[662] Gordon's Awakening

1. When I was 20 I watched Lew Grade and Franco Zeffirelli's Jesus of Nazareth starring Robert Powell and Anne Bancroft. My takeaway from that movie was the the measure of a man is not what he achieves for himself, but what he achieves for humanity.

2. At Cambridge I read the gospels and saw the basic moral message but could not really understand them.

3. When about to start my PhD in group theory (pure maths) investigating whether Galois theory could be extended to 5th order using simple groups rather than cyclic groups to solve quintic polynomial equations, I asked myself do I have more evidence that such an extension can be done than I have for Jesus being the son of God? The answer was no. Yet I believed it could be done. Therefore I forced myself to believe that Jesus was the son of God with equal conviction to the belief I held that Galois theory could be extended.

3 After one term of the PhD in Oxford under Dr. Martin Powell, I had this strong feeling that the world would not last long enough to benefit from my pure maths research even if I could prove something useful because pure maths was 40 years ahead of theoretical physics which was 20 years ahead of engineering which was 10 years ahead of a commercial product. And I did not think we had 70 years because having done cell biology at Cambridge (along with Natural Sciences and then having changed to Maths), I thought we were within a generation of cracking ageing and I knew that man could not beat God and ageing was a penalty from him. So I reasoned that the world had to end within a generation.

4. I then went off to do a PhD in Aerodynamics at Imperial College, working on my electric quadcopter (I invented that but did not patent it due to the Benson Skymat - which was a petrol driven fixed blade multi rotor helicopter). Then I invented a magnetic levitator and licenced it to living images. Then two sisters called round doing Christian work. I said that is good work but I am a bit busy right now.

5. They sent round 2 brothers. One of whom said to me did you know Adam lived for 930 years? That Got me because I thought mankind would beat ageing when I was at Cambridge. So I said that does not surprise me tell me more. I knew they were JWs and they would try to brainwash me. But I also knew that I did not understand the gospels and thought they might help me in that regard. I also mistakenly thought that I was too clever to become brainwashed. I was wrong.

6. I became brainwashed and believed the lie that the Holy Spirit only speaks to the governing body and tells them all the new interpretations which they put in the Watchtower. That indeed is the central deception of the Watchtower by which it brainwashes its adherents.

7. After 3 years I caught up with all their understandings and I asked my study conductor the question: What are those other 2 bit part actors doing on the same stage of the Christ during his crucifixion. why did God permit them to be crucified one either side of Jesus? My study conductor, Clifton, responded saying: We will have to wait for the Kingdom to find that out. That is when I realised I had caught up with Watchtower understanding.

8. Massoud, an Iranian friend of mine from Imperial College, called me over to his flat. We then had a conversation like this

Massoud: I have read the whole bible from cover to cover in 3 months. It it an incredibly spiritual book.
Gordon: Wow I never managed that.
Massoud: Do you believe you can work out something new for yourself from the bible?
Gordon : No. Only the Governing Body of the Watchtower can do that. Because they run the true church. God tells them what scriptures mean and then they put it in the Watchtower
Massoud: So if I work out something new from the bible would that make me into the governing body of the true church?
Gordon: Yes it would. But you will never work out anything new from the bible because you are not said governing body.
Massoud. I think the 4600 evenings and mornings of Daniel8 might mean this (I cannot remember what his interpretation was).
Gordon: Let me see what the Watchtower believe - they had nothing on the subject for a modern day fulfilment.
Massoud. Since they say nothing and I have an interpretation. If I am right then I must be running the true church yes?
Gordon: Well yes. And your idea does not sound too unreasonable (whatever it was).
Massoud: Gordon YOU ARE BRAINWASHED. Can you not see it? I have known you for several years and you have one of the best brains I have ever seen. Why are you relying on the brains of old men in Brooklyn to understand God's book? I want to persuade you to read the bible with your own brain. NOT with the brains of the Governing Body, I am positive that God will show you something. Just as he showed me an interpretation of Daniel8.
Gordon: OK you have shamed me into it. You read the whole book in 3 months. I will try reading it with my mind and see where I end up

9. I got to Leviticus chapter 26 and then saw a 2nd proof of the Gentile Times. I called my study conductor Clifton and he said you could start a whole new religion on this basis. I said: The last thing the world needs is another religion.  I submitted my 2nd proof of the Gentile Times from Leviticus26 to the elders of my local Leytonstone congregation - see U121. They did nothing (as one might expect). I knew enough about selling ideas to go to the top ONLY after you have completely finished the production of your hit record. So I then thought about the significance of this 2nd proof of the 7x of the Gentile Times. I thought about the perfection of God's laws for the solar system as discovered by Newton. I asked myself does the bible have that kind of perfection in it? The answer was obviously yes. But at face value the perfection was not very visible. So I deduced it must be written in some kind of a hidden code. Somehow, I cannot remember how, I got to the key question:

If the phrase 7 times means 2520 years in Daniel4 might it mean 2520 years in other chapters of the bible such as Genesis4?

I reasoned that the book must be perfect and therefore must be in a code since the literal meaning lacks that perfection. So I thought perhaps 7 times meaning 2520 years was the code. In fact perhaps any number of times meaning that number of periods of 360 years might be the code? So Tony Massoud and myself charged through the bible substituting the word 'times' for 360 years everywhere and Letter to the Society was the result.

It helped that the local congregation had given me a talk on the 3 rights of the first born. This lead me to the Gentile Times, the Exedenic Times and the Alienation Times, the three 2520 year maledictions removing those rights from God's people - see U125.

So I bound up 12 books and Massoud and I produced 12 charts with all our Prophetic Times interpretations - see the Prophetic Times Substitution Principle of the bible code. And Massoud delivered all 12 copies of each to the 12 Governing Body members in Brooklyn on 1992Elul11. Then I heard nothing for 2 years.

10. In the meantime we were pretty pleased with ourselves, believing we had decoded the entire bible with this 'Times' = 360 years idea. Until I read Matthew 16:9-10

9 Do you not yet see the point, or do you not remember the 5 loaves in the case of the 5,000 and how many baskets you took up?
10 Or the 7 loaves in the case of the 4,000 and how many provision baskets you took up? (Matthew 16 NWT)

I realised: No. I do not yet see the point. Why were there 12 baskets of fragments taken up in the case of the 5,000 and 7 in the case of the 4,000?

Then it dawned upon us that this decoding job might be a little bit larger than we had imagined.

We then realised that every number of animals or houses or people or cities or anything else could stand for that number of day or months or years.

The path of discovery went like this.

A. 12 baskets of bread were left over from the 5,000 and 7 from the 4,000
B. The bible is not a cookery book. The physical food quite obviously stand for physical food from a true church. These are feeding campaigns of true churches which become false and then dish out baskets of fragments after Jesus has sent the crowds away (when the church falls).
C. Joseph interpreted 3 baskets of bread a 3 days in Genesis40. So we can take a basket as a day of feeding the fragments of bread.
D. Ezekiel4 says take a day for a year ass does Numbers14. And Esther 9:22 says take a day for a month

22 according to the days on which the Jews had rested from their enemies and the month that was changed for them from grief to rejoicing and from mourning to a good day, to hold them as days of banqueting and rejoicing and sending of portions to one another and of gifts to the poor people. (Esther 9 NWT)

So these baskets are 7/12 days of months or years of food left over after a true church has become false and Jesus has sent the congregation away from him.

For our latest understanding of the 4 feedings of the 5,000 and the 2 feedings of the 4,000 please see U67 (understanding67).

11. I travelled to Manhattan 3x to see the government body. I never got to see them. They instruct their adherents to knock upon everybody's doors. But when you knock upon their door, they refuse to open it, even though they profess to be your brother. However Dan Sydlik did call me at my hotel and I had several conversations with him after that by phone. He set: we know what you want to do. You want to give a bible study to the writing committee. I said: I am happy for them to give one to me. I must want to discuss mt ideas with them and do some brainstorming to see if we can understand the bible a little better. Dan said: Who really understands that book. I said precious few. He said you take huge bites out of the bible. I said I am not scared of interpreting God's book. I am only scared of selling him and his book short. He said: Are you in sales? I said no I am in research.

I said to him that in my interpretation Freddie Franz thought I was correct before he died. Dan said: I am not permitted to answer that question fully but I can tell you that he did think it was possible to know the date of the end after Jesus died. I said no one knows the date of their wedding until they have become engaged (which is saying that one could know the date of the end - the marriage of the lamb - after the last supper, which was Jesus' engagement party on the day he died).

The history of my interaction with the Watchtower administration is covered in truebiblecode dot com / history dot html

Eventually I began to see scriptures condemning the Watchtower. In particular I saw that they would fall as the Faithful and Discreet slave of Matthew24 and be cut in two. I told them this and they accepted it without comment. Then I pushed it by demanding a court case and sending my demand to every congregation containing a governing body member. That got me thrown out of the JWs on 1995Adar11..

I knew the date I would be thrown out in advance (the date of my own funeral) because the LWs are the 2nd of the 2 witnesses of Revelation11. We prophesy in sackcloth for 1260 days and my first letter was hand delivered to each of the 12 members of the Governing Body on 1992Elul11. So my witness to them was to end 1260 BLC days later on 1995Adar11. And it did. The elders called me in on 1995Adar4 and disfellowshipped me for apostasy without giving me any warning (you are supposed to get 2 warnings first). I asked them when is this effective from? And they said: 7 days time!