[652] 2Kings5: Naaman bathing 7 times in the Jordan, Elisha rejecting his blessing gift and Gehazi taking some of that gift

Syrians = JWs
King of Syria = POW, the president of the Watchtower
King of Israel = POL, the President of Laodicea
The King = Jesus
Naaman = 1NC reserves from the Watchtower
Elisha = Elijah4
Gehazi = Administration of Laodicea (Samaria)
Gehazi's 2 young men from the mountainous region of Ephraim = the administrations of reappointed Laodicea and reverted Laodicea
Master of Gehazi is Charles Russell.
Jordan = 4EC of the LWs, stolen by Laodicea and by Reverted Laodicea.
Abanah = 3EC of the Watchtower
Pharpar = 3EC of reappointed Laodicea
Damascus = Administration of the Watchtower (true and false - a well watered land)
House of Rimmon - fallen Watchtower congregation.
2 mules = congregations of reappointed Laodicea and Reverted Laodicea
2 talents of silver in 2 bags = 2NC saints in the bag of reappointed Laodicea and Reverted Laodicea..
Soil is 1ACs in Laodicea and in Reverted Laodicea
Israel is the Laodicea as a true church and a false church
Leprosy is being white, being CRC sealed, but being unclean in the flesh, having no ICC water baptism.
Change of garrnent is a change of salvation status of an individual..

Now a certain Naaman [pleasantness] [Watchtower 1NC reserves who eventually get 4EC baptised and join Laodicea to define the 2nd part of the 2nd presence. Any 1NC reserve who got baptised after 2013Iyyar14 would not become a part of Jesus wife since they could not celebrate the Passover on 2014Nisan14 after the end of the 2nd presence on 2013Adar10 when Laodicea lost their stolen 4EC water baptism], the chief of the army [FDS3] of the king of Syria [POW, the President of the JWs], had become a great man before his lord and held in esteem, because it was by him that Jehovah had given salvation to Syria []; and the man himself had proved to be a valiant, mighty man, though a leper [a saint unclean in the flesh].
2 And the Syrians [JWs], for their part, had gone out as marauder bands, and they got to take captive from the land of Israel a little girl [??], and she came to be before Naaman's wife [true worshipping JWs?].
3 In time she said to her mistress: If only my lord [Naaman] were before the prophet that is in Samaria [Elijh4 is in Laodicea only through his 4EC baptism]! In that case he would recover him from his leprosy [through the 4EC, which Samaria has stolen].
4 Subsequently someone came and reported to his lord, saying: It was like this and that that the girl spoke who is from the land of Israel.
5 And the king of Syria [the President of or Governing Body of the Watchtower FDS3/ES2] said: Get going! Come, and let me send a letter to the king of Israel [the president of or administration of Laodicea]. So he proceeded to go and take in his hand [] 10 talents of silver [all the HLCs in Laodicea - 2NCs would not be sent to the Watchtower] and 6,000 pieces of gold [6,000 1NC reserves of Laodicea. But only those baptised during the 7x of Naaman have any chance of being genuine in the original Laodicea] and 10 changes of garments [10 salvation covenants accepted or discovered by Laodicea].
6 And he came bringing the letter to the king of Israel, saying: And now at the same time that this letter comes to you, here I do send to you Naaman my servant, that you may rescue him from his leprosy.
7 And it came about that as soon as the king of Israel read the letter, he immediately ripped his garments apart [destroyed his ICC and his 1AC baptism] and said: Am I God, to put to death and to preserve alive? [literally no. Word symbolically - Yes he is selling doves, changing covenants of people and playing God with the flock] For this person is sending to me to rescue a man from his leprosy; for just take note, please, you men, and see how he is seeking a quarrel with me [indeed he is].
8 And it came about that, as soon as Elisha [Elijah4], the man of the [true] God heard that the king of Israel had ripped his garments apart, he at once sent to the king, saying: Why did you rip your garments apart? [chose to reject his Watchtower salvation garments in favour of Laodicean salvation garments, becoming a leper to the Watchtower] lose your Let him come, please, to me that he may know that there exists a prophet in Israel [Please enable the 2nd part of the 2nd presence to occur. Let Jesus' fiance come to me and let him see the works of the prophet who is in Israel trough the 4EC - Elijah4].
9 So Naaman came with his horses [researchers] and his war chariots [evangelisers] and stood at the entrance of the house of Elisha [the house of the 4EC that is].
10 However, Elisha sent a messenger to him [Roger Knight the Laodicean baptism thief], saying: Going there, you must bathe 7 times in the Jordan and your flesh will come back to you; and be clean [from 2006Sivan14, the start of the 2nd presence to 2013Iyyar14, the last Passover of the 2nd presence. 7x of baptism before the 7 Passovers from 2007Nisan14/Iyyar14 to 2013Nisan14/Iyyar14].
11 At this Naaman grew indignant and began to go away and say: Here I had said [to myself], 'To me he will come out all the way and will certainly stand and call upon the name of Jehovah his God and move his hand to and fro over the place and actually give the leper recovery.' [an unfulfilled hypothetical. Zoar will do this because Elisha did not and all scripture must have power and fulfilment]
12 Are not the Abanah [good] and the Pharpar [swift], the rivers of Damascus, better than all the waters of Israel? [3EC of Russell of the Watchtower (Abanah) and then the 2nd 3EC of descended Russell in reappointed Laodicea (Pharpar) a Binary question. Literally no. Word symbolically yes for the 1NCs. LWs have one river but several groups of waters, adamic, Abrahamic and Isaaic] Can I not bathe in them and certainly be clean? [Binary question. Literally no. Word symbolically Yes, for the 2nd presence - Naaman is the 1NC reserves] With that he turned and went away in a rage.
13 His servants now approached and spoke to him and said: My father, had it been a great thing that the prophet himself had spoken to you [another unfulfilled hypothetical], would you not do it? How much more, then, since he said to you, 'Bathe and be clean'?
14 At that he went down [on 2005Sivan14, when the Watchtower fell as a true church] and began to plunge into the Jordan 7 times according to the word of the man of the [true] God; and his flesh came back like the flesh of a little boy [non adamic Abrahamic flesh] and he became clean (2 Kings 5 NWT).

So we have the instruction to bathe 7x in verse 10 and we have the execution of that instruction in verse14. That gives 2 fulfilments from Naaman. The first is 7 Passovers of stolen 4EC baptism in Laodicea from 2007Nisan14/Iyyar14 to 2013Nisan14/Iyyar14 or 7x from 2005Sivan14, the fall of the Watchtower, to 2012Sivan14, the death to Adam of all true church members. The second is the 7 days of Isaaic 4EC baptism of the 3rd Holy Spirit on 2026Elul16/23/30 and 2026Tishri7/14/21/28. Then the HLC reserves are baptised on 2026Heshvan5 we think.

126JW Exedenic Times before abrahamic Laodicea

11 And they began to eat some of the yield of the land the day after the Passover, unfermented cakes and roasted grains, on this same day. (Joshua 5 NWT)

Naaman went down on 2005Sivan14 when
the Watchtower fell as a true church.
2005Sivan15 (1st day of fallen Watchtower Cakes)
Naaman (1NCs) and adamic/cainian
Laodicea die to Adam
Naaman (1NCs) and adamic/cainian Laodicea are restored to non
adamic Abraham. Their flesh comes back like the flesh of a little boy
Laodicean Exedenic Times begin. They
were appointed over Abraham on 2012Ab16 
Laodicean Exedenic
Times end
Bathing 7x in the Jordan (4EC)
during the Watchtower Exedenic Times
7x of the Laodicean
Exedenic Times

The 4EC did not make 1NC reserves non adamic Abrahamic from 2013Sivn15/Ab15 to 2013Adar10, due to the Laodicean Exedenic Times. 
The command to Naaman to bathe 7x in the Jordan is the Laodicean 4EC baptisms of the partakers on 2007Nisan14/Iyyar14 to 2013Nisan14/Iyyar14
The execution of that command by Naaman is the 7x (7 days) of baptism of the 7 rows of the descended 3rd Holy spirit into Isaaic Zoar from 2026Elul16 to 2026Heshvan5.

15 And he went back to the man of the [true] God, he with all his camp, and came and stood before him and said: Here, now, I certainly know that there is no God anywhere in the earth but in Israel. And now accept, please, a blessing gift from your servant.
16 However, he said: As Jehovah before whom I do stand is living [Jesus is the high priest who stands before Jehovah], I will not accept it. And he began to urge him to accept it, but he kept refusing [The 1NC reserves and the 2NCs and the 10 new salvation covenants are all rejected literally in favour of some ground. but in the greater meaning they are accepted by Elijah4. Zoar gets all the 1NCs and all the 2NCs and accepts all the new salvation covenants].
17 Finally Naaman said: If not, please, let there be given to your servant some ground [the 1ACs in the reappointed Laodicea - which is run by Naaman, who now becomes the slave of Jesus, of servant of Elisha], the load of a pair of mules [the mules are the congregations of reappointed Laodicea and reverted Laodicea. This is rather Palm Monday. Jesus rides in upon Laodicea actually]; because your servant will no more render up a burnt offering or a sacrifice to any other Gods but to Jehovah.
18 In this thing may Jehovah forgive your servant: When my lord comes into the house of Rimmon [pomegranate] to bow down there, and he is supporting himself upon my hand, and I have to bow down at the house of Rimmon, when I bow down at the house of Rimmon may Jehovah, please, forgive your servant in this respect [please allow me to continue to support the Governing body of the Watchtower in their false worship].
19 At this he said to him: Go in peace. Accordingly he went away from him for a length/stretch of the land [the gap between the 2nd and the 3rd parts of the 2nd presence, this is Jesus having left and being absent].
20 Then Gehazi [valley of a visionary] [the administration of Laodicea] the boy of Elisha the man of the [true] God said: Here my master has spared namely Naaman, the Syrian, the this by not accepting from his hand what he brought. As Jehovah is living, I will run after him and take something from him.
21 And Gehazi [the administration of the original Laodicea] went chasing after Naaman. When Naaman saw someone running after him, he at once got down from his chariot to meet him and then said: Is all well?
22 To this he said: All is well. My master himself [a lie literally. but true in the greater meaning, because his Master is Charles Russell] has sent me, saying, 'Look! Just now there have come to me 2 young men from mountain of Ephraim from sons of the prophets [still believing in biblical prophecy]. Do give them [the administrations of non adamic Abrahamic Laodicea and of reverted Laodicea], please, a talent of silver and 2 changes of garments.'
23 At that Naaman said: Go on, take 2 talents. And he persuaded/broke him and he bound up 2 talents of silver in 2 bags [2NCs in Abrahamic Laodicea and 2NCs in Reverted Laodicea - only 1NCs of gold were baptised into reappointed Laodicea], with 2 changes of garments [2 priestly salvation covenants, two applications of water baptism, the 4EC for Abrahamic Laodicea and the 4EC for Reverted Laodicea, Moses hitting the same rock twice], that they [the 2 young men] might carry them [the 2 bags] before him.
24 And he came to Ophel [hill, mound, a ridge East of Zion] [The LW administration], and he took from their hand [1x.5x.2x=10x] and deposited in the house [1x] and sent the men away [2x]. And off they went [2x] [This is the fall of Abrahamic Laodicea and Reverted Laodicea becoming false churches and then finally handing the 2NCs over to the LWs]. 

Verse22 from look: 2x.2x.2x+2x.1x+2x.2x.2x = 18x
Verse23: 2x+1x+(2x+2x.2x).2x.(2x+1x) = 39x
Verse 24: 1x+10x+1x+2x+2x = 16x
Total: 18x+39x+16x = 63x from 2019Ab1, the start of reappointed Laodicea to 2024Heshvan10, the Laodicean Jericho Jubilee release, the entrance of the first Laodicean 2NC leaves for intransitive Abrahamic 4EC baptism into Zoar on 2024Heshvan12.: 

Elisha authorised Naaman to form the 2nd part of the 2nd presence. He did not authorize the actions of Gehazi. Gehazi is not said to have taken any gold pieces. His sin was to take silver and garment changes. He stole 2 groups of 2NCs and the 4EC twice. Neither Reappointed Laodicea nor Reverted Laodicea were appointed to rule over their 2NCs (they were appointed only to feed the 2NCs). So they should have put their 2NCs under the jurisdiction of Zoar run by the mediator of the 2NC. That was the sin of the power hungry status junkies of Laodicea who denied Zoar the Research assistance it needed and denied Laodicea the understandings they needed and ruined end times bible research as a group venture.

25 And he himself came in and then stood by his master. Elisha now said to him: Where [did you come] from, Gehazi? But he said: Your servant did not go anywhere at all [false in the literal meaning, true in the greater meaning, because he is in reverted Laodicea].
26 At that he said to him: Did not my heart itself go along just as the man turned [to get down] from upon his chariot [research vehicle] to meet you? [1x+1x+2x = 4x] Is it a time [t[e] to take silver [1x] and to take garments [3x] and olive groves [3x] and vineyards [3x] and flock [1x] and herd [1x] and menservants [3x] and maidservants [3x] 

1x+3x+3x+3x+1x+1x+3x+3x = 18x the time of Laodicea taking as a true church from 2005Adar1, the start of their congregation, the theft of the 4EC, to 2023Tishri21, the fall of Reverted Laodicea.

27 So the leprosy of Naaman will stick to you and your seed to time indefinite. Immediately he went out from before him, a leper white as snow [when reverted Laodicea loses its 4EC water baptism and then when he is baptised intransitively into Zoar so that his baptism is frozen and will not flow to anybody else. He gets a snow baptism! We permit them to baptise the next row of the temple but nobody else - They can throw 10/12 snowballs at men and 10/12 at women. But they cannot flow. They actually get a 1 day transitive baptism, only for the next row.]. (2 Kings 5 NWT).

Verse 27: 2x+2x+2x+1x = 7x. A 7 year leprosy malediction like Miriam.

Literally it was not the time for the list of things. In the greater meaning it is the time for them. 

The original administration of Laodicea who had a 4EC baptism and are therefore already sealed in the flesh into the CRC do NOT get 4EC baptism into 2NC Zoar. But they are white as snow, declared righteous in the flesh.
Gehazi's offspring are the sons of the twice stolen 4EC. they are never permitted to join the Isaaic 4EC congregation of Zoar. Then join the Abrahamic congregation of Zoar (Hebron). We do not meet together. They carry on as they started, a separated sect.

Naaman (9x).


Elisha's Permission to Naaman to support the false worship of his master - A great example of religious tolerance

Naaman was servant to the King of Syria. And Elisha permitted him to lead the king of Syria into a house of false worship and to bow down with him in order to support his king in his false worship. This is the perfect example of the respect that a true Christian must have for the physical practices of other religions including false Christian religions. We should not kick the Koran about even though we believe it to be a book in contradiction to the bible and therefore not a holy book. True we should present our case whenever the opportunity arises, but all religion should be chosen freely, it should be evangelised yes, but not crusaded! One should never be forced to join any church and no church should physically persecute any other church or mosque or religious group. Religion is meaningless unless it is entered into by a conscious free choice, for it is a fruitage of the spirit of man and a fruitage of the spirit of God. We can make war spiritually with a false religion, yes, we can attack them verbally, using the scriptures as ammunition, but we are not at war physically with any of them.