[215] The Marriage of the Lamb and the Evening Meal of that Marriage

The Passover, which is the 1NC celebration, is followed first fruits day, which is the marriage. This is the first day of the 7 day marriage feast. Booths is a 7 day feast containing the 2NC celebration. Now every Hebrew marriage was followed by a 7 day feast for the wedding guests. So both of these festivals take the format of a wedding feast. So this proves that there are two new covenants since we have two marriage feasts. The 1NCs got married on 2008Nisan22. We do not yet know when the 2NCs get married. 

All those invited are from the same city, the Watchtower in the second presence.

2 The kingdom of the heavens has become like a man, a king, whoever made marriage-festivities for his son [the 3 new Passovers].
And he sent forth his slaves [1NC and 2NC saints who join before the 1st new Passover - the Passover of the Watchtower Bethels, Pharaoh's throne] to call the invited [ones] [all those invited into the true Christian church, the friends of the groom - as well as the bride herself, who is the 1NC saints as a group] to the marriage-festivities [this being the 7 day marriage festivals associated with the 3rd new Passover. These are the greater festivals of cakes, unleavened bread such as this understanding and this website, wherein comments are added to scripture rather than scripture being added to comments, Beroean cakes], but they were unwilling to come [for the most part. This is not absolute].
Again he sent forth other slaves [1NC and 2NC saints who join before the 2nd new Passover - the Passover of the Watchtower Congregations - the maidens at the hand mills], saying, 'Tell the invited [ones]: Look! I have prepared my breakfast [the food of the church, wake up and eat!], my bulls and fattened [ones] are slaughtered [powerful interpreters are now available. Quite a few LWs have now got their heads around our doctrine], and all [things] are ready. Come to the marriage-festivities [the second new Passover].'
But unconcerned they went off, one to his own field, another to his commercial-business,
but the remaining [ones], having seized his slaves, treated them insolently and killed them [So of those invited, some go off to their field, some to their business and other treat the slave insolently or disfellowship them in the case of the 1NC reserves].
But the king grew wrathful, and sent his armies [descended 1NC kings and other saints in the ark] and destroyed those murderers and burned their city [the city is the administration of the 1NC church, which is GNS2, the fallen Watchtower administration, the Good for Nothing Slave].
Then [tote] he said to his slaves [LW saints], 'The marriage-feast indeed is ready, but the invited [ones] [in the city that is burnt/judged] were not worthy.
Therefore go to the exit-routes of the roads, and however many as you find invite to the marriage-festivities [call those who have left the murderous city, those who have disassociated themselves or been disfellowshipped from the Watchtower. Invite them to the 3rd New Passover. This is the Passover of the prisons of the Watchtower containing all those who have disassociated themselves or been disfellowshipped but are still nonetheless captivated by the church having not joined any other].'
Accordingly those slaves went out to the roads and gathered together all they found, wicked [ones] and good [ones]; and the bridal-chamber was filled of/with reclining [ones] [this is a clever use of reclining, meant as for a meal and meant as for a consummation. One does not eat the feast in the bridal chamber! The Bridal chamber is exclusively for the bride. It is where the marriage is consummated. Marriage consummation is not a spectator sport. The marriage feast is held in the banqueting hall. So the  1NC reserve saints recline at the evening meal and then in the bridal chamber. The invited guests recline at the evening meal and then in the banqueting hall for the 7 day marriage feast. All 6,000 1NC reserves have come into the LWs by the 3rd new Passover - the Passover of the Watchtower Prisons].
But the king having come to view the [ones] reclining saw there [not at the meal but in the bridal chamber] a man not clothed with a garment of marriage [not a 1NC saint, not having a sealed 1NC angel - which is the marriage garment, these ones presumably make false claims to get a throne].
So he said to him, 'Fellow, how did you get in here not having a/any garment of marriage?' He was rendered speechless [Because he has lied to the Passover director and falsely partaken of the covenant. This is playing false to the holy spirit. It is not a sin against men. It is a sin against God and his spirit. They are actually trying to enter into the holy spirit of the kingdom by deception. They will go to hell period. Ananias and Sapphira have nothing on these guys. The Bridal Chamber is a room in the ark as is the banqueting hall of the marriage feast. So this is an invited guest, who gets into the ark because he has an angel, he is born again (that is how he got in there), but he misrepresents his status so as to become not an invited guest but a part of the bride].
Then [tote] the king said to his servants [diakonoiV] [angels who judge this not humans]: Having bound him feet and hands [20x. Ananias and Sapphira were killed immediately. So if you are unsure about something say so. Do not falsely represent. Do not go into to the wrong room, the bridal chamber rather than the refectory. It is great just to be at the feast at all!], throw him out into the darkness, the outer [one] [exwteron] [Disfellowshipped]. There is where the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth [of him] will be [1x of weeping (weeping of the eyes would be 2x), is seeing the 3EC water baptism of the 1NC reserves. The gnashing of 14 teeth pairs, makes 14x +1x = 15x from the start of the 3rd presence on 2019Sivan11 to 2020Elul10, the end of Kingdom seizing]?
For many are invited [to the 3 new Passover marriage feasts], but few are chosen [as 1NC reserves, members of the bride] (Matthew 22).

Son's marriage parable...
SCNC (4,2,4,2,1,4,2,2,3,3,2,7) = 36 (3 threads)
SINC Man, King, Marriage-festivities, Son, Slaves, Dinner, Bulls, Field, Commercial-business, Armies, Murderers, City, Marriage-feast, Exit-routes of Roads, Roads, Bridal-chamber, Garment of Marriage, Fellow, Servants, Hand, Foot, Darkness, Weeping, Gnashing of Teeth = 24 

The features of an old Hebrew wedding were...

1 A covenant is made between the father of the bride and the groom
2. A price is agreed and paid by the groom or the groomís father if the groom is under age
3. Wine is drunk by both parties to seal the union
4. Gifts are given to the bride in advance of the arrival of the groom
5 The groom leaves his fatherís house with his best man to fetch his Bride and bring her home at an unannounced time shouting to warn of their approach
6. The bride gets her bridesmaids ready and the groom waits outside the bride's house
7. The bride and groom walk together back to the Bridal Chamber in the groom's house where they consummate the marriage whilst the best man and the chief bridesmaid wait outside that chamber.
8. When the couple come out after the consummation then they are married and the 7 day feast begins for the guests, whilst the couple go back into the chamber.
9. After 7 days the bride comes out of the chamber and the veil is taken off so that all can see who she is.

1NC Symbolism

Groom is Jesus
Groom's father is Jehovah
Bride is 144,000 1NC saints in two presences
Bride's father is Adam
Price is Jesus' death in ransom for Adam
Wine drunk is Lord's evening meal 1NC cup and ARC
Gifts are gifts of the spirit given to the 1NC saints through the hands of the apostles
Groom leaving fathers house is Jesus coming down here for ministry
Best man is Gabriel, Elijah, the one preparing the way
Bridesmaids are sons of the ICC
Jesus waiting outside the house is his being no part of the world
The bride coming out is her leaving the world in her spirit and entering into the church in the first and second presences
The walk back to Jehovah's house is the bride learning God's laws and purposes in the church
Bridal chamber is the heavenly government courtroom over the Kingdom
The marriage is the investiture of the bride as kings with Jesus over the Kingdom on 2008Nisan22
Then the 7 day marriage feast was 2008Nisan22-28. This is the consummation which is the 7 day installation of the priesthood of the 3HSC.