[310] Laban and Jacob's flocks

25 And it followed that when Rachel had given birth to Joseph, Jacob [angel of Laodicea] immediately said to Laban [Governing Body of the Watchtower]: Send me away that I may go to my place and to my country [LWs].
26 Give over my wives and my children, for whom I have served with you, that I may go; for you yourself must know my service which I have rendered you.
27 Then Laban said to him: If, now, I have found favor in your eyes, -- I have taken the omens to the effect that Jehovah is blessing me due to you.
28 And he added: Stipulate your wages to me and I shall give them.
29 So he said to him: You yourself must know how I have served you and how your herd has fared with me;
30 that it was little that you actually had before my coming, and it went expanding to a multitude, in that Jehovah blessed you since I stepped in. So now when am I to do something also for my own house?
31 Then he said: What shall I give you? And Jacob went on to say: You will give me nothing whatsoever! If you will do this thing for me, I shall resume shepherding your flock. I shall continue guarding it.
32 I will pass among your whole flock today. You set aside from there every sheep speckled and with color patches, and every dark-brown sheep among the young rams and any color-patched and speckled one among the she-goats. Hereafter such must be my wages [Sheep are saints, colour patched means they are non conformist they manifest light from sources other than the Watchtower. Goats are non saints. Male sheep or goats have authority in Laodicea and females do not]
33 And my right-doing must answer for me on whatever future day you may come to look over my wages; every one that is not speckled and color-patched among the she-goats and dark brown among the young rams is something stolen if it is with me.
34 To this Laban said: Why, that is fine! Let it be according to your word.
35 Then he set aside on that day the he- goats striped and color-patched and all the she-goats speckled and color-patched, every one in which there was any white and every one dark brown among the young rams, but he gave them over into the hands of his sons.
36 After that he set a distance of 3 days' journey between himself and Jacob [euphemism for a new system, new church], and Jacob was shepherding the flocks of Laban that remained over.
37 Then Jacob took for his use staffs still moist of the storax tree and of the almond tree and of the plane tree and peeled in them white peeled spots by laying bare white places which were upon the staffs [3 staffs means 3rd staff which means FDS3. Jacob exposes the corruption in their rulership, he peels the staffs revealing what is beneath, but only to those in the Watchtower who are strong in faith].
38 Finally the staffs that he had peeled he placed in front of the flock, in the gutters, in the water drinking troughs, where the flocks would come to drink, that they might get into a heat before them when they came to drink.
39 Consequently the flocks would get in heat before the staffs, and the flocks would produce striped, speckled and color- patched ones [getting in heat means getting excited about bible interpretations, when in this state if JWs are shown the corruption of the Watchtower - 3 peeled sticks for FDS3 - they produce more sheep and goats who like them are non conformist and multi coloured in their outlook].
40 And Jacob separated the young rams and then turned the faces of the flocks to the striped ones and all the dark-brown ones among the flocks of Laban. Then he set his own droves by themselves and did not set them by the flocks of Laban.
41 And it always occurred that whenever the robust flocks would get in heat, Jacob would locate the staffs in the gutters before the eyes of the flocks, that they might get in heat by the staffs.
42 But when the flocks showed feebleness he would not locate them there. So the feeble ones always came to be Laban's, but the robust ones Jacob's.
43 And the man [Gordon] went on increasing more and more, and great flocks and maidservants and menservants and camels and asses came to be his.

This is the story of a new true church being incubated within and old false church. It applies to FDS2 who were incubated within the Roman Catholics and FDS4 who are being incubated within the Watchtower and even to the physical nation of Israel who were incubated within Egypt. This is the MO of Jehovah. We should have expected it.

38 These 20 years I have been with you. Your female sheep and your she-goats did not suffer abortions (Genesis 31).

25 And you must serve Jehovah your God, and he will certainly bless your bread and your water; and I shall indeed turn malady away from your midst.
26 Neither a woman suffering an abortion nor a barren woman will exist in your land. I shall make the number of your days full (Exodus 23).