[655] Dreams and their Interpretation

Gordon's Dream
Yesterday morning (August1) at 11:50 am (2022Elul2) I was woken up by a leaf blower in the middle of a dream. It was a very happy dream. Here it is.
I was the passenger in a 2 seater light aircraft being flown by a pilot whom I trusted but did not see.
We were performing a very smooth steep decline landing onto a lake whilst the plane was perfectly horizontal
One of the skis on the bottom of the plane was visible to me and is was a rectangular box section aluminium measuring rod and spirit level with length markings in black upon it like a ruler.
Boris Johnson was standing on the shore of the lake watching us land. I woke up just before the plane landed on the water. I was very happy in this dream. I was NOT flying the plane.

Mike's Interpretation (refined by Gordon)
The plane is the LW church.
The lake is the Isaaic 4EC baptism
The unseen pilot is Jesus, Gordon is the co-pilot of this church
The plane does not quite finish the landing whilst Boris has oversight of the UK as Prime Minister. Liz Truss took over on 2022September7 after meeting the Queen at Balmoral.
The plane is level and the ski seen has a spirit level both of which represent God's justice. God's righteousness, being correctly represented by LW church doctrine.
The measuring marks on the ski represent the chronology of the church. We have to get that right before the plane can land.
The landing is steep because it is quite a difficult task to land the plane in such a short period of time.
Gordon is happy because he is reaching the harvest resulting from 30 plus years of research

Gordon's Ex Girlfriend's Dream (2020October)
We were walking across the foot bridge over Camden Lock and she said to him: I have had this dream which I should tell you about.
Gordon said: What was the dream?
She said: I was pulling at the cornerstone of a building and someone said to me stop doing that because the building might fall down. Do you know what it means?

Gordon's Interpretation
Gordon said: Yes I do. But first of all it is fantastic that God gave you that dream. Because God only gives dreams to people with faith. Pontius Pilate did not get a dream about Jesus  His wife did. This would have been because his wife had faith in God, whereas Pontius was a doubter: (What is truth said Pilate?)
Gordon then interpreted the dream as follows: I love you so much that you have the power to pull me out of the church. If you do that, the church will collapse. Please do not do that. God is warning you and warning me through you.

That was God trying to direct our relationship in a positive way. He was being our agony Uncle. Cornerstone is a biblical word for first member of a true church basically (an Elijah). My ex girlfriend did not know that when she had that dream.. 

Mike's Dream - see U271#79