[20] How Can Mankind Avoid Armageddon?

This section is not LW church doctrine. It is applied Christianity if you like. It is presently just advice from Gordon Ritchie, the first president of the LWs. It is his attempt to apply God's principles to modern day problems. It is not really an attempt to wake up world governments and security services before it is too late. Because it is already too late for this world. It is an attempt to wake up people, even people within the governments and security services before it is too late for them.

The State however well meaning ends up as one of the worst behaved individuals in every society - Gordon Ritchie

8 But with reference to the Son: God is your throne forever and ever, and [the] scepter of your kingdom is the scepter of uprightness.
9 You loved righteousness, and you hated lawlessness. That is why God, your God, anointed you with [the] oil of exultation more than your partners.
10 And: You at [the] beginning, O Lord [Jesus], laid the foundations of the earth itself [NOT physically. But the government of man since Adam was evicted from Eden, the legal basis for this system, the founding of the world, was Jesus' agreement to Ransom Adam, made when Adam sinned. Without that agreement, Adam would have been finished at his sin], and the heavens are [the] works of your hands [the true religions of the world from Adam to Armageddon].
11 They will destroy themselves, [the governments will destroy themselves and us physically, and all the true religions of the past have already destroyed themselves spiritually. But God saves the last true church from its own self destruction by sending the 1NC saints down to run it] but you yourself are to remain continually; and just like an outer garment they will all grow old,
12 and you will wrap them up just as a cloak, as an outer garment; and they will be changed, but you are the same, and your
years will never run out (Hebrews 1).

3 For you know this first, that in the last days there will come ridiculers with their ridicule, proceeding according to their own desires
4 and saying: Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep [in death], all things are continuing exactly as from creation's beginning.
5 For, according to their wish, this fact escapes their notice, that there were heavens from of old and an earth standing compactly out of water and in the midst of water by the word of God;
6 and by those [means] the world of that time suffered destruction when it was deluged with water.
7 But by the same word the heavens and the earth that are now are stored up for fire and are being reserved to the day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men [All those who have no faith. all the sons of Adam who do not enter into the 1AC, the covenant for those with the faith of Abraham] (2 Peter 3).

The state is not better behaved than the individual. It does not have better judgement than the individual. It is not more trustworthy than the individual. It is not a better parent than the individual. The state is an individual. One who is often more corrupt, more dishonest, more negligent, more controlling, more power hungry, more greedy, more obese and more destructive than all the individuals it has power over are.

Moral Sustainability

A: Selfishness is self defeating.
B: Total selfishness is totally self defeating.

This is why the second law is that we should love our neighbour as ourself, not more, not less, but as ourself.

Make no mistake, WW3 will start on 2025Shebat2/3: 2026January25-27 (we have made enough of them). But not because it is unavoidable then. It will happen because we fail to avoid it. We fail to take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. Those steps involve our governments seeing a picture larger than their own short term self interest. They are incapable of seeing that picture because they are blinded by their own self interest and locked into a pop idol contest by democracy, a form of government that was invented 2500 years ago and has not been upgraded since then. 

Satan will persuade a large number of us to annihilate ourselves with the fruits of our commercial self interest (technology) and with the fruits of our military self interest (nuclear weapons). Our efforts at self destruction will irrefutably prove A and B above.

The spiritual reasons why the earth will literally vomit us out are declared in Leviticus...

24 Do not make yourselves unclean by any of these things, because by all these things the nations whom I am sending out from before you have made themselves unclean. 
25 Consequently the land is unclean, and I shall bring punishment for its error upon it, and the land will vomit its inhabitants out (Leviticus 18). 

22 And you people must keep all my statutes and all my judicial decisions and do them, that the land to which I am bringing you to dwell in it may not vomit you out
23 And you must not walk in the statutes of the nations whom I am sending out from before you, because they have done all these things and I abhor them (Leviticus 20). 

All over the world, from Zimbabwe to Pakistan, from Russia to America and from the UK to South Africa people are voting self interest, not local interest, not national interest and not global interest. That is the problem with democracy and a selfish electorate. The result is that everyone votes for a larger piece of the pie for themselves. But the pie is more poisonous because the leaders are more and more immoral. The electorate ignore the inconvenient truths that Mugabe is a murderer, Putinonium is a murderer, Musharraf is 100% lawless, Bush is a torturer, Brown admits his party has acted illegally and rather than facing the punishment due under his own law, he proposes to reform the law as if the law was at fault for Labour's illegal actions. Mbeki denied AIDS drugs to his people for so long that a huge percentage of them have HIV or have died of it. Even the much praised Nelson Mandela was deafeningly silent over the genocide, torture, and anti white and metebele racism and violent political suppression of Mugabe until his 90th birthday when he celebrated whilst Zimbabwe writhed in an agony far worse than anything that Ian Smith presided over. Such is his hypocrisy and the world too is silent over it. How tragic that Ian Smith could legitimately say before he died - I was right. That is why I did not want to give blacks the vote. 

We vote for politicians who fail to offer moral sustainability and offer instead bribery to those who vote for them. So we end up with a more and more poisonous cake which everyone wants a larger and larger slice of.

We are NOW SURE that the smart lava flood that only wipes out non OMC Adam and non OMC Cain is NOT due to global warming. It is due to immorality as was the case for Sodom and Gomorrah and as is predicted by Leviticus18

18 'And you must not take a woman in addition to her sister as a rival to uncover her nakedness, that is, besides her during her lifetime.
19 'And you must not come near a woman during the menstruation of her impurity to lay her nakedness bare.
20 'And you must not give your emission as semen to the wife of your associate to become unclean by it.
21 'And you must not allow the devoting of any of your offspring to Molech. You must not profane the name of your God that way. I am Jehovah.
22 'And you must not lie down with a male the same as you lie down with a woman. It is a detestable thing.
23 'And you must not give your emission to any beast to become unclean by it, and a woman should not stand before a beast to have connection with it. It is a violation of what is natural.
24 'Do not make yourselves unclean by any of these things, because by all these things the nations whom I am sending out from before you have made themselves unclean.
25 Consequently the land is unclean, and I shall bring punishment for its error upon it, and the land will vomit its inhabitants out.
26 And you yourselves must keep my statutes and my judicial decisions, and you must not do any of all these detestable things, whether a native or an alien resident who is residing as an alien in your midst.
27 For all these detestable things the men of the land who were before you have done, so that the land is unclean.
28 Then the land will not vomit you out for your defiling it the same way as it will certainly vomit the nations out who were before you. (Leviticus 18 NWT)

Land vomits via volcanoes. It is possible that the dragon is exaggerating global warming in order to conceal the real threat which is immorality.

For God sees the future and has encoded the date of start of the Kingdom of God in the bible, all over the bible in fact. For 14 scriptural proofs that the Kingdom of God started in heaven in 2008  - see U16, 14proofs. In writing this, one feels rather like a prophet on the Titanic with a deaf captain. The prophet says - look out for icebergs cap'n! Slow down for a while! But the captain sails on regardless believing his ship to be invincible!

To cut a long story short, we reach the point of certain self annihilation by WMDs, then Jesus steps in and saves 50% of mankind into the greater ark of Noah and protects another 25% of mankind who remain on earth in Zoar (the last true church). Then he leaves us to complete the job we started and we provoke the planet into destroying us by an extinction level volcanic event. But God brings ruin to those who have ruined the earth by Passover execution. Then, when the extinction level reaction to our planetary abuse occurs, God protects those with faith and with love, the covenant sons of Abraham, from the land that would vomit them out as it fixes itself. The planet sneezes and man would all die if it were not for God. The governments let off nukes and man would all die were it not for Jesus. 

So here is what we need to do physically in the UK in particular and in the world in general, in the opinion of Gordon, to avoid Armageddon. We are not going to do these things however.

Environmental Sustainability

An important goal. But it is not nearly as urgent as the globalists represent.

1. Solar panels on every roof. Cheap grid tie AND off grid inverter which keeps batteries charged but does not run all solar power through batteires in order to send it into the grid. Because that just wears out the batteires and blows 15% of the power in the process.

2. Do NOT replace 200 hp cars with 200 kW electric vehicles. Replace power trains in all cars with small compact 20 kW hybrid version (2 electric motors and one very efficient petrol generator). 

3. All transport vehicles which spend more that 3 hours per day on the road must be efficient hybrid petrol. Not deisel. 

4. Stop cutting down trees. Keep farming cattle for food. That is nature's way.

5. Stop selling any white goods which are not AAA efficiency rating. There needs to be an environmental British Standard for all white goods and actually for all other goods being offered for sale. For example why can one not buy a toaster with only one slot? Or why not make toasters where each slot can be heated separately? 

6. Remove all speed humps. Thousands of cars break and then accelerate over them each day. So each speed bump causes thousands of massive wastes of energy every day. Each speed bump has a carbon footprint that over time will kill many more people worldwide than any lives it might save in theory on the road.

7. Remove all bus lanes, since these halve the amount of road space available to other forms of transport and therefore make extremely inefficient use of our very limited road space. This causes massive congestion which causes massive pollution. Furthermore bus lanes are an apartheid system. There is no valid reason why people in large red private sector vehicles should have a first class A road transportation system all to themselves, whilst people in small red public sector vehicles are banished to a second class B road transportation system. Have we learned nothing from Rosa Parks or Nelson Mandela? Where are the protestors against this form of apartheid marked in white and red on every road in London? 

8. Wipe out cycle lanes. 95% of cyclists in London pay no attention at all to red traffic lights, and cycle lanes destroy lane discipline for polluting vehicles, which again halves road space, which doubles congestion, which doubles pollution. Instead create cycle ways only for cyclists (possibly using specified roads, given that congregstion will be less due to no bus lanes and no cycle lanes). 

9. Stop having traffic lights which are red in both directions at the same time to allow enhanced pedestrian speed. There are no pedestrian jams, and even if there were, they would not cause significant pollution. 

10. Remove massive buses that are too long and too fat, and replace them with smaller thinner buses which do not clog up the roads. Ensure that all buses stop off the road, not in the middle of the road. Create stopping bays for buses, like we used to have. Do not permit buses to pour out massive amount of diesel fumes and PM10 at ground level or at head height into the faces of pedestrians in 'smoke free' zones. Deploy Hybrid buses of smaller sizes. Get rid of big red monster polluters and congestors. Do not give bus drivers the idea that they always have right of way. All vehicles should have equal rights, just as all drivers should. Giving one group more rights leads them to behave irresponsibly, and on roads that causes congestion and death. Most buses today will sit in the middle of two lanes at the traffic lights. But if you place your vehicle right on the boundary of one lane giving them only half and inch to squeeze into the second lane, they will squeeze into that half inch. They are developing rich kid syndrome, they believe they are more important than the next vehicle. They are not. 

11. Turn traffic lights off at night as they do in the US. 

12. Make left turns legal at red lights as they do in the US for right turns. 

13. Increase lane numbers at junctions where possible, this is the key to eliminating traffic jams. When one lane is blocked on the North Circular a half hour queue develops with all the environmental consequences. Turn that problem on its head and you solve congestion.

14. 20 mph is the least environmentally friendly speed for a car. 45 is optimal. 70,000 people die in London every year from respiratory failure (according to Ken Livingstone). Abolish all 20 mph spped limits, they kill way more people with pollution than they save. 

15. Remove oversized pedestrianized areas in the middle of roads when these destroy traffic lanes. Destroying traffic lanes causes congestion which causes pollution which kills or damages us all.

16. Unblock every single side street that has been blocked. Blocking side streets causes congestion on main roads which causes pollution which causes extinction. 

17. Divorce money and road safety. Abolish parking fines and give people one point if they park dangerously and only if they park dangerously. Allow people to park outside their houses or their offices or their local shops without driving around for 20 minutes first trying to find a parking space. This is all pointless environmental destruction. 

18. Re institute the sabbath at the end of every week as a holiday for the planet. Ban the burning of fossil fuels on the sabbath except for medical and security purposes. Give the environment a break every 7th day, the sabbath law exists for a reason. This would get us most of the way to our environmental targets in one jump and would fix the rising price of oil by reducing its demand by 16%. We do not need to develop at the pace that India and China desire. 6/7th of that pace is fine and a lot safer.

In short, every thing that councils have done to London's Roads in the last 40 years, should be reversed (together with pretty much everything else they have done). They have actively regulated most of our congestion and therefore are causing most of our pollution. They are mass murderers through the congestion that their policies have already produced.

Sack all parking wardens and employ an equal number of environmental wardens. Let them go around pumping up peoples tyres, rather than ticketing their windscreens. Let them insulate our lofts, let them install solar panels and home wind turbines. Let them sort out our garbage for recycling and generally help us go green rather than stuff us for our greenbacks. Let them advise us personally. We need a home environmental guard. No war can be won without an army! Winning the war on pollution is far more important than raising parking revenue for corrupt councils.

Free Speech and Media

Stop listening to the mainstream media, which is the dragon's mouthpiece. They are fomenting a war between Russia and the the UK and the US in order to destroy the military capabilities of the major proponents of nation states. They are inciting the UK and the US against Russia. They are pushing us towards a nuclear war. And we are obliging them. The Russians did not hack the DNC server and leave all the evidence of the hacking trail pointing back to them. Nobody hacks in their own name. Nobody robs a bank and leaves a business card behind. This was a leak, to wikileaks, not to wikihacks. Whenever the UK or the US gives a deadline of less than 48 hours to a country they wish to go to war with them. The UK gave Russia an absurd 24 hour deadline to defend itself against nerve gas allegations. But we gave ourselves another 21 months of transition to negotiate Brexit. How has our government become genocidal?

If by setting targets and setting up committees and raising taxes and levying fines we could improve society, we would already be living in a paradise. Setting targets is merely a means of transferring power from technocrats to bureaucrats. What is needed, what is desperately needed in all walks of life, is the precise opposite. Bureaucrats should give their authority back to the technocrats, then resign, so that the people who have been trained to solve the problems we face are given the authority to use that training to solve them. Jesus detested the behaviour of the Pharisees, he slammed them mercilessly. They were the religious bureaucrats of first century Israel. Nothing has changed.

Social Cohesion

There was a good documentary on knife crime called broken lives and knives. The kids interviewed were very smart indeed, There are the victims of sick and ignorant government legislation. They knew the solution to their problems. They said plainly that absentee fathers mean mothers have to bring up the kids and they have to work so there is no one at home after school so they go out to the street. The solution is to stop absentee fathers. How? Well it is very simple, you give custody of the children back to the fathers, as God stipulates. Every court hands custody to the mother of both the children and the family house. This makes her the de facto family head. It decapitates every family. For the family head should be the man. This sounds childish and anachronistic doesn't it? Well here is the logic you blind idolaters of political correctness. Yes the children need the mother more at first. But the woman will not leave the kids, whereas the man will leave them especially if he knows custody will be granted to the mother in any divorce. So give the children to the father, then you keep the family together since the woman goes with the kids. Giving the children to the woman is pointless she is not going to leave them. God's law is two step thinking, man's law is one step thinking. And 14,000 knife crimes in the UK in 2008 are the result of left wing politicians who think they know more than God, but actually know nothing other than the prejudice of the day. For the left wing is simply the mother (or the nanny) and the right wing is simply the father and just as these two groups fight in every government so the mother and father fight in every family. They fight because they do not understand their God given roles. There is more on this crucial part of applied Christianity below.

One of the kids in the same documentary, said we must legalise drugs, that would end all drug crime. He is correct and this has been done in Switzerland and is suggested in Jeffrey Archer's book written in prison. Legalise the addict and criminalize the pusher and make one day's worth of any drug available at a very cheap price from your local GP. That will plainly be self funding. It will half all crime in the West and will fix Afghanistan and Columbia which must continue to be lawless whilst their main export is illegal. It is pointless sending troops to Afghanistan whilst it produces 90% of the world's heroin illegally. If the Taleban was destroyed to a man tomorrow, another group would arise the very next day because there is just way to much money in illegal drugs for that not to happen. Make all drugs legal so long as you buy them from the health service, that would fix health service funding too! What an irony for heroin users to be funding expensive cancer drugs for the sick! But that would be way better than them funding bullet proof BMWs for gun toting drug gangsters.

Actually any 2 private sector people at a dinner party could do better than the entire department of the environment is doing right now.

Military Security

A nuclear bomb is an immoral weapon. It cannot possibly accurately target any military positions avoiding collateral civilian damage. If the Geneva convention bans land mines, why on earth do we permit nuclear bombs? The only way to stop us from destroying ourselves with them, is to destroy them before they destroy us. Gorbachov was correct. They are the single greatest threat to our global security (other than global warming). It matters not whose hands they are in. No one is responsible enough to handle such weapons (and if they were they would ban them). They should not exist. We need to destroy them all and imprison any one who does not comply. If we do not do this, we will pay a very heavy price. Worse still, the planet will pay a heavy price.

Security is a mutual condition. No man becomes more secure by making his neighbour feel less secure. This is why nuclear deterrents are not deterrents but are in reality nuclear encouragements to your enemies to match your destructive power at any cost. If you threaten your neighbour, you end up threatening yourself. If you make your neighbour insecure, you make yourself insecure. This is two step thinking. It is essential to our survival. That is why Kasparov would be a much better Russian leader than Putin who got 80% of the vote because he is 'strong'. Hitler was strong. Security comes from a leader who has a strong adherence to sustainable morality, not a leader who is hard hearted.

8 According to what I have seen, those devising what is hurtful, And those sowing trouble will themselves reap it (Job 4).
8 He that is sowing unrighteousness will reap what is hurtful, but the very rod of his fury will come to its end (Proverbs 22)
7 Do not be misled: God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap (Galatians 6).

International Justice vs Wars

Here is a suggestion to make wars obsolete....

When a country behaves badly, do not invade them, instead, put them in prison. Cut off their phone code worldwide. Invalidate their passports worldwide. Stop all trade worldwide. Cut off their road and rail links worldwide. Blockade their ports. Cut off their websites worldwide. Block all their emails worldwide. Lock 'em up. But do not attack them. Sentence them to 3 months or 6 months or 10 years of true isolation, solitary confinement. Learn from what we do to individuals. For God regards Israel both as one man and as a whole nation. In fact to him, Adam is one man and is all men, all of his sons as a collective, mankind.

God regards any individual as equal to any collective. There is no distinction in rights or punishments or justice or treatment. We should have a legal system for the countries of the world like we have for the citizens of each country. We should try them in courts as individuals and punish them like we do our own citizens, by imprisoning them, not by attacking them physically. What they need is justice not military invasion. The US progressed judicially from the wild west by recruiting sheriffs and judges. But the governments of the world are still cowboys and the international scene is still the wild west. We need an international sheriff and an international judge for governments. 

Moral Sustainability

Christianity is simply moral sustainability. If we implement this fully then Armageddon will never happen at all and the Kingdom of God will prove to be unnecessary. But we cannot implement it, we do not have the wisdom or the capability. So God will implement it for us through his kingdom after Armageddon. He will give us the thing that every sound girl and every righteous man dreams of - a loving king, Jesus Christ. But here are some of the things that we must tackle in order to start moving towards moral sustainability.

Public Sector Corruption

1. Recognize the danger of having too much power in one person's hands. This is why the US constitution only gives a President two terms, and why God split up our languages after Babel. Do not set up a one world government. The leader of that government will have more power than any man can handle. Dissolve the EU. Dissolve all massive international political power blocks. They are more corrupt even that national governments. Small is beautiful in politics. 50 million people died in two world wars to prevent an EU. Why do we dishonour them with a greater Vichy government, a greater 3rd Reich in Brussels? Even the French don't want an EU superstate. The French people that is. The French politicians are a different matter of course. Individuality and national identities are things of beauty to be treasured. That is what makes tourism so much fun! We do not want to be standardized pasteurized or homogonized! The French want to be French and the British want to be British and the Germans want to be Germans. We none of us want to be something that we are not, 'Europeans'. We are all proud peoples, and we all enjoy our own and our neighbour's national characteristics. We all learn from each other's ways of doing things!

Why do we grant a divorce to two people instantly on any grounds, but refuse to grant a divorce to 20 million Iraqis when they are murdering each other daily in a civil war? The relationship between the Sunnis the Shias and the Kurds is a lot worse than any marital problem cited in the divorce courts! When a group of people want independence, give it to them. The more fragmented the world is politically the less corrupt its leaders will be. 

2. The UN should be a judge of governments, setting laws for them. It should not be a worldwide government. It should not become a king. It should not set laws for people. It should regulate errant governments. 

3. Limit the number of people in the public sector to 10% of the population and ensure that their average pay is less than the average pay of the private sector which supports them. God did it with 10% in Israel without outsourcing everything they do and without huge investments in personnel saving IT equipment and without charging moneys in addition to the taxes they already get to do anything worthwhile for those whom they 'serve'. Servants do not get paid more than masters.

4. Do not permit anyone who has not been trained as a doctor or a nurse or a teacher or a soldier to have any public sector authority over people who have been so trained. Doctors should be paid to manage doctors, teachers should be paid to manage teachers and soldiers should be paid to manage soldiers as General Sir Mike Jackson recently said, after he retired. 

How many managers of premier league football clubs cannot themselves play football? None! Why is that?

Because if they have never played football, then they have no idea how to manage a football team. Everyone knows that. So why then do we have people who cannot cure the sick, managing the health service? In the UK, we have 700,000 doctors and nurses who are now managed by 750,00 ignoramuses, NHS bureaucrats. And these bureaucrats earn more on average than the highly trained doctors and nurses. 

Here is the golden rule. The man who manages the ski resort must know how to ski. 

Apply this rule now to the public sector and over 50% of them (perhaps over 90% of them) would have to stop work and go get trained in the subject they presently manage. The government spends millions training doctors and nurses. Then rather than having them manage hospitals, as they did 40 years ago, they pay millions more to people without the proper training to manage people with that training. This means that decisions are made in the absence of the training that the government has paid for. It is a totally daft and destructive system that is as doomed to failure as a premier league football team would be to relegation if it were managed by a hairdresser. The captain of the ship has no sailing experience. The pilot has no flying time. 

5. Do not permit any public sector organisation to make any money at all other than what it gets from the government. The BBC and Hackney council should spend 100% of their time providing a service for the guaranteed revenue stream they get. Instead they say well thanks for the council tax and the licence fee, that's great, we have got that in our back pockets. Now how can we make some more money? They spend very little time giving us any service for the money we pay them. They spend most of their time devising schemes to earn even more money by increasing parking fines or by making programs with massive popular appeal which they can sell and merchandise etc. But this is all unfair competition. The private sector has to make a profit in the absence of any guaranteed revenue stream, it cannot possibly compete for consumer dollars with the public sector, and nor should it have to. This is public sector corruption. They should be banned from all private sector activity. 

This should by policed by a Watchdog made up of private sector people. We live in a world where the public sector polices the private sector, but it should be the other way round. We pay for their service, so we should be the ones to judge if the service is any good. What kind of a slave polices his master? What kind of a servant fines his master? Of course the service they give is non existent. The Dustbin men do not serve us, we serve them and in the way they stipulate. The public sector is now almost entirely parasitic. In this regard just as a private sector company director is banned from holding a directorship if he abuses his position so all public sector workers should be banned from working in the public sector for specific periods of time if they abuse their position. Why is the private sector policed by its servants, when its servants are not themselves policed in the same way?

6. Do not pay people to do nothing on the dole. Do not imagine that we have abolished slavery. Everyone on the dole is a slave of the government, as is everyone in the prison system. And both are abused psychologically every day. Humans need to work. Paying them to do nothing is demotivating. They should work in prison and they should work on unemployment benefit. We need to take unemployment security away from the government and give it to families and private sector businesses. Everyone without a job should be paid unemployment benefit by the government to work for families or companies as a temporary measure. God provided in the Law of Moses that the poor could eat by gleaning wheat from the edges of fields, not by sitting on a sofa and becoming demotivated. This means public sector money going to families and business, not the other way around.

7. Society will fall apart unless the family is rebuilt. The head of the family is the man, not the woman. God gave the children to the man, not to the woman. There should be no divorce courts at all. Custody of all children resides with the man and marriage should not be about the sharing of financial assets. It is about the sharing of love and life, emotional assets. There should be no financial divorce settlements at all. When you earn money and you pay tax on it, you should decide what to do with it, not a judge. The reader might think that it is unwise to give custody of the kids to the father because they need the mother more. But that is one step thinking. The mother will not leave the children, but the father might. So by giving the kids to the Dad, you ensure that the kids keep both parents. The mother may leave the father but she will not leave the kids, so by giving the kids to the father you keep the family together. You ensure that the kids have both parents. Familes are not about women's rights and they are not about men's rights, they are about children's rights. The purpose of the family is to provide a loving template for a child to use throughout the rest of his life. This template has one man and one woman in it. Let us not be Heterophobic about this. For more on this see - I25a

International Trade and Oil

For 50 years, the West, especially the US, has pursued a foreign policy which is based on the premise that the only way to get oil from a middle eastern country is to control that country in one way or another. This policy is first of all transparently incorrect, because middle eastern people love money just as much as Americans or anyone else. They are perfectly happy to take money from Americans for their oil. One does not need to invade them or to corrupt their governments in order to purchase something from them. Many of them are descendants of Abraham, and all of them are Semitic peoples, sons of Shem. They know how to trade and to bargain and they love doing both. Furthermore the financial success of the US which underpins its great military might, comes from applying the Adam Smith free market principles across the US and worldwide. Why then ignore those principles when it comes to oil? 

Of course, if we implement environmentally sustainable living, then we would use half the oil we presently use and the middle east would become financially irrelevant and most of the present global insecurity would vanish. In fact fighting global warming is the best way to stabilise the middle east, because we humans do not fight over nothing!

Intelligence Services Corruption

Satan's MO is this...

1. He pretends that he does not exist
2. He grants himself a license to kill
3. He will not be held accountable for any of his actions. He acts like he is above the law.
4. He tortures people mercilessly
5. He is a sick cynical sadistic pervert
6. He is a pathological liar and a brilliant disinformation broadcaster, who pretends to be our friend and saviour

Ring any bells? 

Was Litvinenko poisoned by the private sector? Was the Iraq WMD intelligence correct or sincere? Here is the question for the thinking reader...

What place does a secret security service have in a transparent democracy?

This question was asked by JFK 40 years ago and we all know what happened to him. According to our bible understanding, the Intelligence services have corrupted the democracies in which they operate, and in fact together they have corrupted the whole world. They all, as a group, are the 4th horse of the apocalypse, which is ridden in heaven by death, who is Satan, and is presently being ridden on earth by some kind of extra governmental group who control these services worldwide (the ultimate control freak shadowy group). This group is the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. They and the intelligence services together, will be responsible for killing, at will, large numbers of people (but only those who were going to hell anyway - the 4th part of the earth of Revelation6, the 25% who obey neither the first law nor the 2nd law of God - see U43). 

7 And when he opened the seal, the 4th [] I heard voice of the 4th living being [the LW 2NCs and Benjamin. These enter the ark from 2024VeAdar16-21 and 2025Iyyar19-21] saying: Come and see! [into the ark and get God's view of mankind ye kingdom priests from 2025Tishri15-21 to 2026Tishri15-21]
And I saw, and, look! a pallid (or light grey) [cloroV] horse [A WMD horse, since Chlorine gas was the first WMD ever deployed - so the plague is a WMD, a man made bioweapon] [And you will then see Satan's last hidden earthly organisation, pale rather than pale green since this is the other meaning of, using the ambiguity principle. Phosgene was the first weapon of mass destruction and was chlorine based. This is saying that the opening of the 4th seal is coincident with a weapon of mass destruction going off. This is neither the highly visible UN nor the highly visible governments of the world. It is the grey rulers of the planet. We suspect this to be an international union of intelligence agencies. What place do these secretive and plainly unaccountable (as regards 911 and Iraq WMDs and Torture) agencies have in a transparent democracy as President Kennedy said before he was murdered as was his brother? The Masons and Illuminati etc. have been around for too long and did not go through a revolution post 911] and the one seated upon it, his name [was] the Death [Satan has the name death. His body is the dragon, which is thrown out of heaven in accordance with Revelation 12. So the dragon is the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. And the dragon rides the 4th horse of the apocalypse which is a union of corrupted intelligence agencies (grey organisations). Satan needs his body in order to ride a horse! But that body is divided against itself in a nation state versus globalist power struggle - which the globalists will win - in the great betrayal of Satan by his sons]

[Satan2 (Death2) rides the 4th horse (he very much needs all the spying to check up upon what his fellow demons are doing to betray him). The second horse (War) is ridden by the US President, the Commander in Chief of the great sword of the US military] 

15Satan's 6,000 year lease from 3989Nisan16 BC ended on 2012Nisan14 AD. Then we had 50 months of Michael's non adamic restoration lease (4 years of being installed as Caesar to Adam/Cain Abraham from 2012Nisan16/Iyyar16/Sivan16 to 2016Sivan14/Tammuz14/Ab14). Then the 2000 day possession payback period from 2012Sivan20/Tammuz16 to 2019Chislev14/Tebbeth10. Then the 8 month war of Revelation12:7 to 2022Elul14, the heavenly demonic Passover. Then 6 months of Revelation 12:8 of no place being found for them in heaven plus 31 days of going through the Tsohar and down Jacob's ladder in the ark to to 2023Nisan24, the start of demon possession. Then a further 2000 pigs of Mark5 from 2023Nisan24 to 2028Heshvan14, the end of demon possession. 

6004 year
extended ARC
lease ends
over Adam
Jesus is appointed
Caesar to Adam/
Satan's 1254 day
ministry and 
2000 day eviction
payback begins
over Adam/Cain
Satan's ministry
payback ends
over Adam/Cain
Satan's 2000
day eviction
payback ends
Start of war of
Satan loses the
war is Passed
over and tries
to remain in
Eviction from
heaven starts
Demons start
down Jacob's
Demons reach
bottom of Jacob's
ladder. Start of
2000 day Demon
Laodicean FRC
1st crop Passover
of Revelation22.
Demons expelled
from all humans.
Late non
religious LRC
12th crop of
Jesus' 3½ year
antitypical Love
ministry begins
Zoar ends
Final 3½ year ministry
ends. End of dying the
1st/adamic death for
1st/late 1st death Passover
50 month non adamic
Restoration lease
Satan's 1254 day
ministry payback
2000 days
less 1254
8x of war of
6x of no place in
heaven of Rev12:8
1+30 days down
Jacob's ladder
2000 day 21st century
demon possession 
11 months 3½ year antitypical ministry
of Jesus

The 80 month WW3, the fiery furnace of Daniel3:19, is the 80 day grand evening meal of God of Revelation19 from 2025Shebat2/3 to 2032Tishri4/5 - see U151#19. This meal is eaten in the ark, when we are treated to the real time movie of the demons persuading not Adam and Eve to make our species extinct. But the house of Adam, and the house of Eve, to make our species extinct.

17 I saw also an angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with a loud voice and said to all the birds that fly in midheaven: Come here, be gathered together to the great evening meal of God, (NWT)
18 in order that you might eat fleshes of kings and fleshes of chiliarchs and fleshes of strong [men] and fleshes of horses and of the (ones) sitting upon them, and fleshes of all freemen and and of slaves and of little (ones) and of great (ones). (Revelation 19 KIT)

The meal is WW3 from 2025Shebat2/3 to 2032Tishri4/5. It is not a meal that anybody wants to eat. But it is our inoculation against the futility of war. So eat it we must. It ends at the end of non salvation covenant Adam and non salvation covenant Cain, when there is no flesh left to eat. The Great Tribulation of Matthew24 and the Unprecedented Tribulation on Mark13 end during Hebrew winter on 2028Tebbeth2 (132x of Revelation 19:21 before 2029Iyyar14, the end of FRC victory). But WW3 continues until the summer of 2032.

14815 Whenever therefore you might see the disgusting thing of the desolation the (thing) spoken through Daniel the prophet having stood in place holy, the (one) reading let him be minding,
16 then the (ones) in the Judea let them be fleeing into the mountains,
17 the (one) upon the housetop not let him come down to lift up the (things) out of the house of him,
18 and the (one) in the field not let him return behind to lift up the outer garment of him.
19 Woe but to the (ones) in belly having and the (ones) giving suck in those the days
20 Be yeu praying but in order that not should occur the flight of yeu of winter and not to Sabbath; (Matthew 24 KIT)
20 proseucesqe de    ina    mh   genhtai h fugh umwn ceimwnoj mhde sabbatw (Matthew 24 VatB)
21 will be for then tribulation great of what sort not has occurred from beginning of world until of the now not-but not not should occur.
22 And if not were shortened the days those, not likely was saved all flesh; through but the chosen ones will be shortened the days those. (Matthew 24 KIT)

Verse 19: (2x+2x).2x = 8x: 'the in belly having' is challenging to count. The dog outside the house counts 2x. The dog inside the house counts 1x. The wine in the glass counts 1x. The wine on the table counts 2x. So the [one] in belly having [a baby] counts 1x. Whereas the woman having 2 sons counts 3x. The woman having a son counts 1x for the process of having (an action) and 2x for the condition of possessing sons (a state)
Verse20: 2x.(1x+1x) = 4x
Verse21: 1x+1x+1x = 3x
Total: (8x+4x).3x = 36x. But those days are shortened, by the sentence count of 36x in day from 36 months of 1080 days to 1044 days, the exact length of the GT - well WADDUUNO?      

The Great Tribulation runs for 1044 days of the sentence count of Revelation 7:13-17 from 2025Shebat8 to 2028Tebbeth2. 

14 However, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation standing where it ought not let the reader use discernment, then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains.
15 Let the man on the housetop not come down, nor go inside to take anything out of his house;
16 and let the man in the field not return to the things behind to pick up his outer garment.
Woe but to the (ones) in belly having and to the (ones) giving suck in those the days.
18 Be yeu praying but in order that not it might occur of winter;
19 will be for the days those tribulation of which sort not has occurred such from beginning of creation which created the God until the now and not not should occur.
20 And if not shortened Lord the days, not likely was saved all flesh. But through the chosen (ones) whom he chose he shortened the days. (Mark 13 KIT)

Verse 17: (2x+2x).2x = 8x: 'the in belly having' is challenging to count. The dog outside the house counts 2x. The dog inside the house counts 1x. The wine in the glass counts 1x. The wine on the table counts 2x. So the [one] in belly having [a baby] counts 1x. Whereas the woman having 2 sons counts 3x. The woman having a son counts 1x for the process of having (an action) and 2x for the condition of possessing sons (a state)
Verse18: 2x
Verse19: 1x+1x+1x = 3x
Total: (8x+2x).3x = 30x. But THE days are shortened (2x) by 2 days resulting in 28 days of the Unprecedented Tribulation during the 33¼ month ride of the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. These are the 28 days of nuclear war, ending on 2028Tebbeth2, 132 days of the sentence count of Revelation19:21 before 2029Iyyar14, the 6th crop Passover of Revelation22, the late non religious FRC Passover, the end of FRC salvation. So the Unprecedented Tribulation runs from 2028Chislev4 to 2028Tebbeth2.
We take verse 20 logically rather than counting it completely. Shortening the days is recited twice.

So the Great Tribulation reaches into 4 winters148.

Likewise in the judicial example of Sodom and Gomorrah of Genesis19 is explained by Jude...

6 And the angels that did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place he has reserved with eternal bonds under dense darkness for the judgment of the great day.
7 So too Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them, after they in the same manner as the foregoing ones [the demons of verse6] had committed fornication excessively and gone out after flesh for unnatural use, are placed before [us] as a [warning] example by undergoing the judicial punishment of age-lasting fire (Jude 1 NWT).

And explained by Peter...

5 and he did not hold back from punishing an ancient world, but kept Noah, a preacher of righteousness, safe with 7 others when he brought a deluge upon a world of ungodly people;
6 and by reducing the cities Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes he condemned them, setting a pattern for ungodly persons of things to come; (2 Peter 2 NWT)

It is the descended demons who are causing the woke cult and the genital mutilation of minors for the sexual and financial gratification of perverted adults. The lesson of Genesis19 and Leviticus18 and Jude and 2Peter2 is that perversion brings lava. It is that simple. Climate change does not bring lava. Perversion especially of innocent children will bring it. For all the men of the city from boy to old man were trying to have sex with the two angelically possessed men staying with Lot.

4 Before they could lie down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, surrounded the house, from boy to old man, all the people in one mob.
5 And they kept calling out to Lot and saying to him: Where are the men who came in to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have intercourse with them. (Genesis 19 NWT).

3 demons to each pig denotes 3 demonic fulfilments of the 2,000 days of possession, making a total of 6,000 days of demon possession, a legion of days. One in the first century and 2 in the 21st (the payback and the possession)15.

117"The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media" William Colby 1920 - 1996 - director of the CIA) during the extraordinarily successful Watergate cover up involving a full and total failure/corruption of the US security services, from 1973-1976. We know that the words of Colby were true (notwithstanding the plethora of intelligence agency inspired websites dishonestly proclaiming the opposite) because that cover up worked other than in the cases of Woodward and Bernstein, who were not at the time considered to be persons of any significance in the major media. The media is described in Revelation as the mouth of the dragon (not of Satan). So yes the intelligence services are that lawless dragon and they own their mouth, the media - for the most part.

And Hades was closely following him. And authority was given them [the rider and his horse] over the 4th [part] of the earth to kill [apokteinw] [the 25% who do not get saved. They do not appear to have authority to kill those in the 1AC under test. I am a shield for you says God to Abraham. Well here is the shield. The 4th horseman cannot kill those who obey the first or the second law], with a long sword [romfaia] [effective advanced military technology WMDs, different from the great sword of the 2nd horseman - long=mass, great=high status. A long sword kills for a long distance around it or kills people a long way away from the holder of the sword - e.g. missiles] and with food shortage/famine [limw] [famine (1 incidence) is physical in all threads - using the 3rd horseman] and with deadly plague [singular- this is not AIDS - because this plague does not kill thousands until the ride of the 4th horseman begins on 2026Tishri29/30. This is the plague following Covid19 - predicted by Bill Gates and the WHO. Not Omicron, which has ended the pandemic for those strong enough to resist the genetic rape, and which occurred before the 2nd horseman. But the sequel to Covid19 perhaps facilitated by the mRNA and DNA gene corrupting immune weakening anti vaccines?] and by the wild beasts of the earth [The genocidal governments and public sector organisations of the planet who are recklessly legislating mankind's annihilation under the pretext of health protection!]  

9 And when he opened the 5th seal [2026Elul16] [No Come! Because Jesus has now begun to be baptised into Zoar, the 3rd presence begins], I saw underneath the altar [the altar made from the 12 stones of the 12 apostles. Being underneath the altar means you are subject to true church law, which means you are a son of the Isaaic 4EC, a priest] the souls of those slaughtered [sfazw] [Slaughtered by non adamic Isaaic baptism transformation]  because of the word of God and because of the witness they were having [Slaughtered for 2 reasons. LWs are slaughtered to Adam at baptism and resurrected to Isaac or Abraham, due to the word of God. But these ones are slaughtered due to their witness, which looks like they are physically killed to stop them witnessing].
10 And they cried with a loud voice [and therefore were not physically dead - but resurrected into the ark - being non adamic and therefore not subject to the 1st death], saying: Until when, the Sovereign [despothV], the [one] holy and true, are you refraining from judging and avenging our blood upon those who dwell on the earth? [So their blood was taken and should be avenged. Since the question is asked, the answer must also be in the account by the Question Answering Principle of the code - see code.html#c13a  The answer is until the lava flood from 2029Iyyar17 to 2029Ab7, which kills all of the faithless and the loveless from Adam and Cain other than those possessed by demons who are killed on 2028Heshvan14, 2000 days of Mark5 from 2023Nisan24] (Revelation 6)117

This extra governmental global spy agency will do a lot better than Hitler. They will kill on a biblical scale as it were. This is the meaning of Revelation 6 as we presently understand it - see U151#6

But let us spell this out quite clearly, and we are not wrong about this. Any organisation which indulges in torture, murder, deliberately dishonest propaganda, and is permitted to operate above the law, is exhibiting the fruits of the darkness, and is a cancer on its society, not a servant of its security. It will bring no security at all, rather it will ferment insecurity.

Such an outfit will suffer from African dictator syndrome and progress from bad to worse as surely as Mugabe and Idi Amin  have trodden that path. The minute you employ torture you discriminate in favour of evil existing and evil future employees and against good existing and good future employees. And the thinking of evil people, who suffer from a lack of self control, is the thinking of crack heads. It is not clear, it is not correct and it is not beneficial. So you destroy the clear thinking of the intelligence service that carries out the torture. 

And this is hardly surprising since any man or group of men will reap what he or it sows.

7 Do not be misled: God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap (Galatians 6).

Milton Beardon an ex CIA station chief questioned at George Mason University in an interview by Chris Matthews with Robert de Niro and Matt Damon on www.msnbc.msn.com/id/16269379/ described water boarding like this...

BEARDEN: I think that it kills and destroys the people who are doing it about as much as it does the people that it’s being done to. I think that America needs to say, “How much do I want to give up of what this country has been—become over the next—last 230 years, peace at any price or make me safe.”

Worse still once it is known that an intelligence service kidnaps and tortures, then it loses the hearts and minds war that is behind and is driving every human confrontation. Abu Graihb would have cost the coalition the Iraq war, had they been in a position to win it. Why are the Russians so vehemently denying what is obvious in the case of Litvinenko? They want the FSB to look like James Bond, not Blofeld.

Imprisoning people without charge and without a release date is torture. It is not 'Bringing people to Justice'. May God bless Amnesty International. For every Iraqi or Afghanistani locked up in that way creates 10 more insurgents at the least. Apparently 14,000 are presently incarcerated without charge and without a release date in US detention facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan - as of 2007. 

Really the US Intelligence Services could not be doing a worse job. They have almost no Arab speaking intelligence agents (according to msnbc news). They trained and armed and financed Bin Laden against the Russians. They put Saddam in power and armed him against the Iranian Mullahs. But they flew Ayatollah Khomeini to Iran from Paris when the Shah put the oil price up, and pretty much put the Iranian Mullahs in power in the first place. They virtually created the fundamentalist Iranian republic because they did not like the oil price of the Shah. They suffer terribly from Frankenstein syndrome. They create these monsters, and the monsters come back and become massive security risks. When will they learn? 

Well, they will never learn unless they are held to account. The French, US, English, Russian, Israeli and other Intelligence services have all become this bad and worse due to years of lawless abuse that has gone completely unpunished. With humans that philosophy simply does not work. African dictators show us this every day, as they live in shameless luxury having stolen millions from their poor countries, whilst hundreds of thousands of their own people starve to death on the evening news in the West. Cancer is genetic lawlessness. Cancer if untreated can be terminal. The intelligence services, being lawless, are a cancer to the societies they operate in.

So here is some kind of a 'solution' for these awful 'security' organisations. When a private sector director behaves badly he is banned from being a director. Of course there is no public sector equivalent because, as we all know, only private sector people behave badly - right? Just as only democratic presidents ever have sex outside marriage - right? So here is the penalty that the world has been missing for the last century at the least... A public sector ban. There is no need to imprison anyone. Just take the top 25% of the intelligence people in all major intelligence agencies and ban them from working in the public sector for the next 7 years. Strip them all of their 00 status!

Then put these intelligence services back in their boxes. They are supposed to be our eyes and ears. But they have grown arms and legs and they are kicking and strangling our democracies with their control freak pathology. Anyone who has any type of strategic involvement in the Intelligence services must therefore be banned from holding any other public sector job possibly for the rest of his life. We should not have the head of the CIA becoming the President of the US. Oh yes, and revoke their licence to kill. Hold them accountable for any and all murder and torture. You do not enhance a nation's security by being lawless. Let them do their jobs by having field agents who actually speak the right language rather than attempting to beat information out of people whose native tongue they cannot speak and who for the most part are innocent. 

Fix the Banks

Every recession or depression is caused by the banks. Business do the same thing year on year. Banks do not. They make investment decisions which cause a boom and then the inevitable bust follows. Banks have found some way of printing trillions of dollars for themselves and putting these dollars into the derivative casino (that is futures and options on currencies shares and commodities). They have even gone so far as having derivatives on debt itself. The net result of all this was that in 2008 more than a quadrillion dollars of our money had been removed from the real economy and put into the derivative casino. There was some press about that disaster at the time. But since then there has been a noticeable silence about a matter which is the most important financial news we have. More than 20x the GDP of the entire planet (which is around 55 trillion dollars per year) is now in this casino and it does not appear to be possible to get it back. In fact banks who lose in the casino suck more money out of the real economy to pay their gambling debts and banks who win, re-invest their winning in the casino at 100:1 leverage in order to have a greater influence upon the game. Most of the bailout moneys that governments give to banks are in fact the interest payments on their gambling debts.

So the banks have stolen really all the wealth of the planet. This derivative disaster makes the LIBOR rigging look like small potatoes even though it is massive potatoes. Everything banks do is in fact corrupt. They cannot even sell insurance without conning their customers out of billions. Here is the fix.

1. Annul all derivative debt that it is possible to annul - clean slate.

2. Put a house limit of 55 trillion USD (one years GDP) on the worldwide derivative casino.

3. Stop banks printing money with which to gamble or possibly at all.

4. Split banking licences up into 7 or so mutually exclusive categories (the 7 banking sisters). Or in the alternative create 7 non bank transferable categories of bank investment.

a. Retail and clearing and national treasury investment only
b. Residential Mortgages
c. Commercial Mortgages
d. Small and Medium and Large business lending
e.  Public sector lending 
f.  Non leveraged investments
g. Leveraged investments 

Have the customers decide how much of their hard earned money goes into each category of investment NOT the banks.

5. Hold all bank employees criminally liable for their thefts which are morally no different from a bank robbery.

Do not allow banks to move money out of any of the above categories into another. This will prevent them running the economy. At present if they all decide to invest only in mortgage backed securities then businesses go bust for lack of finance and there is a huge boom in real estate which is inevitably followed by a huge bust which causes a recession. Governments can not control economies whilst banks can move money from one sector into another without investor (or government) permission.

Democracy or Demoncracy?

This is covered in great depth in I25. But there are a few things worth saying here.

21st century technology is a lot better than 20th century technology. 20th century technology was a lot better than 19th century technology. 19th century technology was a lot better than 18th century technology and so on. But 21st century politics is precisely the same as 4th century BC politics. It has not advanced at all in 2400 years!  Why is that? Why are we still using the same political technology that was used 2400 years ago by the Greeks??

If you ask one person a question to which he does not know the answer, you will get the wrong answer. Why then do we believe that if we ask a million people a question to which the majority of them do not have the answer, and take the majority answer, we will somehow get the right answer?

Was George Bush the right answer? Was Tony Blair the right answer? What kind of a system provides us with these horrendous leaders? They invade a country with a false justification, blow $500 billion, preside over 500,000 Iraqi deaths (Lancet and BMJ surveys), lose over 3,000 of their own troops, precipitate a civil war, turn Iraq into the crucible of middle east terrorism (Tony Blair's own words) and refuse to apologise or to resign? They destroy the moral reputation of the US military, and no one of any consequence loses their job? They destroy the good reputation of the US and the UK as nations who have in the past opposed unjustified invasions of other sovereign nations at great national cost, by conducting just such an invasion themselves? Is that what the US and the UK now stand for? 

They see a 2 million externally displaced and 2 million internally displaced Iraqi refugees, and a hundred Iraqi's dying everyday, but they refuse to call it a Civil War? Is this what democracy gives you? A chap who knows everything about looking good, and nothing about being good or doing good?

Well yes. It is a popularity contest. This is precisely what we should expect from democracy. It gives you the guy in the disco with the gold jacket and all the dance moves. The guy who will bullshit you, the guy who will tell you every day how much he loves you, when really he only loves himself, and the only thing you can be certain of, is that he will screw you. It overlooks the guy sipping his beer at the bar who will love you for the rest of your life, because he is sincere, but regrettably he does have the gold jacket or the moves.

The War on Terror

When a bully attacks he wants a reaction. If he gets no fear based reaction he gives up. When a terrorist attacks, although he is killing hundreds of people in a particularly gruesome way, that is not his ultimate aim. He is bullying a whole society through the media coverage of his crime against humanity. He does not want death he wants publicity. He is actually a political lobbyist. His true aim is not to kill 100 people, it is to terrorize the society he has attacked into destroying itself or at least accepting his political view, through a fear based over-reaction.

Definition: A Terrorist is anyone who seeks to make political capital from the media coverage of his crime against humanity

Yes, a terrorist is a new type of politician. That is why politicians hate them so much. The largest possible fear based reaction that any society can give to a terrorist is a declaration of war. When President Bush declared his War on Terror, he lost that war on that day. Terrorist groups are not whole nations. They do not deserve the status of 'national enemy of the US'. They do not deserve the status of having a war declared against them. They are sick common criminals with delusions of political grandeur. The trouble is that the media makes their delusions seem like a reality. 

If you sleep with a woman and she makes no noise and does not move at all through the entire experience, you are unlikely to want to do it again. But if she moans like Mariah Carey and wriggles like Britney Spears and writhes like Madonna, you will be back. It is the same with any bully or terrorist. Give him no visible reaction and you win. Give him a visible reaction and he thinks to himself - Wow! this is a good game. Look! I am determining the agenda of the US government here. Woooweee! I feel really important. I am on every news channel. I am more famous than the Pope - this is really cool. I think I'll do this again soon!

The terrorist is not trying directly to destroy the society which he attacks. He knows that he is not powerful enough to do that. He is trying to provoke the government of that society into doing his job for him. His is trying to provoke them into abandoning the things that make them civilised. He is trying to trigger an allergic reaction. He is trying to turn the US security services, the US immune system, in on their own people. He is trying to turn the US or the UK into Lebanon or into Iraq. He can't do that himself. But if he can get the government to abandon the very principles of civilised justice which their society is founded upon, then he might just succeed. 

Here is a suggestion for a better way to really fight the insidious methods of a terrorist...

1. Give him no TV publicity at all. Just put his despicable crimes on the internet on www.terrorism.com or something. Why do we ban terrorist funding and imprison people who fund terrorist organisations, and then give them prime time TV news coverage worth far more than any funds they ever had? Terrorist acts must be reported yes, but not advertised!!!

2. The US constitution needs to be amended if necessary to ban any legislation resulting from terrorist fears (such as the patrriot act). In this way society will be immune to the fear based lawless self destruction that the terrorist is pushing for.  

If you think of lawful society as a pole which we all cling to. The terrorist is not able to saw down the pole, but he can, through fear, persuade us to loosen our grip a little or perhaps to let go of the pole altogether. If we let go, we destroy ourselves, and he wins. You can't fight lawlessness by becoming lawless yourself! You fight lawlessness by remaining lawful at every level.

We must be what we are, not what the terrorist wants us to be. Neither must we be what the Security Services tell us to be, when they inevitably use the next terrorist attack as an excuse for their next control freak power grab that they are just itching to go for, having achieved so much as a result of 911. We must not be terrorized. The terrorist is not merely trying to kill us, he is trying to provoke our governments and security services into killing our society for him, by dismantling its legal framework in the name of greater security. What they fail to understand is that our legal framework is our security. The day we become a knee jerk panicocracy is the day we lose our civilization and our security! 

Every time we erode human rights to fight terrorism, we lose out to the terrorist who wants us to lose all our human rights. The terrorist represents extreme lawlessness, you can not fight him successfully by becoming more lawless yourself. In fact quite the reverse. The true enemy is not actually the terrorist himself, it the the lawlessness that he is trying to provoke. Look at Iraq! The terrorists attack Mosques and markets to provoke lawlessness, to destroy the government. We must hold steadfastly to our existing legislation and our national human rights standards. If we drop them to fight him, he wins, because he is trying to get us to drop them. 

He cannot himself destroy our society, but he can induce populist politicians to destroy it for him by turning our societies into national concentration camps, patrolled by SS style policemen with absurdly invasive draconian powers, with a government which turns every citizen into an informer on his neighbour. Such a society becomes a mini Guantanamo bay, in the words of Peter Hain describing Tony Blairs 'legacy'. The less lawful a society is, the less secure that society is. The less human rights a society has, the less secure people feel within it, and so the less stable it is. One does not fight terrorism by becoming less stable as a society. 

Spiritual Sustainability

The above reasoning has come from a study of the bible and an attempt to apply its wisdom to modern politics. The reasoning will not be perfect. But this whole section, if it makes any sense to the reader, is saying one thing. We are not grown up enough yet to unplug from God. We cannot yet ride our bicycles without his stabilizers. There is one who is good enough to do that and never to sin and never to trash love, and his name is Jesus Christ. He has now been promoted, having been tested in every respect, and found to be bullet proof in his righteousness and his love. 

15 For we have as high priest, not one who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has been tested in all respects like ourselves, but without sin (Hebrews 4).

He is now a God to be worshipped like his father Jehovah. He can ride his bike without stabilizers.

So we will fall off our bikes unless we remain plugged in to our two teachers and fathers and Gods. This is what the first law means. We must love Jehovah and Jesus with all our heart and soul and mind and strength. In that way we will learn from them. They have been around a lot longer than us and they know about sustainability. 

Even if we as a race employed all the fixes above, and employed fixes better than those above and more universal ones, we would still fall as a society and wipe ourselves out unless we understand that our future comes from learning sustainability from Jesus and his father. If we leave school at any point before we have become perfect, we become a danger to ourselves and the rest of society. It is the way that we are built. God made us like this. Because only by using our free will to overcome all our weaknesses, will we see why every one of his laws exists. We can tell you why they exist. They all exist to stop us destroying ourselves. But that may not help the reader. He has to understand through his own experience, the brilliance of enough these laws to get to the point where he knows they are simply the minimum set of rules that a free willed society must obey in order to avoid destroying itself.

Being no part of the world

The Christian is advised by Jesus to be no part of the world. This does not mean that we should be disinterested in what the world is doing. For Paul said: The spiritual man examines indeed all things. But we should not take an active part in politics. We understand that all governments are demonically headed by Satan, since scripturally, he is the ruler of this world. That does not mean that all world leaders are wicked. Neither does it mean that we should break the law. The bible advises us to be in subjection to the superior authorities. So we are in the strange position of having to obey the rules of a ship which has Satan as its captain. The result is that if you want to do something worthwhile for mankind, you will have an uphill struggle trying to achieve it. Whereas if you want to exploit us or the planet, you will have very few difficulties. 

But if the rules of the ship come into conflict with God's rules as we understand them, then we should obey the latter over the former. For we worship God not Satan. The reason that for a Christian it is futile to make a career in politics, is that one is basically first lieutenant to Satan. And if you say, hey Satan, can we do something nice and loving and lawful for people today? He will say - er - No! I think we will do the usual nasty hateful and lawless destructive and corrupt things that we did yesterday. But thanks for your input! This happens everyday in real time in governments all over the world. There are some great people in politics and some great people all over the world who are trying to do some good. But they are all swimming upstream, and are unable yet to see who the captain of the ship really is. May God bless their efforts anyway.

How Does Satan control this world?

The best example is a group of beautiful women and a clever male crack dealer. The beautiful women all have something that the crack dealer wants. How can he ensure that he gets it from at least one of them? He needs to engineer a situation where he has something that they want more than he wants their sex. He does this by giving them all free cocaine and watching to see who gets really hooked. When one of them is really addicted, and only then, he starts limiting her supply of cocaine. The girl becomes desperate. Now he has a very simple proposition. She gives him what he wants and he will give her what she wants. 

Satan does this with power and politicians. He gives a bit of political power to a whole bunch of capable charismatic people. He watches them carefully to see which ones are the most addicted to the power. He picks the the ones who are really hooked. Then he starts restricting the power they get unless they do what he wants. Once he has them eating out of his hand, he gives them immense status, so that everyone listens to them. He then controls their message by showing them that the path to more power or merely to keeping the power they have lies on the route he wishes them to take. 

So today, the world is run by just a few total power junkies. They are Satan's crack head bitches and he is their power pimp. They will do anything to keep their power. Mugabe and Musharraff are great and obvious examples. 

Power mad people will lie about WMDs. They will poison people with radioactive chemicals. They will murder their opponents. They will destroy the whole economy of their country and remain completely unrepentant. They will refuse to recognize the link between HIV and AIDS, so that 25% of their citizens get AIDS. They will close down perfectly legitimate corporations and TV companies. They will kill truth seeking journalists. They will kidnap and torture their neighbours and call that process 'bringing them to justice', they will declare war in the name of peace (a superlative Bushism). They will keep pointless wars going in order that they do not have to admit they lost them before a presidential election. They will invade a country on a false premise and refuse to apologise when confronted on the issue. They will kill a million souls for just one more power fix, for just one more term in office. They will sell a nations sovereignty that millions died to secure in order to internationalize their portfolios. They will do anything to stay in power, anything. And Satan can therefore get them to do anything, anything that he wants.

How to Avoid being controlled by Satan

You need two defences. The first is that you should not become addicted to anything. If you like whisky, drink it. If you like power, seek it and play with it. If you like sex, get laid. But if you find that you are becoming addicted - stop. The number one addiction in this world is sex. Western women are shameless drug pushers in this regard. A half naked western woman is a drug pusher and sex is her cocaine. Every day hundreds of millions of men in the West are sexually abused by half naked women in public. A half naked woman produces an unsolicited involuntary sexual reaction in a man, and that is abuse. A half naked woman parading in front of a man has precisely the same effect on as a man has if he gropes a woman. Both produce an involuntary unsolicited response. In the case of men, this causes massive testosterone release throughout the day which causes baldness, bad temper, lack of sleep etc. If women would keep skirts at knee level and tops at shoulder level the pressure would go. Sex is great, sexual frustration is not. In an ideal world there would be no sexual frustration and sex would sell nothing in an advert. This is why God did not legislate against prostitution in the law of Moses. Prostitution is fine so long as you are not a priest or a daughter of a priest (according to that Law). Prostitution is the equivalent of making heroin available on the NHS to addicts (to destroy the repeat business of the pusher). It is necesary as a part of the war against addiction. Jeffrey Archer's book has the solution to the drug problem which is employed in Switzerland and Austria. Criminalize the pusher, decriminalize and treat the addict, with a day's dose of the drug if necessary. 

Satan controls women through status, and women control men through sex. This is what the story of Adam and Eve is about. And nothing has changed today. So men, brothers, sure it is great to look at a half naked girl, but it is much much better only to look at the ones you are going to sleep with that night. The idea is to reduce testosterone, not increase it. That is just one drug. There are so many more as we all know. If you can conquer your addiction to them all, to sex, power, status, money, coca cola, whatever, then you are immune to Satanic control. It is not about being a puritan. All these things are fine, so long as they do not become an addiction. If you can control them then fine. But if they start to control you, you should fight them.

If thy right eye offends thee, pluck it out!

The second defence is that you must have the courage of your deductions and become both a one person church and a one person government. If you develop your own spirituality by scriptural research and your own conscience by moral evaluation of bible stories, and comparison with situations in the world today, you will become mature both as a spiritual person and as a physical person. A mature person does not get swayed by the latest politically correct BBC prejudice. He does not fall for the nonsense talked by people of high human status.  So he cannot be controlled by Satan who is behind most but not all of those people. A mature person will not lose his spirituality if his priest is discovered with the choir boy. Neither will he lose his faith in mankind if his own government is found to be funding or arranging terrorist attacks. 

There are two currencies one needs to develop that Satan has no control over. These are firstly love of God and all people, and secondly righteousness which is lawfullness from God's perspective. It is perfect lawfulness if you like. If you are rich in these currencies you do not care if you go bankrupt in the glory of man, which is human status. It is financial status, celebrity status, fame, media status, political status, academic status, religious status, government status, military status, professional status, physical status, sexual status etc. Love and righteousness are the commodities of the future, they are the commodities with a future, they are heavenly status, heavenly riches. These other forms of human status are the commodities of the past, they are commodities with no future. 

The Status of Large Organisations

The beautiful thing about the law of most western countries, is that a small company can take a large company to court, and in the eyes of the law, they are both equal. But God takes this one step further. To him one Afghan taxi driver falsely accused of being a terrorist is just as important as the whole population of the United States. He has the same rights as 300 million US citizens do as a group. The argument that torturing one man to save thousands makes it OK, is nonsense. Human rights are independent of number.

That is why in most circumstances it is a sin to torture him. If however it is known for a fact that he himself has planted a bomb somewhere and he will not say where, and that bomb will kill and maime people, then the Law of Moses would not hold it a sin to torture him to get that information since he has already effectively taken eyes and teeth from people. But this would have to be determined beyond reasonable doubt by a court of law, not by a kangaroo military tribunal. The court would have to sanction it as a punishment having seen the evidence. For we must not become lawless in our fight against lawlessness. But the chances of it being known for a fact that a particular person has planted a bomb somewhere, in circumstances where we do not know where the bomb is, are realistically zero. So it is hard to see any case where the law of Moses, which is the template for sin, could be used to justify torture. 

20 Therefore by works of law no flesh will be declared righteous before him, for by law is [present tense] the accurate knowledge of sin (Romans 3).

So the best course is to ban it completely. It is a slippery slope leading to disaster. 

Likewise, to God, the opinion of the entire Catholic church is no more valid than the opinion of one born again Christian or one Mormon or one Baptist or one Muslim or one Hindu. He does not care for status as we see it. 

It will be large organisations that bring about Armageddon. Mainly it will be the fault of the governments of the world. For they have the authority and so they have the responsibility. There is absolutely no point in Tony Blair lecturing us about global warming, whilst not using his power to fix it. When the sheep go astray it is the fault of the shepherd not of the sheep.

The UK government has an absolute stranglehold on the British economy at present (2007). 20% of us work in the public sector. Whilst possibly 40% in the private sector work to a large extent on public sector contracts or provide goods and services to a customer base which is largely public sector. So the government has nearly all the money and certainly has all the authority. It has stolen the economy from under our noses and made the UK state controlled, or communist, through the back door. 

Well, since they have granted themselves all the power and all the money, global warming is all their responsibility. Sure BP and the oil companies could be doing more. But the problem is too large even for them. These governments are leading us to our destruction. Do not therefore fall for the status of large organisations such as governments or massive churches or massive companies. They are no more important than a beggar or a pensioner to God. They do not have the answers. They are actually the ones causing the problems.

7 But Jehovah said to Samuel: Do not look at his appearance and at the height of his stature, for I have rejected him. For not the way man sees [is the way God sees], because mere man sees what appears to the eyes; but as for Jehovah, he sees what the heart is (1 Samuel 16).

Some solutions to today's problems through Applied Christianity

The subprime crisis can be fixed by Deuteronomy 24...

10 In case you lend your fellowman a loan of any sort, you must not enter into his house to take from him what he has pledged.
11 You should stand on the outside, and the man to whom you are making a loan should bring the pledge outside to you (Deuteronomy 24).

So we should not forcibly violate a man's house in order secure a pledge, and therefore we should not take his house as a pledge. Furthermore we should not take anything that he needs to live as a pledge, because this is usury...De24:12

12 And if the man is in trouble, you must not go to bed with his pledge.
13 You should by all means return the pledge to him as soon as the sun sets, and he must go to bed in his garment, and he must bless you; and it will mean righteousness for you before Jehovah your God (Deuteronomy 24).

So one should not take a needed item of clothing or a needed place to sleep from a debtor.

6 No one should seize a hand mill or its upper grindstone as a pledge, because it is a soul that he is seizing as a pledge (Deuteronomy 24)

So one should not take a man's fundamental means of sustenance as a pledge. In fact in many countries a bankrupt is permitted to keep the tools of his trade for the same reason. So certainly one should not secure debt on anyone's personal residence. It is ok to secure debt on a second home. The trouble with repossessing personal homes is that the repossessions destroy the value of the neighbourhood and ruin the lives of the debtors. The knock on effect of this is more negative than the immediate loss to the bank. This is why Hillary Clinton is proposing various means of stopping repossessions or at least having the repossessed houses taken off the market. The correct way to deal with the subprime crisis is for judges to determine whatthe borrower can afford and to permit a reduce mortgage payment until the economy recovers. Then in the future mortgages on personal residences would not have power to repossess, but could have power to take any amount of surplus income.

In the UK in 1965 a Doctor's salary was £10,000 per year and a detatched house in a good part of London was £7,500. In 2008 a doctor's salary is £100,000 per year and a detached house in a good part of London is £1,500,000.

So houses have appreciated by 200x whilst doctor's salaries have gone up by 10x in the last two generations (43 years). So there has been a 20x over inflation in house prices as compared to a doctor's salary. This has occured because banks abused the power they have over the wives and children of doctors and the rest of us to lend way too much money on houses and not nearly enough on businesses. Presently in 2009, the credit crunch has ruined all the world's economies. This is the fault of short sighted greedy bankers lending far too much on what they mistakenly believed to be secure, houses, and not nearly enough on the businesses of the countries in which these houses were built. The value of a house is dependent upon the health of the economy of the country in which it is built. Banks lost sight of this. 

But banks are the sheep and their regulators, our governments, are the shepherd, and one must blame the shepherd not the sheep when they go astray. So our governments are to blame for destroying our economies. It is like we claim on our home page: They are legislating our annihilation. And the legislation here that has caused the fall of our banks and our economies is the right given to mortgagees to throw women and children onto the street in contravention of a law written 3500 years ago in Deuteronomy24 which is more relevant today even than it was then.

Had banks not had this power, then they would have had to have lent on business rather than property. Had they done this, we would have stable economies with great economic growth and all the bankers would be able to afford their massive bonuses.

Mankind's Pharisaical Goverments (some applied theology)

But first, here are some other great examples of mankind's staggering pharisaical stupidity...

[1] In the UK, parents can now be jailed for smacking their children if they cause any 'redness'. So the government which runs our social services, which are known to sexually abuse and physically abuse a huge fraction of children in their care, with the relative impunity that all high status organisations grant themselves, are making laws for parents which they themselves do not even come close to obeying. What should be happening here, is that rather than the government telling parents who love their children, how to bring them up. Parents should be telling the social services, who plainly do not love the children in their care, how to stop abusing them. What is worse, our ex Prime Minster lead us into an unjustified war which has caused thousands of Iraqi children to be red not to a slight extent on their backsides resulting from a smack that they can actually feel, but with their own life's blood, due to a cluster bomb or some other ordinance, authorised by the people who ban smacking but permit unjustified genocide. The government of Great Britain in 2009 decided to fund 20,000 community police to combat loutish behaviour in local communities, in circumstances where it prevents parents or teachers by law, under criminal penalty, from disciplining these very children themselves in their youth, so as to prevent them becoming louts in the first place. 

The bureaucrats have destroyed classroom discipline by taking the right to discipline children away from teachers and now, not satisfied with this sick level of control of other people's children's lives, they are banning parental discipline as well. Soon many families in Britain will have the discipline of an inner city comprehensive school classroom - i.e. no discipline at all. The liberals argue that the government, in taking away the powers of the teachers and parents to discipline children, is just protecting children rights. It is not doing this. It is destroying the family and destroying the classroom. The liberals who pass such legislation are not wise enough to have any power at all over children. They are themselves abusing other people's children. For they fail to understand that interference in other people's families is the real abuse. For the parent loves his or her child more than the state, and that the teacher loves his or her pupil more than the bureaucrat in the department of education, and so they are both far better arbiters of what kind of discipline they should be using on their kids and on their pupils than the state or the bureaucrat can ever be. 

The bureaucrat gives the parent or the teacher the responsibility for the child, but takes away the child's accountability to the parent or teacher and makes the child accountable to the bureaucrat, through legislation and through incessant tests and examinations. This is like giving the parent or the teacher the power to use the accelerator but the bureaucrat is the only person allowed to use the brake. How long is such a car going to stay on the road? Perhaps we should start training 200,000 community anti-lout police!

More recently these governments who ban parental or school discipline of children via smacking have granted themselves the power to torture our children with 50,000 volt stun guns so that they writhe in agony and fall to the floor, their head hopefully missing the curbstone, in an uncontrolled electronically induced collapse. Hypocrites. 

[2]  The first world has very good physical property legislation, which has been developed over centuries, which gives tenants rights and stops landlords abusing them. But we have no intellectual property legislation that mirrors this physical property legislation. We live in abject intellectual property feudalism whilst congratulating ourselves on our enlightened real estate legislation. And no one appears able to make these sorts of connections. Where are the tenants right in SOPA and ACTA? Have we forgotten the lessons of millennia of property feudalism? 

[3]  Every premier league football club in Great Britain in 2008 was managed by a man who himself has played football at a professional level (except Mourinho who worked for another manager). For if they were not, then they would fall straight out of the premier league. Almost every male person in the UK, knows this for a fact. Yet no one knows how to cure the trouble we have with the health service. 

But the National Health Service is run by managers who have never been trained as doctors and have never been trained as nurses. This is why it no longer works, and no one appears able to see it. There is a direct correlation between the increase in NHS administrators and the decrease in NHS effectiveness. We now have more bureaucrats in the health service than we have doctors and nurses. And of course the bureaucrats are paid more per head, because they have a higher status, being so much more important than our doctors or nurses. And they are of course happy to take more money per head out of the NHS than either the doctors of the nurses do. But they are only the sheep, the real problem lies with the shepherd, the minister for health, the cabinet and the government. 

The educational system is run by bureaucrats in the department of education who have not been trained as teachers. This is why 25% of school children are illiterate when they reach 16. And the majority of school leavers do not know what an adverb is or how to use one. Their minds are full of mint and dill and cumin but they know no grammar, cannot spell, can't add up and cannot see the great beauty of the English language. They do wear the latest trainers however! 

The US army is presently run by civilian bureaucrats, intelligence operatives, who demonstrate very little intelligence and even less wisdom, many of whom have never been trained as soldiers. These are the people, who having conquered Iraq, then told 100,000 armed Saddam loyalists to go home and to take their guns with them, because they would have no part in the new Iraq. Well, that is fine for an intelligence operative to say, he is not going to be shot at by heavily armed alienated Saddam loyalists with absolutely nothing to lose. Let me throw in some bible intelligence here. It is as unnatural as homosexuality to God for people who cannot speak Iraqi to administrate Iraqis. God split our languages up precisely to prevent this situation.

So it goes on. The world is full to the brim of people who have not made the effort to get trained in a subject, but are so selfish, short sighted, arrogant and opportunistic that they are prepared to wield authority over those of us who have made that effort. These people are Pharisees. They represent a self defeating corruption of all the great professional training that the real teachers, doctors, nurses, policeman and soldiers etc. have had. They should all resign, get trained and then re-apply, if they are able to pass the basic training that is.  

[4]  The writer's favourite political example of this was Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London until 2008, some of whose exploits he must applaud. But he does not or cannot drive a car and yet he is running transport for London (he may not even have a driving licence!) He is therefore another ski resort designer who has never actually been skiing. Every day London drivers have a choice between death by head on collision or a £50 pound fine for driving in a bus lane in order to avoid such a collision - Thanks Ken! As regards the London Congestion Charge, there was a great documentary about  corrupt Nigerian border guards who were charging people to enter or leave Nigeria. The writer was really disgusted at such an abuse of power. He remembers thinking at that time, thank God I am British, because that type of corruption will never happen here in the first world! Well, was he naive and was he wrong? So let us call the congestion charge what is really is - the corruption charge!

Ken Livingstone has invented a non existent border, an imaginary border, and he charges us for crossing it. If fact he charges us even if we do not cross it but we think we might, since the congestion charge is non refundable. He is therefore worse than a corrupt Nigerian border guard, who at least is charging people for crossing a real border! Let's not get started on road congestion or we will never get to the role of women in the Christian church, but suffice to say, that there is no longer a white collar blue collar divide in the UK. We now have a bureaucrat technocrat divide. There are some easy technical solutions to traffic congestion which would reduce it significantly in weeks and end it in months in London, and of course reduce pollution and global warming and asthma etc. And the bureaucrats will not even listen to the technocrats who have these solutions because they do not want to solve the problem, for then they would lose their power that they love and they have worked for all of their life, and they would be shown up as incompetent. They are like the AIDS drugs companies, who wish to keep both the disease and the epidemic going, so that they can milk those on death's door financially whilst keeping them on death's door indefinitely. They truly are the modern day Pharisees. It is this government's abusive, divisive, apartheid, segregating and controlling transport policy which is the one thing that has made the writer want to leave the city that he loves. 

But there is a city which he loves more than London. It is the 4th true Christian church. A city built of living stones, which are the spirits of those who love God more than they love their status in the eyes of his mislead children. It is a city that is to be administrated properly and with divine wisdom both by men and by women. And here, hopefully, is a little bit of that wisdom.

How hard should Christians try to fix the World?

10 And the crowds would ask him [John the baptist]: What, then, shall we do?
11 In reply he would say to them: Let the man that has 2 undergarments share with the man that has none, and let him that has things to eat do the same.
12 But even tax collectors came to be baptized, and they said to him: Teacher, what shall we do?
13 He said to them: Do not demand anything more than the tax rate.
14 Also, those in military service would ask him: What shall we also do? And he said to them: Do not harass anybody or accuse anybody falsely, but be satisfied with your provisions (Luke3).

So following the example of John the baptist it is fine to give physical advice to soldiers, government officials etc on how to apply righteousness in the discharge of their duties. Those with money should not be selfish, those with financial power should not abuse it and those with military power should not harass people or abuse that power for their benefit.

So if the president or the prime minister or the head of a bank should come and ask for advice on how to run the US or the EU or a bank then we can advise them about these physical things, showing them how God's laws can guide their decisions. We can show them moral sustainability in their disciplines. But there is no case in the New Testament anywhere of a Christian pro-actively trying to improve the physical world. 

There is no example where Jesus or Paul or Elijah went and lobbied a powerful person over the righteousness of his rulership. John the baptist did tell Herod not to commit adultery with his brother's wife. But this was not advice upon how to rule Judea. It was advice on how not to sin. the point is that Elijah did not follow up his conversation with the soldier by going to see the commander in chief of Centcom in Israel and telling him that all the soldiers under his command should stop harassing people and should be satisfied with their provisions rather than abusing their military power to get more provisions than were due to them as African soldiers do all the time. 

So why did Elijah not do that if he was happy to advise the solider who came to him? Well an adviser to the C in C is effectively the C in C if the advice is taken. Jesus was offered this by Satan...

8 Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory,
9 and he said to him: All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me (Matthew 4).

Jesus refused the position of ruler of this world because it entailed having Satan as his God and he did not want to the the vassal king of Satan. But there was another reason. It is God's purpose to teach us about wickedenss by permitting Satan to be the ruler of this world. It is not God's purpose for true Christians to start becoming co rulers with Satan or even advisers to such rulers. We are supposed to be teaching others the lessons that wicked governments give, not breaking up God's classroom. We are supposed to be helping people become inoculated against sin, by showing them the awful results of the sinful behaviour of our leaders, not terminating the inoculation program of God by becoming those leaders.

It is God's plan for there to be a Great Tribulation worse than anything mankind has ever experienced and for that tribulation to be entirely the fault of our governments. In this way people have a clear view of how not to run the planet immediately before they enter the kingdom of God and get a clear view of how precisely to run the planet. The contrast between these two governments is the meat and potatoes of that lesson. If we blur the difference between the two opposing rulership methods, by trying to apply Christian fixes to worldly governments ourselves, then we are acting against God's plan and actually do more harm than good. In other words we must put the first law to put God and his kingdom first, before the second law to look after our brother in this system. There can be a conflict between those two laws. When there is we put the first law first - see U901.

Here is what Paul said to governor Felix. He gave no advice upon how to govern the province!

24 Some days later Felix arrived with Drusilla his wife, who was a Jewess, and he sent for Paul and listened to him on the belief in Christ Jesus.
25 But as he talked about righteousness and self-control and the judgment to come, Felix became frightened and answered: For the present go your way, but when I get an opportune time I shall send for you again (Acts 24).

He is what he said to King Agrippa, again he did not take the opportunity to lobby the king on any physical matters...

1 Agrippa said to Paul: You are permitted to speak in behalf of yourself. Then Paul stretched his hand out and proceeded to say in his defence:
2 Concerning all the things of which I am accused by Jews, King Agrippa, I count myself happy that it is before you I am to make my defence this day,
3 especially as you are expert on all the customs as well as the controversies among Jews. Therefore I beg you to hear me patiently.
4 Indeed, as to the manner of life from youth up that I led from [the] beginning among my nation and in Jerusalem, all the Jews
5 that have been previously acquainted with me from the first know, if they but wish to bear witness, that according to the strictest sect of our form of worship I lived a Pharisee.
6 And yet now for the hope of the promise that was made by God to our forefathers I stand called to judgment;
7 whereas our 12 tribes are hoping to attain to the fulfilment of this promise by intensely rendering him sacred service night and day. Concerning this hope I am accused by Jews, Oh king.
8 Why is it judged unbelievable among you men that God raises up the dead?
9 I, for one, really thought within myself I ought to commit many acts of opposition against the name of Jesus the Nazarene;
10 which, in fact, I did in Jerusalem, and many of the holy ones I locked up in prisons, as I had received authority from the chief priests; and when they were to be executed, I cast my vote against them.
11 And by punishing them many times in all the synagogues I tried to force them to make a recantation; and since I was extremely mad against them, I went so far as to persecuting them even in outside cities.
12 Amid these efforts as I was journeying to Damascus with authority and a commission from the chief priests,
13 I saw at midday on the road, Oh king, a light beyond the brilliance of the sun flash from heaven about me and about those journeying with me.
14 And when we had all fallen to the ground I heard a voice say to me in the Hebrew language, 'Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me? To keep kicking against the goads makes it hard for you.'
15 But I said, 'Who are you, Lord?' And the Lord said, 'I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting.
16 Nevertheless, rise and stand on your feet. For to this end I have made myself visible to you, in order to choose you as an attendant and a witness both of things you have seen and things I shall make you see respecting me;
17 while I deliver you from [this] people and from the nations, to whom I am sending you,
18 to open their eyes, to turn them from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to God, in order for them to receive forgiveness of sins and an inheritance among those sanctified by [their] faith in me.'
19 Wherefore, King Agrippa, I did not become disobedient to the heavenly sight,
20 but both to those in Damascus first and to those in Jerusalem, and over all the country of Judea, and to the nations I went bringing the message that they should repent and turn to God by doing works that befit repentance.
21 On account of these things Jews seized me in the temple and attempted to slay me.
22 However, because I have obtained the help that is from God I continue to this day bearing witness to both small and great, but saying nothing except things the Prophets as well as Moses stated were going to take place,
23 that the Christ was to suffer and, as the first to be resurrected from the dead, he was going to publish light both to this people and to the nations.
24 Now as he was saying these things in his defence, Festus said in a loud voice: You are going mad, Paul! Great learning is driving you into madness!
25 But Paul said: I am not going mad, Your Excellency Festus, but I am uttering sayings of truth and of soundness of mind.
26 In reality, the king to whom I am speaking with freeness of speech well knows about these things; for I am persuaded that not one of these things escapes his notice, for this thing has not been done in a corner.
27 Do you, King Agrippa, believe the Prophets? I know you believe.
28 But Agrippa said to Paul: In a short time you would persuade me to become a Christian.
29 At this Paul said: I could wish to God that whether in a short time or in a long time not only you but also all those who hear me today would become men such as I also am, with the exception of these bonds.
30 And the king rose and so did the governor and Bernice and the men seated with them.
31 But as they withdrew they began talking with one another, saying: This man practices nothing deserving death or bonds.
32 Moreover, Agrippa said to Festus: This man could have been released if he had not appealed to Caesar (Acts 26).

So we have no example of political lobbying by Christians in the bible. But had King Agrippa asked Paul for advice, he would of course have given it.

We can reactively advise politicians, but we cannot become political advisors.