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The Writing Committee/EZF
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Dear Writing Committee/EZF,

This is just a note to inform you of my new address and phone number in the apparently rather unlikely event that you should wish to communicate with me further. As regards your offer of April 17, 1995, to return to me my works at my expense - thanks, but no thanks. My offering was made to you as priests to God, in order that you might present my work to him. This you could have suceeded in doing merely by making an academic assessment of the work, and then releasing the parts which you believed to be correct. It wasn't so difficult for you to do, it just required humility or courage, but none was found. Love for the truth would have done it for you as well, or love for God or for your master. Had you been loving the sheep more than you are loving your shepherd's staff then this too would have done it.

But now your conventions are as devoid of spiritual food as they are of physical food, in fact the one is an exposition of the other. Your instructions were to give food at the proper time, not to simplify food distribution to the point of removing it completely, whether this be physically as in the case of convention catering or spiritually as in the case of the new wine. But all of God's shepherds mess up in the end, with the exception of those who are non-adamic. We all give up on him at some stage, but he never gives up on us at any stage. You have my love, but you no longer have my admiration.

Yours faithfully

Gordon Ritchie

And now it is too late for you, and so I say to you, just as Moses said to your forefathers:

Do not go up, because Jehovah is not in your midst (Numbers 14:42).

Do not now release any of my work, the work that you have been spying out in your so-called 'cursory review' and in your previous spying campaigns, your secret appraisals. Who do you think you are hiding them from? If you do release any of my work, then your wineskins will burst.