Basics: Please read these sections in the order listed.

1      Millions of years of human fossils reconciled with Genesis 
2      A Quick Introduction to the Bible
3      The Bible and its Translations  
4      The Biblical Lunar Calendar (BLC)
5      How Ages & Reigns are counted
5a    There is a God
6      What is a Soul
7      The Ransom of Jesus for Adam
8      The Kingdom of God and the Great Crowd
9      The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Ransom Covenants, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Abrahamic Covenants and the LCC
10    The Law was a sub covenant of the 1AC and the New Covenant is a sub covenant of the 3AC and the JAC
11    The Second New Covenant, for half a kingdom, the covenant of Keturah and of Rachel
12    What exactly is baptism?
13    The 4 baptisms of the Flesh and the Spirit
14    The real 'Trinity' is just God's family
14a  What is the Holy Spirit?
14b  Who was Jesus?
15    The 4 cups of the the Last Supper
16    The Date of Armageddon without using the Code
16a  The Dates of Jesus' birth and death
17    Logical Pathways and One Step Thinking 

The First Level: Once you have grasped the basics, then please read these sections in the order listed.

Code         The 7th Generation Bible Code

31    The Date of Armageddon from the Times Principle of the Code
32    The 7 Mediators and Submediators of the 1AC, the LCC and the 3AC
33    The 2 Presences and the 6 related comings of the Christ
33a  Elijah, Coming, Lawlessness, Elijah, Coming, Manifestation
34    The 4 Slaves of the Master in the 2 Presences, 4 True Christian Religions appointed by Jesus
35    Matthew 25: The parable of the slaves given the talents
36    Luke 19: The 10 slaves the 10 minas and the 10 cities
37    The application of the 7 stars and the 7 lampstands to the Lord's day
38    Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamum, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia
39    The Symbolic Meaning of the Last Supper
40    1 Chronicles 21 & 2 Samuel 24: The 3 times of the Temple Times, the 1.1 million days and the 7 temples
41    The Fundamental Pattern
42    Further incidences of the Pattern
43    25% Survive Armageddon and 75% do not
44    Joy for the Born Agains and comfort for the Trinitarians
45    What is Worship and How should we do it? 
46    Did the Holy Spirit commit adultery with the virgin Mary?

The Next Level: Once you have grasped the First Level, then you can read the sections in any order, you should be OK !

Gospel Sections

60    John 10: The Doorkeeper and the 2 Flocks
61    The Rich Man and Lazarus
62    4 Apostles leave or mend their nets
63    The Sower of Matthew 13, Mark 4 & Luke 8
64    Who is the antetypical Judas Iscariot?
65    The 10 Virgins of Matthew 25
66    Matthew 13: The Dragnet
67    The 4 feedings of the 5,000 and the 2 feedings of the 4,000
68    The 4 Gospels relate to the 4 True Religions. There are only 4 Gospels and 5 books of Psalms making 70 books.
69    The Leaven in 3 Seah's of flour
70    The Wheat and the Weeds
71    The Phoenician Woman and her demonised daughter
72    Give us a sign of the times!
73    The First Rock and the Rock Mass
74    4 Drachmas Temple Tax
75    The young child stood in the midst of the church
76    The parable of Star Trek III

Chronological Sections

90    Ancient Calendars
91    The Chronology from Solomon to Zedekiah
92    Saul David & Solomon
93    The 450 years of Acts 13
94    The Chronology of Judges
95    The Chronology from Abraham to the Exodus
96    Chronology of early Genesis, from Adam to Abraham
97    Jehoiakimís accession and the 7800 day famine in Jerusalem of Ezekiel 4
98    The 20th year of Artaxerxes I was 455 BC
99    Evidence for 604 being the first regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar
100  The Midst Prophecy
101  The Master Chronology of Godís people from Adam to Armageddon
102  Resurrection Timetables for the Kingdom of God
103  The Monthly Sabbath System of FDS4

Prophetic Times Sections

120    John Brown's Gentile Times and 1914
121    Leviticus 26: The Gentile Times
122    Leviticus 26: The Two 70 year exiles of Judah and Israel
123    The Daniel 4 Determination of the Gentile Times  
124    The Third Determination Of The Gentile Times
125    One giant leap for mankind - The historical path taken to realise that the Gentile Times has two parallels being the loss of only one of the 3 rights/blessings of members of Godís family.
126    The 3 blessings for Godís children and the 3 rights of the firstborn
127    The Family under Law
128    The Alienation Times
129    The Festival of weeks and the 7 times of the Alienation Times
130    The Sabbath and the Jubilee debt release and the 7 times of the Alienation times
131    The Ground is cursed due to Adam and baptised in the flood
132    The Exedenic Times
133    Genesis 4: The length of the Exedenic Times
134    The 3 Annual Festivals and the 3 Maledictions
135    The 3 Maledictions of Balaam       

Sections on Daniel, Revelation and Armageddon

150    The 70 'sevens' of Daniel 9
151    Revelation 1,4,5,6,7: The one sitting upon the throne, the lamb, the 7 Seals & the 4 Horsemen of the apocalypse
152    Daniel 12: The 10 resurrections of the remnant
153    The first and last century fulfilments of the 1290 and 1335 days
154    Genesis 18: The 150 days of Armageddon
155    The Societyís 1290 days does not work & their 1335 days do not fit: For Jehovahís Witnesses
156    Daniel 7: The lion the bear the leopard and terrible beast
157    Daniel 8: The ram the goat and the 2300 evenings and mornings
158    Revelation 13 & 17: Earth born & Sea born wild beasts & an image: The meanings of 666
159    Revelation 17: 2 Harlots, 2 wild beasts
160    The New Covenant Saints ransom the Great Crowd: The 1365 days & the ransom of numbers 3
161    The first century fulfilment of the 1365 days
162    The second modern day fulfilment of the 1365 days
163    The Structure of Armageddon
164    Daniel 5: Mene Mene Tekel and Parsin
165    Revelation 12: 2 Women, 2 Flights to the Wilderness, 2 Sons
166    Revelation 14: 7 Angels in all
167    Daniel 2: The Christian congregation
168    2 Peter 3: The Lord's day and the Day of the God

Sections on Baptisms and Covenants

190    How one is born again and How one is resurrected
191    John 5: Bethzatha, The 5 Colonnades, The Intermission Times, The Nethinim
192    Matthew 20: 5 Calls to work in the householderís vineyard
193    Acts 10,11: the 96 times of the four baptisms of the 4 FDSs
194    2 Chronicles 29: 60 times of sanctification under Keturah et al
195    Jeremiah 52, 1 Kings 7, 2 Kings 25, 2 Chronicles 3,4: 96 Pomegranates to windward
196    Disfellowshipping from Godís Family
197    Faith perfected works and Works perfected faith
198    The baptism of Cornelius, into the name of the father and the son
199    Bilhah & Zilpah, Two other new covenants
200    The 4 tablets of the covenant
201    Malachi 4: The 4 Elijahís
202    The Sanctification of the Great Crowd
203    The Baptism into Moses
204    The method of baptising
205    Mesopotamia
206    The two groups of 144,000 standing on mount Zion
207    John 4: Living Water
208    John 21: The 2nd New Covenant
209    The 3 Christian Festivals
210    The Symbolic Drama of Genesis 16

General Interest Sections

220     Historical Evidence for the Flood of Noah
221     Evolution & Creation: Darwin's Finches may all be in the same species
223     What is a Cult ?
224     How the Nations Descended from Noah and the 120 year max human lifespan from Josephus
225     The Role of John the Baptist in God's Plan
227     The Politics of Reversing Babel
228     Isaiah 1,2,3: Nations will stream to the mountain of the house of Jehovah not the mountain of the house of David
229     John the Baptist was Gabriel
C12.1  Sir Isaac Newton's arguments against the Trinity
C12.2  The History of the English Bible
231     The way the truth and the life
232     Relative submission and the sacred secret police
233     The 7 FDS presidents of the first presence
234     The Munrose Hypothesis: A Brief History of Light - The date of the Big Bang from Genesis 1    
235     960 year, 480 year, 240 year and 120 year old humans
236     Genesis 3: The heavenly and earthly rebellions
237     Matthew 24, Mark 13: Concerning that day and hour, nobody knows
238     Were there any extra pre adamic humans in the ark ?
239     3 Days of worship for the sons of Israel
240     The 6 appearances of the Christ to his disciples after his resurrection
241     The True Meaning of Christmas
242     Satan has already been abyssed for several periods of 1,000 years
243     Decoding John 1:1 Satan and Michael
244     How Adam and Eve were created
245     17 attempts to prophesy the date of the expansion of the permanent membership of the UNSC.
246     The Watchtower joined the UN for 10 years in secret, the Harlot rode the Beast
247     The UN accepted the Watchtower as an associated NGO on January 28th 1992 - This was the transgression that causes desolation to them of Daniel 8, it was the placing of the disgusting thing that causes desolation of Daniel 12, Matthew 24 and Mark 13.
248     The Revealing, the Rapture and the month of Zoar
249     The sons of Israel crossed the Red Sea at the Gulf of Aqaba and Mount Sinai is in Arabia

The Prophets

270    Isaiah 30: The Twin Towers and the last 7 years
271    Elijah's Bull

Technical Sections

300     Ezra 7&8: The Return From Babylon the Great to Heavenly Jerusalem
501     The two registrations of Israel in numbers
302     Genesis 37: Joseph is sold into slavery

303     Genesis 29: Jacobs' marriage to Leah and Rachel
304     Genesis 41: 7 fat cows beside 7 thin cows
505     The 12 Comings of the Christ
506     The 5/6 earthly identities of Michael, Gabriel and Melchizedek
507     The 390 year error of Israel and the 40 year error of Judah
508     Manna from Heaven

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