head in the Ark and their Caesar. He can be both because he is a God like Jehovah which is what Michael means.

The 2NCs did not enter reappointed Laodicea. And did not enter Reverted Laodicea until 2020Tishri25, for 300+300 denarii of John12 to 2022Sivan25, 480 days of 1Kings6:1 before the Isaaic 4eC baptism of the Masai10 on 2023Tishri25.

Zach requested baptism in 2019Sivan, but Gordon delayed it until 2019Tammuz2 in order to fulfil 2Chronicles3:2, So he really is the first LW to QUEUE for a baptism. Now 38 months after his baptism take us to 2022Elul14, a month before the fall of reverted Laodicea. Then at the end of the LW Exedenic Times on 2023Ab15, all non Isaaic LW 4ECs became Isaaic from 2023Ab15-17. That is when he effectively got into the Isaaic 4EC pool of Bethzatha.  So Zach was continuously at the pool since 2019Tammuz2, by virtue of his 4EC baptism, for 49 months.

The water was disturbed from 2012Sivan14-16, when the 4EC began giving the blessing of Abraham
The water was disturbed from 2016Ab14-16, when the 4EC GAVE the blessing of Isaac but was then maledicted back to giving the blessing of Abraham
The water was disturbed from 2023Ab15, when the 4EC again gave the blessing of Isaac after the end of the LW Exedenic Times from 2016Ab15 - to those baptised during the LW Exedenic Times (who became non adamic Abrahamic).
The water will be disturbed on 2023Shebat10, when Gordon baptises Caleb, the Angel of Laodicea, as the Passover victim for the Isaac World Exodus Passover.
The water will be disturbed on 2023Shebat22, when the remaining 6十 2NC apostles are Isaaic 4EC baptised after their opposite numbers in the 3rd Holy Spirit are baptised earlier that day.

6 Seeing this man lying down [having no water baptism and being unable to walk, to publicly demonstrate his spirit baptism. He still had faith since he was by the pool], and being aware that he had already been [sick] a long time, Jesus said to him: Do you want to become whole/sound in health?
7 The sick man answered him: Sir, I do not have a man [an Elijah, Elijah4 and his 4EC sons in the LWs in fact] to put me into the pool when the water is disturbed; but in which [time] I am coming another steps down ahead of me [Zach's sons].
8 Jesus said to him: Wake up [egeirw], pick up your cot [krabbaton] and walk [Not stand up. Not become a priest. But wake up, pick up your cot (be sealed) and walk as a saint. This is the ark rapture of the sealed Laodicean 2NCs into ark based Laodicea of Zoar - Hebron]

All these guys are lying by the pool waiting for the sign promised by the angel. And the pool they are waiting by without entering is the Isaaic 4EC pool.
This human kingdom rapture/resurrection is what Jesus is giving to people to whom he says: Pick up your cot.

This guy never actually goes into the Isaaic pool and is preceded by someone else. His predecessor is Zach and the Isaaic LWs.
He is the 2NCs in Reverted Laodicea up until their ark rapture: 2020Tishri25 to 2023Tebbeth16-21: 39 months. But he is sick for 38 of those month due to his losing Jesus as his spiritual head on 2020Heshvan14.

9 And the man immediately became whole/sound in health [from 2023Tebbeth16-21, by ark rapture after 38 months from 2020Heshvan14, the end of the 2nd presence], and he picked up his cot and began to walk. [on 2023Tebbeth10, Atonement day Tebbeth1 secular, when Caleb went behind the curtain] But it was a Sabbath in the day the same/that [He is not said to stand up because he does not get 4EC baptised until 2023Shebat10 and later. Day counts 1x in the account. So it is literal in the word symbolic thread. So this is 2023Tebbeth10, Atonement day. Also 2023Tebbeth20, the end of the Laodicean 2NC rapture other than for Caleb, was the weekly Sabbath and Caleb does have Jesus as his head because he is loyal to the LWs - remotely] 

10 Therefore the Jews [LWs?] began to say to the cured [one]: It is Sabbath [??], and it is not lawful for you to carry the cot [to own a resurrection into the Kingdom?? Why not? Perhaps because he is not yet in the pool?].
11 But he answered them: The very one that made me whole/sound in health said to me, 'Pick up your cot and walk.'
12 They asked him: Who is the man that said to you, 'Pick it up and walk'?
13 But the healed [one] did not know who he was, for Jesus had turned aside, there being a crowd in the place. (John 5).

Sabbath (2) Year (2) Day (1).

Bethzatha means 'house of olives'. The symbolism is very obviously to do with the priestly water baptism (priestly oil), the greater olive oil for those who go through the 'sheepgate', Christians, at a festival.140

14 After these things Jesus found him in the temple [the LW church, having had a water baptism at last!] and said to him: See, you have become sound in health. Do not sin anymore, in order that something worse does not happen to you [you lose your angelic body].
15 The man went away and told the Jews it was Jesus that made him sound in health.
16 So on this account the Jews went persecuting Jesus, because he was doing these things during Sabbath.
17 But he answered them: My Father has kept working until now, and I keep working.
18 On this account, indeed, the Jews began seeking all the more to kill him, because not only was he breaking the Sabbath but he was also calling God his own Father, making himself equal to God.
19 Therefore, in answer, Jesus went on to say to them: Most truly I say to you, The Son cannot do a single thing of his own initiative, but only what he beholds the Father doing. For whatever things that One does, these things the Son also does in like manner.
20 For the Father has affection for the Son and shows him all the things he himself does, and he will show him works greater than these, in order that you may marvel.
21 For just as the Father raises the dead up and makes them alive, so the Son also makes those alive whom he wants to.
22 For the Father judges no one at all, but he has committed all the judging to the Son,
23 in order that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He that does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.
24 Most truly I say to you, He that hears my word and believes him that sent me has everlasting life, and he does not come into judgment but has passed over from death to life.
25 Most truly I say to you, The hour is coming, and it is now, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God and those who have given heed will live.
26 For just as the Father has life in himself, so he has granted also to the Son to have life in himself.
27 And he has given him authority to do judging, because Son of man [not son of the man] he is (John 5, NWT amended from Greek)



The pool called Bethzatha

The baptism in holy sprit of the new covenant saints.

5 Colonnades

5 Prophetic Times (1800 years) of no baptism for new covenant saints from 95Tishri to 1895Tishri. This gap leads to the two presences.


Administration of Gods people, FDS3 (whilst they still were appointed - before 1995Tishri15)


Baptism in water to be a son of Isaac, a party to the ICC

Festival of the Jews 1994 Memorial of the JWs

Blind, Sick

Spiritually misguided

Lying down

No water baptism

Lame, Withered members


Season to season

First presence to second presence

Man sick for 38 years

Gordon and the 2NC Kings (not said to be in the colonnades), some of whom have been in the Watchtower, by the pool, from 1955Tishri the end of the sanctification of the remnant, the second baptism of the first new covenant saints, when the chap who stepped down before finished being sanctified, until 1993Adar17 (Letter 3), when the new new covenant, the 2NC,  was declared to the Watchtower effectively offering a new baptism but not in the pool. The sanctification of the 2NC Kings from heaven began in 1996Chislev. These saints joined the Watchtower too late to be sanctified as first new covenant saints, but they are not second class citizens, as some believe. In fact Jesus was watching their activities and remembering them so that he knew whom to baptise as second new covenant saints when the time came. This account proves this.

Another steps down ahead

Remnant 2nd baptism from 1895Tishri to 1955Tishri

Do not have a 'man' to put me in the pool.

No human to baptise him in holy spirit. This is because he is to be baptised in holy spirit by an angel. But this points to a time when a man will baptise in holy spirit.

Get up

The 2NC call to be sanctificatied in spirit was made on 1996Tebbeth27 for the 2NC kings, after 1996Nisan14 when FDS3 fell in authority over the saints. But Get up is a water baptism into the ICC, actually into the 4EC. You can be re water baptised! 

Pick up your cot

Cot is death bed. You can have a resurrection! Welcome to the Kingdom of God on earth, your water baptism is finished. This is the sealing in the flesh


Sanctification in holy spirit. 1996Tebbeth27 to 2001Tebbeth. You can have a spirit baptism!

Something worse

Sin against the holy spirit, the breaking of the spirit baptism, this is non repairable. The breaking of the water baptism, is repairable however. 'Get up' is the water rebaptism. The sin against the holy spirit only happens to those Nethinim who do not make it into the temple of FDS4

The very 'one' who made me sound in health said to me: Pick up your cot and walk

A 'one' who by contrast, is not a man, and is therefore an angel, who actually gives a guaranteed resurrection and a holy spirit baptism. Making him sound in health is a euphemism for baptism.
Who is 'the man' that said you: Pick it up and walk  A composite man like the sick man, the Sluggish Slave, who informs the sick man, the Nethinim, about the existence of the two baptisms (having learned about it from Gordon). This man did not make him sound in health. He did not baptise him.

Didn't know who he was

The details of the Wicked Slave and the Sluggish Slave were not explained to the Nethinim. The WSS puts a filter on this work.


House of FDS4


The 1,000 year Sabbath of the Kingdom of God

Jews JWs
Jesus Gordon, he 'went up' to Jerusalem by letter just before the 1994Nisan14 memorial to try and persuade the New covenant saints to celebrate it properly (as he thought at the time). Gordon doesn't baptise any 2NC Kings in holy spirit (only in water), because the man (2NC Kings) went away and told the Jews (JWs) it was Jesus (Gordon) who made him sound in health. He did not say that it was Jesus who told him to pick up his bed and walk. But Gordon does make him sound in health, (baptise him) in water, making him sound to the extent of cleanliness of the flesh. In other words, his past sins are forgiven through Gordon, but his future sins are forgiven through the angel.
Do not sin anymore You have everlasting life. He quite obviously would not have stopped sinning!
Unlawful to carry a bed on the Sabbath Unlawful to get a finished water baptism - the JWs say.
The Father Jesus
The Son Gordon

The Jewish festival was booths, and the 5 colonnades are from 95Tishri, the end of the 96 years of the first baptism of the remnant until 1895Tishri the start of the 96 years of the second baptism of the remnant. Applying the Times Principle of the code, five prophetic times is 1800 years, the five times of the Intermission times in this case. Its like the famous scripture says:

The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord is: Sit at my right hand until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet (Psalm 110:1).

The Lord said to my Lord: Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies beneath your feet.
If, therefore, David calls him 'Lord,' how is he his son?
(Matthew 22:44,45 NWT corrected).

By the holy spirit David himself said: The Lord said to my Lord: Sit at my right hand until I put your enemies beneath your feet (Mark 12:36 NWT corrected).

For David himself says in the book of Psalms: The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at my right hand until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet (Luke 20:42,43 NWT corrected)

Actually David did not ascend to the heavens, but he himself says: Jehovah said to my Lord: Sit at my right hand, until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet (Acts 2:34,35).

But with reference to which one of the angels has he ever said: Sit at my right hand, until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet ? (Hebrews 1:13).

The hand has five fingers on it or it has fingers occurring 5 times. It stands for 5 times in the symbolic meaning. The Jehovah's Witnesses correctly replace the word Lord in the old testament with the original scripture wording Jehovah deriding the Jewish scribes for altering the holy word of God due to their superstition. But then, the hypocrites that they are, they go and make the same mistake themselves and they change the word Lord in the new testament for Jehovah, breaking the holy code in precisely the same way, becoming inverted scribes!

When you are sitting you cannot baptise in holy spirit, the priest has to be standing to baptise in holy spirit - see [204]. The right hand congregation of Christ is the remnant, the new covenant saints, FDS1 and FDS3, and the left hand congregation is that of FDS2 and FDS4, the sons of Bilhah and of Rachel. So sitting at the right hand is a suspension of baptism for the remnant lasting five times (a hand has fingers occurring 5 times). This is the 1800 years of the Intermission Times.

However, it is evident from the multiplicity of recitals of this scripture that there are further fulfillments. One of them involves a delay in baptising the multitude of the JWs and those who make the final part of the great crowd, for 5 years, from 2001Tishri30 to 2006Tishri30. We can use the counting dimension of the code, and get a count on those in the Colonnades:

In these was lying down multitude:
of the (ones) being sick                              2x
of blind (ones)                                              2x
of lame (ones)                                              2x
of withered (ones)                                       2x

The multitude 'in these' counts as 8x in 1x and 8x in 1x = 18x or possibly just 8x + 2x = 10X. This might be the period of water baptism of the 'multitude' of JWs who join the LWs, from 2010Nisan onwards??

Now the thing is that when Jesus said to him: Get up, pick up your bed and walk. The account then says: He immediately became sound in health, and (not necessarily immediately) he picked up his bed and began to walk. This is an omission symbolism. The account does not say that he 'got up'. Of course he got up, but in the account symbolism the meaning is that the Nethinim do not get a water baptism from heaven from 'the man'. They get a spirit baptism and also a righteous decree in the spirit, if they turn up in the temple of FDS4. Now it is FDS4 that tells them that they can pick up their cot, i.e. have a resurrection (which means for the Nethinim, 'Have everlasting life'). But it is not FDS4 that actually gives them this baptism. For the scripture says:

Therefore the Jews began to say to the cured man: It is Sabbath, and it is not lawful for you to carry the cot.
11 But he answered them: The very one that made me sound in health said to me, 'Pick up your cot and walk.'
12 They asked him: Who is the man that told you, 'Pick it up and walk'?
13 But the healed man did not know who he was, for Jesus had turned aside, there being a crowd in the place.
14 After these things Jesus found him in the temple and said to him: See, you have become sound in health. Do not sin anymore, in order that something worse does not happen to you.

The 'man' gives the information about the possibility of the baptism but the 'one' (who is an angel since he is not described as a man) gives the baptism. So the Nethinim are baptised from heaven, by an angel whom they do not know, he gives them their sanctification and he gives everlasting life to those who eventually come to the temple of FDS4. Neither do they know Gordon, who informs the Sluggish Slave, who informs them of these baptisms. Only when they reach the temple of FDS4 do they 'get up', or get the water baptism into the ICC.