[44] Do you have to become an LW to enter into the ark? Can gays be saved?

34 I tell you, in that night there shall be two [men] in one bed; the one [masculine in the Greek] shall be taken, and the other [masculine in the Greek] shall be left. (KJV)
34 I tell you, In that night 2 [men] will be in one bed; the one [masculine in the Greek] will be taken along, but the other [masculine in the Greek] will be abandoned. (NWT)
34 le,gw u`mi/n( tau,th| th/| nukti. e;sontai du,o evpi. kli,nhj mia/j( o` ei-j paralhmfqh,setai kai. o` e[teroj avfeqh,setai (NA27)
34 le,gw u`mi/n tau,th| th/| nukti. e;sontai du,o evpi. kli,nhj mia/j o` ei-j paralhmfqh,setai kai. o` e[teroj avfeqh,setai (WHO)
35 Two [women] shall be grinding together; the one [feminine in the Greek] shall be taken, and the other [feminine in the Greek] left. (Luke 17 KJV)
35 There will be 2 [women] grinding at the same [mill] [This would be a coffee shop today!]; the one will be taken along [feminine in the Greek], but the other [feminine in the Greek] will be abandoned. (Luke 17 NWT)
35 e;sontai du,o avlh,qousai evpi. to. auvto,( h` mi,a paralhmfqh,setai( h` de. e`te,ra avfeqh,setai (Luke 17 NA27)
35 e;sontai du,o avlh,qousai evpi. to. auvto, h` mi,a paralhmfqh,setai h` de. e`te,ra avfeqh,setai (Luke 17 WHO)

So one cannot avoid the implication that the two men were gay. Why not say there shall be two men in one house? Why say in one bed? 

23 And you, Capernaum, will you perhaps be exalted to heaven? Down to Hades you will come; because if the powerful works that took place in you had taken place in Sodom, it would have remained until this very day. 
24 Consequently I say to you people, It will be more endurable for the land of Sodom on Judgment Day than for you (Matthew 11 NWT).

4 Before they could lie down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, from boy to old man, all the people in one mob.
5 And they kept calling out to Lot and saying to him: Where are the men who came in to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have intercourse with them. (Genesis 19 NWT).

So all the men in Sodom from boy to geriatric were gay. Yet it will be more endurable on judgement day for them than for the citizens of Capernaum!

The judgement made on judgement day is Kingdom or Gehenna. So Sodom at the time of Lot will have a better success rate for kingdom entry than Capernaum at the time of Jesus. Why? Well because a lack of faith is more damning than a lack of righteousness. Faith trumps righteousness. This is the Faith Ransom Covenant. At the end of this system you will be saved not upon works, not upon righteousness but upon faith and love. 

The sons of the 1AC can be baptized for the last 195 days of the old secular year, the Sabbath year for Adam and for Abraham, from 2023Heshvan20 to 2024Sivan4. Until they actually join Zoar, they are merely under the law of their conscience. So if one gay lover has not defiled his conscience and puts faith in the God who created him, then he shall be saved into the kingdom notwithstanding his morally unsustainable behaviour. But if the other gay lover has defiled his conscience or does not put faith in his creator, then he will be going to the other place.

So here is another webpage I never thought I would be writing. Oh look - We have undersold the love of God yet again! Look and see ye liberals! Jehovah is saving the gays! He condemns their works whilst saving their souls into his paradise.

90% of the Kingdom is saved through the FRC not the CRC which is 10% or the ARC which is 1%. So for the vast majority of mankind it is a love and a faith test, not a righteousness test. That is true from the first days of Adam to the last days of his children.

So you do have to become an LW in order to enter into the ark. You do have to join either reappointed Laodicea or non adamic Sodom or 2NC Zoar in order to enter into the ark, because these 3 true churches are the 3 departure lounges for the ark. Zoar ends on 2024Tebbeth14, the 12th crop Passover of Revelation22. Then Jehovah goes the extra mile and gives everyone on last chance in the last chance saloon, which is the descended church of the 1AC, and Hobah of Genesis14. Entrance into the final embrace from God occurs during the last week of Daniel 9:27 from 2024Shebat3/4-10, into the 1st death Passover on 2024Shebat14. The church of the 1AC has been an entirely heavenly operation until that week. So what used to occur invisibly in heaven is going to occur visibly on earth.

99Saints etc.Ark EntryStart of Ascension 50 cubits of ark width later/Or Zoar hand over.End of Ascension/descent 30 cubits of ark height later
3rd Holy Spirit2018Heshvan17Non adamic Sodom, which becomes a true church on 2019Adar11, 3 months
of the near bank of Daniel12 before 4EC entry for saints begins on 2020Sivan12
And on 2024Nisan5, 2NC Zoar is handed over to Peter. He gets 10 minas/cities from
2023Adar13 (his baptism with the 4th row) - 2024Nisan5 (over ark based Laodicea) and from
2024Nisan5 to 2024Tebbeth14 (over Zoar)
3rd marriage 1NC reserves2019Tishri173rd Bride - Bethelite 1NCsn/a
4th marriage 1NC reserves2019Heshvan224th Bride - Congregation 1NCsn/a
5th marriage 1NC reserves2019Chislev205th Bride - Disfellowshipped and Disassociated 1NCsn/a
6th marriage 1NC reserves2019Tebbeth186th = late 3rd Bride n/a
7th marriage 1NC reserves2020Tammuz197th = late 4th and 5th Brides n/a
1st marriage HLCs2020Ab171st HLC briden/a
2nd marriage HLCs2020Elul222nd HLC briden/a
3rd marriage HLCs2020Tishri203rd = Late 1st HLC briden/a
4th marriage HLCs2020Heshvan184th = Late 2nd HLC briden/a
ELCs2023Tishri1-14The dead in Christ rise first on Rosh Hashana (Tishri1 adamic secular) 2023Tebbeth25-Shebat82023Shebat25-Adar8
No Laodicean non LW 2NCs2023Tishri16-212023Shebat10-152023Adar10-15
CRC proselytes from Hades2023Tebbeth1-14The dead in Christ rise first on Rosh Hashana (Tebbeth1 abarhamic secular)n/a
Laodicean 2NCs2023Tebbeth16-212023Iyyar10-152024Sivan10-15
LW 2NCs2023Shebat16-212024Sivan10-152024Tammuz10-15
Benjamin (OMC 2NCs)2024Nisan17-22
(60 cubits of Daniel3 after 2023Shebat22, Mark Registration day)
Does Benjamin ascend into heaven? No. He is dry.n/a
4EC Priests2023Adar19-2024Nisan2n/an/a
FRC Citizens2024Nisan4-7n/an/a99

9 Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done upon earth as it is in heaven ! (Matthew 6).

Actually Luke 17:34 appears to refer to a practicing gay man being taken. So these ones will be taken out of Sodom (false Christianity) into Zoar and from there into the ark. So one does not have to join a church run by men in order to be saved. But one always had to join a church run by the angels from heaven to be saved in the past (the heavenly church of the 1AC and FRC). And things are no different at the end except that said heavenly church becomes an earthly church by virtue of the descent of the 1NC Kings who are heavenly Jerusalem, or the New Jerusalem of Revelation 21:2.

For more on the salvation of the unrighteous including gays please see U43

Here is how the church of Melchizedek has been working from the heavens and will work on earth at the end. The members of this church (Zoar after the sons of the CRC have left) are saved on faith in Jesus and in God and in accordance with their adherence not to the law of the church but to the law of their conscience. In the past Muslims, Jews, etc. have been saved on faith in God alone. At the end one must recognize Jesus as well - Since Zoar is a Christian church.

In a true church one must A have faith in God and Jesus and B obey the law of the church. But for the sons of Abraham by covenant, the sons of the 1AC, one must A have faith in God and B obey the law of one's conscience. However at the end, when Zoar becomes the church of the 1AC, one also needs to have sufficient faith in Jesus because Zoar is a Christian church.

For example imagine there is an LW who is starving to death due to the mark of the beast prohibition and a raving queen passes by. This queen takes pity on him and gives him a loaf of bread. Then a straighter than superman heterosexual person passes by and ignores the starving LW out of fear of government agents. Which ones of these really is the more righteous? Jesus would say the raving queen, because love is a futures contract on righteousness. So these ones who have love but haven't quite understood the entirety of God's righteousness are the sheep of Matthew 25 who visited the sick and those in prison, whereas the ones who appear to be more righteous but do not have sufficient love for their brother so as to visit them in prison or help them when they are in need or sick, are the goats who will be going to the other place.

You may find it hard to believe that a gay Christian for example is actually obeying his conscience. We cannot judge whether he is or he isn't. But God can through the angels who run the church of the 1AC. As humans we would throw him out of the true church if he committed a homosexual act. We have the capability to judge that far. 

But in as we saw in Intro43, any male over 20 years old in Zoar or Laodicea can baptise into the 1AC. The criteria are an unsolicited act of love to member of a true church or an act of faith in God as seen by a member of a true church. So we can all play a part in separating the sheep (the sons of the 1AC) from the goats (the sons of Gehenna).

The law of a true church (in so far as it is correct) is God's definition of righteousness. The law of your conscience is your definition of righteousness. If you can show to God that you can obey your personal definition of righteousness - however far away from God's definition that may be. then he can work with you. Because all he has to do is to improve your personal definition and the game is won. But it you cannot even obey your own definition of righteousness, then you are not yet ready for the Kingdom of God. Do not worry. God will not give up on you. He will fix you after the little sojourn in the other place.

True righteousness, which is God's righteousness, is moral sustainability, which is a set of laws which encourage love and permit it to blossom. It is a set of love enhancing and love preserving laws. Unrighteousness, or sin, is a stumbling block to love.

Gay love has several problems with it - we would suggest.

1. If two gays adopt a child then that child is denied an unconditional loving template from one or other gender of parent. So legislation in favour of 'gay rights' is against the love rights of children. Governments put the lust rights of vociferous gay adults above the love rights of voiceless children because children do not have a vote and do not lobby politicians.

2. Gender is a tutor from God towards love. Gender uses heterosexual passion to help women love men and men love women. Having passion for the same gender as yourself gets this lesson wrong in some ways. The males of Sodom, from young man to old, all wanted to have sex with two men (who were actually possessed by angels) who had just appeared and were therefore unknown to any of them. That is passion without emotional love. That is like cocaine. It is a damaging drug, an idolatrous addiction. It is an abuse of emotional love. This is one of the dangers of same gender passion. It is of course possible for gays to have long term relationships but the odds are less favourable for same gender passion than they are for opposite gender passion. The balance in same gender love is tilted further toward passion and away from emotional than it is in opposite gender love.

3. The public acceptance of homosexuality then causes the lust excesses of same gender sex to become acceptable behaviour in opposite gender sex as well. So the lust/love balance gets corrupted society wide. Just as AIDS started in the homosexual community (through unprotected sex by the dozen every night in San Francisco bath houses which were later closed down) but then spread into the heterosexual community and now kills as many of them as it does gays, so other damaging behaviour patterns will be coming from the gay community into the straight community. So unprotected gay sex is a type of lust cancer due to the unacceptably large AIDS risk associated with it. It is lust before love which is an attack on all love and therefore is morally unsustainable. Lust must remain the dessert and love must remain the main course. Lust fills the void temporarily but also makes the void larger for the next time. Love fills the void indefinitely and actually makes the void smaller. More lust makes you more insecure. More love makes you more secure.