[117] The Two 6,000 Year Leases

Adam was God's son but he sinned and came under an angelic second death and human first death sentence. Jesus agreed ransom him from the second death with his angelic soul. This gave Jesus ownership of Adam. So Adam ceased to be a slave to death and became instead a slave to Michael. But Adam was still God's son. nothing can change that. Now under law, God's people who had been sold as slaves had to be released in the Sabbath year. So Jesus purchased Adam for 6,000 years and had to release him immediately on 2008Nisan14, at the end of the least for 1,000 years of ownership by God which was to be the Kingdom of God which is God's rest. This defines the world founded by the ARC (Angelic Ransom Covenant) and the Kingdom of God, which is the 1,000 year release to God from slavery actually to Jesus. This is why Jesus is not the King of Adam in the kingdom. God is the king of Adam in the Kingdom. Jesus restores Adam back to his original father. 

But then Jacob was boiling up some red (Adam and Edom both mean red). Esau came in from the field and asked for some of the red because he was tired/exhausted/hungry. This was Michael bigging up (the Hebrew word for boiling up is puffing up, acting haughtily) his Kingship over Adam and Satan, being hungry for some authority, having lost his headship of the first holy spirit and having come under a death sentence, was very interested. Now time became of the essence for Satan when Abel was about to be born (he was born in 3990Tishri at the Gentile Call of the fundamental pattern of U41), since Cain was his son and Satan did not want Abel to get rulership over Cain - see U17. So before Abel was born and on the day that one comes in from the field as Esau did (Not on Tishri14, the last day of harvest for righteous people, but on Nisan14, the day Cain killed Abel in the field, for the unrighteous), Satan sold his first born rights to Michael for the bowl of the red. But he wanted the same deal from Michael that Michael got from God (as always). So he got a 6,000 year lease from 3990Iyyar17 (first fruits after the 2nd Passover on 3990Iyyar14 BC, for a second appointment as Caesar to adamic man) to 2011Iyyar14. For Nisan14/Iyyar is the Passover day. It is the day that Adam was passed over from death into life and from Jehovah to Michael. Then the late version, Iyyar14, is the day he was passed over from Michael to Satan. So Adam spent 3 years in the heart of the earth with Michael as his king.

But Jesus wanted to come down here for his ministry and do a whole bunch of Kingdom miracles. He did these after 29Heshvan21, the 2NC Pentecost, the day when he came out of the wilderness, to 33Sivan5, the miracle of the first Pentecost in Acts2. This was a miraculous ministry period of 1266 days from the water being tuned into wine at Cana on 29Heshvan29 to the Pentecost on 33Sivan5, during which he borrowed Kingdom powers and during which Satan and the demons of the dragon were evicted from heaven and sent down to earth to possess humans. In order to achieve this he had to negotiate with Satan a lease extension for 1266 days from 2011Iyyar14 to 2014Heshvan20, wherein Satan could remain in heaven as King over Israel, since he lost 1266 days of rulership over the genetic house of Israel during Jesus' ministry. This deal was presumably negotiated during the bowl of soup negotiation since Jesus was going to have to ransom Adam during this ministry due to his ARC obligations. 

So Satan's heavenly power over Adam was officially extended to 2014Heshvan20. But David said under inspiration...

1 Jehovah said unto my Lord, Sit thou to my right [side] [!ymiy"], until I make thine enemies a stool to thy feet [dual]. (Psalms 110 KJV)
2 The rod of your strength Jehovah will send out of Zion, [saying:] Go subduing in the midst of your enemies. (Psalms 110 NWT)

A until B = A then A+B = A + continuing A+B = A + B

1x+1x + 3x.10x = 32x.from 2020Shebat16, the appointment of the Kingdom until 2020Adar18, the start of the unengaged 2NC ark resurrection from 2020Adar18-21.

The Rod of Gordon's strength is the 2NC administration which is sent out of Zion (the ark) on 2020Adar21 for 14 days to 2021Nisan5 when the 3rd Holy Spirit takes over 2NC Zoar. So the enemies must begin on 2020Adar7 after the 2nd fire sign?

Jesus is installed to run 2NC Zoar for 45 days from 2021Nisan5 = 2020Adar29 to 2020Iyyar14, the end of Zoar. But there are 45 days from 2020Shebat14, the end of the world judicially, the end of the Dragon's 42 month lease, to 2020Adar29

The end of the world Judicially                     The installation of the Kingdom of God               The end of 2NC Zoar
The end of the Dragon's 42 month lease    The 3rd Holy Spirit is baptised into 2NC Zoar      The start of the 40+40 day lava flood
2020Shebat14                                              2020Adar29 = 2021Nisan5                                  2021Iyyar14
2021February1/2                                          2021March18/19                                                  2021April26/27
                           45 days                                                               45 days

25 For he must rule as king until [God] has put all enemies under his feet.
26 As the last enemy, death is to be brought to nothing.
27 For [God] subjected all things under his feet. But when he says that 'all things have been subjected,' it is evident that it is with the exception of the one who subjected all things to him. (1 Corinthians 15 NWT)

The heavenly war of Revelation12 lasts for 8 months from 2014Chislev13, when Jesus stands up as in Daniel12:1 following the end of the 1266 day miracle ministry payback period. Michael stands up at the end of the permitted authority of Satan to evict his sitting tenant (on 2011Iyyar14 + 1266 days = 2014Heshvan20), to 2015Ab14, the heavenly Passover of the dragon. NOT Jesus, but the rod of his strength, his administration his wife, the 3rd Holy Spirit went subduing on/after 2014Heshvan20 (on 2014Chislev13) in the midst of his enemies (in the midst of the period from 2008Nisan22, the 1st 1NC marriage, the forming of the 1st presence 3rd Holy Spirit, the rod of Zion to 2021Ab4, the end of the lava flood, the end of non 1AC Adam. Because Abraham is God's friend. The mid point is 2014Chislev13.