[199] The Pre Trib Rapture of the Saints, the priests and the Kingdom citizens, the sons of the FRC, into the ark

15 For this is what we tell you by Jehovah's word, that we the living who survive [they survive so they are obviously living physically, therefore the living who survive are living judicially as well, born again angelically or non adamically] to the presence of the Lord [the presence in the Kingdom of God from 2019Elul10 onwards] shall in no way precede those who have fallen asleep [in the first death during the particular presence, into the ark]
because the Lord himself will descend from heaven in command [to the Kingdom citizen's who will listen to and obey his commands], in archangel's voice [to the saints] and in God's trumpet [to the priests who have God's trumpet for festivals and Sabbaths], and those who are dead in Christ will rise first [the 144,000 1NC non reserves who die physically, were dead in Christ for a few hours, but like David, they did not enter into the gates of Hades, but were resurrected. The ones who ARE dead in Christ are all the unsanctified members of past true churches of the particular presence. For Jesus has two bodies. He has the body of the 1NC and he has the body of the true church. He is the head of both bodies. Yes the 1NC saints were resurrected into heaven first but they are not dead in Christ. They are living in Christ. All the priests of the Kingdom of God who died in true church, all the sons of the CRC who are first dead, these ones will be resurrected into the ark, before we meet Jesus in the ark in the air through the clouds] 

Physical clouds will cloak our entry into the ark. The sons of the CRC from the past are resurrected into the ark from the end of the Kingdom Gentile Times on 2019Tishri15-17. 2019Tishri17 then start the 300 cubits of discontinuous ark entry from reappointed Laodicea, 1NC Zoar and 2NC Zoar to 2021Iyyar7.

The first presence saints were always with the Lord by virtue of an angelic resurrection. The 2nd presence saints will always be with the Lord by virtue of his various marriages.

The dead in Christ cannot be resurrected until the ark has arrived for there is nowhere else to put them!

They cannot be put on the earth. They cannot be put in Eden2. They must go into the ark. So there was no first presence rapture.

The second presence marriage did not occur on 2008Nisan22. Jesus was appointed over the Kingdom then, but only married the first presence 1NC saints (Leah) in 2008. He married the second presence 1NC saints (Rachel), 7 years later on 2015Sivan18, after the Kingdom Exedenic Times malediction upon them from 2008Nisan15 to 2015Nisan15 (the 2nd marriage would normally be on 2nd 1NC first fruits of 2015Iyyar20. but it was delayed by 3 months to 2015Ab21 due to the war of Revelation12 - the Dragon's heavenly Passover was 2015Ab14 - coincident with Jesus 2nd engagement supper). The dead in Christ, the sons of the CRC in the first death, could not attend either of those marriages because they occurred in heaven. But they can attend the 1NC reserve marriages which occur in the ark in the air of the earth].
17 Afterward we the living who are surviving [1NC reserves and other saints in Zoar] will, together with them [the resurrected sons of the CRC from all past true churches], be caught away in clouds [literal and plural] to meet the Lord in the air [literal] [in the ark. The 1NC reserve marriages are in the literal air, in orbit, in the ark just within the atmosphere of the earth]; and thus we shall always be with [the] Lord [either bound to him in marriage as a 1NC reserve or be together with those reserves who become Jesus' flesh after the marriage].
18 Consequently keep comforting one another with these words [Not because people from Paul's church were going to be raptured. But because they were going to be resurrected into the ark from 2019Tishri15, the end of the Kingdom Gentile Times, onwards, before anybody is raptured. They are the staff arranging the wedding receptions and the great evening meal of God of Revelation19] (1Thessalonians4)

We the living who are surviving refers to those saints who survive to the end of the presence or the end of the church. For saints only exist when there is a true church to collect them. So there is a resurrection of the dead from the Watchtower into the ark prior to the living who survive to the end of the church meeting their Lord. Except that the Gospel of Philip is against that as follows.

He said on that day in the thanksgiving, "You who have joined the perfect light [Jesus Christ: I am the way the truth the life and the perfect light (manifestation through FDS2)] with the Holy Spirit [Jesus was the head of the 2nd Holy Spirit], unite the angels with us also, as being the images [two distinct images of God, angelic and human. Humans are images of God and not of the angels. We are both different images of God. We were made in the image of God not of the angels]." Do not despise the lamb [eaten at the Passover, standing for the 1NC saints who die sacrificially. So do put yourself out, make sacrifices for God and for people. VEGETARIANS cannot attend any marriage of the Christ, the lamb of God. A Passover without the lamb will not get you to a marriage], for without it, it is not possible to see the king [at his marriages]. No one will be able to go in to the king [Michael as Caesar] if he is naked [has no angelic tuxedo! Adam was naked and not ashamed in his pre fall body] (Philip 20).

Watchtower 1NCs must have eaten lamb and bread an drunk wine as angels at the Passovers after they died. For that is how one celebrated the Passover. Unsanctified JWs who have never eaten lamb do not rise first and are not invited to the marriages. But those in TCC1, and TCC2 and TCC4 who have eaten lamb, will attend the marriages. FDS2 and FDS1 both ate the Passover lamb as they did with Jesus. When Jesus Christianized the Passover he did not remove the lamb. The correct Passover meal is the invitation to the marriage. The JW Passover was valid until 1998Nisan14, after 3 denials, but it did not constitute a valid invitation to the marriage.

Today the true church will eat lamb with the Passover. Which church does that? AHA !

13 Moreover, brothers, we do not want you to be ignorant concerning those who are sleeping [in death]; that you may not sorrow just as the rest also do who have no hope.
14 For if our faith is that Jesus died and rose again, so, too, those who have fallen asleep [in death] through Jesus God will bring with him.
15 For this is what we tell you by Jehovah's word, that we the living who survive to the presence of the Lord shall in no way precede those who have fallen asleep [in death];
16 because the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a commanding call, with an archangel's voice and with God's trumpet, and those who are dead in union with Christ will rise first.
17 Afterward we the living who are surviving will, together with them, be caught away in clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and thus we shall always be with [the] Lord.
18 Consequently keep comforting one another with these words. (1 Thessalonians 4 NWT)

The dead in Christ are those who were in a true church but fell asleep in death because they were not sanctified. So they are the sons of Isaac who are not sons of Jacob. they are the sons of the ICC who are not sons of the JAC. They rise into the ark first, by resurrection from Hades, from 2019Tishri15. Then the saints, the birds of the heavens, are raptured in as follows...

Ark entrance is as follows...

2016Heshvan17, the 17th day of the 2nd month of Genesis 7:11, for one floodgate/window of the heavens opening for the 1st and 2nd presence 1NCs to enter into the ark
2019Iyyar17, the 17th day of the 2nd month of Genesis 7:11, for another floodgate/window of the heavens opening for the 2nd presence 1NCs to enter into the ark. Then 30 cubits of descent + 50 cubits of ark width later is 2019Ab7, when Nebuzaradan arrives at Jerusalem to burn the place?

7+7 days of ark entry for the birds of the heavens (1NCs and HLCs and 2NCs) are 
2019Tishri17:  3rd 1NC marriage
2019Heshvan22:  4th 1NC marriage (no earthly guests, the lintel marriage)
2019Chislev20: 5th 1NC marriage
2020Nisan18: 6th 1NC marriage (Laodicean administration late partakers marriage
2020Iyyar16: 7th 1NC marriage (Laodicean congregation late partakers marriage)
2020Sivan21: 1st HLC marriage (Laodicean administration HLCs)
2020Tammuz19: 2nd HLC marriage (Laodicean congregation HLCs)
2020Ab17: 3rd HLC marriage (Laodicean administration late partakers)
2020Tishri20: 4th HLC marriage (Laodicean congregation late partakers) the start of their 50 cubits of earthly interaction to 2020Chislev9, the 4th HLC marriage Pentecost which is also start of their ascension. - or do they stay down here?  

2020Adar7-14 less 2020Adar10: ELCs (from Hades)
2020Adar15: Engaged 2NCs
2020Adar18-21: Unengaged 2NCs

14 days of ark entry for CRCs are 2020Adar23-2021Nisan6
1 months of ark entry for FRCs are 2020Nisan8 to 2021Iyyar7

64 day period of 1NC ark entry from the reappointed Laodicea from 2019Tishri17, the 3rd 1NC marriage  to 2019Chislev20, the 5th 1NC marriage
183 day period of 1NC and HLC ark entry from 1NC Zoar from 2020Nisan18, the 6th 1NC marriage, to 2020Tishri20, the end of HLC ark entrance, the 4th HLC marriage
7 day period of engaged ELC ark entry from Hades from 2020Adar7-14 less 2020Adar10
1 day period of engaged 2NC ark entry on 2020Adar15 from earthly 2NC Zoar
4 day period of unengaged 2NC ark entry from 2020Adar18-21, from ark based 2NC Zoar
14 day period of CRC ark entry from 2020Adar23-2021Nisan6, from ark based 2NC Zoar
30 day, 1 month, period of FRC ark entry from 2021Nisan8 to 2021Iyyar7 from ark based 2NC Zoar.
Total = 64+183+53 (2020Adar15-2021Iyyar7, from ark based 2NC Zoar) = 300 cubits of ark length

The first 1NCs enter the ark from the reappointed Laodicea on 2019Tishri17 of Genesis 8:4, when the ark comes to a rest upon the mountains of Ararat. 

'All Israel' celebrates Booths from 2020Adar15-21/22 as was the case at the inauguration of Solomon's temple in Jerusalem on 1026Tishri15-21 BC, in 1Kings8 and 2Chronicles7. Solomon's temple was inaugurated in Tishri. Zerubabbel's in Nisan. But Solomon3's temple is inaugurated in Adar (Paul being Solomon2 and Gordon being Solomon3?)

So ark entrance from planet earth lasts for 300 discontinuous days (as above) from 2019Tishri17 to 2021Iyyar7 (560 continuous days)  And in that way...

27 The end will be by/in the flood (Daniel9)

So there is a a pre trib rapture for all the 2NCs and CRCs
There is mid trib rapture for the first FRCs during the Great Tribulation from 2021Nisan5-29
There is a post trib rapture for last FRCs up until 2021Iyyar7.

The archangel's voice is to the angels (the saints). The commanding call is to those who will accept Jesus' commands (the citizens). God's trumpet is blown for those who represent God, his priests, who blow the trumpets for his festivals. 3 raptures of the 3 groups into the ark. But the 4th group, the sons of Isaac who are dead in Christ and asleep in Hades, are resurrected first.

And that completes the rapture of all of the sons of the FRC. The Great Tribulation of Matthew 24 runs for 24 days from 2021Nisan5-29, 13x of the ride of the 2nd horseman, the sentence count of Revelation 6:4 after the start of WW3 on 2020Adar22 (an elder of Revelation 7:14 for a day - see U151). It is the nuclear part of WW3. 

The birds flying in midheaven are the saints flying in midheaven, in the ark, they enjoy the great evening meal of God of Revelation19 for 80 days..

17 And I saw [new subaccount] one angel [Event??] standing in the sun [Representing the 3rd Holy Spirit, the wife of Jesus, the sun, the light of the world] [1x. The completed Sun is Jesus and the 1NCs and the HLCs. This angel is not the Sun. He is Elijah4]
and he cried out in a loud voice 
saying to all
the birds [saints], the [ones] flying in midheaven [2x.1x=2x for flying birds in mid heaven - between the earth and the ark] [The ark in the atmosphere. Not on the earth, not in heaven - in mid heaven - these are the intermediaries between the heavens and the earth, i.e. in the ark: the saints and the priests. The unsanctified ones borrow an angel to gain ark entry but cannot use that angel to ascend into heaven]
Hither be ye
[plural] gathered together into the evening meal, the great [one], of God [the view from the ark of the fleshly acts of man at the end of the world] [1x]

17 kai eidon allon aggelo estwta en tw hliw kai ekraxen en fwnh megalh legwn pasin toij orneoij toij petomenoij en mesouranhmati deute sunacqhte eij to dipnon to mega tou qeou (Revelation 19 Sinaiticus)

18 in order that ye [same ye as above] may eat [mentally digest the demises of people who act in accordance with the flesh] [2x]
the fleshes of kings 
[the futility of their unsustainable fleshly behaviour] [2x]
and the fleshes of chiliarchs 
[heads of 1,000 people - but they only have one flesh] [2x]
and the fleshes of strong [ones]
and the fleshes of horses
[The groups driving mankind towards its extinction] and [the fleshes of] of the [ones] sitting upon them [2x+2x=4x]
and the fleshes of all [ones] both [
te] of free [ones] and of slaves and [kai] of small [ones] and of great [ones] [2x+2x+2x+2x+2x=10x]

All and freeds and small and great of them and of slaves and of small and of great of them??

Count of the invitation of verse17: 1x.2x.1x.1x.2x.(2x+2x+2x+4x+10x)=4x.20x=80x. 50 cubits of ark width + 30 cubits of ark height from the rapture to the end of the ascension of each saint, a day for a cubit.

Ark entrance is 2020Sivan21 for the 1st HLC marriage - who join the 3rd Holy Spirit as Lords
Ark entrance is 2020Tammuz19 for the 2nd HLC marriage - who join the 3rd Holy Spirit as Lords
Ark entrance is 2020Ab17 for the 3rd HLC marriage - who do not yet join the 3rd Holy Spirit as Lords.
Ark entrance is 2020Tishri20 for the 4th HLC marriage on 2020Tishri20 - who do not yet join the 3rd Holy Spirit as Lords

ELC ark entrance runs from 2020Adar7-14 less 2020Adar10
Engaged 2NC ark entrance is 2020Adar15
Unengaged 2NC ark entrance is 2020Adar18-21. The entire 2NC temple must be inaugurated from 2020Adar15-21.
CRC ark entrance runs for 2x7=14 days, from 2020Adar23-2021Nisan6 = 2020Adar30
FRC ark entrance runs for 30 days 2021Nisan8-2021Iyyar7

Benjamin, the OMC 2NC Kings, completes his rapture into the ark on 2021Iyyar16 - see U214.

One gets a view of the activities of everybody in the world from the ark or heaven or Eden2. This is the heavenly spy satellite, which can show you all the kingdoms of the earth in an instant of time...

8 Again the Devil took him along to an unusually high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, (Matthew 4 NWT)
5 So he brought him up and showed him all the kingdoms of the inhabited earth in an instant of time; (Luke 4 NWT)

So with that perspective we shall be able to digest the futility of the fleshly activities of man at the end of the world.

The rapture of the Ezekiel8 Tuft of Hair on 2020Adar15 and the unengaged 2NCs from 2020Adar18-21

The tuft of hair is those attached to the head of Ezekiel who is Elijah4, the mediator of the 2NC. 

On 33Nisan14 the Christians were released from the sacred law of Moses and entered into the sacred law of the Christ and then the sacred law of the 1st true church on 33Sivan5 actually. 

On 2008Nisan14/Iyyar14 the LWs thought quite reasonably that the same thing would happen to us from a secular standpoint. 

On 2008Sivan11 (the 1NC Pentecost), we expected a visit from the 3rd Holy Spirit. 

We were 12 years too early. There were 6 more 1NC marriages and 4 HLC marriages to come! The 4th HLC marriage was 2020Tishri20.

22 But the festival of renewal [egkainia] took place in Jerusalem [Kingdom Cakes-Booths from 2020Shebat15-21, containing Kingdom first fruits on 2020Shebat16, the festival of the appointment of the Kingdom of God]. It was wintertime [Greek wintertime from Tebbeth15 to Nisan15]
23 and Jesus was walking in the temple in the colonnade of Solomon [walking, without stumbling means sins regarded as forgiven, which pictures sainthood, and the colonnade of Solomon is the 2NCs]
The Jews really/surely/therefore/furthermore encircled him [count not triggered - just one time around] and said to him: Until when, the soul of us are you lifting up? [until 2020Adar15-21, the rapture of the 2NCs being 2020Shebat15 and 2020Adar18-21] If you are the Christ, tell us outspokenly (John 10 NWT).

The encirclement runs from 2020Shebat15-21 to 2020Adar15-21..

42 You shall live in booths seven days; all who are native in Israel shall live in booths,
43 so that your generations shall know that I caused the sons of Israel to live in booths, in/at/when I brought them out of the land of Egypt; I [am] Jehovah your God. (Leviticus 23 GLT)

Well the 2NCs enter the ark during 6th Booths from 2020Adar15-21. 

We baptise all the 2NCs into the 4EC from 2020Adar16 of 2Chronicles 3:2 - 2021Nisan5
We baptise the priests from 2020Adar16 of 2Chronicles 3:2 to 2021Nisan6 on earth and from 2021Nisan8-2021Iyyar8 for ark dwellers.
We cannot baptise any earth dweller on 2021Nisan7, because 4EC ark entrance ends on 2021Nisan6. So he would be stuck down here. 
All Israel, all the 2NCs, must celebrate 5th Booths with Solomon from 2020Adar15-21. But certainly the Laodiceans celebrate it without a water baptism. They are baptised for 15x of Joshua5 from 2020Adar21 to 2021Nisan6
The 1st 2NC marriage is 2021Nisan2.
The 2nd 2NC marriage is 2021Iyyar2

For the scripture says...

31 Now judgment is of the world this, now the ruler of the world this will be ejected outside;
32 and I likely should be put high up out of the earth, all [men] I shall draw toward myself.
33 This but he was saying signifying to what sort of death he was about to be dying.
34 Answered therefore to him the crowd We heard out of the law that the Christ is remaining into the age, and how are saying you that it is necessary to be put high up the Son of the man? Who is this the Son of the man? (John 12 KIT)

This Son of the man, is the non adamics - sons of pre fall Adam. We shall be put high out of the earth - the strangest way of describing a crucifixion. 

We shall be passed over from the dragon to Jesus and then we shall Passover over all those on earth in the ark!

No saint can be harvested until the entire field is white. For one does not harvest wheat until the entire field is ready. 

35 Do you not say that there are yet 4 months AND the harvest comes? Look! I say to you: Lift up your eyes and view the fields, that they are white TOWARDS harvesting. Already
36 the reaper is receiving wages and gathering fruit for everlasting life, so that the sower and the reaper may rejoice together. (John 4 NWT)

AND could mean 'until' or 'during which'. This gives the following harvest Tetramenes. 

The Laodicean 4EC harvest Tetramenos of John4 for 1NC reserves runs from 2019Elul10 (entry into the early 1st Watchtower Passover) to 2019Tebbeth10, the end of Passover entrance, the end of the 3EC non adamic baptism.
The Laodicean CRC harvest Tetramenos of John4 for 1NC reserves runs into the reappointed Laodicea runs from 2019Elul14 (the CRC feet drying of the early 1st Watchtower Passover) to 2019Tebbeth14 (the CRC feet drying of the late 3rd Watchtower Passover).
The HLCs from 1NC Zoar from 2020Iyyar14, the early 1st HLC marriage Passover, to 2020Elul14, the 4th HLC marriage Passover
The 1ACs in 1NC Zoar from 2020Tishri14 (the early 1st FRC Abrahamic Passover) to 2020Shebat14, the 4th FRC Abrahamic Passover, the Babylonian FRC Passover
The final Kingdom harvest Tetramenos of John4 for runs from 2021Sivan14, the Watchtower OMC Passover, to 2021Tsirhi14, the absolute end of Adam, the end of OMC sealing.