[271-11] Testing God for the 24x+10x of Numbers 14:22 by the contest of 1Kings18

There WILL BE A TRUE AND REAL Laodicean Passover on 2017Chislev14. All the Laodicean armies of Jehovah came out of Egypt not in 'that night' but in the very festival day of Laodicean Cakes from 2017Chislev14-21 (430 years in Laodicea a month for a day from 2003Ab14-21, when the 2nd Laodicean was baptised). The 12 Laodicean Tribal Heads, the firstborn by baptism of Roger Knight, WILL DIE PHYSICALLY at Hebrew/true midnight on 2017CHISLEV14 (Thursday December7 around 23:51 GMT in the UK and around 23:46 EST in the US). This persuades them to board the escape boat of John6:19 on 2017Chislev16, Laodicean first fruits. At the forfeit of his firstborn let him lay its foundation (Joshua 6:26). The Passover is the time honoured manner in which God deals with rulers who enslave his people. The only way to avoid execution for the firstborn of Laodicea, the 12 Laodicean apostles and any other first generation son of Roger Knight by baptism, as far as we can see, is to be baptised into Zoar.

For the full reasoning behind our 20th extension to our 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Chislev22 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 - see U271aq

Very Brief Notes for the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2017Chislev21 (2017December14/15, the 28th Laodicean Baalian Pentecost from 2013Shebat1, and the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2017Chislev21 (2017December14/15), the late 2NC Pentecost

1. Discontinuous Gentile Times from 607Tishri15 BC to 141Tishri15 BC and from 46Tishri15 BC to 2009Tishri15 AD, the end of Satan's lease (the end of all satanic lease maledictions). Then the 7x of the Kingdom Gentile Times from 2009Tishri15 to 2016Tishri15. Then the 7x of the Laodicean Gentile Times from 2016Tishri15-2017Iyyar15. Then the coronation on 2017Elul16, late Zoar first fruits, when Jesus and the 3rd Holy Spirit (his wife, the 1NC saints) were appointed as 2nd Caesar to Zoar. Then Jesus and the 3rd Holy Spirit are installed as 2nd Caesar to Zoar on 2017Elul5, the late Zoar Pentecost having become operational themselves as Aaron to the 2NCs on 2015Chislev21, at the end of the Kingdom 2NC Alienation TImes and over Zoar 2NCs on 2017HEshvan21 at the end of the LW 2NC Alienation Times.

2. Jericho. The first campaign day began on 2010Tishri1, after our appointment/installation as sacred king over the 1NC reserves on 2010Nisan18/Tammuz7 (3rd appointment after FDS3 and Laodicea). Then each circumnavigating campaign day is one whole old/Zor secular year. The 7th campaign day is the Zoar secular year from 2017Sivan1 (if a year is started then it is finished in this campaign). So the 7th month of the 7th year is 2017Chslev. But  2017Chislev30 is the last day of the 2,000 flying pigs of Mark5 from 2012Sivan10, the end of the 2nd presence. So on that day the last true 1NC reserve leaves the Watchtower. Then on the Jubilee release day, the 10th day of the 8th month, taking a month in the 7th campaign day as a 'Sabbath' month, is 2017Tebbeth10, when the 3rd presence begins and the 2nd 1NC reserve is baptised by Thomas/Jonah into Zoar for the 1st Watchtower Passover. The correct main prediction and subprediction for the fire signs came on 2017Chislev5(US)/6(UK) and was published on 2017Chislev7, the 7th new Rosh Hashana Jericho trumpet, the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of the Jericho campaign,. Jericho777..Joshua6 requires a 7 trumpet Rosh Hashana fulfilment. We got the first part of the first answer on 2016Tishri7, the 7th day of the old secular year under Jesus. The acceptable year of Isaiah61 begins on 2017Chislev1, new Rosh Hashana, the Jericho shout at the festival of shouting trumpets and alarm.

3. The Sivan1 secular year for Zoar (from the non adamic Passover on 2012Sivan14) is changed to a Chislev1 new secular year not by the 1st Watchtower Passover which is delayed until 2017Tebbeth14 following 2Chronicles30, and not by the installation of Jesus and the 23rd Holy Spirit on 2017Elul5, but by the end of the LW Gentilr Times on 2017Chislev15, when enables Jesus to start ruling as Caesar. This may be why the ark comes to a rest on 2017Chislev17. The previous Caesar to Zoar  - Melchizedek, the king of non adamic Isaac on Eden2 - did not exercise any rulership and so had not taken the month). 

4. 12 baskets full of fragments and leftovers from the 2 fishes from the feeding of the 5,000 run from the end of the Watchtower as a true church, the end of their authorized feeding with the 5 loaves of the food baked under the authority of their 5 presidents, on 2005Sivan10. They are whole calendar years (pre formed baskets) from 2005Tishri1 to 2017Elul30. But then we have fragments (months) from 2 more fishes which are 2x2=4 more months taking us to 2017Tebbeth30. So by 2017Tebbeth30, the Watchtower must be feeding less than 5,000 1NC reserves. We know that all true 1NC reserves leave the church on or before 2017Tebbeth30, 2,000 pigs of Mark5 after 2012Tammuz10, the end of the 2nd presence, when the 1NC reserves became swine, unclean in the flesh.

5. Elijah asks his attendant in 1Kings18:43 to Go back for the 7x of the LW 2NC Alienation Times from 2010Heshvan21 (a prediction no show) to 2017Heshvan21. Then the next Watchtower Baalian Pentecost after that is 20917Chislev10, the 90th Watchtower Baalian Pentecost from 2005Sivan10. The next Laodicean Baalian Pentecost is 2017Tebbeth10, the 26th from 2014Sivan1 (inclusively). Whereas the next divine 50 counted Pentecost festival is the late 2NC Pentecost on 2017Chislev21, the 2nd and the 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18.

6. Elijah asks his attendant in 1Kings18:43 to Go back for 7x after the 1st fire sign crossing 2010Chislev21, and he gets to 2017Chislev21, the 2nd and the 3rd fire signs! Simples!

7. 22 But all the men [3x] who have been seeing my glory [1x] and my signs that I have performed in Egypt [3x] and in the wilderness [3x] and yet kept testing me this/these 10 times, and have not listened to my voice [1x].
23 will never see the land about which I swore to their fathers, yes, all those treating me without respect will not see it [3x]. (Numbers 14 NWT)

3x.(1x+3x+3x+1x)+3x=27x with 10x of testing. 

27 years from 1992Elul11 (when Letter to the Society was hand delivered to Brooklyn) to 2019Nisan14 when all disrespect of Jehovah on this planet ends. This count was first seen as 24x at start of 2017Tammuz8 in a talk with Frank. We saw it as 27x on 2017Chislev10.

10x from 2008Nisan22, the appointment of the Kingdom of God, to 2018Nisan21, the last day of 1st adamic Cakes, when public sector Adam is denied entrance into the 1AC if they have not responded and joined Zoar. If you fail to listen to the voice of God during the first 10 years after the end of the ARC world, then for the firstborn of the public sector of Adam, who are passed over on 2018Nisan14, it will be too late. They will not see the land about which God swore to Abraham.

2006Nisan21 (the day after Dan Sydlik died), was the day Gordon decided to write to Don Adams again telling him precisely how to celebrate the Passover so that no more 1NCs would die without having properly celebrated it. Ahab (the Laodicean members of the governing body) did then go up and eat and drink on 2006Iyyar14. The 2nd letter was sent on 2006Nisan21/22.

The first letter after 2005Sivan10 was the 2006Nisan8 letter to Don Adams, then the Red Lobster letter of 2006Nisan18/19. Then Dan Sydlik died on 2006Nisan20. Then Gordon decided on 2006Nisan21 to instruct Don Adams on how to correctly celebrate the Passover so that no more 1NCs died without having celebrated properly. He sent an email to the church telling them this on 2006Nisan21. Then he sent the 2nd letter to Don Adams on 2006Nisan21-22. So anyone who tests God for 10 years in the Kingdom and does not listen to his voice during that time will not enter into the land about which he swore to the patriarchs - because he misses the 1AC.

So from 2006Nisan21 signs and glory were in Egypt (slavery to Baal) AND in the wilderness
But from 1992Elul11 they were in the wilderness but not in Egypt. The 40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty started on 1976Tishri1.

8. The Giant image of the man of Daniel2 is Adam. The non abrahamic version of him (non 1AC Adam) is finished by 2018Adar4, the last day of the lava flood from 2018Chislev15. There is another Time of the end from 2017Chislev15, the end of the LW Gentile Times, to 2018Chislev15, the start of the lava flood. But the Abrahamic version (1AC Adam) continues until 2019Nisan14, the 3rd Abrahamic Passover, the end of ex 1AC Adam. The 10 toes are 10 kingdoms of the 10 kings of Revelation17 who give their power and authority for one hour representing 10x precisely. These are 10 months precisely from 2018Tammuz5 to 2019Iyyar5, the end of the world, the installation of the Kingdom. They are preceded by the 4 months precisely of the 4 headed 4 winged Leopard like beast from 2017Adar5-2018Tammuz5. Then 6 months of the Mark of the Beast test run from 2018Iyyar16 (616 new Heshvan1 secular) to 2018Heshvan16. All of the body parts in the image of Daniel2 are kingdoms not time periods. The image of a man is a statue representing the march of supreme nation states over God's people from Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece, Rome, UK-US (the 2 legs). This is a white nationalist supremacist imperialist slave owning Nazi statue in the eyes of misled modern man. So it must be toppled in favour of extreme left globalist totalitarianism (true Nazis - who were socialists not right wingers) and a worldwide political monopoly which is completely against the nation state design of God and operated by Satan. Globalism is a coup against Satan by the balance of the dragon. It is a sedition against every nation state by the most megalomanic of people GNazis, Globalist Nazis.

9. Adam is passed over on 2018Nisan14/Iyyar14/Sivan14. Escape from Adam into Abraham must end on the last day of final adamic Cakes on 2018Sivan21. So the last 195 days of 1AC entrance run from 2017Chislev7, to 2018Sivan21. 

10. Lift up your rod, and stretch out your non adamic hand upon the sea from 2012Heshvan21 (when we were installed over Zoar) and split the sea [~y] of the world on 2017Chislev21, by the 2nd and 3rd fire signs which occur as predicted (a stretched out had is dead on 5x, which are 5 years, upon the sea is a further month and split the waters apart from 2017Chislev21 onwards, the late 2NC Pentecost - see U358. Then, on 2017Tebbeth17, all the springs of the vast watery deep are busted in two, it being the 17th day of the 2nd month of the new secular year of Genesis 7:11. 

11. Double light, Noon, for Laodicean 1NC reserves from the start of feeding operations of FDS4 at the end of the LW 1NC Alienation Times on 2009Chislev21 to the fall of Laodicea as a true church at the end of the 40 days of Laodicean spying from 2014Nisan21 to 2014Sivan1. 3 years 6 months and 20 days before noon is 2006Sivan1, when the bilateral contest began. 3 years 6 months and 20 days after noon is 2017Chislev21, the 2nd and 3rd fire signs, the last day of 1st Laodicean Cakes, when Laodicea stops competing. Then the Laodicean concubine of Judges19 falls with her hands upon the threshold of the Watchtower wishing to leave, due to the fire signs from 2017Chislev21-2017Tebbeth2, the full light of Hanukkah (she fell until the light). She falls again with her hands upon the threshold of Zoar from 2017Tebbeth5 to 2017Tebbeth16, when Caleb baptises her into the autonomous land of Jonah. Laodicea can miss the 1st Watchtower Passover because she has already been passed over. She has had her sign.

12. There are 2 periods of 3 sevens of mourning or not partaking in Daniel10:
2017Chislev1-21 (mourning the demise of the Laodicea and the Watchtower administration in the new secular year) before the 2nd and 3rd fire signs.
2017Chislev24-2017Tebbeth14 (1st Watchtower Passover 1NC reserves not partaking after accepting 1NC reserve status and mourning after the vision) 

13. From Wednesday 1922September13 (Cedar Point ADV - go forth and advertise the King and his kingdom - 1992Elul18/19) to 2005Sivan10 (Thursday/Friday May19/20) was 30,199 solar days with 4314 weekly Sabbaths from 1922September15/16 to 2005May13/14, and 83 Atonement days 15 of which were weekly Sabbaths ((1928, 1931, 1934, 1938, 1948, 1951, 1955, 1958, 1961, 1962, 1975, 1978, 1982, 1985, 2002). So the total is 4314+83-15=4382 solar days. These would run from 2005May19/20 (2005Sivan10) to 2017August6/7 (2017Ab10/11/12). Perhaps on 2017Ab10, temple burning day, Laodicean 1NC reserves gave up?

FDS3 was installed over the saints (Jesus' belongings) on 1915Sivan7. So the first secular year under FDS3 began on 1915Tishri1. So the Sabbath years began in 1921, 1928, 1935, 1942, 1949, 1956, 1963, 1964 (Jubilee), 1971, 1987, 1985, 1992, 1999. So the Watchtower missed 13 years of land Sabbaths. It ran up 13 years of Sabbath error. These are paid back from 2005Tishri1 to 2018Elul30, during which time they are a false church (having fallen on 2005Sivan10). So there must be a JW alive outside of Zoar on 2018Elul30 to pay off the last day of the Sabbath error penalty. So the final Abrahamic Passover execution must occur after then. We presently have it occurring on 2019Nisan14. 2018Adar4 is the last day of the lava flood, the end of non 1AC Adam. 

34 Then the land shall enjoy its Sabbaths, all the days of the desolation. And you shall be in the land of your enemies; then the land shall enjoy rest, and shall enjoy its Sabbaths.
35 It shall rest all the days of the desolation, that which it has not rested in your Sabbaths while you lived on it. (Leviticus 26 GLT)

14. The 6,000 day working week of the LWs began not on 2000Elul16, the baptism of Tony, nor on 2000Tishri16, the baptism of Jamie, but on 2000Heshvan21, the installation of the composite administration/priesthood of FDS4 (with at least 2 people, a 2nd installation after Gordon on 1997Heshvan21). A congregation requires 2 people. A land requires 3 people, since an administration requires 2 to make a judgement on the 3rd, and those 2 are in the mountain overseeing the land. But we died on 2012Sivan14 to Adam and were re-appointed/re-installed as priests on 2012Tishri2/Heshvan21, so there was a 157 day gap when we were unemployed by God. That extends the end of the working week from 2017Tammuz20 to 2017Chislev27. Then the 1,000 day LW Sabbath during which we reign with the Christ present runs from 2017Chislev28 to 2020Tishri7. The holes in the 3rd Holy Spirit and Charles Russell appear on 2017Chislev21 in the cloud of the 3rd fire sign and we must baptise the holes into Zoar, who then take 7 whole days of installation from 2017Chislev21-27. So on 2017Chislev28, they can work to evangelise for Zoar rather than us. That presumably is our Sabbath. Baptising the holes does not start a presence apparently. For a presence is the presence of the body, not the presence of the holes in the body! Baptising a hole does not give you the body!

15. Mike's dream. Mike dreamt about fire signs blowing up a bridge and a calendar flicking through the days plural of August. This could mean either that the two fire sign occur in August, or that they occur not too long after August. We now have the 2nd and 3rd fire signs occurring on 2017December. So flicking through November might have been more use. Furthermore he dreamt that he was in a meeting with men speaking in a Berlin accent. This is a count of 3x and a East West confrontation. Mike had the dream in August 2014. So it applies to August 2017 a man for a year. The East west confrontation is Korea verses US. But Korea is a proxy for Putin/China. That is the problem. No little guy challenges a big guy unless he has a bigger guy behind him. Russia has been punished for a hacking that it did not do. Congress for misperceived political advantage over Trump, has baited Russia. Perhaps Russia or China are baiting the US through North Korea. Or perhaps the demons are baiting everyone through North Korea and Congress?

16. We presently have the 430 years in the Egyptian prison of Laodicea a month for a day as running from the start of the Laodicean congregation on 2003Ab14-21 to 2017Chislev14-21, when all the armies of Jehovah leave the Egypt of Laodicea and head for Zoar. The 430 years must essentially run from Passover/Cakes to Passover/Cakes (since that was the 'day' of escape for the Jews). Joseph of Genesis40, presides over 5 Passovers not 6. So the Laodicean Passover on 2017Chislev14 is not celebrated by the LWs - which means all of the firstborn of Laodicea are going to die in our fallible understanding..

17. Solomon's temple then 70 years in Babylon then Zerubbabel's temple. This becomes the Watchtower then 74 months of the 2nd part of the 2nd presence in the prison of Laodicea from 2006Iyyar10 to 2012Tammuz10, then Zoar. We now have the length of the 1NC reserve temple being exiled in the Babylon of Laodicea as at least 70 months. That is correct and fulfils Jeremiah25 and Jeremiah29 and 2Chronicles36 etc..

11 And all this land must become a devastated place, an object of astonishment, and these nations will have to serve the king of Babylon 70 years.'
12 And it must occur that as/when 70 years have been filled I shall call to account against the king of Babylon and against that nation, is the utterance of Jehovah, their error, even against the land of the Chaldeans, and I will make it desolate wastes to time indefinite. (Jeremiah 25 NWT)

18. The moon being tuned into blood was the blood moon, the total lunar eclipse on the Passover day on 2015Nisan14 - which was visible in the pacific and the US. The sun becoming dark at the same location was the total solar eclipse on 2015Adar24. But that total solar eclipse was only visible over the pacific and Indonesia where there are no LWs (but some JWs). Whereas the total solar eclipse on 2017Ab25, the great American Eclipse, was visible over all of America where we do have LWs. We thinks that the 2015Adar24 eclipse completed the double sign of Acts2 and Joel2 for the old Sabbath year from 2016Tishri1-2017Elul30 and the 2017Ab25 great American eclipse completed the double sign for the new Sabbath year from 2017Heshvan1 - 2018Tishri30. And these two are separately the Great and the Epiphanaic days/years of Jehovah.

19. The fire sign that kick starts Zoar and sees the appearance of the 3rd Holy Spirit, must occur at a Zoar or a 2NC Pentecost since we are Zoar and a 2NC church. The 2nd Holy Spirit appeared at the 1NC Pentecost because FDS1 was a 1NC church NOT because the 2nd Holy Spirit were 1NCs. The 2nd Holy Spirit were angels and God's wife, they were not 1NCs.

20. We must burn the temple on the 10th something of the 5th month of this sacred year. Perhaps the 2NC or 4EC temple of Laodicea was burnt on 2017Ab10? The Watchtower temple is burnt on 2018Nisan10, which is the 10th day of the 5th month of the 19th old then Zoar then new Chislev1 secular year of Gordon over the 2NCs, the day the JW 4EC water baptism ends.

21. Vesuvius erupted around noon on August 24 Julian 79 AD (79August22 Gregorian and according to Pliny the younger, which was 79Ab26 - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Vesuvius). This produced a rising lava and ash cloud on the West coast of Italy (Just East of Rome but West from Jerusalem and most of Christianity). The eruption lasted 8 days until 79Elul4/5 - https://www.wired.com/2009/08/0824-vesuvius-pompeii-pliny/. Then there was a massive downpour of Ash. So this fulfils Luke 13:54-56 in the 1st presence. TCC1 lost its water baptism on 80Tishri10 we presently understand - due to idolatry with Rome.

22. 1 And it came about in the 6th year [of the exile in Babylon] [of the exile of Jesus from 2012Sivan10], in the 6th [month], on the 5th [day/festival day/non late festival day/day of Cakes] of the month [2017Heshvan5 of the Sivan1 Zoar secular year]. I was sitting in my house [1x] and the older men of Judah were sitting to faces of me [3x/9x] [as in Acts2], and the hand of the Sovereign Lord Jehovah fell upon me there [1x+3x/9x+5x+1x=10x/16x from 2017Heshvan5 - 2017Heshvan21, the end of the LW 2NC Alienation Times. That is when the 3rd Holy Spirit falls upon the true church FDS4 running Zoar. It fell on FDS1 at the 1NC Pentecost on 33Sivan5 at the end of the Alienation Times]. (Ezekiel 8 NWT)
2 And I looked, and behold, a likeness as the look of fire, from the appearance of His loins and downward, [like] fire, and from His loins and upward, as the look of brightness, like the colour of polished bronze. (Ezekiel 8 GLT)

The vision is of the fire sign which divides the downward looking physical man from the upward looking spiritual man. The hand that falls is the 3rd Holy Spirit. The people are sitting as in Acts2 at the late Zoar Pentecost. This is the Pentecostal fire sign prediction, a report from the heavens of a violent explosion and an outpouring of the 3rd Holy Spirit, the arrival of Jesus at Zoar. Then the 2nd fire sign produces a report in the news about fire in the heavens and the 3rd fire sign produces a report in the news about a fire sign in the heavens both at the late 2NC Pentecost on 2017Chislev21. 

23. 1 In the second year of Darius the king (of Satan from 2015Sivan1 over Adam), In the month, the 6th, in day one to the month [2016Heshvan1 of the Zoar Sivan1 secular year], the word of Jehovah occurred in hand of Haggai, the prophet [5x] to Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, the governor of Judah [1x], and to Joshua, the son of Jehozadak, the high priest [1x] [5x.2x=10x], saying:
This is what Jehovah of armies has said, 'As regards this people, they have said [3x]: Not, time has come, time of house of Jehovah for [it] to be built [1x] [5x.2x.3x=30x from 2016Heshvan1 to 2019Nisan12, the end of Kingdom salvation. The building time runs from 2017Adar13 (once Jesus has been fully laid) to 2018Adar12/VeAdar12 the end of Zoar entry]

3 And the word of Jehovah was occurring [imperfect] in hand of Haggai, the prophet [on 2017Chislev24 of verse15. 5x], saying:
4 [Is this] the time [] for you yourselves to dwell in your panelled houses, and this house is dry/desolate? [3x+1x=4x. 5x.4x=20x from 2017Chislev24-2017Tebbeth14, the 1st Watchtower Passover. A singular house compared to Hebrew plural houses - for 3 Passovers] (Haggai 1)

In the literal meaning it was not the time to be dwelling in panelled houses whilst God's house was desolate. In the greater meaning they do from 2017Chislev24 to 2017Tebbeth14, when they experience a rude awakening in the form of a Passover execution.

12 And Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel [2NC saints], and Joshua the son of Jehozadak the high priest [1NC reserves], and all the remaining ones of the people [JWs in general] were listening/listened [waw consecutive] to the voice of Jehovah their God, and to the words of Haggai the prophet, as Jehovah their God had sent him; and the people were fearing/feared [waw consecutive] face of Jehovah. [s paragraph end sign]
13 And Haggai the messenger of Jehovah was saying/said [waw consecutive] to the people according to the messenger's commission from Jehovah, saying: 'I am with you people,' is the utterance of Jehovah.
14 And Jehovah proceeded to rouse up/awaken the spirit of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, the governor of Judah [2NC Kings], and the spirit of Joshua the son of Jehozadak the high priest [1NC Reserves], and the spirit of all the remnant of the people [2NC Lords? LWs?] [3x] [List of spirits so definitely a sentence count. And it counts as 3x precisely, since the word spirit is repeated 3x. They could be the 3 Passover destructions which are wake up calls!] and they began to enter in and to do the work in the house of Jehovah of armies their God
[p Account end sign].

15 in/at/around/concerning the 24th to the month in the 6th [2016Elul24 or 2017Chislev24, the vision of Daniel10, in the 6th year of the lack of presence] in the second year of Darius the king [the 2nd secular year of Jesus over non Adam who gets the Zoar 2017Sivan1 year then the new 2017Chislev1 secular year - Satan over Adam and Jesus over non Adam] [What? The word occurring, the rousing up? It is the word occurring in verse 3 due to the account end marker sign Pey at the end of verse 14] (Haggai1).

24.17 And it came about as Ahab saw Elijah, and Ahab said to him: Is this you, the [one] ostracising Israel? 
18 To this he said: I have not ostracised Israel, although/which/whereas you and the house of your father [have] [1x+2x=3x. Laodicea became a false church - ostracised from God - on 2014Sivan1 as a result of a faithless spying report. And the house of Russell became a false church on 2005Sivan10], in [that] ye left the commandments of Jehovah [3x.3x=9x], and you went following the Baals [3x]

19 And now send [1x] [and/in order to] gather all Israel [12x, the 12 tribes of Israel - Ephraim and Manasseh are two different tribes but whole sons] [Gather all the 12 tribes of the 4EC water baptism, to me - so Elijah remains as head of Zoar at least until the end of his water baptism] to me [Elijah] [Elijah is called a prophet of Jehovah in the account] unto Mount Carmel [meaning Garden Land - This is Zoar] and [send and/in order to gather or just gather] namely [i.e. specifically] the 450 prophets of Baal and the 400 prophets of the sacred pole, [ones] eating of the table of Jezebel [0x/1x+0x/1x+12x+450x+400x - this is a word symbolism - but it is also a count. Does it not matter that he in fact may have unwittingly collected 50 or all of the 100 prophets of Jehovah as well?]

20 And Ahab proceeded to send in/among all the sons of Israel [13x, 13 sons and 12 tribes - since Ephraim and Manasseh were whole sons but tribes] and gather the prophets together unto Mount Carmel [450x of Baal + Elijah - the 400 prophets of Asherah never showed up - hence they stand for our 400 no show predictions. Elijah evidently was not gathered by Ahab. But this is a word symbolism so this could be 551 prophets if we include the 100 prophets of Jehovah. Mind you Ahab did not consciously collect those] (1Kings 18). 

450x+400x (from verse 19)+450x (from verse 20) prophets = 1300x prophets from 2014Sivan1 to 2017Tebbeth10, when the 3rd presence begins and the prophets begin to be gathered.

This period was first seen as 1325x days, running between 2011Chislev30 and 2015Tishri5 (should have been 2015Elul5) on 2015Nisan29 at 01:00 on Sunday morning. 

25. 25 And there shall be upon every high mountain [BIG], and upon every high hill [SMALL], rivers [BIG] [and] streams of waters [SMALL] in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall [911, 2001 was small and then the 2nd/3rd fire signs are big].
26 And the light of the moon [1x] shall be like the light of the sun [1x]. And the sun's light shall be sevenfold [7x brighter when compared to the normal light of the sun], as the light of seven days [7x], in the day [not literal] of binding up, Jehovah [binding] the break of His people, and healing the wound of His blow [] (Isaiah 30 GLT).

1x+1x+7x+7x=16x lights, which can be moons or suns. So this is16 months or 16 years. There are 16 months from 2017Chislev14 or 2017Chislev21, the 2nd and 3rd fire sign and the arrival of the 3rd Holy Spirit at Zoar, to 2019Nisan12, the end of Kingdom salvation, the last day of entrance into the 3rd Abrahamic Passover. There are 16 years (sacred year starts) from 2001Heshvan10, the breakdown of God's people in the Watchtower, the end of the 3EC water baptism, to 2017Chislev14/21, which begins the process of healing the would, the gap in the flesh.

Also the light of the moon becomes as the light of the sun at the equinox. The Autumnal equinox in 2017 is September22 at 19:57 GMT, which is 2017Elul28.  So the dead moon of Laodicea and the living shining Sun of Zoar begin uniting after the autumnal equinox which is coincident with the Virgo-Leo-Jupiter Revelation12 sign of the woman giving birth! That is a double astronomical sign. Which appears to have been coincident with nothing.

If the sun's light is 7 times as/like the light of 7 days, then it is 49x the light of one day and we have the festival of Weeks. 2017Chislev21 is the end of the 50 count from late 2NC first fruits on 2017Heshvan2, it is the festival after the 7 weeks of late 2NC Weeks. But the light of the sun is like the light of the moon. There are 49 BLC moons from the installation of Zoar over the Jewish 2NCs on 2013Heshvan21 (after the expiration of the ministry payback period) to 2017Chislev21, the 2nd and 3rd fire signs - which begin day of the great slaughter when the towers of Manhattan fall..

It is also possible that the nuclear flash, the light and the heat of the US bomb (or some later bomb), is 7x larger than the light of the UK bomb or vice versa. Oh dear.

26. The 551st 2NC Pentecostal contest day (2017Tishri2) must be significant in a contest attended by 551 prophets. Elimelec contacted us on 2017Tishri2. He was post wilderness first fruits from the website. Actually he contacted us on the last day of the LW Exedenic Times from 2010Tishri2-2017Tishri2 a malediction on those in the LWs entering into the promised land of the rest of the LW congregation to come.

27. The 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 are also...

The stone hitting the feet of the image of Daniel2
The 2nd fire sign of 2Kings1
The cloud rising upon Wests of Luke12:54-56
The sword stroke to the 7th head of the wild beast of Revelation13.
The clouds of Matthew24, Luke21 and Mark13, upon which Jesus comes
The sign of the son of the man, which appears in the heavens.
The start of the day of the big slaughter of Isaiah30

28. 13 And the sixth angel trumpeted; and I heard voice one out of the horns of the altar, the golden the (one) in sight of the God [1x/2x. Horns which have voices. There were 4 horns on the altar of Moses. But this is merely a Greek plural so 2x]
say to the 6th angel, the [one] having the trumpet [6x]: Untie the 4 angels [4x], the [ones] bound upon/over the river, the great Euphrates [2x]  
And the 4 angels were untied [4x], the [ones] having been prepared into the hour and day and month and year [4 years 4 months 4 days and 4 hours. No sentence count because the time period is precisely specified already], in order that [having completed said preparatory period] they may kill a 3rd of the men [2/3x = 16 hours. 2013Elul5, the late Zoar Pentecost, to 2017Tebbeth10, the start of the 3rd presence] (Revelation9).

So 4y+4m+4d+4h from the start of the preparation on 2012Sivan16 to 2016Tishri20 when we got the correct understanding of the 2NC Solemn Assembly held on Tishri22 and completed the Christianising of all the Mosaic festivals. This completed our doctrinal preparation.

AND 4y+4m+4d+4h + 2/3 day= 4y+4m+4d+4h+16h= 4y+4m+4d+20h of preparation from 2013Elul5, the late Zoar Pentecost, when we finished our installations by being installed as non adamic priests to the physical Jews (after the ministry payback period from 2009Tishri14-2013Nisan20) to 2017Tebbeth10, the start of the 4EC water baptism for fire sign responders (other than Jonah/Thomas and Caleb/AOL, the 2 Laodicean spies of Joshua2). 

The 4 apostles are baptizing into 4 of the 12x 2NC tribes (1/3rd of the tribes). So their installation to do that ends at the late Zoar Pentecost on 2013Elul5. Verse 15 is plainly a witness to 4x since year, month, day and hour are all times. 4x after 2013Elul5 is 2017Elul5 when the 3rd Holy Spirit was appointed as Caesar to Zoar.

29. 20 discontinuous years of Jacob working for the flock from 1997Heshvan21, the installation of Elijah4 over the 2NCs to 2017Heshvan21/Chislev21, the 2nd/3rd fire signs?.

30. 9 happinesses of the sermon on the mount of Matthew5, from when his disciples came up to him on the mountain on 2018Sivan14, for the Passover, after he took Zoar over on 2018Sivan12, to 2018Adar14, the end of Zoar, 9x which are 9 months precisely.

31. We now have the 3rd Holy Spirit being baptised into the church at the late 5th marriage Pentecost, the chief of the 3rd 50 of 2Kings1 on 2018Sivan12, the last day of entrance into the 3rd adamic Passover. 2017Sivan12 is a Palm Sunday scenario, when the King should ride into Jerusalem as the high priest of Zoar seated upon the garments, the priesthood, over the colt of the ass, upon which no one had sat before (Mark11 Luke19). That is Laodicea. The ass and the colt are both bound and must be loosed. The ass is never said to be tied. We do not sit upon that colt. It rules itself. We give them law. We do not preside over their law - neither did the Watchtower police 4EC law - they must have managed themselves. The colt of the Ass, the offspring of the ass, is the autonomous church. For the Laodicean Exedenic Times lasts from 2017Chislev16 (Laodicean first fruits) to 2018Tammuz16, late Isaaic/Zoar first fruits. 'Palm Sunday' must precede a Passover of Adam.

9 Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem! Behold, your King comes to you! He is righteous and being victorious, humble, and riding on an ass, even on a colt, the son of an ass. (Zechariah 9 GLT)
9 Rejoice exceedingly, O daughter of Zion, Shout, O daughter of Jerusalem, Lo, thy King doth come to thee, Righteous -- and saved is He, Afflicted -- and riding on an ass, And on a colt -- a son of she-asses. (Zechariah 9 YLT)

2 saying to them, 'Go on to the village over-against you, and immediately ye shall find an ass bound, and a colt with her -- having loosed, bring ye to me;
3 and if any one may say anything to you, ye shall say, that the lord hath need of them, and immediately he will send them.'
4 And all this came to pass, that it might be fulfilled that was spoken through the prophet, saying,
5 'Tell ye the daughter of Zion, Lo, thy king doth come to thee, meek, and mounted on an ass, and a colt, a foal of a beast of burden.'
6 And the disciples having gone and having done as Jesus commanded them,
7 brought the ass and the colt, and did put on them their garments, and set {him} upon them; (Matthew 21 YLT)

The 3rd Holy Spirit is baptised into the autonomous congregation. Then the two churches of Zoar are united on 2018Tammuz16, the end of the Laodicean Exedenic Times, at late Zoar first fruits.

32. 9 Look! I am giving out of the synagogue of the Satan, of the (ones) saying themselves Jews to be, and not they are but they are lying [Laodicean 2NCs - who lose their angels]], - look! I shall make them in order that they will come and they will do obeisance in sight of the feet of you, and they should know that I loved you. (Revelation 3 KIT)

1x+10x=11x days from 2017Chislev24, the vision of Daniel10, to 2017Tebbeth5, when Laodicea falls at the entrance to the house of the man, with her hands upon the threshold of Zoar from 2017Tebbeth5-2017Tebbeth16.

34. 6 Render/Give-back to her even as she herself rendered/Gave-back, and do to her twice the double according to the works of her; in the cup in which she mixed, mix double for her [1x+4x.2x+2x=11x]
To the extent that she glorified herself and lived in luxury, to that extent give her torment and mourning
[2x.2x=4x. Total is 11x+4x=15x from 2017Tebbeth14, the 1st Watchtower Passover to 2019Nisan14, the end of unsealed Abraham]. Because in her heart she keeps saying, 'I sit a queen, and I am no widow, and I shall never see mourning.'

Watchtower payback (give back) period is 15 months from 2017Tebbeth14 to 2019Nisan14.

35. 3 [It was] In the going of the man eastward [1x - water baptism direction] and a measuring line in his hand [5x], and he proceeded to measure 1,000 in/by the cubit [6x.1000x=6000x, BLC days from 2001Heshvan10 to 2018Tammuz10 - but with the 157 days gap from 2012Sivan14-2012Heshvan21, taking us to 2018Chislev17, the end of FRC entrance into Zoar?] and he was making me pass-over in the waters [from bank to bank, fording the stream], waters of ankles [waters of ankle level -  2017Tebbeth14].

He started measuring from when the waters were running down out of the temple, through the East outer gates of the 4EC, to the right side (the JW side) i.e. from 2001Heshvan10, when the Watchtower lost its 4EC water baptism.

2018Heshvan30 is 42 months of Revelation13 after 2015Sivan1
2018Chislev17 is 6000 + 157 days of Ezekiel47 after 2001Heshvan10. It is alos 1 year precisely after the ark come to a rest. Yet another Time of the End of Daniel12.. 
2019Nisan14, the 3rd abrahamic Passover is 15 months of Revelation18 after 2017Tebbeth14, the 1st Watchtower Passover.
2019Nisan12 is 70 solar weeks of Daniel9 after 2017Chislev21, when the word goes forth in the form of the 3rd Holy Spirit arriving at Zoar.