[116] 2020Tishri10: The Adamic/Abrahamic Jubilee Release and Atonement Day Nisan1 sacred for HLCs
2023Tebbeth10: the Isaaic Jubilee Release and Late Atonement Day Sivan1 sacred for 1ACs


A non adamic transition for all of Laodicean Adam is a Jubilee restoration since it is a return for the previous estate which Adam lost. So it must occur during a Jubilee. And it is an atonement with God, a return to his garden conditions. So it must occur for Adam on an Atonement day. Well in 2020 the Jubilee release day is 2020Tishri10 which is also Atonement day. This is when the last member of the 3rd Holy Spirit, the last HLC, is baptised into the 3EC in non adamic Sodom, Reverted Laodicea. It is the end of the Jubilee restoration of the 1NC Kings and the HLC Lords of the 3rd Holy Spirit and 2NC saints from the Watchtower. The next opportunity for that is in 25 years time. So we must have this right!

The Monthly Jubilee release day and Atonement day only coincide once every 25 years. The next such coincidence after 2020Tishri10 is 2045Tishri10.

3 Jubilees of the Kingdom from 2008Iyyar1 to 2012Sivan30. From 2012Tammuz1 to 2016Ab30 and from 2016Elul1 to 2020Tishri30. The Jubilee release of the 3rd Jubilee is 2020Tishri10, Atonement day, the entrance day into the 3rd HLC marriage.

The final release from Adam. Adam lost his birthright of a non adamic body on 3993Nisan14. His sons are will be restored back to Adam's original state at a Jubilee restoration...

8 'And you must count for yourself 7 Sabbaths of years, 7 times 7 years, and the days of the 7 Sabbaths of years must amount to 49 years for you.
9 And you must cause the horn of loud tone to sound in the 7th month on the 10th of the month; on the day of atonement you people should cause the horn to sound in all your land.
And you must sanctify the 50th year and proclaim liberty in the land to all its inhabitants. It will become a Jubilee for you, and you must return each one to his possession and you should return each one to his family. (Leviticus 25 NWT)

39 'And in case your brother grows poor alongside you and he has to sell himself to you, you must not use him as a worker in slavish service.
40 He should prove to be with you like a hired labourer, like a settler. He should serve with you till the Jubilee year.
41 And he must go out from you, he and his sons with him, and he must return to his family, and he should return to the possession of his forefathers. (Leviticus 25 NWT)

The possession of our forefather Adam before his fall, was a non ageing human body. Adam himself, meaning ALL of his sons who are not dead, must be returned to that edenic state on a Jubilee release day, a Jubilee restoration day. That day is the 10th of the Jubilee month in the case of monthly Jubilees and the 10th of Tishri in the case of annual Jubilees. Atonement day is the annual Jubilee release day. But in the 3rd monthly Jubilee of the Kingdom, which is the 1443rd monthly Jubilee after Adam's sin, the Jubilee month is actually Tishri. So the monthly Jubilee day is the annual Jubilee day, which is atonement day. So Adam was only ever going to be Jubilee restored on the 10th of a Jubilee month. And Adam is restored to being non adamic when he enters into an non adamic Abrahamic Passover, which is a non adamic standing gene zap resurrection, an edenic restoration without falling asleep in Hades, a technical death by non adamic gene zap. But a Jubilee non adamic restoration is an Atonement since Jehovah is God of the living not of the dead. And Adam is dead but non adamic Abraham is living. Therefore the non adamic edenic restoration was only ever going to happen on Atonement day. So the big edenic Jubilee restoration by standing non adamic resurrection actually was completed on 2020Tishri10 for the last HLCs by 3EC baptism and then 2020Heshvan10 was entry day into the 4th HLC marriage Passover on 2020Heshvan14.

The new Eve, the new woman of Genesis 3:15 was completed on 2020Tishri10 and married on 2020Heshvan18 and installed on 2020Tebbeth7. Her seed will ambush the serpent in the head.

Then we have the accepting year of Isaiah 61 for 1ACs from 2022Tebbeth10/Shebat10 (early Passover entry into the 1st crop of the tree of life of Revelation22/Laodicean FRC Passover entrance day) to 2023Tebbeth10/Shebat10 (entry into the 12th crop of Revelation22/the end of entry into the last chance saloon/Hobah of Genesis14, the last week of Daniel9:27, the descended 1AC church). 

The 12 crops of the tree of life of Revelation22 run from 2022Shebat14-16 to 2023Tebbeth14-16. Entrance into those crops runs from 2022Tebbeth10 to 2023Tebbeth10, the Accepting year of Isaiah61 for the 12 crops. But after that year there is the final week of Daniel 9:27 of keeping the 1AC covenant in force for the many from 2023Shebat3/4-10.

Then we have the last chance saloon Passover on 2023Shebat14, the 1st death Passover, the final execution of failed 1ACs, the absolute end of Adam. And those who are passed over are resurrected back onto the earth on 2023Shebat16, the end of the Time of Distress and Escape of Daniel12.

So death is brought to nothing by God himself on 2023shebat14-16, when entry into the 1st death ends and exit out of it for the last chance salooners occurs.

24 Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power.
25 For he must rule as king until [God] has put all enemies under his feet.
26 As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing. (1 Corinthians 15 NWT)

Passovers where humans are executed can only be of Adam. Non adamics cannot be killed by Passovers since they are not under any death sentence (unless they are contracted to die sacrificially by their salvation covenant as is the case with 1NCs). 

The 1NC/HLC : FRC/OMC Mirror

Crudely speaking, what happens to the 1NCs and HLCs from 2019Elul14, the early 1st Watchtower Passover, to 2020Heshvan15 (the Ark2 resurrection of the 4th HLC bride) happens to the 1ACs (FRCs and OMCs) from 2022Tebbeth14, the early 1st Crop Passover of Revelation22, to 2023Shebat16, the Ark3 resurrection of the last chance saloon OMCs.

HOWEVER. Abraham (1C Adam) is being tested for FRC or for OMC sealing. The final FRC sealing test takes 50 days of Ezekiel's temple inner gates. Whereas LRC sealing can be instant (as it was in the case of the faithful robber crucified at the side of Jesus). Mind you they still have to go through the same gates of Ezekiel's temple. If Abraham (1AC Adam) fails to be sealed, he loses his 1AC status. If OMC Adam fails to be LRC sealed then he loses his OMC status at one of the 5 late LRC Passover executions on 2023Elul14/Tishri14/Heshvan14/Chislev14/Tebbeth14. God gives everyone a 2nd chance for non capital matters (2 witnesses are required) and a 3rd chance for capital offences (3 witnesses are required). Hence God provides the last chance saloon, the descended church of the 1AC/OMC, Hobah of Genesis14. One can enter into that church from 2023Shebat3/4-10 and be sealed into the LRC by 2023Shebat14. 

So to go to hell you have to fail to be FRC sealed by faith, fail to be LRC sealed by love, and fail the last chance saloon. 

Likewise, nobody is killed for Gehenna at the regular Passover date. Triply absent firstborns are killed at the late Passover, having missed the early regular and late Passover. They must be given the opportunity to deny the Christ 3x in this night as Peter did.

Salvation Event Laodiceans JWs Christian Babylonian Non religious
Symbolised by Pharaoh on throne Maidservant behind millstones Captive in prison hole Captive in prison hole All
Day of early FRC Passover entry to get a standing gene zap non adamic resurrection 2022Tebbeth10 2022Shebat10 2022Adar10 2023Nisan10 2023Iyyar10
Day of regular FRC Passover entry to get a standing gene zap non adamic resurrection 2022Shebat10 2022Adar10 2023Nisan10 2023Iyyar10 2023Sivan10
Day of late FRC Passover entry to get a standing gene zap non adamic resurrection 2022Adar10 2023Nisan10 2023Iyyar10 2023Sivan10 2023Tammuz10
Regular non adamic edenic restoration by standing gene zap resurrection 2022Shebat14-16 2022Adar14-16 2023Nisan14-16 2023Iyyar14-16 2023Sivan14-16
Late non adamic edenic restoration by standing gene zap resurrection 2022Adar14-16 2023Nisan14-16 2023Iyyar14-16 2023Sivan14-16 2023Tammuz14-16
Passover execution of firstborn (pre kingdom 1AC baptised) non FRCs (loss of 1AC status) 2022Adar14 2023Nisan14 2023Sivan14 2023Tammuz14 2023Ab14
Day of regular OMC Passover entry to get a non adamic ark resurrection 2023Ab10 2023Elul10 2023Tishri10 2023Heshvan10 2023Chislev10
Day of late OMC Passover entry to get a non adamic ark resurrection 2023Elul10 2023Tishri10 2023Heshvan10 2023Chislev10 2023Tebbeth10
Passover execution of firstborn (pre-kingdom 1AC baptised) OMC sealing failures (death) 2023Elul14 2023Tishri14 2023Heshvna14 2023Chislev14 2023Tebbeth14
Passover execution of regular partaking OMCs  to their Ark resurrection 2023Ab14-16 2023Elul14-16 2023Tishri14-16 2023Heshvan14-16 2023Chislev14-16
Passover execution of late partaking OMCs to Ark resurrection of late partaking OMCs 2023Elul14-16 2023Tishri14-16 2023Heshvan14-16 2023Chislev14-16 2023Tebbeth14-16

Whereas the 2019 1NC reserve archetype for the above in Laodicea is...

Salvation Event Bethelites Congregations Disfellowshipped or Disassociated
Symbolised by Pharaoh on throne Maidservant behind millstones Captive in prison hole
Passover entry day for 3rd, 4th, 5th marriages in the ark 2019Tishri10 2019Heshvan10 2019Chislev10
Passover entry day for to remain engaged to be married and in the 1NC 2019Heshvan10 2019Chislev10 2019Tebbeth10
Passover execution of 1NC Passover victims (they lose their 1NC status) Partaking night Partaking night Partaking night
Passover execution of firstborn (all 1NC reserve angels) non victims 2019Heshvan14 2019Chislev14 2019Tebbeth14
Passover execution of firstborn of beasts (oldest 4EC by baptism per congregation) 2019Heshvan14 2019Chislev14 2019Tebbeth14

And the 2020 1NC reserve archetype for the above in non adamic Sodom is...

Salvation Event Late Partaking Reappointed Laodicean Administration Late Partaking Reappointed Laodicean Congregation
Symbolised by n/a n/a
Passover entry day for 6th and 7th 1NC marriages in the ark 2019Tebbeth10 2020Tammuz10
Passover execution of 1NC Passover victims 2019Tebbeth14 2020Tammuz14
Passover execution of firstborn (all 1NC reserve angels) non victims n/a n/a
Passover execution of firstborn of beasts (oldest 4EC by baptism per congregation) n/a n/a

The maidservant is the congregation. In Exodus she is NOT grinding at the mill as in Matthew 24:41. She is behind the millstone, i.e. not making her own spiritual food.

5 And every first-born in the land of Egypt shall die, from the first-born of Pharaoh, the one sitting on his throne, to the first-born of the slave-girl who [is] behind the mill; and every first born of animals. (Exodus 11 GLT)

12 And I must pass through the land of Egypt on this night and strike every firstborn in the land of Egypt, from man to beast; and on all the Gods of Egypt I shall execute judgments. I am Jehovah. (Exodus 12 NWT)

29 And it came about that at midnight Jehovah struck every firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh sitting on his throne to the firstborn of the captive who was in the prison hole, and every firstborn of beast. (Exodus 12 NWT)

41 two grinding at the mill; one is taken away, and one is left. (Matthew 24 GLT)

The first saints are raptured into the ark on 2019Tishri17, when it comes to a rest upon the mountains of Ararat (the 1NC and 2NC administrations of Laodicea). This means that those in said mountains can enter into God's rest in the ark wherein Jesus is Caesar rather than the Dragon. 2019Tishri17 is the 3rd marriage. For the ark to come to a rest upon the mountains of Ararat, people from those administrations (mountains) must enter into God's rest in the ark. So the 3rd marriage must occur on 2019Tishri17, for saints go into the ark initially for marriages.

16 The priests now came inside the house of Jehovah to do the cleansing and brought out all the uncleanness that they found in the temple of Jehovah to the courtyard of the house of Jehovah [identified false 2NCs and informed them they were neither in the JAC nor in the ICC. The courtyard is the 1AC]. In turn the Levites received it to take it out to the torrent valley of Kidron outside [to baptise them into the 4EC?].

17 Thus they [] got started on the first [] to the month, the first [] at sanctifying [], and on the 8th day to the month [] they came to the porch of Jehovah []. And they sanctified the house of Jehovah in 8 days [], and on the 16th day to the first month they finished [] (2 Chronicles 29 NWT) THIS APPLIES TO LAODICEA OR non adamic Sodom NOT TO THE LWs.

15 However, the Lord answered him and said: Hypocrites, does not each one of you on the Sabbath [day or month or year] untie his bull or his ass from the stall [prepositional genitive] [the stall is an animal prison. The Bull is the Priests (sons of the 4EC), the Ass is the congregation of kingdom citizens (sons of the 1AC)] and leading it away, water it? [comparative speech. Led away into the ark and baptised there! This is a binary question. They all water their herd upon a Sabbath. And we shall not baptise or rapture people upon the sacred Sabbath (day of month)] (Luke 13)

All reappointed Laodiceans are non adamic which means they cannot go into the 1st death. But they can go into the 2nd.

The Tree of Life of Revelation22

So there are 12 monthly non adamic crops of those who start the Kingdom from the tree of life.

1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, bright as crystal, coming forth out of the throne of God and of the Lamb [2 rivers, the 3EC from the throne and the 4EC from the lamb - 1 river each side of the dry land of the broadway - Mesopotamia. the throne of the Kingdom is fully installed under Jesus as Caesar to all mankind on 2022Shebat5, his installation over Isaac].
2 In the midst of its broadway [platuj] [] and of the river, from here and from there [the arm of the river on each side of the street], [was] a tree of life producing 12 fruits: according to month each yielding its fruit [12 months precisely from 2022Shebat14-16 to 2023Tebbeth14-16, with ALL crops during the installed throne of Jesus over Isaac from 2022Shebat5 and 3 crops during the installed throne of Jehovah over Abraham from 2023Heshvan5. These must start after the Dragon's 42 month lease ends on 2022Heshvan14 and after Jesus becomes Caesar, because the water of life comes from his installed throne (over the waters of Isaac) and because God does not put non adamic people under a satanic Caesar unless they are in a true church. And these crops are not in a true church. Because if they were they would already be non adamic]. And the leaves of the tree were for healing of the nations. (Revelation 22 GLT)
2 e mesw thj platiaj authj kai tou potamou enqen kai poioun karpouj ib kata mhna ekaston apodidouj touj karpouj autou kai ta fulla twn xulwn eij qerapeian eqnwn (Revelation 22 Sinai)

When anyone is baptised into a true church after 2012Sivan14, then must die to Adam that day because one cannot be in a true church as a son of Adam and one is in a true church at baptism. So there is no need for the 12 non adamic crops of Revelation22 within a true church. So they occur outside the true church and therefore cannot begin until Jesus becomes Caesar and so gain authority to act on people not in a true church. These 12 crops are the secular edenic restoration of Adam and Cain.

The 12 crops are 2022Shebat14-16 to 2023Tebbeth14-16, the Laodicean, JW, Christian, Babylonian, Non religious FRCs and LRCs (early regular and late Passovers)
The last day of entrance into Kingdom salvation before the last chance saloon is 2023Tebbeth10, the end of Zoar entrance, temple burning day of the Elul1 Isaaic sacred year..
Then the unbelievers must enter into the last chance saloon by 2023Shebat10, and be sealed into the LRC due to love by 2023Shebat14, the end of Kingdom salvation and sealing for last chance salooners. They are Passover executed on 2023Shebat14 and resurrected on 2023Shebat16 (9th Zoar first fruits)

FRC (Faith Ransom covenant) Passovers are held by the angels on the dragnet beach (the sand of the 1AC). 
LRC (Love Ransom covenant) Passovers are held by the angels on the dragnet beach (the sand of the 1AC).
Laodiceans who fail to be FRC sealed by 2022Adar14, the late Laodicean FRC Passover, can be LRC sealed instead by 2023Elul14, the late Laodicean OMC Passover, and resurrected into the ark by 2023Tebbeth16 (for all late LRC partakers), the appointment of the Kingdom of God under Jehovah over Abraham.

1 And he showed to me river of water of life bright as crystal, going forth out of the throne of the God and of the Lamb (KIT)
1 kai edixen moi potamon udatoj zwhj lampron wj krustallon ekporeuomenon ek qronou tou qeou kai tou arniou (SinaiO)
1 Kai. e;deixe,n moi potamo.n u[datoj zwh/j lampro.n w`j kru,stallon evkporeuo,menon evk tou/ qro,nou tou/ qeou/ kai. tou/ avrni,ou (WHO)
2 in midst of the broad way of her; and of the river herefrom and therefrom wood of life making fruits twelve, according to month each giving back the fruit of it, and the leaves of the wood into cure of the nations. (Revelation 22 KIT)
2 en mesw thj platiaj authj kai tou potamou enqen kai poioun karpouj 12 kata mhna ekaston apodidouj touj karpouj autou kai ta fulla twn xulwn eij qerapeian eqnwn (Revelation 22 SinaiO)
2 evn me,sw| th/j platei,aj auvth/j kai. tou/ potamou/ evnteu/qen kai. evkei/qen xu,lon zwh/j poiou/n karpou.j dw,deka kata. mh/na e[kaston avpodidou/n to.n karpo.n auvtou/ kai. ta. fu,lla tou/ xu,lou eivj qerapei,an tw/n evqnw/n (Revelation 22 WHO)

Pre Kingdom baptised 1ACs get 3 shots at being sealed at their FRC Passover and then at their LRC Passover. Then, finally, they get a 3rd shot in the last chance saloon
Kingdom baptised 1ACs get two shots at being sealed at their OMC Passover and then at the last chance saloon.  

35 Heaven and earth [of the world and of the Watchtower] will pass away/come beside/arrive, but my words will by no means pass away/come beside/arrive.
36 Concerning that day [] AND hour nobody has seen [], neither the angels in heavens nor the Son, but only the Father, alone [monoV] [true when Jesus said it, not true after Jesus died - Nobody knows the date of their marriage until after they have proposed. But in fact Jesus proposed the ARC on 3993Nisan14, so he knew 2008Nisan14 then - unless he was given a lease of indeterminate length? Certainly after the last supper, after his proposal to his wife, he should then know the date of his marriage to that maiden] (Matthew 24)

31 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.
Concerning the day that OR THE hour nobody has seen, neither the angels in heaven nor the Son, but the Father.
33 Keep looking, keep awake, for you do not know when the appointed time is. (Mark 13 NWT)

The Day OR the Hour is a witness to 12x precisely, which run from 2022Chislev14, the Abrahamic World Exodus Passover, to 2023Chislev14, the end of Zoar.

Saintly Heaven passes away from the earth (not via Hades) into Ark3 during 300 days from which are 300 cubits of entry from 2019Tishri17-2019Tebbeth18  (Reappointed Laodicea) + 2020Tammuz19-2020Heshvan18  (Reverted Laodicea) + 2022Chislev15-20 (fallen reverted Laodicea) + 2022Shebat15-20 (Zoar under FDS4) + 2023Iyyar22-2023Ab7 (Zoar under the 3rd Holy Spirit). And the ELCs pass away from Hades into the ark from 2022Chislev2/3 and Benjamin Passes away from the earth via Hades into the ark from 2023Iyyar7/8. 

2019Tishri17/Heshvan22/Chislev20/Tebbeth18 + 2020Tammuz19/Ab17/Elul22/Tishri20/Heshvan18 + 2022Chislev2/3 + 2022Chislev17-221 + 2022Shebat17-22 + 2023Iyyar7/8 = 25 days of saintly entrance into Ark3 from the earth and from Hades
2019Tishri17-2019Tebbeth18  (Reappointed Laodicea) + 2020Tammuz19-2020Heshvan18 (Reverted Laodicea) + 2022Chislev15-20 (Hebron) + 2022Tebbeth15-20 (Zoar under FDS4} + 2023Iyyar22-2023Ab7 (Zoar under 3rd Holy Spirit) = 300 days of Ark3 entrance from the earth no via Hades.

But 25 is 1/12 of 300. So heavenly ark entrance for saints from all sources takes 25 days, which is one hour of the 300 cubit day of earthly ark entrance not via Hades.

The hour during which 1NC and HLC Abrahamic Heaven passes away from the earth (by Passover execution) to be resurrected into the ark runs from 2019Tishri14 to 2019Tebbeth14 and 2020Tammuz14 to 2020Heshvan14, 7 months out of the 7 years of installed earthly Isaaic Zoar over the 2NCs from 2015Tebbeth21 to 2022Tebbeth21, the period when they could not be Passover executed and resurrected from Zoar due to the LW Alienation Times.

The hour during which 1AC and 2NC earth passes away from Zoar (by rapture and OMC Passover execution followed by resurrection) runs from 2022Shebat14 to 2023Tebbeth16, the 12 crops of Revelation11, 11 months 2 days.
The day of FRCs leaving Adam by Jubilee restorations, by standing resurrections, by dying to Adam and being resurrected to Abraham or Isaac without gong to Hades, runs from 2012Sivan14, the Zoar Passover, 2023Tammuz14, the final FRC Passover into the 6th crop of Revelation22 - 11 years 1 month.

The day OR the hour is a direct comparison between a day and an hour yielding 12x precisely for there are precisely 12 hours in a day. 

So this scripture, rather than prohibiting advanced knowledge of the day and the hour, actually gives you the length of the hour as being a twelfth of the particular day.

Also the hour of the passing away of the heavens and the earth is one twelfth of the length of the day of the second presence which is 120 years. And on 911, 2016, the LWs first saw this (2016Tishri5 at 15:40). 

The day of the second presence runs for 120 years from 1889Elul9 to 2001Chislev14 and then from 2006Sivan14-2012Sivan14 and then from 2012Sivan15 to 2013Adar10.
The hour of the passing away of the heavens and the earth is therefore 10 years long. It is the period when we have no presence from 2001Chislev14 to 2006Sivan14 and from 2013Adar10 to 2019Elul10. That is 4 + 5 years

The definition of the Passover: 4 'These are the seasonal festivals of Jehovah, holy conventions, which you should proclaim at their appointed times:
5 In the first month, on the 14th day of the month, between the 2 evenings is the Passover to Jehovah. (Leviticus 23 NWT) 

That definition could equally well apply to Sivan14, the first month of the non adamic scared year, or to Tishri14, the 14th day of the first month of the secular year, as it does to Nisan14, the 14th day of the first month of the sacred year. So Adam was first passed over on 3993Nisan14 BC and is last passed over on 2023Tebbeth14 AD, the 1st death Passover. He is actually Passover executed by losing his 1AC status on 2023Chislev14, the end of Zoar, the Passover for the 12th crop of Revelation22 and not before in order that he can be protected until then for entry in to the last chance saloon. So even at the end, the sons of Abraham have 3 chances, faith, love and the last chance saloon, the descended church of the 1AC of Melchizedek and of Yeshua.

So if you fail an FRC Passover you can still be sealed at the OMC Passover. If you fail the OMC Passover you lose your 1AC status but you can still enter into the last chance saloon and become a 1AC again on 2023Tebbeth3/4-10 and be sealed on 2023Tebbeth14.


The definition of the first fruits and the Pentecost: The Law of Moses Pentecost Pattern is defined as running from Nisan16-22 to Sivan5-11 which is a 50 day pattern keying off the first weekly Sabbath of Cakes. Sivan5-11 was the first ripe fruits day for wheat and Nisan16-22 was the first fruits day for barley.

15 And you must count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath, from the day of your bringing the sheaf of the wave offering, 7 Sabbaths. They should prove to be complete.
16 To the day after the 7th Sabbath you should count, 50 days (you should count), and you must present a new grain offering to Jehovah. (Leviticus 23 NWT)

There is a double description of the day to start counting from and of the day to count to. The Pentecost also had a wave offering but not of a sheaf, it was of 2 wheat loaves. So there is one greater Pentecost with a count that starts from 'the day after the Sabbath' and another greater Pentecost count which starts from the day of bringing of the sheaf of the wave offering. The expression the day after the Sabbath it itself ambiguous, since it could refer to the festival Sabbath of Nisan15, the first day of cakes, or it could refer to the weekly Sabbath in cakes. Indeed the day of your bringing the sheaf of the wave offering is defined as follows...

10 Speak to the sons of Israel, and you must say to them, 'When you eventually come into the land that I am giving you, and you have reaped its harvest, you must also bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the priest. 
11 And he must wave the sheaf to and fro before Jehovah to gain approval for you. Directly the day after the Sabbath the priest should wave it to and fro [this could equally well be the festival Sabbath of the first day of Cakes or the weekly Sabbath]. (Leviticus 23 NWT)

So substituting verse 11 into verse 15 we get...

15 And you must count for yourselves from the day after the Sabbath, from the day directly after the Sabbath, 7 Sabbaths. They should prove to be complete).
16 To the day after the 7th Sabbath you should count, 50 days (you should count), and you must present a new grain offering to Jehovah. (Leviticus 23 NWT)

In this format it is very easy to see that the definition applies to two types of Sabbath. So there is to be one first fruits after the first festival Sabbath of Cakes, and another after the weekly Sabbath of Cakes. Furthermore, there are two counts, one to the day after 7 Sabbaths and another of 50 days. The former is the weekly Sabbath count and the latter is the 7th day Sabbath count.

Mosaic and 1NC Pentecost: 7 weekly Sabbaths after the 1st weekly Sabbath after the (Egyptian) Passover on Nisan14. Nisan16-22 to Sivan5-11 depending upon where the weekly Sabbath falls in Cakes
Zoar Pentecost: 7 7th days after the 1st festival Sabbath after the (Zoar) Passover on Sivan14. Sivan16 to Ab5 always.
2NC Pentecost: 7 7th days after the secular Rosh Hashana Sabbath, the first festival Sabbath of the secular year. Tishri2 to Heshvan21 for a Tishri1 secular year.

Passover Sabbath years

1988, 1992, 1995, 2008, 2015, 2019, 2022, 2036 are years in which the Passover on Nisan14 is the weekly Sabbath. In these year 1NC first fruits is Nisan22, outside of Cakes, and Tishri2 is the weekly Sabbath. So Tishri3 is 2NC first fruits and Tishri17 is a first fruits. The 1st marriage was in 2008, the 2nd is in 2015, the 3rd 4th 5th are in 2019. So all the marriages occur in these Passover Sabbath years. So all three years in which Jesus gets married are isomorphic from a festival calendar standpoint. Furthermore the Ark comes to a rest on Tishri17, when Jesus becomes Caesar to those in it. That day must be a first fruits because Caesar's are appointed on first fruits and because Jesus raptures a bride and marries her on that day. So the 1NC reserve marriages must occur in a Passover Sabbath year, because ark entry from the earth begins for a marriage and it begins when the ark comes to a rest and a 1NC marriage must occurs on a 1NC first fruits day.