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Dear Ray, Roger, Tony, Anthony, John, Howard & Isaac,

As you may know I have now written 6 letters to the governing body in Brooklyn. I do not know what happened to the first one that I gave to Tony, but as regards the other five they have all been confirmed by one of the governing body's secretaries as having arrived. In fact he (the secretary) has been acting as a kind of direct channel for my letters to them, obviously with their authority. Really I am in a very strange position with the faithful slave. I am still free to write directly to them, they have not asked me to write through you, but I have taken it upon myself to do so this time because the things that I have to divulge have a local dimension.

Since my second letter, which was actually a 400 page book with two chronological charts, reached them on 1992Elul11, it has been my desire to write to them direct rather than through you because I did not want to burden you with vast numbers of deep understandings or misunderstandings as the case may be. In fact in my 5th letter I begged the FDS (Faithful & Discreet Slave) to answer me before the memorial so that I would not have to burden you, (this is what I spoke to you about Roger), but they did not and so now you will become party to the fruits of 2 and a bit years of my research. And I am very grateful to Roger for allowing me to continue writing to them directly.

This research will create a storm, and I beg you to be a hiding place for me in this storm, and not to run for cover when you see the storm coming but rather to provide cover for me, for you are my shepherds. Shepherds spring into action when they see a storm. I dare say that a storm of this type is the last thing that you would wish to occur right now, but as Jesus said when he was facing the last thing that he wanted to occur, your will not mine. I will try and make this as succinct and straightforward as possible - I have made an index on page 4.

To hopefully set your mood for your reading of this letter may I recount an experience recently when I appeared before an unrighteous high court judge, to try to have him overturn a decision by a high court master? I represented myself and my first words to him were something like:

Please your honour, I am a lay man, I do not know the correct way to conduct my defence, I am not familiar with the legal procedures of the high court. Can I therefore ask you to consider my request on the merits of my case itself rather than on my ability to present it to you properly?

I was basically asking him to throw away man's rule book and examine my request with Jehovah's rule book, which for him which was his own conscience. He consented, and he granted my request too, he overturned the high court master's decision.

I find myself in a not dissimilar position with you 7 brothers. For well I know that there are those among you who believe that it is impossible for any man to understand any verse in the bible correctly before the FDS does. Since they are his feeding channel. However I would point out that is manifestly an incorrect view because you are all also aware that men have actually left the society because they saw something before the FDS did, and then later, when the FDS published this thing that the disassociated man saw first, this one did not return. This proves that even unfaithful brothers can see things in the bible before the FDS sees them.

You may also feel that a man who acts on his own understanding of the bible rather than on an understanding which he has been given by the FDS is running ahead and he should 'wait on Jehovah'. If you feel that way, then I will make only two attempts to change your mind before we start.

There is only one incidence of the phrase 'running ahead' in the bible, it reads:

And the very hand of Jehovah proved to be upon Elijah, so that he girded his hips and went running ahead of Ahab all the way to Jezreel (1 Kings 18:46).

The prophet ran ahead of the king, the one sitting on Jehovah's throne, the administrative head of God's people at the time, or of 10 tribes of them. This was not an unrighteous act. I wonder what you would have said to Elijah had you stumbled across him doing this?

There are only two incidences of the phrase 'ran ahead' in the bible, they read:

Yes, the two together began to run, but the other disciple ran ahead of Peter with greater speed and reached the memorial tomb first (John 20:4).

So he ran ahead to an advance position and climbed a fig mulberry-tree in order to see him, because he was about to go through that way (Luke 19:4).

There is no incidence of the phrase 'run ahead' in the bible, not in our translation anyway.

So if you wish to condemn Elijah, the apostle John and little Zacchaeus, then by all means maintain this doctrine. But please remember that Jesus' response to the one who ran ahead and climbed a tree so that he could see things a bit more clearly, was to go and eat in his home, and at that meal he said to the little man:

This day salvation has come to this house, because he also is a son of Abraham (Luke 19:9).

For though small was his stature, and chequered was his past, big was his heart, which for a tax inspector is really something, and this is certainly a scripture with a further fulfilment. Secondly please consider the example of the unrighteous judge of the high court. He was prepared to forego his unrighteous rules, the contrivances of Lords of England, and he instead took the counsel of Nicodemus who said: Do not judge a man until first you have heard from him. The unrighteous judge did not prejudge me.

Please, therefore, extend me the same courtesy. Please judge this letter on the basis of God's righteous rule book for his people, the bible. Not on any preconceptions you may have on how the holy spirit should be restricted and how Jehovah's hand should be cut short and how certain things are too extraordinary even for him. It is altogether a failure for God's people that I should have to make a request like this today of the shepherds of a nation who were once called international bible students, but nevertheless I do make it with all sincerity.

In this letter 29Tishri10 means Tishri 10th, 29CE. I write dates in this shorthand, you'll understand why when you see how many I am writing! Incidentally most dates are described in terms of the prophetic lunar Hebrew Calendar, which is nicely illustrated in appendix 8B of the reference bible, and I have put a copy of this in Fig2.


Section Page

[1] 8 The code of the bible

[2] 10 Some Chronological things that the decoding reveals

[3] 13 Some elements of the code

[3.1] 13 Binary Questions

[3.2] 15 Every scripture has a further fulfilment

[3.3] 17 Repetition in the bible: 2 recitals means 2 fulfilments

[3.4] 19 Numeric Symbolism

[3.5] 19 Omission symbolism

[3.6] 20 Distributive symbolism

[3.7] 21 Reader Questions, from the holy spirit

[4] 21 7 Jelly Babies for 7 Elders


[5] 23 The Midst prophecy

[5.1] 24 The end of the Abrahamic Covenant

[5.2] 27 Jesus' death bisects the Abrahamic Covenant

[5.3] 29 The second witness to the Midst prophecy & the length of the

Abrahamic covenant

[5.4] 31 The third witness to the Midst prophecy


[6] 32 The Gentile times, the Alienation times & the Exedenic times

[6.1] 32 Introduction

[6.2] 33 The 3 rights of God's people from Adam to Rutherford

[6.3] 34 Adam's family

[6.4] 37 The family unit under law

[6.5] 38 The nation of Israel under law

[6.6] 39 Spiritual Israel & the Great Crowd

[6.7] 41 The 3 Rights/Blessings and the 3 Maledictions

[6.8] 42 The Exedenic times

[6.9] 43 The cursing of the ground due to Adam

[6.10] 44 The curse on Adam due to his banishment from Eden

[6.11] 45 The length of the Exedenic times

[6.12] 48 The second witness to the length of the Exedenic times: Miriam

and Aaron challenge Moses

[6.13] 50 Roger's Jelly Baby

[6.14] 52 The full beauty of Roger's baby

[6.15] 52 What is Baptism?

[6.16] 59 The baptism into the name of the Father: Goodbye to the trinity

[6.17] 62 The baptism into the name of the holy spirit

[6.18] 62 The 3 baptisms into Abraham, the Lord Jesus & the holy spirit

[6.19] 65 The baptism into Moses

[6.20] 68 The righteous decree in the flesh, faith perfected works, and

works perfected faith

[6.21] 70 The Priesthood malediction of the Alienation times

[6.22] 73 The end of the Alienation times

[6.23] 75 The beginning of the Alienation times

[6.24] 76 The length of the Alienation times

[6.25] 76 The first witness: The Sabbath debt release

[6.26] 76 The second witness: The Jubilee

[6.27] 77 The enmity of the Alienation times

[6.28] 78 The third witness: The festival of Cakes

[6.29] 79 The 3 annual festivals and the 3 maledictions

[6.30] 80 The 3 maledictions of Balaam

[6.31] 81 The Rainbow Covenant


[7] 85 The Pattern

[7.1] 87 Cestius arrived on 66Tishri22

[7.2] 88 Jesus was born on Tishri 10th 2BCE

[7.3] 88 Jesus was baptised on Tishri 10th 29CE

[7.4] 93 The first Adam & the last Adam

[7.4.1] 94 The corresponding ransom

[7.5] 94 Isaac's Jelly Baby

[7.6] 98 The full beauty of Isaac's baby


[8] 104 The first and second baptisms and the Apostate times

[8.1] 104 The heavenly Locust

[8.2] 109 James: The first 2 baptisms

[8.3] 109 The wheat & the weeds & 2 baptisms

[8.4] 110 The feeding of the 5,000, the 4,000 & the 144,000

[8.5] 115 The Constant Feature and Jesus' presence

[8.6] 115 The Parable of the Sower, the 3 intermediate heavenly

resurrections & the 7 heavens

[8.7] 121 Matthew 20: The 5 calls of the first and second baptisms

[8.8] 123 Acts 10: 3 Calls, 3 Baptisms & 96 hours

[8.9] 127 John 11: The resurrection of Lazarus after 4 days

[8.10] 128 Jeremiah 52: 400 Pomegranates, 96 to windward

[8.11] 129 Adam's 2 firstborn sons

[8.12] 130 Anthony's Jelly Baby

[8.13] 130 Haggai: The second temple to Armageddon

[8.14] 133 Ezra 7 & 8: The return from Babylon to heavenly Jerusalem


[9] 137 The 10 times of Laban's times

[9.1] 145 Numbers 14: The second witness to Laban's times


[10] 145 The 90 years of the separating times

[10.1] 148 The end of the Jewish system in the first presence of the Christ

[10.2] 150 The status of Josephus' work

[10.3] 152 The fall of Jerusalem

[10.4] 157 Daniel chapter 12

[10.5] 162 Apologies to Howard

[10.6] 164 Revelation 11: The 1260 days

[10.7] 167 Howard's Jelly Baby

[10.8] 167 The Daniel 6 flavour

[10.9] 169 The Luke 12 flavour

[10.10] 172 The Matthew 24 flavour

[10.11] 172 The Luke 17 flavour

[10.12] 172 Daniel 12: The final 1260 days

[10.13] 173 Revelation 12

[10.14] 177 Daniel 12: The 1290 days & the 1335 days

[10.15] 178 Genesis 18: The 150 days of Armageddon

[10.16] 185 The first century fulfilments of the 1290 & 1335 days

[10.17] 186 The 1290 days of the Society do not work & the 1335 days of

the Society do not fit

[10.18] 189 The 1335 days of the great tribulation

[10.19] 189 The 1365 days & the ransom of Numbers 3

[10.20] 193 The first century fulfilment of the 1365 days

[10.21] 194 The second modern day fulfilment of the 1365 days

[10.22] 196 The structure of Armageddon


[11] 197 The Covenant of the Circumcision, John's Jelly Baby


[12] 199 The third baptism & the covenant of Keturah, the second new


[12.1] 200 3 Hidden sub-covenants of the Abrahamic covenant

[12.2] 202 The Covenant of Keturah

[12.3] 206 3 Covenants with Abraham, Isaac & Jacob

[12.4] 206 Jeremiah 31 & Hebrews 8: The 2 new covenants

[12.5] 211 Did Jesus partake at the last supper?

[12.6] 213 What cup did Jesus accept at the last supper?

[12.7] 216 The lamb, the bread, the wine, the bitter greens & the cakes

[12.8] 220 3 Impalements and 3 ransoms

[12.9] 221 Acts 10: The 3 baptisms revisited

[12.10] 222 Matthew 13:33: 3 Seah measures of flour

[12.11] 223 Faith, Hope & Love


[13] 224 An extra Jelly Baby for Ted Wright and our new Circuit Overseer

[14] 229 Conclusion

FIGURE 1: 232 Josephus' chronology of the fall of Jerusalem

FIGURE 2: 242 Society's Hebrew Calendar

APPENDIX [1] 234 Going deep into Genesis 4

APPENDIX [1.1] 234 Cain's recital of his penalty

APPENDIX [1.2] 237 Jehovah's recital of the penalty

APPENDIX [2] 237 How the Jews count age

APPENDIX [3] 239 The Chronology of early Genesis


In the 18th Century the Reverend John Brown saw that the 7 times of Daniel 4 were 2,520 years (Proclaimers book). In 1875 or thereabouts brother Russell saw that this period ended in 1914Tishri, he actually thought it ended on Tishri10, atonement day, for on that day he announced to the Brooklyn congregation that the Gentile Times had ended. In fact it ended on Tishri15, the first day of Booths, see section[6.29] in Roger's Jelly baby.

It is amazing to me, with hindsight, and it is miraculous to me with insight that this decoding work stopped there. For it is certainly apparent that Daniel 4 is a piece of coded prophecy and that these men have successfully decoded it and that this piece of decoding was the physical motivation for Charles Russell to found the Watchtower Society. It is further apparent that the part of the code that they discovered is that in the bible the word 'times' can stand for periods of 360 years. And it is apparent that they applied this part of the code only to one chapter of the book of Daniel, and only to one book of the bible.

Why did nobody think of applying this rule to any other chapters of the bible, in particular any of the following scriptures?

For that reason anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance 7 times (Gen 4:15).

This makes 20 years for me in your house. I have served you 14 years for your 2 daughters and 6 years for your flock, and you kept changing my wages 10 times (Gen 31:41).

But he would increase the size of Benjamin's portion 5 times the size of all the others (Gen 43:34).

And the priest must dip his finger in the blood and spatter some of the blood 7 times before Jehovah in front of the curtain of the holy place (Lev 4:6).

I shall then have to walk in heated opposition to you, and I, yes I, shall have to chastise you 7 times for your sins (Lev 26:28).

And there are many other incidences of a specific number of 'times' in the scriptures. I have chosen the above 5 because they all have a fulfilment taking a time as 360 years. During the course of this letter the reader will see what most of these are. The point is that since the whole book, the bible, has the same author, it is all written in the same code.

This decoding of 'times' is an elementary generalisation of the work started by Brown and Russell. But the work goes much, much further than this. For the scripture says:

There is nothing hidden except for the purpose of being exposed, nothing has become carefully concealed but for the purpose of coming into the open (Mark 4:22).

There is nothing carefully concealed that will not be revealed, and secret that will not become known (Luke 12:2).

As Daniel said: He is revealing the deep things and the concealed things (Dan 2:22).

And as Paul said: Carefully concealed in him are all the treasures of wisdom and of knowledge (Col 2:3).

And he was referring to the Christ who is also the word of God which is also the bible. And we have the famous proverb:

If you keep seeking for it as for silver and as for hid treasures you keep searching for it, in that case you will understand the fear of Jehovah, and you will find the very knowledge of God (Proverbs 2:5).

Things are not as they were in the days of Moses when the manna just fell from heaven. Today it is concealed, it is hidden manna (Rev 2:17). What these scriptures are saying is that everything in the bible will eventually be understood, and this will occur in this system because the scripture says:

Then he opened up their minds fully to grasp the meaning of the scriptures (Luke 24:45).

And if he did it for his first century disciples before the end of their system of things, he will likewise do it for the twentieth century disciples before the end of their system of things.


The day of Adam's creation

The day of his being placed in the garden of Eden

The day of Eve's creation

The day that Adam sinned

The day that Adam first slept with Eve!

The day that Cain was born

The day that Abel was born

The day that Cain killed Abel

The day that Jesus was born

The day that Jesus was baptised

The day of the Samaritan call

The day of the Gentile call

The month in which the last first century brother was sanctified

The month in which the last first century brother was sealed

The month in which the last first century brother died

The month in which brother Russell was sanctified

The month in which the sanctification of the 20th century bros. ended

The month in which the sealing of the 20th century brothers ended

The month in which the great crowd was first called

The day on which brother Russell was resurrected

The day of which brother Rutherford was resurrected

The day of which brother Knorr will be resurrected

The day on which the last anointed brother will die

The day on which the last anointed brother will be resurrected

The number of partakers at each memorial from 1995 to 2004

The day when the cry of peace and security goes up

The day on which we took Jehovah's name - this is prophesied

The month when the UN becomes the 8th king

The month when UN takes absolute power over the whole planet

The month in which Babylon the great is finally destroyed

The last day of the Abrahamic covenant

The last day of Satan's system

The first day of the kingdom of God

The whole timetable for Armageddon from the first to the last day of it

The day when the great crowd are released from their adamic bodies.

The timetable of the great tribulation from the first day to the last

The whole resurrection timetable into the new system, when David is resurrected,

when Abraham is resurrected, when Moses is resurrected, when Noah is

resurrected, when Abel is resurrected when William Tyndale is resurrected etc.

The exact number of physical Jews who became part of the 144,000

The exact number of heavenly brothers baptised in the first century

The exact number of heavenly brothers baptised since the founding of the Society

The number of ex-human angels in heaven today - it has been the same for the last 38 years

We will look at evidence for many of the above in the sections of this letter. Obviously these claims raise many questions such as how can a man know the date of Armageddon? These we will address, but permit me please to show off here. I am not doing it to glorify myself, I am doing it because I wish to make an impact and to establish some credibility with your souls so that you will listen to me.

Later in this letter I am going hopefully to prove to you from the scriptures that the heavenly baptism has ended, that all of the 144,000 are now sealed and that a new baptism in holy spirit has begun, the baptism of the 220 Nethinim, the ones who will be the princes over the earth. And I will further assert that I have a position amongst them and that I myself am anointed, having been sanctified on 1991Tishri17. I did not know this at the 1992 Memorial. I did know it at the 1993 memorial but I did not think that I had to partake last year because my baptism is not the same as that of the heavenly brothers, I am not a party to their covenant. However this year I did partake at the memorial in a new fashion, and this is why I am writing to you, to let you know what I have been doing. This letter is to establish my claim. If I was simply claiming to be anointed in the heavenly baptism I would not have to write to you at all. But I am not making that claim, hence I need not only to make a claim but also to explain what it is that I am actually claiming.

Please do not be afraid of the dates referred to above, they are only a fraction of the good news that the bible contains. They are just dates. The bible is full of numbers for which we not only have no greater meaning but for which it is not at all apparent why we would need to know them in the first place even in the literal meaning. Take for example the account of Jacob's crossing the Jabbok:

And from what came to his hand he proceeded to take a gift for Esau, his brother: 200 she goats, 20 he goats, 200 female sheep and 20 rams, 30 camels giving suck and their young ones, 40 cows and 10 bulls, 20 she asses and 10 full grown asses (Gen 32:13-15).

Fine so he took over all these animals, but why do we need to know the precise numbers of them? Would it have mattered if he had only had 29 camels, or if a couple of them were not giving suck? Or take the account of the assassination of Gedaliah at the start of the Gentile Times in Jeremiah 40, 41. In this account Ishmael the son of Nethaniah the son of Elishama is referred to as 'Ishmael the son of Nethaniah' 14 times, 'Ishmael the son of Nethaniah the son of Elishama' one time and plain old 'Ishmael' 7 times. Why is this? Furthermore Gedaliah the son of Ahikam the son of Shaphan is referred to as 'Gedaliah the son of Ahikam the son of Shaphan' 4 times and 'Gedaliah the son of Ahikam' 9 times. Is the holy spirit forgetting that it has told us the genealogy of these men several times already? Why did Jehovah have us carry around all of this excess paper and writing for 2500 years after the death of Jeremiah? Does he have shares in the scroll manufacturers?

It is not only me who is asking these questions of Jesus' disciples today, it is Jesus who is asking them , for he said to his disciples in the first century:

Though having eyes, do you not see, and though having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember, when I broke the 5 loaves for the 5,000 men, how many baskets full of fragments you took up?

They said to him: 12!

When I broke the 7 for the 4,000 men, how many provision baskets full of fragments did you take up? and they said to him: 7!

With that he said to them: Do you not yet get the meaning? (Mark 8:18-21).

But he wasn't only talking to them. And this account was not put in the bible for their benefit, for it is us who do not yet understand the significance of these numbers. We are the ones not seeing, the ones not hearing, if we are his disciples, for this is what the account is saying. Jesus himself, the fine shepherd, is saying, prophesying, that we are deaf and blind numerically, see section [3.4]. We look at the meaning of some of this in section [8.4].

Yes, these accounts must be written in a code, for Jehovah wastes nothing, he is the very epitome of efficiency. What this means is that there is no useless information in the bible. What this means is that every seemingly trivial or repeated detail is in fact very important, containing hidden, or coded information. For which history book ever written contained no dates? In fact the bible must be the only such book, if it only has a literal meaning.


This section explains some of the very powerful tools which we will use to crack part of the code of the bible, the reader need not read the whole section now, if he is pressed for time, however, sections [3.2] and [3.3] are recommended for early reading.


Any question in the bible which asks for a decision between two opposing answers, which are normally yes and no, has a cryptic fulfilment with the opposite answer to the literal fulfilment. This part of the code is easy to understand and fun, for example, like the Israelite said to Moses:

Who appointed you as a prince and judge over us? (Exodus 2:14).

Well, at that time in the literal meaning Moses was not appointed ruler and judge, he was acting out of his own love for justice. But Stephen later recounts:

This Moses who they disowned, saying: Who appointed you ruler and judge? This man God sent off as both ruler and deliverer by the hand of the angel that appeared to him in the thornbush (Acts 7:35).

So in the future fulfilment, Moses was appointed ruler and deliver, and we know he was the judge too, from the account of Jethro's suggestions. Likewise the greater Moses of Jesus is appointed both prince and judge over us right now. The further fulfilment is the opposite of the literal fulfilment.

In a further example Nicodemus asks Jesus:

How can a man be born again? He cannot enter into the womb of his mother a second time and be born can he? (John 3:4).

Of course no man can enter literally back into his mother's womb a second time. But the cryptic symbolism meaning is the precise opposite. For in fact the question answers itself. A man is born again when he enters into the womb of the heavenly woman, his second mother, and is born from her. No man alive on this planet today has ever been born again. You have to be physically regenerated, from heaven in order to be born again. Actually the Greek gennhqh anwqen (John 3:3 - Kingdom Interlinear), means generated from above, or born from above, not 'born again'. All of the so-called 'born-agains' are misled, they have not been born from the heavenly woman, all her children who are alive today, have the last Adam as their eternal father, and since he is incorruptible and she is incorruptible, these children have non-corrupting bodies. For the divine principle is 'like begets like'. The earthly woman, Eve, the mother of everyone living down here, has children with corrupting bodies, the heavenly woman has children with non-corrupting bodies when their father is the last Adam, the eternal father, the prince of peace, Jesus Christ.

It is true that there have been occasions when the heavenly woman has produced children with corrupting bodies, such as the resurrection of Lazarus and others, but these kids still had Adam as a father because they all died being under the sentence passed on him and his sons, so like was begetting like through the imperfection of the father, the heavenly woman was impregnated with the seed of Adam in these resurrections. Therefore anyone who says he has been born again through Jesus, has an incorruptible vessel, and therefore does not age. Had brother Franz truly been born again, he would not have died. However brother Russell who has died and who has been resurrected, is now born again, for he has been born from the heavenly woman with incorruptible seed, his father being the last Adam, the eternal father, not the first Adam the rather temporary father. Its like Peter said:

For you have been given a new birth, not by corruptible, but by incorruptible seed, through the word of the living and enduring God (1 Peter 1:23).

If you have not died first you cannot be born again in this system of things. Although you can during Armageddon see section[10.19]. In this system any man who says he is born again, unless he has died and been resurrected, is saying that he has two souls. So no man who today says he is 'born-again' is born again at all. The anointed remnant have none of them been born again, the anointed ones who have already died, have most of them been born again, as angels in incorruptible bodies. It is like Paul said:

It is sown in corruption, it is raised up in incorruption (1 Cor15:42).

The first sowing is from the earthly woman the second raising is from the heavenly woman with .


Every witness knows that Daniel chapter 4 is not just about a king who lived as a wild beast for 7 times, and then returned to being a king. This chapter of Daniel has a second fulfilment in the Gentile times, during which God's people were ruled over by a wild beast for 7 times. Every witness also knows that the story of Abraham and his two wives, Hagar and Sarah, has a further fulfilment, it being a prophetic drama about the Jerusalem below and the Jerusalem above, and two covenants, the law covenant and the new covenant.

Every bible student knows that the story of Abraham's willingness to sacrifice Isaac, and Isaac's willingness to be sacrificed has a further fulfilment, namely that Jesus was willing to be sacrificed and God was willing to allow it and the sons of Abraham actually killed him. But let's get more bold still, for Paul says:

The law has a shadow of the good things to come (Hebrews 10:1)

So the whole law is prophetic, being a shadow, and therefore it all has a further fulfilment. But why stop at the law, let's look at the whole of the Hebrew scriptures. They consist of the law, the prophets and the psalms. Well the prophets, by definition, are prophetic writings so they certainly have a further fulfilment. This leaves the Psalms, well how many prophecies about Jesus do we know come from there?

My God, my God, why have you left me (Psalm 22:1)

They apportion my garments among themselves and upon my clothing they cast lots (Psalm 22:18)

We could go on all night. In fact the writer usually does. So without a doubt the vast majority of the Hebrew Scriptures have a further fulfilment. And let's now grasp the nettle of our fear and lack of faith in the perfection of God, let's apply our whole minds to his whole book, the question that is being begged is: Does every scripture have a further fulfilment? For he that inspired the prophets was the same one who inspired Moses to write the law and to recount all the prophetic Drama's of Abraham. For everything Abraham did was a prophetic drama, all of his hiding of his wives as sisters, this was him disguising covenants, showing that there are hidden sub-covenants to the Abrahamic covenant (see section[12.1]). It is not the case that his two arguing wives were the only prophetic part of his existence. And likewise with the great Prophet Daniel. Do we really think that only the 4th chapter of his book has a further fulfilment? Do we care? Well it is no giant leap of understanding to grasp the idea that since God wrote the whole book, it is all prophetic, every word. And has not Jesus actually explicitly stated this? he saying:

It is easier for heaven and earth to pass away than for one particle of a letter to go unfulfilled (Luke 16:17).

Unfulfilled? It must therefore have a further fulfilment. And this law that Jesus is referring to is not only the law of Moses, it is rather the law of Jehovah, as written in his word, for Isaiah has spoken the words:

Out of Zion, law will go forth, and the word of Jehovah out of Jerusalem (Isaiah 2:3).

And in one meaning this law out of Zion is the word of God out of heavenly Jerusalem which is the bible, the whole bible. So either the word of God is alive and is exerting power today, through further fulfilments of words written thousands of years ago or it is dead and powerless. Either the flaming blade of the sword, the two edged sword that pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit, which guards the way to the tree of life is continuously turning or it has broken down and has come to a standstill. Either the word of God has a height and a breadth and a length and a depth, which we are able to grasp mentally (Ephesians 3:18), or it is flat. Either this book has further meaning upon further meaning upon further meaning, or it has one meaning and we should all become Hasidic Jews and start declaring Sabbath-free zones everywhere.

This element of the code is very easy to state, but its effects are inordinately far reaching, for we are saying that every phrase in the bible has a further fulfilment.


We witnesses say that repetition is for emphasis. However there is one who would take issue with this interpretation, his name is Joseph. The one who said: Do not interpretations belong to God? (Genesis 40:8). He explains precisely the correct interpretation of a repetition in the bible by saying:

And the fact that the dream was repeated to Pharaoh twice, means that:

The thing is firmly established/decided upon on the part of the true God

And the true God is speeding to do it (Gen 41:32).

For a dream is a vision which does not emanate from one's conscious mind, it is a story which is 'inspired' by another source, which we call our subconscious mind. Jehovah is using this to symbolise the inspired scriptures, for they too are stories which do not emanate from the conscious mind of the bible writer, but rather are inspired by God. Pharaoh is standing for Jesus, our great spiritual leader, and Joseph is standing for our teacher, or for the holy spirit, if you like.

Dream Bible

Pharaoh Jesus

Joseph Teacher/holy spirit

Joseph is saying that the meaning of a repetition in the bible is that:

[1] The thing is firmly established on the part of the true God

[2] And the true God is speeding to do it

In this symbolism, we see that a repeated phrase in the bible, the greater dream of our greater Pharaoh, means that God is 'speeding to do it', in other words it is a prophecy with a future fulfilment. This is a great confirmation of what we have already elucidated in the previous section [3.2]. But it tells us nothing new, because we already know that every scripture, whether repeated or not, has a further fulfilment, because the bible is not a dead history book, it is a living history and prophecy book. However we will break off here to point out that the scriptures:

Moses, Moses (Ex 3:4)

Instructor, Instructor (Luke 8:24)

Conspiracy, conspiracy (2 Kings 11:14)

Samuel, Samuel (1 Samuel 3:10)

And many other similar ones mean that there will be a greater Moses, Instructor, Conspiracy, Samuel, etc., in a further fulfilment. This is the first impact of what Joseph is saying. But there is more, for he describes a repetition as meaning two things:

[1] The thing is firmly established on the part of the true God

[2] And the true God is speeding to do it

However, if a thing is 'firmly established on the part of God' then he is certainly going to do it, in fact one could say that 'God is speeding to do it'. Also if God is 'speeding to do it', then it must be 'firmly established' for God does not speed to do things that he has not firmly established. Therefore [1] is [2]. And now the reader is treated to a typical exposition from the holy spirit. For Joseph, who being our teacher is standing for the holy spirit here, is saying that a repetition in the bible means:

[1] The true God is speeding to do it

[2] And the true God is speeding to do it

But this itself is a repetition. So here God is defining the meaning of a repetition in terms of a repetition. He has therefore made an implicit definition, one defining a thing in terms of the very thing that it is defining. Now the explanation itself is repeated, so since it too is inspired, being a part of the bible, it has a further fulfilment as we have deduced above. But thereagain the explanation is a further fulfilment. So since it is repeated there must be a further fulfilment to this further fulfilment. In other words there are two further fulfilments. And this is a far as we can go playing this game.

So the result is that Joseph has explained that when an account contains a repetition of a concept then that concept has not one, but two further fulfilments. And in general if an account has 3 or 4 repetitions of the same thing or general concept then there are 3 or 4 further fulfilments of that thing.

Now we can answer the question: Why is the phrase '7 times' mentioned 4 times in Daniel4? The answer is that there are 4 greater periods of 7 times witnessed to in that Chapter, one of which is the famous Gentile times.

This concept of 'n' recitals means 'n' further fulfilments is again very easy to state, but shatteringly powerful to apply, if one can apply it properly, that is!


This one is very simple, when the bible mentions 200 goats or 12 bulls, these can stand for 200 times or 12 times, and these times can be days or years or years of years etc.. Joseph tells us this because he correctly interprets the dreams of the baker and the cupbearer as follows:

Then Joseph said to him: This is the interpretation: The 3 twigs are 3 days (Genesis 40:12).

Then Joseph answered and said: This is the interpretation: The 3 baskets are 3 days (Genesis 40:18).

Likewise in the case of Pharaoh, he interpreted 7 cows and 7 ears of grain as 7 years. And these two were also the correct interpretations. These accounts are in the bible, in part, to teach us how to interpret the book ourselves. This answers the question we asked earlier, about why we are told the exact number of various animals that Jacob crossed the Jabbok with, the 200 she goats and 20 he goats and 30 camels etc. These animals are standing for time periods. Of course this is another enormously powerful weapon, for the bible is full of numbers, full of them.


The reader should find this symbolism very amusing, it works like this: The important thing is what the scripture deliberately omits to mention:

How long will the vision be of the constant feature and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both the holy place and the army things to trample on?

So he said to me: Until 2300 evenings and mornings and the holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition (Dan 8:13,14).

Fine but what about the 'army'???

Next he commanded the crowd to recline on the grass and took the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, and, looking up to heaven, he said a blessing, and, after breaking the loaves, he distributed them to the disciples, the disciples in turn to the crowds. So all ate and were satisfied, and they took up the surplus of fragments 12 baskets full (Matt 14:19,20).

Great, wonderful, miraculous, but what did he do with the 2 fishes?? This symbolism is recognisably only as a result of our faith in the perfection of God. For if the reader says in his heart: Oh, Jehovah did bother to tell us about the fishes, he is saying that the true God is negligent. The only conclusion possible for the man with faith it seems to the writer is that the true God is saying just as much by omission as he is saying by inclusion.

All of this is rather like the fine public declaration that Jesus made before Pontius Pilate, which consisted essentially of Jesus standing there whilst Pilate said: Ecce Homo, it was a silent public declaration, but never has more been said than on that day. But my favourite omission symbolism of all time is the conferring of the gifts of the spirit on the Samaritans:

Then they went laying their hands upon them, and they began to receive holy spirit. Now when Simon saw.... (Acts 8:17,18).

Everybody else who received holy spirit by the laying on of the hands started speaking in tongues or healing people or prophesying, performing miracles or at the very least glorifying God. After all this is the spirit that created the whole universe and all men, this is God's active force, not his couch potato. Are we here being told that it fell upon the Samaritans period? This is rather like the bank reference: Yes, this man does bank with us! It is possibly the most outrageous omission symbolism in the whole bible. And it has a very interesting meaning, which the writer is here explaining by omission symbolism!


Death where is your victory, death where is your sting? (1Cor 15:51-55)

Literally this sentence is saying death has no victory and no sting. But it actually refers not only to one death having neither of these things but also to two deaths, one having no victory and the other having no sting. Since for the heavenly anointed ones death certainly does have a sting but has no victory, for they do die but are then resurrected. Whereas for the great crowd, death doesn't even have a sting because they do not die at all. Although their adamic flesh dies during Armageddon, this being the baptism of fire that Jesus performs on them (Matt 3:11, see section [10.19]). Here the concept is distributing over its two descriptors. In distributive symbolism the sentence: the cat was fat and hot; means one cat was fat and another cat was hot.


These are questions asked of various characters in the bible which are really questions asked by the holy spirit of the reader of the bible.

Here is a little boy that has 5 barley loaves and 2 small fishes. But what are these among so many? (John 6:9).

The real question being asked is: What do the 5 loaves and 2 small fishes stand for in this account.

You with little faith, do you not yet see the point, or do you not remember the 5 loaves in the case of the 5,000 and how many baskets you took up? Or the 7 loaves in the case of the 4,000 and how many provision baskets you took up? (Matthew 16:8-10).

Reader, you 7 brothers, who do you think that Jesus, our saviour, is addressing here??? Is it really the first century brothers. It is? Fine then what is the meaning of the 12 provision baskets that he took up in the case of the 5,000 and the 7 provision baskets that he took up in the case of the 4,000? What do they mean, you men of much faith? And why were there 5,000 in the first feeding miracle and 4,000 in the second, in case you should know this. If you do know the answers then it is true Jesus was only talking to the first century disciples when he rebuked them for having little faith. If you do not know the answers, then it is you who 'do not yet see the point', and it is you who therefore have little faith, and the holy spirit is talking to you, asking you these questions, and these are 'reader questions' from Jesus.


In this and the next 7 sections we will look at 7 different ways of calculating the date of Armageddon, a calculation for an elder is what I am giving you. And if these calculations are correct then it is not me who is giving you them but it is Jehovah who is giving you them, through Jesus, for he is the giver of every good gift and perfect present.

Before we start, we consider the scripture:

Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the son, but only the father (Matt 24:36 - NWT).

Concerning that day or the hour nobody knows, neither the angels in heaven nor the son, but the father (Mark 13:32 - NWT).

Well, brothers, the above is very interesting but it is not what the scripture says, for the Kingdom Interlinear reads:

About but the day that and hour no one has known, neither the angels of the heavens nor the son, if not the father only (Matt 24:36).

About but the day that or the hour no one has known, neither the angels in heaven nor the son, if not the father (Mark 13:32).

The Greek verb which the NWT renders 'knows' and which the
Kingdom Interlinear renders 'has known' is
oiden, which is the 3rd person singular perfect of Eido meaning 'I see'. So the exact literal translation of oiden is 'he has seen'. Now the perfect tense is used for completed actions, or perfected actions in the past. So since this verb is a completed action is the past, it is grammatically impossible for Matt 24:36 or Mark 13:32 to be prohibitions on the future. Jesus was saying that nobody had seen what that date was in the past. The grammar allows him and all of the angels to actually know what the date was at the time he made that statement.

The literal meaning of Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32 is quite simply: Look! in the past nobody other than God has known the date of my marriage to my wife, because in the past I had not got engaged to her. But now that I am getting engaged on Nisan 14 (in 3 days time), by virtue of the new covenant, the announcement of my engagement, a thing which has been a secret up until now, I am about to know, or I already know the day of our marriage. For who knows the date of their marriage until they have become engaged? The marriage of the lamb is the first day of the kingdom of God, for it is the investiture of the 144,000 kings of that Kingdom. The symbolic meaning of these two verses relates to the hour of the thief in the night and the day of Jesus' presence and I have written about these things to the governing body so there is no need to burden you with them.

So having expelled that demon let us press on to the first Jelly baby.


This one is dedicated to you Ray, this is Ray's Jelly baby because it is such a beautiful symbolism, such an elegant illustration, and Ray is a master of illustrations, as Jesus was. We are going to discover that Jesus is the centre of everything. I wish I could have revealed this under different circumstances but nevertheless here it is.

I myself said: In the MIDST of my days I will go into the gates of Sheol. (Isaiah 38:10)

See Jehu the son of Jehoshaphat the son of Nimshi there; and you must come in and make him get up from the MIDST of his brothers and bring him into the innermost chamber (2 Kings 9:2).

For look! the Kingdom of God is in your MIDST (Luke 17:21).

And I shall indeed reside in the middle of the sons of Israel (1 Kings 6:13)

In the MIDST of the years Oh bring it to life! In the MIDST of the years may you make it known (Hab 3:2).

Cry out loudly and rejoice, Oh daughter of Zion; for here I am coming, and I will reside in the MIDST of you, is the utterance of Jehovah. And many nations will certainly become joined to Jehovah in that day, and they will actually become my people; and I will reside in the MIDST of you. And you will have to know that Jehovah of armies himself has sent me to you (Zech 2:10,11).

'A prophet from your own MIDST, from your brothers, like me, is what Jehovah your God will raise up for you ......... A prophet I shall raise up for them from the MIDST of their brothers, like you, and I shall indeed put my words in his mouth (Deut 18:15-18).

'And he said to the man with the withered hand: "Get up and come to the CENTRE"' (Mark 3:3).

I am in your MIDST as the one ministering (Luke 22:27).

From all of this it is apparent that Jesus is in the midst of the sons of Israel, he is in the midst of the daughter of Zion, and in the midst of his brothers. Furthermore he is temporally in the midst of years and days pertaining to the above. Jehovah resided in the middle of the sons of Israel through Jesus, and Jehu who prefigured Jesus got up from the midst of his brothers to go into the innermost chamber, which was the most holy in temple symbolism. Hezekiah who was prefiguring Jesus said prophetically: 'In the midst of my days I will go into the gates of Sheol'. Habbakuk says: 'In the midst of the years oh bring it to life, in the midst of the years may you make it known.'

So we have Jesus, and in particular his appearance or death or resurrection, being in the midst of some days or years which have something to do with the brothers or the Jews, or the sons of Israel, or the daughter of Zion. Well, a daughter can symbolise a covenant or submission, so the daughter of Zion could symbolise a covenant to be kings, since mount Zion was the abode of the kings of Israel, or she could symbolise those in submission to divine authority. The largest possible definition of the brothers of the Jews, whom Jesus is in the midst of is all of Abraham's seed. Now entrance to be such is under the Abrahamic covenant, the covenant for those in submission to God, and a covenant for a nation of Kings. So it could be that Jesus died in the midst of the years of this covenant. We are asserting this here, we are not proving it yet.

Entrance into this covenant began on 1943Nisan14 and ends at the marriage of the lamb, which is the investiture of the kings under this covenant. The Abrahamic covenant is the ark for this system and in fact it ends with this system. The last day of this system is when all those who will receive the promises of the Abrahamic covenant have been chosen, we prove this in the next section.


First we consider the land promise:

Jehovah now appeared to Abram and said: To your seed I am going to give this land (Gen 12:7).

On that day Jehovah concluded/cut with Abraham a covenant, saying: To your seed I will give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the river Euphrates (Gen 15:18).

To Abraham: And I will give to you and to your seed after you the land of your alien residences, even the entire land of Canaan, for a possession to time indefinite (Gen 17:8).

To Isaac: Reside in this land as an alien, and I shall continue with you and bless you, because to your seed I shall give all these lands, and I will carry out the sworn statement that I swore to Abraham your father (Gen 26:3).

To Jacob: As for the land that I have given to Abraham and Isaac, to you I shall give it, and to your seed after you I shall give the land (Gen 35:12).

These scriptures make it plain that the covenant concluded with Abraham in Genesis 15 was a sub-covenant or further clause of the first recital of the Abrahamic covenant in Genesis 12, because Abraham was already promised the land in the first recital. Likewise the promises to Isaac and Jacob are additional sub-covenants, or extra clauses to the Abrahamic covenant. This covenant is rather like a Marx brothers covenant, you add on clauses as you go along. This interpretation of Master covenant and sub-covenants is referred to in Chronicles:

Remember his covenant even to time indefinite, the word that he commanded to a thousand generations, which covenant he concluded with Abraham, and his sword statement to Isaac. And which he kept standing as a regulation even to Jacob, as an indefinitely lasting covenant even to Israel, saying: To you I shall give the land of Canaan (1 Chron 16:15-18 & Psalm 105:8-11).

Peter too explains this: You are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which God covenanted with your forefathers, saying to Abraham: And in your seed all the families of the earth will be blessed (Acts 3:25).

In other words the covenants to Isaac and Jacob are derivatives of the one to Abraham, i.e. they are sub-covenants or extra clauses.

As regards the land promise, the first fulfilment was the promised land, and the second fulfilment is the Kingdom of God. The Abrahamic covenant was a big covenant, large in length and large in clauses. It contained the circumcision covenant (Gen 17), a priestly clause, the first fulfilment being the circumcisers of the flesh and the second being the circumcisers of the heart, the baptisers in holy spirit. It contained the promise that his seed would be kings (Gen 17), the kingship clause. The first fulfilment being the kings of Judah and Israel and the second fulfilment being the 144,000 kings-to-be. It also contained the land inheritance clause, as above which likewise has two fulfilments.

Whilst it is true that other blessings resulting from this covenant continue to be administered right through the 1,000 year reign, (Insight I p522), the covenant was not in order that God could administer these blessings, for God was going to do this anyway, it was to determine upon whom these blessings would be administered, so the covenant does not have to extend right through to the final blessing at the end of the 1,000 year kingdom. In fact the scripture: 'the word that he commanded to a thousand generations' (1 Chron 16:15) could be taken as meaning: the covenant that lasts until the 1000 year kingdom begins, taking a generation for a time, numeric symbolism see section [3.4].

Now the land inheritance blessing is gained actually on the third day counting inclusively after Satan's system ends, but God's first statement of the covenant to Abraham said: 'Go your way out of your country' (Gen 12:1), and Abraham's seed leave Satan's system on its last day, which is the last day of this covenant. The Kingship blessing in the second fulfilment is inaugurated on the first day of the kingdom of God which is the the third day of the marriage of the lamb, this being the investiture of the 144,000 kings. As a confirmation that the Abrahamic covenant ends at the marriage of the lamb, Daniel says:

And he must keep the covenant in force for the many for one week, and at the half of the week he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease (Dan 9:27).

There are many fulfilments to this scripture. The first fulfilment was the end of the sub-covenant of circumcision, in 36Tishri, at the end of the week in which Jesus died, the second fulfilment is the end of the Abrahamic covenant itself, and the last anointed one dies half way through the last week of years as we shall see later in section [10.4]. This being an antitype of the pattern set by the Christ. In this second fulfilment the covenant is truly kept in force for the sake of the many. In the first fulfilment one could not really argue that the physical Jews were the many when compared with the nations who were called at the end of the week. But in the second fulfilment, this covenant extended for 7 years for the benefit of those who find the truth in the 'last week' of this system, which starts at the end of the baptism in holy spirit of the Nethinim, who are 220 in number (I am not proving this here).

Furthermore, the first recital of the Abrahamic covenant went as follows:

Go your way out of your country and from your relatives and from the house of your father to the country that I shall show you and I shall ... (Gen 12:1).

In the first fulfilment, the literal one, Abraham did as above, physically. The country was the land of the Chaldeans, his relatives were his physical family and the house of his father was a house in Haran. The covenant started on the day that Abraham did these things, this day being 1943Nisan14. In the greater fulfilment: Abraham is everybody who is saved under his covenant, the country is Satan's system, the relatives are the sons of Adam not saved under the Abrahamic covenant, the greater ark, and the house of their father, is their adamic bodies, the country that Jehovah shows these ones is the Kingdom of God, and the Euphrates is the water baptism into this covenant, see section [6.15].

And the covenant ends at the same stage in the greater fulfilment as when it started in the first fulfilment. Namely at the crossing of the greater river Euphrates, this being the day of the end of Satan's system, the exit from the greater country of the Chaldeans. And just as baptism into the Abrahamic covenant started with Abraham's own baptism when he crossed the literal Euphrates, so this baptism for his true sons, ends at the crossing of the greater Euphrates, which itself is symbolising the baptism to enter this covenant, thereby becoming a true son of Abraham.


To show that it certainly is the Abrahamic covenant which Jesus' death bisects consider Genesis 15. Here Jehovah recites terms of his covenant to Abraham and defines a sacrifice which represents this covenant, and he then tells Abraham to cut everything except the two birds in half and lay them all in two rows facing each other. Then a fiery torch passed between the pieces. This one was the light of the world, the one who said: 'I came to start a fire on the earth, and what more is there for me to wish if it has already been lighted' (Luke 12:49). The torch is Jesus, he is illuminating the darkness, and he bisected the carefully arranged sacrifice of Abraham, which represented his covenant. Or put another way, the sacrifice which is the basis of the covenant, which in the greater meaning is not a load of three year old animals and a couple of birds but is rather the Christ, bisects the covenant.

So since Jesus died on 33Nisan14 and since Abraham's covenant was made on 1943Nisan14, 1975 years earlier, we have the last day of Satan's system being 1975 years after the death of the Christ, i.e. 2008Nisan14. In other words, 2008 is the date. The reason that I dedicated this one to Ray will hopefully now become apparent:

Consider the pivotal position of Jesus' sacrifice in the plan shown below:


Nisan 1943 BCE Nisan 33 CE Nisan 2008

Covenant validated Jesus' sacrifice Armageddon


1975 years X 1975 years


Tishri 29 CE Nisan 33 CE Tishri 36 CE

Jesus baptised Jesus' sacrifice Third Key

X______________________________________________ X

3.5 years X 3.5 years

So Jesus has the central position in these three timetables. Furthermore as regards the Abrahamic covenant, the whole plan to save mankind, the whole ark, rests on Jesus' shoulders! Now what sort of balance do you need to rest the whole world on top of one point?


This balance is symbolising the sinless perfection of the sacrifice of the Christ, it is represented by his perfect central position. Also if one wishes to support something by only one support then one has to put that support exactly in the centre of the thing. So the central position of Jesus also represents his singular role in the plan to save mankind. In other words the whole plan to save men is resting upon the shoulders of just one man, Jesus, and therefore he must be in the middle of this plan by a spiritual application of the principle of a see-saw. Is this not a wonderful symbolism? Jesus is always temporally central in his activities, this discovery is quite a powerful tool in bible Chronology.

So: 'Cry out shrilly and shout for joy! Oh you inhabitress of Zion, for great in the MIDST of you is the Holy one of Israel' (Isaiah 12:6).

Taking the Abrahamic covenant as this woman, this inhabitress of the Zion of God, the kingdom of God.

The Abrahamic Covenant lasts for 3950 years or 11 years of years less 10 years [3950 = 11x360 -10]. This is witnessed to in Abraham's sacrifice itself, the witness is beyond the scope of this letter.


Please look at the excellent illustration of the tabernacle in the Insight book 1 p538. From the picture it can be seen that the ark of the covenant has a cover above it, which was the tabernacle itself. The tabernacle had a cover above it which was the 'tent upon the tabernacle' (Ex 36:14). Now whereas the tabernacle was made out of ten tent cloths (Ex 26:1), the tabernacle cover itself was made out of eleven tent cloths (Ex 26:7).

Now just as the eleven tent cloths of the Tent of meeting covered both the ten tent cloths of the Tabernacle and the Ark of the covenant, so the eleven times which the tent cloths of the Tent represent, cover both the ten times which the ten tent cloths of the Tabernacle represent and the length of the Abrahamic covenant itself which the Ark of the covenant represents. This is a numeric symbolism - section [3.4].

We know of course that the ark represented more than the Law covenant, it also represented Jehovah's direct rulership of mankind (Rev 11:19), which rulership will be exercised by many of the covenanters of the Abrahamic covenant, hence the Ark can stand for the whole Abrahamic covenant. For Noah's ark, the ark of the covenant, and the Abrahamic covenant are all related. So the equation again is:

Length of covenant + Ten times = Eleven times

(Ark of the covenant) (Tabernacle) (Tent of meeting)

Putting this another way, the eleven times of the tent, directly cover the covenant, only if you first take away the ten times of the tabernacle which was underneath it. Which is what the position was physically. If we take the tabernacle times as years and the tent times as years of years, then we get a length for the covenant of 3950 years (3960 - 10 = 3950). And 1943Nisan to 2008Nisan is 3950 years.

Now we see why David said under inspiration to Jehovah's prophet Nathan:

'See, now I am dwelling in a house of Cedars while the ark of the true God is dwelling in the middle of tent cloths' (2 Sam 7:2)

And again he says:

'Here I am dwelling in a house of Cedars, but the ark of the covenant of Jehovah is under tent cloths' (1 Chron 17:1)

Now there is one further major symbolism in the midst of the tent and the tabernacle, and that is the way they were joined together. Because the tabernacle was sown together into two pieces of five tent cloths each and then these two pieces were joined up by gold hooks and rings. Whereas the tent was sown together to make two pieces, one of five tent cloths and one of six tent cloths, and these two pieces were joined by copper rings and hooks. The six piece cloth then had its sixth cloth, which was the one at the front of the tabernacle folded in half (Ex 36:8-18, 26:1-13). In other words both covers were joined together at the centre, as far as was possible, and in the case of the eleven tent cloths of the tent of meeting, the join was in the centre of all the unfolded cloths, and the remaining cloth itself was folded in half. All of this symbolically confirms in advance that Jesus would come in the middle of the Abrahamic covenant.

And now we see a further reason why the temple curtain, the covering for the ark, from the point of view of the man in the sanctuary, was rent in two as Jesus' death (Mat 27:51). This renting in two of the one ark covering, the temple curtain, is symbolising the same thing that the joins in the tabernacle and in the tent of meeting (the gold and the copper hooks and rings), are symbolising. Furthermore the ark was actually revealed through the Christ, i.e. became visible, or uncovered. Jesus himself revealed to men how they would be saved at the last supper, he even agreed the legal means for everlasting salvation for the heavenly ones. These things are the fulfilment of the words of Habakkuk:

In the MIDST of the years Oh bring it to life! In the MIDST of the years may you make it known (Hab 3:2).

So every time the Jews dismantled their tabernacle in the wilderness, to move it, as they did all over the Sinai Peninsular, the tabernacle cloth and the tent of meeting were both rent in two at the rings and hooks, and the temporally central position of the death of the Christ was being symbolically declared! In particular it was being declared that the ark covering would be removed in the midst of the whole covering of the ark, or in the midst of the Abrahamic covenant, for the covenant covers it all legally and the tent covered it all physically.


This one is very simple. We read in the 'All Scripture' book p286:

At Exodus 12:40,41, Moses records that 'the dwelling of the son of Israel who had dwelt in Egypt was 430 years.' From the above wording it is apparent that not all this 'dwelling' was in Egypt. This time period begins with Abraham's crossing of the Euphrates on his way to Canaan, at which time Jehovah's covenant with Abraham went into effect. The first 215 years of this 'dwelling' was in Canaan, and then an equal period was spent in Egypt, until Israel became completely independent of all Egyptian control and dependency, in 1513 BCE.

Well we become completely independent of all Egyptian dependency at Armageddon, thanks to the efforts of the greater Jacob who is Jesus Christ, who came in the middle of the period ending with such independence and starts with the crossing of the Euphrates, at the beginning of not only the 430 years but also the 3950 years.

In other words just as physical Jacob came into Egypt in the middle of the dwelling of the physical sons of Israel in the 'land' of physical Egypt, so Jesus Christ, the spiritual Jacob, came into spiritual Egypt (the world) in the middle of the dwelling of the spiritual seed, the true seed of Abraham therein, which dwelling started with Abraham himself, when he crossed the river, being baptised, to become such, and ends at Armageddon.

It is like Moses said: Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree desirable to one's sight and good for food, and also the tree of life in the middle of the Garden (Gen 2:9).

This is my gift to you Ray, to convince you that there is a newer covenant and a new baptism following after the first 'new' covenant and the baptism of the heavenly brothers. For the gift does not belong to me because interpretations belong to God. But it was given to me by Jesus through a new covenant, a covenant inaugurated after the end of the heavenly baptism, the covenant for which I was sanctified, matters which we will consider later in this letter. Incidentally interpretations do not belong to Jesus, not everything is his to give, although he himself gives everything:

This sitting down at my right hand and at my left is not mine to give but belongs to those for whom it has been prepared by my father (Matt 20:23).

It was a belonging of Jehovah not a belonging of Jesus, just like his interpretations. But Jesus does give these things at the direction of Jehovah for he himself said:

All authority has been given me in heaven and on earth (Matt 28:18).

John goes further into this logical minefield of who owns what and in what sense in John 16:12-16, I will leave the reader to puzzle it out. This is why the FDS did not get this one and many others, because they have been exclusive over Jesus, their master's, belongings, but they are certainly not exclusive over the belongings of God, which include his interpretations. Actually this was not why they did not get it, this was the legal justification in divine law for Jehovah to give it to whom, he pleased. He desperately wanted to give it to the FDS, as did his son, their brother, but they did not want to know, and they still do not want to know I fear - Do you want to know? - I hope so.



Roger it was you who gave me my talk in the theocratic ministry school on the death bed blessing from Jacob to his sons. It was through the preparation of this talk that I realised that the firstborn son of Jacob had three birthrights, since Reuben and his sons lost all three to Joseph, Judah, Levi and their sons. These three firstborn rights as you know are the kingship, the priesthood and the land inheritance double portion right. So this section is your fault!

These three blessings: the kingship, the priesthood and the family land are not unique to the Family of Jacob, they pervade the whole bible, they are fundamental to the people of God. In the case of the physical family of Jacob, all of the fleshly Jews, these three blessings found physical expression in the Kings of Israel and Judah, the Levitical priesthood and the promised land, very straightforward and easily discernible. For Jehovah teaches by example, but these things are not the big picture, they are the trailer to the big picture, they are a commercial for the big picture, a promotional video for it. The big picture, the great story of these three blessings on all of God's people, is what we will consider in this section which I am dedicating to you, this is your Jelly baby, please do not desert it. It needs your attention, nobody else cares about it, or will look after it other than the writer and his two friends at the moment.

It is my gift to you under the covenant of Keturah, the third wife of Abraham (Gen 25), which is the covenant of peace, which is the second new covenant which is explained in section12 on my jelly baby. For if I am asserting that I am baptised to enter into a second new covenant of spiritual gifts of the spirit, a covenant for a kingdom on earth, and that I have already entered into this covenant, then I had better provide some examples of these gifts! It is also God's gift through Jesus to all men under this covenant. And truly he has much more to give under this covenant than mere understandings.


This section can be skipped if the reader is happy with the concept that God provides by right any group of his people with a king/head administrator, which is generally himself, a priest, and land to live on, a place to live which is blessed, a blessed home exclusively for this group, a place where no one can reside unless they are a member of this group, a place which provides food to sustain the group. This was the garden of Eden for Adam, and was the promised land for the physical Jew, the situation becomes more spiritual with the Christian. We are now going to identify the manifestations of each of these three rights from Adam to Rutherford. Ray should certainly appreciate this because he stole my thunder on Reuben losing his three firstborn rights and gave my 5 minute bible reading talk in his bible highlights talk! An example of repetition for emphasis. So first we define the three terms:

Definition: A priest of a group of men is a person clean to mediate and maintain some sort of relationship between God and the men in the group.

Definition: The king of a group of men is the person who sets the laws for the group of men

Definition: The land of a group of men is the place where they live, where they dwell, and which sustains them, providing sustenance for them.

In this last definition I have defined 'land' by two things which it does for men, namely it gives them a place to live, and it provides food for them etc. These aspects of physical land can be extended down to our modern day spiritual 'land' as we shall see.


Priest: Tree of life

King: Tree of knowledge of good & bad

Land/earth []: Ground & other trees in it

Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree desirable to one's sight and good for food and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad (Gen 2:9).

Hebrew has a word for land/earth [, hares] and a word for ground/soil [, Adam]. In the case of the garden of pleasure, the land, which of course was the whole garden excluding its human and animal inhabitants, was both the ground and what was growing on the ground. He lived on the ground, and the trees provided food, these being the two provisions of the land for him. The work that Jehovah gave to Adam was:

To cultivate it and to take care of it (Gen 2:15).

That is to cultivate the ground and to take care of the trees within the garden. But then when he was thrown out his work became:

To cultivate the ground from which he had been taken (Gen 3:23).

Which was the thorny and thistley ground outside the garden, for he was taken from ground outside the garden and settled in it afterwards by God (Gen 2:15) actually when he was 11 years old see section7.

God was Adam's father and he was Adam's King, he set the law for Adam which was very simple:

From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it dying you will die (Gen 2:16,17).

That was it, things are a bit more complicated nowadays. So this one tree represented the kingship of Jehovah God over Adam. As regards trees representing kingship, I need write nothing more about this to Jehovah's witnesses.

Now the tree of life on the other hand was constantly available to all inhabitants of the garden. This tree mediated indefinitely lasting life to all the inhabitants of the land. At this point I must make two definitions:

Life until time indefinite: Is life which has no predetermined end point or maximum. Literally there is no definite, or defined end to this life. It may however end at some future date which has not as yet been defined. It is life until further notice, where such further notice has not yet been given and may be given at some future date or may in fact never be given.

Life everlasting: This is life for ever. The mathematical definition of this is that at any future date, one is still living. Life everlasting is life until time indefinite with the extra guarantee, that there will never be a definite time after which one is not living. It is life until further notice where such further notice will never be given.

These definitions are not a matter of bible interpretation, they are a matter of Logic and language. The society has done well in translating the two different Hebrew words for these two concepts:

, Time indefinite: Literally hidden time

Forever, literally: Until

The hidden time meaning, seems to imply that there actually is a hidden limit, in which case the translation as 'time indefinite', or 'a time not yet defined' would not strictly be correct, for such a time may never be defined. However if we allow ourselves the latitude that the time hidden may itself be forever, then we can correctly translate a hidden time as being time indefinite. Whether this is the true meaning of the Hebrew I do not at this point know.

The 'until' symbolism is rather a wonderful use of language, it is an omission symbolism, because the obvious question is until when?, but the when is deliberately omitted, which is symbolically saying: there is no when, no hidden time, there will be notice of termination at any future date. Not only did the Hebrew language involve omission symbolism, but the bible itself uses it see section [3.5]. It is as the Psalm says:

Jehovah will rule as king to time indefinite [] even forever [], the prefix means 'to' and the prefix means 'and'.

So Adam had life until time indefinite in the Garden of Eden, he did not have everlasting life, the tree of knowledge of good and bad, with its associated death penalty meant that at some indefinite future time he could have died. Now a man who has no preset time of death from God is not under a death penalty and is therefore judicially alive.

Furthermore Adam had not sinned before his eviction sin because it was not actually possible for him to sin in the garden, unless he ate from the tree. Putting this crudely, he could have murdered his wife, and for him this would not have been a sin, because for him sin was very simple, it was eating from the tree. The tree was the Law of Moses for him, the one commandment, rather than the 10 commandments. Of course he prefigured Jesus, so he could not have sinned before he ate. Therefore Adam was not only clean in the flesh, which is obvious, but he was also clean in spirit, like the loyal angels, for he had no consciousness of sin, this being the definition of the man who is sanctified in spirit - see section[6.18].

Briefly, he was a member of Jehovah's judicially living family, he actually had the same judicial state as angel Michael before his fall. Now this state of having no consciousness of sin is achieved today by God imputing a clean conscience to a man. This being the forgiveness of all his sins in the past and until time indefinite. The request for a clean conscience is the baptism in holy spirit, the sanctification of the spirit. For a good conscience is a clean spirit, because one's spirit is ones mental inclination, it determines future acts. The cleanliness of the flesh, which is achieved by water baptism is a forgiveness of past sins, on the basis of repentance from dead works, the putting away of the filth of the flesh, which one does in the bath, for Peter said as regards that which corresponded to the saving of the 8 souls:

That which corresponds to this is also now saving you, namely baptism, not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the request made to God for a good conscience, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:21).

So the latter is the sanctification of the spirit in Jesus' blood, the former is the baptism of John. Adam never had any consciousness of sin until he fell, he was judicially alive, or spiritually alive, as Paul would say:

The spiritual lives of righteous ones who have been made perfect (Heb 12:23).

The tree of life is declaring the judicial life of Adam, not the physical life of Adam. The great crowd do not have this judicial life today, that is why they are referred to as the 'dead' by John in Revelation, and as Jesus said, 'let the dead bury the dead', itself a witness to the fact that the disciples were judicially alive at that time, before the new covenant was made. On the day that Adam sinned he lost this life, for Jehovah's command was:

From every tree of the garden, to eat, you may eat, and from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, not you must eat from him, because in the day of to eat you from him, dying you will die (Gen 2:16,17 literal translation).

And Adam did die on the day that he ate, not physically, but judicially. He also started dying physically, in that he started ageing, hence, 'dying you will die'. However Eve recited this command to Satan differently, saying:

From fruit of tree of the garden, we may eat, and from fruit of the tree that in middle of the garden he said, God, not you must eat from him, and not you must touch in him, lest you will die (Gen 3:2,2 - literal translation).

Eve is bearing witness to the loss of physical life, 'you will die', this not being 'in the day' of eating but in the future. When God chucked them out he said:

And now, lest he reach out hand of him, and he take also from tree of life, and he eat and he live to time indefinite - and he sent him, Jehovah, from the garden of Eden (3:22,23).

So eating from the tree of life imparted life until time indefinite, the life that Adam had in the garden of Eden. The tree was therefore a priest mediating judicial life.


King: Jehovah

Priest: Father

Land: Their part of the tribes inheritance

This is straight forward. The father was the administrative head of the family but he was not the king, it was Jehovah who set all the laws for each family not each individual family head, although he was at liberty to add to them but not to break them, he was a subordinate to God. Neither was the Father the entire administration however, the mother had a large part to play there:

Observe, Oh my son, the commandment of your father, and do not forsake the law of your mother (Prov 6:20).

The father was the family priest in the sense that he mediated his son's entrance into the nation of Israel, which was in a covenant relationship with God, by naming him when he was 8 days old at his circumcision.

And on the 8th day they came to circumcise the young child, and they were going to call it by the name of its father Zechariah. But its mother answered and said: No indeed! but he shall be called John...then they went asking its father by signs what he wanted it to be called, and he asked for a tablet and he wrote: John is its name, at that they all marvelled (Luke 1:59-63).

The father was the ultimate arbiter of his son's name, Zechariah named him John. Fathers do name sons, for the request made to God for a clean conscience is a request for a name in the heavens, albeit a temporary one, it is a request for membership of God's holy family, and it is granted by the God the father.

We also know that every Hebrew family had a specific land allotted to them which could not be sold in perpetuity:

And no inheritance of the sons of Israel should circulate from tribe to tribe, because the sons of Israel should cleave, each one, to the inheritance of the tribe of his forefathers (Numbers 36:7).


To Jehovah the whole Nation was still Jacob's family even though he died hundreds of years before Moses was given the law.

And you must say to Pharaoh: This is what Jehovah has said: Israel is my son, my firstborn (Ex 4:22)

When Israel was a boy, then I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son (Hosea 11:1).

King: Jehovah

Priests: Aaron & Sons

Land: Promised land

There is not much argument with this. Certainly Jehovah was the king of Israel, he set the laws for them, Moses did not think them up. He also owned the promised land 'the land is mine' (Lev 25:23). They were living on his family estate. Furthermore he actually declared that he was their king:

Then Jehovah said to Samuel: Listen to the voice of the people as respect all that they say to you, for it is not you whom they have rejected, but it is I, whom they have rejected from, being king over them (1 Samuel 8:7).

We know too that David and Solomon sat on Jehovah's throne (1 Chron 29:23).


Spiritual Israel:

King: Jehovah

Priest: Jesus

Land: FDS

The great crowd:

King: Jehovah

Priest: Any baptised brother

Land: FDS

Today the FDS provide us with our food, our milk and honey one could say, and they provide us with our dwelling place, from the spiritual point of view which is the congregation. Not physically in the kingdom hall, but our national identity is by means of our membership of these units, and this is our camp of Israel or our garden of Eden, the congregation is the ground that Jehovah owns, which we all cultivate, by encouraging each other and helping each other. We also try and plant new trees in it by means of field service. In any event the Hebrew word for Ground is 'Adam' which is of course man. The FDS are the trees which provide food. For the scripture says:

Who then is the faithful and wise servant, whom his master made ruler over his household, to give them food in due season? (Matt 24:45 NKJ).

Food in due season is what trees and crops produce, it is what the land produces. The household is the ground, the FDS who have the feeding responsibility are the trees in Edenic symbolism. Of course we also cultivate ground which is outside our land, and having produced a nice tree we transplant it into our land, and there are many differing agricultural symbolisms for that occupation, but we are addressing the three blessings of membership of God's family in this section not the efforts to expand it.

I would respectfully suggest that Jesus is not our king right now but is rather our prince, in fact the prince of peace. For if he is our King then when pray is the scripture to be fulfilled which says:

And the princely rule will come to be upon his shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Prince of peace. To the abundance of princely rule and to peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom in order to establish it firmly and to sustain it by means of justice and by means of righteousness, from now on until time indefinite the very Zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this (Isaiah 9:6,7)?

He certainly is not a prince in the 1,000 year kingdom, his is a king then. So the only time he could possibly be a ruling as a prince is between 1914Tishri and Armageddon, in order to establish his kingdom firmly. After Armageddon it is totally secure. Two wonderful cryptic witness to this are the complaints of the ungrateful Israelites to Moses, saying:

Is it so little a thing that you have brought us up out of a land flowing with milk and honey to put us to death in the wilderness, that you should also try to play the prince over us to the limit? (Numbers 16:13).

The cryptic answer is yes, the greater Moses will do just that! And the complaint of the Israel wrongdoer:

Who appointed you prince and judge over us? (Ex 2:14).

Another good question! Could it be the one who 'decreed the appointed times and the set limits of the dwelling of men'? (Acts 17:26).

As regards the priests for the great crowd, well any brother who has clean flesh himself can bathe another brother in order that his flesh becomes clean. This is pointless of course without the approval of the FDS, but nevertheless the one with such approval has no more cleanliness than his having been dipped himself. The situation is not the same for the anointed ones. They are baptised from heaven by the one who baptises in holy spirit, Jesus, or possibly more recently by Peter and his brothers, after all they did it as humans.

As a final witness to the three blessings, we have the City of Jerusalem:

King: Mount Zion, and palace

Priest: Mount Moriah, and temple

Land: Rest of the ground of the city and administrative buildings


Having grasped the concept that God's people are blessed not only with him as King but also with a priesthood and some land we are now in a position to ask the 64 million dollar question:

Since the Gentile Times is a malediction on one of these 3 blessings, namely the kingship, could it be that there are two similar maledictions on the priesthood and the land inheritance??

The answer to this question is - yes there are. With research, it is not answering questions which is necessarily the problem it is finding the right questions to ask that is the problem. The land inheritance malediction I have called the Exedenic times, for reasons that will become obvious, and the priesthood malediction I have called the Alienation times. It turns out that both of these new maledictions are 7 times long or 2,520 years long, just like the good old Gentile times which we all know and love, which is now relegated to the position of kingship malediction, amongst two other maledictions, it is one of the 3. 3 of the scriptures which we quoted at the start of the letter bear witness to these two new periods, namely:

For that reason anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance 7 times (Gen 4:15).

And the priest must dip his finger in the blood and spatter some of the blood 7 times before Jehovah in front of the curtain of the holy place (Lev 4:6).

I shall then have to walk in heated opposition to you, and I, yes I, shall have to chastise you 7 times for your sins (Lev 26:28).

The first one is a witness to the Exedenic times and the second two are witnesses to the Alienation times.


It is not at all difficult to see that crudely speaking God's people were Exedenic or not on Jehovah's land from the date that Adam was thrown out of the garden of Eden until the day that they entered into the promised land. This period is certainly a land inheritance malediction on God's people. Certainly the garden of Eden was a blessed land, having 'every tree desirable to one's sight and good for food'. And the word 'Eden' means pleasure, not pain (Insight - Eden). As regards the promised land we read:

And to Joseph he said: May his land be continually blessed from Jehovah with the choice things of heaven, with dew, and with the watery deep lying down below (Deut 33:13).

And he will give to you the blessing of Abraham, to you and to your seed with you, that you may take possession of the land of your alien residences, which God has given to Abraham (Gen 48:3).

When you have eaten and satisfied yourself you must also bless Jehovah your God for the good land that he has given you (Deut 8:10).

However, no one should come to be poor among you, because Jehovah will without fail bless you in the land that Jehovah you God is giving you as an inheritance to take possession of it (Deut 15:4).

So the ground within it was blessed and the people were blessed in it and it was a good land, it is of course an archetype for the Kingdom of God, which is an antitype for the garden of Eden. As regards the entrance into the promised land we read:

And the people came up out of the Jordan on the tenth of the first month and took up camping at Gilgal on the eastern border of Jericho (Joshua 4:19).

And the sons of Israel continued to camp at Gilgal, and they proceeded to carry out the passover on the 14th day of the month, in the evening, on the desert plains of Jericho. And they began to eat some of the yield of the land the next day [construct] of the passover, unfermented cakes and roasted grains on this same day. Then the manna ceased on the next day [absolute] in their eating from food of the land [literal]. And no longer he was to sons of Israel manna, and they ate from produce of land of Canaan in the year the that (Joshua 5:10-12).

So God's people began to eat the produce of the promised land on 1473Nisan15, having celebrated the passover on 1473Nisan14. This day was the end of the land inheritance malediction, the first day of the festival of cakes. There is wonderful cryptic meaning in the concept that the manna stopped on that day, which is not the day after the eating of the food but rather the day after the passover, because literally the scripture asks:

Then what is it? ceased on the next day, in their eating food from the land (Joshua 5:12).

For 'manna' means 'what is it', the answer to his cryptic question is that it was the land exile that ceased, or the Exedenic times stopped on that day. The first day that they ate food from the promised land. The last time that mankind had eaten food from any blessed land of Jehovah prior to that was when Adam ate the fruit!!


The Exedenic times is not necessarily a period during which the ground which God's people find themselves on is cursed, it is a period during which God's people are not on ground that is blessed. When Adam sinned Jehovah said:

Cursed is the ground on your account. In pain you will eat its produce all the days of your life. And thorns and thistles it will grow for you, and you must eat the vegetation of the field. In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return (Gen 3:17,18).

Adam did eat its produce in pain all the days of his life, but the curse on the ground did not extend too long after he died for it was lifted when the earth was baptised in the flood. Because Lamech said of Noah:

This one will bring us comfort from the pain of our hands resulting from the ground which Jehovah has cursed (Gen 5:29).

And Jehovah said after Noah had made his offering to him:

Never again shall I call down evil upon the ground on man's account, because the inclination of the heart of man is bad from his youth up. And never again shall I deal every living thing a blow just as I have done. For all the days that the earth continues, seed sowing and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter and day and night will never cease (Gen 8:21,22).

This statement implies that these things did cease in some way during the flood. In any event this is a covenant not to curse the land again and it would be pointless to enter into such a covenant if in fact the land was still cursed, for this would render the covenant meaningless. So the flood ended the physical land curse, basically it 'baptised' the planet. However the land was not blessed at that time. There are three states for land, in fact for anything, and these are blessed, cursed, and neither of the above. For instance those under law had the benefit of the blessing and the penalty of the malediction, but those not under law had neither.


Cursed is the ground on your account. In pain you will eat its produce all the days of your life. And thorns and thistles it will grow for you, and you must eat the vegetation of the field. In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return (Gen 3:17,18).

There is more to this scripture than a curse on the ground which ended in the flood. For Adam himself is cursed in that he will eat the produce of cursed ground all of the days of his life. But then he is cursed further in that he will eat bread in the sweat of his face until he returns to the ground, for out of it he was taken. Now this latter curse about sweating is not limited by the phrase 'all the days of your life'. The literal meaning of this curse is the same as the meaning of the 'pain' curse but the symbolic meaning refers to his being returned to the Edenic ground from which he was taken, and is not limited by the day of Adam's life, which is what the omission symbolism [3.5] is saying. For he was taken out of the ground of the garden of Eden at his fall, as well as his being taken out of the ground outside the garden when he was created. We know that there is a further meaning to this second recital of the curse on Adam's food because it is a second recital and two recitals mean two fulfilments - section [3.3].

Adam returns to the ground from which he was taken when his sons enter the promised land, at which time his eating bread in the sweat of his face ends, because it is a land flowing with milk and honey. This penalty prescribed by God for Adam, mentions the nature of the Exedenic malediction on him, by defining his difficulty in obtaining food, a thing produced by land.


Adam committed an act of idolatry and some years later in fact it was 3928Sivan, but we aren't proving this in this letter, his firstborn son committed an act of murder. The two acts are not unrelated for he who does not care for God will eventually cease caring for his brother. Likewise the two penalties pronounced on them are related, as regards Cain, God said:

And now you are cursed in banishment from the ground, which has opened it mouth to receive your brother's blood at your hand. When you cultivate the ground it will not give you back its power/yield. A wanderer and a fugitive you will become in the earth (Gen 4:11,12).

So Adam was banished from Eden, and the land outside was cursed, whereas Cain was banished from the ground, denied any cultivating success, becoming a wandering roaming fugitive from Jehovah's justice. Cain's penalty is a straightforward land malediction for him. Adam was banished from blessed land and Cain was banished even from cursed land!

Therefore Cain has come under a further land malediction in addition to the one on Adam.

One reason why land figured so much in the punishment for what was a murder is that land was the reason why Jehovah rejected the sacrifice of Cain in the first place. For Cain offered to God the fruits of the ground, after the ground had been cursed because of Adam. So Cain offered to God cursed fruits. This was not a good idea. And he had no excuse because his younger brother, who by definition had had less spiritual instruction from his father than him, did not make this elementary mistake. He understood and furthermore it is evident that he accepted that the ground was cursed and therefore offered no fruits of the ground. Instead, he even offered a firstborn blood sacrifice, showing a great spiritual appreciation.

Cain then complains about this extra land malediction, and Jehovah responds to Cain with the wonderful phrase:

Therefore/for that reason everyone/anyone [Y] killing Cain 7 times he will be avenged [] (Gen 4:15 lit NIVHEOT)

For that reason anyone killing Cain must suffer vengeance 7 times (Gen 4:15 NWT)

This wording, in fact the whole of this chapter of Genesis is hyperintelligent, and it is all tied up in a knot, as Daniel foretold (Dan 5:12). If we assume that killing Cain is meant literally then the penalty that Jehovah is prescribing is a soul for 7 souls. This is not the justice of the one who decreed to Moses you shall give soul for soul. Therefore killing Cain is not meant literally in this scripture. Jesus himself spoke similarly when he said:

Let the dead bury their dead (Matt 8:22).

There is no literal meaning to this scripture with the first word 'dead' actually meaning 'physically dead'. One has to take the first word symbolically to get any sense out of the phrase. So the same is true of the killers of Cain. In fact the literal protection for Cain is described in the next sentence:

And so Jehovah set up a sign for Cain in order that no one finding him should strike him (Gen 4:15)

And he put, Jehovah, to Cain, sign/mark

to not to strike/smite him, every [one] finding him (Gen 4:15 NIVHEOT)

Of course this would be a lot more use to him than the knowledge that someone who did kill him would be punished. What this sign was I do not know. But I do know that it wasn't a sign with the wording that everybody who kills Cain will be avenged 7 times, because the sign was not to strike him, rather than not to kill him. But this did not stop Lamech, a descendant of Cain being aware of the penalty for 'killing Cain' and coming up with an equally symbolic penalty for those who 'killed him'.

This is an exposition of divine intelligence. The fact that physical Cain himself would be more interested in a sign saying 'God says do not hit me' than he would in a covenant from God to deal with anybody who succeeded in killing him, is itself declaring that the killers of Cain penalty relates to the symbolic killers and the sign is the literal protection. Putting this another way, the true God is using the literal sense of the account to dictate which part of the account is symbolic. He has therefore written a self decoding account. In fact the holy spirit has done more than this, it has actually written a self-decoding book, the bible.

A further reason why the phrase everyone/anyone killing Cain could not be literal is found by asking the question: How could more than one person kill Cain, physically? Were they going to take it in turns? or all do it together in one giant group? Why did this penalty not read: The one who kills Cain, 7 times he will be avenged? Evidently this is an entirely symbolic killing of Cain, performed by a large number of people.

Although the vengeance penalty has no literal meaning, the literal symbolism for the symbolic meaning prohibits a 7 fold repetition of the same act of vengeance since as we mentioned above Jehovah's justice is soul for soul, not soul for 7 souls. Therefore the '7 times' part of the penalty means a period of 7 times, or 2520 years.

It is God who is covenanting to take this vengeance on behalf of Cain. He is the one who says: Vengeance is mine. Cain would not be able to avenge anybody if he were dead. Again using the literal to dictate the symbolic meaning. Now a vengeance covenant from God on his people is a malediction, this is God's means of vengeance for his people. It is even written in the malediction of the law of Moses:

And I shall certainly bring upon you a sword wreaking vengeance for the covenant (Lev 26:25).

So finally we are able to interpret this wonderful penalty as:

Everyone killing Cain will suffer a malediction of 2520 years.

There are no prizes for guessing what malediction this is, it is the Exedenic times. And the killers of Cain are the true worshippers among the sons of Adam, because Cain was the original false worshipper amongst Adam's sons. We are identifying, or equating, Cain with his form of worship. So the true worshippers, the Cain-killers would once again enter a blessed land 2520 years after they left it. If you like the vengeance that was wrought on behalf of Abel, by men, was not a physical retribution immediately on physical Cain it was a spiritual retribution 7 times after the very first act of false worship by Adam, which was the instigation of 'Cainism'. Jehovah was not addressing the physical with his vengeance covenant he was addressing the spiritual.

These avengers of Abel were not the Pain-killers of the Pain of the hands that Adam suffered due to the land being cursed, for Noah and the flood removed that malediction. No, but after the Pain killers, then we have the Cain-killers! These were the sons of Israel, the firstborn of God, who avenged Abel, by killing Cain, the firstborn of Adam. And they re-established true worship in a blessed land. As God said:

Israel is my son, my firstborn (Ex 4:22).

Now we do know that this malediction started with Adam's eviction, and we also know that the malediction ended on 1473Nisan15, therefore we deduce that Adam was thrown out of the garden in Nisan 3993 BCE, 2520 years to the month before the Jews entered the promised land under Joshua. In fact Adam sinned on 3993Nisan14 as we shall find out in section [6.11]. Putting this diagrammatically:


3993Nisan 1473Nisan

Adam evicted from Eden Jews enter promised land


2,520 years, or 7 times

If you understand this, then you have become one of:

The wise men having knowledge of the times (Esther 1:13).


In the law there is an example of a 7 day quarantine outside the camp due to uncleanness, resulting from the desires of a presumptuous woman and an easily led man, rather like Adam and Eve. This was a land/administration quarantine/malediction and so it could represent the Exedenic times, taking a day for a year of years, i.e. a day for a year twice.

In this little drama, there is a modern day fulfilment which I am not permitted to disclose right now and there is also a fulfilment involving Adam and Eve which we will look at now. For with Jehovah's people the same thing happens again and again. It is a wise man who can learn from the mistakes of his forefathers, and wise men are rare. The symbolism we look at is:

Aaron Adam

Miriam Adam's offspring: Eve onwards

Moses Michael

Cushite wife Edenic covenant

Cush Satan

In the garden of Eden Adam's offspring was Eve, the one made by God from his rib. Michael was God's spokesman to Adam and Eve we know, for he is 'the word'. And in Eden there was an Edenic covenant, which was basically: do not eat from this tree. So just as Hagar and Sarah, the wives of Abraham symbolised the law and the new covenants, the sub-covenants of the Abrahamic covenant, so the Edenic covenant, the Cushite wife of the greater Moses, was presumably a sub-covenant of the Michaelic covenant, by which I mean the covenant by which Jesus is God's spokesman. For Michael would have mediated the Edenic covenant to Adam. And in order to do this he would have needed to have had a covenant himself with God. Satan is symbolised by Cush, because Cush was the physical father of Nimrod whereas Satan was the spiritual father of Nimrod, in the sense that Nimrod demonstrated the spirit of Satan. Neither is it impossible for Satan to have actually possessed Nimrod. This covenant was Cushite in the sense that Satan was the anointed Cherub covering Eden, so he had some position in the Edenic covenant arrangement, and of course he terminated it, abusing his position.

Now it is certainly true to say that: Miriam and Aaron began to speak against Moses on account of the Cushite wife whom he had taken. And they kept saying is it just by Moses Jehovah has spoken? Is it not by us also that he has spoken (Numbers 12:1,2).

This would have been precisely the conversation that Adam and Eve had after Eve had eaten the fruit: It's an unfair covenant, why can't we eat from it, Jehovah is hiding things from us? As regards the question: 'Is it just by Moses Jehovah has spoken', well in the edenic fulfilment this was the very question that was asked about the snake, is it just by Michael that Jehovah has spoken? The second question: 'Is it not by us also that he has spoken?', well Jehovah has said many things through the behaviour of Adam and Eve.

Michael, Adam and Eve were two brothers and a sister, for all three were in Jehovah's judicially living family before the sin. Eve spoke against the covenant, the Cushite wife, by eating the fruit and Adam was led along by her, as in the case of Miriam and Aaron. These two also spoke against Michael by their actions too, for he is supporting Jehovah and they were opposing him, in their ignorance, and he had mediated the tree covenant to them, which they broke, or maybe Satan did this, since it was a Cushite wife? The result was that all of Adam's offspring became unclean in the flesh, lepers in fact like Miriam. So they were thrown out of Eden and Miriam was thrown out of the camp. Adam himself was also evicted, but he died before Abraham, so he never saw the promised land of the Jews. However his offspring did return to the promised land 7 years of years later, and this is prefigured by Miriam's return 7 days later, for Eve was to be the mother of everyone living. So these 7 days are the 7 years of years or the 7 times of the Exedenic times in one symbolism.


It was not an easy birth but as John says: When she has brought forth the young child, she remembers the tribulation no more, because of the joy that a man has been born into the world (John 16:21). Now that we know that Adam sinned in Nisan3993, things are easy. So when did the 7th creative day begin? when was the true God's last act of creation?

In the 1975 debacle, which actually was not a bad guess at the date of the end, we thought that maybe the last creative day began when Adam was born, which we thought was in 4026 BCE. In fact he was born on 4027 Tishri 10, see appendix[3]. The reason that the sheep were speculating and going all over the place, and many were lost at that time, was that the shepherd himself was lost, he did not know whether 1975 was the correct date or not, and neither was he prepared publicly to admit this. When the sheep go astray only the blind ones blame the sheep with statements like: Certain brothers ran ahead etc. Is it the fault of the sheep when they go astray? Certainly not, it is the fault of the shepherd, for the scripture says:

Everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded of him. And the one people put in charge of much, they will demand more than usual of him (Luke 12:48).

This is what I like about Bill Martin and Ted Wright, because they give it to us straight. Ted said, look! the reason that the FDS have not told us whether all the anointed will be in heaven before Armageddon is that they just do not know. And just like they say they do not know that today, neither did they know either what was happening in 1975, although they weren't prepared to admit it then, that is why the sheep were wandering all over the place, the shepherd himself was actually lost. Now Bill has said to us look! 12% of brothers are doing no field service and missing the meetings worldwide. And the worldwide response has been to beat the sheep because they are going astray. But this is Satan's response, he always blames the lowly one, do we not know that God is with the lowly one? he blames the lofty one.

It is not the fault of the sheep that 12% of them are drifting around, it is the fault of the shepherd. He has the duty to keep them together, they themselves have no such duty. If the reader will indulge me just for 2 paragraphs, may I venture the opinion that this is the same stupidity as the British government and people showed as regards the trade unions, for. They blamed the workers and their unions for all the strikes, but the strikes were never the fault of the workers, the workers have no duty to look after themselves and avoid strikes, the managers are paid to do that. ICI was a company that recognised this, they said words to the effect of: 'All employee problems are the responsibility of the management, we pay these guys to manage them, that is their job.' Well ICI had God's view, and now our economy is destroyed and there are no unions left to blame, but ICI is still going strong, it has even had a child called Zeneca!

Let us not make the same mistake in 'the truth'. Because everything in this system is provided by God for us to learn from, yes even the government and the trade unions! If we are not prepared to learn from bad then we are kidding ourselves that we are back in Eden, and if we do not learn from bad we will fare no better than Adam did under his edenic test, for he knew no bad before he sinned. The true God provides both the good which comes directly from him, and the bad, which he permits to appear from another source for our instruction, painful as it is. And he is intensifying his teaching as we approach the end, and we are going to see a lot more bad than the problems of the British economy, in order to make the great crowd, those who are the seed for the earthly kingdom, as resistant as possible to bad.

Returning to the last creative act of God, well certainly creating Eve was a creative act because no fleshly woman had existed before her. But there was also a creative act that God performed on the day that Adam sinned, for the account reads:

And Jehovah God proceeded to make long garments of skin for Adam and for Eve, his wife, to clothe them (Gen 3:21)

So much more becoming than fig leaf loin coverings! This is a beautiful cryptic scripture. The long garments of skin were their new bodies, which replaced their indefinitely long garments of skin, which they had before they sinned. In fact the first Adamic body had a maximum lifetime of 960 years but this is beyond the scope of this letter. Jehovah created two new creations, namely an ageing man and an ageing woman. Before this they had just been created as steady state fleshwise perfect creatures. Now these creatures were to become slowly deteriorating fleshly creatures. It is a masterful thing the Jehovah did, to build a car that slowly deteriorates in an uncontrolled way is easy, but to build one that deteriorates according to plan and maintains all of its faculties during this whole degradation process requires complete understanding of all things mechanical.

In any event, the bible itself describes the new corrupting bodies of Adam and Eve as something that God himself 'proceeded to make'. And the corruption in the bodies is of course a result of and a physical declaration of the corruption in their spirits. But now the very same one, out of his undeserved kindness, is prepared to make a judicial declaration concerning their sons that they are righteous in spirit, through the blood of the Christ. And just as the man's and the woman's bodies became corrupt as they left Eden, so they will become incorruptible, though still mortal, when we enter into the next system, the second Eden at Armageddon see section [10.19].

Scientifically, God would presumably have changed the genes of Adam and Eve, from permanently renewable copies, to slowly degrading copies, and this would have certainly been a divine act of creation, albeit a destructive act of creation. Therefore the seventh creative day began in Nisan 3993BCE, and so it ends 6,000 years later in Nisan 2008CE as we saw in the case of the Midst prophecy. This is my jelly baby for Roger.

In 1874 Charles Taze Russell had one witness to the fact that the Gentile Times would end in 1914 CE. He did not even have any signs of the times! In fact all of the evidence around him belied the proximity of the Lord's day. But that was enough for him!!!

We have now seen two witnesses to the fact that the seventh creative day ends in 2008 CE. Is this enough for us????

Well, if it isn't do not worry, there are five more witnesses yet to come.



Before we can examine the Alienation times, the third great malediction of Balaam [6.30], we need to scrutinize the cleansing process for men, baptism. Well we all know what they say in Christendom:

I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit, go in peace by son!

Oh dear oh dear oh dear! This is no good, lets try again:

In nomine Patris et Filiis et spiritus sanctus, amen, the collection will now be taken!

Not much better really. This is the sort of thing that the religious leaders of Christendom say. But let's not listen to them because they are hypocrites, and many of them are homosexuals, and child molesters, and not a few of them are women posing as priests. Mind you these people are not all goats, there is many a lost sheep in Christendom, and nowadays there are quite a few ewes leading them too! But they are in pitch darkness. In some ways it's a tragedy, in other ways its God's will that the born-again lunatics are kept out of his true religion until such time as the true religion is grown up enough to deal with them. And this time will come, and they will come in, yes even the child molesters of Christendom will see the truth, and will repent, for there is no sin too great for God's forgiveness and there is no man so unrighteous as to be unacceptable to him. But before this time comes let us consider the famous words of Jesus to his apostles:

Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit (Matt 28:19).

How many times have we heard or read this? Many, many many. How many times have we understood what it is saying? Never yet once. Because, as in the case of Matthew 24:36, the above is an incorrect translation, the Kingdom interlinear has:

Having gone your way therefore, make disciples of all the nations, baptising them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit (Matthew 28:19).

Now baptising someone in the name of Jesus, is very different from baptising someone into the name of Jesus. In the former case this is an action done with his authority, in the latter case it is the entry into his name. In fact in the latter case of 'into' we are talking about three different baptisms, into three different names, in the former case of 'in' it could be one baptism with the authority of all three of the names. In fact this three name authority interpretation is how we currently regard this scripture, and all witnesses believe that there are baptised in water, in the name of the Father and the Son and the holy spirit, rather like Inspector Cluseau arrests people in the name of the law.

And if Cluseau was daft and negligent, we are more so, and ignorant with it. In the case of Cluseau his incompetence was hysterical. In the case of Christendom and furthermore in the case of Jehovah's witnesses, our incompetence is laughable. For example, we read:

He is the one whom God has chosen out of all your tribes, to stand to minister in the name of Jehovah (Deut 18:5).

When the prophet speaks in the name of Jehovah, and the word does not occur or come true, that is the word that Jehovah did not speak (Deut 18:22).

Blessed be the one coming in the name of Jehovah (Psalm 118:26).

From this, and from a knowledge of the English language, it is apparent that 'in the name' of has a wide and metaphorical meaning. But 'into the name of' has a very narrow meaning, namely that the candidate ends up wearing that name. For Paul says:

Whatever it is that you do, in word or in work, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, thanking God the Father through him (Col3:17).

So of course we do baptise people in water in the name of Jesus, just like we do the preaching work in his name, but this however is not what Jesus commanded at Matthew 28:19, he was commanding baptisms into 3 different names. Therefore he was commanding 3 different baptisms. There is no instance in the bible of the phrase 'in the name of the holy spirit', no one said: I order you in the name of the holy spirit to get up and walk; or suchlike. So no Christian is recorded as doing anything and verbally proclaiming it to be in the name of the holy spirit. In fact both Peter and Paul did do something in the name of the holy spirit, but neither one of them is recorded as being presumptuous enough to verbalise this. If we say that we are doing anything in the name of the holy spirit, we are making a dire mistake, as we shall see.

There are 6 other scriptures in the holy book which deal with baptism 'in' or 'into' a name, and these are:

Peter said to them: Repent and let each one of you be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ, for forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the free gift of the holy spirit (Acts 2:38).

With that he commanded them to be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ. Then they requested him to remain for some days (Acts 10:48).

For it had not fallen upon any one of them, but they had only been baptised into the name of the Lord Jesus (Acts 8:16).

And he said to them: Did you receive holy spirit when you became believers? They said to him: Why, we have never heard whether there is a holy spirit. And he said: In what then, were you baptised? They said: In John's baptism. Paul said: John baptised with the baptism of repentance, telling the people to believe in the one coming after him, that is Jesus. On hearing this they got baptised into the name of the Lord Jesus (Acts 19:2-5).

The Christ exists divided. Paul was not impaled for you was he? Or were you baptised into the name of Paul? I am thankful that I baptised none of you except Crispus and Gaius, so that no one can say that you were baptised into my name (1 Cor 1:13-15).

Now I do not want you to be ignorant brothers, that our forefathers were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea, and all got baptised into Moses, by means of the cloud and of the sea (1 Cor 10:1,2).

So the scriptures refer to baptisms into the names of Jesus, and of Moses. So what does it mean to be baptised into the name of the Lord Jesus? Well, the scriptures above show that such a baptism is a sanctification in holy spirit, but why should a sanctification in holy spirit be called a baptism into the name of Jesus? How can one enter into his name? Well, if one enters into the name of the Lord Jesus, then one takes his name. One starts carrying his name as one's own name. But how can one do this? Are we to be given the 'name that is above every other name' (Philippians 2:9), as well? Well we have the example in everyday life, it is marriage. When the woman marries the man then she takes his name. She gets this name not because of her works, but because of her love actually. For example Nigel Mansell's wife may well be an awful driver, but she is nevertheless Mrs Mansell, and she has this name not because of her driving ability, but because of their love.

Likewise, the betrothed of the Christ, have his name because of his love for them and their love for him, not because their works are so much to shout about, as his were. So now we have related baptisms to covenants. For those baptised into the name of Lord Jesus, are the bride of Christ, who are the covenanters of the first new covenant.

Likewise with Moses, those baptised into Moses, eventually entered into the Law covenant which contrary to popular opinion was not a covenant between Israel and God himself directly, it was actually a covenant between God and Abraham, and a covenant between Abraham and Moses and a covenant between Moses and Israel. For at the last supper Jesus said:

And I make a covenant with you just as my father has made a covenant with me, for a kingdom (Luke 22:29).

And Paul compared Moses and Jesus saying:

But now [Jesus] has obtained a more excellent public service, so that he is also the mediator of a correspondingly better covenant, which has been legally established upon better promises (Heb 8:6).

And comparing the blood of goats and bulls to the blood of the Christ:

So that is why he is a mediator of a new covenant (Heb 9:15).

He is not described as 'the mediator of the new covenant', because there is to be a further new covenant, just as there was a previous mediator of a covenant, namely Moses. Jesus mediated the new covenant, by being an intermediary not only in relating the covenant but also in establishing the covenant, for his father. God, covenanted with him, validated at his baptism, for him to drink a cup, which he asked to be removed rhetorically and which he did finish when he died, hence we read:

When now he had received the sour wine, Jesus said: It has been accomplished, and bowing his head, he delivered up his spirit (John 19:30).

He drank the sour wine of reproach so that his brothers could drink the sweet wine of salvation. Now God, the one father of Jesus, himself did not covenant directly with Jesus for a kingdom, for he was already legally restricted by his own words to Abraham, the other father of Jesus, referring to which Paul says:

Now the promises were made to Abraham and to his seed. It says not: And to seeds; as in the case of many such, but as in the case of one: And to your seed; who is the Christ (Gal 3:16).

The kings that were coming from the seed of Christ, the greater Isaac, also, in the first origination, came from the seed of Abraham. Since one of the promises made was:

I will make you very very fruitful, and I will make you become nations, and kings will come out of you (Gen 17:6).

Now we certainly know today that this did not only mean that kings would physically be his descendants, but is also meant that kings would be out of this covenant, or through this covenant. Therefore had the father, God, covenanted directly with Jesus for a kingdom, and then Jesus covenanted directly with the kings, then poor old Abraham would have been left in the cold and one of the terms of his covenant would have been broken by God. This is manifestly impossible, therefore we deduce that Jesus was actually speaking about both of his fathers when he said:

My father has made a covenant with me for a kingdom (Luke 22:29).

Basically God covenanted with Jesus for a kingdom as a sub-covenant of his pre-existing covenant with Abraham. In other words God sub-covenanted with Jesus for a kingdom, or he covenanted through Abraham with Jesus for a kingdom. Then Jesus himself covenanted with his brothers. This was his mediation. Likewise God covenanted with Moses through the Abrahamic covenant, he sub-covenanted with Moses, and Moses covenanted with Israel. These covenants all survive the death of their mediators, physically, for all three of Abraham, Moses and Jesus died physically without invalidated or determining any of the covenants. Whereas in legal contracts today, and indeed in marriage, the death ends the covenant.

This leads to an interesting technical point, which is that Abraham and Moses and Jesus, are all judicially, alive today. For when Jehovah said that Abraham was living to him, he meant judicially living, which is the sanctification of the spirit, and as regards Moses, his name was never wiped out of the book of life as he once requested, although Jehovah could have done so at that time [we shall look at what this means later in this section]. So he is still judicially alive today as well. It seems to the writer that were Abraham not alive judicially today then the Abrahamic covenant would actually have ended in 1843BCE when he died physically.

So now we can understand what Jehovah meant when he said to Moses:

Write to you namely the words the these, because upon account of the words the these I made with you covenant, and with Israel (Ex 34:27, NIVHEOT)

He made a covenant with Moses through Abraham, and with Israel, through Abraham and Moses. This also is a consequence of Paul's interpretation as a symbolic drama of Hagar as the law covenant and Sarah and the new covenant, for both were married to Abraham, who is the Abrahamic covenant, placing him as the master mediator between Jesus and men. In fact this is the sense in which truly Abraham is 'the father'. For all nations will be blessed through him.

The above tortuous legal expedition is very important, for it enables us fully to understand what baptism is, and we now define it as follows:

DEFINITION: Baptism is a cleansing from sin to in order to enter into a covenant with God.

One can also deduce this relationship between baptisms and covenants, namely that all baptisms are preparatory cleansings for covenants, by considering forgiveness from sin. Since all baptisms are certainly blessings from God, they must all have been given under the Abrahamic covenant since 1943Nisan. Indeed after having made the Abrahamic covenant, if God did baptise any man outside this covenant, then he would have broken his own promise which was:

All the families of the ground will certainly bless themselves [be blessed] by means of you (Gen 12:3).

So Abraham is the father of all blessings for families of the ground and is therefore the father of all baptisms.

And before father Abraham we had father Noah, and before father Noah, we had father Adam, and these 'fathered' both physically and in the master mediator role, between the unique mediator for men with God himself, Jesus Christ, and earthling men.

All baptisms are for the purpose of entering a covenant. And by now the reader will understand that entering into a covenant with God, means entering into a covenant with a fair old number of middle men the last one of whom has entered into a covenant with God himself. Which brings us to the famous words of Paul:

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus (Heb 8:6).

Only Jesus, who is also Michael, mediates between God and men, he is the 'last one' of the middle men mentioned above. So he mediated the Abrahamic covenant and the law. Consider:

Why then the law? It was added to make transgressions manifest, until the seed should arrive to whom the promise had been made, and it was transmitted through angels, in/by the hand of a mediator (Gal 3:19).

Well Moses, certainly never transmitted anything 'through angels', this mediator was Jesus. Of whom Stephen spoke:

This is the Moses that said to the sons of Israel: God will raise up for you from among your brothers a prophet like me. This is he that came to be among the congregation in the wilderness with the angel that spoke to him on mount Sinai and with our forefathers, and he received the living sacred pronouncements to give to you (Acts 7:38).

And if they are 'living' sacred pronouncements then they have a further fulfilment, and if it was transmitted by 'angels' in the plural, then this was not because it takes 2 angels to keep up with Moses a man who could hardly speak, but it was rather because it has two messages in it and there will be two transmissions of it [3.6]. So this angel spoke with Moses and the forefathers. This scripture is all tied up in the usual knot, Moses and Jesus are almost interchangeable in the above. So Jesus, the word, spoke with Abraham too, so it appears that the true chain of covenants is:

The law: God x Jesus x Abraham x Moses x Israel

The new covenant: God x Jesus x Abraham x Jesus x Israel


There are many righteous men who have logically destroyed this deception of Satan. From Newton, who in my eyes was righteous by his faith in God's creative perfection, it was he who discovered the spurious trinity text in the King James (W1977p244), to Russell, who was righteous in God's eyes. But there now follows a somewhat superfluous but nonetheless absolutely terminal destruction of this nonsense doctrine, whereby a son is his own father, a thing which contradicts the definitions of both 'father' and 'son' and is therefore ill-defined and is therefore non-existent. Any student of mathematics knows this, as Newton did, the father of half of modern pure maths. However precious few people who have taken the name Christians have also taken a degree in mathematics.

For we have seen that the baptism into the name of the Son, is the baptism into the name of Lord Jesus, which is the cleansing for entry into the new covenant. Incidentally, if the new covenant is already in force, at the time of the baptism, i.e. after 33Nisan14, then this baptism is itself the entry into the new covenant. This is apparent from the fact that there was no further making of the new covenant with anybody else other than the 11 on Nisan14. We have also seen that the baptism into Moses was the cleansing for entry into the law covenant. Now both Moses and Jesus were sons of God, for Moses had judicial life, since he himself bore witness saying:

Wipe me out please, from your book that you have written.

However, Jehovah said to Moses: Whoever has sinned against me, I shall wipe him out of my book (Exodus 32:32,33).

So Moses was in the book of judicial life, the book of sanctified spirits, and those who having been in that book, then do not proceed to sealing, which is the righteous decree in spirit are wiped out of the book. Having sinned against the holy spirit, for this is the sin against the holy spirit. This is what the trie God is saying in Exodus 32:33, and Moses is saying: Look! I am sanctified, but I am not yet sealed for Jehovah can still wipe my name out of his book.

Furthermore, both Jesus amd Moses were also sons of Abraham. Now the baptism into the name of the father, must also be a cleansing for entry into a covenant mediated by a father. But it is not possible for this father to be God, because he cannot mediate a covenant between himself and himself, and neither can there be a covenant between himself and himself. It is like Paul said:

Now there is no mediator where only one person is involved, but God is only one (Gal 3:20).

So this father, whose name we are baptised into, cannot be God, therefore it is Abraham. And the baptism into the name of the father, is the cleansing for entry into the Abrahamic covenant, and since the first cleansing for such entrance occurred when Abraham crossed the Euphrates in 1943Nisan, when the covenant was validated or inaugurated, or started, then from that time, the baptism into the name of the father, has been the baptism into the name of Abraham, which is the entrance into the Abrahamic covenant, which is the becoming of one of his true seed, one of his children of the faith. For like Paul said:

Not all who spring from Israel are really Israel. Neither because they are Abraham's seed are they all children, but: What will be called 'your seed' will be through Isaac (Romans 9:6,7).

Paul was talking about spiritual Israel, in the literal meaning, but it applies to all the true children of Abraham, these are none other than all those who are covenanters with God through Abraham, this being how one is saved under the Abrahamic covenant. And for such covenanters Abraham is their father, and just as the wife takes the name of the husband so the son takes the name of the father. This is how one is baptised into the name of Abraham. For when you become a part of his family then you are given the family name. The scriptures are full or references to the fatherhood of Abraham:

And your name will not be called Abram anymore, and your name must become Abraham, because a father of a crowd of nations I will make you (Gen 17:5).

So Abraham's very name, means his fatherhood of his sons under the Abrahamic covenant. And Paul confirms this with the words:

He is the father of us all, just as it is written: I have appointed you a father of many nations. This was in the sight of the one in whom he had faith, even of God, who makes the dead alive and calls the things that are not as though they are (Romans 4:16,17).

He is the father into whose name we are baptised, and this making of the dead alive is the sanctification of the spirit, the baptism into the name of the Son, and this calling of things that are not as though they are is the righteous decree in spirit, the baptism into the name of the holy spirit. So he is the one into whose name we are baptised. Not all of the physical seed of Abraham was to become his true seed, his true sons, the covenanters through him with God, those who took his family name. For as Paul said, the seed was through Isaac, not through Ishmael, these two represent the true and the false seed of Abraham. Likewise John the baptist said to those who would not get baptised by him:

Produce fruit that befits repentance. And do not presume to say to yourselves: As a father we have Abraham. For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones....I for my part baptise you with water (Matt 3:11).

He said this because he was actually baptising people, descendants of the twelve foundation stones of Israel, into the Abrahamic covenant, so that those whom he baptised did indeed have as a father, Abraham, and God was indeed raising up true sons of Abraham from the foundation stones of Jacob through John the baptist, thereby effecting a baptism into the name of the father Abraham. But he was also pointing out that all the physical seed of Abraham are not the true seed of him, some of them are in a sense illegitimate. Jesus too intimated this saying:

If you are Abraham's children, do the works of Abraham (John 8:39).

Paul explains that Abraham is:

A father of circumcised offspring, not only to those who adhere to the circumcision, but also to those who walk orderly in the footsteps of that faith while in the uncircumcised state which our father Abraham had (Romans 4:12).

For the covenant and the promises were made before he was circumcised as Paul points out. This is to symbolise the greater application of the Abrahamic covenant beyond the physical seed, to include all those who are baptised legitimately.


In section [7.6], we see that the holy spirit is God's helper, his wife, which is heavenly Jerusalem, which is all of the holy spirits in fact, and none of the unclean spirits. And Actually it is not the Father, who is Abraham or God, it is not the Son, who is Moses or Jesus, it is the Mother, which is heavenly Jerusalem. For Paul says:

But the Jerusalem above is free, and she is our mother (Gal 4:26).

And we have yet another mother to come which is the new Jerusalem to come, the bride of Christ. For why would this bride be getting married to Jesus, the greater Isaac, on the last day of Satan's system if it were not to give birth to a new Israel??? This sort of thing goes further, for we can say that Jehovah, Jesus and the holy spirit are Father, Son and Mother, and then Abraham, Moses and the 144,000 are our father in law, son in law and mother in law.

In any event there is certainly in existence a covenant between God and the holy spirit, for the holy spirit is God's wife. This I do not believe is the covenant between God and his wife that men get baptised into however. It seems to me that this would be ridiculous. I believe that there is a further covenant between God and his wife which we get baptised into but I have no evidence for this at this time. However the baptism into the name of the holy spirit, is the entrance into a covenant between Jehovah and the holy spirit, mediated of course by Jesus, the one who baptises in holy spirit and fire.


I am too tired to provide a logical pathway for this section, and time is short and my heart is heavy with sadness. And I can truly say that whilst I have battled with an angel all night, and whilst I have received a blessing and whilst I have not given up the fight, I have totally been overwhelmed, I have lost the battle by miles and my tent has been overrun, for the bible is perfect in its every word, but every word is written in a language that I can hardly speak. This tongue of course is the pure language of Zephaniah, the code of the bible. So I will simply present a table of the meanings of baptisms and follow it with the scriptures which prove it to be true, leaving the reader to draw what conclusions he wishes:


Name: Abraham Jesus Holy Spirit

Cleanser: Water Blood/Spirit Spirit

Resident: Alien Temporary Permanent

Calling: Foreordained Called Dec. righteous in spirit

Cleaning: Clean flesh Clean conscience Clean period

Cleaned: Body Heart temporary Heart permanent

Forgiving: Sins in past Sins to time indef. Sins for ever

Baptism: Bath of flesh Spirit sanctified Sealing/promise

Status: Dead Living Ever-living

Baptiser: Man/angel Man/angel Angel

But you have been washed clean, but you have been sanctified, but you have been declared righteous in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the spirit of our God (1 Corinthians 6:11).

Those whom he foreordained are the ones he also called. And those whom he called are the ones he also declared to be righteous. Finally those whom he declared righteous are the ones he also glorified (Romans 8:30).

That which corresponds to this is also now saving you, namely baptism, (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the request made to God for a good conscience) through the resurrection of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 3:21).

He was made manifest in flesh, was declared righteous in spirit (1 Timothy 3:16)

For the law of that spirit which gives life in union with Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. For there being an incapability on the part of the law, while it was weak through the flesh, God, by sending his own son, in the likeness of sinful flesh, and concerning sin, condemned sin in the flesh, that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us who walk, not in accord with the flesh, but in accord with the spirit (Romans 8:2-4)

Jesus came in a 120 year length non-adamic garment of skin, so that he looked like any other man of that time. He did not come in a perfect indefinitely lasting garment of skin.

This is he that came by means of water and blood, Jesus Christ. Not with the water only, but with the water and the blood. And the spirit is that which is bearing witness, because the spirit is the truth. For there are 3 witness bearers, the spirit and the water and the blood, and the three are in agreement (1 John 5:6-8).

To the temporary residents scattered about in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bythinia, to the ones chosen according to the foreknowledge of God the father, with sanctification by the spirit, for the purpose of their being obedient and sprinkled with the blood of Jesus Christ. May undeserved kindness and peace be increased to you (1 Peter 1:2)

Let us approach with true hearts in the full assurance of faith, having had our hearts sprinkled from a wicked conscience and our bodies bathed with clean water (Heb 10:22).

For if the blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who have been defiled sanctifies to the extent of cleanness of the flesh, how much more will the blood of the Christ, who through an everlasting spirit offered himself without blemish to God, cleans our consciences from dead works, that we may render sacred service to the living God. So that is why he is a mediator of a new covenant, in order that because a death has occurred, for their release by ransom from the transgressions under the former covenant, the ones who have been called might receive the promise of the everlasting inheritance (Heb 9:14).

Happy are those whose lawless deeds have been pardoned, and whose sins have been covered. Happy is the man whose sin Jehovah will by no means take into account (Romans 4:7,8).

Happy is the one whose revolt is pardoned, whose sin is covered. Happy is the man to whose account Jehovah does not put error, and in whose spirit their is no deceit (Psalm 32:1,2).

The first man is happy because he is clean in the flesh, his dead works of the past are forgiven, his sins that he has already physically committed are wiped out. The second man is happy because all his sins in the past and for an indefinite period in the future are forgiven and pre-forgiven, for god has given him a clean conscience, so that he has no consciousness of sin. Paul explains this cryptically:

For I am not conscious of anything against myself. Yet by this I am not proved righteous, but he that examines me is Jehovah (1 Cor 4:4).

The literal meaning was that Paul was not aware of any sin which he had committed which would be sufficiently grave that there should be an accusation brought against him which would have disqualified him from being an elder. He did not mean that he was a sinless man. For he himself admits:

For the good that I wish, I do not do, but the bad that I do not wish is what I practice (Romans 7:19).

But cryptically and unwittingly, for these words are inspired, Paul is saying that the one who is washed clean in the blood of Jesus has a clean conscience, actually from all sin, for he knows that although he does sin, Jehovah has already discounted this in his case. However this does not mean that he will be declared righteous, which is the baptism into the name of the holy spirit, for this is his sealing, and he may never progress to this point if he loses faith whilst under test, like Adam did. If he does keep his faith however, then he will be sealed, which is the permanent forgiveness of all future sin. This is the love of God, for he is saying to such a man: OK, I am taking you on, and I will never expel you from my school, and in my school you will have your spirit trained and trained until you become a sinless man as was the Christ, until you have the Christlike personality. Furthermore however long it takes in your case, that is how long I will continue the training for you.

For the hearers of the law are not the ones righteous before God, but the doers of the law will be declared righteous (Romans 2:13).

This scripture shows something not included in the table, namely, just as the baptism in holy spirit is perfected by the righteous decree in spirit, which itself is a further baptism, this being an entrance into the marriage covenant between God and the holy spirit, so the baptism in water is perfected by the righteous decree in the flesh. But this decree is not a further baptism, for no further covenant is involved, it is instead a permanent covenanting with God through Abraham, a permanent membership of the Abrahamic covenant. Which is a guarantee of a resurrection in the kingdom of God.


In the case of the law, the baptism into the name of the father - Abraham - occurred when the Jews crossed the Red Sea, for this was their water baptism. This was also the symbolic birth of the nation of Israel, since when a baby is born, the waters of the mother are broken. The baptism into the name of Moses, the Son of Abraham, did not occur until the cloud came down upon mount Sinai. For Paul relates:

Now I do not want you to be ignorant brothers, that our forefathers were all under the cloud and all passed through the sea, and all got baptised into Moses, by means of the cloud and of the sea (1 Cor 10:1,2).

The important thing to realise is that this baptism into Moses was a two stage process, involving the cloud and the sea. This is a further distributive symbolism [3.6]. Furthermore these stages were not concurrent, because the forefathers were not said to be behind or in front of the cloud, but under the cloud. For we read of the exodus:

And Jehovah was going ahead of them in the daytime in a pillar of cloud to lead them by the way, and in the nighttime in a pillar of fire to give them light to go in the daytime and nighttime (Ex 13:21).

Then the angel of the true God, who was going ahead of the camp of Israel departed and went to their rear, and the pillar of cloud departed from their van and stood in the rear of them. So it came to be in between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel (Ex 14:19,20).

Fine, but it never came to be above the camp of Israel, not that cloud, not the one with the angel in it. But there was another cloud that appeared, a dark cloud, and this one was above the camp of Israel, for it came down upon mount Sinai, which by definition is higher than the surrounding plain upon which the camp was pitched. We read:

Look! I am coming to you in a dark cloud, in order that the people may hear when I speak with you, and that in you also they may put faith to time indefinite (Ex 19:9).

This event was on 1513Sivan1 (Ex19:1), this being 40 days after the Jews crossed the Red Sea, they did this on 1513Nisan21, on the last day of cakes, for this festival commemorates their period of eating in haste, which terminated with their crossing this sea. Furthermore, the mother becomes clean on the 40th day, and on Sivan1 the Jews started to clean their mantles, to become clean to covenant the law covenant, with God through Abraham and through Moses, and through Jesus. This covenant was actually made on Sivan3, when we read:

On the third day, when it became morning, it came about that thunders and lightenings began occurring, and a heavy cloud upon the mountain and a very loud sound of a horn, so that all the people who were in the camp began to tremble. Moses now brought the people out of the camp to meet the true God, and they went taking their stand at the base of the mountain (Ex 19:16.17).

This was their baptism by being under the cloud, for they were at the base of the mountain and the cloud was upon the mountain. And they were prohibited from touching the mountain because it was 'sacred' (Ex 19:23). Confirming this geometry of clouds, Moses says:

You are Jehovah, and your cloud is standing over them, and you are going before them in a pillar of cloud by day and in the pillar of fire by night (Numbers 14:14).

Now the Red Sea crossing prefigures the baptism of John, in the Jordan, the cleansing of the flesh, one's past actions, from sin and from dead works, with water, the entrance into the Abrahamic covenant, the baptism into the name of the father Abraham. But the cloud, the heavenly water, is prefiguring the baptism in holy spirit, the cleansing of the spirit, the conscience, the heart, one's future actions, from sin, and from dead works. This is prefiguring the baptism into the name of Lord Jesus. For Haggai later reveals:

[Remember] the thing I concluded [cut] with you people when you came forth from Egypt, and when my spirit was standing in among you, do not be afraid (Haggai 2:5).

So the prophet is identifying Jehovah's cloud with his holy spirit. For this spirit is the cloud was standing in among them, the one that came down upon mount Sinai, and then resided upon the tabernacle, leading them. Whereas today we are led by holy spirit, at least so we declare. In the case of the baptism into the name of Moses, the cleanliness imparted was entirely symbolic. No further forgiveness was extended by the cloud than was already provided by the Sea. But there is one further thing that we learn from the law covenant that was made on the 3rd day of the 3rd month, and that is this:

All the people answered unanimously and said: All that Jehovah has spoken, we are willing to do (Ex:19:8)

And all the people answered with one voice and said: All the words that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do (Ex 24:3).

Finally he took the book of the covenant, and read it in the ears of the people. Then they said: All that Jehovah has spoken we are willing to do and be obedient. So Moses took the blood and sprinkled it upon the people and said: Here is the blood of the covenant that Jehovah has concluded with you as respects all these words (Ex 24:7,8).

Whereas Jesus said: This cup means the new covenant by virtue of my blood, which is to be poured out in your behalf (Luke 22:20).

And Paul said referring literally to the law: Consequently neither was the former [covenant] inaugurated without blood (Heb 9:18).

So this sprinkling of blood by Moses, was the inauguration of the law covenant. But these three acceptances, and the date of this covenant, on the 3rd day of the 3rd month, are saying cryptically, and numeric symbolically that there will be 3 such covenants. Just as the starting of the work on Solomon's temple on the 2nd day of the 2nd month, is saying that there will be two such temples. In the case of the temples it went Solomon, Zerubbabel, in the case of the covenants in has gone, Law, New, 2nd new, or Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, or Hagar, Sarah, Keturah.


And that from all the things from which you could not be declared guiltless by means of the law of Moses, everyone who believes is guiltless by means of this one (Acts 13:39)

Therefore by works of law, no flesh will be declared righteous before him, for by law is the accurate knowledge of sin

But now, apart from law, God's righteousness has been made manifest, as it is borne witness to by the Law and the prophets

Yes God's righteousness through the faith in Jesus Christ, for all those having faith. For there is no distinction.

For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God....

.....even when declaring righteous the man that has faith in Jesus

Where then is the boasting? It is shut out. Through what law? That of works? No indeed, but through the law of faith.

For we reckon that a man (who is obviously under law) is declared righteous by faith apart from works of law

Or is he the God of the Jews only? Is he not also of people of the nations? Yes, of people of the nations also

If truly God is one who will declare circumcised people righteous as a result [out of] faith and the uncircumcised people righteous through their faith

Do we then abolish law by means of our faith? Never may that happen! On the contrary, we establish law (Romans 3:20-31).

Fine under the law of works a man was declared righteous or guiltless or justified in the flesh by faith which perfected his works, and under the law of faith a man is declared righteous in the spirit by works which perfect his faith. The first declaration is truly a declaration of righteousness of faith perfected works, and the second is one of works perfected faith.

In the case of the law of works, our faith establishes it as written in our hearts. In the case of the law of faith, our works establish it as written in our hearts. When we display to God what we are not obligated by law to display then we demonstrate that this law is written in our hearts, or that we do love this law. As is the case with those who have no law of any sort, of whom Paul writes:

For the hearers of law are not the ones righteous before God, but the doers of the law will be declared righteous. For whenever people of the nations that do not have law, do by nature the things of the law, these people, although not having law, are a law unto themselves. They are the very ones who demonstrate the matter of the law to be written in their hearts, while their conscience is bearing witness between them, and between their own thoughts they are being accused or even excused (Romans 2:13-15).

So God judges such people on their response to their own conscience. From this they are accused of excused. Furthermore their excusing is a declaration that they are righteous in their works, i.e. righteous in their flesh, because they are not hearers of the law of their conscience only, they are doers of the law of their conscience.

James has Abraham and Rahab perfecting their faith through works, and being declared righteous, in the flesh, by works of faith, in order to prefigure those who will be declared righteous in the spirit by works of faith, he concludes:

You see that a man is to be declared righteous by works, and not by faith alone.

In the same manner, was not also Rahab, the harlot, declared righteous by works, after she had received the messenger hospitably and sent them out by another way?

Indeed, as the body without spirit is dead, so also faith without works is dead (James 2:24-26).

So the baptism in holy spirit, which is the free gift of the life of the spirit, the cleanliness in spirit, judicial life, is a baptism which starts with faith and ends with works. But should there be faith with no works then the spirit dies, and also the body then dies in Gehenna. Rahab and Abraham were not under law, so their fleshly baptism was faith then works, just as the holy spirit baptism, the circumcision of the heart, is for Christians. Under law however, the fleshly baptism, the greater circumcision of the flesh, was works then faith.

For all those who depend upon works of law are under a curse, for it is written: Cursed is everyone that does not continue in all the things written in the scroll of the law in order to do them

Moreover, that by law no one is declared righteous level with [para] God is evident, because: The righteous one will live by reason of faith

Now the law does not adhere to faith, but: He that does them shall live by means of them (Gal 3:10-12).

So the righteous decree of the law did not result in living level with God, i.e. judicial life. But it did result in life, he lives in the flesh, in the new system, but the curse is that he cannot get into God's judicially living family.


Having grasped the basics opf baptism, we can now investigate the Alienation times, because this period being a priesthood malediction has to do with baptisms, these being the work of priests. The priesthood malediction, is a period during which a priesthood cannot perform its function. The supreme form of priesthood to men is that which carried out by the angels, this being the baptism into the name of the holy spirit, the negotiation of permanent entrance into the living and holy family of the true God. The righteous declaration in spirit, the sealing for release by ransom, the promise of the everlasting inheritance from God. Whilst it is true that Jesus commanded his 11 apostles to baptise into this name (in Matthew 28:19,20) they were not able to do it until they became angels themselves. The Alienation times was the removing of this priesthood and this baptism from men as we shall see.

It is not immediately apparent that this is any form of a malediction suffered by the sons of Adam, because it is not immediately apparent that a permanent entrance into Jehovah's family was available to Adam. If this was not available to Adam then he, or his sons, could hardly be said to be losing it, with such loss being a malediction.

But Adam certainly had judicial life [6.3], and he certainly was under test in the garden. In all examples of tests on humans, his sons with judicial life, in all of the accounts which follow, there were only two outcomes, either Gehenna or everlasting life, it is as Esther said:

As regards any man or woman that comes in to the king at the inner courtyard, who is not called, his one law is to have him put to death, only in the case the king holds out to him the golden sceptre, he will also certainly stay alive (Esther 4:11).

Paul says similarly:

For it is impossible as regards those who have been once for all enlightened, and who have tasted the heavenly free gift, and who have become partakers of holy spirit, and who have tasted the fine word of God and powers of the coming system of things, but who have fallen away, to revive them again to repentance, because they impale the son of God afresh for themselves and expose him to public shame (Hebrews 6:5,6).

A prophecy to be sure, but also an exposition of the judgement on those who are sanctified but fail to be sealed with holy spirit, this being the sin against the holy spirit. Likewise referring to Judas, Jesus said:

Woe to the man through whom the son of man is betrayed! It would have been finer for him if that man had not been born (Matt26:24).

Judas was born from blood, i.e. sanctified, his judicial life was mediated to him, in the precovenant call [7.6], but he deviated and was therefore consigned to the dustbin, having busted his baptism. This puts him in a worse position than the man who is unrighteous in spirit, who was never sanctified, because this man at least can attain to a fleshly resurrection into the kingdom of God.

Now Adam, since he did not live in the post flood system or the post fire system to come (Matt 12:32), did not, in the mercy of God, permanently lose his judicial life when he sinned against the holy spirit, despite the fact that his actions were speaking against it, and amounting to a blasphemy, for Jesus said:

For example, whoever speaks a word against the son of man, it will be forgiven him, but whoever speaks against the holy spirit, it will not be forgiven him, no, not in this system nor in that to come (Matt 12:32).

This is an omission symbolism, the point being made is that the sin against the holy spirit was forgivable in a system before 'this system', i.e. Satan's system. In fact in the system Adam lived in, the Edenic system it was forgivable, but I am not going to make much of this here because I know that it stumbles the frightened ones.

Nevertheless we can deduce that since Adam was condemned in spirit, albeit temporarily, by his sin, he would have been justified or declared righteous in spirit had he resisted his fleshly act. In fact had he done so then rather than sticking to the fleshly woman, his wife, as he himself prophesied, he would have become stuck to the heavenly woman, forever, this being the baptism into the name of the holy spirit. For Genesis 3:15 is not the first prophesy in the bible Genesis 1:1 is the first prophesy, and the second fulfilment of Genesis 1:1 is written in advance by Isaiah and also by Peter who said:

But there are a new heavens and a new earth that are awaiting according to his promise, and in these righteousness is to dwell (2 Peter 3:13).

Likewise when Adam said:

That is why a man will leave his father and his mother and he must stick to his wife and they must become one flesh (Gen 2:24).

Certainly a prophesy, and the first fulfilment was when Adam left his father Jehovah and his mother the heavenly woman, Jehovah's wife, and stuck instead to his wife, this being his sin, an idolatry of Eve, and although he was the first to commit this sin he was not the last.

Actually the account in Genesis does point to the possibility of Adam's sealing whilst he was in Eden, because it says:

And Jehovah God also laid this command upon the man: From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die (Genesis 2:16,17).

So Adam was permitted to eat from the tree of life to satisfaction, and satisfaction as regards life is everlasting life. So had he not been evicted from the garden, then he would have continued eating from the tree of life until he was fully satisfied, which situation symbolises the priesthood of the tree being able to give everlasting life. This means that Adam was sanctified aged 11, at his entry to the garden in 4016Tishri, when he gained access to the tree of life in the middle of the garden (see section [7]). It is interesting to me that Adam's body was changed 22.5 years after this in 3993Nisan, because John says:

Therefore the Jews said: This temple was built in 46 years, and will you raise it up in 3 days? But he was talking about the temple of his body (John 2:21).

So Jesus' body became a spiritual temple after 33,5 years, and it appears that Adam's body became a physical temple after 33.5 years, 22.5 years after its sanctification, which was in fact a temple commissioning, his body being the house containing the high priest at the time. In this sense Adam was inaugurated as high priest of all men (both of them) at his sin, for he was the patriarch??

So we deduce that the test that Adam was under would certainly have resulted in a righteous declaration had he passed it. So the Edenic priesthood symbolised by the tree of life was able to mediate everlasting life.

Having understood this then to find the Alienation Times, we need to find a period in man's history when nobody could attain to everlasting life, i.e. nobody could be baptised into the name of the holy spirit.


As regards the end of this period, we have Pentecost, Sivan 6, 33CE, the festival of weeks.

John gave the answer, saying to all: I for my part baptise you with water, but the one stronger than I is coming, the lace of whose sandals I am not fit to untie. He will baptise you people with holy spirit and fire (Luke 3:16).

And while he was meeting with them he gave them orders: Do not withdraw from Jerusalem, but keep waiting for what the father has promised, about which you heard from me. Because John indeed baptised with water, but you will be baptised in holy spirit not many days after this (Acts 1:5).

And look! I am sending forth upon you, that which is promised by my father. You though abide in the city until you become clothed with power from on high (Luke 24:29).

Now while the day of the festival of Pentecost was in progress they were all together at the same place, and suddenly there occurred from heaven a noise, just like that of a rushing stiff breeze, and it filled the whole house in which they were sitting. And tongues as if of fire became visible to them and were distributed about, and one sat upon each one of them, and they all became filled with holy spirit and started to speak with different tongues, just as the spirit was granting them to make utterance (Acts 2:1-4).

This is what was said through the prophet Joel: And in the last days, God says, I shall pour out some of my spirit upon every sort of flesh (Acts 2:17).

Therefore because he was exalted to the right hand of God and received the promised holy spirit from the father, he has poured out this which you see and hear. Actually David did not ascend to the heavens, but he himself says: The Lord said to my Lord: Sit at my right hand until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet (Acts 2:33-35).

Now these scriptures keep talking about 'that which has been promised by the father'. And the obvious thing that he has promised is the 'helper', the gifts of the spirit, which most certainly were received that day. But since the bible is being deliberately ambiguous as usual, it is apparent that a greater promise was fulfilled also on that day, we are talking about two promises. And this greater promise was the promise made to Abraham, when God said to him:

Look up please, to the heavens and count the stars, if you possibly are able to count them; And he went on to say to him: So your seed will become (Gen 15:5).

And on Sivan 6, 33CE the first men were sealed to be such stars, by being baptised into the name of the holy spirit, which authority Jesus was given by the father, in fulfilment of the words spoken by John the baptist. This being the baptism in holy spirit, 'not many days after this' in fact 11 days after Iyyar 25, the last day of the 40 days of Jesus' appearing to his disciples after he had been resurrected. Because 'actually David did not ascend into the heavens' but the one who made this statement and the rest of the apostles, were sealed to do just that, on that very day. Peter confirms the identity of both of these promises by saying:

Repent and let each one of you be baptised in the name of Jesus Christ for forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the free gift of the holy spirit. For the promise is to you and your children and to all those afar off, just as many as Jehovah our God may call to him (Acts 2:38,39).

So the promise is for the free gift of the holy spirit, as a powerful helper (John 14:26), but also the free gift (Romans 6:23) of everlasting life by Christ Jesus our lord, the baptism into the name of the holy spirit, which follows the baptism into the name of Jesus Christ.


Working on our guess that this period is 2,520 years long, we count backwards from Sivan 33CE and end up in Sivan 2488 BCE, this was in the Hebrew year from Tishri 2499CE to Elul 2488CE, a year which started 118 years before the start of the year of the flood, in Tishri 2371CE. This chronology prompts us to consider Genesis 6, where we find the words:

Now it came about that when men started to grow in numbers on the surface of the ground and daughters were born to them, then the sons of the true God began to notice the daughters of men, that they were good-looking, and they went taking wives for themselves, namely all whom they chose. After that Jehovah said: My spirit shall not act toward man indefinitely, in that also [or - they have erred - Ben Davidson], he flesh. Accordingly his days shall amount to 120 years (Gen 6:1-3).

Here Jehovah is using the sinful to depict the righteous. Whereas the wicked fallen materialised sons of God were choosing wives for themselves, namely whoever they felt like, before this 120 year decree, so were the holy sons of God, the ones who did not materialise, they choosing wives for themselves by baptising them into the name of the holy spirit, thereby mediating their entrance into a covenant with God through the holy spirit, thereby constituting them 'wives' for the holy spirits. And we know that they started doing this again at Pentecost 33CE after the end of the Alienation Times. These holy ones choosing wives for Jesus Christ, rather than themselves at that time.

So in a subtle manner we are being told that yes, the holy angels were picking 'all whom they chose' before this decree. This means that men were being sanctified and sealed by angels in the preflood system. The scriptures, by saying 'for themselves' appear to be indicating that the preflood anointed ones do not make up a further part of the bride of Christ. They appear to be some other 'wife' but in any event they were certainly being declared righteous in spirit.

So we have found the start of the Alienation Times, and furthermore we have confirmed that the Alienation Times was a malediction on heavenly sons of God, the angels. They could not choose whoever they wanted in this malediction, they could perform no sanctifications or sealings of men. However that this did not stop certain men being sanctified in spirit, such as Moses, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. However such sanctification had to be mediated by men, and could not proceed to a sealing, because although men can sanctify in holy spirit they cannot seal in holy spirit. No permanent family membership was possible in this period. Putting this another way angels ceased acting as priests for humans during the Alienation times. Putting this yet another way, sons of God ceased mediating judicial life to sons of Adam. It remains however to prove that this period was truly 7x long.



At the end of every 7 years you should make a release. And this is the manner of the release: There will be a releasing of every creditor of the debt that he may let his fellow incur. He should not press his fellow or his brother for payment, because a release to Jehovah must be called (Deut 15:1,2).

The debt from a man to his fellow is money, the debt from a man to God is sin, the scripture says:

Pay back Caesar's things to Caesar but God's things to God (Mark 12:17).

If one is released from one's sin, and if such release is everlasting, being a once and for all cleansing of the spirit, then one truly is 'released to Jehovah'. So the law here is saying symbolically that there is a 7 times period before a forgiveness of sins of the spirit. This therefore refers to the Alienation times. Furthermore there is a forgiveness of sins at each end of the Alienation times and there is a release to Jehovah at each end of the period of 7 years.


The Jubilee and the festival of weeks both have the same numerical form. Namely a festival followed by 7 sevens followed by a festival. Of the Jubilee we read:

And you must count for yourselves 7 sabbaths of years, 7 times 7 years, and the days of the 7 sabbaths of years must amount to 49 years for you. And you must cause the horn of loud tone to sound in the seventh month on the 10th of the month, on the day of atonement you people should cause the horn to sound in all your land. And you must sanctify the 50th year and proclaim liberty in the land to all its inhabitants. It will become a Jubilee for you, and you must return each one to his possession and you should return each one to his family (Lev 25:8-10).

As regards the Jew his possession was his land and his family were his fleshly mediators of life, as regards the Christian, his possession is his everlasting life, that Satan is trying to rob him of, and his family is the family of God:

For you both expressed sympathy for those in prison and joyfully took the plundering of your belongings, knowing you yourselves have a better and an abiding possession (Heb 10:34).

So each end of seven sabbaths there was a Jubilee, and each end of the 7 times of the Alienation times, there was a spiritual Jubilee, a judicial Jubilee, even a baptism into the name of the holy spirit, a granting of an 'abiding possession'.


Consequently Jehovah saw that the badness of man was abundant in the earth, and every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only bad all the time. And Jehovah felt regrets that he had made men in the earth and he felt hurt at his heart (Gen 6:5,6).

And through him to reconcile again to himself all other things by making peace through the blood he shed on the torture stake, no matter whether they are the things upon the earth or the things in the heavens. Indeed you who were once ALIENATED and enemies because your minds were on the works that were wicked, he has again reconciled by means of that one's fleshly body, through his death (Colossians 1:20,21).

That you were at that particular time without Christ, ALIENATED from the state of Israel and strangers to the covenant of the promise, and you had no hope and were without God in the world. But now, in union with Christ Jesus, you who were once far off have now become near by the blood of Christ. For he is our peace, he who made the two parties one, and destroyed the wall in between them that fenced them off (Ephesians 2:12-14).

Literally he knocked down the wall of the law, that fenced the Jews off from the Gentiles, but symbolically this is a witness to him knocking down the wall of the temple curtain, between the holy and the most holy, which allowed entrance not only of himself into heaven, but also of his 144,000 brothers into the family of God, permanently.

But all things are from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of the reconciliation, namely that God, was by means of Christ Jesus, reconciling a world to himself (2 Corinthians 5:18,19).


When you eventually come into the land that I am giving to you, and you have reaped its harvest, you also bring a sheaf of the firstfruits of your harvest to the priest. And he must wave the sheaf before Jehovah to gain approval for you. Directly the day after the sabbath, the priest should wave it. And on the day to wave you namely the sheaf, you must render up a sound young ram in its first year for a burnt offering to Jehovah...and you must eat no bread nor roasted grain nor new grain until this very day, until your bringing the offering of your God. It is a statute to time indefinite for your generations in all places where you dwell. And you must count for yourselves, from the day after the sabbath, from the day of your bringing the sheaf of the wave offering 7 sabbaths. They should prove to be complete. To the day after the 7th sabbath you should count, 50 days, and you must present a new grain offering to Jehovah. Out of your dwelling places you should bring two loaves as a wave offering. Of two tenths of an ephah of flour they should prove to be. They should be baked leavened, as first ripe fruits to Jehovah. And you must present along with the loaves, seven sound male lambs each a year old... (Lev 23:10-18).

The symbolism here is fascinating. The grain presentation on Nisan 16 is a sheaf, the firstfruits of the harvest, which is waved before Jehovah 'to gain approval', the grain presentation on Sivan 6 is two loaves, of two tenths of an ephah, baked leaven, the first ripe fruits. So there is a harvesting of firstfruits at each end of the 7 sabbaths. Furthermore since they are both waved 'to gain approval' then these represent the humans who have been declared righteous in spirit. For the waving is the period from sanctification until sealing, when the baptism candidate is effectively trying to get noticed by angels who seal him! The sheaf represents those of the preflood baptism, the two loaves baked leavened, together represent to the first two baptisms of this system, those who rise, up to heaven, for the 144,000 are spilt into a first centruy and a second century baptism, see section[8.4]. The two ephahs in each loaf, represent something else. Hereagain two harvests separated by 7 sabbaths, are representing multiple releases separated by 7 times. This leads us nicely on to the wonderful bonuses that bubble forth from a knowledge of the 3 maledictions of 7x decreed upon men by God.


Roger, I sincerely hope that you are still reading about your jelly baby, for it is about to grow up into a young man. Your jelly baby was my firstborn of all the jelly babies and I have given it to you because you are the one who has showed me the most love among the 7 elders. Please do read all through my letter to you Roger. And I am praying that it won't only be me that is giving you this baby but that the holy spirit will do likewise. For love is greater than all sin. Because it is love that has conquered all sin God's love through Christ Jesus. And you have this love in you in my estimation for what its worth. But look! do what you wish with my letter, my letter is not important for you it is important for me, but whatever you do, and whatever you see done, do not lose your love. I am not talking about love for God, Roger, and I am not talking about love for your brothers, and neither I am talking about love for the rest of mankind, I am talking about love period. I am not talking about agape love or philia love or eros love or storge love, just love. For God is love, and all love comes from him, and all the love in the whole universe was his in the first instance. In fact it was his even before he created the universe for he has not changed. It is like John said, the one Jesus loved, referring to God:

As for us, we love, because he first loved us (1 John4:19).

For before God created life he had already in his possession love, the love preceded the life.

True is the scripture which says that the gift God gives is everlasting life. But to me this is not the greatest gift that God gives, the greatest gift he gives is not everlasting life but is everlasting love. For life without love is no sort of gift. And I speak to you, as I am trying to establish in this letter, as a man who has everlasting life as a promise, but there is a greater promise that both I have and you have and that is everlasting love. For whereas I cannot put a price on the invaluable gift of everlasting life, and were it not for the Jehovah's witnesses I never would have known that such a gift was a real possibility. I do now know that this gift is far exceeded in value by everlasting love. Like David said:

Your loving kindness is better than life (Psalm 63:3).

And I know also this, that the one who has everlasting life will eventually possess everlasting love, for one is our God and one is our teacher the father of them both, as Paul would say. So to have life within yourself is one thing, and this is good, but to have love within yourself is another thing and this is better, as Jesus would say. And since God is love and God is life, then love is life and life is love in the final analysis. Hence Moses has said:

And you must choose life in order that you may keep alive, you and your offspring, by loving Jehovah you God, by listening to his voice, and by sticking to him, for he is your life and the length of your days (Deut 30:19).

Moses here did not ask anybody to listen to him or to love him, he asked them to listen to God and to love God. And I ask this too.

So here it is, the relationship between the 3 maledictions and the 3 festivals. The Exedenic times ended on 1473Nisan15, the first day of 'Cakes', the Alienation times ended on 33Sivan6 the first and only day of the festival of 'Weeks', and the Gentile times ended on 1914Tishri15, the first day of the festival of 'Booths'. These 3 festivals are celebrations of the end of the 3 great maledictions on mankind, in the greatest meaning.

We have already seen that the 7 weeks, the 7 sabbaths between the firstfruits of the barley harvest on Nisan16, and the firstfruits of the wheat harvest of Sivan 6 symbolise the 7 times of the Alienation times. We can now see further that the 7 days of cakes symbolise the 7 times of the Exedenic times, and the Sabbath on the first day symbolises the fact that the great Sabbath of Jehovah, the 7th creative day, started at the beginning of these 7 times. Likewise the 7 days of Booths symbolise the 7 times of the Gentile times, with the Solemn assembly, the sabbath on the next day, prefiguring the Sabbath over which the Christ is Lord.


3 times Balaam asked God to curse his people, in 3 different places, and 3 times the result was that:

And Jehovah your God did not want to listen to Balaam, but Jehovah your God changed the malediction into a blessing, because Jehovah your God loved you (Deut 23:5).

As regards the three wonderful attempts to get the true God to curse his own people, we read:

And it came about in the morning that Balak went taking Balaam and bringing him to Bamoth-baal, that he might see from there the whole of the people. Then Balaam said to Balak: Build for me on this spot 7 altars and make ready for me on this spot 7 bulls and 7 rams (Numbers 22:41, 23:1).

So he took him to the field of Zophim, to the top of Pisgah, and proceeded to build 7 altars and to offer up a bull and a ram on each altar (Numbers 23:14).

With that Balak took Balaam to the top of Peor, which looks toward Jeshimon. Then Balaam said to Balak: Build for me on this spot 7 altars and make ready for me on this spot 7 bulls and 7 rams (Numbers 23:28,29).

These 7 altars in the three differing places represent the 7 times of the Exedenic, Alienation and Gentile times, three maledictions lasting 7 times each, not occurring in three different physical places but rather at three different times. For the bible very often uses the spatial to depict the temporal.


And God went on to say to Noah and to his sons with him: And as for me, here I am establishing my covenant with you men and with your offspring after you, and with every living soul that is with you, among fowls, among beasts and among all living creatures of the earth with you, from all those going out of the ark to every living creature of the earth. Yes I do establish my covenant with you:

No more will all flesh be cut off by waters of a deluge

And no more will there occur a deluge to bring the earth to ruin

And God added: This is the sign of the covenant that I am giving between me and you and every living soul that is with you, for the generations to time indefinite:

My rainbow I do give in the cloud, and it must serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. And it shall occur that when I bring a cloud over the earth, then the rainbow will certainly appear in the cloud.....

And God repeated to Noah: This is the sign of the covenant that I do establish between me and all flesh that is upon the earth (Gen 9:8-17).

Ray, although this is in Roger's Jelly baby this is one for you, for perhaps you will agree that this illustration is sublime.

In the literal meaning God is referring to the Noahic covenant which saves all men born in the 526 years from 2469Nisan to 1943Nisan, who live through or after the flood. This is something that is not easy to prove and I am not going into it here. It is preceded by the Adamic covenant which saves all men born from 4027Tishri until 2369Tishri, with the exception of the sons of Noah, the ones who lived through the flood and account for the overlap between the two covenants. The covenant with Noah himself, was actually made some 100 years before this new clause involving his sons was added.

Since God repeated to Noah that the rainbow is the sign of the covenant, then it is also the sign of a further covenant. This further covenant is the Abrahamic covenant. And just as Noah had three sons, who were 'with him' as regards this new clause in the Noahic covenant, and the Noahic covenant extended to them and their offspring, so the Abrahamic covenant has 3 'sons' 3 sub-covenants, which are with it, namely the law, the new covenant and the second new covenant, the one which has led to this letter, see section[12]. Hereagain I cannot go into all of the symbolism of this account for it discloses too much, so we will just concentrate on the verses which say:

My rainbow I do give in the cloud, and it must serve as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth. And it shall occur that when I bring a cloud over the earth, then the rainbow will certainly appear in the cloud.....

The clouds that Jehovah brings are the maledictions of the Gentile times, the Alienation times and the Exedenic times. The cloud obscures the Sun, the light of the world which is the Christ, the Son, and means bad weather or a malediction. But just when the Sun pokes its head around the cloud, at the end of the malediction the beautiful rainbow appears. This rainbow is declaring the blessing at the end of the malediction, and God's heavenly masterpiece is saying to all men, look any malediction will be followed by a blessing. But how long after the malediction starts will the blessing be given. Well in the rainbow there are 7 colours:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet

So colours occur seven times in a rainbow, and this is declaring that the 3 great maledictions upon God's people, the Gentile, Alienation and Exedenic times will last seven times. And Jesus administers the blessing at the end of each malediction. At the end of the Exedenic times he came as the prince of the army of Jehovah to Joshua (Joshua 5:14), he was doing the heavenly fighting, throwing down great hailstones to save the Gibeonites, and knocking down the walls of Jericho to win the first battle for the promised land, whilst Joshua was doing the earthly fighting. In the last few years of the Alienation times he made a personal appearance, and in the last few years of the Gentile times he commissioned the Watchtower Society. So rather than there being a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it is the Christ, the son of the living God who is to be found there. It is as his apostle said in Revelation:

And I saw a strong angel descending from heaven with a cloud, and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as the Sun, and his feet were fiery pillars (Revelation 10:1).

And now we can understand a truly amazing prophesy, for the two angels said to Jesus' apostles:

After he had said these things, while they were looking on, he was lifted up and a cloud caught him up from their vision. And as they were gazing into the sky, while he was on his way, also look! two men in white/bright garments stood alongside them, and they said: Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into the sky? This Jesus who was raised up from you into the sky, will come thus in the same manner as you have beheld him going into the sky (Acts 1:11).

When 2 angels tell something to all of Jesus' apostles, the modern day Christian would do well to take notice of their words. Now these words were the answer from heaven to the question:

Lord are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time? (Acts1:6)

Because as Jesus said, it did not belong to his first century apostles to get knowledge of 'the times or seasons', but it did belong to his twentieth century apostles. And the two angels are declaring that Jesus will come in a cloud thereby restoring the kingdom to Israel and this will be seen by looking into the sky. So the prophecy is that Jesus' restoration of the kingdom will be seen by his disciples who do get the knowledge of the times and seasons by their looking into the cloudy sky towards the end of the storm of the Gentile times when the Sun is beginning to come out. And what is it that they see there? It is the rainbow, with the 7 colours, and it was Brother Russell who fulfilled this scripture in the first fulfilment, for he saw the rainbow of the Gentile times and therefore was able to announce on 1914Tishri10, 5 days early, that the Gentile times had ended, meaning that the kingdom had been restored to Israel.

So now my 7 brothers, Ray, Roger, Isaac, Anthony, Howard, Tony and John, Can you see this rainbow?

If you can then you are seeing the bible in colour rather than in black and white. For in our physical eyes, which God himself designed as a prophetic declaration of our spiritual vision, for everything the Jehovah does or declares is a prophetic declaration since as he is living all of his words and works are likewise living, in our physical eyes we have rods, which see sharply in black and white and then we have cones, three types, which see slightly less sharply in colour. I think its red green and blue. All of this structure is prefiguring the structure of the way in which we will see the bible, for the bible is a 4 dimensional book. The first dimension is the literal dimension and this correspond to our Rods, the ones that see in black and white, very sharply, unambiguously. The next three dimensions are the symbolic, the cryptic and the coded numeric dimensions, the red the green and the blue cones. I do not really touch on the coded numeric dimension in this letter, but this is colour vision of the bible. It is a beautiful book in glorious Technicolour. It is like Paul said:

In order that you may be thoroughly able to grasp mentally with all the holy ones what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge (Ephesians 3:18,19).

4 dimensions. For Einstein discovered that the 3 dimensions of space are related to the 4th dimension of time via the Lorenz transformation. This results from the fact the the speed of light is a constant to all observers whether the light source is driving forwards in his ford escort with his halogens relative to the observer or orbiting backwards in his space shuttle with his laser beam. But the constancy of the spiritual source of light, the bible, which rather than emitting light at a constant speed independent of it relative motion, is a constant source, independent of time, emitting light at different speeds, is also manifested in 4 dimensions and these are:




Coded Numeric

For the same God made both types of light, and the bible is a completely fractal book, since it is pattern upon pattern, and yet man only discovered fractals in the last 20 years. But not only this, for Crick and Watson discovered slightly before the discovery of fractals, that the code of life, our genetic code was a 4 base code, written in terms of





So we have 4 dimensions of space-time, 4 dimensions of human vision, and 4 bases of our genetic code. Now perhaps the reader is able to grasp what is the breadth, the length, the height and the depth, the 4 dimensions of the bible code. And if so perhaps he realises that the works of Einstein and Crick and Watson, prophetically establish that there will be a further spiritual equivalent among God's covenanted people. For if Crick and Watson have been allowed to see the physical code of life, then the third baptism brothers have been allowed to see the spiritual code of life. And it is the same God, Jehovah who has made both of these codes. And his prophet, the now angelic apostle Paul, the one who has declared the 4 bases of the bible, has also declared this order of revealing, he saying:

The first is, not that which is spiritual, but that which is physical, afterward that which is spiritual (1 Cor 15:46).


Literal Black/white Length Adenine Breadth

Symbolic Red Breadth Guamine Length

Cryptic Green Height Cytosine Height

Numeric Blue Time Thiamine Depth


Isaac, this is your jelly baby, and it is possibly the best looking baby of them all. I have dedicated this one to you because it is the newest baby, the one which I have fully understood the most recently. Since you are the most recently appointed elder, and since among the elders you have the newest baby, it's yours. So put your sun glasses on for it is very very bright!

Jehovah's people already know, or feel that we know that Adam was born in the month of Tishri. This we deduce from the fact that early calendars began in this month, and of course the sacred Jewish calendar likewise begins in this month. But Jesus himself we know was born around this time, which fact can be roughly deduced from the priestly division of Zechariah being Abijah, the 8th one, which puts John's conception in a period immediately following the 8th week in the Hebrew year, i.e. around the month of Sivan/Ab the third/fourth Hebrew month, which puts John's birth around the month of Adar/Nisan and John being born six months before Jesus put his birth around Elul/Tishri, which is August/September/October time, i.e. Autumn. This is not particularly accurate, but it is a guide. Tishri is also a good month for him to be born in because we do know that he was also baptised in Tishri of 29CE since he died 3.5 years later according to Daniel 9. This means that he started his commission when he was 30 years old to the month.

What we have stumbled across here is that it is quite probable that both Adam and Jesus were born in the same month. This is a little tiny seed, but it will grow into a giant forest. Firstly we will establish what day Jesus was born using the Midst prophecy [5]. The midst prophecy works like this, Jesus' death is the central or pivotal point of Jehovah's plan for mankind's redemption, in symbol of this it is in the middle of the week of years of Daniel 9:27 and it is in the middle of the Abrahamic covenant as we have seen in section[5.2]. But further than this, his death, or events symbolising this, or his comings, if they occur in a system of things, will occur in the middle of that system of things.

Now there is a system of things which is defined by the presence of Jesus' body in the Jewish system. This period began at his birth and ended in 66 Tishri when Cestius arrived and the remnant of his body at that time, his wife-to-be, for the two are destined to be joined into one body, were instructed to flee form Judea, the place of Jesus' birth, to the mountains, thereby leaving the Jewish system which had become a cesspit:

Furthermore when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains, and let those in the midst of her withdraw (Luke 21:20,21).

An interesting choice of words. The beginning of the flight to the mountains is identified as the seeing of Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, in fact these were to be the armies of Cestius, in the first fulfilment. But what does is mean to be 'in the midst of her'? For the scripture did not say 'those in her', it said those 'in the midst of her'. Well 'her' is Jerusalem, the city that in the past had housed the kingship and the priesthood under law, but at the arrival of Cestius the physical city was nothing, and the real Jerusalem was the new Jerusalem as described by John:

I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband (Rev 21:2).

So Jesus was talking to those in the midst of this woman. But as discussed earlier she is Jesus' body. So how could they be in the midst of her, are they at her belly button? The only way they can literally be in her midst is temporally. And their entrance to be a part of her was the new covenant. Because those who are a part of this bride, those who are engaged to be married to the Christ are those who are party to the new covenant, this being their engagement agreement. Now Jesus himself, fled to the 'hills' of the heavenly Mount Zion, on 33Nisan16. and since his activities are temporally central, then we deduce that this flight was in the middle of the period from the woman's entrance into the Jewish system through the birth, the bringing into a soul existence of the flesh of the infant Jesus, the earthly body for Michael, to the exit of the one's baptised to be a part of his heavenly body from Jerusalem at the arrival of Cestius. So we deduce that his resurrections was in the midst of this period. Although we are heavily influenced by our knowledge that the periods roughly correspond in the first place!!


Josephus says in Book 2 Chapter 19 p515 in William Whiston's translation of the Wars of the Jews:

But when Cestius had marched from Antipatris to Lydda, he found the city empty of its men, for the whole multitude were gone up to Jerusalem to the feast of Tabernacles. But as for the Jews, when they saw the war approaching to their metropolis, they left the feast, and betook themselves to their arms; and taking courage greatly from their magnitude, went in a sudden and disorderly manner to the fight, with a great noise, and without any consideration had of the rest of the seventh day, although the Sabbath was the day to which they had the greatest regard. But the rage which made them forget the religious observation (of the Sabbath) made them too hard for their enemies in the fight.

This could mean either that Cestius arrived on one of the days in the festival of Booths itself, from Tishri15-21, and that day happened to be a sabbath. Or it could mean that Cestius arrived on Tishri22, the Sabbath, the solemn assembly in the festival of Booths. In fact it is the latter, because the account shows that 8 days later was Tishri 30th.


The time period from 33Nisan16 to 66Tishri22 is 33 years, 6 months and 6 days, and from 33Nisan14 to 66Tishri22 is 33 years, 6 months and 8 days. Therefore Jesus was born 33 years, 6 months and 6/8 days before either his death on Nisan14 or his resurrection on Nisan16, for the scriptures say:

I myself said: In the MIDST of my days I will go into the gates of Sheol. (Isaiah 38:10)

In the MIDST of the years Oh bring it to life! In the MIDST of the years may you make it known (Hab 3:2).

So either Jesus was born on Tishri6, 2BCE or Tishri10, 2BCE. But we have ssen in the previous section that the symbolism of flight to the hills has to do with resurrection, not death, for death is the flight to the valleys in this sorts of symbolism. So we opt for the resurrection time-table and Jesus was born on 2Tishri10. Obviously Tishri10 is the better candidate, since he was going to atone for all of our sins personally, he was the greater atonement day sacrifice. And as we have said the two end points, Jesus' birth and the fleeing to the hills which we shall see prefigures the anointed fleeing to heaven before the great tribulation, have to do with birth not death, so the mid-point likewise would be his resurrection rather than his death.


Tishri 10, 2 BCE Nisan 16, 33 CE 22 Tishri 66 CE

Jesus Born Jesus Born again Flee to hills

X______________________________________________ X

33 yrs 6 months 6 days X 33 yrs 6 months 6 days


The witness for this comes for the prophetic deal of Numbers 3.

And you must take the Levites for me - I am Jehovah - in place of all the firstborn among the sons of Israel, and the domestic animals of the Levites in place of all the firstborn among the domestic animals of the sons of Israel (Numbers 3:41).

Take the Levites in place of all the firstborn among the sons of Israel, and the domestic animals of the Levites in place of their domestic animals, and the Levites must become mine. I am Jehovah (Num 3:45).

And as the ransom price of the 273 from the firstborn of the sons of Israel, who are in EXCESS of the Levites, you must take 5 shekels for each individual' (verses 46,47).

We then read in verses 48, 49:

And you must give the money to Aaron and his sons as the ransom price of those who are in EXCESS of them. So Moses took the money of the redemption price for those who were in EXCESS of the ransom price of the Levites.

Moses then gave this 1365 (273 x 5) shekels to Aaron and his sons (verse 51). We have seen repetition of the whole ransom deal, we have seen repetition of the 'excess' and the payment of the ransom or redemption price for this excess. This means that there are many greater meanings to this ransom deal and many greater meanings to the excess ransom or redemption price [3.2, 3.3].

It is most noticeable that the ransom does not only involve humans but also involves 'domestic animals'. This is mentioned twice and actually follows from the killing of the firstborn of man and beast at the passover in Egypt. Verse 13 describes this:

For every firstborn is mine. In the day that I struck every firstborn in the land of Egypt I sanctified to myself every firstborn in Israel from man to beast. They should become mine. I am Jehovah.

Now the human element of this ransom deal was actually individually registered, at Jehovah's command, and an excess was established, and this was then paid for at five shekels a head. The domestic animal element of this ransom was not registered individually in its entirety because one cannot really remember all of ones firstborn animals very easily. Because of this, the domestic animals of the Levites quite simply ransomed 'all the firstborn' among the domestic animals of the sons of Israel. In other words both groups were counted as equal. But whereas the total numbers of domestic animals were not registered, there was an excess of Levitical animals that was registered in Numbers 7:2,3. Here we read that the chieftains of the twelve tribes presented 12 bulls and 6 wagons as an offering before Jehovah. The scriptures say from verse 2:

Then the chieftains of Israel, the heads of the house of their fathers, made a presentation, they being the chieftains of the tribes and standing over the ones registered, and they brought their offering before Jehovah, six covered wagons and twelve cattle, a wagon for two chieftains and a bull for each one; and they presented them before the tabernacle. At this Jehovah said to Moses: Accept them from them, as they must serve for carrying on the service of the tent of the meeting, and you must give them to the Levites, each one in proportion to his own service.

So these animals were very special Levitical animals, they were offered before Jehovah, and so were holy and set apart from the other domestic animals of the Levites. They were then given to the Levites and had a sort of priestly-animal function. First of all we notice that their number is repeated and is very emphatically compared with the number (also 12) of the chieftains. Their number is repeated again in verses 7,8. We have already mentioned that these priestly-animals were actually registered individually and were set aside. Therefore it is apparent that they are treated in a different way from the rest of the Levitical animals, not only in that they are serving as priests in a sense but also in that they are a numerically registered excess group with a prophetic significance. Furthermore just as in the case of the human excess of 273 souls, the redemption price was paid to Moses who paid it to the sons of Aaron, the bulls and wagons were given to Moses who gave them to the Levites. Moses therefore 'brokered', both deals, a position prophetic of the activities of the Christ.

We can also deduce that the offering of the 12 bulls and 6 wagons from the chieftains, in verse 2, occurred after 1512Iyyar1, the beginning of the registration (Num 1:1), not withstanding the fact that Numbers 7:1, refers to 1512Nisan1, because the chieftains are described as:

Standing over the ones registered (Num 7:2).

A thing which was not easy to do before they were registered. Also the Bulls were distributed to the Levites: 'In proportion to their service', with the Kohathites getting none because: 'The service of the holy place was upon them'. So this offering must have been after the Levitical obligations had been defined, which was after they had been registered and therefore after the 1365 shekels had been paid to Moses who paid it to the sons of Aaron.

All this is telling us that these 12 bulls are actually the excess of animals that corresponds to the excess of 273 humans in the ransom deal of Numbers 3:46. Also the bulls were given to Moses who handed them to the sons of Aarno, as was the case for the shekels, Moses was the intermediary in this deal.

So the bulls were offered around the same time that the 273 souls were redeemed. And it is also apparent that the bulls themselves were redeemed. Cryptically, the two statements that the chieftains were: 'Over the ones registered' (verse 2), and that the bulls were proportioned: 'A bull for each one (chieftain)' (verse 3), combine to say that the bulls were 'over the ones registered'. In other words, the 12 bulls of the Levitical animal excess were to be taken in addition to (i.e. 'over') the human 'registered' Levites of 22,000 souls, thereby making a total of 22,012 Levitical souls. Which is equivalent to treating them as a registered animal excess over and above the firstborn domestic animals of the sons of Israel. These bulls were also redeemed from certain death, because being clean and being offered to Jehovah, they would normally have been killed and eaten by the priests. We then read in Numbers 18:15:

'You should without fail redeem the firstborn of mankind; and the firstborn of the unclean beast you should redeem. And with a redemption price for it for a month old onward you should redeem it, by the estimated value, five silver shekels. Only the firstborn bull or firstborn male lamb or firstborn goat you should not redeem. They are something holy. Their blood you should sprinkle upon the altar.'

So the firstborn of men and unclean animals were to be redeemed at 5 shekels, but firstborn of clean animals were to be killed. So normally had the 12 bulls been firstborn (which they would have been for an occasion such as this), they would have been killed because they were clean and therefore unredeemable. Although even if these bulls had been secondborn, they were certainly offered to Jehovah and were not killed. Therefore they were redeemed, even at Jehovah's command, so that they could serve him in his temple - just like the Levites did.

The redemption price for man or beast was the same - 5 shekels - so they would have been redeemed at 5 shekels per head, just like the other 22,000 Levites. So now we have 22,012 Levite men and animals, and 22,273 firstborn sons of Israel, (Numbers 3:39,43). So having been paid 1365 Shekels by the sons of Israel, the Levites now owed 12x5 or 60 Shekels back, because they had a registered excess of 12 domestic animals. So the total ransom of men and animals was 1305 shekels.

There are no prizes for discerning what this ransom is illustrating here - in the first meaning. We have already determined that both the ransom itself and the ransom price of the excess have a greater meaning because they are repeated. We have the following ransom:

Firstborn sons of Israel <----> Sons of Israel's firstborn (Levi)

Levi was the firstborn son of Jacob as far as priestly inheritance was concerned. This ransom is deliberately and very carefully worded above. Levi was Israel's firstborn (as regards priesthood rights), so Levites are the 'sons of Israel's firstborn. Stating the ransom as stated above, clearly demonstrates the justice of Jehovah, because we can see that the two sides effectively have the same weight. If we replace Israel (Jacob) with God we get the ransom below.

Firstborn sons of God <----> God's firstborn

We have God's firstborn on the right side of this ransom rather than 'sons of God's firstborn', because Jesus does not die whereas Levi did, and so Levi lives on through his sons, whereas Jesus lives on period. Restating this we can say:

144,000 anointed sons <----> Jesus

This is therefore the greater ransom. The cost to Jehovah of Jesus' ransom sacrifice was amongst other things, watching the suffering of his son, for 3 years and seven and a half months from Jesus' baptism until his ascension (Dan 9:27). Jesus paid the ransom to his father in heaven on Iyyar 25, 33CE, (Acts 1:3,9), precisely 42 days after finishing his ministry - it ended at the end of Nisan13 - when he ascended and reappeared before the person of God (Heb 9:24).

If we now take 'A day for a shekel' in the total ransom price of 1305 shekels then we are being told that from Jesus' baptism into death until payment of the ransom in heaven, there were 1305 days. This is 3 Prophetic Hebrew years (of 360 days) and seven Prophetic Hebrew months (of 30 days) and 15 days in prophetic time (Let the reader use a calculator).

This observation follows from the faith that we have in the fact that Jehovah is perfect (Deut 32:4). Which fact apart from being cited in the scriptures is evident from his works of creation. If we count back 1305 days from Iyyar 25, 33 CE, the date of his ascension, we end up on Tishri 10, 29 CE (including Tishri 10 and excluding Iyyar 25). Therefore we now know that:

Jesus was baptised on Tishri 10, 29CE

This date of Tishri 10, is actually an extremely good day for Jesus to be baptised on, because it was Atonement day. And Jesus' whole ministry was the greater 'Atonement day', which is why it was called the ministry of the reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18) because reconciliation is atonement. In fact the reason why Atonement day was always celebrated on Tishri 10 is no doubt that this would be the day that Jesus would be anointed by Jehovah, and his covenant for a kingdom with his father would be validated (Luke 22:29). We now have a new bible rule of: A day for a shekel.


So we have now deduced the Jesus was born on 2Tishri10 and he was baptised on 29Tishri10. We also know that he died on 33Nisan14. We also know that Adam sinned in 3993Nisan and we expect that he was born in Tishri. The Society has 4026 as his year of birth. In fact because of the way that Jews counted age, and because Genesis is written according to Jewish counting and not modern day counting, Genesis actually gives his year of birth as being the Jewish sacred year starting in 4027Tishri and ending in 4026Elul. For An exposition of Jewish counting methods for one's age and the Chronology of early Genesis, see appendix [3].

What this means is that Jesus died physically in Nisan aged 33.5 years old, by modern counting, and Adam sinned dying judicially, or spiritually, in Nisan aged something very close to 33.5 years old. In fact if we are correct in our assumption that early calendar's start the year in Tishri because this was the month that Adam was born in then Adam was born in 4027Tishri and he was exactly 33.5 years old when he sinned. Well what do you know? We seem to be finding a correspondence between Adam and Jesus here. The first Adam and the last Adam. And really we should not be surprised at this because Paul said:

For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, a man, Christ Jesus, who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all - [this is] what is to be witnessed to at its own particular times (1 Tim 2:6).

This correspondence is between Adam and Jesus, whom Paul calls 'the last Adam' (1 Cor 15:45). Now does a life which is perfect for 33 years and 6 months correspond to a life which is perfect for 32 years and 6 months? In fact does one need a ransom of 33 years, 6 months and 4 days, to pay for a life of 33 years, 6 months and 3 days? Has the one who is perfect in his activity, Jehovah God, made a correspondence that is a few months or even a few days out. Was the task of matching these two up too difficult for the one who has said through his prophet:

Everything that is my delight, I shall do (Isaiah 46:10)?

We have the answer in the 'live forever book' on page 63. The two correspond perfectly, the one is a corresponding ransom to the other, and Just as Jesus died physically ransoming Adam's sin after a perfect life of 33 years 6 months and 4 days, so Adam sinned after a perfect life of 33 years and 6 months and 4 days. This is not a difficult concept to grasp. And for a perfect correspondence Adam would have to have been born on the same day of the same month as Jesus, i.e. Tishri 10.


For there is one God and one mediator between God and man, a man, Chirst Jesus, who gave himself a corresponding ransom for all - this is to be witnessed to at its own particular times (1 Timothy 2:6)

Adam, who bears a resemblance to him that was to come (Romans 5:14).

The first man Adam became a living soul. The last Adam became a life giving spirit (1 Corinthians 15:45).

The test that Adam failed was: are you able to desist from sin for x years. A test to resist sin needs a time period. Because anybody can resist sin for one second. And no one can pass a test to resist sin for ever because they will never get to the end of the test. Jesus had to pass the test that Adam failed so he had to desist from sin for at least the length of time that Adam did. Putting this another way, God required as a payment for Adam's sin, the soul of a man who had resisted sin, the soul of a sinless man, but again this is a meaningless statement, because even Madonna could provide this soul if the test period was one second, and no man can resist sin from ever as a test, because he will never finish the test. So actually God required the soul of a man who had been sinless for x years. If Jesus had lived for x+1 years he would have been able to provide God with the payment he required because a soul that has been sinless for x+1 years has also been sinless for x years, but the ransom corresponded, so the one failed and the other passed at the same age.

Putting this another way, a computer that has been tested for 1 second and found to be fully functional and a computer that has been tested for 10,000 hours, and found to be fully functional do not have the same value. The former computer might melt after 10 minutes.


So we now have our third witness to the date of Armageddon being Nisan 2008, this is Isaac's jelly baby. For we know from the Chronology of Genesis that Adam was born in the period from 4027Tishri to 4026Elul. We know from the correspondence with Jesus that he must have been born in Tishri, like Jesus was. Therefore we deduce that he was born in 4027Tishri. Likewise we know from the correspondence with Jesus that he sinned 33.5 years after he was born, which was therefore in 3993Nisan, and we know that the last act of creation was the long garments of skin for Adam and Eve, their ageing bodies, long but not indefinitely long. And therefore the 6,000 year last creative day began in 3993Nisan and therefore Armageddon begins in 2008Nisan, for as Peter said:

However, let this one fact not be escaping your notice, beloved ones, that one day is with Jehovah as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day (2 Peter 3:8).

This scripture is saying that the 1,000 year sabbath is one day and that the rest of the week is 6,000 years, and why would the rock-mass, for that is what his name means, the one with the keys to the kingdom, why would he ask us to keep this in mind if we were never to know when this day began?? Truly that would be a waste of time. There is no point in knowing that Armageddon is 6,000 days after 'x'! There is no point in keeping this in mind unless at some stage one is made aware of the value of 'x'!

But now you know 'x'! Yes, it is Nisan 3993 BCE as we shall see. In fact it is Nisan 14, 3993BCE, for this was the first ever passover, the original passover, for really the angel should have killed Adam physically, but he did not, in the Kindness of God he passed over him, and the same angel then gave his life as a ransom for him, having spared him at the instruction of his father. So one week is as 7000 years, with a 1000 year sabbath at the end of it. We can also deduce that there are 6,000 years from the sin of Adam until Armageddon just from analysing the rulership of the world, without considering creative days. For we certainly know that the kingdom of God lasts for one thousand years and that this period is a sabbath of New rulership.

Lord of the sabbath is what the son of man is (Matthew 12:8).

There remains a sabbath resting for the people of God (Hebrews 4:9).

And they came to life and ruled as kings with Christ for 1000 years (Rev 20:4).

And he seized the dragon the original serpent, who is the devil and satan, and bound him for 1000 years (Rev 20:2).

Sabbaths are the 7th one, this is the Hebrew root, so there are 6,000 years first, if there is a 7th then there must be a first 6. So there are 6,000 years from the start of the week until the kingdom of God, this is a rulership period, as in the 1000 year kingdom of God, but the ruler is not Jesus. So when did this week start and who or what was ruling during it?

Nevertheless, death ruled as king from Adam down to Moses, even over those who had not sinned after the likeness of the transgression by Adam, who bears a resemblance to him that was to come (Romans 5:14).

For if by the trespass of the one [man] death ruled as king through that one, much more will those who receive the abundance of the undeserved kindness and of the free gift of righteousness rule as kings in life through the one [person], Jesus Christ (Romans 5:17).

To what end? That, just as sin ruled as king with death, likewise also undeserved kindness might rule as king through righteousness with everlasting life in view through Jesus Christ our Lord (Romans 5:21).

Death ruling as king obviously started with the sin of the one man, Adam. So from this time onwards God could not be ruling, he is life and no sin whatsoever. Those who receive undeserved kindness rule as kings in life for 1000 years, and during this reign death does not rule as king although it still exists. Sin stopped ruling as king with the death of Jesus, for he ended the law, which gave accurate knowledge of sin. From then on death and undeserved kindness were ruling.

But death is ruling immediately prior to the 1000 year kingdom of life. So it is the ruler for the 6000 year rulership period. And the 1000 year kingdom sabbath is a release from the 6000 year kingdom of death. Being specific:

Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and he said to him: All these things I will give you if you fall down and do an act of worship to me (Matthew 4:8,9).

Therefore Satan did have all of the kingdoms of the world to offer at that time, hence he was the king. Furthermore when Adam ate from the tree, starting the rulership by death, he also was going to learn a knowledge of bad as well as good, for this is what the name means. Such knowledge can only come through Satan, so he would have to have some influence in order to be able to generate bad. His influence started then, and his words to Jesus, which Jesus did not deny, show us that this influence was that of King. Since he did not get any more influence between the original sin and the time of Jesus, he must have been the king from the start of 'the world':

We know we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the wicked one (1John 5:19).

And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever (Revelation 11:15).

And all those who dwell on the earth will worship it; the name of not one of them stands written in the scroll of life of the Lamb who was slaughtered, from the founding of the world (Revelation 13:8).

The scroll of life is neccessary because of the rulership of death. Death being king is Satan being king, for the moon is dead, but the sun, the light of the world, the Christ, is life. I am the way the truth and the life, that one said.

In any event we know that death has been ruling so far for 5987 years, since 3993Nisan, because everybody has died [except Enoch]. So the 6,000 year rulership period is the period of rulership by death, and by Satan, although in fact Satan spent two periods of 1000 years during this 6000 years in prison [See: The FDS is cut in two], which may be why Paul refers to a rulership by death from Adam to Moses, rather than by Satan. So it started in 3993Nisan and ends in 2008Nisan.

Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power (1 Corinthians 15:24).

This shows that Jesus hands back rulership to God after his 1000 year reign. Paul says:

For he must rule as king until [God] has put all enemies under his feet, as the last enemy death is brought to nothing (1 Corinthians 15:25,26).

So the whole picture as regards rulership is:

Period King

Before 3993Nisan God Unspecified

3993Nisan to 2008Nisan Death/Satan 6000 years

2008Nisan to 3008Nisan Jesus 1000 years

3008 onwards God Unspecified


I fear that I have little time to explain all of this in this letter but this is some of the pattern that Satan has been and is still sealing up, he will of course fail in the long term, but with men he always succeeds in the short term. It is the most beautiful thing, but like Jehovah said to the king of Tyre:

You are sealing up a pattern full of wisdom and perfect in beauty (Ezekiel 28:12).

4027Tishri10: Adam born

4016Tishri: Adam placed in the garden of Eden, commissioned to build the

human temple of the 'Adamic' body

3997Tishri10: Edenic covenant made: Do not eat from the tree

3997Heshvan21: Eve created from Adam's rib

3993Nisan14: Adam sins, dies judicially, Edenic covenant ends, Adam Marries

Eve, having left his father Jehovah and his mother the heavenly

woman in spirit by his sin. Adam names Eve, Adamic/Enochian

covenant starts. First passover, over Adam.

3993Nisan16: Adam evicted from Eden, body starts ageing, his new temple is

created, the 'long garment of skin'. Satan's Kingdom,

'the world', starts

3993Iyyar25: Adam first has intercourse with Eve

3993Sivan6: Cain conceived

3992Tishri: Cain born

3990Tishri: Abel born

2Tishri10: Jesus born

10Tishri: Jesus commissioned to build spiritual temple, his spirit body

29Tishri10: Jesus baptised, kingdom covenant with Jehovah validated

29Heshvan21: Jesus tells Peter: name will be Cephas, Peter is sanctified in holy

spirit, he is the rib that becomes the last Eve [no judas -Ed], 1 of

the 12 ribs/disciples, this is first call to the Jews, the

precovenant call

33Nisan14: Jesus dies, law covenant ends, Kingdom covenant sealed, new

covenant made, Jesus becomes engaged to be married

33Nisan16: Jesus resurrected, spiritual temple built

33Iyyar25: Jesus enters heaven, or the heavenly woman

33Sivan6: Jesus seals his apostles, finishing their baptism in holy spirit. First

postcovenant call to the Jews, 1st key of Matthew 16:19

34Tishri: Samaritans called to become his wife, 2nd key

36Tishri: Gentiles called to become his wife, 3rd key

1884Tishri: Russell sanctified

1895Tishri: Second baptism of anointed brothers begins

1914Tishri15: Gentile times ends. Jehovah begins ruling as King, and Jesus as

prince of peace, remnant start their 1260 days (inclusive) of

preaching in sackcloth, announcing advent of Kingdom/Kingship

of Jehovah & slamming Babylon, Jesus anoints them to be the FDS and makes covenant with them to give food at the proper time

1914Heshvan26: Great crowd first call: to those who are already water baptised

International bible students, these start their 1260 days

(inclusive) of preaching in sackcloth. This is the pre-kingdom call

to the great crowd

1918Nisan14: First century anointed symbolically die=death of first witness

after 1260 days, Babylon falls, therefore sackcloth message to

them from remnant is ended, Satan is thrown out of heaven,

Jesus is given heavenly kingdom of God by covenant.

1918Nisan16: FDS appointed exclusively, following from food at proper time

covenant, first century brothers resurrected, Kingdom of God in

heaven starts, Jesus the prince of peace, sits down on Jehovah's

throne as judge, starting the separating work.

1918Iyyar25: Governing body arrested and put in jail, first century brothers

ascend into heaven, 1260 days of great crowd, the second

witness, end. Peter, Paul, John, the 80,000 first century

brothers, enter the heavenly woman, heavenly Jerusalem

1918Sivan6: This is shifted 360 solar days, to 1919Iyyar13, 52 days after

1919Veadar 14, the end of the 360 day change in 'times and

law' of Daniel 7.

1918Nisan14 - 1919Veadar14 360 day change in 'times and law'

1919Veadar 14 Bail granted to brothers in prison, this is March 21, Nisan 1 was

March 31 or Veadar 24, Nisan14 was April 13

1919Iyyar13 Peter, Paul, John, etc. start baptising their seed, which is actually

the great crowd, declaring them righteous in the flesh, see

section [6.20]. For the great crowd are ransomed from physical

death by the 144k, and ransomed judicially through the Christ

(Isaiah 43:4). First post-kingdom call to the bible students to be

in the great crowd

1920Elul Second call: to those in Babylon to be great crowd

1922Elul20 Third call: to all men to be great crowd, last day of Cedar Point

Ohio convention, Sept 13th, ADVertise!

There are 4 further occurrences of this pattern which I know of, which I am not permitted to reveal right now, God is sealing them up! And there may be more features to it than the 10 above, 12 seems a distinct possibility! This pattern is repeated for easy reference in Figure1. In all three of the above patterns the 10 dates therein occur in the years & days:



Year30, day 1

Year30, day 42

Year33.5, day 1

Year33.5, day 3

Year33.5, day 42

Year33.5, day 52



With the exception that the third pattern has the 360 day 'change in times & law' of Daniel 7 in it which complicates things a bit. Also this change ended with the granting of Bail to the governing body who were in Atlanta penitentiary in the Hebrew month of Veadar, the one which fits in to the one year in roughly every three when the memorial dates are separated by more than 365 days. It itself being a change in times actually symbolises the change in times of Daniel. This extra implicit symbolism typical of the works of God. There are 1260 days counting inclusively from 1914Tishri15, the end of the Gentile times until 1918Nisan14, the symbolic death of the first century anointed brothers, Revelation 11:1-4, which is also the fall of Babylon the great, and therefore the end of the sackcloth message to them from the remnant. There are also 1260 days from the first call of the great crowd until the governing body were locked up, which put an end to the witnessing work of the great crowd, these are the second of the two witnesses [10.6]. And there are 1260 days, counting inclusively from the end of the change in 'times and law', 1919Veadar14 to 1922Elul20, the third call to the great crowd, the last day of the Cedar Point Ohio convention [10.13]. This symmetry is an further example of the Midst prophecy.

So, yes just as Jesus, the first Adam, entered heaven on the 41st day after he died physically in order to impregnate the heavenly woman with his incorruptible seed, in order for her to conceive 11 days later at Pentecost, on Sivan6, so too, the first Adam entered his earthly woman on the 41st day after he died judicially in order to impregnate her with his totally corruptible seed, in order for Cain to be conceived on Sivan 6, 11 days later (he must have done this a few times during these days). For the scripture says:

Now Adam had intercourse with Eve, his wife, and she became pregnant. In time she gave birth to Cain (Gen 4:1).

So all three events are witnessed to in the Adamic pattern. As the reader may have guessed Adam's words:

That is why a man will leave his father and mother and he must stick to his wife (Gen 2:24),

are prophesying his own sin, and concurrent marriage to his wife. Because let us face it brothers, Adam's father was Jehovah and his mother was the heavenly woman, and he rejected them and chose his own fleshly wife over the both of them, he chose to stick to his wife, in sin, by accepting the fruit from her, but of course it wasn't really the apple or pear that he accepted it was her children, the fruit of her sinful belly, for she then had her named changed to Eve, the mother of everyone living. Whereas Jesus accepted a cup from more than likely Peter, this was the better choice, like the film says, the last crusade: He chose wisely. I know that this means that Jehovah knew he would sin, I am sorry if this stumbles. Had he not sinned he would never have procreated, for he would never have married Eve. He would have in fact been sealed with holy spirit, had he refused the fruit. Which is the righteous decree in spirit, and such persons, when in non-adamic bodies, are 'like angels in heaven' they do not marry or get married and they do not procreate. All of this tells us a lot about the kingdom of God, and children and marriage etc., for the garden of Eden is a prophetic type for this kingdom. Do not think too hard about this you do not have enough information to solve it yet.

But today, as I write this paragraph, which is actually Iyyar 25, (Thursday evening May 12th, 1994) is the 5986th anniversary of the first copulation! Its a good thing that we in the Jehovah's witnesses don't go in for annual celebrations!! So now one who is both of the corrupted seed of Adam and of the incorruptible seed of Jesus Christ has reconciled these two fertilisations. Surely the latter reproduction was incalculably more elegant than the former!

Amen, I wonder if this is covered by the obscene interpretations act?? Perhaps this archetype antitype relationship between Adam sleeping with Eve and Jesus entering heaven is the origin of the phrase: Take me to heaven - baby! Would this not be a fitting epitaph for the writer of this book: Here lies the man who found out when the first human couple did it?

Eve had a gestation period of twice as long as women do today, around 17 months and in fact a body which lasted 8 times as long genetically, but I am not going into this here. Although it is fairly obvious from the fact that the pre-flood men started having kids aged around 60 and the post flood men had them aged around 30.

As a final comment and commendation, the society themselves did used to believe a small piece of this pattern, in fact a microscopic piece of it, namely they saw the parallel between Jesus' taking kingdom power in 1914 'Fall' at the end of the Gentile times and 3.5 years later his raising his joint heirs from the dead in 1918 'spring', and his being anointed to take kingdom power in 29 'Fall' and his being resurrected himself in 33 'Spring'. Its in Watchtower 1966 p183.

I hope you like it Isaac! It is the most beautiful thing I have, it was a gift from the father of the celestial lights. Its yours, should you wish to accept it, if you do, you will suffer persecution, from men, and but receive glory from God, as I will, if you don't you will get glory from men, and tribulation from God, but not for long. For this pattern it is a gift to all men, from Jesus, through the third covenant, the new-new covenant, for Moses has told us:

In time God heard their groaning and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Ex 2:24).

And I shall indeed remember my covenant with Jacob, and even my covenant with Isaac, and even my covenant with Abraham I shall remember and the land I shall remember (Lev 26:42).

Sounds like a line out of 'Gone with the wind' doesn't it! Three covenants are declared:

The Law covenant

The new covenant

The covenant of gifts, the covenant of peace, the newer covenant

All sub-covenants of the Abrahamic covenant. Also in a further symbolism we have, the Adamic/Enochian, the Noahic/Melchizedaic and the Abrahamic covenants, for by the three fathers Adam, Noah and Abraham all men were produced, and by their three covenants all men are saved. The Adamic covenant lasted from 3993Nisan to 2369Nisan, the Noahic from Nisan2469 to Nisan1943, the Abrahamic from Nisan1943 to Nisan2008, see section[6.31]. But as regards Abraham he had three wives, Hagar, Sarah, and Keturah, the Law covenant, the new covenant and the new new covenant.

As mentioned earlier, there are 4 more occurences of this pattern, making 7 occurrences in total [of course] and as regards these 4, I am not permitted to disclose them as yet, at least not 3 of them. This is because all is not well in the house of God. For although it is very difficult, but a lot of fun, to interpret the holy book, I fear, I also know, that it is more difficult, and not so much fun, to persuade God's people to accept these interpretations. And whereas I believe that one angel has accomplished the former task, I think all 128,000 of spiritual Israel, who are alive in heaven today will be needed for the latter, and possibly the whole heavenly host along with them - who knows?

For whilst 'God's active force' is a description of the holy spirit, it is not itself the holy spirit. To say that the holy spirit is God's active force, is like saying that Gravity is God's passive force. It certainly is but what causes gravity? Well men do not know the answer to that question. However as to what causes the active force of God, what exactly the holy spirit is, we can find out by reconciling Genesis2 & John14:

And God went on to say: It is not good for the man to continue by himself. I am going to make a helper for him, as a complement [counterpart] of him (Gen 2:18).

But the helper, the holy spirit, which the father will send in my name, that one will teach you all things, and bring back to your minds all the things I told you (John 14:26).

Eve was Adam's helper, his wife, and God's wife is the heavenly woman, the heavenly host, the FDS of the heavens as it were. This helper of God is the holy spirit. The holy spirit is the heavenly woman which is heavenly Jerusalem. It is in fact the collection of all of the holy spirits. Just like the FDS is the collection of all of the holy faithful and discreet slaves, or at least it was once. Likewise when the child falls over it is the mother who literally runs to comfort him, not so much the father, hence the holy spirit is also called the comforter, the greek word is paraklhtoV meaning comforter/helper, literally 'called to one's aid'.


Anthony, this is your jelly baby, and although it is a wonderful proof of the date of Armageddon, like the other jelly babies it is much more than this. For we are going to examine the whole structure of the heavenly locust, and whereas Paul saw a vision into the third heaven, saying:

He was caught away into paradise, and hear unutterable words it is not lawful for a man to speak (2 Cor 12:4)

You, today will see not only into the 3rd heaven but further still into the 4th, 5th, 6th nay even into the 7th heaven. For now it is lawful for a man to speak of such things.

Furthermore Paul said of the man who saw these things, which was him in the first fulfilment:

I know a man in union with Christ who 14 years ago, whether in the body I do not know or out of the body, I do not know: God knows - was caught away as such to the third heaven. Yes - I know such a man - whether in the body or apart from the body, I do not know, God knows - that he was caught away into paradise..(2 Cor 12:2-4).

Well, I am in fact out of the body, for I am not a part of Christ's body, I am a part of his inner garment. I am not a member of his bride to be. Mind you Paul's consternation is of concern to me, he is making heavy weather of this body business, but like Martin Luther King said: I have seen the promised land. I know quite a lot about it which is not yet lawful to speak about. However, Paul is bearing witness here that the one who sees the third heaven in the second fulfilment is in union with the Christ, which is saying that he is sanctified in holy spirit, 'anointed' in Watchtower parlance.


Superlative upon superlative is entirely inadequate to describe the open-handedness of the one whom the heaven of the heavens cannot contain, and who is living from time indefinite even until time indefinite upon times indefinite. What sort of a God is it who tells his people everything that he is doing, even before he has done any of it? Faith the size of a mustard grain - if only we had it! we could then move mountains, even the mountain of Zion itself would move for us - because we would then be one of the immovable, immortal heavenly brothers of Jesus who make up part of this mountain, which we will see literally moves to make way for them when they enter heaven. Yes for mere men, heaven will move to accommodate them. And not only once will it move, but it has already moved four times for sons of men and it is going to move two times more for them.

Now if Jehovah is using a locust to symbolise his anointed children, for he says:

And the likeness of the locusts resembled horses prepared for battle, and upon their heads were what seemed to be crowns like gold, and their faces were as men's faces.. and they have over them a king, the angel of the abyss (Rev 9:7-11),

and of course we already have this interpretation. Then how far do we, his faithful servants, expect that this symbolism goes? Is it an approximate symbolism? Does it apply roughly to these gods-to-be? Is it the best symbolism that the true God could come up with given a limited amount of time and resources? Jehovah himself asked this question, of his faithful servant Moses, he said:


Whereas his prophet Daniel has said:


We would therefore do well to consider very carefully the full extent of any half-baked symbolic interpretation that we currently accept, because to do less is to ask of the true God the same question that Moses asked in Numbers. Which account means, much much much more than we yet know. And just as Jehovah showed Moses for his part just how long his hand proves to be. We will now see for our part how complete his symbolism proves to be.

The insight book has a truly inspired section on the Locust. This creature has the following characteristics, we are told (see fig 3):










So which one of these features of the literal locust, that God himself created, does not apply to the heaven-bound brothers that Jehovah himself is symbolising through Jesus and John in Revelation, by means of this creation of his? In which aspect of this symbolism is the hand of Jehovah actually going to be cut short?

We will discover in the next section, Howard's Jelly baby, that the first heavenly resurrection was on 1918Nisan16 and the last is on 2004Tishri17. But since we now know that there are these six stages and these five steps, five skin sheddings, we need to know when were the other three skin sheddings??? When were the other three heavenly resurrections? Well the answer to this question is given by Jesus himself, in the book of Matthew chapter 13! It is the parable of the sower who went to sow! That there are five resurrections is cryptically witnessed to in the concept of Jehovah's hand being cut short, for hands have fingers five times, and the locust is made short 5 times but on the sixth time it has full size. Thereagain in Daniel chapter 12, Gabriel holds up both of his hands while floating above the river Hikkedel, again providing two witnesses to five times, of his five fingers. These sorts of things may seem strange to the reader but persevere please. Finally the writer cannot stop himself from making the following observation:

The first instar, the first stage of the locust, the second instar, the third instar & the fourth instar are currently all in (the) stars !

An amazing situation, what a ridiculous name for a stage of a locust's development 'instar'. Following this hyperbole we examine the moon and the sun, and we find that they have diameters in the exact ratio of 400:1, and the sun is exactly 400 times further away from the earth than the moon is. This is why we get a total eclipse of the sun. These two heavenly bodies which the true God has created, are two witnesses to a comparison which results in the figure of 400 times.

400 Times = 400 x 360 = 144,000 days

This is not a coincidence, because, just as the true God is the author of the bible, so he is the creator of the heavens (Jer 10:12), and it is he who has caused his prophet Amos to say:

'Will two walk together unless they have met by appointment?' (Amos 3:3)

Which means that coincidences in the bible are not accidental but are all deliberate. So the physical extent of the two heavenly bodies is declaring the numerical extent of the 144,000 spiritual heavenly bodies: a day for a king. This fulfils the scripture which says:

"Also there will be signs in sun and moon and stars" (Luke 21:25).

And it is the meaning of the scripture which says:

And God proceeded to make the 2 great luminaries, the greater luminary for dominating the day, and the lesser luminary for dominating the night, and also the stars. Thus God put them in the expanse of the heavens to shine upon the earth, and to dominate by day and by night, to make a division between the light and the darkness (Gen 1:16-18).

Symbolically the Sun is Jesus, the light of the world, the moon is Satan, the mimic god, the poor reflection of the sun, the dead light source. The stars are the angels. And Michael will dominate Satan by 400 times, or 'by day', 144,000 of them. This is not unrelated to the affliction of the seed of Abraham for 400 years or 400 times, this being a reverse symbolism, a complex subject outside the scope of this letter, however notice this:

After a while the Sun was about to set, and a deep sleep fell upon Abram, and look! a frightfully great darkness was falling upon him. And he began to say to Abram: You may know for sure that your seed will become an alien resident in a land not theirs, and they will have to serve them, and these will certainly afflict them for 400 years.

Now in case this symbolism is too much for you to accept, in order to prove that there are 5 heavenly resurrections of the 144,000, it being sprung upon you out of nowhere, Anthony, accept instead please the parable of the 5 foolish virgins and the 5 discreet virgins:

5 of them were foolish and 5 were discreet. For the foolish took their lamps but took no oil in their receptacles with their lamps. While the bridegroom was delaying, they all nodded and went to sleep. Right in the middle of the night there arose a cry: Here is the bridegroom. Be on your way to meet him!.......While they were going off to buy, the bridegroom arrived, and the virgins that were ready went in with him to the marriage feast (Matt 25:2-10).

In this parable 5 discreet virgins with oil in their lamps met the bridegroom, 5 discreet virgins went to his marriage feast. Putting this another way, a virgin met the bridegroom, 5 times. These 5 are the 5 resurrections of virgins to meet the Jesus in heaven Now as regards the 5 foolish virgins, we find that virgins have no oil in their lamps 5 times. These 5 times are the 5 times of the Apostate times, they last for 1800 years, 5x360 years, in fact from 95Tishri to 1895Tishri, they are the period when there was no wheat visible to the heavenly reapers. For the anointed are divided into two baptisms, the first century one, and the twentieth century one. These are prefigured by Solomon's temple and Zerubbabel's temple, with a gap between them when there was no temple. Putting this another way: A virgin for a time is what I am giving you! For the 5 virgins nodded off to sleep and then rose 5 times.

The Society currently believe that the FDS has kind of existed ever since Peter, and that all of the anointed are saved by one giant and sprawling baptism. But this is manifestly untrue. Because the first century anointed were baptised by men, and the 20th century anointed are baptised by angels, so obviously they are the subject of two different baptisms, the mechanics are incompatible. No Jehovah's witness has ever baptised anybody in holy spirit, anointing them to be Christ's bride, but for Peter and John and Paul this was a daily matter of course.

In electronics during the last 20 years the analogue circuits have been replaced by digital circuits. Likewise in our bible interpretations, Jehovah is working digitally. He does not have anointed brothers dying and then popping up to heaven any old time. He has 5 resurrection days. Neither does he have long periods of anointing a couple of men a week, he has two discreet baptisms, which we call the first baptism and the second baptism.


Exercise patience therefore brothers, until the presence of the Lord. Look! The farmer keeps waiting for the precious fruit of the earth, exercising patience over it until he gets the early rain and the late rain (James 5:7).

It's not hard to see this. The precious fruit is spiritual Israel, the farmer is God, the rain is a baptism. There are two baptisms for spiritual Israel. The early one was in the first century, the late one was, for the most part, in the 20th century. Furthermore these baptisms define the presences of the Lord, for the Lord is present through his body, which was once that of the Christ and is now that of the remnant, his wife-to-be, for the two are engaged to be one body.


The kingdom of the heavens has become like a man that sowed fine seed in his field. While men were sleeping, his enemy came and oversowed weeds in among the wheat and left. When the blade sprouted and produced fruit, then the weeds appeared also. So the slaves of the householder came up and said to him: Master did you not sow fine seed in your field? How then does it come to have weeds?

He said to them: An enemy, a man, did this

They said to him: Do you want us then to go out and collect them?

He said: No, that by no chance, while collecting the weeds, you uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest, and in the harvest season/appointed time [kairo] I will tell the reapers, first collect the weeds and bind them in bundles to burn them up, then go gathering the wheat into my storehouse (Matt 13:24-30).

Men sleeping First temple waiting for resurrection as angels

Harvest time 1918Nisan - 2004Tishri

enemy, a man The man of lawlessness, Babylon

Field The world

Blade sprouts Brother Russell anointed, 1884Tishri

Fruit appears Second baptism starts, 1895Tishri

Wheat Russell and second baptism/temple brothers

Weeds Rubbish Christians in Christendom

Bundles Denominations of Christendom

Harvest Resurrections of the anointed

The fine seed was sown by Jesus and his first temple brothers in the first century, then all these members of the fine seed class fell asleep in death by 119Tishri, 120 years after Jesus was born. Then the devil sowed weeds in his perversion of the truth in the great apostasy, creating the big harlot Christendom. This defines a period of no sowing of fine seed, as being the period of sowing of weeds, which period is roughly coincident with the period of sleeping in death of the apostles. According to this parable the two seeds are not sown concurrently but are sown consecutively. The man of lawlessness 'left' in 1918Nisan when he, that is Babylon, fell. The blade was brother Russell, a singular member of the seed. Then the fruit, a multiplication in seed, started to appear in 1895Tishri, the beginning of the second baptism, but did not start to be gathered until 1925Tishri, the first resurrection of the second baptism.

However the harvest time began in 1918Nisan, when the first bundle of weeds of Christendom were burnt, at its fall, and when the second temple itself was cleansed of opposing members, for the weeds were burnt in the harvest season. The wheat appeared before this and they themselves identified the weeds of Christendom, bearing witness against them. 'Bundles' are the many denominations of Christendom, in this sense, they exist in order to keep the true religion free of the likes of born-again fanatics and credit card evangelists, however we have our own fanatics none the less.

[8.4] THE FEEDING OF THE 5,000, THE 4,000 & THE 144,000

Why are you doing this reasoning among yourselves, because you have no loaves, you with little faith? Do you not yet see the point, or do you not remember the five loaves in the case of the five thousand and how many baskets you took up? Or the seven loaves in the case of the thousand and how many provision baskets you took up?

How is it you do not discern that I did not talk to you about loaves?(Mat 16:8-11).

Yes, those unreasoning disciples, what little faith they had, they thought that Jesus was giving them a cookery lesson! Of course we aren't like that are we? Oh no, we know exactly what Jesus was talking about, yes he was demonstrating how God can provide both physical and spiritual food to a large crowd of people, in fact to everyone (W62, p616, W76, p192).........Fine well if that was the case why is it that the numbers of loaves and people and baskets are not only mentioned in both the parables, but also repeated by Jesus here when he refers back to the parables, as an example of the lack of faith in his disciples? Why is that? Or consider Jesus' words in Mark:

Why do you argue over your having no loaves? Do you not yet perceive and get the meaning? Do you have your hearts dull of understanding? Though having eyes, do you not see, and though having ears, do you not hear? And do you not remember, when I broke the 5 loaves for the 5,000 men, how many baskets full of fragments you took up? They said to him: 12. When I broke the 7 loaves for the 4,000 men, how many provision baskets full of fragments did you take up? And they said to him: 7

With that he said to them: Do you not yet get the meaning?

(Mark 8:17-21).

This is a 'reader question' [3.7]. Is it not the numbers of all these quantities is what Jesus is asking his disciples to remember? So tell him please, if you do know, you disciples of his slave, why were there 5 loaves, why were there 12 baskets left for the 5,000, and why were there 7 loaves and 7 baskets in the case of the 4,000?? And tell me please all you in the 'Wide-awake John class', yes, you people who have an exclusive on interpretations, you who not satisfied with being a channel for food, have declared yourselves to be a channel also for the holy spirit. What has Jesus said to the angel, who then said it to you, as in the case of John and the book of Revelation? What have you seen, Oh wide-awake one?? I can't hear anything! Perhaps you should pray louder! perhaps you should get up earlier! perhaps you should prepare more thoroughly! perhaps you should expand your laundry!

For Jesus is speaking right out of the page at us, because we are the ones of little faith who have not discerned the greater meaning of these miracles! But now, let us open our eyes to the full glory of these parables! Because what really are the two great feeding miracles that Jesus Christ has performed?

Are they not the two preaching campaigns that he has personally managed?

Are they not the feeding of the anointed brothers in the first century and then the feeding of the anointed brothers in the twentieth century? Were these campaigns to unimportant to be classed as miracles? Well now that we have asked all of these rhetorical questions we say: Yes, these two campaigns have been the greatest feeding miracles ever. And now having made this giant build up I am not permitted to reveal the whole meaning of these parables, because the time for this is yet future, but I can disclose the following:

The 5,000 men are the 5,000 men of Acts 4:4, the first, first century anointed congregation, with 11 elders, the apostles (Matthias and Barnabus were not personally called by Jesus) and the 7 ministerial servants were yet to be appointed (In Acts 7) - this was some congregation! The 4,000 men were the 4,000 men who were baptised bible students in 1895Tishri (JP p33), when the second temple began. Sorry I'll have to pass on the baskets and loaves and fishes, but this ratio 5,000:4,000 is the ratio of brothers in the two baptisms: namely 5:4. So the number of brothers baptised in the first century, the first baptism, the first temple, was:


And the number of brothers in the second temple, the second baptism, the twentieth century is:


I will say that the 7 baskets in the case of the 4,000 are the 7 congregations of Revelation, but in saying this I am telling you nothing. As I have mentioned to the FDS, the large memorial figures of 1925: 90,434, and of 1926: 89,278 (JP p110), were not all anointed. My first attempt to understand this parable was wrong.

Brothers, this wonderful importance of this, is that:


This is because, that which is complete, the completed bible arrived first in 98 CE or thereabouts, when the last book was written by John. Then actually in 119Tishri, the last first century anointed brother died, and that which is partial, in fact 5/9th of Jesus' wife, was done away with. However in the further fulfilment, when his complete body arrives which we will see in section[8.8] was in 1991Tishri, at the end of the sealing of the second baptism, then our partial understanding of the bible will be done away with and we will understand it completely.

When that which is complete arrives, that which is partial will be done away with (1 Cor 13:10).

This means that Daniel is to be unsealed after all the heavenly anointed ones, the bride class have been sealed. Because that which is complete, the whole sealed bride class, the whole body of Christ has to arrive before our partial understanding of the bible is done away with. Or putting this another way our complete understanding of the bible, the word of God, is more or less coincident with the completion of the body of the word of God. All of this means that the bible was written in the main for the Christians who live in the last 16.5 years of this system. As a final bonus, the sizes of the sanctuaries Solomon's temple and Zerubbabel's were the same, but the size of sanctuary of the Tabernacle was half that of the other two. Therefore the areas of the three sanctuaries were in the ratios:

1 : 4 : 4

This is saying symbolically that the ratio of physical Jews to first century spiritual Jews, to 20th century spiritual Jews, in the greater sanctuary is to be 1:4:4, i.e

Physical Jews 16,000

First century spiritual Jews 64,000

20th century spiritual Jews 64,000

We certainly know that there were 5,000 physical Jews who became spiritual Jews, from Acts 4:4, the 5,000 men. Of course this is not a proof for it is a symbolism, it is only one witness, we need a second witness. This is provided by Daniel 5, but time is short, so we will not go into this here.


We certainly know that there have been two presences of the Lord. The first was in the first century and the second is today. What we have not yet grasped is that his presence is today achieved through his physical body, and bits and pieces of this are all over the planet in the form of the remnant. For Paul said:

We are members of his body (Eph 5:30).

Therefore when the anointed are present, then members of Christ's body are present and therefore he is also present. This being the case it is apparent that there must have been a period of 'no remnant' because as mentioned above, since there are two presences of the Christ there must have been one absence, between the two presences. This state of affairs is typified by the daily sacrifice of the Law of Moses, the constant feature:

And this is what you will offer upon the altar: young rams, each a year old, 2 a day, constantly. And you will offer one young ram in the morning, and you will offer the other young ram between the 2 evenings......it is a constant burnt offering throughout your generations (Ex 29:38-42).

Now the anointed remnant die a sacrificial death, the great crowd, in the strict sense of their definition, the ones who literally walk through Armageddon, do not. But the constant feature was not all day long, it was two times in a day. These two sacrifices are the first and second baptisms, the first and second temples, the first and twentieth century bride class. For Rebekah, who depicts the new covenant, from one impregnation from Isaac, who was as good as sacrificed by his father, and who depicts Jesus, gave birth to twins.


This parable is another example of the cryptic dimension of the bible works. For instance Matthew 13:10,11 says:

So the disciples came up and said to him: "Why is it you speak to them by the use of illustrations?" In reply he said: "To you it is granted to understand the sacred secrets of the Kingdom of the heavens, but to those people it is not granted" (Matt 13:10,11).

This scripture is telling us that this illustration of the sower contains sacred secrets about the kingdom of the heavens, that is what these verses mean. We are then told in verse 17 by Jesus:

For I truly say to you, many prophets and righteous men desired to see the things that you are beholding and did not see them, and to hear the things that you are hearing and did not hear them (Matt 13:17).

Whereas in the parallel account in Mark 4:13, Jesus says: 'You do not know this illustration, and so how will you understand all the other illustrations?'

The primary application of this was to his first century disciples, but in their case the ignorance lasted only a few minutes, because he explained this illustration to them immediately after making this prophetic statement. So who really does the lack of understanding apply to? Well, it is the twentieth century disciples of the Christ, even the ones for whom this passage was recorded. Because, whilst it was also recorded for the first century disciples, they had what is partial and so they did not have to rely entirely on what is complete (1 Cor 13:10). So we agree with Jesus, and we say "How indeed!" Well, this is not a difficult prophecy to understand once one knows how these sorts of prophecies are written. We are so privileged to be living in this time, hopefully the reader will see this if he has read the earlier parts of the book. Actually there are son many recitals of 30, 60, 100 that there are many fulfilments. But as regards the 'many righteous men' these ones are 64,000 in number, the brothers who have been sealed in the second baptism, they are in fact righteous in spirit. They really would like to know when they will be resurrected, and this parable tells them this.

Verse eight says: 'And they began to yield fruit, this one a hundredfold, that one sixty, the other thirty.'

Verse 23 says: 'Who really does bear fruit and produces, this one a hundred fold, that one sixty, the other thirty.'

Mark 4:8 says: 'Coming up and increasing, they began to yield fruit, and they were bearing thirtyfold, and sixty and a hundred.'

Mark 4:20 says: 'Who listen to the word and favourably receive it and bear fruit thirtyfold and sixty and a hundred'

These numbers, being increases, are standing for:

30 times 60 times 100 times

And the start date for these times is the beginning of the second baptism, the base from which the increases occurred, which was Tishri 1895. We have not proved this yet, we will prove it later on by showing that the first and second baptisms were both 96 years long. However it follows from Isaac's pattern, and it also follows from the following observation:

[1] Jesus entered the temple when he was 12 years old we are told, in fact he was 11.5 years old and he was commissioned to build the new temple of his spirit body when he was 11 years old 22.5 years before it was inaugurated.

[2] Cyrus was commissioned to build Zerubbabel's temple, in the 'first year of Cyrus' (Ezra 1:1), this being his first regnal years as King of Babylon, which started in 538Nisan and ended in 537Adar. Zerubbabel's temple was inaugurated between 515Adar3 and 515Nisan14, in the 6th and 7th regnal years of Darius respectively (Ezra 6:15-19). Perhaps by now maybe the reader has realised that temples are inaugurated or commissioned either in Nisan or in Tishri. Even if no such realisation has occurred, it is certainly likely that there were also 22.5 years between the commissioning and the inauguration of Zerubbabel's temple, in fact it was commissioned in 538Tishri and inaugurated in 515Nisan, but we are not proving this we are merely making the case for a 22.5 year differential, this being a 1/16th of a time.

If this is accepted fine, if not see section[8.8], on the length of the first 2 baptisms. This being the case the commissioning of the FDS to become an exclusive worshipping arrangement on this planet was 22.5 years before their inauguration as such an arrangement, a spiritual earthly temple. The inauguration was on 1918Nisan16, so the commissioning was in 1895Tishri. This commissioning took the form of the start of sanctification in holy spirit of the living stones. therefore starting from this date, the three intermediate heavenly resurrections occur on:

Tishri 1925 Tishri 1955 Tishri 1995

These being 30, 60 & 100 years after 1895Tishri. This means that the five 'movements of the mountain' of Zion occur on the following five dates: Nisan 1918, Tishri 1925, Tishri 1955, Tishri 1995 and Tishri 2004. We shall see that the firstfruits (to the Christ) i.e. the 80,000 brothers of the first temple, are the ones who are raised in Nisan, even on Nisan 16, the festival of the firstfruits, the third day of the passover (Lev 23:10), whereas the second temple of 64,000 brothers all go up in Tishri and in fact on Tishri 17 in the case of 2004, since we know that the symbolic death of the whole group occurs on Tishri 15, and the group follows the pattern set by Jesus' death [10.4, 10.12]. We therefore expect the same day of the year for 1925,1955 & 1995, because this is the third day of the final ingathering, the festival of Booths, rather than being the third day of the first festival. This sort of information leaves one speechless!

The situation at the time of the resurrection of 1918, is what Paul, in one symbolism, speaking under inspiration as the Lord Jesus, calls 'the third heaven' (2 Cor 12:2, see section 59), having later alluded to the first and second heavens using the symbolism of tents in Hebrews 9:2,3. So we can now say the following:

The first heaven was: Time indefinite to Iyyar 25 33 CE

The second heaven was: Iyyar 25 33 CE to Iyyar 25 1918

The third heaven was: Iyyar 25 1918 to Heshvan 26 1925

The fourth heaven was: Heshvan 26 1925 to Heshvan 26 1955

The fifth heaven is: Heshvan 26 1955 to Heshvan 26 1995

The sixth heaven is: Heshvan 26 1995 to Heshvan 26 2004

The seventh heaven is: Heshvan 26 2004 to Time indefinite

All heavens change on the 42nd day after deaths (which may be literal symbolic or group symbolic), which is the 40th day after resurrections (all of which are literal!). This is because, firstly, we have a type for this in Jesus' ascension, and secondly there are various prophecies which say this, which we have not time to deal with. If the reader is worried about :

In a moment during the twinkling of an eye, during the last trumpet (1 Cor 15:52).

The context is:

Look! I tell you a sacred secret, we shall not all fall asleep in death, but we shall all be changed, in a moment (lit: uncut time), during the twinkling (blinking) of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this which is corruptible must put on incorruption, and this which is mortal must put on immortality. But when this which is corruptible puts on incorruption, and this which is mortal puts on immortality, then the saying will take place that is written: Death is swallowed up forever: Death where is your victory, death where is your sting? (1Cor 15:51-55).

The Greek word translated 'twinkling' is riph which means a very fast movement, such as a flapping of wings of a fly etc. (Liddel & Scott Lexicon), it seems to me that the blinking of an eye is the more accurate translation. I am not sure what the twinkling of an eye is? In any event all through this scripture there are two things going on:

[1] Those who fall asleep in death and those who do not

[2] Those who are changed in uncut time and those who are changed in a blinking

of an eye

[3] The corruptible putting on incorruptibility and the mortal putting on


[4] Death having no victory and death having no sting

This is a classic example of distributive symbolism [3.6], and of two similar changes for two different groups of people being all tied up in a knot. It is manifestly apparent that Paul is talking about the great crowd, in addition to the bride because he says: 'Look! we shall not all fall asleep in death'. And we know that all of the bride do fall asleep in death, because they are baptised into death, they die a sacrificial death. So we have two groups and two changes all tied up in a knot. And this is the untying of it:

The anointed ones, who do fall asleep in death, are changed in a blinking of an eye, which is a finite time, and they cease to be mortal fleshly creatures and become immortal spirit creatures, and for them death does have a sting but does not have victory.

The great crowd, who do not fall asleep in death, are changed in uncut time, i.e. in an indivisible moment of time, i.e. instantaneously, and their corruptible bodies put on incorruption, but not immortality. They return to Adam's edenic body, and for them death has no victory and for them death has no sting either.

He who is inspired, by definition, does not know what he is talking about. So Paul is here unwittingly mixing up 2 transformations, 'changes' in one account, and tying them up in a knot. For a knot usually has only two cords. The first transformation is for the anointed who do die physically, for they are baptised into death, like, Jesus, he actually, died and Paul says:

Do you not know that all of us who were baptised into Christ Jesus, were baptised into his death? (Romans 6:3).

And the remnant today do not know this, in fulfilment of Paul's words, they think they die and they instantaneously float off to heaven, 'I will keep right on flying' is the quotation from the anointed brother in the crashing aeroplane. But Christ did not do that, he spent 3 days in the heart of the earth, he fell asleep in death, and so do the remnant, although not for long.

Later on, they are then raised up as immortal angels. The second transformation is for the great crowd, who do not physically die. They are instantaneously zapped genetically, presumably, their genetic clock is simply turned off, and their bodies return to being non-adamic, incorruptible. This is an exact reverse antitype of what happened to Adam when he left Eden. At that time, on 3993Nisan16, his incorruptible body was changed, in uncut time, to become corruptible, adamic we say today.

Likewise instantaneously, during Armageddon, in fact on 2008Ab1, see section[10.19], the great crowd will undergo the precise reverse of this transformation, and their 'long garments of skin', which actually have a maximum length of 120 years, and are 8 times shorter than Adam's corruptible 'long garment' (Gen 3:21), which had a maximum life of 960 years, will be changed into indefinitely long garments of skin on that day. For them, death has no sting. The great crowd will grow to love this scripture.

The society has long realised the parallel between the first twenty years of King Solomon's reign and the first twenty years of the reign of Jesus in heaven after Babylon has fallen and Satan has been ejected, starting from Nisan 14, 1918 (JP p149, W92 March 1 p20). we can now fill in some further detail into this period. Because 2 Chron 3:2 tells us that the building of his temple started on 'the second month on the second day', which is Jehovah giving us two witnesses to the secondness of this temple, and in fact its construction time being 7 years and six months (1 Kings 6:38,38) if counted from Nisan 1918, ends us up in Tishri 1925, which is when the first resurrection of the anointed brothers from the second temple occurred. It is not hard to see why Judge Rutherford and his brothers thought that they would float off to heaven at that time, they were in fact very close to the truth. What really happened was that whilst Judge Rutherford and brother Macmillan were waiting to float off into heaven, It was in fact Brother Russell, who had already died, who floated off to heaven right past them! Of only they had known! Mind you, they know now.

The reader is left to make his or her own comparisons with the other features of literal locusts, other than a further few points. Firstly the heavenly locust is used extensively at Armageddon, which lasts for five months [10.15]. The type for this use is the use of literal Israel in the battle to save the Gibeonites in Joshua chapter 9, it is also apparent from Rev 19:14. Look! brothers, it was the Israelites that dispossessed the physical Canaanites and it will be the spiritual Israelites who will dispossess the greater Canaanites of the wicked who will be cut off from this planet at Armageddon. Spiritual Israel is 'the army of the heavens', they are going to fight Armageddon for us lot down here. They will save their brothers. But before they do that believe it or not we are going to save them, by doing the work for them that they have neglected to do for us. Although neither the anointed nor the great crowd really save anybody it is God who is saving the both of us, through each other.

And now we have had a glimpse at the order and organisation of the true God. Really it would not be on, to have immortal angels, who can be likened to absolute fixed rocks, just bowling up into heaven at any old time because they died 41 days previously. This is not how the God of order works, we can say with hindsight. It is apparent that the arrival in heaven of a group of immortal beings requires a lot of preparation and readjustment and no doubt a very large celebration and welcome. These angels are very very important persons indeed. Heaven had only one immortal being for a very very long and undefined length of time before Jesus ascended to make the second heaven. It is not an 'everyday occurrence', for immortal angels who are little short of gods themselves, to arrive up there.


In the parable of the workers being hired for the vineyard, there are 5 hirings of workers. The first one is 'early in the morning' and then we have the 3rd hour, the 6th hour, the 9th hour and the 11th hour. The Greatest man who ever lived book attempts to explain these five calls in terms of two calls one to the physical Jew and the other to the spiritual Jew. Actually given the impossibility of this task it makes quite a good job of it. The fleshwise Jewish fulfilment of this parable seems to me more likely to have been as follows:


Early in the morning call: 1943Nisan14 Abraham

3rd hour call: Isaac

6th hour call: Jacob

9th hour call: 1513Nisan14 To vast mixed company

11th hour call: 1473Nisan14 Gibeonites, proselytes

The above I am not sure of, but the below I am sure of, for what this assurance is worth.


early in the morning call: 29Heshvan26 Precovenant call to Jews

3rd hour call: 33Sivan6 Ist key to Jews

6th hour call: 34Tishri 2nd key to Samaritans

9th hour call: 36Tishri 3rd key to Gentiles

11th hour call: 1895Tishri Spiritual Samaritans

The above is the correct understanding because the holy spirit was poured out on the day of Pentecost at 'the 3rd hour of the day' (Acts 2:15). Although this itself was a sealing of those who were called 'early in the morning', there were also 3,000 Jews baptised into the name of Jesus after this.

Furthermore, Peter was praying, when he had the vision of the unclean animals and the linen sheet from heaven 'about the 6th hour' (Acts 10:9), at which time the Gentiles had not quite yet been called by him, but the Samaritans had. Whereas the parable says:

Again he went out about the 6th and the 9th hour and did likewise (Matt 20:5).

Also the Samaritan woman met Jesus when 'the hour was about the 6th' (John 4:6).

Finally Cornelius saw his vision: 'Just about the 9th hour', and then Peter arrived at his house, and the third key was applied at the 9th hour 4 days later, for the Cornelius said to him:

4 days ago counting from this hour, I was praying in my house at the 9th hour, when Look! a man in bright raiment stood before me (Acts 10:30).

Well I don't know what the man in bright raiment is saying to you, but I know what he is saying to me, he is saying: counting hours is important; and we shall see its main importance in section[8.8]. And the writer cannot resist the making the observation that we Jehovah's witnesses certainly count all our hours in the field service, so why have we not counted these hours here? If only we had concentrated on counting the hours in the bible more than we do on counting hours in the service! But in any event, we can now hopefully see that hours of all of these calls are significant. And all of the above is far too much to be a coincidence, and furthermore the holy spirit has said through Amos that all coincidences in the bible are providential, even inspired coincidences, see section[8.1].

So having identified the first 4 calls, we are left with the 5th call, the 11th hour call. Well this is the second baptism call, which is in fact the call to the spiritual Samaritans, they make up the numbers that could not be achieved by the spiritual Judeans, 64,000 to be exact. The two together are spiritual Israel. So here we have the Northern kingdom and the Southern kingdom, spiritualised.


In this chapter Cornelius sees 'a holy angel', 'a man in bright raiment', and is told to send men to Joppa to summon a certain Simon Peter to him:

As soon as the angel that spoke to him left, he called 2 of his house servants and a devout soldier from among those who were in constant attendance upon him (Acts 10:7)

The first symbolism of this account is:

Cornelius Jesus

Peter Christian Congregation

Summoning to Peter Call to join Christian congregation

Devout soldier Jew, first key

First house servant Samaritan, second key

Second house servant Gentile, third key

Linen sheet from heaven Baptism in holy spirit

Animals in sheet Baptism candidates

When the angel said to Cornelius: Your gifts of mercy have ascended as a remembrance before God (Acts 10:4); he was talking, in the symbolic meaning, about Jesus' blood.

The 3 men that Cornelius sent were Mr Jew, Mr Samaritan and Mr Gentile. Now these 3 men visit Peter, who has in the meantime had a vision about a linen sheet being let down from heaven full of animals:

In it there were all sorts of 4 footed creatures and creeping things of the earth and birds of the heaven (Acts 10:12).

These birds, creepers and walkers could all actually have been clean or unclean, for example, locust, cow and dove were edible, and spider, pig and seagull were inedible under law (Leviticus 12), although Peter evidently saw unclean animals in his view. Then a voice from heaven says:

Rise Peter, slaughter and eat (Acts 10:13).

You stop calling defiled the things God has cleansed (Acts 10:15)

This occurred a third time (Acts 10:16).

Peter, actually rose, judicially from the dead when he was baptised into the name of Jesus, on 29Heshvan26 when Jesus changed his name to Cephas, 'Rock-mass' (John 1:42), for a baptism is a change of name, being into the name of a father, a son, or a mother [6.18]. When you eat something then you absorb it into your body. Peter was the rib of Adam, he is the beginning of the last Eve, the one who conceives, having the 3 keys. He starts 'eating' Jews when they are called, actually on 33Sivan6 as we saw above. He then eats some Samaritans, growing a bit bigger the defiled ones who God cleansed, and finally he eats some Gentiles, growing bigger still as they are absorbed into his body, the body of the wife of the Christ, which he is the rock-mass of. For Jesus is the cornerstone of the temple, but Peter is the cornerstone of the congregation, he is the first one of the body, Jesus is the head of the body, the marriage of the lamb is the placing of the head on the body. This being the antitype of the baptism of the Christ which was the placing of the angel Michael, the dove, onto the body prepared by God.

Sacrifice and offering you did not want, but you prepared a body for me (Hebrews 10:5).

So the voice from heaven occurs 3 times and the 3 men arrive at Peter's house, because Peter has 3 keys and there are three calls which go out to be a member of the bride of Christ in the first baptism. But there is a greater symbolism to this account, and this is:

Cornelius Jesus

Peter Christian Congregation

Summoning to Peter Call to join Christian congregation

Devout soldier first baptism, spiritual Jew

First house servant second baptism, spiritual Samaritan

Second house servant third baptism, spiritual Gentile

Linen sheet from heaven Baptism in holy spirit

Animals in sheet Baptism candidates

This time, the 3 men are Mr first baptism, Mr second baptism and Mr third baptism. The 3rd baptism is the one which I am related to, and it is the baptism to become a Nethinim, a thing which is not decided by men but is decided by God, for we are servants of the greater Solomon, not of his FDS. And we should be Christians not Christianians. These ones are also the kings of the earth-to-be. Likewise the 3 voices from heaven are to these three groups, in this second symbolism. It is not a new thing for a scripture to have two symbolisms for Jehovah's witnesses. Daniel 4 had one symbolism of a tree referring to Nebuchadnezzar himself and another referring to Jesus Christ. In fact it also has further symbolisms, but now is not the time to relate them to you. There is however an appointed time for such divulgence.

As regards the length of these 3 baptisms, we have a holy angel, a man in bright raiment visiting and telling Cornelius to call Peter, and then precisely 96 hours, 24 hours x 4 days, later, Peter arrives in Cornelius' house:

Accordingly Cornelius said: 4 days ago counting from this hour I was praying in my house at the 9th hour, when look! a man in bright raiment stood before me (Acts 10:30).

This period represents a time between a calling to the Christian congregation (Peter) and an arriving in the house of Jesus (Cornelius). Now arriving in Jesus' house, Peter is then joined to Jesus (Cornelius), whom he describes as 'a man of another race' (Acts 10:28), literally by the baptism into the name of Jesus (Cornelius). But this joining is symbolising the greater joining of the Christian congregation to Jesus, who was most certainly a man of another race, he was of the non-adamic race. It is effected by the baptism into the name of the holy spirit, a covenant between God and his wife. This joining being the sealing of the congregation to be the wife of Jesus.

So symbolically we have the time from the calling of the Christian congregation, which is the sanctification in holy spirit, in the cases of Mr first, Mr second and Mr third baptism, until the sealing of the same, in all 3 cases, which is the baptism into the name of the holy spirit. And this time is 96 times. We are using numeric symbolism here. A twig or a basket for a time (Gen 40:12,18, section[3.4]).

So all three of these baptisms last 96 times. Now in the case of the first two 96 days is no good, because we know that the 3 calls in each baptism are separated by at least 3.5 years, so we plump for 96 years. In fact the first and the second baptism both have the same length, for these 'brothers' are twins. The third baptism relates to 96 times in a different way, which we are not going into here.

Now Jesus was named as Jesus, by Joseph (Matt 1:25), when he was 8 days old (Luke 2:21), which according to Jewish counting was on his 8th day of life. This was quite evidently his baptism into the name of Jesus!! and it occurred on 2Tishri17BCE. So the first century baptism ended 96 years after this, in 95Tishri. The twentieth century baptism therefore started 1800 years after this, in 1895Tishri, and it ended 96 years after this in 1991Tishri. This was actually when the last anointed remnant was sealed. Of course they do not know which ones of them have been sealed, and which ones haven't so this information is not a tremendous amount of help to any one individual.

However I do actually know a little bit about who has or has not been sealed. I am privy to this information by the holy spirit, because I myself have been sealed. I say this not to show off, but to make it perfectly clear what my judicial position is as far as Jehovah is concerned. I was sealed on 1992Chislev1. So that those who fear Jehovah more than the FDS will take this letter seriously but those who fear the FDS more than Jehovah will laugh at it. I wish to inform you of this so that you are fully aware whom you are really taking a stand against should you wish to oppose the things in this letter. Not that everything in this letter is correct, and nor does my sealing imply that I am behaving in a righteous manner for God is calling 'the things that are not as though they were' (Romans 4:17). I make many mistakes, but many minds on the problem will iron out the bloopers that I have not spotted. For the bible is written not for one mind but for all minds, by the father of not one mind but of all minds.

The consequences of this lobotomising of Jesus' flock are being felt now, for the true God is not one to be mocked. For as this letter is being written although we a doing one billion hours of preaching every year, our meeting attendance is actually decreasing. And as soon as one comes in by the front door, someone else goes out of the back door. So today, as regards the greater Second temple of Zerubbabel, the spiritual Samaritans of the second baptism, these words of Haggai are having fulfilment:

You have sown much, but there is a bringing of little in

There is an eating, but it is not to satisfaction

There is a drinking, but not to the point of getting intoxicated

There is a putting on of clothes, but it is not with anyone's getting warm

And he that is hiring himself out, is hiring himself out for a bag having holes (Haggai 1:6).

The sowing is the billion hours of service, the food is the spiritual vegeburgers, the manna that just drops from the heavenly brothers, and we pick it up, the same each week, potatoes, potatoes, potatoes and more potatoes. The drinking of the water of life, the bible, involves no holy spirit (getting intoxicated). The putting on of the new personality has no insulating effect, it is a powerless version of the new personality, looks great to men but achieves very little. And he that is 'hiring himself out' is repeated, and he is hiring himself out not only for God, but also for the glory of men, and therefore he is denied the blessing of God and his bag is full of holes. And indeed all of the congregations are full of holes, and these holes are now as big as the front doors of our halls. They will expand to be larger than our fronts doors before we are saved from our folly by God and through Jesus.


Lazarus our friend has gone to rest, but I am journeying there to awaken him from sleep (John 11:11).

Consequently when Jesus arrived he found he had already been 4 days in the memorial tomb (John 11:17).

There are 12 hours of daylight are there not (John 11:9)?

Therefore as in the case of Acts 10, we calculate that Lazarus had been in the memorial tomb for 96 hours by the time that Jesus arrived. But our fleshly bodies are in fact tombs for our spirits, for we die physically in them. However for those to whom a resurrection is granted, the body is a memorial tomb, for God does not forget them when they die.

As a technical aside, Jesus could not have mediated a resurrection to Lazarus, had Jesus himself not by that time already been sealed in holy spirit, which is the granting of his resurrection. For one cannot pass on something which one does not have, by the dirty water principle.

For the anointed ones, the memorial tomb is permanently granted at the baptism into the name of the holy spirit, for the sanctification in holy spirit, the baptism into the name of the Lord Jesus [6.18] has two possible outcomes and only two, everlasting life or Gehenna. And Gehenna is for those whose tombs are forgotten by God. However he who is sanctified is in a memorial tomb until such time as he breaks his baptism, this being this sin against the holy spirit. For those who have not had the blood of Jesus applied to them, cannot impale him again (Heb 6:6).

So this period of Lazarus' laying in the memorial tomb, is the period of the laying of his first century brothers in memorial tombs, 96 hours, 96 years, and it is further the period of laying of the 20th century brothers of Lazarus in their memorial tombs for the scripture says:

Thomas, who was called, the twin, said to his fellow disciples: Let us go, that we may die with him (John 11:16).

And Thomas is here standing for the first and the second baptism, the twins. These ones die with Lazarus, because Lazarus himself was sanctified, in the precovenant call to the Jews, he was more than likely one of the 70 disciples sent out by Jesus in pairs. Poor old Lazarus, he is the only man alive to have experienced a resurrection in the flesh and a resurrection in the spirit body, so far. He is in heaven today this one. He is not however the most resurrected man in the universe. Melchizedek beats him hands down on that count. There is of course a lot more to John 11, but we are just looking at witnesses to the 96 times of the first 3 baptisms.


The pomegranate is described in the Insight book thus:

Within the hard rind it is crowded with small capsules full of juice, each containing a small pink or red seed.

So it is a fruit full of loads of red seeds, in fact the juice is also red, and it is very very sweet tasting. But once it has gone off it tastes very sour, like vinegar, and is inedible. So this is the fruiterer's answer to those sanctified in Jesus' blood. The seed of the Son, the seed of the father, Abraham. The red juice is the blood, the seeds are those who are baptised and have become sweet, and those who break their baptism become very sour. So now we can understand what this fruit was doing on Aaron's sleeveless coat, his ephod:

A bell of gold and a pomegranate, a bell of gold and a pomegranate upon the hem of the sleeveless coat round about (Ex 28:34).

For in bible symbolism, fringes stand for increases in numbers, crowds, and Aaron was to be replaced with 144,000 priests. Next we see that the wonderful Pomegranate was also featured in the design of Solomon's temple:

And the 400 pomegranates for the 2 networks, 2 rows of pomegranates to each network, to cover the 2 bowl shaped capitals that were upon the 2 pillars (1 Kings 7:42).

This verse is about the holy spirit making a point, the point being a division in 2, the first and second baptism. 400 times pomegranates appeared in Solomon's temple and 400 years is 144,000 days. These 400 pomegranates stand for the 144,000 heavenly brothers, and it is very very apparent that they are split into 2 baptisms. As regards the length of these baptisms we have the cryptic linguistic masterpiece of Jeremiah:

And there were pomegranates 96, side/windward/spirit [e], total of the pomegranates 100 upon the network surrounding (Jer 52:23 - NIVHEOT)

The Hebrew word 'ruchah' has the same meaning as the well known 'ruach' (Benjamin Davidson's lexicon), i.e. spirit, wind, breeze etc. In fact just as Ephrathah means of Ephrat, the writer would venture to suggest, the Hebrew novice that he is, that the word 'ruchah' is actually an apocopation of 'Ruachah', the apocopation arising because one cannot put two vowel signs for 'a' under one consonant, but since my software doesn't do Hebrew vowel signs I cannot explain this very well. The meaning of Ruachah is 'of wind', i.e. to windward. The reference bible footnote covers this to some extent, and it is assumed to mean 'to the windward side', i.e. the side which gets the prevailing wind. Also there were 200 pomegranates per network according to 1 Kings and so this reference to 100 upon the network, must have referred to one side only of the network surrounding the capital on top of the pillar. So Jeremiah's description is defining 96 times of spirit/wind for pomegranates, which is the 96 years of their baptisms.


We know that Adam was 33 years old when Cain was conceived on 3993Sivan6, and that he was born in 3992Tishri. Now Seth was born to Adam when he was 130 years old, i.e. in the period 3897Tishri to 3896Elul. It is therefore possible that Seth could have been conceived in 3897Sivan and born in 3896Elul, with the same gestation period as Cain, around 16 months. If this occurred then it would have taken Adam 96 years to replace his firstborn, in the sense that Cain would have been conceived 96 years before Seth was conceived. An achievement not entirely dissimilar to the baptism of the first temple brothers by the last Adam.

In fact there would then have been 96 years between the first and temporary firstborn of the first Adam, Cain, and the last and permanent firstborn of the first Adam, Seth. And there would then also have been 96 years between the first of the temporary firstborn of the last Adam, Jesus, the first one to be sanctified in the first baptism, and the last of the permanent firstborn of the last Adam, namely, whoever was the last first century brother to be sealed, that is to gain permanent membership of Jehovah's living family through the first baptism. Could this be yet another way in which those last will be first and those first will be last??? Do you know this symbolism is perfect in its isomorphism. Dammit we are nowhere in understanding the finesse of the true God.

This is the sort of thing that Mathematicians indulge in, in Galois theory. We investigate the fixed field of the field fixed by the field which fixes the fixed field of all the fields by which the field fixed by the field which is fixed by the fixed field of a certain field which is yet to be fixed, is actually fixed. About which I must say that up until today, although finding this sort of occupation very natural and very beautiful, I never thought that it would be of any great use to mankind in my lifetime. But here I am proved wrong!

In any event I hereby nominate the above understanding for the Prince Michael award for the best interpretation made at 4 o'clock in the morning!


Well, Anthony, I have really put you through it, if you have absorbed all of the preamble. The purpose of all of the above is to establish the time table which shows that the second baptism began in 1895Tishri and ended in 1991Tishri. Please forgive my sideswipes at our ways of worship, but some things have to be said. Now it is a comparatively simple matter to get from this second baptism until Armageddon. By now you, being an astute reader, will have realised that I am explaining God's plan for man dressed up as various proofs of the date of Armageddon. And why not? We have spent the last 80 years trying to explain it in the absence of such a date, have we not?


This is a rather selective history from the holy spirit of the period from 520Elul1 to 520Heshvan24, when the building of Zerubbabel's temple, the second physical temple was restarted after a lull in activities. It is also an account of the building of the second spiritual temple of the second baptism brothers, the twentieth century heavenly brothers, after the lull in activities of the 5 times of the Apostate times, from 95Tishri to 1895Tishri. The dates in the account correspond with years. Elul1 being the Hebrew year beginning in 1895Nisan, the correspondence is as follows:

Elul1 1895Nisan-1897Adar

Elul24 1918Nisan-1919Adar

Tishri21 1945Nisan-1946Adar

Heshvan24 2008Nisan-2009Adar

On each day above Haggai says many things, and they relate to many meanings of the account. We are going to cut through this account and merely draw out statements relating to the above correspondence with years:

ELUL1: Go up the mountain and you must bring in lumber. And build my house, that I may take pleasure in it, and I may be glorified (Haggai 1:8).

This is referring to the start of the building of the greater second temple in 1895Tishri, the lumber being the anointed brothers .

ELUL24: And Jehovah proceeded to rouse up the spirit of Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, the governor of Judah, and the spirit of Joshua, the son of Jehozadak, the high priest, and the spirit of all the remaining ones of the people, and they began to enter in and to do the work of the house of Jehovah of armies, their God (Haggai 1:14,15).

Many spirits were roused up in Nisan 1918. The spirits of the Zerubbabel class, the governor, the FDS for they were appointed exclusively over all of God's people at the fall of Babylon, and then before this year ended the governing body was bailed from prison. The spirits of the Joshua class, were also raised, for they were all raised up from the dead to be spirits in the heaven, to act as priests and fulfil the final part of their commission given in Matthew 28:19,20, namely to baptise into the three names. Of course this commission was never given to the great crowd, only angels can baptise into the name of the holy spirit.

TISHRI21: But now be strong, Oh Zerubbabel, is the utterance of Jehovah: And be strong, Oh Joshua the son of Jehozadak, the high priest. And be strong all you people of the land; is the utterance of Jehovah: and work (Haggai2:4).

For this is what Jehovah has said: Yet once - it is a little while - and I am rocking the heavens and the earth and the sea and the dry ground (Haggai 2:6)

These two scriptures have to do with the second world war. For the biggest blessing that Jehovah's people have had, so far was during the period from 1945 to 1975, which was the better part of the presidency of brother Knorr, obviously he was limited in what he could do during the 2nd world war, and he was further limited by his mishandling of 1975, for no president of the Watchtower is perfect. But Haggai is declaring a blessing on his work, starting in 1945, and this is true for we increased by a factor of 20 times under brother Knorr, whereas we only increased by a factor of 2 times under brother Franz. Brother Knorr saw an increase from about 112,500 to about 2,250,000, and brother Franz saw one from about 2,250,000 to about 4,500,000. These figures are actually prophesied in the book of Numbers but now is not the time to look into that.

The argument that brother Franz did better than brother Knorr because he had a 2.25million increase as opposed to a 2.125million increase is a very silly argument. Just draw a graph of the number of publishers in the years 1945-1992 and the point is made. For if ten men earn between them a million pounds this is not as impressive as one man earning it, not to me anyway, and neither is it to God actually, for he defines success in terms of percentage increase too in the book of Numbers, although I am not proving this here.

As regards the second scripture, verse 6, the world had just been rocked by the 2nd world war, and Haggai is telling us that there will actually be a third world war, but there will not be a fourth world war, for he says: 'Yet once' I will rock the nations. In fact Haggai is a catalogue of the end dates of the first, the second and the third world wars. Because the third world war ends in Armageddon, although it has various fits and starts. Perhaps you might say, fine but the start date would be of more use.

Well in a few years time, maybe the reader will eventually agree with me, after he has seen a lot of the future, and seen it fulfilled, that knowing the future is a headache and causes worry. I do know when the 'third world war' starts, one can deduce it from Daniel 7, a lot of people will die in it, and the UN takes supreme power soon after it starts, in fact it is started in order to achieve supremacy for the UN, more than likely. But what can I do with this knowledge? Worry more and more the nearer it gets? Wisdom is a help, and God will help us to help ourselves a lot as we near the end, but it is his resurrection hope which is our security, for his son has conquered death. To us death just means we get into the new system quicker!

HESHVAN24: Say to Zerubbabel the governor of Judah: I am rocking the heavens and the earth. And I shall certainly overthrow the throne of Kingdoms, and annihilate the strength of the kingdoms of the nations. And I will overthrow chariot and its riders, and horses and their riders will certainly come down, each one by the sword of his brother (Haggai2:21,22).

A fairly straightforward description of Armageddon. Rather like what happened in the Red Sea. So this is your Jelly baby Anthony, a trip from Jesus' birth to Armageddon via the first baptism, the Apostate times, the second baptism and the account of Haggai. I hope you like it! It is my gift to you under the covenant of Keturah. To nail down further the 112.5 years from the start of the second baptism until Armageddon we look at another 'day for a year' account namely Ezra 7,8:


As a brother once said, interpreting the bible is like finding a key and going into a new room wherein one finds another key which gets one into another room wherein one finds another key etc. etc. Now that we have this new key of 'lets try a day for a year in a few of the daily timetables in the bible', and now that we have some knowledge of divine chronology which extends beyond 'Its 1914!', we are able to play this game a bit more effectively. Although of course it's not really a new key at all, because the 'Live forever book' defines 'a day for a year' as 'a bible rule'.

These two chapters cover the return from Babylon of the Jews to build the second temple. But as in the case of Haggai this is not a dead history account, it is a living history account, for if the bible is alive and exerts power then it is prophetic, all of it is prophetic. And this account prophetically refers to the return from Babylon the great of the greater Zerubbabelians if you will admit the expression, of the 20th century heavenly brothers, in fact the Society already knows this to be the case and has deduced the existence of modern day Nethinim from it. (See the article in Watchtower 1992April15p13-17).

Chapter 7 starts with Ezra showing us his descendance from Aaron. In verses 7 - 10, we read that a group of Israelites led by Ezra, left Babylon on Nisan 1, in the 7th year of Artaxerxes, which was 468BCE and reached Jerusalem on Ab 1. We are just going to look at the people in this account and the timetable of their actions. In chapter 8 verses 1 - 20 we find a long list of names. This list is actually the cornerstone of the prophecy. Please consider the following list of returning exiles:

Gershom Daniel Hattush

Zechariah +150 Eliehoenai +200 Shecaniah +300

Ebed + 50 Jeshaiah + 70 Zebediah + 80

Obadiah +218 Shelomith +160 Zechariah + 28

Johanan +110 Eliphelet Jeiel

Shemaiah + 60 Uthai Zabbud + 70

Eliezer Ariel Shemaiah

Elnathan Jarib Elnathan

Nathan Zechariah Meshullam

Joiarib Elnathan Iddo +220

Sherebiah + 18 Hashabiah Jeshaiah + 20



12 +606 +11 +430 +11 +718


TOTAL: 1,788 exiles

Whilst it is not immediately apparent that Iddo himself came along, verse 17 says:

Then I gave command concerning Iddo, the head one in the place Casiphia, and I put in their mouth words to speak to Iddo (and) his brothers the Nethinim in the place Casiphia to bring to us ministers for the house of our God (Ezra 8:17).

And we see in verse 20 that 220 Nethinim turned up. Presumably since there is no group in this chapter which does not have a 'head one', and since Iddo is the only candidate for this position as regards the Nethinim, he must have come along. Further still, there is no group which is numbered in such a way as to include the 'head one', so we must assume that the 220 Nethinim of verse 20 excludes Iddo, and that he came along in addition to them, as their head one. It is also easily forgotten that Ezra must be included!

The key verse for our purposes in this chapter is verse 15, the true meaning of which is amazing. The verse reads:

And I proceeded to collect them at the river that comes to Ahava; and we kept encamped there three days, that I might scrutinize the people, but none of the sons of Levi did I find there (Ezra 8:15).

What this verse actually means in part is: Please will the reader scrutinize all of these people whom Ezra collected, because their number will tell him something. This is not so much a reader question as a reader prompter [3.7]. Also collecting people physically is a bible euphemism for counting them up. We read in verse 31, that the exiles pulled away from the river Ahava on the twelfth day. Now rivers in the bible are often used for baptisms, and able-bodied men often stand for years, and timetables such as the one in this chapter from Nisan 1 to Ab 1 and thereafter, should often be taken 'a day for a year' for the greater meaning. Remembering that the first baptism ended in 95Tishri, when the Apostate time started, this would mean that Babylon the great had the Hebrew year starting 96Nisan as its first regnal year. Combining all of this we arrive at the following timetable:

Gershom 96Nisan to 97Adar

Daniel 97Nisan to 98Adar

Hattush 98Nisan to 99Adar

Ezra 1883Nisan to 1884Adar

Nisan1 1884Nisan to 1885Adar Set out from Babylon

Nisan12 1895Nisan to 1896Adar Crossed river Ahava

Ab1 2004Nisan to 2005Adar Arrived in Jerusalem

Ab5 2008Nisan to 2009Adar Weighed out utensils

The river Ahava is symbolising the second baptism which starts when the river is crossed. The 3 days waiting by the river Ahava, is symbolising the job that they are getting baptised to do which is to build the temple (Luke 2:46, Mat 26:61 see section 94). The crossing of the river represents baptism by holy spirit for the second temple brothers. The collecting of them by Ezra is symbolising the waiting for the collection of the 1788 years to pass.

Now this is so incredibly important, because it shows that a true religion, a non Babylon organisation began to be formed in the Hebrew year starting 1884Nisan. For the 1788 men leaving Babylon and waiting by the river Ahava, each stand for a year of men waiting to leave Babylon the great. The whole point of this account is that no man could leave Babylon the great for 1788 regnal years after the end of the first baptism. But in the Hebrew year starting in 1884Nisan, which is here symbolised by the date of Nisan1, men were able for the first time to leave Babylon, which is what Ezra's real life journey is representing. What this does is prophesy the very year that the true religion for the brothers of the second temple would come into existence! And as every good bible student will tell you, the religion that was started in the Hebrew year starting in 1884Nisan was:


It was founded in 1884December. The bible contains other witnesses to this start date (Ezra 10, Daniel 6). And now Anthony and my brothers, Ray, Roger, Isaac, Howard, Tony and John, please do scrutinize this account, in accord with the direction from the holy spirit. This is meat from God, it is quails, we are not talking honey flavoured cakes here.

Now we know why Ezra said (very much under inspiration), 'but none of the sons of Levi did I find there' (verse 15), he did not find any priests on that side of the river because the second baptism did not start until they crossed the river on Nisan12 which represents 1895Nisan - 1896Adar, during which time the first brothers of the second temple became anointed to be priests and to rule as kings (Rev 20:6). And whereas in the case of the physical second temple we read in Zech 4:

Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit, Jehovah of armies has said (Zechariah 4:6).

In the case of the second spiritual temple, Ezra has said in chapter 8 verse 22:

For I felt ashamed to ask a military force and horsemen from the king to help us against the enemy in the way, because we had said to the king: The hand of our God is over all those seeking him for good, but his strength and his anger are against all those leaving him (Ezra 8:22).

We now have a further proof that the one and only group of true servants of God are Jehovah's witnesses. The incorporation of the Watchtower Society, was the greater fulfilment of Ezra 7:9, and the start of the greater exodus from the greater Babylon, and the 1788 brothers who waited by the Ahava, represent the wait before this exodus, a 1788 year wait.

Continuing with the timetable, the exiles arrive in Jerusalem on Ab 1, which being 120 days after Nisan 1, corresponds to the year beginning in 2004Nisan. Which we know is the year of the last resurrection of the anointed (Dan 12:7, section 49). All of the anointed are in heaven by 2004Heshvan. The fourth day of dwelling in Jerusalem, is the fourth day after Ab1, i.e. Ab5 (this is because on the Hebrew day of arrival, the exiles would have slept outside Jerusalem, and then arrived during daylight, therefore since the three days of dwelling in Jerusalem means three days of sleeping there, i.e. Ab2,3,4 - verses 32,33). Ab5 corresponds to the Hebrew year beginning 2008Nisan, which is when these anointed ones begin ruling in the kingdom of their father, which corresponds to the weighing out of the 'silver and the gold and the utensils', (verse 33). So this is the second witness to your jelly baby Anthony.

As a final point, the 220 Nethinim, in this account, who are appointed to help the Levites are 'named'. This means that they have a name inscribed in the book of life, i.e. they are sanctified in holy spirit, judicially living. In Watchtower parlance they are anointed. I am anointed in this baptism.


Tony, this is your Jelly baby. I am going to keep this section very short and sweet, please find the time to read it, it is important to me that you do. Laban says to Jacob:

Stipulate your wages to me and I shall give them. So he said to him: You yourself must know how I have served you and how your herd has fared with me, that it was little that you actually had before my coming, and it went expanding to a multitude, in that Jehovah blessed you since I stepped in. So now when am I to do something for my own house? (Gen 31:28-30).

Jacob's house is the house of Jacob, the Jewish race. Jacob here is standing for Michael and Laban is Satan. The scene in the symbolism that we will consider, starts with Michael's flock being actually Jacob, Leah, Rachel, Bilhah, Zilpah and the 11 brothers, and Dinah it is Jacob's family, going down into Egypt. At this point Satan's flock, which is Laban's flock, is the rest of the Egyptians, for Satan was the demon prince of Egypt, at this time, this being the first one of the 7 heads of the wild beast which represents his rulership over Abraham's seed.

When Gabriel fought with the demon prince of Persia (Daniel 10:13), he was fighting with Satan, because firstly the bible actually has no account of the activities of any individual angels other that Michael, Gabriel and Satan, (Shem, Japheth and Ham) and secondly the Medes and the Persians were the world power at the time that Gabriel was opposed by Satan for 21 days, since this was 'in the 3rd year of Cyrus' (Dan 10:1), and they were the 3rd head of the 7 headed wild beast, who represents Satan's rulership. He next became 'the prince of Greece':

Look! also the prince of Greece is coming (Dan 10:20).

Greece was the world power after the Medes and the Persians. Now Laban, Satan, recognises that his flock, the Egyptians, are being blessed due to Jacob, since he knows that Abraham's seed are currently residing 'in Egypt'. But Michael now wants to clear out of Egypt with his family, literally that day, and he says to Laban:

Send me away that I may go to my place and to my country (Gen 30:25).

This is of course a distributive symbolism[3.6], but we are only looking at one symbolic meaning here. Now Moses said to Pharaoh:

Send my people away that they may celebrate a festival to me in the wilderness (Ex 5:1).

Now still on the same literal day Jacob defines his wages:

If you will do this one thing for me, I shall resume shepherding your flock and shall continue guarding it (Gen 30:31).

At this point we have to go to a Hebrew interlinear translation because things get very technical and the NWT does not agree with the NIV & the original Hebrew is somewhat ambiguous at first sight here:

Let me go in all of flock of you, the day, [] removing [remove!] from there every of sheep speckled and being spotted

and every of dark sheep in the young rams

and [the ones] being spotted and speckled in the she-goats

and he will be wage of me

is either an infinitive absolute, 'to remove/removing' or it is an imperative 'remove!'. The NWT translates it as an imperative which is permissible but then it inserts the word 'hereafter' in the last line:

Hereafter such will be my wages (Gen 30:32).

But this word 'hereafter is not in the Hebrew. Therefore I favour the NIV translation here. In any event it does not make a lot of difference in the superficial interpretation I am making today just for the purpose of establishing Laban's times. Now this is a genetically engineered flock, and of course all God's children are genetically engineered, for the Jews were from the Genes of Abraham and the spiritual Jews are from the 'Genes' of Jesus, being his brothers. The symbolism for these wonderful creatures is as follows:

Sheep, speckled and spotted Physical sons of Jacob

Rams dark brown Spiritual Israel

He goats, streaked and spotted Nethinim

She goats, speckled and spotted Great crowd

The Nethinim although they are brothers of the great crowd in a sense that the heavenly brothers are not all die before Armageddon, so they are not technically members of the great crowd. Its like the Bethel writing desk brother said to me: We know that there are the anointed and we know that there are the great crowd, what more do we need to know? - I wanted to know the memorial date in 1935, not because I wanted to celebrate it 59 years too late but because it is necessary for the second witness to the date 2008Ab1 when the great crowd shed their long garments of Adamic skin, and Jehovah makes for the indefinitely long garments of non-adamic skin [10.19]. It was actually an inspired thing he said to me, for he was talking to a man in neither of the two above groups. He actually drove me mad this guy, he wouldn't tell me the date because he didn't think it was important enough for him to dig it out of his records. But I said nothing to him. Neither do I blame him, I blame the one who is his shepherd, and so does God, and so does Jesus.

Now these wonderful genetic characteristics, of being speckled and spotted and streaked etc., relate to parenthood, and it is not necessary to into them here. Incidentally spiritual Israel are black because they become invisible in the blackness of the heavens. The Nethinim are male and the great crowd are female because the Nethinim will rule as king over them upon the earth in the new system. The he goats were not stipulated as Jesus wages, but nevertheless we read that Laban set them aside:

Then he set aside on that day the he goats streaked and spotted, and the she goats speckled and spotted, every one in which there was any white, and every one dark brown among the young rams, but he gave them over into the hands of his sons. After that he set a distance of 3 days journey between himself and Jacob, and Jacob was shepherding the flocks of Laban remaining over (Gen 30:35,36).

Well the only ones left over of Jesus' flock, which Laban omitted to take were the spotted and speckled sheep, these ones he left with Jacob. The rest of the flock of Jacob was set a distance of 3 days journey away from him, whereas we read that Moses said to Pharaoh:

And now we want to go please a journey of 3 days into the wilderness and sacrifice to Jehovah our God (Ex 5:3).

Now these 3 days are the days of the tabernacle, the first place of sacrifice to Jehovah, the day of Solomon's temple, the second place of sacrifice to Jehovah, and the day of Zerubbabel's temple, the 3rd place of sacrifice to Jehovah. For is the spatial can represent the temporal in the bible then the temporal can represent the spatial. After these 3 days, sacrifices to him under law ended. But spiritual Israel, and the Nethinim and the great crowd were not shepherded by Jesus, or called to be in his flock until after these three days had ended, only the physical Jews were shepherded by him in these 3 days. This is why Satan did not take the spotted and speckled sheep, which represent the physical Jews. So the daily timetable of this wages statement and flock separation was:

First day: Joseph born, wages stipulated Jacob passed in among the flock of Laban.

Greater first day: This is from the birth of Joseph until the passover, for this was Jesus passing through the flock of Satan and marking his own ones.

Second day Tabernacle

Third day Solomon's temple

Fourth day Zerubbabel's temple

Now in the literal account Laban actually changed Jacob's wages in the first day, because he took out the she goats and the young rams that were Jesus' in the NIV translation. Even in the NWT translation he swindled Jesus by removing the streaked and spotted he goats as an extra. So this is telling us that the first change of wages of the greater Jacob, by the greater Laban lay between the entry into Egypt in 1728 and the passover on 1513Nisan14.

Now Michael on the passover killed a lot of Satan's sheep, not that these sheep will not be resurrected, for who is there to say that one firstborn son of the whole Egyptian race would not have obeyed his conscience, therefore satisfying Jehovah's inbuilt self-testing device? But these firstborn Egyptians were in Satan's administration physically, whereas the Jews were in Michael's administration physically, he being their prince, and Satan being the prince of Egypt at the time. Michael was justified in doing this to Satan's sheep because Satan had already done the same thing to his sheep earlier, when Pharaoh threw all the sons of the Hebrews in the Nile, and the justice of Jehovah is soul for soul. It may interest the reader to know that this drowning is the first bible record of any son of Jacob being killed by anybody other than Jehovah himself who did away with Er and Onan, the sons of Judah. So this is the first bible record of Satan changing the wages of Michael as defined as members of the house of Jacob.

So the wages of Michael from the house of Jacob were the sons and daughters of Abraham. Just as the wages of Jacob for his own house were the very jazzy sheep and goats. As regards the first change in the wages of Michael effected by Satan we read:

Finally Pharaoh commanded all his people saying: Every newborn son you are to throw into the Nile, but every daughter you are to preserve alive (Ex 1:22).

A symbolism which in the greater meaning has to do with baptism, but fortunately here we are merely looking at the literal meaning. Remember that the Hebrew midwives although told to kill the male babies did not carry out this command, so the first death came after the command to throw them in the Nile. Next we read of the birth of Moses:

Meantime a certain man of the house of Levi went ahead and took a daughter of Levi. And the woman became pregnant and brought a son to birth. When she saw how good-looking he was, she kept him concealed for 3 lunar months. When she was no longer able to conceal him, she then took for him an ark of papyrus and coated it with pitch and bitumen and put the child in it, and put it among the reeds by the bank of the river Nile (Exodus 2:1-3).

Therefore the order to throw the babies in the Nile must have been made before the end of this 3 months. It would not have had to have been made before the start of the 3 months because male Hebrew babies would have been concealed from the issuing of the order to the midwives to kill them, which preceded the order to drown them. However Stephen clarifies the timing a bit saying:

Until there arose a king over Egypt who did not know of Joseph. This one used statecraft against our race and wrongfully forced the fathers to expose their infants that they might not be preserved alive. In that appointed time (kairw), Moses was born, and he was divinely beautiful. And he was nursed 3 months in his father's home. But when he was exposed, the daughter of Pharaoh picked him up and brought him up as her own son (Acts 7:19-21).

kairw which is translated 'particular time' in the NWT, is translated 'appointed time', in nearly every other occurrence in the NWT, and it is 'appointed time' in the Kingdom Interlinear. But an appointed time is a particular or a specified time, in any event. So there was an appointed time for Pharaoh to implement this statecraft and expose the infants by throwing them into the Nile. And this time, was basically coincident with the birth of Moses 'and' the 3 months of concealment. In other words the order to drown babies went out in the first 3 months of Moses' life. So now we need to look at some Chronology to discover when exactly Moses was born.

And he said to them, son of 120 year, I, the day, not I am able longer to go out and to come in (Deut 31:2 - NIVHEOT).

This expression go out and come in always amuses me, what does it mean? Is he going out of his house in the morning and coming back in the evening? In any event Moses was here referring to his death. In fact he is linking his death with his being 120 years old. Now this statement was made in 1473Adar, we know this because the Jews mourned for him for 30 days:

And the sons of Israel proceeded to weep for Moses on the desert plains of Moab, 30 days. At length the days of the mourning period for Moses were completed (Deut 34:8).

And it came about after the death of Moses the servant of Jehovah, that Jehovah proceeded to say to Joshua, the son of Nun, the minister of Moses: Moses, my servant is dead. And now get up, cross the Jordan (Joshua 1:1,2).

And Joshua proceeded to command the officers of the people saying: Pass through the midst of the camp and command the people saying: Get provisions ready for yourselves, because 3 days in/[from] now you are crossing this Jordan (Joshua 1:11 - lit).

And the people came up out of the Jordan on the 10th of the first month and took up camping at Gilgal on the Eastern border of Jericho (Joshua 4:19).

So Joshua crossed the Jordan on 1473Nisan10, so he commanded his officers on 1473Nisan7/8, so Jehovah told him to 'get up' since his servant was dead on this same day. This was definitely 30 days after Moses died. Firstly because if Joshua had got up 31 days after Moses had died, then he would have observed a 31 day mourning period, for this mourning was effected by remaining in the same place. Secondly Moses is referred to twice as Jehovah's 'servant' and he is here prefiguring the FDS, the last one of whom dies on 2004Elul15, 30 days before their symbolic death on 2004Tishri15. It is this symbolic death that Jehovah was referring to when he said rather superfluously to Joshua: 'Moses my servant is dead', 30 days after he died [10.4]. So either Moses died on 1473Adar7/8 or he could have died on 1473Adar30 or 1473Veadar1 if there was an intercalary Veadar that year.

And he said to them, son of 120 year, I, the day, not I am able longer to go out and to come in (Deut 31:2 - NIVHEOT).

As mentioned above Moses himself is linking his age being 120 to his own death. Now by the Jewish way of counting Moses had been 120 years old, or a son of 120 years, ever since 1472Nisan1. Therefore he was not here talking about his age by that reckoning. Rather he was talking about his age by either a monthly reckoning, i.e. he was now 120 years old to the month of the Hebrew calendar, having been born in 1593Adar, or he was talking about his age by a daily reckoning, i.e. this was 120 years to the day of the Hebrew calendar since he was born. The daily interpretation looks the better one, since Moses says: 'Son of 120 year, I, the day'. But in either event he is describing a true 120 year age limit on his life. Now this is related to Genesis 6:3, for Moses is the only man mentioned in the bible as having lived for 120 years, and he actually personally and prophetically fulfils the scripture:

My spirit shall not act toward man indefinitely in that he is also flesh. Accordingly his days shall amount to 120 years (Gen 6:3).

And so they did after Moses, who lived to be 120 years old to the month. However the bible records one person, Jehoida, as living after Moses to be 130 years old:

And Jehoida got to be old and satisfied with years and gradually died, being 130 years old at his death (2Chron24:15).

He achieved this feat because he was Melchizedek, in one incarnation. He was actually non-adamic and we aren't going any further into this here.

So having established that Moses was born in 1593Adar (actually he could have been born in Veadar, see below), we know that his 3 months of concealment in his father's house were from 1593Adar until 1593Sivan. Therefore the order to drown babies went out in this period. The holy spirit has provided a comforting confirmation of this:

Pharaoh's daughter then said to her: Take this child with you and nurse him for me, and I myself shall give you your wages. Accordingly the woman took the child and nursed him (Exodus 2:9).

So Moses' mum got her wages. But the other mother's who lost their sons did not. Moses' mum had her wages paid to her household, the house of Levi, a part of the house of Jacob. And this is cryptically reminding us that Michael did not lose his lamb, Moses, because the only wages that he was interested in and in truth the only wages that Moses' mother was interested in was Moses. This was her wage, her son and this was Michael's wage, his lamb. All of this is declaring the first change in wages of the greater Jacob. So now we return to the scripture:

And your father has trifled with me and he has changed my wages 10 times, but God has not allowed him to do me harm (Gen 31:7).

These 10 times start around between 1593Adar and 1593Sivan and end 3600 years later, between 2008Adar and 2008Sivan. These are the 10 times of Laban's times. I don't know about you Tony, but for me this is the most astounding of the jelly babies. Quite simply the system lasts for 10 times after the order from Pharaoh to drown babies. In fact 10 times after Pharaoh drowned God's babies, God is going to drown all of Pharaoh's babies, in the big flood of Armageddon.

I know that you will not find this jelly baby easy to accept Tony, maybe you won't even read it. If so I do understand, anyway there's plenty of time, Jehovah is merciful with all of us.

It is possible that Moses was born in Veadar, the month that gets added to the Jewish year, after Adar, roughly every 3rd year to keep the lunar calendar in some kind of synchronisation with the Sun. Veadar is normally about 23 days long. So Moses could have died on 1473Veadar1, having lived right through the 1,440 months from 1593Nisan to 1473Adar, then the 30th day after this would have been 1473Nisan7/8 or thereabouts. In which case he would have been born also in Veadar in 1593, and the three lunar months of concealment would have been the months of Nisan, Iyyar and Sivan 1593 and he would have been revealed in all of his divine beauty to the Egyptians, 'exposed' as Stephen would say (Acts 7:21), on Tammuz1. An interpretation that I like because the Son of man and the holy angels will be revealed in all of their divine beauty on 2008Tammuz1 [10.14] which is exactly 10 times later.

For the eager expectation of the creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:19).

There is no getting away from it somebody is going to have to calculate the whole lunar calendar from Adam until Armageddon. The date of every passover from 4027BCE until 2008CE must be found out.


As I live, all the earth will be filled with the glory of Jehovah. But all the men who have seen my glory and my signs that I have performed in Egypt and in the wilderness and yet kept testing me these 10 times, and have not listened to my voice, will never see the land about which I swore to their fathers. Yes all those treating me with disrespect will not see it (Numbers 14:20-23).

Now Moses was the start of Jehovah's glory which was seen in Egypt, for he was 'divinely beautiful', and all the earth will be filled with Jehovah's glory when all the earth see the promised land which they will do when Jehovah's organisation, our current administration or 'earth' accepts that the bible does a bit more than define 1914 as the end of the Gentile Times. Right now precious few people in the 'earth' can see the promised land. This ten times of testing of Jehovah is the ten times of changing the wages of Michael, Laban's times, in one symbolism.


Howard, how long does Jesus take to separate the sheep from the goats?

When the Son of man arrives in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit down on his glorious throne. And all the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people, one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats (Matt 26:31-33).

There are three criteria which have to be fulfilled before this separating work can begin. Firstly the son of man has to sit down on his glorious throne. Secondly all the angels have to be with him. Thirdly he needs a receptacle to put those whom he separates out, the sheep, in. This receptacle is the Watchtower Society, and we did not become an exclusive receptacle until the FDS was appointed over all of his belongings.

The appointment of the FDS, which was the result of the fall of Babylon the great, for if one become exclusive then the other becomes discarded, was the creation of the vehicle to separate into.

We will find that these three criteria were met on Nisan16, 1918, and that the 'Separating times' began then, and that these times are 90 years or one quarter of a time long. We have already seen this in Isaac's pattern but we did not really prove it then. The last sheep is separated on the last day of the Abrahamic covenant which is day of the marriage of the lamb, which is 2008Nisan14, 90 years after Nisan1918. The first day of the Kingdom of God in 2008Nisan16, which is also the first day of Armageddon.

Howard, this one is your jelly baby, I am dedicating it to you, chew it over well. It follows from the resolution of one of the great problems in Watchtower Chronology, which I first heard of from Brother Reid, our CO/DO before brother Storer. This problem is: Why if the Gentile times ended in 1914Tishri [for the Gentile Times started in 607Tishri, at the assassination Gedaliah in the 7th month (Jeremiah 41:1), therefore it also ended in the 7th month, namely Tishri], is there this one and a bit month gap between this end in September/October 1914 and the start of the 1260 days of prophesying in sackcloth and ashes of the two witnesses of Revelation 11? Because we currently understand that their prophesying ended when the governing body was arrested on 1918May7, which was actually 1918Iyyar25. In which case their prophesying would have started on 1914Heshvan25, which was in November 1914 one and a bit months after the Gentile times ended.

I remember that brother Reid was not happy about this, it was nice to have an honest and straightforward appraisal of the society's shortcomings by him. This is why I have dedicated this one to you, Howard, for you likewise do not wear rose tinted spectacles when it comes to the achievements of men, whether they are anointed to go to heaven, baptised to stay on earth, or unbelievers.

Possibly the main physical reason why the Society cannot make sense of this is that they do not know how to count in terms of the Hebrew Calendar, I would respectfully submit. Now since you are a plain speaking man I will speak plainly to you. On 1992Elul11 my first book arrived in Brooklyn. One of the main premises of my book was as I mentioned earlier that Daniel was not unsealed in 1914, and the time of the end did not begin then. The time of the end is something different from the Gentile times. But because the society has only one date, namely 1914, we tend to think that everything happened then, but it did not all happen then. God's plan is somewhat more sophisticated than 1914!

So I said to the governing body that our understandings of Daniel 12 are wrong. I said this because they just do not count correctly to the day, in terms of the biblical Hebrew calendar, they only work to the month of the English calendar, and since the 1290 and the 1335 days are stated to the day by the holy spirit they are accurate to the day.

I then presented them with an understanding that does count correctly to the day, and which follows the symbolism of the account. Now the society themselves did not give me an answer directly. But instead they printed a whole study article on how their understanding of Daniel 12 was correct, which article studiously avoided calculating anything to the day, and never once mentioned the prophetic Hebrew calendar.

In any event I am not writing to file a complaint, I will instead if you will permit me attempt to explain Daniel 12.

First of all this is how the Hebrew calendar counts: The prophetic year is 360 days long, being divided into 12 months of 30 days each. The reference bible Appendix 8B has an excellent illustration of this. If one wanted to find out for example how many Hebrew days there are between today April 30th 1994 and July 6th 1993 then one would do the following:

First one needs to know the memorial dates in 1993 and 1994.

In 1993 the memorial was on April 6th

In 1994 the memorial was on March 26th

So Nisan 14 in 1993 was April 6

Nisan 14 in 1994 was March 26.

So April 30th in 1994, being 24 days after April 6, is also 24 days after Nisan14 and is therefore Iyyar 8, 1994

Likewise, July 6th in 1993 was 91 days after April 6 (April & June have 30 days and May has 31 days). Therefore it was also 91 days after Nisan14 and was therefore Tammuz15, 1993

So the two dates in the Hebrew calendar are:

1993July6: 1993Tammuz15

1994April30: 1994Iyyar8

Now Tammuz is the 4th month and Iyyar is the 2nd month. So the number of prophetic Hebrew days between 1993Tammuz15 and 1994Iyyar15 is 300, since they are ten months apart, these months being Ab, Elul, Tishri, Heshvan, Chislev, Tebeth, Shebat, Adar, Nisan, Iyyar. So the number of prophetic Hebrew days between 1993Tammuz15 and 1994Iyyar8 is 293 days, since 1994Iyyar8 is 7 days before 1994Iyyar15.

This is how you count in Hebrew prophetic days. In days of the modern gregorian calendar 1993July6 and 1994April30 are not 293 days apart at all, they are in fact 9 months and 24 days apart (September and November have 30 days), this is 7x31+2x30+24=301 days. In truth this is the real number of days between 1993July5 and 1994April39, but the bible and the Jews do not count like this. The Jews still count like the bible today!

If you have understood all of this fine. If you haven't don't worry because the true meaning of Daniel 12 is apparent from the symbolism and from other scriptures too. However if you do understand it then you have acquired divine wisdom for Moses has said:

Show us how to count our days in such a way that we may bring a heart of wisdom in (Psalms 90:12).


Before we look at the modern day fulfilment of Daniel 12 we look at the first century fulfilment, for Daniel wrote this chapter in the first instance to the physical Jews. We already know the Jesus was baptised in 29Tishri and died 3.5 years later in 33Nisan and that the circumcision covenant given to Abraham ended in 36Tishri, when the Gentiles were called. This is a week of years of Daniel 9:27. But there are many other weeks of Daniel 9:27. One of them was the last week of years of the Jewish system itself. This started in 63Nisan, then Cestius arrived in 66Tishri, at the half of the week, and those in Judea started to flee to the mountains, and those in the midst of Jerusalem started to withdraw. Then the end of the week came in 70Nisan when Titus arrived. The history of the great tribulation and of Armageddon for the Jews in Jerusalem according to Josephus went like this:

63Nisan Last week of years begins

66Tishri22 Cestius arrives at Gabao and Jews go out to attack on the

sabbath, in fact the solemn assembly (i.e.sabbath of the festival

of booths), Cestius loses 515 men compared to the Jews' losses

of 22

66Tishri23,24,25 Cestius tarries at Gabao 3 days, whilst Jews seize elevated parts

of the city & surroundings

66Tishri26 Cestius attacks Jews & moves his camp to Scopus


66Tishri27,28,29 Cestius makes no assault for 3 days, but collects corn from

neighbouring villages

66Tishri30 Cestius enters the city of David

66Heshvan5 Cestius breaks through temple wall with Roman tortoise, retreats

to Scopus, 'Watchtower', 'without any reason in the world', Dan

12:11, Matt 24:16, Mark 13:14, Luke 21:22 fulfilled.

66Heshvan6 Cestius retreats to Gabao

66Heshvan8 Cestius retreats to Bethoron and gets taken apart by the Jews,

losing 5300 footmen and 80 horsemen

66Heshvan9 Cestius escapes to Antipatris losing 400 men, the rearguard.

70Nisan14 Titus arrives and pitches camp

70Nisan23 Siege commences

70Iyyar7 Romans take the first wall

70Iyyar12 Romans take and then lose the second wall

70Iyyar16 Romans retake second wall

70Iyyar21 Romans begin to raise banks against the 3rd wall

70Iyyar29 Jews brake down the ramparts of one of the banks

70Sivan1 Jews destroy the rest of the ramparts, battle between Jews and

Romans ensues, Jews reach camp at Scopus, Titus intervenes,

Jews pushed back into City, Titus decides to build wall round city

70Sivan2 Titus starts building pointed stakes all round city, 'there came

upon the soldiers a certain divine fury??'

70Sivan4 Titus finishes the wall 'in 3 days', 3 full days, and garrisons it

70Sivan5 Immediately upon finishing, in the first watch of the night Titus

inspects the wall. Escape now impossible for the first time, Luke

19:43 is fulfilled

70Tammuz1 Jews attack new ramparts and fail, and Romans undermine the

3rd wall a bit

70Tammuz2 3rd wall falls down due to subsidence in the night, revealing a

further wall recently built by John.

70Tammuz3 Sabinus and 11 others have a crack at the new wall

70Tammuz5 Romans take tower of Antonia, battle from 9th hour of night to

7th hour of day ensues

70Tammuz17 Physical Constant feature ceased in temple for the first time,

Titus orders demolition of tower of Antonia and the building of a

road to temple for legions

70Tammuz19 Josephus speaks on behalf of Titus, explaining how the Romans

had accepted to be put to death if they ventured into the

sanctuary, the inner temple, and out of respect for the holy place

had allowed a sign in Greek and Hebrew to this extent. Pleads

not to defile the sanctuary but to fight elsewhere. Jews make

insolent reply. Titus gives orders to besiege the temple starting at

the 9th hour of the night. Those who had fled to Romans and

been saved in Gophna, by Caesar's decree, were paraded round

the wall, OK

70Tammuz20 Titus makes his first assault on the temple itself from the 9th

hour of the night to the 5th hour of the day, with selected

troops, through the narrow breach

70Tammuz22 Jews set north west cloister adjoining the tower of Antonia on

fire, to halt the advance of the Romans, thereby beginning the burning of the temple, and another group made an attack on the Roman wall outside to try to escape the famine, at 11th hour of

the day, 'after one day had interposed since the Romans ascended the breach'

70Tammuz23 Legions finish the road and come near to the court of the Gentiles

70Tammuz24 Romans set fire to the adjacent cloister, the tower of Antonia is

separated from the temple, general fighting in the court of the


70Ab10 Titus burns the sanctuary

This is taken from Josephus 'Wars of the Jews' book2 chapter19 and books 5&6. In book 6 chapter2, the 'in the meantime' of section 7 p600 is 7 days, and the 'in the meantime' of section 9 p601 is that day. This chronology of Josephus is repeated in Fig1.


The actions of Cestius and Titus, were inspired. Cestius arrived on the day that Jehovah wanted him to arrive on and he left because when he broke into the temple the fear of God came upon him so that he left 'without any reason in the world'. Likewise Titus was the anointed executioner of Jehovah's people, he was the antitypical Jehu, if you like. And Jesus and as we shall see also Daniel prophesied about both of their actions. Now this puts us in a very interesting situation as regards Josephus' work. For he is the only historian whose works we have today to describe the end of the Jewish system and it is apparent that God's servants will need to know the historical details of how Jerusalem fell in order to see the fulfilments of the words of Jesus and of Daniel. Therefore it is God's will that we acquaint ourselves with the works of Josephus.

Furthermore had Josephus not written his history or had it not been preserved down to this day, then we would not have been able to see the fulfilments to these predictions. So we now see that it was God's will that Josephus wrote his account, and therefore his salvation from death and his birds eye view of things from the camp of the Romans were providential, being a result of the activities of Almighty God.

But things go further than this, we shall actually see that Josephus was the spokesman to the Jews throughout their desolation, for Titus, who was God's executioner. So who really was speaking to the Jews when they were being executed, was it a Roman general? was it a Jewish historian? or was it Jehovah God, through his word Jesus Christ.

I am not here making the case that Josephus' works, or such of them that refer to the fall of Jerusalem are canonical or scriptural. But I am making the case that his actions were inspired, as were those of Titus and Cestius. For the bible is an inspired account of true actions, whereas Josephus is a true account of inspired actions. The bible in many places is actually an inspired account of inspired actions, but not all the actions in the bible were inspired from God, for the bible is a catalogue of sin.

So the exact wording of Josephus is irrelevant since his words themselves are not inspired, it is not the case that every jot and tilda of his will be fulfilled. However it is the case that every action which he has recorded to do with the fall of Jerusalem, including his own, may in fact be an inspired action, and many of these actions were definitely inspired by God. There is a case to be made that all of the actions which he relates to do with the two executioners, Cestius and Titus were inspired, for I am persuaded that no man sets his foot in the holy place for the purpose of destroying it except at the inspiration of Jehovah. However I do not make this case here.

Although Josephus was a Jew, not a Christian, at the time of the end for Jerusalem, it is apparent from his words that he loved God and that he loved men and that he loved truth, for he went to great lengths in his attempts to preserve all three of these. Having seen his beloved city despoiled by his own brothers and polluted by their greed violence lust hatred immorality and idolatry, and having seen the true God deal with this at first hand, I feel that it must have been with great pleasure that he later became a Christian, when someone explained to him that his majestic father had by no means deserted him. And having related in detail, the blindness and insanity of his brothers in earthly Jerusalem, the true God saw fit to open his eyes to the soundness of mind that comes from knowledge not only of the true God, but also of the one whom he sent forth to us from heavenly Jerusalem.


Cestius' arrival on Tishri22, the sabbath of the festival of Booths, the day of the Solemn assembly, the final day of the festival of the last ingathering is entirely apposite. The perfect day for him to arrive.

Josephus himself remarks with some amazement that Zerubbabel's temple was destroyed/burnt by Titus on the same day, according to the Jewish calendar that Nebuchadnezzar burnt Solomon's:

And in the 5th month [Ab], on the 10th day of the month, that is in the 19th year of king Nebuchadnezzar, Nebuzaradan, the chief of the bodyguard, who was standing before the king of Babylon, came into Jerusalem. And he proceeded to burn the house of Jehovah and the house of the king and all the houses of Jerusalem, and every great house he burned with fire (Jeremiah 52:12,13).

I do not know why these two burnings of the first and second temples, both occurred on the same day. But I do know this:

We have seen that there were 1264 days from Jesus' baptism until his death, this being the first half of the week of years of Daniel 9:27, therefore by the Midst prophecy, Ray's jelly baby, and by Daniel 9:27 itself, there are 1264 days from the death of Jesus until the calling of Cornelius, which puts this on 36Tishri18. This was the week at the beginning of the Christian system in Jerusalem. But at the end of the Christian system in Jerusalem we have seen that Cestius came on 66Tishri22 at which time the anointed ones in Judea began their flight to the hills, and then in 70Nisan14 Titus arrived as the executioner and on 70Nisan23 he started his siege. So from the beginning of the flight until the beginning of the siege there were 1261 days exclusively or 1262 days inclusively.

Therefore just as we were able to define a week wherein Jesus' physical presence in his body ended at the mid-point at the start of the Christian system in Jerusalem so we are able to define also a week wherein Jesus' physical presence through his body-to-be of his wife-to-be, the ones who eat of his flesh, ended at the mid-point. This being the week of years from 63Nisan to 70Nisan, with the beginning of the flight to the hills being the arrival of Cestius on 66Tishri22. So it is like the scripture says: 'Many that are first will be last and the last first' (Matt 19:30). Pictorially we have:


Tishri 10, 2 BCE Nisan 16, 33 CE 22 Tishri 66 CE

Jesus Born Jesus resurrected Flee to hills

X______________________________________________ X

33 yrs 6 months 6 days X 33 yrs 6 months 6 days


Tishri 10, 29 CE Nisan 14, 33 CE 18 Tishri 36 CE

Jesus baptised Jesus' sacrifice Third Key

X______________________________________________ X

1264 days X 1264 days


63Nisan21 66Tishri22 70Nisan23

Last week starts Cestius arrives Siege starts

X______________________________________________ X

1261 days X 1261 days

Now it is a matter of record that the great tribulation for the Jewish system occurred during the period from the exit of Cestius until the arrival of Titus, and the Armageddon for the Jew was the siege of Titus. Josephus' description of the city after Cestius left was:

After this calamity had befallen Cestius, many of the most eminent of the Jews swam away from the city, as from a ship when it was going to sink (Wars of the Jews book2 chapter20).

It is further a matter of record that the anointed Christians obeyed the commandment of Jesus and did indeed start fleeing to the hills when they saw Cestius arrive. So as for the Jews, they had a 3.5 year great tribulation, and as for the anointed Christians they escaped and avoided this tribulation, spending it in the hills. The scriptures prophesying this are as follows:

And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come. Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, [let the reader use discernment], then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains (Matt 24:15,16).

However, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation standing where it out not [let the reader use discernment], then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains (Mark 13:14).

Furthermore when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains, and let those in the midst of her withdraw, and let those in the country places not enter into her, because these are days for meeting out justice, that all the things written may be fulfilled (Luke 21:22).

Because days will come upon you, when your enemies will build around you a fortification with pointed stakes, and will encircle you and distress you from every side. And they will dash you and your children within you to the ground. And they will not leave a stone upon a stone in you, because you did not discern the time of your being inspected (Luke 19:44).

Now these scriptures refer the discerning reader to the wonderful book of the prophet Daniel. I hope you are still with me Howard, this is a juicy jelly baby! For if you are then now I will publish to you things which have been hidden from the founding, which was on 3993Nisan16, this was the founding of the world of Satan. Daniel has said:

And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed, and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, there will be 1290 days (Dan 12:11).

But two gospel writers have referred to a fulfilment of this in the Jewish system of things. Now it is manifestly apparent that the fulfilment in the first century was not as the start of Jesus' physical presence through his own body and then his wife's body in Jerusalem, it was rather at the very end of his presence there. Whereas our current interpretation of the second fulfilment of the 1290 days, during Jesus' second presence, which I am sure you are aware of, relates to the early part of the Lord's day and the convention in Cedar point Ohio in 1922, not the later part of the second presence. But there was no great tribulation forthcoming after that convention, and there was no 'meeting out of justice' (Luke 21:22) at that time, as there was in the first century fulfilment, so the discerning reader will realise that this was not the 20th century fulfilment. In any event look please at the first century fulfilment:

The arrival of Cestius on 66Tishri22 was the beginning of the fleeing of the Christians to the hills, which was the end of the presence of the constant feature, which was not any longer sacrificing lambs morning and evening, for the law had ended, but was the constant presence of the anointed Christians in the holy city, for they die a sacrificial death, in fact for the benefit of the great crowd. So on 66Tishri22 the constant feature began to be removed. Then Cestius took the temple wall on 66Heshvan5, at this time he constituted the disgusting thing that causes desolation standing where it ought not and in 'a holy place'. At this moment in history, both parts of Daniel's criterion were fulfilled, namely the disgusting thing that causes desolation had been placed in the temple (Cestius) and the constant feature had been removed. At that time the most astonishing thing happened, which was truly an act of God, Josephus relates with amazement:

It then happened that Cestius was not conscious either how the besieged despaired of success, nor how courageous the people were for him, and he recalled his soldiers from the place, and by despairing of any expectation of taking it, without having received any disgrace, he retired from the city, without any reason in the world (Josephus, Wars of the Jews, book2, chapter 19).

Jehovah had melted his heart. This enabled the rest of the Christians to flee to the hills, and so on this day 66Heshvan5 we have a fulfilment of the conditions for the start of the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11.

The next event that the holy word mentions in the story of the end of Jerusalem, is as we read above:

Because days will come upon you, when your enemies will build around you a fortification with pointed stakes, and will encircle you and distress you from every side. And they will dash you and your children within you to the ground. And they will not leave a stone upon a stone in you, because you did not discern the time of your being inspected (Luke 19:44).

This wall was finished at the very end of 70Sivan4, and the first watch in the night of 70Sivan5, was when Titus was able to make his inspection of the completed and fully garrisoned wall. So at this time there was no further escape for the Jews and Armageddon had begun. If you like the means of physical salvation, the antitype of which is the Abrahamic covenant, the means of spiritual salvation, had ended. Now 70Sivan5 is 1290 days after 66Heshvan5. Or counting inclusively the 1290 days runs from 66Heshvan5 to 70Sivan4, the last day of possible salvation, before the wall was garrisoned and inspected by Titus This was the first century fulfilment of Daniel 12:11. But there is more yet that we can glean from this prophetic destruction. For the fleeing to the hills in the bible is the start of the great tribulation:

Let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. Let the man on the housetop not come down to take the goods out of his house, and let the man in the field not return to the house to pick up his outer garment. Woe to the pregnant women and those suckling a baby in those days! Keep praying that your flight may not occur in wintertime, nor on the sabbath day, for then there will be great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the world's beginning until now, no nor will occur again (Matt 24:16-21).

This scripture refers to the last tribulation of the Jewish system and also to the last tribulation of this system. What this means is that the 1290 days of Daniel 12, in their second fulfilment relate to a period at the end of the Lord's day not the start of it, a period which includes the great tribulation. Furthermore, as in the first century fulfilment they must end at the end of the system.

The logical sense of Daniel 12:11 says this in any event, for we read: From this time there will be 1290 days. The scripture does not say there will be 1290 days until such and such a time. From which we are forced to conclude that the period ends at the end of the system. Like Daniel said to the floating Gabriel:

Oh my Lord, what will be the final part of these things (Dan 12:8).

He did not say: Oh my Lord, what will be the initial part of these things! In other words Daniel 12:11 by implication reads:

And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed, and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, [until the final part of these things] there will be 1290 days (Dan 12:11).

It is like Gabriel said to his grandson and you do not know what I am talking about, but I do and one day you will too, but there is a lesson that all God's people must learn first, he said: 'As for yourself go toward the end' (Daniel 12:13).

And the one who has been allowed to unseal this book, the antitypical Daniel has likewise gone to the end, whereas the current FDS have gone to the beginning. Whereas the father of the both of us has said: I am the alpha and the omega, the beginning and the end, to anyone thirsty I will give from the fountain of the water of life free (Rev 21:6). This is the water that you drink only once, and those who drink it become fountains themselves as Jesus said to the woman at the well and you do not know the source of this water but I do, and I am publishing it to you. For as regards you elders, all 7 of you, the kingdom of God is nearer to you than you think.

So now why should we delay? let us unseal Daniel chapter 12. Sorry that was the mistake that Moses made. Let us view the unsealing that God has afforded to us, in his mercy which triumphs over his own justice, due to his love which triumphs over his own righteousness, and through his superabundant goodness which conquers all sin for ever:

Sir, give me this water that I may neither thirst nor keep coming over to this place to draw water (John 4:15).


Daniel is totally awestruck at the glorious sight of the angel Gabriel, and is attempting to stand by the great river Hiddekel, which is the river Tigris (Dan 10:4,11). Now in verse 4 of chapter 12, Daniel is told:

Oh Daniel, make secret the words and seal up the book until the time of the end. May will rove about, and the true knowledge will become abundant (Daniel 12:4).

Whereas in verse 9 Gabriel says to him:

Go, Daniel, because the words are made secret and sealed up until the time of the end. Many will cleanse themselves and will be refined. And the wicked ones will certainly act wickedly and no wicked ones at all will understand, but the ones having insight will understand (Dan 12:9,10).

Daniel refers to a sealing twice. This repetition means there are two sealings that he is referring to. One sealing is a making secret of 'the words', the other is a making secret of 'the book'. 'The words' are the words of the bible and 'the book' is the book of Daniel, I think, it is permissible for me to think you know, that's why God gave me a brain. Or I suppose it could equally well be argued the other way around, but in any event it is not just the book of Daniel which is sealed up, it is the whole bible that has been sealed up, for it is written in a holy code. Things as just as the apostle Paul said:

God, who has adequately qualified us to be ministers of a new covenant, not of a written code, but of spirit, for the written code condemns to death, but the spirit makes alive (2 Corinthians 3:6)

The decoding of this written code, the code of the bible is the gift under the second new covenant. This 'new covenant' is not the one which saves the heavenly brothers.

Moreover, if the code which administers death and which was engraved in letters in stones came about in a glory, so that the sons of Israel could not gaze intently at the face of Moses because of the glory of his face [like the face of Stephen, which was that of an angel], [a glory] that was done away with, why should not the administering of the spirit be much more with glory. For if the code administering condemnation [this being a code of conduct], was glorious, much more does the administering of righteousness abound with glory [this being the code of the bible] (2 Corinthians 3:7-9).

And there is a lot more to this scripture than we can go into here, but this glory is what you 7 are seeing now. I hope Isaac still has his sun glasses on! You can see it because none of you are Sons of Israel, and likewise I saw it because I am not one of the firstborn of God who are saved under the old new covenant if you take my meaning. They cannot see it just yet because they think that they have too much to lose, but you have nothing to lose, and in truth neither do they, so gaze intently and see the glory which your father has in store for you.

For Daniel describes a river, the Hikkedel, and Gabriel is floating above this river, and is clothed in linen and the river has two banks and two men, one on each bank, I am afraid my illustrations are not a patch on those of Ray, but here is my attempt to convey the above pictorially:


in linen


One man: X X: Another man

____________________ ____________________

Near Bank, 3.5 times|^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ |Far Bank, 3.5 times


Then one said to the man clothed in linen, who was up above the waters of the stream: How long will it be to the end of the wonderful things? (Dan 12:6).

Now the society currently espouse the belief that these wonderful things ended at the Albert hall in 1926, this being the end of the 1335 days according to their suppositions. But truly, truly I say to you today, there are more wonderful things that God has in store for you than the Albert Hall!!!

For listen to Gabriel's response:

And I began to hear the man clothed with linen, who was up above the waters of the stream, as he proceeded to raise his right [hand] and his left [hand] to the heavens and to swear by the one who is alive for time indefinite:

It will be for an appointed time, appointed times, and a half

And as soon as there will be a finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, all these things will come to their finish (Dan 12:7).

Now Daniel himself described this river, the river Tigris as a 'great river' (Dan 10:4). But amen, amen it is said to you today:


Because this river is nothing less than the stream of Jehovah's chosen and holy human beings who have died in union with his firstborn son, and who through him have conquered the whole world, floating off into heaven. These souls are literally floating off as angels between the two banks, just like the angel Gabriel. This river is the sparkling stream of the everlasting glory and light that the true God has given to those who are to be immortal Kings in the heavens, and who will rule with the King of Kings for a thousand years. The width of the river is the length of time during which the living stones are resurrected as spiritual souls. And the banks of the river are the borders to this time, when no floating off to heaven occurs because the two men on the banks have their feet firmly on the ground. This is why the 'man clothed with linen' (Angel Gabriel) is floating above the stream. Now we can see why there is one other (man/angel) on each side of the stream:

It is because just as there were 3.5 times from the appointed time of Michael's standing up in 1914Tishri as anointed prince to fight with Satan in heaven until this stream started, so there are 3.5 appointed times after this stream finishes until the end, when Michael stand up as King to execute Satan. And this is what the 3.5 appointed times in verse 7 mean.

This is why there are two men, one on each bank, with their feet on the ground, whereas there is an angel in the middle of the stream (Gabriel) who is floating in mid-air, this is what is called symbolism. So the banks with the ones standing on them, which we knew were prophetic, both stand for 3.5 years, and the stream with the angel Gabriel floating above it, which position and whose attire we also knew was prophetic, stands for the angelic destination of those who conquer in union with Christ.

So come now, Howard, and all you 7 servants of the most high God, Jehovah, can you not see for yourselves what Gabriel is saying to you?? He has raised both his right hand and his left hand, his is saying: on my left I have a bank of 3.5 times and on my right I have a bank of 3.5 times, what more proof do you need?

As regards the near bank, or the start of this prophecy we read:

And during that time Michael will stand up, the great prince, who is standing on behalf of the sons of your people. And there will certainly come a time of distress such as has not been made to occur since there came to be a nation until that time. And during that time your people will escape, every one who is found written down in the book. And there will be many asleep in the ground of dust who will wake up, these to indefinitely lasting life and those to reproaches and to indefinitely lasting abhorrence (Dan 12:1,2)

OK, Jesus is a prince not a king, even a great prince, sitting upon Jehovah's throne. There are two 'during that time' recitals, which means that there are two fulfilments and two 'times' of fulfilment. The first was the standing up of the great prince on 1914Tishri, at the end of the Gentile times, to then sit down on his father's throne in 1918Nisan, having dispensed with Satan. The period of his war with Satan is the 'time of distress' like there has never been since a nation came to be, this being the first world war, which was coincident with the near bank and extended a bit further after it. The second is a further standing up in the true 'time of the end' when the book of Daniel is truly unsealed and when the glorious fulfilment of verse 3 occurs, which is not far off.

The time of distress in the second fulfilment is the great tribulation which is coincident with the far bank, and then Armageddon extends the tribulation a bit further afterwards. The first fulfilment relates to 'your people' i.e. Daniel's relatives, the spiritual Jews, the second fulfilment relates to the 'sons of your people' the great crowd. This waking up of those asleep in the ground is of course a resurrection in the case of the spiritual Jews. This verse tells us that the river has to do with resurrections, This chapter is about people whose name is 'written down in the book', i.e. the anointed brothers of Christ 'waking up', please somebody tell me they understand this symbolism, Howard, Ray, Roger, Isaac, Anthony, John, Tony, is this not a beautiful understanding?

As soon as there will have been a finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, [then] all these things will come to their finish (Daniel 12:7).

The 'finishing of the dashing' of the power relates to impotence arriving upon the Watchtower Society, which relates to the placing of the disgusting thing, which in the modern day fulfilment is the UN. This is saying that the Society will be impotent throughout the great tribulation. This is 'the ban' if you like.

In some ways it is a shame to have to reveal that the anointed are all resurrected by 2004Tishri at this point, because one can very easily deduce that all of the holy ones are in heaven three and a half years before Armageddon from Revelation:

And the sanctuary of God became filled with smoke because of the glory of God and because of his power and no one was able to enter into the sanctuary until the 7 plagues of the 7 angels were finished (Rev 15:8).

For Jehovah does not come down in a cloud to accept a temple until the temple is fully built. Therefore if he comes down in a cloud on the heavenly temple before he pours out his 7 bowls of anger, it is apparent that all of the anointed are in heaven before the great tribulation starts. To show that Jehovah only comes down in a cloud into finished temple consider the following two examples. In the case of the tabernacle we have:

So Moses finished the work. And the cloud began to cover the tent of meeting, and Jehovah's glory filled the tabernacle. And Moses was not able to go into the tent of meeting, because the cloud resided over it and Jehovah's glory filled the tabernacle (Exodus 40:34,35).

In the case of Solomon's temple we have at the inauguration ceremony, once the ark was placed in the temple:

And it came about that when the priests came out from the holy place, the cloud itself filled the house of Jehovah. And the priests were unable to stand to do their ministering because of the cloud, for the glory of Jehovah filled the house of Jehovah. At that time Solomon said: Jehovah himself said he was to reside in the thick gloom. I have successfully built a house of lofty abode for you (1 Kings 8:10-13).

But Solomon's temple was not the real 'lofty abode' for Jehovah. The heavenly temple is the one Jehovah really goes into to reside. And the one who builds this is Jesus Christ, and several of the stones of this temple are not happy with this interpretation. They do not want to be told that their power will end 3.5 years before the end of this system. For all temples end at the half of a week, just as Zerubbabel's did, at the half of the last week of the 70 weeks of Daniel 9. For you do not know it but there were 69.5 weeks of years from the inauguration of the tabernacle of 1512Nisan1 (Ex 40:1,2) to the inauguration of Solomon's temple in 1026Tishri15, just as there were 69.5 weeks of years from the going forth of the word to restore and rebuild Jerusalem, which was actually in 455Tishri see section[13], until 33Nisan.

And just as Zerubbabel's temple ceased being used at the half of the 70th week of its life, being replaced with Jesus' spiritual temple, so also the tabernacle ceasing being used, when the ark was transferred to Solomon's temple at the half of the 70th week of its life. As regards Solomon's temple, it ceased being used at the half of the 60th week of its life, and then there were the 70 years of exile, or a further 10 weeks of years of exile in Babylon.

So the anointed ones will all be in heaven 3.5 years before Armageddon. But this is precisely what happened in the case of the first Century anointed ones. They all fled to the hills, not of heaven, but of Judea 3.5 years before Jerusalem was destroyed and thereby avoided the great tribulation of those days, the final tribulation on the Jewish system. Likewise today, these 7 bowls of anger of God administered by the 7 angels are the bowls of anger of the great tribulation, the final tribulation of this system, which starts in 2004Tishri, 3.5 years before Armageddon.

For if truly the Kingdom of God were to start with any of the holy ones still on the earth and therefore unmarried, then since Jesus is not having two marriage feasts, he would have to be unmarried as well. In which case there would be no covenant in force for the 144,000 to wield any power as kings or priests, in which case the Kingdom would have actually started without them! That is without any of them!

It is also very difficult to explain how in the days of the earthquake of Uzziah, which day is Armageddon, when Jehovah's earthly people flee to the valley of his mountains, it will be that Jehovah will 'certainly come, all the holy ones being with him' (Zech 14:5), if in fact some of the holy ones are still here on the earth, and are therefore not with him? Well if there are any left remaining on the earth at Armageddon then the Kingdom of God will truly have overtaken them. Consider please Rev 19:14,16:

'Also the armies that were in heaven were following him on white horses, and they were clothed in white, clean, fine linen........And upon his outer garment, even upon his thigh, he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.'

Let us not beat around the bush, these armies that are 'in heaven' are the 144,000 brothers of Christ. For Jesus is here called the King of kings (Rev 19:16), he is not called the King of the number of kings who have so far been resurrected. The scripture does not mention any armies that were on the earth following him. Logic dictates that these ones do not become kings until after the marriage of the Lamb, which is their investiture.


So please Howard, accept my apologies, I have gone round the houses in proving to you that the two witnesses 'died' in 1918Nisan14, and neither have I yet proved it, but we are getting there. Instead I have shown you something far greater than the date of Armageddon which is in fact a triviality, once you become familiar with the holy code.

Now every child in the kingdom hall who loves God knows that he is in a relative subjection to not one parent but two parents. But you grown ups, why do you not understand that you too are in a relative subjection not just to one parent, namely Caesar, but also to the other parent, namely, the FDS? For great is your commendation for those who take a stand for God against Caesar, our mother who gives us physical food, when she oversteps her authority. But never has there been heard anything but reproach from God's people when one of them takes a stand, for God, against the FDS, the provider of our spiritual food, our father in this sense, our spiritual Caesar, when he oversteps his authority. And if you truly believe that the FDS will never overstep their authority then you have given them all authority in which case you have made them into Jesus Christ, a perfect man. For he has given them all of his belongings but he has not given them all of his authority, since he said:

All authority has been given me in heaven and on earth (Matt 28:18).

And there has existed one man alone whom God himself spoke about saying:

This is my Son the beloved, whom I have approved, listen to him (Matt 17:5).

No other man has this approval. In fact had God himself not said this then all Christians would be idolaters. But having said this all who follow Christ are not idolaters but are true worshippers. However all who follow anybody else, be he Peter, Paul, the angel Gabriel, brother Russell, brother Henschel, the presiding overseer or the FDS as a group, these are all Christian-ians, and such men are idolaters of them if they are unable to take a stand against them and for God on issues where there conscience dictates. For you are saved by your conscience not by the conscience of your spiritual leaders and the scripture says:

Present your bodies a sacrifice, living, holy, acceptable to God, a sacred service, with your power of reason (Romans 12:1).

Not with the power of reason of those who wrote the reasoning book. Its like the argument of the concentration camp guard in the Nuremburg trials: I was only following the orders of men! Yes but you were ignoring your conscience. Likewise we must follow Jesus, and our consciences made new by the holy spirit, not orders from men. However we must be in subjection to our spiritual leaders, but not absolute subjection, it is a relative subjection. For one is our spiritual leader, God. And it is not true to say as men do that the bible is a part of our spiritual feeding program from the FDS, rather the FDS is a part of our spiritual feeding program from the bible. For the FDS get their authority from the bible, the bible does not get its authority from them, it gets its authority from God.

If we now turn our attention to the near bank of the river of life, we see that this prophecy, which is declaring the resurrection of the anointed ones is actually a witness to the fact that the anointed brothers, who were asleep in death, are raised up first in Nisan 1918, which is 3.5 times after Tishri 1914, the time when Michael, the great prince, first stood up (verse 1).

[10.6] REVELATION 11: THE 1260 DAYS

Now we return to the problem that brother Reid, explained to us. The one and a bit month gap between the end of the Gentile times and the start of the 1260 days. I have already exposed the solution to this problem in the section on Isaac's jelly baby, but here we go into it a bit further.

And a reed like a rod was given me as he said: Get up and measure the temple [sanctuary] of God and the altar and those worshipping in it. But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple [sanctuary] cast it clear out do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for 42 months. And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy 1260 days dressed in sackcloth. These are symbolised by the two olive trees and the two lampstands and are standing before the Lord of the earth (Rev 11:1-4).

Again I am not permitted to explain all of this now unfortunately, nor do I fully understand it. But we do know that the reed like the rod is given to Jesus in 1914Tishri, this being his princely sceptre, and the comparison is being strenuously made between the sanctuary class, who are measured and the courtyard of the Gentiles class, or earthly courtyard class who are not measured. This is very evidently referring to the anointed and the great crowd, and these are the 'two witnesses' in one symbolism. So we have two witnesses and two periods of 1260 days, this is a distributive symbolism[3.6]. We also have a further period of 42 months, which is not coincident with the periods of 1260 days, because the bible does not waste its breath, two recitals mean two fulfilments.

The 42 months of trampling heavenly Jerusalem underfoot is the period which ends with the resurrection of the temple sanctuary, at which time they cease being under our feet in their graves and commence being over our heads in the heavens. It starts from the end of the Gentile times since this is when Jesus gets his reed like a rod. In other words the 42 months is the period of near bank of Daniel12. So Revelation 11 and Daniel12 are related, the society already know this of course. Now the Gentile times ended on 1914Tishri15, for reasons given in section[6.29], and this was the start of the period of 1260 days of prophesying in sackcloth and ashes of the remnant, because it was the start of the period of their dead brothers being trampled, which occasioned their attire of mourning, as for the dead. Therefore their witnessing ended on 1918Nisan14 if we count inclusively. This would be:

When they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will make war with them and conquer them and kill them (Rev 11:7).

So they are killed in some sense on this day. This is fine because the dead anointed ones symbolically die on this day, being resurrected on the third day, counting inclusively, which is 1918Nisan16, just using the analogy with Jesus' death and resurrection (not the whole pattern of Isaac's Jelly baby). So this means that their witnessing work ended on Nisan14. But how could it have ended then when they did not get arrested until 41 days later. Well Just as the temple curtain was rent in two as Jesus' death, two days before his resurrection to enable Jesus to enter into heaven, so Babylon was rent in two, and given to the greater Medes and Persians of the remnant and the great crowd, to enable the first century anointed ones to be resurrected as angels in the heavens two days later. For the fall of Babylon was also the fall of Satan from heaven, and he was the barrier for the entry of the first century apostles, because having him and them both there was not possible. So we now have Babylon's fall as being on 1918Nisan14, and this was the end of the judgement messages from the remnant to Babylon, for there is no point in pronouncing judgement from God on someone was is already dead. They also were proclaiming, the good news of the kingdom and the advent of the Christ again of course, but this proclaiming ended for them at the fall of Babylon according to their job description as defined by Jehovah, which we consider later.

It is not a great leap to understand that in Nisan16, the analogue of Jesus' resurrection, the first century brothers were resurrected. For spiritual temples are built in three days. And now we come to the most wonderful thing. Because Jesus entered into heaven on the 40th day after his resurrection, counting inclusively, this was 33Iyyar25. But the memorial in 1918 was on March 26th, and the brothers of the Governing body and Judge Rutherford were arrested on May 7th 1918. So seeing as March 26 is Nisan14, then May 7th is Iyyar25, since the two are 41 days apart. Now Just as Jesus ascended into heaven on Iyyar25, 41 days after he died, so Peter and Paul and John and James and all of the first century brothers ascended into heaven also 41 days after they died.

What this means is that the day the God took all of the first century brothers out of prison and admitted them into heaven, was the day that Satan put brother Rutherford and the governing body of the twentieth century into prison, which shows how sick he is.

This is the solution to brother Reid's problem. For this incarceration was the end of the witnessing campaign of the great crowd, which campaign was not a judgement message on Babylon but the preaching of the good news of the Kingdom of God being near, since Jesus had come. This distinction between the two roles of the remnant and the great crowd is the same distinction that existed between the roles of Jesus and his disciples in his first century campaign. The disciples never delivered any judgement to the Pharisees whilst Jesus was preaching, he did all of that. Furthermore, Jesus did no preaching to anybody after he had risen from the dead, he only appeared to his disciples for the 40 days. Likewise the job of the remnant ended with the fall of Babylon.

Of course in the actual fulfilment the brothers did not even know that there was a great crowd, and no doubt the remnant brothers who truly were remnant brothers did some proclaiming after 1918Nisan14 and before 1918Iyyar25, and no doubt some great crowd brothers who thought that they were remnant brothers, make a couple of comments about Babylon the great. However, their two roles were antitypical of the roles of Jesus and his disciples, in their campaigns.

So the solution for brother Reid is:

First witness: Remnant's judgement message to Babylon and preaching that kingdom has drawn near and Jesus has arrived

1914Tishri15 1918Nisan14

X______________________ X

1260 days (inc)

Second witness: Great crowd's preaching that kingdom has drawn near and Jesus has again arrived:

1914Heshvan26 1918Iyyar25

X______________________ X

1260 days (inc)


After a rather tortuous exposition I hope that you are satisfied that Babylon fell on Nisan14, 1918, in an antitype of the end of the Mosaic Law. I hope further that you will agree that the beauty of the vision of Daniel 12 justifies our circuitous route.

Incidentally, if you are not satisfied with my explanations, then be aware that the society itself used to understand that this was the case, for the Watchtower 1966 p183 makes the parallel between the 3.5 years from Jesus being anointed to 'be king' and his resurrection from the dead, and the 3.5 years from Jesus 'begins to rule in kingdom power' to 'Christ raises joint heirs to heavenly life', as I mentioned when dealing with the pattern which I gave to Isaac. This puts the resurrection in 1918Nisan. Presumably they must have changed their minds since then.

Finally you have a choice of 4 flavours of Jelly baby to see that Armageddon is 90 years after 1918Nisan.


Here we have the famous story of faithful Daniel and the lions. We consider the following verses:

Then it was the Daniel was steadily distinguishing himself over the high officials and the satraps, for as much as an extraordinary spirit was in him, and the king was intending to elevate him over all the kingdom (Dan 6:3).

Take note, O king, that the law belonging to the Medes and the Persians is that any interdict or statute that the king himself establishes is not to be changed (Dan 6:15).

Whoever makes a petition to any God or man for 30 days except to you, O king, should be thrown to the lion's pit (Dan 6:7).

But Daniel as soon as he knew that the writing had been signed, entered into his house and, the windows in his roof chamber being open for him toward Jerusalem, even 3 times in a day he was kneeling on his knees and praying and offering praise before his God, as he had been doing regularly before this (Dan 6:10).

Then it was that Darius the king wrote to all the peoples, the national groups and the tongues that are dwelling in the earth: May your peace grow very much (Dan 6:25).

The symbolism we adopt is:

Daniel FDS

Darius Jesus

Lions' pit Armageddon

Summarising the above, Jesus is intending to elevate the FDS over all of his kingdom, something he did on 1918Nisan16, for the fall of Babylon is the elevation of the FDS on the third day. And Daniel entered into his house, the house of Matthew 24:45-47, the FDS administration, as the first century Christians entered into their spiritual bodies in the antitype of Jesus entering into his spiritual temple on this third day. And the change in 'times and law' is witnessed to and the pretext for Daniel's arrest, whereas in truth the change in times and law lasted 360 days from 1918Nisan14 to 1919Veadar14, which was the death of the two witnesses until the bailing of the governing body, i.e. their arrest as regards their working effectively for God, and their arrest as regards atlanta penitentiary.

Now Daniel then prays 3 times a day for the entire 30 day period of the petition, for we read:

Daniel, who is of the exiles of Judah (the remnant) has paid no regard to you, O king, nor to the interdict that you signed, but 3 times in a day he is making his petition (Dan 6:13).

So Daniel broke this petition 90 times. Then he was thrown into the Lions pit, from which he was rescued suffering no harm, and at which the King proclaimed peace to everybody. Well, the wild beast is put into the pit at Armageddon, a war which does not harm Daniel, he is raised up unhurt, but his opposers are killed by it. The peace for everybody proclamation is the kingdom of God in this symbolism.

So quite simply the 90 times of Daniel's breaking of this law, stand for 90 years between the FDS being appointed, Daniel going into his house, the change in times and law starting, and Armageddon. And 90 years after 1918Nisan is 2008Nisan. Furthermore this is a witness to the change in times and law of Daniel 7, being actually 360 days long, or 1 time, since 90 breakings of it truly represent 90 years. These breakings are just openings, in the symbolic meaning, i.e. one breaks into a year on Nisan1. So in summary we have:

1918Nisan14 Satan thrown out of heaven. First of 2 witnesses killed, first

century brothers die symbolically, Babylon the great falls

1918Nisan16 First century anointed brothers raised up. The heavenly woman

pregnant with a crown of 12 stars gives birth. The kingdom of

God in heaven begins. Jesus sits down on his glorious throne

with all his angels, from the first century

FDS appointed exclusively

And the separating work takes 90 years. At this point the alert reader may have realised that if the FDS lasts until Armageddon and if the anointed are last resurrected 3.5 times before then, we have to have an FDS which is governed by the great crowd at some stage. If so well done. Unfortunately you are not alone in this, your realisation. The current FDS are also well aware of this, and they do not want it to happen, that is why when asked: Will all the anointed be in heaven before Armageddon? They reply: We don't know.

But truly it is being said to you today that:

As for Daniel, he prospered in the Kingdom of Darius and in the kingdom of Cyrus the Persian (Dan 6:28).

Two kingdoms in which he prospered.


When you see a cloud rising in western parts, at once you say: A storm is coming, and it turns out so. And when you see a that a south wind is blowing, you say: There will be a heatwave, and it occurs. Hypocrites, you know how to examine the outward appearance of the earth and the sky, but how is it that you do not know how to examine THIS PARTICULAR TIME?' (Luke 12:54-56).

Oh dear, those first century brothers, they were so slow and ignorant weren't they? Then couldn't examine that time. But wait a minute, what time are we talking about, isn't Luke 12 about the FDS and how we should keep on the watch, and doesn't Peter ask in verse 41:

Lord are you saying this illustration to us or also to all (Luke 12:41).

Aha! it appears that Peter is more awake than we imagined. Jesus is talking to us. He is saying why can't we examine this particular time? This is another 'reader question' [3.7] from the living book. And let me be so bold as to refer this question to you Howard, and to all you 7, my brothers. For Jesus does not only speak to me through the pages of the bible, and neither does he speak only to the FDS, through these pages, though this is what they would have us believe if they truly were the 'Wide-awake John class' the channel for all biblical understandings from God. But I for my part can examine 'this particular time'. Why is it that you can't? And why can't the FDS? Where is the Watchtower on this?

Then Jesus explains why it is that Jehovah's people, right now, today, as the words of this book are written are hypocrites. It is because they do know about the signs of the times, and how to interpret from them that Armageddon is just over the horizon (for them). But they do not know how to interpret the sign just recited, about the storm brewing in the west and the heatwave in the south, which sign actually gives the date of Armageddon, as we shall soon see in the next but one paragraph, and neither do they know how to interpret the sign recited in verses 51-52, which is a further witness to something equally serious.

Their position, namely that one can never know the date of Armageddon, is therefore condemned as hypocrisy. What they should be saying is we are not competent enough to work out this date, which the true God, in his love, must have included in his book somewhere. They do not know when this date is, not because Jehovah was not prepared to put it in the bible, but because they are not prepared to look for it in the bible. They are all looking for it in the Watchtower magazine. Well it wasn't put in that magazine, it was put in the bible. The May 15, 1990 issue has the stunning cover 'Armageddon When?', but the publishers omit to mention in the magazine itself that they believe that nobody can know the 'when', this is hypocrisy.

Now the cloud that rises in the western parts, is the ascension of the first century brothers of Christ, because whereas Jesus was said to be:

'Lifted up, and a cloud caught him away from their vision' (Acts 1:9).

we read in Rev 11:12:

'And they heard a loud voice out of heaven say to them: "Come on up here." And they went up into heaven in the cloud, and their enemies beheld them.'

This ascension started Nisan 16, 1918 with the resurrection and ended on 1918Iyyar25 with their entry into heaven. This is the 'cloud rising in western parts'. The 'heatwave' is Armageddon, which is identified as following from a South wind. West is 90 degrees away from South, 90 degrees is a quarter of a circle, which is a quarter of a time round a circle. A quarter of a time is 90 days. If we take a day for a year, then we get 90 years. Incidentally this only works in degrees because there are the same number of degrees in a circle as there are days in a prophetic Hebrew year, 360 degrees and 360 days. 90 years from Nisan 1918 is Nisan 2008, which is Armageddon. This is the 'particular time' which Jesus says that the 'hypocrites' of his people are not able to examine. Actually the hypocrite who is writing this letter cannot fully examine this time himself, for it also relates to the 40th day inclusive after Armageddon beings, 2008Iyyar25, which is an anteype of the last day of the 40 days and nights of the flood of Noah, see section[10.22].

Well how is this? Jesus says it is because his sheep are:


Because he says in verse 57:

'Why do you not also judge for yourselves what is righteous'?

We have stopped looking with our minds at the bible. Too often we are merely looking at the bible with the minds of the people who write the society's publications. Whilst this is not a bad thing to do occasionally, it is a bad idea to make a practice of this. We are letting the faithful and discreet slave judge for us. Brothers let us face it, this is not a gnat it is a camel.

If for 6000 years Jehovah has saved unbelievers on the basis of their conscience alone, by which they have had their sins excused or they stood self-accused (Romans 2:15). Do you think he will accept a lesser criterion from his own people today? "Oh Jehovah I was just following what men told me to do, men appointed by you, men anointed by you, men who you have made my shepherd" you might say to the judge of the earth. Yes, I know, that is why you are an idolater of them, why did you not follow what I, myself, told you to do through my Son? the true God might well respond.

Do not put your trust in nobles, nor the son of earthling man, to whom no salvation belongs (Psalm 146:3).


Then two men will be in the field, one will be taken along and the other abandoned. Two women will be grinding at the [hand] mill, one will be taken along and the other abandoned. Keep on the watch therefore, because you do not know on what day your Lord is coming (Matt 24:40-42).

This is my favourite flavour! For it is defining the separating work as being two divisions in half. One of 2 men and the other of 2 women. But two divisions is half is a division by 4. And a division of a time in 4 is a quarter of a time or 90 days or 90 years a day for a year. So the length of the entire separating work is 90 years, for it certainly isn't 90 days.


I tell you, in that night two will be in one bed, the one will be taken along, but the other abandoned. There will be two grinding at the same mill, the one will be taken along, but the other abandoned. So in response they said to him: Where, Lord? He said to them: Where the body is, there also the eagles will be gathered together (Luke17:37).

The body is Christ's body, present through his wife, his flesh-to-be, the eagles are those who gather to it. But the eagles aren't a part of that body, in fact they pick at its flesh. Here again we have two divisions in two, making a division in four or a quarter of a time of 90 days or 90 years. And the eagles can see this, Can you?

[10.12] DANIEL 12: THE FINAL 1260 DAYS

Before one can understand precisely the meaning of the 1290 days and the 1335 days, one has to understand the exact period that the far bank is representing, to the day. Now the far bank has the same size as the near bank only when measured in times, since this is how Daniel 12 is stated as regards the two banks. Prophecies stated in years are accurate to the month, but not necessarily to the day. So we have a first week and a last week of years in the twentieth century fulfilment just as we had in the first century fulfilment, and we have sacrifices stopping and starting in the midst of these weeks.

Now Revelation11 confirmed to us the length of the near bank, as being actually 1262 days long, counting inclusively, from 1914Tishri15 to 1918Nisan16, since the first century brothers are resurrected on the third day after Babylon fell counting inclusively. But Revelation12 also has a period of 1260 days mentioned which is repeated not as 42 months but rather as 'a time, times and half a time', the same wording as Daniel 12. We shall see that Revelation12 confirms to us the length of the far bank, in days

[10.13] REVELATION 12

Now the society currently has the 1260 days of Rev11, the 42 months of Rev11 the 1260 days of Rev12, all as being from 'Fall' 1914 until 'Spring' 1918. And the 'time, times and half a time' of Rev12 as being from 'Spring' 1919 until 'Autumn' 1922 (Revelation book). This type of understanding is rather similar to the understanding we also espouse which says that, the Gentile times ended, the Lord's day began, the last days began, the time of the end began, Jesus' presence began, in fact everything began or ended in 1914. Which also bears a similarity to the type of understanding which says: Whenever there are two people in the bible, one is the great crowd and the other is the anointed.

These interpretations are the result of trying to squeeze a size 14 body into a size 8 dress. The dress eventually bursts apart. Putting this biblically you cannot put new wine into old wineskins.

The sequence of events in Revelation12:1-6 is that this heavenly woman is pregnant and gives birth, to a son, a shepherd with an iron rod, the dragon tries to eat this offspring but it is caught away to God and to his throne, and this woman then flees to the wilderness where she is fed for 1260 days. But a heavenly woman giving birth is what Daniel 12 is all about, for her offspring, in the time of the Lord's day are the first and second baptism brothers.

Now the bible is written in this manner: Jehovah has two events which have many similarities which he wishes to describe. So he creates one account with aspects of these two similar events all tied up in a knot within the account. So the interpreter of God's word, has to be able to untie these knots. Its like the Queen said to the King:

For as much as an extraordinary spirit and knowledge and insight to interpret dreams and the explanation of riddles and the untying of knots has been found in him (Dan 5:12).

And there are no prizes for guessing what this extraordinary spirit is. And as regards the one who had this extraordinary spirit, his name was changed from Daniel to Belteshazzar, which name means 'protect the life of the king'. Now the writer of this book, is making use of this extraordinary spirit, and his name has been changed, for he has a name inscribed in the heavens, even a name that nobody knows except the ones to whom it has been given, and it is his purpose to protect the life of kings, actually of those who are yet to float off to heaven, and he has already had success in this regard. But they are looking at his efforts to rescue them from their darkness with the eyes which cannot see and with ears that do not hear. For Daniel, who interpreted the dreams of Nebuchadnezzar was neither a Mede nor a Persian, he was a Jew, and I am neither a Jew nor a Greek I am a Roman. And dreams are things which emanate from a source other than one's own conscious mind, hence the bible uses them to represent inspired writings. And I too am speaking in riddles here.

So untying Revelation12 we find two births from this woman in heaven, the heavenly wife of Jehovah. One of the first century brothers in 1918Nisan16 and one of the 20th century brothers, which is completed sometime in 2004Tishri and two feeding periods one after each birth. For two recitals [1260 days and 3.5 times] mean two fulfilments.

A woman, arrayed with the Sun, and the moon was beneath her feat, and on her head was a crown of 12 stars, and she was pregnant. And she cries out in her pains and in her agony to give birth (Revelation 12:2).

Her feet are the great crowd, the moon is Satan, the Sun is Jesus, the 12 stars are the twelve sons of Jacob, the 12 apostles themselves, Paul replacing Judas, her head is spiritual Israel, the head is in the heavens the feet are on the earth. When her child, spiritual Israel, is complete, then it is caught away to God and to his throne. First to God, and then 90 years later to his throne.

And she gave birth to a son, a male, who is to shepherd all the nations with an iron rod. And her child was caught away to God and to his throne. And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there 1260 days (Revelation 12:5,6).

She gives birth to a son, a male, this is two recitals, so there are two sons. The first baptism brothers and the second baptism brothers. There are two flights into the wildernesses. Women need to eat, after they have given birth, in order to regain their strength. And to build up their bodies before they have another child, this symbolism has to do with female procreations. The physical behaviour of pregnant women and the new mother is being used to depict the activities of the heavenly woman. The first 1260 days does not start directly on Nisan 16 after the birth of the first century brothers, it starts at the end of the change in times and law, which was 1919Veadar14, I am not proving this here, although the dates show it to be true (consider Isaac's pattern).

The second 1260 days is a feeding program for the recovery of the heavenly woman from her last birth of spiritual Israelites as angels, and for her building up in order to be able to give birth in the new system. The 1260 days is a recovery period after having given birth.

The chapter itself starts with the woman giving birth to spiritual Israel and the 12 apostles, their crown, this being the start of the symbolism of her activities in Revelation12. And it ends, with Satan being under her feet, which is the first day of the Kingdom of God, 2008Nisan16, this being the first time that Jehovah allows himself, through his wife, his holy spirit[s], to exercise full authority over Satan, since 3993Nisan16, 6,000 years of submission to a lunatic lying murderer for the sake of his love and justice! The symbolism of the woman defines the temporal extent of the application of the chapter to the activities of the heavenly woman. So the second feeding of her starts 1260 days before 2008Nisan16, counting inclusively, like we did on the near bank, this is 2004Tishri17. Therefore the last anointed remnant is resurrected on 2004Tishri17.

So just as the first century brothers symbolically died on 1918Nisan14, and were actually resurrected on 1918Nisan16 as angels and entered heaven on 1918Iyyar25, in the antitype of the experiences of the Christ. Likewise the last group of the heavenly class actually die before 2004Tishri15, and symbolically die on that date, being resurrected on 2004Tishri17, and arriving in heaven on 2004Heshvan26, in a further antitype.

In terms of the first century pattern, their symbolic death on 2004Tishri15 is the beginning of their flight to the hills, not of Judea, but heavenly mount Zion and heavenly mount Moriah, in fact heavenly Jerusalem. Just as Jesus' actual death was the beginning of his entry into heaven, which is why the temple curtain was split when he died, not 41 days later when he actually entered into heaven. The power of the holy people stops being dashed to pieces (Daniel; 12:7) on the last day of Satan's system, which is 2008Nisan14, therefore the far bank of Daniel 12 ends on this day.

Therefore the length of the far bank is actually 1258 days whereas the length of the near bank is 1262 days counting inclusively, pictorially we have:

1914Tishri15 1918Nisan16 2004Tishri17 2008Nisan14

X________________ X X________________X

1262 days ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 1258 days

We also have the following four see saws for the four last weeks of Daniel 9:27


Tishri 10 29 CE Nisan 14 33 CE Tishri 18 36 CE

Jesus baptised Jesus' sacrifice Third Key

X______________________________________________ X

1264 days X 1264 days


Nisan 21 63 CE Tishri 22 66 CE 23 Nisan 70 CE

Last week starts Cestius arrives Siege begins

X______________________________________________ X

1261 days X 1261 days



March 21 1919 1922Elul21

Brothers bailed Cedar Point

Tishri 15 1914 CE Nisan 14 1918 CE 13 Sept 1922

Jesus King of heaven 2 Witnesses killed 3rd call to great crowd

X__________________________________________________________ X

1260 days X 360 days X 1260 days

change in times & law


Nisan 16 2001 CE Tishri 15 2004 CE Nisan14, 2008

Cry peace & security Last of anointed 'die' Satan's system ends

X______________________________________________ X

1260 days X 1260 days

There are a couple of items that I haven't showed the proof of here, but I am sure you get the picture. All of the above is a fulfilment of the first will be last and the last will be first, and all of it is also a fulfilment of the Midst prophecy which actually says: The first half will be equal to the last half and the last half will be equal to the first half.

[10.14] DANIEL 12: THE 1290 DAYS & THE 1335 DAYS

And from the time that the constant [feature] has been removed and there has been a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, there will be 1,290 days (Dan 12:11).

Happy is the one who is keeping in expectation and who arrives at the 1335 days (Dan 12:12).

The way we will deal with this is to look at the modern day interpretation of these two periods and then to check it against the first century fulfilment to ensure that we have it correct. Now let's be honest and straightforward and logical about these two periods. The problem is that they are on the face of it ambiguously defined. The 1290 days has no end defined for it, and the 1335 days has no beginning defined for it, we are just told that the one who reaches the end will be happy.

Now prior to the recital of these two periods Gabriel had prescribed the length of the near and far banks as 3.5 times, and Daniel had asked the question: What will be the final part of the things? (Dan 12:8). So the 1290 days and the 1335 days relate to the final part of the things. In fact the final part of the things in the vision of the two banks and the river, that he had just seen. This final part is the far bank. Furthermore Gabriel's last words to Daniel contain the phrase: 'Go toward the end'. We have already considered one consequence of this, namely that the antitypical Daniel interprets the 1290 and the 1335 days as being at the end of the Lord's day rather at the beginning. But a further consequence is that the undefined ending point of the 1290 days and starting point of the 1335 days, lie at the each end of the 1258 days of the far bank, in this way we have 'gone towards the end' in fact both ends of the far bank. For Daniel requested clarification of the events occurring in the far bank period.

Diagrammatically we have:

2004Elul15 Constant feature removed

Disgusting thing causing desolation placed

2004Tishri15 Last anointed remnant symbolically dies

2004Tishri17 Last group of remnant brothers resurrected

2008Nisan14 Last day of Satan's system

2008Tammuz1 Jesus revealed+his powerful angels

2004Elul15 2004Tishri17 2008Nisan14 2008Tammuz1

X________________ X________________X_________________ X

32 days 1257 days 77 days

1290 days [i] 1335 days [i]



The removing of the constant feature is the last remnant brother physically dying, 1290 days (inclusively) before the end of Satan's system. Because as we saw in section[8.5] the constant feature is the presence of the Jesus through his wife, having an evening and a morning fulfilment, the first two baptisms. The placing of disgusting thing that causes desolation is presumably the UN in the temple, following the Cestius archetype, which I believe is some sort of Ban on our worship. In this interpretation the last remnant brother physically dies 30 days before the last of the 5 instars of the heavenly locust symbolically dies. This is an antitype of the 30 day mourning period for Moses, which ended with Jehovah saying to Joshua: 'Moses, my servant, is dead' (Joshua 1:2); 30 days after he died see section [9].

The 1335 days ends with great happiness for the great crowd. It is the mid-point of Armageddon, for Armageddon lasts 150 days, like the flood did, from 2371Heshvan17, until 2370Nisan17 when the ark hit land, the Mountains of Ararat (Gen 8:3), and Daniel himself has told us: 'The end of it will be by the flood' (Dan 9:26). In the flood of Noah, there followed a 220 day drying off period until 2369Heshvan27, which also is a day for day archetype for the period after Armageddon, for more on this and a second witness to the length of Armageddon being 150 days with Jesus coming in the middle, we turn to the account of the overthrow of Sodom


The account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah says:

And it came about that when God brought the cities of the district to ruin, God kept Abraham in mind, in that he [took steps] to send Lot out in the midst of the overthrow, when overthrowing the cities among which Lot had been dwelling (Gen 19:29).

The words 'took steps' are not in the Hebrew, the NWT has included them to convey the Piel future tense Hebrew verb meaning 'to send out'. So Lot was send out in the midst of this overthrow of the cities, keeping Abraham in mind. And the two cities mean two fulfilments of this on cities, this being a distributive symbolism [3.6]. Of course Jehovah was keeping Abraham happy by saving his Nephew, but the conversation that Jehovah was remembering was his negotiation with Abraham, because this was the thing that God had promised to keep in mind to Abraham. Now Abraham was a good negotiator, like the rest of his sons. And he changed his request 5 times in his negotiation with God. And any negotiation with the true God is a priori of huge prophetic significance. The negotiation went:

Step1: 50 to 45 righteous men found

Step2: 45 to 40 righteous men found

Step3: 40 to 30 righteous men found

Step4: 30 to 20 righteous men found

Step5: 20 to 10 righteous men found

One meaning of this is that the number of the 220 Nethinim left, all of whom by then will have been declared righteous, baptised into the name of the holy spirit, attending the memorials in Nisan 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 will be 50,45,40,30,20,10 respectively. 10 of us will be left in 2007Nisan at the memorial. So Jehovah does not bring about Armageddon in Nisan 2002 because there are still 50 Nethinim, neither does he bring it about in Nisan 2003 because there are still 45, etc. etc., and in Nisan 2008, there are none, so he starts Armageddon. So Abraham has bought us another 6 years. This is actually saying that Jehovah is very fed up with us all in Nisan 2002. At the step from 40 to 30 Abraham says: 'May Jehovah please not grow hot with anger' (Gen 18:30). This is the period between 2004Nisan and 2005Nisan, in which is the start of the great tribulation, when he grows hot with anger and starts pouring out the 7 bowls of Revelation, not one drop out of any of which 7 has yet fallen on us, for these bowls are poured out after the cloud comes down on the heavenly temple, which is after it is built which is after 2004Tishri17. The 7 bowls are the great tribulation because: 'They were full of the anger of God' (Rev 15:7). And a further reason why they are poured out after all of the 144k are in heaven is found where John says:

And I saw what seemed to be a glassy sea mingled with fire, and those who come off victorious from the wild beast and from its image and from the number of its name standing by the glassy sea, having harps of God. And they are singing the song of Moses, the slave of God, and the song of the lamb (Rev 15:2,3).

Because the song of Moses was sung after Jehovah had pulled all of the Israelites out of the Red Sea and saved them. Likewise this great song of Moses is sung after God has saved all of spiritual Israel. But returning to Abraham's negotiation, there is a further significance to this relating to the overthrow of the cities of the district. For since Abraham changed his request 5 times, he may be saying that the overthrow lasts for 5 times. But Armageddon does not last 5 years, 5 revolutions round Sun, 5 solar times, and neither does it last 5 days, 5 revolutions of the earth, 5 earthly times, but since it is the final war against Satan, who is symbolised by the moon, the poor and dead reflection of the Sun, the lesser luminary, the one dominating by night (Gen 1:16-18), it is 5 revolutions of the moon, or 5 lunar months or 150 days. And Lot, being sent out in the midst of the overthrow, is referring to the great Lot being safe in Zoar, having left the greater Sodom after 75 days of this war. In fact the moon goes round the earth, whereas the earth goes round the Sun, perfect symbolism. Incidentally these 5 times is the reason why everybody was grabbed by the hand:

The men seized hold of his hand, and of the hand of his wife and of the hands of his two daughters and they proceeded to bring him out and to station him outside the city (Gen 19:16).

Hands have fingers appearing on them 5 times. This sort of thing is the 4th dimension of the bible, for the bible is literal, symbolic, cryptic and coded numeric, see section[6.31]. I have avoided going into the coded numeric dimension in this letter, because one needs to work from the original Hebrew and Greek to do it properly and it is a very cognate dimension.

If the reader has read LS2, he will see that I got myself in trouble because I relied on the words 'took steps', in Gen 19:29, actually being in the Hebrew, but they aren't. Without a Hebrew interlinear bible, I would have been stuck, in many many disastrous misinterpretations. I owe a debt to Zondervan publishing and John R, Kohlenburger, for publishing the NIVHEOT. I feel that it is a disgrace that the Society of International bible students themselves do not publish such a book. Incidentally this is not the fault of the sheep, the men who operate the printing equipment in the Bethel, it is the fault of the shepherd. How can a worldly organisation be doing this when we aren't? What sort of bible students are we, when we don't have the original bible?

In Revelation chapter 9, concerning the locust we read:

And it was granted the [locusts] not to kill them, but that these should be tormented 5 months, and the torment upon them was as torment by a scorpion, when it strikes a man (Rev 9:5).

Also they have tails and stings like scorpions, and in their tails is their authority to treat unrighteously men 5 months. They have over them a king, the angel of the abyss. In Hebrew his name is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon (Rev 9:10,11).

These two recitals of '5 months' mean that there are two periods of 5 months relating to these scorpions. I am not here going to impinge on the Revelation book as regards the first meaning, the one conveyed by verse 5. I would merely point out that the second meaning, conveyed by verses 9,10 (for 2 recitals mean 2 fulfilments) is the 5 months of Armageddon. Because the 'king' does not become a king until then. Furthermore Armageddon is when he is Abaddon and Apollyon, and the locusts are flying with him throughout this battle, these being the 144k. This is the sting in their temporal tail.

So now we have seen that Armageddon is 150 days long, and we have seen it from Revelation, and we have seen it from Noah and from Lot, and this is why Jesus said, when describing the two archetypes for Armageddon:

Moreover just as it occurred in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the days of the Son of man (Luke 17:27).

Likewise, just as it occurred in the days of Lot........The same way it will be on the day when the Son of man is to be revealed (Luke 17:26-30).

Incidentally Lot made unfermented cakes but no lamb or bitter greens for the two angels (Gen 19:3) because these cakes prefigure the Zoar class, in the passover celebration, sincere and true but no response to the light therefore not green [12.7]. Lot, who is the great crowd, escapes to Zoar, and the inhabitants of Zoar, who are saved as a result of his lack of energy, are the Zoar class.

So what precisely is this great happiness that the last words of Daniel refer to? According to our shepherds it refers to the great joy of the conventioneers who came out of the Albert Hall in 1926 and were very very happy! (Daniel book, YWp337-8) And why shouldn't they be? its a very nice hall, and no doubt it was a wonderful convention. But really, brothers, is this the great reward that the giver of every good gift and perfect present is giving to his faithful servants, a nice convention in the Albert Hall? Why even Frank Sinatra can match that! I have heard it rumoured that not a few of his fans have left that building in a fairly happy state themselves.

I remember over 2 years ago, on Saturday March 14th 1992, I was looking at the bible with a bible study friend of mine. And by then we had worked out Roger's Jelly baby and Ted's extra Jelly baby and we had realised that the word 'times' in the bible stood for 360 years in more than one scripture, and we were feeling pretty pleased with ourselves and we thought that we had more or less discovered the entire sacred secret. I must stress that neither of us knew that we were anointed at that time, because you do not have to be anointed to understand the bible dammit. In some ways I wish that I wasn't anointed so that this point could be more forcibly made now. For it is my Job not to decode the bible myself, but it is my job to start all of God's people decoding the bible for themselves, indeed this is what I am anointed to do. Because I know for a fact that this work is too big for any one man, in fact it is too big for all of us, but with God's spirit we will decode it, every word of it.

So there we were, the two holy wonder-decoders, and my friend said to me: Why don't you have a look at the book of Daniel, perhaps we could decode that? I responded: Oh no, the Society have already unsealed that, they unsealed it in the time of the end which began in 1914. He then said to me: So what is this 1335 days then, when everybody becomes so happy? I said well it is an assembly in the Albert Hall. My poor friend couldn't stop laughing! An assembly in the Albert Hall? You must be Joking! Why would Daniel prophesy about an assembly in the Albert Hall? I said no, no you don't understand, they've worked it all out in terms of the Hebrew calendar its all OK, well more or less. Then my friend, one of the 3 mighty men, absolutely floored me with the following genre of question:

Are you trying to tell me, that the culmination of God's whole divine plan to save all of mankind from sin and death, to confer immortality on his firstborn son, and to vindicate his holy name, was a convention in the Albert Hall in 1926? Was that really the climax of his achievements for man??

Well, what could I say? I had to laugh as well, it was ridiculous. On that day, and ever after, the holy spirit made me realise that when a bible study does not accept some doctrine from the Society, it is very often not only the bible study who does not accept it, but also the spirit of truth is not accepting it. So that rather than bashing the doctrine of the FDS into the head of the bible student in the manner of a lobotomised prison warden, one does better to reconsider the doctrine in the manner of a humble bible student.

That is what we did, and it was the most beautiful thing, because I looked at Daniel 12 and I saw a sparkling river of light, with Gabriel in bright linen floating off to heaven above it and I knew that this river was the resurrection of the anointed, it was the river of heavenly life. And we talked until well in to the morning and I missed the Sunday morning meeting but what the hell, I had unsealed Daniel.

Of course I did not unseal it, it was actually unsealed by the holy spirit through Jesus to me, and I may be doing Gabriel an injustice here. Because Gabriel told the first Daniel to seal it up, so presumably he also told the second Daniel to unseal it. And it is my belief that Gabriel was floating not only above the Hikkedel, the Tigris, in the time of the first Daniel, but he was also floating above the Thames in that day of the second Daniel, the one who is untying the knots and explaining riddles of his father, for we were in the docklands, by the side of the Thames.

So my friend that night wasn't only mighty man number 3 it was actually the angel Gabriel. That was a beautiful picture. Can you see that picture Howard, and you my 7 brothers?? I hope you can. I think that was the best day of my life. But I tell you what, there will be a better day than this for mankind. Yea, even as Moses foretold:

Happy you are, Oh Israel

Who is like you?

A people enjoying the Albert Hall (Deut 33:29). NO

Happy you are, Oh Israel

Who is like you?

A people enjoying the salvation in Jehovah (Deut 33:29).

And as David prophesied:

Happy is the one acting with consideration toward the lowly one, In the day of calamity, Jehovah will provide escape for him. Jehovah will guard him and preserve him alive. He will be pronounced happy in the Albert Hall (Psalm 41:1,2). NO

Happy is the one acting with consideration toward the lowly one, In the day of calamity, Jehovah will provide escape for him. Jehovah will guard him and preserve him alive. He will be pronounced happy in the earth (Psalm 41:1,2).

And as Jesus taught us all:

Happy are the meek for they will inherit the Albert Hall? NO

Happy are the meek for they will inherit the earth (Matthew 5:5).

And this they will do at the end of the 1335 days, for this is the end of the great tribulation for them, and it is the revealing of Jesus, the Son of man, and his angels, the 144,000, it is when the great crowd reach the greater Zoar, half way up the mountain, half way through Armageddon. For Jesus always comes in the midst of a period, as Ray's jelly baby has told us, the midst prophecy. This day they know that they are saved, they know that they have inherited the earth.

For the scriptures say that those days are cut short for the sake of saving flesh:

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the world's beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved. But on account of the chosen ones, those days will be cut short (Matt 24:22).

Yes, even the great crowd, the flesh to be saved are chosen.

For those days will be [days of] a tribulation such as has not occurred from the beginning of the creation which God created until that time, and will not occur again. In fact unless Jehovah had cut short the days, no flesh would be saved. But on account of the chosen ones whom he has chosen, he was cut short the days (Mark 13:19,20).

These days are cut short for the chosen ones at the mid-point of Armageddon, and also the last week of years is cut in half to provide the start point of the great tribulation. I am defining the great tribulation as continuing into the first half of Armageddon. I do this because it is 1335 days long, this is the meaning of the 1335 days, these days are the days of the great tribulation. And as regards its finish:

Immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken and then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven and then all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves with grief (Matt 24:29,30).

A scripture with many fulfilments, many 'then's many 'tote's. But in the final fulfilment Jesus becomes Abaddon, Satan is abyssed and the 144,000 fall from heaven to wipe out the wicked and the Son of man is revealed. During the first half of Armageddon these things do not occur because as Jehovah said to Lot:

Hurry! Escape there, because I am not able to do a thing until your arriving there! That is why he called the name of the city Zoar. The sun had gone forth over the land when Lot arrived at Zoar. Then Jehovah made it rain sulphur and fire from Jehovah (Gen 19:22).

So the sun went dark when Lot arrived at Zoar, then the fireworks started. This city provided escape for his soul, his human vessel: 'And my soul will live on' (Gen 19:20). The start of the fireworks, on 2008Tammuz1 is the day of the revealing of the Son of man and his powerful angels, the last day of the great tribulation:

On the day that Lot came out of Sodom it rained fire and sulphur from heaven and destroyed them all. The same way it will be on the day when the Son of man is to be revealed (Luke 17:29,30).

Consequently I reckon that the sufferings of the present season do not amount to anything in comparison with the glory that is going to be revealed in us. For the eager expectation of the creation is waiting for the revealing of the sons of God (Romans 8:19).

This takes into account that it is righteous on God's part to repay tribulation to those who make tribulation for you. But to you who suffer tribulation, relief along with us at the Revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven with his powerful angels in a flaming fire, as he brings vengeance upon those who do not know God and those who do not obey the good news about our Lord Jesus. These very ones will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction, from before the Lord and from the glory of his strength (2 Thess 1:6-9).

As usual, Paul says it all. The relief from the great tribulation is the revealing of the Son of man with his powerful angels in the flaming fire of Armageddon. This is the day that the great crowd will be happy, it will be the happiest day of their lives. And today if the reader sees the true meaning of the 1335 days, he will likewise be very happy himself.


We have already seen the fulfilment of the 1290 days at the end of the first century Jewish system, the time of the end for the fleshly Jews. It ran from 66Heshvan5, when the disgusting Cestius reached the temple, and the constant feature of the anointed was 'removed' from Jerusalem because of Jesus' warning. Not that they had all cleared out by that day, but since Cestius withdrew on that day from the temple 'for no reason in the world' (Josephus), which was the clearest possible signal from God to get out, we take this as the first day of their absence. It ran to 70Sivan4 (counting inclusively), this being the last possible day of escape, for in the first watch of the night at the beginning of 70Sivan5, Titus inspected his completed and garrisoned wall of pointed stakes, which meant that escape was impossible. This last day of escape, 70Sivan4 corresponds to the far end of the far bank, in the 20th century fulfilment, 2008Nisan14, the last possible day of salvation through the Abrahamic covenant.

As regards the 1335 days, well again counting from Cestius' invasion of the temple, on 66Heshvan5, which was the beginning of the flight to the hills, the archetypical last resurrection of the anointed, which corresponds with the start of the 20th century fulfilment, we end up on 70Tammuz19. But this was the day when Titus ordered the siege of the temple to start at the 9th hour of the night (which was in the next Hebrew day), and this day, 70Tammuz19, was the day that the Jews inside Jerusalem saw those who had escaped and had been sent to Gophna for their own safety being paraded round the wall of the city all alive and fine.

This is just amazing, because Gophna is standing for Zoar, and in the 20th century fulfilment the Son of man is revealed with his powerful angels on the last day of the 1335 days and all of the great crowd know that they have been saved. Furthermore the destruction does not start until then because as God said to Lot: 'I am not able to do a thing until your arriving there' (Gen 19:22). This is occurring not because the words of Josephus were inspired but because the actions of Titus and even of Josephus were inspired, for these two were Jehovah's anointed executioner and spokesman to his people at the end of the Jewish system see section [10.2].


The 'Your will be done on earth' book p333-336 & p206-210, describes our current understanding of the 1290 days as starting in January 1919, this being when there was a placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, which was the league of Nations, which occurred whilst the constant feature was removed by virtue of the fact that the governing body was in Jail. But the league of Nations wasn't set up until January 1920 (Revelation book p247). So instead we say OK, this placing of the disgusting thing that is causing desolation, was in fact not the setting up of the league but rather a declaration from Christendom made in support of this body and declaring this body to be 'the political expression of the kingdom of God one earth'.

It is then argued the president Wilson 'merely advocated the league of Nations' whereas the Federal council of churches 'spoke forth in favour of it and gave it the role of Christ the Messiah'. The implication being that as stated on page 334, 'the league of Nations was set up by the religious organisations of Christendom'.

This is not only a visibly ridiculous assertion, but it is also a direct contradiction to the bible which shows us that the league of nations was set up not by the harlot but by the wild beast. To be frank the whole commencement of the 1290 days is a dishonest fabrication at the worst analysis and a confusing mistake at the best analysis. The society have the problem that the League was set up not in January 1919, but in January 1920, and so they say that the start date of the 1290 days runs from the decision of Babylon to support the League, but this was unfortunately in December 1918, so they then say it was the presence of the ambassador from the Federal Council of Churches at the Paris peace conference starting on January 18, 1919, he being sent to present 'the actions of the executive committee which they were instructed to convey to the peace conference' (YWp208). That was the placing of the disgusting thing that causes desolation? This is getting to be as bad as the Albert Hall. However this did conveniently occur 1290 days before Cedar Point. But it could just as forceably be argued that the Pope's Mother in law went shopping in January 1919 and purchased a tin of ravioli and this was the start of the 1290 days of Daniel 12.

To represent that this guy's presence at the peace conference in Paris was in fact the setting up of the league of Nations is not realistic. And in any event Daniel says the 1290 days start with a placing of the disgusting thing, not with a messenger of a recommendation from a fallen religious empire pledging support for a thing that is to be placed at some time in the future. Neither is it true to say that just because 8 anointed Christians are locked up in prison, even if they are all governing body members, the constant feature is removed. For all I know there may well be 8 anointed Christians in prison today as I writer this letter. This does not mean that the constant feature is today removed. For the constant feature is the sacrificial death of members of the bride of Christ, and they are still dying off sacrificially today just like they were in 1918 and 1919. However in 2004Elul, they will all have died off, and at that time, the constant feature will truly have been removed.

As regards the 1335 days, this is said to run from the Cedar point convention September 5-13, 1922 until the Albert Hall convention May 25-31 1926. But these two conventions are just too far apart when measured in the prophetic form of the Hebrew Calendar. Now the passover in 1922 was on April10 and in 1926 was on March27. September 5-13 is 148-156 days after April10, and May 25-31 is 59-65 days after March27, so:

September5-13, 1922 was Elul12-20, 1922

May 25-31, 1926 was Sivan13-19, 1926

Therefore for the end of the Cedar point convention, 1922Elul20 until the start of the Albert Hall convention, 1926Sivan13, was a period of 3 years 9 months less 7 days, or 1080+270-7=1343 days. This is 8 days too large but it is the smallest possible period we can define between these two conventions. Basically these two conventions are just 8 days top far apart, they are separated not by 1335 days but by 1343 days of the Hebrew calendar. So either Daniel was 8 days out or the society's interpretation is wrong.

Actually when I first calculated this period between the two conventions in terms of Hebrew Prophetic days in my second letter to the Society, I calculated it incorrectly myself, sorry brothers!

Having made this great condemnation of these incorrect interpretations I must say this. I am very glad that the Society came up with at least some interpretation of the 1290 days and the 1335 days. Because although incorrect they started me on the road to my interpretations which may also be incorrect for all I know, and I am not the judge of this, the reader is, for my conscience cannot save him, only his conscience can. And the writer most emphatically praises all of his brothers who have made these interpretations of Daniel, whether they are right or whether they are wrong, well done you good and faithful slaves, because you at the least have followed the words of the great prince who is now standing on behalf (Dan 12:1) of us who said:

Keep on asking, and it will be given to you, keep on seeking and you will find, keep on knocking and it will be opened to you (Matt 7:7).

Who cares if they are wrong? We are wrestling with angels here, we are not going to win every battle. Just as long they are the best sacrifice our minds can give at the time. Just so long as we do not pretend that we are exclusive on all interpretations and God has given them directly to us personally. And that basically which ever angel we wrestle with we always beat him. If we give the best with our minds, then the holy spirit will do the rest and will deliver to us the whole truth, that is what the scripture above is saying. Therefore if we do not ask, then what are we going to be given? And it we seek only once or twice, then how are we going to find? If we stop knocking then which door will he open to us?


Let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains

Let the man on the housetop not come down to take the goods out of his house

And let the man in the field not return to the house to pick up his outer garment (Matt 24:17,18).

Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains

Let the man on the housetop not come down, nor go inside to take anything out of his house

And let the man in the field not return to the things behind to pick up his outer garment (Mark 13:14-16).

Those in Judea are the ones in the two tribe kingdom, the tribe of the first baptism, the first century anointed, the descendants of Peter, the first one anointed in that baptism, with the exception of the infant Jesus [8.8], and the tribe of the second baptism, the 20th century anointed, the descendants of Russell. The mountains are those of heavenly Jerusalem, the flight starts at their resurrection, the journey time to heaven being 40 days inclusive I believe. This flight starts on 2004Tishri17, then for the next 1335 days, they, the ones 'on the housetop' cannot come down and save us all, taking us out of the house of their Master, until the end of the 1335 days, when they do all come down, being revealed together with the son of man, and they all save us, the members of Jesus' household, the ones inside his house. And the man in the field of the earthly class cannot return 'to the house' to pick up his outer garment, his new non-adamic fleshly skin until after the great tribulation is finished on 2008Tammuz1. He picks up his new skin on 2008Ab1 see section[10.19]. And the man in the field of the heavenly class cannot return 'to the things behind' to pick up his outer garment of his flesh, after the great tribulation has started because he now has an outer garment of a spirit body.


And you must take the Levites for me - I am Jehovah - in place of all the firstborn among the sons of Israel, and the domestic animals of the Levites in place of all the firstborn among the domestic animals of the sons of Israel (Numbers 3:41).

Take the Levites in place of all the firstborn among the sons of Israel, and the domestic animals of the Levites in place of their domestic animals, and the Levites must become mine. I am Jehovah (Num 3:45).

These two verses mean that there are in fact 4 ransoms being prophetically described in Numbers chapter 3, because two ransoms, the human and the animal are each recited twice, and two recitals mean two fulfilments [3.3]. Jesus' ransom actually was two ransoms because his 1305 day ministry, from baptism to ascension is the sum of the effect of two excesses, the 1365 shekel excess of the 273 extra men and the 60 shekel excess of the 12 'levitical' animals, see section[7.3]. These two ransoms are of spiritual Israel and the Nethinim for we are the domestic animals of spiritual Israel, a lower form of life than them in the new system for men are a 'little lower than angels'. Then there are a further two ransoms in addition to this. Presumably these two sum to an overall ransom as well. As regards these they are spiritual Israel ransoming the great crowd physically and the Nethinim ransoming the Zoar class physically. These two ransoms of souls, enable the two ransomed groups to walk through Armageddon. Because Jesus' sacrifice alone does not prevent physical death, it conquers it by resurrection but it does not prevent it. Although of course spiritual Israel and the Nethinim are themselves ransomed by Jesus. It is like Jehovah said through Isaiah:

For I am Jehovah your God, the holy one of Israel your Saviour. I have given Egypt as a ransom for you, Ethiopia and Seba in place of you. Owing to the fact that you have been precious in my eyes, you have been considered honourable, and I myself have loved you. And I shall give earthling man in place of you, and national groups in place of your soul (Isaiah 43:4).

The earthling man was Jesus and the national groups are spiritual Israel and the Nethinim in the greater meaning of the above, the save the souls of the great crowd and the Zoar class, enabling them to keep their souls and walk through Armageddon in them, experiencing a change from 120 year long adamic garments of skin to indefinitely long non-adamic garments of skin as they walk through. For Adam had a garment of skin made for him, by God on 3993Nisan14, the day that Angel Michael passed over him, for in justice he could have died physically on 3993Nisan14, but he was passed over and only died spiritually, judicially that day. And just as Adam had his body changed in an instant in a blinking of an eye, even in a twinkling of an eye, as he walked through out of Eden into Satan's system at the first passover. So his sons, will likewise be changed in an instant in a blinking or a twinkling of an eye, as we walk through the greatest of all the passovers, out of Satan's system and into the Kingdom of God from 2008Nisan16 to 2008Elul 16. And just as Jehovah made for Adam a corrupting garment of skin as he went from honour to dishonour during his exit so he will make for us an incorrupting garment of skin when we pass from dishonour to honour during our re-entrance into the second Eden.

Now in the ransom of the Jews who left Egypt the firstborn of the men and the animals were saved, ransomed by the blood of the passover lamb. But things did not stop there, next the firstborn of the sons of Israel were ransomed by the Levites, the firstborn from the priesthood right point of view, and then the firstborn among the domestic animals of the sons of Israel were ransomed by the domestic animals of the Levites. All in all there were in fact 3 ransoms and there were 3 ransomers, the passover lamb, the Levites and their domestic animals and behold, look! here is a computerised illustration, with sincere apologies to Ray, for the writer's lack of artistic ability.

Right hand evil doer Christ Left hand evil doer

Spiritual Israel Jesus Nethinim

Levites Passover lamb Levitical animals




Yes, here they are, all three ransomers, for this picture of Jesus' death is not any coincidence it is a prophetic declaration of the whole of God's ransom plan for men. So we are talking about a multi-level ransom see section[12.8]. This arises because once a man is sealed, baptised into the name of the holy spirit, there is actually no need for him to die physically at all. Because at sanctification, the baptism into the name of the Son, Jesus' blood is applied to remove the candidate's own sins and his consciousness of these, for God will forgive all his future sins except the sin against the holy spirit, which is losing faith in mid-baptism. However such a man is still under Adam's physical death sentence for Jesus' blood has been used on his sins not on Adam's sins. But when such a man finishes his baptism in holy spirit and becomes sealed, being baptised into the name of the holy spirit, then God has issued an oath, a promise, even a righteous decree, out of his undeserved kindness and through Christ Jesus, that all this man's sins past present and future stand forgiven.

So now having used Jesus' blood to enable our candidate to take his test, his baptism in holy spirit, and having passed this test, we get Jesus blood back, for he only borrowed it, and he now has a righteous decree from Jehovah independent of Jesus' blood. We are therefore free to apply Jesus' blood again, but this time to Adam's sentence on the man, and he is therefore ransomed and this sentence is lifted and has no need to die. It is this logic, or some equivalent logic, if the writer has not got this correct, that makes the death of the anointed remnant and of the Nethinim a true sacrificial death. Every witness knows that the anointed die a sacrificial death, and this means that they did not actually have to die in justice, but in fact God chooses for them that they will die in order that he can use their souls to ransom millions of their brothers, who will walk through Armageddon, a great privilege indeed. Of course in reality the physical death is an irrevocable and integral part of the package on offer to men of faith. But to men of faith, physical death is not a big deal, whereas ransoming their brothers is a very big deal indeed.

In the ransom of the Levites for the firstborn sons of Israel there was an excess of 1365 shekels paid to Moses, due to the excess of the firstborn sons of Israel over the Levites. We already know that the Levites symbolise spiritual Israel, the firstborn from the point of view of the priesthood, for they are going to receive the fulfilment of the promise to become:

A kingdom of priests and a holy nation (Ex 19:6)

A chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for special possession (1 Peter 2:9).

Although in fact the above words of Peter are a distributive symbolism [3.6], and the Chosen race was physical Israel, the royal priesthood was spiritual Israel, the holy nation is the Nethinim, and the people for special possession is the great crowd. So back in Egypt we have the firstborn sons of Israel in the wilderness symbolising the great crowd, the firstborn into the new system on earth, the firstborn of those to leave the greater Egypt of Satan's system. And what the 1365 shekels is symbolising, in a numerical symbolism[3.4] is not the financial excess of the ransom of the firstborn sons over the Levites, but the temporal excess of the ransom of the firstborn sons of the 'Israel of God', the great crowd, for they become Israel at the time of Armageddon, over the ransom of spiritual Israel, taken a shekel for a year as we did in section[7.3].

Therefore the great crowd are ransomed 1365 days after spiritual Israel are ransomed. As for spiritual Israel the last ones are ransomed on 2004Tishri17, at their last resurrection, for one cannot describe a dead man as having been ransomed particularly effectively. And therefore the great crowd are ransomed 1365 days later on 2008Ab1 (counting inclusively). Now Paul explains the hope:

That creation itself also will be set free from enslavement to corruption and have the glorious freedom of the children of God. For we know that all creation keeps on groaning together and being in pain until now. Not only that, but we ourselves also who have the firstfruits [of this freedom], namely the spirit, yes, we ourselves groan within ourselves, while we are earnestly waiting for adoption as sons, the release from our bodies by ransom (Romans 8:21-23).

As regards the great crowd this release will occur on 2008Ab1. As regards the last ones of Paul's brothers, this occurs on 2004Tishri17.


On 66Tishri26 Cestius moves his camp to Scopus, which means 'Watchtower', I don't know about you but I find this sort of thing astounding. 1365 days after that (counting inclusively) was 70Ab10, the day that Titus burnt the temple in Jerusalem. But the camp of spiritual Israel will be 'moved' to the heavens on 2004Tishri17, at the beginning of the modern fulfilment of the 1365 days, and the adamic bodies, the old temples of the great crowd, will be burnt forever at the end of the modern day fulfilment on 2008Ab1. A Watchtower is a good description of the heavens because from a watchtower one can see all the earth roundabout and Daniel described angels as 'Watcher's (Dan 4:13,23), and they certainly live in a very tall tower.

Also today we do not worship in a place anymore although many brothers think that we do. We worship not in buildings of bricks but in spirit and truth, and the vessel for our spirit is our body, not the Kingdom hall. Paul said:

Flee from fornication. Every other sin that a man may commit is outside his body, but he that practices fornication is sinning against his own body. What! Do you not know that the body of you people is the temple of the holy spirit within you, which you have from God? (1 Cor 6:18,19).

Whilst it is true that Paul is talking about the body of the whole remnant in the last sentence, one cannot divorce this sentence from the first sentence where he is talking about each brother's individual body. And if one commits fornication then one has defiled one's temple, one does not defile the kingdom hall when one commits fornication. In fact fornication joins two fleshes illegally and therefore brings in an unclean thing into the temple of one's body.


This understanding is so beautiful to know. It is really tragic that it is being divulged to God's people today as a desperate attempt by the writer to get them to accept that he is anointed under a covenant of gifts of the spirit. It is even more tragic that it is in these circumstances of fear suspicion and ugliness that the true God has seen fit to reveal this great beauty of bible interpretation. What can I say to make you men listen to the one who sent me forth, the messenger of a new covenant? How can you possibly here my whimpering squeals above the deafening roar of self-righteous self-interested self-justification from the wide awake John class, who will never 'as a group' go astray.

No all their sheep may go astray but the shepherd will never go astray! Why can nobody see that if the sheep are going astray, then this is a proof that the shepherd has already gone astray?!!

But such is the love of God, that he will deal with any degree of rebelliousness by any number of his servants and keep helping them. So here it is:

In the Columbus Ohio convention from July24-30 1931, we took the name Jehovah's witnesses. This convention was actually the time that the 2300 evenings and mornings of Daniel8 were fulfilled in one fulfilment. For there are 4600 solar days starting from December 18, 1919, when the Federal council of churches sent the infamous letter to president Wilson saying that the League of Nations was 'The political expression of the kingdom of God on earth'. Solar days rather than lunar days, because the 2300 evenings and mornings are a vision of the constant feature, and this was a genuine daily feature, not a prophetic Hebrew calendar feature. And 4600 rather than 2300 because the constant feature occurred two times in a day, or putting in another way in 2300 evenings and mornings there were 4600 constant feature sacrifices. So the constant feature occurred 4600 times in this period, so the take a day for a constant feature and we get 4600 days. Actually including leap years July23, 1931 is 4600 days after December 18, 1919.

The writer is not able to go into Daniel8 very deeply in this letter because it is full of information which is not yet due to be revealed. But we read:

Until 2300 evenings and mornings and the holy place will certainly be brought into the right condition (Daniel8:14).

And the holy place is earthly Jerusalem, the administrative centre, the FDS. We came into the right condition at the time of the Columbus Ohio convention, not by announcement in the Watchtower magazine on October 15, 1932 (YW p216) as is currently proposed in the Daniel book, a date arrived at by counting 2300 literal days from the convention at the famous Albert Hall in 1926.

Jehovah must have brought his sanctuary into the right condition by July 1931 because if he had not done so then we would be in a situation where his name would have been given to something which was not in the right condition and this is impossible. For we did not take Jehovah's name in July 1931, he gave it to us. Even as in the case of the first century brothers taking the name 'Christians', we read:

It was first in Antioch that the disciples were by divine providence called Christians (Acts 11:26).

So the same divine providence gave us the name 'Jehovah's witnesses' in July 1931. In fact in the first century fulfilment of the 2300 evenings and mornings the trangsression that caused desolation for the Jewish system was the impalement of Jesus, on 33Nisan14, which was 33April1 (Insight2 p268), and 4600 solar days after this on 45November3 we were first called Christians. For Daniel was writing about the first century, and the physical Jews in the first instance.

Fine, so the earthly holy place was in its right condition then, and 1365 days after this guess what happened: Brother Rutherford identified the great crowd at the Washington DC convention from May30-June3 1935. And the way that he identified them was having invited especially the Jehonadab's, he said to them: 'All those with the hope of living on the earth please stand up' and then 'Behold the great crowd' or words to this effect. Which is truly astounding because it was not from Judge Rutherford's originality that these words were uttered. Because just as there were 1365 days of the prophetic Hebrew calendar between the earthly holy place coming into the right condition and the great crowd being identified and asked to stand up, thereby coming into their right condition in 1935, so there will be 1365 days between the heavenly holy place coming into its right condition in 2004Tishri17 at the resurrection of its last members and the great crowd standing up in new incorruptible bodies, being in their right condition having been ransomed in 2008Ab1. In fact this is a resurrection of the great crowd, a living resurrection. For to resurrect means to make stand again.

This archetypical period of 1365 days gives as confidence that the antitypical period of 1365 days is correct. Finally here is the Hebrew calendar calculation:

Memorial 1931 April1 (Society information)

Memorial 1935 April17 (Metonic cycle, from 1954 date)

July24-30, 1931 Ab7-Ab13, 1931

May30-June3, 1935 Iyyar28-Sivan2, 1935

1931Ab13 to 1935Iyyar28 is 3 years and 9 months and 15 days, or 1365 days. The memorial in 1954 was April17.


First Century:

66Heshvan5 1290days[inc] 70Sivan4

66Heshvan5 1335days[inc] 70Tammuz19

66Tishri26 1365days[inc] 70Ab10

70Nisan23 108days[inc] 70Ab10

20th Century:

2004Elul15 1290days[inc] 2008Nisan14

2004Tishri17 1335days[inc] 2008Tammuz1

2004Tishri17 1365days[inc] 2008Ab1

2008Nisan14 108days[inc] 2008Ab1

The 1290 days is the time left to the end of the system after the anointed have bailed out

The 1335 days is the length of the great tribulation

The 1365 days, is the time between the right condition of the heavenly temple and the right condition of the earthly temple

The 108 days appears to be a period between the end of the system and the end of the temple. The writer has found no scriptural witnesses for this period, neither has he found the time to look for them!

The Timetable of Armageddon is as follows: The end will be by the flood (Dan 9:26).

2008Nisan14 Satan's system ends, marriage of the lamb, Abrahamic covenant


2008Nisan16 Kingdom of God starts, Armageddon starts

2008Iyyar25 40th day of Armageddon, some equivalent of the rain stopping


2008Tammuz1 The Son of man is revealed with the 144k angels, great crowd

reach Zoar, very happy at seeing the son of man, they are safe,

great tribulation ends for them

2008Ab1 The great crowd get new non-adamic bodies

2008Elul16 Armageddon ends, ark hits mountains of Ararat, 144k start

exerting their rulership

2008Heshvan30 Tops of other mountains appear, Nethinim resurrected

2008Tebbeth10 Some equivalent to Noah opening the window and sending out a


Etc. etc.


Uncle John, this is your jelly baby, and it is really just a piece of fun, because for my vote you are certainly the most entertaining of our elders. The scriptures say:

But many that are first will be last and the last first (Matt 19:30).

Nevertheless the first is, not that which is spiritual, but that which is physical, afterward that which is spiritual (1 Cor 15:44)

Please consider the below Chronology which we have already deduced, apart from the dates which are literally stated in Genesis, bearing the above two principles in mind:

1933Tishri: Ishmael, the first fleshly son of Abraham is born

1920Tishri: Abraham circumcised, fleshly circumcision covenant starts

36Tishri: The Gentiles are called, fleshly circumcision covenant ends

1991Tishri: The last spiritual Jew is sealed, his circumcision of the heart

2004Tishri: The last spiritual Jew is resurrected, born spiritually

There were 13 years from the birth of Ishmael, Abraham's first fleshly son until his circumcision, and there will be 13 years from the circumcision of the heart of the last spiritual Jew, until the last spiritual Jew is resurrected on 2004Tishri17. I am deducing that both Abraham was circumcised and Ishmael was born in the month of Tishri by symmetry with the second half. The fleshly covenant of the circumcision lasted for 1955 years and the spiritualised covenant of the circumcision, the circumcision of the heart, lasted also 1955 years, exclusively. Representing this graphically:

Ishmael Fleshly Gentiles called Spiritual Last

born, first Circumcision fleshly covenant covenant spiritual

fleshly Covenant ends, spiritual of heart Jew born

son starts Covenant starts ends as a spirit

1933T 1920T 36T 1991T 2004T

X__________X_________________ X________________ X__________X

13 years 1955 years 1955 years 13 years

So just as the fleshly covenant of the circumcision gave exclusivity to the fleshly Jew as regards baptism into the name of the father, Abraham, for 1955 years, so the spiritual covenant of the circumcision of the heart continued this concept for a further 1955 years wherein rather than only fleshly Jews being able to be baptised into the name of the Father, only spiritual Jews were able to be baptised into the name of the Son. So this gave exclusivity to the spiritual Jew for 1955 years, after the exclusivity of the fleshly Jew ended, as regards baptism into the name of the Son and of the holy spirit, Jesus (see sections 6.15-6.20 on baptism). In fact no child circumcised after 36Tishri received any benefit from it, for the law had ended and the fleshly circumcision had ended.

And he must keep the covenant in force for the many for one week (Dan 9:27).

At the end of this week one no longer had to be a Jew on the outside in order to become a Jew on the inside.

But he is a Jew is one on the inside and his circumcision is that of the heart by spirit, and not by a written code. The praise of that one comes not from men, but from God (Romans 2:29).

But in fact on 1991Tishri17, this exclusivity ended, when the first pre-third baptism brother was sanctified even as Moses prophesied saying:

And Jehovah your God will have to circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, that you may love Jehovah your God with all your heart and all your soul for the sake of your life (Deuteronomy 30:6).

Moses was prophetically referring to spiritual Jews, all of whom are brothers, their 'offspring' are a class that comes after they have all been circumcised. It is not true to say that any spiritual Jew is an offspring or a father of any other spiritual Jew, for as Jesus said:

One is your teacher, whereas you are all brothers. Moreover, do not call anyone your father on earth, for one is your father, the heavenly one (Matt23:9).

Furthermore just as the first fleshly son was born in the flesh 13 years before he was circumcised in the flesh, so the last spiritual Jew will be born in the spirit 13 years after the last spiritual Jew was circumcised in the spirit. In this way the first which was the physical became the last which was the spiritual. I am not adducing this as a proof that the last anointed brother is resurrected in 2004Tishri, I am just pointing out that it is a rather nice pattern, an extra piece of beauty, some fun. Of course we know from Daniel 12 section[10.4] that Armageddon starts 3.5 years after the last spiritual Jew is resurrected, this being the start of the great tribulation. So our piece of fun points to 2008 as being the date. This, along with the preceding 6 proofs which together make up the 7 jelly babies for the 7 elders, is why I now propose that the following rap song be added to the Kingdom melody book:

We're gonna wait for the date of 2-0-0-8

The divine day of judgement that just-can't-be-late

Its his name that Jehovah our God will vindicate

So we'll wait for the date of 2-0-0-8

Copyright Gordon Ritchie, London, 1994, all rights reserved.


Having established that there have been two baptisms in holy spirit for the spiritual Jews, the first century and the 20th century baptisms, and having seen that the latter of the two ended in 1991Tishri section[8.8], we can now consider what God's is going to do for an encore. Having defined baptism as a cleansing for entry into a covenant we immediately understand that a third baptism, since all the 144,000 places under the first new covenant are full, would necessitate a second new covenant. Likewise, if there is a second new covenant, then there would have to be a third baptism in order to cleanse the men who enter into it. So proving the existence of the one, proves the existence of the other. It appears that the true God does nothing without a covenant, and neither will he do anything without revealing his confidential matter to his servants the prophets, as we know from Amos 3:1-7. This he has done by coding up all of his covenants in the bible. And today we, his servants are also advised to put down in writing our business agreements so that everybody knows where they stand.


In Genesis chapter 12, Abraham pretends to Pharaoh that Sarah, his wife, is not his wife but is rather his sister. So he is disguising a wife as another family member. Symbolically he is disguising a sub-covenanted group as just a group with some sort of family relationship to Abraham but not bearing his name, rather bearing his father's name, for sister and brothers both have the father's name. In other words he is disguising a covenant for a group of God's people who are baptised into his name, as just a group of God's people but not a group baptised into the name of Abraham. He is therefore hiding a sub-covenant of the Abrahamic covenant.

My life will be spared because of you (Gen 12:13).

Here he is speaking as those covenanted through the hidden sub-covenant represented by Sarah, and he is declaring that this covenant saves their lives. We already know that covenants require baptisms for entry, and baptisms save lives by forgiving sins, either in flesh or in spirit. But things do not stop here. For next in Genesis 20 Abraham does this again:

And Abraham repeated [ is normally translated 'said'] concerning Sarah his wife: She is my sister (Gen 20:2).

So having pretended to Pharaoh that Sarah was his sister, here he is pretending the same thing to Abimelech. So hereagain the sub-covenant is being hidden from the king - temporarily. But then Isaac, Abraham's firstborn as regards the firstborn rights, himself disguises his wife as his sister to Abimelech:

And he would say: She is my sister. For he was afraid to say: My wife; for fear that, to quote him: The men of the place should kill me because of Rebekah (Gen 26:7).

So summarising these three deceptions we have:

Husband King wife

Abraham Pharaoh Sarah

Abraham Abimelech Sarah

Isaac Abimelech Rebekah

I do not fully understand the full many faceted interpretations of these 3 life saving deceptions. I had thought that they refer in one meaning to the Adamic/Enochian covenant and the Noahic/Melchizedaic covenants. However there certainly is the following application. The 2 disguisings of Sarah, Abraham's wife are two concealed sub-covenants of fleshly life, water baptism, the baptism into the name of Father, Abraham. The one disguising of Rebekah, Isaac's wife is one hidden sub-covenant of judicial life, blood baptism, the baptism into the name of the Son, the greater Isaac, Jesus Christ. Furthermore the same king, the greater Abimelech is missing both a water baptism covenant and a blood baptism covenant.

The hidden blood baptism covenant is the second new covenant, the covenant of Keturah, the covenant of gifts of the spirit. As regards the identity of the two hidden water covenants, one was hidden temporarily from Pharaoh who is representing the first century governing body and the other is hidden temporarily from Abimelech, who is representing the 20th century governing body. But before we find these two hidden water baptism covenants we first have to disclose a further water baptism covenant which isn't hidden but which we have all missed. This is the one which John the baptist was baptising into. For Paul asked the Ephesians who had never heard of the holy spirit:

Into what therefore were you baptised? The ones but said into the of John baptism (Acts 19:3 - Kingdom interlinear).

So these candidates were baptised into John, as the Jews before them had been baptised into Moses. John had therefore been given a covenant with God through Abraham and through Michael just like Moses had. Now John's initial flock was the Jews for Paul relates:

From the offspring of this man, according to his promise God has brought to Israel a saviour, Jesus, after John, in advance of the entry of that one, had preached publicly to all the people of Israel baptism of repentance (Acts 13:24).

But his baptism did not stop there because the disciples of Jesus who Paul found in Ephesus had been baptised only into John. Actually I can't carry on with this because I am going to end up revealing things which are to be kept secret for a while.

In any event it is manifestly apparent that there are hidden sub-covenants of the Abrahamic covenant in the bible, and the one that Isaac hid shows that there is a hidden covenant involving Jesus, and that covenant is the one into which I am baptised by holy spirit. It is the covenant of Keturah, Abraham's third wife. For she produced offspring for him as well, see next section.


Furthermore, Abraham again took a wife, and her name was Keturah. In time she bore him:

Zimran and Jokshan and Medan and Midian and Ishbak and Shuah

And Jokshan became father to Sheba and Dedan

And the sons of Dedan became Asshurim and Letushim and Leummim

And the sons of Midian were Ephah and Epher and Hanoch and Adiba and Eldaah

All these were sons of Keturah (Gen 25:1-4).

16 sons, although Asshurim and Letushim and Leummim could be generic plural names for the sons of Asshur, Letush and Leum. However Dedan himself obviously only had the 3 sons. Actually Hebrew speaking men did have plural names on occasion, for example Kittim, Dodanim, Mizraim and Mizraim's 7 sons: Ludim, Anamim, Lehabim and Naphtuhim and Pathrusim and Casluhim and Caphtorim (Genesis 10).

However these 3 names: Asshurim and Letushim and Leummim leave us with an ambiguity. But the holy spirit uses ambiguities to say something, for it is very aware of its own ambiguities, they are not mistakes, they are not oversights, they are designed in ambiguities. Consider the other appearance of Keturah in the bible:

As for the sons of Keturah, Abraham's concubine, she gave birth to: Zimran and Jokshan and Medan and Midian and Ishbak and Shuah

And the sons of Jokshan were Sheba and Dedan

And the sons of Midian were Ephah and Epher and Hanoch and Abida and Eldaah

All these were the sons of Keturah (1 Chron 1:32,33).

So here we have missed out the 3 sons of Dedan, who had plural names, and wife is replaced by concubine, for Keturah was literally both, being a slave girl which Abraham then married. These two scriptures are an example of omission symbolism[3.5]. The wife is referred to as a concubine when the 3 sons of Dedan are omitted, this is pointing to the 3 sons of Dedan as being more matrimonial shall we say. In fact these 3 plural named sons are standing for the 3rd baptism, and they themselves actually have sons, which is why their names are plural, depicting whole tribes descending from them. These and their sons have a different status to the whoever the 13 sons of the concubine stand for. Now the 16 sons stand for 16 years of having sons under this covenant, and the 13 sons stand for 13 years and the 3 plural sons stand for a period of 3 years and for the 3rd baptism, and in fact for the three mighty men of David. These years can either be calendar years or periods of 16, 13 & 3 years. The situation is rather involved and I am not going into it much further than this, save to say that one of the hidden water baptism covenants is a sub-covenant of Keturah, for Keturah is represented by Bilhah and Zilpah, or by the two daughters of Lot in the respective accounts I think, I do not know.

All this has to do with the 'Zoar class' which is the ultimate expression of God's mercy. They were the class who was saved because of Lot's lack of ability in the literal account and they are the many many millions of men who will be saved at Armageddon despite the fact that they never even became Christians, let alone witnesses. This being the angels making up for the incompetence of Jehovah's witnesses (A large task!). For the Zoar class do not become Christians because we stumble them or we do not reach them or our preaching is too luke warm to excite them, they are the 'true worshippers' incompetence class'. Because we as imperfect men can accomplish nothing perfectly. Even with perfect direction from the holy spirit we still will not finish our job, we will 'by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel', in one of the many meanings of this scripture.

Now in truth the last son of Keturah is actually born in the last month of Armageddon, this being 2008Elul. The reader may now be thinking hang on a minute, the Abrahamic covenant ends on 2008Nisan14, how can Keturah extend after it? Well the answer to this appears to be the Keturah may well have outlived Abraham, and the woman can give birth after the husband has died, so long as she conceived before he died. In fact although the bible does not refer to the death of Keturah, Genesis 25:5-10 is consistent with her outliving Abraham. In practice the angels would presumably mark the Zoar class before Armageddon and they would actually identify themselves as lovers of God in the battle itself. For God is shaking the heavens and the earth and reaping fruit even then. This is his last last call to men.

So Keturah was made, or validated in 1992Elul, 16 years before 2008Elul, these being represented by the 16 sons of the wife. 1992Elul was when my first book and its charts arrived at the society, 'Letter to the Society'. The covenant was made then between Jesus and the three authors of the book LS2, who are represented by the three mighty men of David, whoever they in fact are, and the three sons of Zeruiah: Joab, Abishai and Ahasahel. Although two of us had a larger role, namely Bezalel and Oholiab. But enough of this Hebrew symbolism, let's quote Paul:

Now I exhort you brothers: You know that the household of Stephanus is the first fruits of Achaia, and that they set themselves to minister to the holy ones. May you also keep submitting yourselves to persons of that kind and to everyone cooperating and labouring. But I rejoice over the presence of Stephanus and Fortunatus and Achaiacus, because they have made up for your not being here. For they have refreshed my spirit and yours. Therefore recognise men of that sort (1 Cor 16:16).

Its like he said at the beginning of his letter:

The Christ exists divided. Paul was not impaled for you was he? Or were you baptised into [eiV] the name of Paul? I am thankful I baptised none of you except Crsipus and Gaius, so that no one may say you were baptised into [eiV] my name. Yes I also baptised the household of Stephanus. As for the rest, I do not know whether I baptised anybody else (1 Cor1:13-16).

For as this letter is written the Christ does indeed exist divided see section[3.1]. The writer is Stephanus, his household is that of the Nethinim, his two co-writers are Crispus and Gaius, all three of us and many unknowing Nethinim are already baptised in holy spirit, maybe even by the angel Paul himself.

Now 'Keturah' means 'sacrificial smoke', and making this is the job of priests, and we three are priests, and obviously this book, if it is revealing things hidden since the founding is the work of a priest, for it is maintaining a somewhat tarnished relationship between God and his witnesses.

But to the sons of the concubines, Abraham gave gifts (Gen 25:6).

These are the greater gifts of the spirit of Acts 2 and Joel 2. These are your 7 jelly babies, even the 8 jelly babies, they are a bit wobbly and weak, they are very young, but like all new born things they are a gift from God, and these ones come under the covenant of Gifts, the covenant of Keturah. For there is a further fulfilment of the wonderful scripture:

In the last days, God says, I shall pour out my spirit on every sort of flesh, and your sons and your daughters will prophesy and your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams (Acts 2:17).

For the speaking of the pure language of Zephaniah and the unsealing of the whole bible and the understandings and powers of spiritual healing that this brings is truly what all of the faith healers have been looking for for the last hundred years. This is the solution to the speaking in tongues divide between the Pentecostals and the Jehovah's witnesses. And the this final true knowledge is the solution to the born-again dichotomy, the seventh day dichotomy and Pentecostal dichotomy, the Jewish dichotomy and even some of the Catholics doctrines will be making an appearance. For although we are the unique and only true people of God, no one man and no one class of men has a monopoly on the truth.

So let it be known that I speak, somewhat improficiently, and the reader is reading in this letter, in a tongue, the tongue of the bible, something which one cannot truly do without knowing how to speak in the literal tongues of Hebrew and Greek. And before the end we will all speak in tongues, and we will all prophesy, and you young men will truly 'see' the visions of the holy book, with your own minds. Yes, you will serve God with your whole mind, rather than submitting to the lobotomisation of his current shepherds, who say in their pharasaic schools for 'Tuppies', that is: 'Theocratically Upwardly-mobile Pioneer People': Do not originate, relay. And you old men will dream the dreams, because all of the bible is a dream, this being a story from a source other than the bible writer's own conscious mind. It is a book of dreams, and the spirit of God will help even you to understand what you have read in ignorance a hundred times already. And the holy spirit will move you yet, you blind and deaf lovers of the true God and you will wonder in amazement more than I know that you so far have, for the words of his prophet have already been fulfilled and they say:

Bring forth a people blind though eyes themselves exist, and the ones deaf, though they have ears......You are my witnesses is the utterance of Jehovah (Isaiah 43:8-10).

Whereas of course such blindness and deafness is actually a characteristic of the true people of God, as it was both in the time of Moses and in the time of Jesus. But wake up you 7 elders please and consider this: What sort of a name for a covenant is 'the new covenant'? It certainly is a name which is establishing that it is a covenant that follows and replaces a previous covenant, the 'old covenant' (2 Cor 3:14). But it is also a name which does not restrict itself to be the last such replacement! For all replacements are 'new' versions of the 'old' version. So its very name by its ambiguity is almost declaring a further fulfilment. For it was not called 'the last covenant' as in the case of 'the last Adam' (1 Cor 15:45). The 'last Adam' could well have been called the 'new Adam' if he was going to have a successor, but he wasn't therefore he name was 'last'. Likewise the new covenant could have been called the 'last covenant' if it was not going to have a successor, but it was, therefore it was called the 'new covenant'. In any event if the reader accepts section [3.2], namely, that every scripture has a further fulfilment, then he will know that there is a second new covenant.


In time God heard their groaning and God remembered his covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 2:24).

And I shall indeed remember my covenant with Jacob, and even my covenant with Isaac, and even my covenant with Abraham I shall remember, and the land I shall remember (Lev 26:42).

These three prefigure the Abrahamic covenant, the New covenant, the one mediated by the greater Isaac, Jesus Christ, and the Covenant of gifts, which is mediated by the greater Jacob, who is also Jesus Christ, for both Isaac and Jacob lived lives prophetic of the Christ. Because nobody says today: Hello I am saved under the Isaaic covenant or: Hello I am saved under the Jacobian covenant, every body says: Hello, I am saved under the Abrahamic covenant. So the literal effect of these two further covenants is not sufficient for Jehovah to be referring to them as he does above. In any event all scripture is alive and has further meanings. The great covenants with Isaac and Jacob, are the two new covenants mediated by the Christ, even Sarah and Keturah.


Look! There are days coming, is the utterance of Jehovah, and I will conclude with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah a new covenant.....For this is the covenant that I shall conclude with the house of Israel after those days, is the utterance of Jehovah (Jeremiah 31:31-33).

This is a classic distributive symbolism [3.6] followed by an omission symbolism [3.5]. For the holy word is talking about a new covenant with the house of Judah and a further new covenant with the house of Israel. But the first covenant was not made with two houses it was made with one house, namely the house of Jacob, this being the law covenant. So if there was going only to be one new covenant Jeremiah 31:31 would have read:

Look there is a day coming, is the utterance of Jehovah, and I will conclude with the house of Jacob a new covenant.

But instead of this the new covenant is concluded with two houses, and in fact it is two new covenants one with each house, also these occur on two different days, hence 'there are days coming'. As a proof of this splitting or distribution of new covenant to the two houses we then have the marvellous sequitor:

For this is the covenant that I shall conclude with the house of Israel after those days!!! (Jer 31:33)

Which is simply begging the question, what has happened to the house of Judah?? This is an omission symbolism, the holy word is saying something by not saying something. The answer being there are two new covenants one with each house, and the putting 'my law within them' actually refers to the second new covenant is the symbolic meaning, but of course it refers to the first new covenant in the literal meaning. The first new covenant was with the two tribe house, the house of the first and second baptism, the second new covenant is with the ten tribe house, a symbolism which is not to be revealed yet. The literal meaning is one covenant with two houses, the symbolic meaning is two covenants, one with each symbolic house. The omission symbolism confirms that there is a split of fulfilments by house in the symbolic meaning. This scripture actually carries with it a witness to the length of both the first and second new covenants, in the 4th dimesnion, the coded numeric dimension which we are not looking at in this letter.

Now both Jeremiah and Paul end by mentioning forgiveness:

For I shall forgive their error, and their sin I shall remember no more (Jeremiah 31:34).

For I shall be merciful to their unrighteous deeds, and I shall by no means call their sins to mind anymore (Hebrews 8:12).

Which links in the baptism with the covenant, for a covenant is not a forgiveness of sins, a baptism is the mechanism for this. No sins were forgiven at the last supper, and neither were any forgiven at mount Sinai when the Jews agreed to obey the law of Moses.

Finally if the reader looks at all instances of 'new covenant' in the bible he will find that they are all 'a new covenant' rather than 'the new covenant' with the exception of Jesus' words:

This cup means the new covenant by virtue of my blood (Luke 22:20, 1Cor11:25)

He used the word 'the' here because he was making a distinction between the cup that he was about to drink himself, this being the finishing of his baptism into death, by means of which the first new covenant was established, and the cup that he would have to drink new in the kingdom of his Father, which is the second cup, which leads to the second new covenant, this cup he is drinking right now. This is part of why our meeting attendance worldwide and our field service wordlwide is declining, and it will continue so to decline until this cup is fully drunk.

Apart from this business with the cup which is examined in detail in section[12.6], all of the scriptures are deliberately written in such a way as to admit a second new covenant. My favourite version of this is the words of Paul:

For if the first covenant had been faultless, no place would have been sought for the second (Heb 8:7).

Words which could apply to the Mosaic law/New covenant transition, or the first new covenant/second new covenant transition. This situation is identical to the trinitarian dilemma over John1:1:

And the word was [a] God (John 1:1).

So that is why he is a mediator of a new covenant (Heb 9:15)

In his saying: A new covenant; he has made the former one obsolete (Heb 8:13)

Who has indeed adequately qualified us to be minister of a new covenant (2 Cor 3:6).

And I will conclude with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah a new covenant (Heb 8:8)

If John1:1 had said: 'the word was the God' then the trinity would be witnessed to, but it says simply 'God' because there is more than one God. Likewise any of the 4 scriptures above could have said 'the new covenant', but they say 'a new covenant', this is because there is more than one new covenant.

The shrewd reader will by now be realising that my baptism is a witness that spiritual Israel has broken their new covenant, just as Peter's baptism was a witness that physical Israel had broken the law, and before him the baptism of John was also such a witness. I am not going to prove how they have done this here, I will leave this for events themselves to reveal. However it does follow from my baptism in holy spirit. It also follows from the words of Jeremiah:

They have returned to the errors of their forefathers, the first ones, who refused to obey my words, but who themselves have walked after other Gods in order to serve them. The hous of Israel and the house of Judah have broken my covenant that I concluded with their forefathers (Jeremiah 11:10).

This scripture is a witness that both new covenants, the first and the second will be broken. As regards the first it is already broken and as regards the second, the covenant of gifts, if it is not broken then the kingdom of God cannot start.

If the reader thinks that any group of men can actually keep their covenant with God, when it has obligations on them that is, think again brother! Look at our record to date. The only reason that the Abrahamic covenant is still going is that from the time of its validation it was a unilateral promise, having been previously dependant merely on Abraham leaving home. Fortunately for the whole of mankind he did this. And once he crossed the Euphrates and actually entered into the land which Jehovah had told him to go and live in, his obligations were completed, and the covenant became an obligation on Jehovah alone. Indeed this is why the covenant began in 1943Nisan14 when he crossed that river, because before that time it was not established whether Abraham would cross the river into the new land, thereby fulfilling his sole obligation:

Go your way out of your country and from your relatives and from the house of your father to the country that I shall show you, and I shall make a great nation out of you... (Gen 12:1,2).

As regards the covenant of the physical circumcision, it was broken, and so it ended and the same is true of the covenant of the spiritual circumcision, as we have seen they both held exclusivity for 1955 years [11]. Although the end of the covenant of circumcision did not mean the end of the Jewish race, it meant instead the end of entry into the Jewish race. The reason that the covenant of the circumcision had to be extended from 33Nisan until 36Tishri, was that the Gentile call did not begin until 36Tishri, therefore since only Jews and Samaritans could become Christians in this period, it was necessary for proselytising to be meaningful and accepted by God until 36Tishri. Because proselytes were certainly still being made and these could then have been baptised in holy spirit. But after this time the only way to become one of God's covenanted people was to become a Christian. Yes all fleshly Jews circumcised before 36Tishri, remained fleshly Jews thereafter, but the advantage of being such was completely eradicated in 36Tishri.

In truth it will be the case that my brothers, the Nethinim, and I will break our covenant as well, of course, for this will lead to the Kingdom of God. If we do not break the covenant of Keturah then Jehovah will be stuck with us, and Jesus will be an expectant husband and his bride will be pacing up and down the heavens in her wedding gown, her angelic body for a thousand years. For we who stand, are all standing by God's undeserved kindness, not by our ability to keep any agreements that he might make with us. However our father Abraham was able to do that one thing, and it is truly amazing that that was enough for God. Is the criterion he sets really to high to achieve? Is he not desperate in his attempts to save us? Is there anything that he will not to for us inside his own justice? Has he not shown that there a no lengths to which he will not go, by giving us his firstborn son as a ransom?

So what steps will you make, you 7 elders? How will you respond to his Son today? Which one of the governing body was impaled for you? Which one of them can save you? Can they save themselves? If not then what makes you think that by obeying only them you will find salvation. You have now seen that the advantages of being a spiritual Jew were eradicated on 1991Tishri, this being the antitype of 36Tishri. For the new covenant has ended it is now powerless. But this does not mean that those circumcised in the heart should not still obey their duties under the new covenant, they should still partake. Because in the same way the man who was circumcised before 36Tishri was under obligation to perform the whole law, even after the law had ended. Paul said:

Moreover, I bear witness to every man getting circumcised that he is under obligation to perform the whole law (Galations 5:3 NWT)???????

What a dire translation! This translation resurrects the covenant of the circumcision around 20 years after it ended. What would have happened to poor old Timothy, would he have been offering bulls and goats to Caiaphas' sons? No, no please the Kingdom Interlinear has:

I bear witness but again to every man being circumcised that debtor he is whole the law to do (Galations 5:3Kingdom Interlinear).

That is better, any male circumcised whilst the covenant of the circumcision was still in force was under such an obligation even after the covenant was no longer in force. I would not like to have been a Jew born around the time of Jesus' death. Really all of these covenants, the Abrahamic, the law, the new covenant, Keturah's covenant 'end' when entrance is no longer possible. But their blessings and obligations on the covenanters do not end then, in fact they may last forever, the blessings in the new covenant certainly do.

So the spiritual Jew cannot save you. But there is one who can save you, and he is going to search your heart, one by one. And for you 7, in fact for all the readers of this letter, the search has already started. For this is what the scriptures say about the messenger of 'the covenant':

Who will be putting up with the day of his coming, and who will be the one standing when he appears? For he will be like the fire of a refiner and like the lye of laundrymen (Malachi 3:2).

And this is not only referring to the first new covenant it is actually referring to the second new covenant of which the writer is the messenger as far as you 7 are concerned. So are you Jehovah's witnesses or are you the witnesses of a small remnant of his servants? Did Jesus not say after John the baptist had died:

Elijah indeed is coming and will restore all things. However I say to you that Elijah has already come and they did not recognise him, but did with him the things they wanted. In this way also the Son of man is destined to suffer at their hands. Then the disciples perceived that he spoke to them about John the baptist (Matt 17:11-13).

Even the scribes said that 'Elijah must come first' (Matt17:10). Were they more awake than you? How is it that we are all waiting for the cry of peace and security and the king of the North to be revealed, and the destruction of Babylon and the great tribulation, but nobody is waiting for Elijah to come first, before the coming of the Son of man, not his presence, but his coming as Ted would say. If you miss Elijah how are you going to be found watching by the Son of man when he arrives? Brothers are you sure you are waiting at the right bus stop?


He said:

I have greatly desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer, for I tell you, I will not eat it again until it becomes fulfilled in the kingdom of God (Luke 22:15,16).

He did not say this because he was very hungry, he said it because he wanted to inaugurate the New covenant to save his brothers, his friends, the ones whom he loved the most. We therefore deduce that his eating 'this passover' was the inauguration of the new passover. But what did he eat? was it just the meal, the lamb, greens and cakes, was it just the emblems or was it both? Luke continues:

And accepting a cup, he gave thanks and said: Take this and pass it from one to another among yourselves, for I tell you, from now on I will not drink ['again' - not in the bible] from the product of the vine until the kingdom of God arrives (Luke 22:17,18).

'Now' could refer to the time of the blessing or to Nisan 14 in the sense that he would finish drinking the cup of his baptism into death on that day. This account omits the words: 'and he drank from it'

Matthew and Mark have:

Also, he took a cup, and having given thanks, he gave it to them, saying: Drink out of it all of you, for this means my blood of the covenant, which is to be poured out in behalf of many for forgiveness of sins. But I tell you, I will by no means drink henceforth any of this product of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in the kingdom of my father (Matt 26:27-29).

And taking a cup, he offered thanks and gave it to them, and they all drank out of it. And he said to them: Amen I am saying to you that no longer/no more [ouketi] shall I drink out of the product of the vine until that day when I drink it new/afresh [kainon] in the kingdom of God (Mark 14:23-25).

It is not literally apparent immediately that Jesus himself partook of the emblems in the last supper! Mind you he did say to John and James:

Are you able to drink the cup that I am drinking? (Mark 10:38).

And he certainly will drink it 'new' in the kingdom of God, which most certainly implies that he drank it 'old' either at the last supper or through his baptism into death, his cup from Jehovah. Also Jesus always says from now on I will not drink it, which again implies that he did actually drink it previously, either at the last supper or by virtue of his baptism. Likewise he says 'no more shall I drink out of the product of the vine' this definitely implies that he has a some stage in the past drunk it, but the holy word omitted to say 'this' product of the vine. Damn it, the scriptures do not say that he drank any blessed wine himself!!!!!

In fact what the scriptures say is precisely the opposite. Namely that Jesus accepted a cup, blessed it, gave it to them, and told all his disciples to drink from it and then for his part refused to drink out of it until the kingdom of God arrived.

Likewise there is no evidence that he ate the bread, he merely blessed it and gave it to his disciples commanding them to eat it. What Jesus ate was the passover meal, consisting of the lamb the greens and the cakes, and this he was bound to do under law, as were all of his disciples. He said that he would not eat 'this passover' again or 'this product of the vine' until the kingdom of God arrives.


So what was the cup that Jesus was going to drink new, the cup that he had drunk old. Well it was the cup that he referred to a couple of hours after the last supper in the Garden of Gethsemane, when he said:

Abba, father, all things are possible to you, remove this cup from me. Yet not what I want but what you want (Mark 14:36).

This was truly the cup that he accepted, when he made the new covenant with his brothers at the last supper. This is why we read 'Accepting a cup, he gave thanks'. He knew when he made the new covenant that he had to go through with his baptism right through to death, and Michael was the first angel ever to die.

Legally, Michael had a covenant with Jehovah for a kingdom, a covenant which was validated at his baptism by John, this was actually his cleansing and entrance into the kingdom covenant given first to David. At this baptism he received temporarily the cup that enabled him to offer a further cup at the last supper, when he made a covenant with spiritual Israel for this kingdom, but he had to drink the cup to death before it became his permanently. This cup is the one referred to in all of the scriptures below:

You men do not know what you are asking for. Can you drink the cup that I am about to drink? They said to him: We can (Matt 20:22).

Are you able to drink the cup which I am drinking or to be baptised with the baptism with which I am being baptised (Mark 10:38).

Jesus, however said to Peter: Put the sword into its sheath. The cup that the Father has given me should I not by all means drink it? (John 18:11).

Father, if you wish, remove this cup from me, nevertheless, let not my will but yours take place (Luke 22:42).

And this cup was the kingdom covenant between Jehovah and Jesus, and the cup of wine was the kingdom covenant between Jesus and his bride. He could have lost his cup on Nisan14 had he not gone through with his father's will, this is why he could say, 'Father Remove this cup from me', for if it was permanently his, then Jehovah could not have done this. So let us not downvalue this ultimate expression of personal sacrifice. Jesus did not want to die on a torture stake, in fact angel Michael did not want to die period.

It is making Jesus non human to suggest that he only wished to have his cup removed because of the reproach it would bring on his father because his son would die a cursed death as we witnesses propound. His death brought great glory to his father. You know though our sins are a large mountain in front of us, this mountain is not as hard to climb as we imagine. Jesus was not superman and it is very counterproductive to pretend that he was. We sometimes build him up in the manner of a soccer star in the tabloid press, and we do this in order to excuse our inability to follow him: Oh he was perfect. Yes he was, but he did not want to die. He did not want to die at all, he died against his own expressed will, but he subjugated his personal will to live, that the true God has put in every man, including Jesus Christ, for the will of his Father. This was his sacrifice. Jesus was not a manic brainwashed Kamakasi pilot, who wanted to die to prove a point, he was a humble man in possession of all his faculties who rationally would have preferred personally to have sorted out a way of saving mankind without having to die himself. This is a great testimony to the exquisite joy that life is. Jesus was not unaware of the importance of his death, but still he valued his own life so highly, because he really loved life. Even life as a human he loved.

Now Jesus did not pray only once for the cup to be removed, he actually made this prayer twice for Mark says:

Abba, father, all things are possible to you, remove this cup from me. Yet not what I want but what you want (Mark 14:36).

And he went away again and prayed, saying the same word (Mark 14:39).

Two recitals two fulfilments, there are two cups that Jesus has to drink against his will. This is a further confirmation that the cup which Jesus accepted at the last supper, and the one which he will drink new in the kingdom of his Father, is the cup which he prayed to have removed twice in the garden of Gethsemane. The first cup enabled him to make the first new covenant, the second cup, which he is now drinking, enabled him to make the second new covenant. And now the writer too can cry out 'Abba Father' and be strengthened by an angel as Jesus was as a result of this cry (Luke 22:43), this angel was Gabriel in my estimation, the one who resurrected him.

So finally we are able to say that when Jesus said:

But I tell you, I will by no means drink henceforth any of this product of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in the kingdom of my father (Matt 26:29).

He was referring to his second covenant with Jehovah, which enabled his second new covenant with men. And likewise when he said:

I have greatly desired to eat this passover with you before I suffer, for I tell you, I will not eat it again until it becomes fulfilled in the kingdom of God (Luke 22:15,16).

He was referring to his making of his first new covenant, when he ate 'this passover' with his disciples, and he was openly stating that there would be a second such occasion a second such meal and a second last supper, in the kingdom of God after the first one had been fulfilled. Well, the passover of the last supper was not fulfilled that day. For we know that the original passover was the passing over of Adam, and the generic passover was the passing over of the firstborn of the physical Jews in Egypt, saving them from physical death. Therefore the passover of the last supper is the saving of the spiritual Jews from spiritual death, or judicial death. This saving is the baptism into the name of the holy spirit, the sealing for everlasting life, the finishing of the circumcision of the heart, and this finished in 1991Tishri, and in that month the passover of the last supper was fulfilled, in the kingdom of God, which started on 1918Nisan16. So from that time onwards Jesus was in a position to eat his second last supper, and have his second passover meal with his disciples before he suffered.

This second meal was the making of the second new covenant, the covenant of Keturah, the covenant of gifts. This one was made in 1992Elul, 16 years before the last day of Armageddon. The last day of Armageddon is 2008Elul16 [10.15], so it was made on 2008Elul16. This passover is not made on Nisan14, because Armageddon the greatest of all the passovers, the passover of the great crowd and the Zoar class, the firstborn into the new system, does not end on Nisan14 like the original passover, it ends on Elul16. Now my second letter to the society, the first one to actually arrive there as far as I am aware, the one which I sent via a friend of mine, arrived in Brooklyn on 1992Elul11, at which time the governing body were all at a Gilead graduation. I presume that on Elul16 they first considered it and decided something bad. This was the start of Jesus' second period of suffering and that day he made with his three sanctified priests, the second new covenant. We were not aware that we were sanctified priests under a covenant until Heshvan, two months later. Its like he said on 33Nisan14:

However you are the ones that have stuck with me in my trials, and I make a covenant with you just as my father has made a covenant with me for a kingdom, that you may eat and drink at my table in my kingdom, and sit on thrones to judge the twelve tribes of Israel (Luke 22:28-30).

More than one trial. And all of this is why the scriptures say:

A vessel was sitting there full of sour wine. Therefore they put a sponge full of the sour wine upon a hyssop stalk, and brought it to his mouth. When, now, he had received the sour wine, Jesus said: It has been accomplished! And bowing his head, he delivered up his spirit (John 19:29,30).

He drank the sour wine of reproach and humiliation until death so that the rest of mankind could taste the sweet wine of salvation and exaltation into life. This was the literal finishing of his first cup, but really in the symbolic meaning it is showing that after he is impaled he has another cup to drink.


The purpose of this section is to explain why and how I partook at the memorial this year. It is mainly because of this that I write to you 7 elders. But it would have been no good just to say: Hi, I am anointed and I partook in such and such a manner, you would have rejected my claim. All of this letter is to support my claim to men. I feel that I have provided enough evidence to justify what I did, to prove that I was following the commandments of our God, in the absence of any direction from his Son's slave.

The bread 'means' Jesus' angelic body, the manna from heaven the spirit

body of angel Michael, the lamb of God which saves the


The wine 'means' blood of the covenant

The lamb Jesus' fleshly body, the human body of his wife, 144k, the

lamb of Jesus which saves the great crowd physically

Bitter greens The great crowd, respond to the light, upset at behaviour

of their lamb

Unfermented cakes Sincerity and truth, true divine teaching, Zoar class, and

another group. Sincere heart but no response to light!

Respond after the Sun is turned to darkness

In the great passover of Armageddon the lamb the bitter greens and the unfermented cakes stand for the three physically living firstborn groups who escape death and are passedover. These being spiritual Israel, in heaven, the great crowd on earth and the Zoar class on earth. In fact both the great crowd and the Zoar class are split into two groups, but this is beyond the scope of this letter. The third baptism brothers are not passed over in the Armageddon passover, they are passed over, saved, during their baptism and they all die sacrificially before Armageddon, in order that the Zoar class can wlak through it.

In order fully to carry out the memorial, the passover meal should be eaten now that the symbolism is understood to some extent. The lamb and the greens and the cakes are not emblems, they are merely symbolic, the do not get blessed and regarded as anything by God. Paul crytpically declares that the whole meal should be eaten in 1 Corinthians 11, but this is another matter. Please consider the below scriptures:

The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not a sharing in the blood of Christ? The loaf which we break, is it not a sharing in the body of Christ? (1 Cor 10:16).

And after giving thanks, he broke it and said: This is my body which is in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me. He did likewise respecting the cup also, after he had the evening meal, saying: This cup is the new covenant, by virtue of my blood. Keep doing this in remembrance of me (1 Cor 11:24,25).

Now the anointed remnant share in the body of Christ, the angelic body of Christ because they will become angels, and the fleshly body of Christ, because they are a part of that body. They share in the blood of Christ because they are saved by his blood. But there are two emblems in the memorial celebration and so these obviously stand for two different things. Neither are they ever blessed together, they are always blessed separately with the bread being blessed first. This is because there will one day emerge a group who partakes only of one emblem, the latter one. As regards the third baptism brothers, they are this group. We are saved by Jesus blood, but we are not a part of his wife-to-be so we are not part of his body, so we partake of the wine but do not partake of the bread. This is what I did on Nisan14 this year. Although I did not do it at the memorial held in the upper room by the Leyton congregation because the one who blessed the wine, Ted Wright, was not clean to do this because he is judicially dead.

This is a matter which I have written to the Governing Body about, it is a very very serious matter and I will merely say here that just as a brother who is not baptised in water cannot say a blessing on behalf of those who are baptised in water in the congregation today, neither can a brother who is not baptised in spirit say a blessing on the emblems on behalf of those who are baptised in spirit at the memorial. This is a consequence of the dirty water principle.

Now in the scriptures relating to the last supper, the following emerges:

Cup: Stands for new covenant, passed from one to another

Loaf: Neither of the above

Of course the loaf could have been passed around too but the scriptures do not mention this, they only mention the passing from one to another of the cup. The cup is said to stand for the 'new covenant' because it also stands for the next 'new covenant', whereas the loaf does not, this being a further omission symbolism. The cup is passed from one to another, because it is actually passed from one covenant to another. I will say now that next year this will occur. I know it to be true, for the will of God is not entirely concealed from me. Next year the cup of Jesus' blood will actually represent two covenants, and the remnant will pass it to the Nethinim, and furthermore it will not be via a bunch of judicially dead ministerial servants like is it at the moment. For they are polluting the temple of the remnant, but this is a problem for them to resolve. For Jesus said:

Pass it from one to the other among yourselves (Luke 22:17).

And either we do this or we don't. Right now we don't, we pass it from one to another via the dead, who actually defile it, that is presuming it has been properly blessed in the first place (see LS6). But the bread is not passed from one covenant to the other, which is why the holy scriptures do not record this as happening although it undoubtedly did, unless Jesus dished out 11 fragments. Actually come to think of it, the scriptures say that Jesus broke the loaf not that he gave it to the disciples and they broke a piece of each. It seems that perhaps the one who blesses the loaf should break it into a number of pieces sufficient for the anointed remnant. Yes I think so, oh my goodness me, the blood flows round all of the body, but the body components themselves remains stationary, the kidney is not zapping round to the heart. The bread should not be passed from one to another. There you are an interpretation which somehow missed the channel for holy spirit in Brooklyn! What shall I do, help! should I wait on Jehovah?? have I run ahead?

So the cup, the new covenant is passed around not only from brother to brother, but from covenant to covenant. Next we consider the order of events at the memorial. A Comparison of Matthew 26:26-28, Mark14:22-24, Luke 22:19,20 & 1 Corinthians 11:24,25 reveals:

[1] Start eating the passover lamb, greens and cakes

[2] Bless the bread, brake it and eat it

[3] Finish eating the passover lamb, greens and cakes

[4] Give thanks, then drink out of the cup , passing it one to another

[5] Sing praises

So the bread was eaten with the evening meal, the lamb, greens and cakes, but the wine was not drunk along with the meal! It was actually drunk after the meal. So there we have it, the passover lamb is the bride of Christ, only after the bride is finished off, gastronomically or baptismally, is the wine drunk. So this order of events is declaring that the 'new wine', the wine of the second new covenant, is drunk after the baptism into the bride has ended, after she is finished. Brothers this is why they waited to drink the blessed wine. This whole meal is a giant prophecy. Now before there was a distinction between the two classes of wine drinkers it was the case that all wine drinkers were also bread eaters, and therefore the lamb was not a necessary part of the proceedings in order to make any distinction. But now that we have the bride chosen and the two classes of wine drinkers revealed we need the lamb to take its proper place in the celebration in order that we can declare the distinction between the two classes by partaking of the body with the lamb and the blood after the lamb, for this way all can see that the bread has to do with the body of Christ but the wine is not so restricted.

Why at every memorial we have been declaring these very things, for we have always eaten the bread before the wine. If there was only one new covenant then why not drink the wine along with the meal? This would have been much more palatable. In truth we know that the Jews did drink I think 4 glasses of wine with the passover, but thereagain like in the wedding feast at Cana, the director of the feast left the fine wine until last. Likewise in the new memorial, one could certainly drink some wine with the meal, but not the blessed wine, this would be drunk afterwards. Although the blessed wine could be the remains of the wine that was drunk earlier in fact.

So now can we make some sense of Paul's words:

First let a man approve himself after scrutiny, and thus let him eat of the loaf and drink of the cup. For he who eats and drinks, eats and drinks judgement against himself if he does not discern the body. That is why many of you are weak and sickly, and quite a few are sleeping [in death]. But if we would discern what we ourselves are, we would not be judged (1 Cor 11:31).

The literal meaning was that there were both anointed and water baptised brothers in the Corinthian congregation, for obviously some water baptised brothers were partaking, and failing to realise that they were not part of the bride. The modern day fulfilment relates to the discerning by the remnant that there is a further class who partake of the wine, but are not part of the body. For this verse could have easily said: If he does not discern the blood; or: if he doesn't discern the body and the blood. Actually come to think of it, this may be declaring that there were wine-only partakers in the first century too, but some of them didn't realise they were such and so partook of the body too. The point is that Paul is talking about one emblem in the absence of the other, he is making a division of emblems, which is declaring a division of partakers.


Now is the time for another look at our computerised illustration:

Evil-doer at Evil-doer

At Jesus' right hand At Jesus' left hand

Spiritual Israel Jesus Christ Nethinim




Truly I say to you today, you will be with me in paradise (Luke 23:43).

This picture of Jesus' impalement is highly significant. It is declaring some of the complexities of the ransom. For spiritual Isreal die a sacificial death we all know this. Fine well in that case they must be ransoming somebody, for sacrifices forgave sins, not of the one sacrificed but of the one for whom the sacrifice was offered. And spiritual Israel die physically in order that the great crowd do not have to die physically as we saw in section[10.19]. Also the Nethinim, die sacrificially in order that the Zoar class can walk through Armageddon.

The Nethinim are the ones who are with him in paradise, of those who die sacrificially. They also rebuke the right hand evil-doer for showing no faith. For the ransom deal is not merely Jesus for Adam, since Isaiah has declared to Israel:

I shall give earthling man in place of you and national groups in place of your soul (Isaiah 43:4).

And the great crowd become Israel, 'you' at the end. The 'earthling man' was Jesus, and the national groups, plural, are two national groups that die sacrificially, namely spiritual Israel and the Nethinim who are from a nation that you men do not yet know. These two national groups save souls, i.e. physical life as a human soul, the souls who walk through Armageddon. As regards the man who is resurrected, he dies and his spirit is saved by God, but he loses his soul, however he will be given a new soul in the new system. As regards those who are ransomed physically, they keep their old souls, are these are changed in a blinking of an eye to be new souls, without their spirit going out. Jesus ransoms the spirit, the national groups ransom the soul. Jesus ransoms the national groups. We are talking about a multi-stage ransom deal, as mentioned earlier.


We have covered this in the section [8.8], we are just reciting all of the evidence for the third baptism here. To recap, In the first symbolism we have:

Cornelius Jesus

Peter Christian Congregation

Summoning to Peter Call to join Christian congregation

Devout soldier Jew, first key

First house servant Samaritan, second key

Second house servant Gentile, third key

Linen sheet from heaven Baptism in holy spirit

Animals in sheet Baptism candidates

Heavenly voice 3x Calls to be Christian to Jew, Samaritan, Gentile

This symbolism being about Mr Jew, Mr Samaritan and Mr Gentile becoming members of spiritual Israel. In the second symbolism we have:

Cornelius Jesus

Peter Christian Congregation

Summoning to Peter Call to join Christian congregation

Devout soldier first baptism, spiritual Jew

First house servant second baptism, spiritual Samaritan

Second house servant third baptism, spiritual Gentile

Linen sheet from heaven Baptism in holy spirit

Animals in sheet Baptism candidates

Heavenly voice 3x Calls to be 1st, 2nd 3rd baptism brother

This symbolism being about Mr first baptism, Mr second baptism and Mr third baptism.


This is the bible smallest parable. Which means that it is probably the deepest, for the spiritual is the antithesis of the physical, what looks good physically is nothing spiritually, and what looks bad physically is good spiritually.

The kingdom of the heavens is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in 3 large measures of flour, until the whole mass was fermented (Matt 13:33)

It is like leaven, which a woman took and hid in 3 large measures of flour until the whole mass fermented (Luke 13:21).

Of course, if only I had know this earlier, as Chevy Chase said in 'The 3 Amigos'. Now I do understand the kingdom of God, its like 3 large measures of flour hidden by a woman until the whole mass fermented! With this NWT translation, one is sunk, one's lump fails to rise, let's try another translation maybe we can then understand what this kingdom bakery is about:

Like it is to leaven which having taken woman hid into 3 seah measures of flour until what [time] whole was leavened (Luke 13:21 Kingdom Interlinear).

Like is the kingdom of the heavens to leaven, which having taken, woman hid into 3 seah measures of flour until what [time] whole was leavened (Matt 13:33).

Uhhuuh. 3 Seah measures, we know a prophetic drama about that don't we? It is in Genesis 18. 3 Men turned up to visit Abraham, Abraham's response was:

Do not pass by your servant

Wash your feet with a little water

Recline under a tree

Refresh your hearts with a piece of bread

Then you can pass on

Tells Sarah (a woman) Get 3 seah measures of flour, knead the dough and make round cakes.

Bull was slaughtered

Sarah told she was going to have a son by one year's time exactly

Sarah laughs

Sarah denies laughing.

One point of this prophetic drama and of the vivid illustration of the 3 seah measures of flour, which is ground up seed, hidden by the woman, is that there are three covenants which give seed to Abraham, and each new covenant is hidden from the previous woman, until the fermenting or finishing of the baking of the old covenant. So we do not see the third covenant until after the second covenant has ended, and we did not see the new covenant until the day of the end of the Mosaic law, the first covenant. Also in each case the new seed was regarded with derision by the previous woman, who then tries to cover up her derision out of fear of God. In the first case Sarah thought that having Isaac was hysterical. In the second case, the fleshly Jews thought that the spiritual Jews were hysterical. And today the spiritual Jews think that the writer is hysterical. There are many other aspects to this which I am not going into yet, nevertheless, the 3 seah measures are three national groups, from three women, the three wives of Abraham.

It is a mistake to think that the physical Jew is not going to be in the kingdom of God, the Aaronic priests could impart cleanliness in the flesh, the cleanliness which today we get from the baptism pool. Men with clean flesh are resurrected into new flesh in the resurrection of the unrighteous in spirit but righteous in flesh.


And Jehovah your God will have to circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, that you may love Jehovah your God with all your heart and all your soul for the sake of your life (Deut 30:6).

As mentioned in section [6.18], the circumcision of the heart, is a cleansing not of past actions, fleshly actions, but future actions, conscience actions, spirit actions. This cleansing, which is therefore the baptism in holy spirit, is carried out on two groups the second being the offspring of the first. And these two are spiritual Israel, and their descendants the Nethinim. Likewise Isaiah says:

And as for me my covenant is with them, Jehovah has said. My spirit that is upon you, and my words that I have put in your mouth - they will not be removed from your mouth, or from the mouth of your offspring, or from the mouth of the offspring of your offspring, Jehovah has said, from now on even to time indefinite (Isaiah 59:21).

So Jehovah is here covenanting about words being in mouths of a nation, its offspring and its offspring's offspring. Hereagain we have Israel, spiritual Israel and spiritual spiritual Israel if you like. Finally here are the words of Paul:

When that which is complete arrives, that which is partial will be done away with. When I was a babe, I used to speak as a babe, to think as a babe, to reason as a babe. But now that I have become a man, I have done away with the traits of a babe. For at present we see in hazy outline by means of a metal mirror, but then it will be face to face. At present I know partially, but then I shall know accurately even as I am accurately known. Now however, there remain faith, hope, love, these 3. But the greatest of these is love (1 Corinthians 13:13).

The first fulfilment was the arrival of the complete bible physically, and as we saw in section[8.4], the second fulfilment is the arrival of the complete understanding of the bible, persuant to the arrival of the complete bride of the Christ. Then we will stop being babes and become men. Then the full meaning of the bible we will accurately know just as its literal words are currently accurately known. For Paul is here speaking under inspiration as the word of God, who is the Christ, and which is the bible. Paul is speaking as the bible itself, personified by Jesus, the word who became flesh. This book is accurately known, but we do not know accurately what it means, we read it only in hazy outline, like looking into a metal mirror.

However the day is now here, when this knowledge, and this maturity, this clear visibility and this completeness has been given to us by God through the word and through the third baptism. For the first baptism was a baptism of faith, the second baptism was a baptism of hope and the third baptism is a baptism of love. This you will possibly not understand now, but it will become apparent to you shortly.


I remember Ted saying a couple of circuit visits ago: How accurately do you think the 70 years exile in Babylon was fulfilled? Was it a 70 years and four months exile? was it a 69 and a half years exile? Of course it was fulfilled to the month precisely. And Ted then went on to show how Gedaliah was assassinated in the 7th month, namely Tishri, and how we read in Ezra 3 that the Jews rebuilt the altar, re-established the constant feature and celebrated the festival of Booths according to the law of Moses on the 7th month in 537Tishri. So now I am asking Ted the same question??

Ted, how accurately do you think the 70 weeks of years of Daniel 9 were fulfilled, the 490 years, was it to the nearest couple of months, was it in fact 490 and a half years or was it maybe 489 years a 9 months??

Now these sorts of things are truly my favourite things. For I was designed to do the sort of thing that I will now do with the 70 weeks of years prophecy. I hate and mistrust the assumptions of men. For the things they take as read, are more often misread. The activities which they take as glorious are more often despicable and what they regard as success is usually failure. The ones who are looked up to should more often than not be looked down on and the ones who are looked down on should be looked up to. The ones who 'know' what really do they know?

I remember before I knew God to the extent that I now know him, I would get so frustrated when I could see that everybody was discussing what sort of roof or what sort of windows the house should have, whilst the house was built on crooked foundations, which was rendering all of these discussions completely pointless. It is a characteristic of men's behaviour that we hardly ever address the fundamentals, but instead we just travel a few miles further down the wrong railway line. The Japanese are experts at this. The Scottish have been the least prone to this in my experience, something to do with the difference in cultures presumably. But now that I do know that men themselves are corrupt in their very design, a corruption built in by God as a prophecy of our corruptible minds and hearts, I understand that since we ourselves are built on crooked foundations, then so is everything that we build likewise based on crooked assumptions.

It is only through a knowledge of God, that one can see this, for the scripture says:

In all your ways take notice of him, and he himself will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:6).

And this old chestnut, this classic prophecy, this cornerstone of prophetic chronology, the first base in our understanding of Daniel, we do not understand. How therefore can we expect to understand who is the king of the North? And I for my part am very glad, in fact I am overjoyed that we do not understand it for I have the same joy that Jesus had when he said publicly to his father:

I publicly praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and intellectual ones, and have revealed them to babes. Yes, Oh Father, because to do thus came to be the way approved by you (Luke 10:21).

And now I publicly praise him too, for he has made fools out of the lot of us, and rightly so for we are in truth worse than fools, we are stupid men who do not know that we are stupid men. And worse than that we have put our trust in men who are equally stupid, and we have said in our hearts: they will do the thinking for us, they will reason for us, they are wiser than us, they are more discreet than us, they are more faithful than us, they although men, will never slip up as a group, when the whole purpose in being a Christian is to avoid doing exactly that and rather to put our trust in God - instead. Which man did Jesus trust? The scriptures answer:

He has put his trust in God; let him now rescue him, if he wants him, for he said: I am God's son (Matt27:43).

And today the reader will see a fulfilment of the scripture:

I will make the wisdom of the wise men perish and the intelligence of the intellectual men I will shove aside (1 Cor 1:19).

Now Ted, and you 7 older men, and all who read this letter, if you accept nothing else in this letter, at the very least if I can clear up this one then Jehovah will have achieved something good through me.

For you all know that the men of letters say that the 70 weeks of years started with the going forth of the word from Artaxerxes:

And it came about in the month of Nisan in the 20th year of Artaxerxes the king that....So it seemed good before the king that he should send me, when I gave him the appointed time (Nehemiah 2:1-6).

And all of you know also that this period of 490 years ended in 36Tishri, at the conversion of Cornelius. So if it ended in Tishri then how did it start in Nisan?? Now the Watchtower 1965p632 considers this problem, and puts forwards the suggestion that maybe the word that went forth was from the mouth of Nehemiah himself, when he gave the orders for the wall to be rebuilt in the month of Ab, on Ab3, or maybe it was when the wall was actually completed on Elul25, 52 days after it was started (Neh 2:18, Neh 6:15).

These are a better shot than Nisan from the temporal point of view but they are still no good. Jehovah is not one or two months out, he is dead on. When Daniel says:

And you should know and have insight that from the going forth of the word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah, the leader, there will be 7 weeks also 62 weeks. She will return and actually be rebuilt with a public square and a moat, but in the straits of the times (Daniel 9:25).

What he means is that there will be 69 weeks of years of 483 years from the 'going forth of the word' until Jesus was baptised (in one meaning, for there is more than one fulfilment of this scripture - but lets try and just get one fulfilment right shall we? - even the literal one). Since he was baptised in 29Tishri, 3.5 years before he died in 33Nisan, we know that this word went out in the month of Tishri. Therefore any interpretation which has this word going out in any month other than Tishri is a false interpretation. Fine so please now consider Nehemiah8:

And the people proceeded to gather themselves as one man at the public square, that was before the water gate. Then they said to Ezra the copyist to bring the book of the law of Moses, which Jehovah had commanded Israel. Accordingly Ezra the priest brought the law before the congregation of men as well as women and of all intelligent enough to listen, on the first day of the 7th month. And he continued to read aloud from it before the Public square that is before the water gate, from daybreak until midday (Neh 8:1-3).

What do you know? This happened in Tishri! Look! a 'public square' and a 'water gate', whereas Daniel said:

She will return and actually be rebuilt with a public square and a moat (Dan 9:25).

Daniel did not say that she would be rebuilt with a wall did he? Brothers the word that went out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem was not the word of Artaxerxes, it was not the word of Nehemiah, it was the word of God, as read aloud by Ezra. And the restoration was not a quickbuild project it was a spiritual restoration of true worship. This is a spiritual building of Jerusalem, for Jerusalem stands for the administration of God's people. And the result was:

Thus all the congregation of those who had come back from captivity made booths and took up dwelling in booths, for the sons of Israel had not done that way from the days of Joshua the son of Nun until that day. And there was a reading aloud of the book of the law of the true God, day by day, from the first day until the last day, and they went on holding the festival 7 days (Neh 8:17).

This is an astonishing scripture, I have no idea why this omission occurred, the law was straightforward enough on Booths. But nonetheless it is very apparent that this restoration of Booths was a great restoration of true worship for the Jews in Jerusalem. The Law of Moses was the code for the administration of God's people, and the re-establishment of this law is the rebuilding of Jerusalem which symbolises the administration God's flock. Just as heavenly Jerusalem is full of public servants following the law of the Greater Moses, so earthly Jerusalem at that time was the administration centre for those following the law of the first Moses. For Moses was not the only one to be drawn out of the water, Jesus was also so drawn by John.

Actually to be fair to all you wall building interpretation swallowers, the completion of the wall is itself symbolising the re-establishment of the law of Moses, for the law of Moses was the wall that surrounded Jerusalem. It separated the Jew from the Greek, for Paul says of Jesus, referring to his blotting out of the law:

He is our peace, he who made the two parties one and destroyed the wall in between them that fenced them off (Eph2:14).

Ted, and you 7 elders I remember when I was at Imperial college a certain lecturer had based most of his research for the last 15 years or so on the premise that one could not solve the a certain set of equations to second order accuracy. One day I solved these equations to second order accuracy and I presented the solution to him. In fact I was not the first person to get such a solution, but apparently I was the first person to present it to him. Now his whole research career depended on the non-existence of this solution. At that time he was honest enough to accept what I had done, and he was honest enough to tell me that he had around 8,000 pounds available to spend on research which was surplus to his budget. And I asked whether we could spend this on developing and publishing what I had done. In the end there was no 8,000 pounds forthcoming from him to publish any work of mine. But what he did do was he brought a new computer for himself with this 8,000 pounds so that he could further advance his work that I had shown him was fundamentally flawed.

I wonder if the Watchtower Society will prove to be any more righteous than he was?


There are 2 beautiful accounts in the bible about Jesus, eating diner with Simon the Leper (Mark14), and Simon the Pharisee (Luke7), and a woman, a sinner, a woman of ill-repute, who anointed Jesus' feet with oil and who washed them dry with her hair, and another woman who anointed his head with perfumed oil. You don't know what these accounts mean today but you will know it, for Jesus himself said:

Truly I say to you, wherever the good news is preached in all the world, what this woman did shall also be told as a remembrance of her (Mark 14:9).

A scripture which is yet to be fulfilled. For look! I tell you a sacred secret, which means salvation for men. We are saved by the things we do for God which he did not compel us to do, for this shows our love for him, and love is salvation, for salvation means life, and love and life are the same for they are both God see section [6.29]. This is why under the law of works, where works were compulsory but faith was optional, one was saved, declared righteous in the flesh, by faith, for faith was not demanded under the law of Moses, this was a mechanical law. Hence Paul says:

Therefore by works of law no flesh will be declared righteous before him, for by law is the accurate knowledge of sin (Romans 3:20).

For we reckon that a man is declared righteous by faith apart from works of law (Romans 3:28).

This is referring to righteousness in the flesh, the perfecting of the water baptism, the cleanliness for the resurrection of the flesh, the baptism into Moses. It was a baptism into works, perfected by faith, or a baptism of faith perfected works.

And today under the law of faith, we are baptised into works perfected faith, not faith perfected works see section[6.27]. Faith is compulsory, for we have no visible pillar of cloud going ahead of us to obviate the need for faith. But although Jehovah's people today well understand that bad works are forbidden, they do not understand that good works are all optional. For we are declared righteous today, be it in flesh or in spirit, as a result of the works that we do for God voluntarily, not under compulsion by his son's slave. This is the whole tragedy of our return to compulsion in works of punctuality, hourly field service, meeting attendance, convention attendance, scripted speeches, very clean buildings, dress and grooming extraordinaire, stipulated bible research, over-solicited meeting preparation, daily reading, weekly reading, monthly reading, yearly reading, telephone witnessing etc. etc. For we have been told that these things are 'not optional' at the 'Divine teaching convention'.

These in themselves are fine things indeed, if you have 300 hours in your week! But if God's shepherds compel them in any way, if they in the slightest degree induce guilt in the sheep when they fail in one or other of these prescribed works, if they give the slightest bit of glory to brothers who excel in any of these prescribed works, then they cease to be voluntary offerings, and they defeat the purpose of the works, which is to exhibit faith in God, not fear of shepherds. And in that case we have thrown faith to the ground, we have trampled on it, and we have returned to the law of works, and these works then have zero value to God and to men. There is no salvation in such works when performed under any compulsion by any men. Furthermore we should by now realise that just as no man could keep the law of Moses, no man can do everything that the FDS prescribes or compels or pressurises him to do, by way of works. For once we are compelled by our shepherds to do works then we are under the law of works. If you 7 think that the writer is being too bold then ignore him please and listen instead to Paul:

This alone I want to learn from you: Did you receive the spirit due to works of law or due to a hearing by faith?

Are you so senseless?

After starting in spirit are you now being completed in flesh?

Did you undergo so many sufferings to no purpose? If it really was to no purpose.

He, therefore, who supplies you the spirit and performs powerful works among you, does he do it owing to works of law or owing to a hearing by faith?

Just as Abraham put faith in Jehovah and it was counted to him as righteousness. Surely you know that those who adhere to faith are the ones who are sons of Abraham (Galations 3:2-7).

Actually this counting as righteousness for Abraham was his sanctification in spirit, due to his faith, but he could not be sealed in spirit, because he lived in the Alienation times [6.21]. For he who is sanctified in spirit is counted as righteous in spirit, having righteousness imputed to him on a temporary basis, but he who is sealed in spirit, is declared righteous, and has righteousness as a permanent possession on an oath from God. We know that Abraham was sanctified in spirit because he is living to God, which means precisely this. Abraham will be resurrected with judicial life and finish his testing in the first 500 years, he will not take the test at the end.

Furthermore if you have faith in God then you have faith in his sheep to do good works voluntarily. And if they have no such voluntary, optional works, then as James says they are dead and so the angels will permit a stumbling of them to occur and they will fall to bad works. A compulsion by shepherds to do good works during a baptism of faith is an attempt to short circuit the holy spirit, which has a mandate to weed out those with no good works by abandoning them to commit bad works itself.

Look! You 7 elders and all you readers, nobody insisted that this woman, Mary, was to pour expensive oil on Jesus' feet, it was not an item in the service meeting. Not only was she not compelled to do it, she was not even asked to do it, but nevertheless she did it out of love for him, not out of fear of her shepherds. And what was Jesus' response?

By virtue of this, I tell you, her sins, many though they are, are forgiven, because she loved much, but he who is forgiven little loves little (Luke 7:48).

For many are the things that the son of man has done for us in times past and many are the things that he is doing for us today, but here is a woman who did something, just one thing for him. And one work is enough, if it is voluntary, as in the case also of Rahab:

Was not also Rahab declared righteous by works, after she had received the spies hospitably and sent them out by another way (James 2:25).

This work of Rahab was not compulsory and it was enough. But no amount of works are enough if they are compulsory. Have we learned nothing from the law of Moses? The one thing that this woman had was love, like Jesus said to Mary and Martha:

Martha, Martha, you are anxious and disturbed about many things. A few things though are needed, or just one. For her part, Mary chose the good portion, and it will not be taken away from her (Luke 10:41,42).

The scribe said to him: Teacher, you said well in line with truth. He is one, and there is no other than he. And this loving him with one's whole heart and with one's whole understanding, and with one's whole strength and this loving one's neighbour as oneself, is worth far more than all the whole burnt offerings and sacrifices (Mark 12:32,33).

It is left to the reader to interpret the prophetic sopa opera starring Mary and Martha, please try. If you have read this letter you will know what the holy spirit is saying. John says of Mary, Martha's sister:

It was in fact the Mary that greased the Lord with perfumed oil and wiped his feet dry with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick (John 11:2).


63Nisan Last week of years begins

66Tishri22 Cestius arrives at Gabao and Jews go out to attack on the

sabbath, in fact the solemn assembly (i.e.sabbath of the festival

of booths), Cestius loses 515 men compared to the Jews' losses

of 22

66Tishri23,24,25 Cestius tarries at Gabao 3 days, whilst Jews seize elevated parts

of the city & surroundings

66Tishri26 Cestius attacks Jews & moves his camp to Scopus


66Tishri27,28,29 Cestius makes no assault for 3 days, but collects corn from

neighbouring villages

66Tishri30 Cestius enters the city of David

66Heshvan5 Cestius breaks through temple wall with Roman tortoise, retreats

to Scopus, 'Watchtower', 'without any reason in the world', Dan

12:11, Matt 24:16, Mark 13:14, Luke 21:22 fulfilled.

66Heshvan6 Cestius retreats to Gabao

66Heshvan8 Cestius retreats to Bethoron and gets taken apart by the Jews,

losing 5300 footmen and 80 horsemen

66Heshvan9 Cestius escapes to Antipatris losing 400 men, the rearguard.

70Nisan14 Titus arrives and pitches camp

70Nisan23 Siege commences

70Iyyar7 Romans take the first wall

70Iyyar12 Romans take and then lose the second wall

70Iyyar16 Romans retake second wall

70Iyyar21 Romans begin to raise banks against the 3rd wall

70Iyyar29 Jews brake down the ramparts of one of the banks

70Sivan1 Jews destroy the rest of the ramparts, battle between Jews and

Romans ensues, Jews reach camp at Scopus, Titus intervenes,

Jews pushed back into City, Titus decides to build wall round city

70Sivan2 Titus starts building pointed stakes all round city, 'there came

upon the soldiers a certain divine fury??'

70Sivan4 Titus finishes the wall 'in 3 days', 3 full days, and garrisons it

70Sivan5 Immediately upon finishing, in the first watch of the night Titus

inspects the wall. Escape now impossible for the first time, Luke

19:43 is fulfilled

70Tammuz1 Jews attack new ramparts and fail, and Romans undermine the

3rd wall a bit

70Tammuz2 3rd wall falls down due to subsidence in the night, revealing a

further wall recently built by John.

70Tammuz3 Sabinus and 11 others have a crack at the new wall

70Tammuz5 Romans take tower of Antonia, battle from 9th hour of night to

7th hour of day ensues

70Tammuz17 Physical Constant feature ceased in temple for the first time,

Titus orders demolition of tower of Antonia and the building of a

road to temple for legions

70Tammuz19 Josephus speaks on behalf of Titus, explaining how the Romans

had accepted to be put to death if they ventured into the

sanctuary, the inner temple, and out of respect for the holy place

had allowed a sign in Greek and Hebrew to this extent. Pleads

not to defile the sanctuary but to fight elsewhere. Jews make

insolent reply. Titus gives orders to besiege the temple starting at

the 9th hour of the night. Those who had fled to Romans and

been saved in Gophna, by Caesar's decree, were paraded round

the wall, OK

70Tammuz20 Titus makes his first assault on the temple itself from the 9th

hour of the night to the 5th hour of the day, with selected

troops, through the narrow breach

70Tammuz22 Jews set north west cloister adjoining the tower of Antonia on

fire, to halt the advance of the Romans, thereby beginning the burning of the temple, and another group made an attack on the Roman wall outside to try to escape the famine, at 11th hour of

the day, 'after one day had interposed since the Romans ascended the breach'

70Tammuz23 Legions finish the road and come near to the court of the Gentiles

70Tammuz24 Romans set fire to the adjacent cloister, the tower of Antonia is

separated from the temple, general fighting in the court of the


70Ab10 Titus burns the sanctuary


Understanding the Exedenic times, earth shattering as it is, is only scratching as the surface of this chapter of Genesis. There is so much more that chapter is saying in the code of the pure language. In this section we reveal some more things using the code.

The first thing to notice is that the penalty on Cain is repeated, it is recited by God and by Cain. This means that there are two symbolic fulfilments of this penalty, two symbolisms. For two recitals means two further fulfilments, it does not mean emphasis.


And he said Cain to Jehovah

more punishment of me from to bear


you drive me today from upon face of the land

and from face[s] of you I will be hidden

and I will be being restless

and wandering in the earth

and he will be, every of one finding me, he will kill me

[Gen 4:13,14, Literal translation based on the NIVHEOT]

Drive me away today from the face of the land Exedenic

From face[s] of you I will be hidden Alienation

And I will be being restless Land Sabbath error

and wandering in the earth Gentile

This is a catalogue of the three punishments, or maledictions on sons of Adam for false worship after the manner of Cain, which last 7 times, namely the Gentile, the Exedenic and the Alienation times. Also the land sabbath error is also included as an error, not a penalty, because the penalty for this was to be 70 times, or years, in Babylon, whereas the error is no rest for 7 times, this is what missing the sabbath means, since the sabbath means the seventh time. The Priest was the one who appeared before the face of Jehovah in the most holy. If one is wandering in the earth then the earth of land or administration has no leader or king. Obviously being restless means no Sabbath, since this is a time of rest. All of the above 3 maledictions and the sabbath violation have one thing in common, namely 7 times.

Therefore the 7 times vengeance covenant on Cain-killers applies to all three of the above maledictions which are all 2,520 years long and also to the Sabbath violation, the result of which is that one is restless 7 times, rather than being restless 6 times followed by 1 time of rest.

This multiplicity of application is cryptically witnessed to by the wording of the vengeance covenant being:

everyone [Y] killing Cain 7 times he will be avenged'

[Y means everyone or anyone]. This is saying cryptically that the above statement works on all 3 of the maledictions. At this point one is tempted to throw ones hands in the air and send the report back to the greater Moses saying: No, Moses, this land that you have sent me into is full of Rephaim, I can't handle it. This is all too difficult. I know that it is full of milk and honey but I will never be able to tackle the minds of the angels who wrote this stuff, I cannot harvest this food, help, lets go back to Egypt, give me manna from heaven, I just want to sit in the meeting and pick up the watchtower from the surface of the ground, I do not want to dig deep myself, I can't go below the surface of the ground, I want the food from the heavenly class, potatoes and more potatoes and more potatoes, manna from heaven.

For the honey is made by the bees with wings, the heavenly class, the milk is made by the domestic animals with feet, the earthly class. This letter contains milk, it has protein in it, the manna was the cakes of honey, these have carbohydrate and sugar but have no protein, they sustain you but they do not build you up. But let us not despair, let us not be like the ten cowards, the spies, let us be like Jacob, who refused to give up wrestling with the one vastly his superior until he had procured for himself a blessing, then we to will prove ourselves to be his sons. Then perhaps we really will find the promised land, just like we found Cain for the scripture says of him:

Everyone finding me will kill me (Gen 4:14).

For everyone discovering false worship will become a true worshipper, hence he will kill Cain. Because it is not false worshippers who know anything, they exist in the darkness, the accurate knowledge of Satan and of false worship is exclusively the property of true worshippers, the sons of the light, for when you know the father, you know also his adversary, when you know good you know also bad. And knowing these two thoroughly, having been fully trained in the primary school of Jehovah God, in the face of the obligatory classroom bully, Satan, and rejecting bad having, seen all of its full fruitage, you have killed Cain. Part of this knowledge is described by John:

Everyone who hates his brother is a manslayer (1 John 3:15).

But the full knowledge of bad in this respect is that everyone who continues a false worshipper, rejecting God and not loving him, will eventually cease loving his brother also and will then murder him. When you understand this and accept it, then you know that you and in fact all mankind, have no future, or at the most a very short future, unless they love and worship the true God, and as far as you are concerned Cain is dead, and as far as God is concerned since you are a Cain-killer he will provide the Pain-killer in the new system.


And Jehovah said to Cain: Where is Abel your brother? And he said: I do not know, Am I my brothers guardian? At this he said: What have you

done, Listen! your brother's blood is crying out to me from the ground. And now you are cursed in banishment from the ground, which has opened its mouth to receive your brother's blood at your hand. When you cultivate the ground it will not give you back its power/yield. A Wanderer and a fugitive you will become in the earth (Gen 4:10-12).

This recital is in one symbolism a penalty on Satan. For his brother was Adam, they were both in Jehovah's judicially living family before Adam sinned and was thrown out by the crafty devices of Satan. Satan was his brother's guardian at the time, the anointed Cherub covering Eden. This is the cryptic impact of the binary question [3.1]: Am I my brother's guardian? And Satan did become a wanderer and a fugitive in the earth for when Jehovah asked him where do you come from he replied twice with the same words saying:

From roving about in the earth and from walking about in it (Job 1:7, Job 2:2).


Consider the fine example of Noah. This man performed the feat of being 600 years old in his 600th year, something that is very difficult to do in our present way of counting age! The scriptures say:

And Noah was 600 years old [lit: son of 600 years] when the deluge occurred on the earth (Gen 7:6).

In the 600th year of Noah's life, in the second month, on the 17th day of the month, on this day all the springs of the vast watery deep were broken open and the floodgates of the heavens were opened (Gen 7:11).

In year of 600 years to life of Noah, in the month the second, in 17th day of the month, on the day the that, they burst all of springs of deep great, and floodgates of the heavens, they were opened (Gen 17:11, lit-NIVHEOT)

The literal translation makes things very obvious. The year in which Noah was 600 years old had nothing to do with Noah's birthday, because the second month was not the second month after his birthday it was the second month in the Calendar year at that time. So the 600th year of Noah's life was the 600th calendar year of his life. So the Hebrews counted age not in terms of years starting from your date of birth but rather in terms of calendar years. By this I mean years starting from the first day of the year, which actually was Tishri 1, at that time. This in fact is how ages are reckoned in the middle east today I am told.

As a further witness to this consider the chieftains inauguration sacrifice in Numbers:

Ex 12:5 Passover

Ex 29:28 Constant feature

Lev 9:3 Aaron installation

Lev 23:18,19 Weeks

Num 28:11 Start of month

Num 28:27 Weeks

Num 29:2 Horn

Num 29:8 Atonement day

Num 29:13-32 Booths

Num 29:36 Solemn assembly

The 12 chieftains presented each the same burnt offering, containing:

One young bull, one ram, one male lamb in its first year [lit: son of year of him], for a burnt offering (Num 7:81)

The sum total of their burnt offerings was described as:

All the cattle for the burnt offering being 12 bulls, 12 rams, 12 male lambs each a year old [lit: son of year] (Num 7:87).

So a lamb in its first year was a one year old lamb. Something which is very alien to our way of counting, which starts each year from the date of birth of the lamb rather than from the beginning of the calendar year, i.e. the first day of the year. The literal wording shows us that the Jew regarded a 'son of a year', or a one year old, as the same as a 'son of a year of him', or a lamb in its first year. Putting this another way the lambs years were calendar years.

If a lamb is born on any day in calendar year one, then he does not become the son of a year until he reaches calendar year two, at which time he is a son of calendar year one, or one year old by Jewish reckoning, or in his first year. This means that his first real year of existence, the year he was born in, is regarded as an accession year for him, as is the case with the way the Jews count reigns of kings [All Scripture p284].

Jesus was born on Tishri 10, 2 BCE [7.2], as a child he visited the temple in Nisan for the passover:

And when he became 12 years old, they went up according to the custom of the festival (Luke 2:42).

Now Jesus would have become 12 years old on Nisan1, and this would leave his family enough time to get to Jerusalem for the passover. So we can now see the accuracy of Luke's statement, and we know that Jesus was by modern counting actually 11.5 years old when he went to the passover, because the first year of his life according to Jewish counting was the year starting in Nisan 1BCE, so the second calendar year of his life, when he was a son of two years, started in Nisan 1CE, so his 12th calendar year started in Nisan 11CE. This is when Jesus first went to the temple to teach the Pharisees.


A calendar year is a year starting on the first calendar day of the year. For us this is January 1, for the Jews it was Tishri 1 before they left Egypt and Nisan 1 after they left Egypt. To the Jew a man became 12 years old on the first day of the 12th whole calendar year of his life, see Appendix2. Such a 'man' could have actually been, in today's terms, anything from 11 years and 1 day old, if he was born on Adar 30, to 12 years old precisely, if he was born on Nisan 1. Similarly a king's first regnal year was the first calendar year in which he was reigning on the first day of that year. This gives rise to the accession year, this being the Jewish calendar year preceding the first regnal year, during which the king ruled for a period starting on or after Nisan 1 [All Scripture p284].

In fact the middle east even today thinks of men's ages and king's reigns in terms of actual calendar years, not years from their date of birth or from the date of their investiture. Even in Britain, the Jubilee was the same I think. This understanding transforms Genesis into a book of exact Chronology as we shall see:

For simplicity we will define the Jewish year of Adam's birth as year 0, these years ran from Tishri to Elul. The typical wording of a verse in Genesis 5 is:

And he lived, Kenan 70 year and he fathered namely Mahalalel (Gen 5:13).

This means that Mehalalel was born in the 70th whole calendar year of Kenan's life. Kenan was 70 years old all through this year. Knowing this we can construct the whole chronology of the ancestors of mankind up to the validating of the Abrahamic covenant in 1943Nisan, from Genesis 5 & 11.

Son Father's Creation Jewish

Age Year Year-start

Adam born X 0 4027T

Adam's first whole calendar year 1 1 4026T

Seth born 130 130 3987T

Seth's first whole calendar year 1 131 3986T

Enosh born 105 235 3792T

Enosh's first whole calendar year 1 236 3791T

Kenan born 90 325 3702T

Kenan's first whole calendar year 1 326 3701T

Mehalalel born 70 395 3632T

Mehalalel's first whole calendar year 1 396 3631T

Jared born 65 460 3567T

Jared's first whole calendar year 1 461 3566T

Enoch born 162 622 3405T

Enoch's first whole calendar year 1 623 3404T

Methusaleh born 65 687 3340T

Methusaleh's 1st whole calendar year 1 688 3339T

Lamech born 187 874 3153T

Lamech's first whole calendar year 1 875 3152T

Noah born 182 1056 2971T

Noah's first whole calendar year 1 1057 2970T

Noah's 600th whole calendar year 600 1656 2371T

And Noah son of 600 year and the flood he was waters upon the earth (Gen 7:6).

In year of 600 year to life of Noah, in the month the second, in 17th day to the month in the day the that, they burst all of springs of great deep and floodgates of the heavens, they were opened (Gen 7:11).

In other words in the 600th year of Noah's life, when he was 600 years old, the flood occurred, on Heshvan 17. It is an impossible thing to be 600 years old in your 600th year of life by modern day reckoning of age, but the two statements are identical by the Jewish reckoning.

Father's Creation Jewish

Age Year Year-start

Flood starts -Noah 600 1656 2371T

Waters had drained off - Noah 601 1657 2370T

Earth had dried off 601 1657 2370T

And he was in 601 year in first [month] in first [day] to the month, they dried up, the waters, from upon the earth, and he removed Noah namely covering of the ark and he looked and Look! they were dry faces of the ground. And in the month the second on 17 day to the month, she was dry the earth (Gen 8:13,14).

So the flood was entirely contained in the Creation year 1656, which ran from 2371T to 2370E, although 1657 was a bit muddy!

These lines of Shem, Shem son of 100 year and he fathered Arpachshad, two after the flood (Gen 11:10).

One year after the flood was the year 1657, so two years after the flood was the year 1658.

Son Father's Calendar

Age Year

Arpachshad born 100 1658 2369T

Arpachshad's first whole cal. year 1 1659 2368T

Shelah born 35 1693 2334T

Shelah's first whole calendar year 1 1694 2333T

Eber born 30 1723 2304T

Eber's first whole calendar year 1 1724 2303T

Peleg born 34 1757 2270T

Peleg's first whole calendar year 1 1758 2269T

Reu born 30 1787 2240T

Reu's first whole calendar year 1 1788 2239T

Serug born 32 1819 2208T

Serug's first whole calendar year 1 1820 2207T

Nahor born 30 1849 2178T

Nahor's first whole calendar year 1 1850 2177T

Terah born 29 1878 2149T

Terah's first whole calendar year 1 1879 2148T

Terah dies, 205th whole cal. year 205 2083 1944T

If we assume that Abraham left to cross the Euphrates in the same year that his father died, then we have identified the year 2083 with the Jewish year from Tishri 1944BCE to Elul 1943BCE, the one containing 1943Nisan, when we know that the crossing occurred. With this as a starting point the above chronology proves that Adam was born in the Jewish year starting 4027T. The flood is therefore put as starting on 2371Heshvan17.