[903] How did Jesus cure people instantly?

Here is a table of the healing miracles that Jesus performed during his ministry...

Account Ailment Cure
Healing of the royal official's son at 7th hour Fever - (meningitis?) Faith
Healing of Peterís mother-in-law Fever Hand
Healing a leper Leprosy Hand
Healing a centurion's servant Paralysis Faith
Healing a paralytic 4 carriers Paralysis Word
Healing a withered hand Poland syndrome Word
Raising a widow's son First Death Hand & Word
Healing a woman with internal bleeding 12 years Endometriosis? Faith & Touch
Raising Jairus' 12 year old daughter First Death Hand & Word
Healing two blind men Blindness Hand & Word
Healing a mute demoniac Demon Possession
Healing a 38 year invalid  Lameness Word
Healing a deaf mute man Deaf mute Touch, Spit & Word
Healing a blind man in 2 stages Blindness Touch, Spit & Word
Healing a man born blind Blindness Spit, Mud, Wash & Word
Healing a blind and mute demoniac Demon Possession
Healing a woman bent double 18 years
Healing a man with dropsy Oedema Hand
Healing 10 lepers Leprosy Faith
Raising of Lazarus First Death Prayer & Word
Healing Bartimaeus of blindness Blindness Faith
Healing high priest's slave Malchusí ear Missing Body Part Hand

These miracles are recorded to tell us what medical capabilities we can expect in the Kingdom of God. Jesus required faith from these people and said to many of them: Your faith has made you well. So they were in the 1AC. But Jesus did not die in validation of that covenant until the end of his ministry, so these people could be healed by an Abrahamic body ransomed by Jesus. However there was one 'spare' non adamic body available to God (not used to validate an covenant) during Jesus ministry, which was that of Isaac, whom Jesus possessed. So Isaac's body must have been used to temporarily ransom Abraham until Jesus' human body became available.

The final validation sacrifice for the 1AC was Jesus' human body which ransomed Abraham - see I28. So this covenant could provide its members with the kind of body that Isaac had (ageing non adamic) during the ministry of Jesus and then after his ministry it could provide its members with the type of body that Jesus had (ageing non adamic). One does not normally get to use ones 1AC body because if you fail the test of the 1AC you go to Gehenna where you have no body and if you pass you are sealed and enter into the FRC which gives you the non ageing non adamic body of Jared. By this we mean an upgrade of your body to be Jaredian. In practice this just means you look like an incredibly healthy 21 year old and have the energy of a child. 

However due to the 42 month ministry ransom deal between Satan and Michael - see U27 (which must have been negotiated at the time the Michael purchased Satan's firstborn angelic rights for a 6,000 year bowl of authority over Adam - see U17), Jesus was able to use Kingdom powers and do kingdom miracles during a 42 month period starting from the water into wine on 29Heshvan20 and ending 1275 days later at Pentecost on 33Sivan5.

Today there are many of Jesus' miracles that our knowledge of medical science can get us quite close too. For example we can cure the blind if they have cataracts, we can cure leprosy which is caused by a bacterium, we could probably cure the bleeding woman and of course we could artificially inseminate Mary with a fertilized egg without taking her virginity from her! But the amazing thing about all of Jesus' miracles is that they were instant. We cannot get anywhere near that with the best medical technology in the world. How did he do them so quickly?

Well, mankind is bound by time and so are the angels. So although God himself is not bound by time (having invented it) his wife is. But his wife, the holy spirit, actually performed all the miracles that Jesus did as a result of a prayer from Jesus. So we can forget about a time machine hospital. Think instead about the feeding of the 5000. In that miracle Jesus cloned fish and cloned bread and materialized them down here. If he can clone fish he can clone humans. This is where the 1AC body comes in. All the sons of the 1AC are entitled to a 1AC body which is a real human body which looks precisely like them and is ageing as they, are but is genetically non adamic. So if you have faith and you lose your eyesight there is a 1AC body with perfectly good eyesight waiting for you somewhere. Jesus can ask God to give you that body to actually use for the rest of your human life in this system. God can choose to configure it to be precisely the same as your present body in terms of bumps and bruises and blemishes and cellulite but with your blindness fixed. He knows the future so he can have your 1AC body ready for the time when he knows Jesus will ask for it.

We know that the angels and the demons have materialized in human bodies in the old and new testaments. In Acts1 Jesus floated up into the sky and two men in white materialized on earth. So God can beam up and beam down human bodies. Now the brain cycles at 10 Hertz. It performs 10 cycles per second. This is why a 24 frame per second movie looks continuous to us. So here are the steps that God has to perform in less than a 24th of a second to effect a healing miracle...

[1] Beam up your damaged body
[2] Beam down your fixed and configured Isaaically ransomed 1AC body
[3] Transfer your spirit (your software) very quickly from the one body to the other without having you die in the process.

We know that God can upload your character/you/your software into a sleeping angel. And we know that he can download your character/you/your software from a sleeping angel back into a human body. We suspect that this is what he did in the case of every healing miracle. OK you would only have been asleep for perhaps a few milliseconds, not long enough to realise it. But at least in that way you would not have stopped/died during the transition. God must keep us all ticking for ever, for our spirits, our software, is eternal, due to his love - this indeed is why we dream all the time that we are asleep - see I13. This whole process is essentially a human to human rapture.

So before you realise it and before any observer realises it, you are out of your damaged adamic body and into your fixed 1AC body. Pretty cool huh? By the time your brain does its next cycle to check out how you are feeling, your ailment has been fixed. As far as the conscious mind knows, your body just got fixed miraculously.

This is a capability that we will have in the kingdom of God. If things go wrong in our Jaredian or Methuselaian non ageing human bodies we will go and see the priest who will make a prayer and we will jump into the heavenly spare body that God made earlier - we think.