[264]  How did Jehovah become a God?

It is astonishing to the writer that God should include such information in the holy book. But here it is!!

18 On this account, indeed, the Jews began seeking all the more to kill him, because not only was he breaking the Sabbath but he was also calling God his own Father, making himself equal to God.
19 Therefore, in answer, Jesus went on to say to them: Most truly I say to you, The Son cannot do a single thing of his own initiative, but only what he beholds the Father doing. For whatever things that one does, these things the Son also does in like manner.
20 For the Father has affection for the Son and shows him all the things he himself does, and he will show him works greater than these, in order that you may marvel (John 5).

These are incredibly powerful words. The main activities of the Christ were...

1. Sacrificial ransom of Adam's angelic body and of Abraham's human body

2. Ministry to all mankind showing God's love and righteousness.

3. Choosing and collection of a wife consisting of 144,000 people.

4. Leaving a superior angelic body upstairs and coming down here in an inferior human body and then returning to his angelic body after dying in the inferior body.

5. Being the last Adam.

So it follows that since Jesus only does what he beholds his father doing and since whatever God does Jesus also does, God has already done everthing that Jesus did. Obviously this does not mean that if Jesus built a chair from cedar wood on a Thursday, then God did the same thing. It only applies to the missions of Jesus' life. But it certainly applies to the 5 big missions stated above.

So whom did God ransom in order to get his first wife which we know is the holy spirit - see U14a?

Adam had to go to sleep to bring his wife into existence and he had to die (he thought) to save her from her sin. Jesus had to die to validate the covenant for his wife, the 144,000 1NC saints. So how did this work with God?

Well the first question to ask is: Can one be a God without any worshippers? An easier question is: Can one be a king without any subjects to rule over? The answer is that one can not act as a king if one has no subjects, since a king makes laws for his subjects. And if one never has had any subejcts then one can not have ever been appointed a king (since said appointment would have been over no one).

So before Jehovah created his first angelic son, he was not a God, since he had no worshippers, no one to show his great righteousness and love to. 

Secondly like begets like. So if God has a son, that son would have the same vehicle as its father. Therefore God must have been an angel when he created the first angel directly himself. 

In fact following the pattern of the ministry of the Christ, he would have emptied himself from his divine body and taken a slave's form and come to be in the likeness of the angels paraphrasing the famous scripture...

5 Keep this mental attitude in you that was also in Christ Jesus,
6 who, although he was existing in God's form [non physical body everlasting angelic body], gave no consideration to a seizure, namely, that he should be equal to God [as did some of the other angels].
7 No, but he emptied himself and took a slave's form and came to be in the likeness of men (Phillipians2)

So God possessed the first angelic body that he created. Now we employ some powerful understandings.

God was obviously a male angel since he was the father of Satan, and given that he was male he would have needed a female angel to procreate with. So really we are talking about an angelic Adam and an angelic Eve who like the human Eve was made from a rib from the angelic body of Jehovah, and was bone of his bones, i.e. a clone but female. So God cloned himself and then changed the gender of his clone to be female. Presumably he then had to be the mother and father of angelic Eve until she was old enough to give birth. Then at that point he may have artificially impregnated her as he did with Mary, or since his love was perfect, and not absuive so as to take advantage of Eve, he could actually have entered into a child rearing agreement with her and inseminated her himself however angels do that. It makes sense that he did do that because he is God over angels and humans who do that and he is not a hypocrite or one who teaches or legislates with no experience.

He would have slept with his own daughter but Adam's kid's slept brother with sister in the first generation and then cousin with cousin in the second because there was no other alternative.

Satan then would have been born to two parents in a child rearing agreement which is God's way to give the child two loving parents one of each gender.

At this point we can bring in some powerful scriptures and precendents.

1. It is obvious that God and his angelic Eve were the original Adam and Eve. 

2. We have a chronological pattern for the life of the first Adam and the last Adam - see U41. So we would epxect God's life as angelic Adam to conform to that pattern being its archetype.

3. Since God had to die sacrifically like Jesus did, he would be not only the first angelic Adam but also the last angelic Adam (for Jesus was the last Adam). That might be one reason why God says...

12 Listen to me, O Jacob, and you Israel my called one. I am the same One. I am the first. Moreover, I am the last.
13 Moreover, my own hand laid the foundation of the earth, and my own right hand extended out the heavens. I am calling to them, that they may keep standing together (Isaiah 48).

So lets compare angelic Adam, heavenly Adam (Hadam) with human Adam...

Event God (time in real years) Adam 
Born  0 AT (after time) God entered an angelic body that he had created and became angelic Adam, heavenly Adam (Hadam). Invented Angelic time 12,066 years before the Big Bang, 12,066 BBB 4027Tishri10
Commissioned to build temple of his body  11x360 =  3,960 AT (After Time) Created first living beings, heavenly animals 4016Tishri (entered Eden)
Appointed to feed 30x360 = 10,800 AT. System ready for feed the angels (Kid's room prepared) 3997Tishri10 (deep sleep)
Wife born 30x360+42 = 10,842 AT. Angelic Eve born, heavenly Eve, (Heve) 3997Heshvan22 (Eve born)
Wife met, feeding starts 30x360+42 = 10,842 AT. Jehovah starts nursing Eve (his feminine side) 3997Heshvan22 (Eve fed)
Procreation starts Once Heve has become mature. Hadam and Heve have angelic kids and their kids have kids etc. Brothers marry sisters in the first generation, then cousins marry in the second, then in the third there is no longer any incest. God at some point makes the holy spirit covenant with Satan. There is only one law in this angelic eden. It is do not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and bad. This law is a trigger to leave the nursery. Children have no law until at around 2-4 years old they become ready to begin to learn good from bad.  3997Heshvan22 (Eve fed)
Passover lamb enters house 30x360+1260 = 12,060 AT. Jehovah enters heavenly temple made up of angels baptised, cleansed ready to enter into the holy spirit covenant, which is already made with Satan but is yet to be made between Satan and the apostolic angels, as was the case with the saints and the 1NC. The angels are the sons and daughters of Hadam and Heve, born in their generations. Satan is the priest of this temple. This being a firstborn right. 3993Nisan10 (lamb in house)
End of old system 30x360+1264 = 12,064 AT. Jehovah (Hadam) permits himself to be killed sacrificially by wicked angels in Heden. First Heavens end. Holy spirit covenant made between Satan and 9 apostolic angels (Satan + 9). All the other direct sons of Jehovah were passed over as regards their direct son status, their first generation status. From that point they could only be 3rd generation after Satan and the apostles. Only the firstborn sons were killed in Egypt. The 'earth' of the first heaven was formless and waste at this time. There was only one law, do not eat from the tree, or perhaps no law. No angel was sinning. But only these 9 made a free will choice to help out. The passed over angels and their angelic sons could enter the holy spirit by baptism into one of the 9-12 tribes later. The Holy spirit was these 9 and their kids (by baptism not by procreation). Presumably after the big bang, three more tribes appeared. This may be pictured by the Jordan river dividing Israel into 3 tribes on the East bank and 9 on the west. These and 3 more then became the 12 angelic sons of Jacob.  3993Nisan14 (Adam sins)
New system inaugurated
appointed over all true seed 
30x360+1267 = 12,067 AT. Big Bang. The physical universe created. Time becomes unidirectional. Sin is shown up. God's laws implemented. This is 0 ABB (After Big Bang). Let there be light! 3993Nisan17 (New body and new system)
Entrance  30x360+1306 = 12,106 AT = 40 ABB: Jehovah enters into the temple of his wife, the holy spirit in the new universe. 3993Iyyar26 (Adam enters Eve)
Conception  30x360+1316 = 12,116 AT = 50 ABB: The first holy spirit angels are sealed into the holy spirit covenant, gainined tartarus free angelic life. Tartarus was a form of death for the angels. 3993Sivan6 (Eve conceives)
Birth  35x360+120 (-9/+20) = 12,711-12,740 AT = 645-674 ABB. Sons of Heden called into the 9/12 tribes of the holy spirit. 3992Shebat (Cain born)
Birth  37x360 (-9/+20) = 13,311-13,340 AT = 1245-1274 ABB. Sons of the universe called into the 12 tribes of the holy spirit. Presumably 3 more tribes are made around this time. Eventually 144,000 angels enter this covenant.  3990Tishri (Abel born)

So the pattern of Adam in years is the pattern of Hadam in 360 years periods we think (the 360 year unit might be wrong).

So God took this lower body cloned a wife, raised her, procreated with her and made a family of angels, to whom he was the patriach. He had the right to be God once he had created them, since a creator is a God and since that is what God's name or reputation means (Jehovah is he who causes to become). But just as parents do not discipline children until they are old enoguh to understand why they are being punished, so God did not require worhsip from Adam until he had sinned, whereupon he offered the first two sacrifices, which were the edenic animals whom Adam killed in order that God could make long gamrnets of skin from them. Likewise in Heden, God did not require worship until he was killed. Although the angels that were baptised in Heden would have chosen to be his worshippers.

God gave up his angelic body which was a tartarus exempt body as a ransom for Satan's angelic body, upgrading it to have not everlasting life (since that only came through the Christ) but tartarus free life. Tartarus is a form of death since it is a pit of dense darkness...

4 Certainly if God did not hold back from punishing the angels that sinned, but, by throwing them into Tartarus, delivered them to pits of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment (2 Peter 2).

When actually Satan said let there be light (hence Lucifer), on behalf of God, the physical universe came into existence through the Big Bang (or howsoever it came about). Time became unidirectional being a function of space. And sin was illuminated. So the physical light was a manifestation of the sin revealing light of having law and causal time. The angels were now able to have a baptism test of their righteousness. The prize for passing this test was a washing in the blood of Satan who had been washed in the blood of God's angelic body, the body of Hadam. This blood gave them a get out of Tartarus free card just as the everlasting life that we get from Jesus gives us a get out of Gehenna free card...

 6 Happy and holy is anyone having part in the first resurrection; over these the second death has no authority, but they will be priests of God and of the Christ [who therefore is also a God having priests], and will rule as kings with him for the 1,000 years (Revelation 20).

So the washing of the angels in the holy spirit covenant gave them immunity from Tartarus and the washing of the angels in the 1NC gave them immunity from Gehenna, which is everlasting life. What Jesus saw the fahter doing with his wife and Tartarus, he did with his wife and Gehenna. This whole thing is fractal.

Obviously since Jehovah was the father of all the angels, and since like begets like according to God's law which he cannot break, he was at that time of his angelic procreation, in an angelic and not in a divine body.

Also we know that getting a wife involves a covenant and we know that a covenant involves the death of the mediator of the covenant and the death of the validation sacrifice of the covenant. The mediator is washed in the blood of the validation sacrifice and the covenants are then washed in the blood of the mediator.

15 So that is why he is a mediator of a new covenant, in order that, because a death has occurred for [their] release by ransom from the transgressions under the former covenant, the ones who have been called might receive the promise of the everlasting inheritance.
16 For where there is a covenant, the death of the covenanter [mediator] needs to be furnished.
17 For a covenant is valid over dead [covenanters], since it is not in force at any time while the covenanter is living (Hebrews 9).

So both Satan and God had to die here.

But covenants are always associated with salvation. So what salvation status did the angels need that God gave them on their joining up and getting selaed into the holy spirit covenant? Well it cannot have been everlasting life, since the eternal father is the Christ and he was the first angel to get everlasting life. So as mentioned above we think it was a tartarus exemption status, which is a form of life since tartarus was a form of death. When there is law, there must be some kind of death or cutting off penalty for those who break it and exhibit behoaviour which is not sustainable for a society in the longer term. So passing the baptism test gave the angels freedom from the law of Tartarus. So Jehovah gave up his tartarus exempt body in order that the angels who were to be sealed into the holy spirit could have it. The demons in Legion were escaping from Tartarus!! Gehenna did not start until Jesus gave up his angel.

This raises the question - who resurrected him back into the divine body? It could not have been an individual angel, for then that angel would have become God's father and God is uncreated and has no parents. So it has to have been an auto resurrection of some type, set up in advance perhaps using the power of the divine body - a power over time.

Also these events preceded the big bang, so time was possibly not totally causal - we believe (time, but not as we know it Jim) - see U300 and U41

Now the scripture says:

13 No one has a greater love than this, that he should sacrifice his soul over his friends (John 15)

Jesus did this. If God had not then Jesus would have more love than Jehovah which is not the case, since God is love. So God has this love to. So he has sacrificed his soul over his friends.

It is important to realise that just as every child has no law until he is old enough to understand why he is being punished, so there was effectively no law in Heden (darkness was over the surface of the waters) and effectively no law in the garden, other than a trigger event to kick law off. At that time that parents start to discipline, then God started requiring worship. This was true in Heden and in Eden. God always had the right to require it being the creator of the being in Heden and in Eden. Edens are nurseries for races. The universe was the world for the angels.

Adam was made in God's image since God was himself Hadam.

Did Jehovah have to become human in order to create Adam? No because Adam came from Pre-adamic parents.
Did God have to become human in order to create the pre-adamics? No because they were the sons of the angels.
Did the angels have to become human to make the first pre-adamics? Hmmmmm.

Now we know what caused the Big Bang.