[To: Barr, Barry, Klein, Henschel, Sydlik - Ed.]

Gordon Ritchie
The Dorset Hotel
30 West 54th Street
Brother John Barr NY 10019

25 Columbia Heights Tel: 212-247-7300
New York, 11201


Dear brother Barr,

I have searched the scriptures and can find no instance when Jesus refused to see personally someone who wished to speak with him personally. He saw children, lepers, paralytics, tax collectors, Gentile women, demon possessed men, even persistent Pharisees. Seeing therefore that we are following his example please either:

[1] Provide me with a scriptural precedent that I may have missed wherein the Christ refused to personally see somebody who had invited him, and in particular where the invitation came from one of his sheep.


[2] Accept this my invitation to meet me for dinner at my expense.

Your brother in flesh, in spirit and by nationality,

Gordon Ritchie.

P.S. I cannot afford to stay in New York indefinitely.