[275] 2 Kings 7: 4 Lepers and an Asses Head

24 And it came about afterward that Ben-hadad, the king of Syria [Wicked unsanctified leaders in the Watchtower] proceeded to collect all his camp together [power junkies in the Watchtower] and to go up and besiege Samaria [1NC administration of the Watchtower, the ex true religion. This is a civil war].
25 In time a great famine arose in Samaria [total lack of any new or in date spiritual food], and, look! they were besieging it until an ass's head got to be worth 80 silver pieces [], and the 4th of a cab measure of dove's dung was worth 5 silver pieces []
26 And it came about as the king of Israel [the 1NC remnant in the Watchtower] was passing along upon the wall [before it fell down to the earth] that a certain woman [unsanctified congregation of the 3EC] cried out to him, saying: Do save, Oh my lord the king!
27 To this he said: If Jehovah does not save you, from what [source] shall I save you? either from the threshing floor [sorting out grain from chaff, sealing sons of the 1AC or not] or from the wine or oil press [sealing saints or priests or not]?
28 And the king went on to say to her: What is the matter with you? So she said: This very woman [the congregation of the 2NC] said to me, 'Give your son that we may eat him today [eat from him, eat from his bible research], and my own son we shall eat tomorrow.'
29 Accordingly we boiled my son [heated up his water baptism until it evaporated becoming a spirit baptism, they falsely elevate younger brothers to the status of 1NC saints - they tell them come on, surely the holy spirit has borne witness to you! Do you think you could be working this closely with the governing body if you were not anointed?] and ate him [then they eat his bible research ideas - an unsatisfactory meal]. Then I said to her on the next day, 'Give your son that we may eat him.' But she hid her son [real researching 2NC saints].
30 And it came about that as soon as the king heard the woman's words, he immediately ripped his garments apart; and as he was passing along upon the wall, the people got to see, and, look! sackcloth was underneath upon his flesh.
31 And he went on to say: So may God do to me, and so may he add to it, if the head of Elisha the son of Shaphat continues standing upon him today! [the day of the wall existing? So the angel of Laodicea does get a spirit baptism in the LWs. So he becomes a 2NC King. He gets vomited out of Jesus' mouth onto the LW land. Very Jonah.]
32 And Elisha [Gordon] was sitting in his own house [the congregation of EC4], and the older men were sitting with him [original LWs], when he sent a man from before him. Before the messenger could come in to him, he himself said to the older men: Have you seen how this son of a murderer has sent to take off my head? [So the king is the angel of Laodicea who stole Gordon's crown, took his headship over the LW believers in the Watchtower. The evil slave does not have a king. It has a rotating chairman of a multi headed beast] See to it: as soon as the messenger comes, close the door [do not permit him to join the LWs], and you must press him back with the door [tell him he has no water baptism]. Is there not the sound of the feet of his lord behind him [the Lord of the evil slave is the 1NC reserves??]
33 While he was yet speaking with them, here was the messenger coming down to him, and [through him the king] proceeded to say: Here this is the calamity from Jehovah. Why should I wait any longer for Jehovah? (2 Kings 6).


1 Elisha now said: Listen, you men, to the word of Jehovah. This is what Jehovah has said, 'Tomorrow about this time a seah of fine flour in a shekel [2NC Kings will be leaving the Watchtower to join the LWs at the rate of however many grains of wheat make up a seah 7.22Litres - several thousand - in one day], and 2 seahs of barley in a shekel [2NC Kings will leave the Watchtower to join the LWs at double that rate] in the gateway [marketplace] of Samaria.'
2 At that the adjutant [GNS2] upon whose hand the king was supporting himself [First 5 Watchtower presidents who did support the 1NC saints] answered the man of the [true] God and said: If Jehovah were making floodgates in the heavens [for the descent of the 1NC Kings etc?], could this thing take place? To this he said: Here you are seeing it with your own eyes, but from it you will not eat.
3 And 4 men there were, ones being leprous [Disfellowshipped from the Watchtower], that happened to be at the entrance of the gate; and they began to say the one to the other: Why are we sitting here until we have died?
4 If we had said, 'Let us enter the city,' when the famine is in the city, we would also have to die there. And if we do sit here, we shall also have to die. So now come and let us invade the camp of the Syrians [those in the Watchtower who think the LWs are right but worship not God but an organisation of men. This is not the camp of the king of Syria. The 2NC saints are split into two camps, one under the king and the other in the Watchtower]. If they preserve us alive, we shall live; but if they put us to death, then we shall have to die.
5 Accordingly they rose up in the evening darkness to enter the camp of the Syrians; and they got to come as far as the outskirts of the camp of the Syrians, and, look! no man was there [no water baptised man was there].
6 And Jehovah himself had caused the camp of the Syrians to hear the sound of war chariots, the sound of horses, the sound of a great military force, so that they said to one another: Look! The king of Israel has hired against us the kings of the Hittites and the kings of Egypt to come against us!
7 Immediately they got up and went fleeing in the evening darkness and leaving their tents and their horses and their asses -- the camp just as it was -- and they kept fleeing for their soul [the Syrians in the Watchtower flee to the LWs for the sake of their souls, saved by baptism].
8 When these lepers came as far as the outskirts of the camp, they then entered into one tent [of the 2NC saints] and began to eat and drink and carry from there silver and gold and garments and go off and stick them away [some 1NC reserves - gold - think they are 2NC saints - silver]. After that they returned and entered into another tent [of the 1NC saints] and carried things from there and went off and stuck them away.
9 Finally they began to say the one to the other: It is not right what we are doing. This day is a day of good news! [year of goodwill of Isaiah 61] If we are hesitating, and we actually wait until the morning light, guilt must also catch up with us. So now come and let us enter and make report at the king's house.
10 So they came and called to the gatekeepers of the city and reported to them, saying: We came into the camp of the Syrians, and, look! there was nobody there nor sound of a man, but only the horses tied and the asses tied and the tents just as they were.
11 At once the gatekeepers called out and they reported to the king's house inside.
12 Immediately the king rose up by night and said to his servants: Let me tell you, please, what the Syrians have done to us. They well know that we are hungry; and so they went out from the camp to hide themselves in the field, saying, 'They will come out from the city, and we shall catch them alive, and into the city we shall enter.'
13 Then one of his servants answered and said: Let them take, please, 5 of the remaining horses that have remained in the city. Look! They are the same as all the crowd of Israel that have remained in it. Look! They are the same as all the crowd of Israel that have perished. And let us send out and see.
14 Accordingly they took 2 chariots with horses and the king sent them out after the camp of the Syrians, saying: Go and see.
15 At that they went following them as far as the Jordan; and, look! all the way was full of garments and utensils that the Syrians had thrown away as they were hurrying away. Then the messengers returned and reported to the king.
16 And the people proceeded to go out and plunder the camp of the Syrians; and so a seah measure of fine flour came to be worth a shekel, and 2 seah measures of barley worth a shekel, according to the word of Jehovah.
17 And the king himself had appointed the adjutant upon whose hand he was supporting himself to have charge of the gateway; and the people kept trampling him in the gateway, so that he died, just as the man of the [true] God had spoken, when he spoke at the time that the king came down to him [].
18 Thus it came about just as the man of the [true] God had spoken to the king, saying: 2 seahs barleys in/for a shekel and a seah fine-flour in/for a shekel it will come to be tomorrow at this time in the gateway of Samaria.
19 But/and the adjutant answered the man of the [true] God and said: Even if Jehovah were making floodgates in the heavens [global warming does this for extensive agriculture, but also a flood of JWs into the LWs to be spirit sanctified by humans, begins at this time], could it take-place as/like this word? [literally no. Symbolically yes. Agriculturally yes. Pentecostally yes! The words of 2Kings7 do apply to the weather today actually caused by global warming which makes the rainfall more binary] To this he said: Here you are seeing it with your own eyes, but from it you will not eat.
20 Thus it happened to him like that, when the people kept trampling him in the gateway, so that he died (2 Kings 7).

Shekel (4).