[287] Micah 6: Conduct a Legal case with the Mountains!

1 Hear, please [God hear speaking to the LWs], what Jehovah is saying. Get up, conduct a legal case with the mountains, and may the hills hear your voice.  [Mountains are regional administrations and hills are congregation administrations]
2 Hear, Oh you mountains, the legal case [or contest] of Jehovah, also you durable objects [1NC reserves], you foundations of [the] earth [2NC saints]; for Jehovah has a legal case with his people [who have transgressed], and it is with Israel that he will argue [the original house of the saints]:
3 Oh my people, what have I done to you? And in what way have I tired you out? Testify against me.
4 For I brought you up out of the land of Egypt [the world], and from the house of slaves [Watchtower] I redeemed you; and I proceeded to send before you Moses [king priest prophets], Aaron [priest prophets] and Miriam [the prophets, who may well be female. Miriam led the women in song after the Red Sea. This is what will happen in Zoar literally.].
5 Oh my people, remember, please, what Balak the king of Moab counselled [please curse God's people], and what Balaam the son of Beor answered him [I will ask God if that is ok and see what he says]. From Shittim it was, all the way to Gilgal, to the intent that the righteous acts of Jehovah might be known.
6 With what shall I confront Jehovah? [With what] shall I bow myself to God on high? Shall I confront him with whole burnt offerings [full time service], with calves a year old? [new recruits]
7 Will Jehovah be pleased with thousands of rams [saints], with tens of thousands of torrents of oil [rivers of illuminating fuel for prophets fulfilling Acts 2. 10x as many prophets as saints in the church]? Shall I give my firstborn son for my revolt [as a nazirite], the fruitage of my belly [actually the belly of his wife, which is his] for the sin of my soul [female hospitality reception temple servants]? [all these questions regarding sacrifices from the burnt offering to the firstborn son are answered by verse 8 and so do not take the opposite meaning in the word threads] [cryptically God is asking do I give my firstborn son for the sin of my soul or is it perhaps your soul? He gave his firstborn angelic son Michael for Adam's angelic soul, and his firstborn non adamic human son, Melchizedek, born first as Jared, for Adam's human soul. So Melchizedek is the firstborn human, the first son of man, the second Adam. So he will be the king of the kingdom of God on earth, the human king of the kingdom of God. Jesus was not the second Adam, but the last Adam. Then the fruitage of the belly for the sin of a soul, is the ransom deal of the 144,000 1NC saints, who preserve souls in some way at Armageddon we think.]
8 He has told you, Oh earthling man, what is good [He defines good behaviour in the law of Moses and in the next sentence]. And what is Jehovah asking back from you but to exercise justice and to love kindness and to be modest in walking with your God? [literally the Israelites are told that although they have a duty to sacrifice, sacrifice is not want God actually wants] [in the greater meaning God is looking for people who show loving kindness (the first law) and exercise justice (all the other laws) and who glorify him rather than themselves (the first law) more than people who offer themselves full time, or make loads of 1 year old proselytes, or who train their children to work for God rather than for money for the family. In fact he prefers a modest loving just son of Abraham to a saint or to 10 prophets who do not have those characteristics. God is completely slamming any concept of religious status, be it sainthood, prophetic capability, evangelical capability or any other self sacrifice]