The Greater Altar and how Angels worship God

Under law the Jew would bring his sacrifice to the priest and the priest would put it on the altar and the sins of the Jew would be forgiven. Today the angel brings the Christian to the true church. The priest in the true church baptises him into a test which requires him to make sacrifices. In the case of 1NC kings only they are baptised into a sacrificial death. This does not mean they will be murdered like the Christ. It does mean they will die and enter into the first death rather than being raptured alive.

So the altar, which is the only place where an acceptable sacrifice can be made, is the baptismal cleansing power of the church. The priestly power of a church. The priest officiates at the altar. The sacrifices that the sons of Aaron could make mirror the baptisms that the sons of the ICC can make. Just as the lambs and the bulls invoked the blood of Moses for the one who gave them, so the baptism today invokes the blood of the validation sacrifice of the relevant covenant for the one who is so cleansed.

Here is the sacred secret. Just as the Jew served God by bringing a choice lamb, a firstborn unblemished male. So the angels today serve God by bringing a choice human, a firstborn king or lord, a saint, into the collecting vessel for the particular spirit covenant. This vessel is a true church. The Watchtower was the collecting vessel for all the non reserve 1NC saints. The LWs are the collecting vessel for all the 6,000 1NC reserve saints and the 156,000 2NC kings and reserves and finally for the 2NC OMC Kings of Benjamin.

So the angel today is like the Jew of yesterday. Worship is an individual choice. Every day the angels are making these choices.