[101] The Master Chronology of God's people from Adam to Armageddon

___Adam's eviction on 3993Nisan15 BC to the end of non 1AC Adam on 2018Nisan14 to the end of ex Abrahamic re-Adam and the end of entry into the 1st death on 2018Ab14 ___ 

God executes the faithless at various Passovers from 2017Iyyar14 to 2018Ab14. That is the only killing of men that God performs at the end. He sets fire to nobody. The lava flood begins after the final Passover execution of Adam on 2018Nisan14 and runs for 40+40 days to 2018Tamuz4. It does not touch Abraham who negotiated with God for the salvation of his covenant sons in the greater meaning of Genesis18. And God said to Abraham...

1 After these things the word of Jehovah came to Abram in a vision, saying: Do not fear, Abram. I am a shield for you. Your reward will be very great. (Genesis 15 NWT)

The lava flood is the planet's reaction to global warming and nuclear abuse. God protects Abraham during that flood. And the planet fixes itself by sneezing violently. 

So Abraham inherits the Kingdom on 2018Nisan14, at the end of the 11 Prophetic times of Abraham's Times of his sacrifice of Genesis14. But even he must be sealed to continue in that Kingdom. The 3 months from 2018Nisan14-Tammuz14 are the period of Omega Covenant sealing represented by the two robbers crucified on either side of the Christ.  Entrance into Zoar ends on 2018Tammuz12. Zoar itself ends on 2018Tammuz14 as does the world, since Zoar is a hiding place from the world. The Kingdom of God is appointed on 2018Tammuz16, late Zoar first fruits and installed on 2018Elul5, the late Zoar Pentecost (being a greater Zoar a 2nd Zoar and so being appointed/installed at the 2nd Zoar first fruits/Pentecost). 2018Tammuz14 is the Passover of pre kingdom baptised Abraham and 2018Ab14 is the Passover of Kingdom baptised Abraham and the end of entrance into the 1st death. The final month of seizing of the 450 prophets of Baal from 2017Iyyar13, a day for a prophet, which runs from 2018Tammuz13-2018Ab12 is a seizing for Gehenna, since it is too late to enter into Zoar, and let not a man escape from them, a man for a month in 1Kiings18.  

Those of Abraham who fail to be seized in time, have shown no desire to be a part of the Kingdom of God, notwithstanding their love for their fellow man which entered them into the 1AC. These ones have the second law but reject the first. They think they taught themselves how to love. They fail to acknowledge the artist of love, the inventor of love, Jehovah God. They purchased his masterpiece and then they falsely represent that they themselves painted it. So the first death ends for Adam on 2018Nisan14. But it ends for Abraham on 2016Tammuz14 and on 2018Ab14, the pre kingdom baptised and kingdom baptised Abrahamic Passovers, when those who are to be saved through Hades, the last chance salooners, the sons of the Omega Covenant die the first death but are passed over for the 2nd. So adamic death for Adam ends 6010 years after he sinned and was sentenced. But Abraham gets 3 more months of salvation and 4 more months of existence. The two sides of Abraham, Mr last minute faith and Mr last minute derision are pictured by the two robbers crucified on either side of the Christ. Remember me when you get into your Kingdom the repentant one said. Well the Kingdom of God is appointed on 2018Tammuz16, late Zoar first fruits after Zoar finishes on 2018Tammuz14. But this is when the sons of the OMC (the Omega Covenant) who were Passover executed on 2018Tammuz14 are resurrected into the Kingdom. For the Abrahamic Passovers are of the 2nd death not the first. So that is how Jesus remembers them - by resurrection into the very body he died in. Indeed they are in the same judgement as Jesus.

The unrepentant demons of the dragon are sent to Gehenna at demonic/dragon's Passover on 2017Adar14. So the dragon controlled world lasts for a period of 6008 years 5 months from 3992Tishri14 to 2017Adar14. The first 18 months of the world from Adam's sin on 3993Nisan14 to 3992Tishri14 (Nisan1 calendar) were under Jesus. 

Michael's 6,000 year lease, the ARC world, ran from 3993Nisan14 to 2008Nisan14.
Satan's 6,000 year lease, the world of destructive competition, ran from 3992Tishri14 to 2009Tishri14.

So Jesus' first regnal year begins on 2010Nisan1. So the 7th old secular year of being in the Kingdom under Jesus (entirely under Jesus and entirely in the Kingdom) runs from 2016Tishri1-2017Elul30, the old secular year, for Adam and for Abraham outside of Zoar, but the 7th new kingdom secular year for Zoarites, occasioned by the first Watchtower Passover on 2017Iyyar14 as predicted by Exodus12 and by the secular rulership change resulting from ark entrance after 2017Nisan17 of Genesis 8:4, runs from 2017Nisan1-2017Adar30. During this new Sabbath year under Jesus, all kingdom citizens enter into God's rest (the 1,000 year Sabbath of the Kingdom of God) by entering into a sealing covenant and/or by entering into the ark. For Hebrew slaves must be released in the 7th year. And Hebrew is the widest possible definition of God's people. So all the citizens of the kingdom will be set free one way (the ark) or another (refusing the mark and therefore not paying Caesar any taxes) sometime between 2017Nisan1 and 2017Adar30. This is therefore the acceptable year of Isaiah61, during which everyone gets their inheritance by lot, from a salvation covenant standpoint. 

All kingdom citizens must enter into the FRC before or during the acceptable year of Isaiah61 from 2017Nisan1 to 2017Adar30, the last day of FRC ark entrance (after which they are unacceptable). 
All sons of the CRC must be sealed into that covenant by 2017Tebbeth27, the last day of CRC ark entrance.

Many Christians and bible scholars have made calculations, attempts and some guesses at the true Chronology from Adam to Armageddon. We stand on their shoulders. They follow the advice of our saviour and our God:

9 Accordingly I say to you, Keep on asking, and it will be given you; keep on seeking, and you will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to you (Luke 11).

9 And you, Solomon my son, know the God of your father and serve him with a complete heart and with a delightful soul; for all hearts Jehovah is searching, and every inclination of the thoughts he is discerning. If you search for him, he will let himself be found by you; but if you leave him, he will cast you off indefinitely (1 Chronicles 28).

4 The wicked one according to his superciliousness makes no search; All his ideas are: There is no God (Psalm 10).

We hope that the reader will see that the below is none of it a guess. It is rather the collation of most of the sections of this website into an overall chronology. Sections [4], [5], [16], [41], [42], and the Chronological sections, and the Prophetic Times sections and the sections on Daniel, Revelation and Armageddon and [191], [193], [194] contain most of the Chronology. It is also the first ever synchronisation of Biblical, Assyrian, Babylonian and Egyptian Chronology at least for the period of the Kings of Judah and Israel. We have 3 helpful checks on this very complicated puzzle of the Kings:

1.  The 390 error year period of Israel of Ezekiel 4 which started with Israel's failure to celebrate the festival of Booths in the accession year of Jeroboam in 997Tishri and ended 390 years later in 607Tishri at end of the agricultural year within which Jerusalem fell to Pharaoh Nechoh, who appointed Eliakim as his Vassal King, changing his name to Jehoiakim to make him more acceptable to the people. The iron griddle of Ezekiel 4:3, which is God's protection for the city, failed at that point - see [16], [97].

3 Take to yourself an iron griddle, and you must put it as an iron wall between you and the city, and you must fix your face against it, and it must get to be in a siege, and you must besiege it. It is a sign to the house of Israel. 
4 And as for you, lie upon your left side, and you must lay the error of the house of Israel upon it. For the number of days that you will lie upon it you will carry their error. 
And I myself must give you the years of their error, to the number of 390 days, and you must carry the error of the house of Israel (Ezekiel 4).

6 And you must complete them. And you must lie upon your right side in the second case, and you must carry the error of the house of Judah 40 days. A day for a year, a day for a year, is what I have given you (Ezekiel 4).

8 And look! I will put cords upon you that you may not turn yourself from your one side to your other side until you have completed the days of your siege (Ezekiel 4).

So the siege is completed in 390 days before Ezekiel is allowed to turn over for the second case. So the 'siege' of Jerusalem by its enemies (whom Ezekiel represents) lasts 390 years with the protection of the iron wall (God's protection). The iron wall is breached after 390 years and Jerusalem itself falls to Pharaoh. But then there was a second 'siege' of 40 years, which did not involve an iron griddle, for we read:

7 And to the siege of Jerusalem you will fix your face, with your arm bared, and you must prophesy against it (Ezekiel 4).

This subsequent siege appears to coincide with the Babylonian domination of Jerusalem, through Nebuchadnezzar who made Jehoiakim his servant following his conquest of Egypt for three years (2 Kings 24:1). Then in the 37th year of Jehoiachin's exile, in fact on 561Adar25, Evil-Merodach, in his first year of kingship, took Jehoiachin out of the prison house and put his throne higher than the thrones of the other kings that were with him in Babylon (Jeremiah 52:31,32). This act ended 40 years of Babylonian anger at Jerusalem from Nebuchadnezzar.

2.  Nebuchadnezzar's real 509 day siege of Jerusalem is to be taken a day for a year. 509 years from the accession of first vassal of God, king Saul in 1116 to the first vassal not of God but of Pharaoh, King Jehoiakim in 607. For Ezekiel 4 is telling us to take a day for a year in the real siege of Jerusalem as well!

3.  300 silver talents of 2 Kings 18:14, are 300 years from the finishing of Solomon’s house in 1014 to the taunts of Sennacherib, in the 14th year of Hezekiah, 715 inclusive.

We have three historical dates we take as true:

  1. The 3 year siege of Samaria from 725 to 723: Assyrian chronology

  2. The first regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar was 604: Babylonian chronology

  3. Necho defeated Josiah in 608/609: Egyptian Chronology

We are not so lazy and naive as to simply add up all the reigns of the kings of Judah or of Israel and say that this is the length of the whole period from the first king to the last. For we shall see that there are co-regencies, inferior coregencies, periods of no king at all due to conspiracies, and kings who ‘became king’ several times on several different occasions years apart before they actually got any regnal years! God rarely gives the whole puzzle in one piece. Rather he gives it just one piece at a time. For even Moses did not get to see his face:

22 And it has to occur that while my glory is passing by I must place you in a hole in the rock, and I must put my palm over you as a screen until I have passed by.
23 After that I must take my palm away, and you will indeed see my back. But my face may not be seen (Exodus 33).

It is easier to see what he has done than what he is doing, or going to do!

The Big Picture


The Great Prophetic Times


The True Churches of the Abrahamic System



The Chronological Basis for our 8th Extended 552nd Prediction


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Years ran from Tishri to Elul from 4027BC to 1513BC (But for year numbers we use the Nisan1 year throughout our chronology)

4027Tishri2 Adam Born
4016Tishri Adam placed in the Garden of Eden, Tree Covenant made
3997Tishri Adam Born again angelically
3997Tishri10 Adam goes into deep sleep, rib removed
3997Heshvan29 Eve Born and brought to Adam
3993Nisan13 Eve is tempted by Satan and eats the fruit.
3993Nisan14 Adam Sins, loses Judicial life
3993Nisan14 Angel Michael makes ARC with God to ransom Adam angelically.
3993Nisan15/16 Adam gets new ageing body, evicted from Eden, 7 Exedenic Times start. First fruits of aging flesh.
3993Sivan5-11 Adam enters Eve, he first sleeps with her
3992Tishri14 Michael gives Satan a 6,000 year lease of Adam in return for his angelic first born rights
3991Shebat Cain born. Son of Satan and Eve
3989Tishri Abel born. Son of Adam and Eve
3928Nisan Cain kills Abel in field, 11 times of Lamech’s Times before 33Nisan14
3897 Seth born
3792 Enosh born
3702 Kenan born
3632 Mahalalel born
3567 Jared born
3405 Enoch born
3340 Methuselah born
3153 Lamech born
3097 Adam dies
3040 Enoch transferred so as not to see death
2985 Seth dies
2971 Noah born
2605 Jared dies sacrificially aged 962 years.
2605 Eden2 begins in Orion's belt in Plaides?.
2491Heshvan17 God says: They have erred/he is also flesh, accordingly his days shall amount to 120 years
2488Sivan 7 Alienation Times start.
2469 Shem born
2371 Noah's 600th whole calendar year
2371Tishri10? Methuselah dies sacrificially aged 969 years, in the year of the flood. His name means either his death shall bring judgement, or when he is dead it shall be sent, or man of the dart. If he was mourned for 30 days, and if God said the flood is coming in 7 days at the end of that mourning period then he died on 2371Tishri10 - atonement day. He was the validation sacrifice for the CRC. Everyone in the CRC is a permanent official human priest of God and therefore is at one with God.
2371Heshvan10 God said to Noah: Go, you and your household into the ark (Genesis 7:1)
2371Heshvan17 Flood starts, downpour begins
2371Chislev26 Downpour ends
2371Chislev27 150 days of flood waters overwhelming the earth begins and God causes a wind to pass over the earth so that the water begin to subside
2371Nisan17 Ark hits mountains of Ararat
2371Iyyar26 150 days of flood waters overwhelming the earth end. Waters are lacking. Noah opens window of ark.
2371Tammuz1 Tops of mountains appeared
2370Tishri1 Noah removed covering of ark
2370Heshvan27 Earth had dried off
2369 Arpachshad born
2368Sivan Sons of Adam born from this month onwards live a maximum of 480 years.
Sons of Adam born before this month lived a maximum of 960 years.
2354Ab6 Ham fails to respect his father Noah, Shem and Japheth do. The first member of Satan's seed after the flood is exposed, the battle between the seeds recommences, 470,000 days before Joab's registration
2334 Shelah born
2304 Eber born
2270 Job born before this year, since he lived to be 240 see Job 42:16 LXX.
2270 Peleg born, Sons of Adam born after this live a maximum of 240 years
2240 Reu born
2233Sivan Babel. God splits up the languages and post flood false religion begins. 2 Prophetic Times, 720 years before the law.
2208 Serug born
2178 Nahor born
2149 Terah born
2021 Noah dies
2018 Abraham born
1953Nisan Abraham told to go out from his country and out from his relatives whilst he was dwelling in Ur with his father (he was not told to go out from the house of his father at this time) (Acts 7). Time of the Beginning starts.
1944 1944Tishri to 1943Nisan: Terah dies
1943Nisan14 Abraham crossed Euphrates at 75, First Abrahamic covenant inaugurated (but not validated). Abraham told in Haran, after his father died to go his way out of his land, out from his relatives and out from the house of his father (Genesis 12). Time of the Beginning ends. This time is mirrored with the Time of the End of Daniel 12 from 2008Nisan14 to 2018Nisan14.
1943Sivan The LCC promise, but not the covenant itself, made to Abraham at Genesis 12:7, 430 years before the law covenant was made on 1513Sivan3.
1932 Ishmael born (Abraham 86, Genesis 17:1,25)
1920Tishri+ Abraham circumcised LCC made. 
1919Tishri+ Isaac born (Abraham 100 Genesis 21:5)
1913 Isaac weaned, teased by Ishmael, 400 years of affliction start.
1885Nisan14 Isaac as good as sacrificed (33½), Third Abrahamic Covenant made
1869 Shem finally dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1858 Jacob & Esau born
1844/1843 Abraham died (1844Tishri-1843Elul) 
1800 Eber dies aged 504 (134 + 370 of LXX Alexandrinus).
1782Tishri Jacob visits uncle Laban & 7 years working for Leah start
1775Tishri Jacob marries Leah & Rachel, 7 years working for Rachel start
1768 Joseph born after Tishri1.
1768Tishri Jacob finishes working for Rachel, starts 6 years for flock
1762Tishri Jacob finishes 6 years working for the flock and leaves
1752Tishri Joseph is 17 and has dreams.
1739Tishri Isaac dies aged 180 (Genesis 35:28)
1737 Before 1737Tishri1, Joseph becomes Lord of Egypt aged 30. (Genesis 41:46)
1737Tishri 7 years of plenty start
1730Tishri 7 years of famine start
1728Nisan Jacob aged 130 and family enters Egypt in the 2nd year of the famine without delay - Genesis 45:6-9
Half way through the 430 years in Egypt’s territory of Abraham & offspring
1711 Jacob died aged 147 (Genesis 47:28)
1658 Joseph died aged 110 (Genesis 50:26).
1597 Aaron born
1594Adar1 Moses born
1593Nisan Pharaoh orders male babies thrown into Nile. 10 times of Pharaoh’s Times start
1554 Moses kills Egyptian and flees to Midian for 40 years (Acts 7:30)
1514 Moses see the burning thornbush on Mount Horeb in or next to Midian/Arabia. The 10 Plagues of Egypt. (Moses was 80, Aaron was 83 Exodus 7:7)

Sacred Years now run from Nisan to Adar (Secular years still run from Tishri to Elul). Regnal years are Nisan1 years. Ages are counted in Tishri1 years.

1513Nisan14 Passover agreed and celebrated, 430 years of Abraham and seed under Egyptian dominion end. The 430 years before David leads armies of Jehovah out of Egyptian control begin. Firstborn of Egypt struck by Passover angel at midnight. Israelites strip the Egyptians that night and leave Goshen for Rameses.
1513Nisan15 Moses pulls away from Ramases for the 7 day march to Succoth (Booths). 7 days of unfermented cakes begin
1513Nisan21 7 days of unfermented cakes end
1513Nisan21/22 Israelites reach Succoth, so that Cakes ends in Booths.
1513Nisan22 Vanguard of camp of Israel arrives in Pihahiroth, the mouth of the gulf of Aquaba, Sharm El Sheik. They start eating fermented cakes
1513Iyyar10? Pharaoh reaches the camp of Israel with 600 chariots. Israel crosses the Red Sea. Chariots were not amphibious.
1513Iyyar15 Moses reaches the wilderness of Sin (Exodus 16:1)
1513Iyyar16 First day of the week. Quails come and Manna starts in Wilderness of Sin (Exodus 16:13)
1513Iyyar22 First Sabbath is celebrated before of the Law of Moses
1513Sivan3 Israelites enter Wilderness of Sinai in Arabia (Exodus 19:1)
1513Sivan6 Law covenant stated and agreed by people (Exodus 19:16, 24:3)
1513Sivan7 Law covenant agreed again & validated with the blood of Bulls (Exodus 24:4-8).
First 40 days and nights up the mountain start
1513Tammuz16 First 40 days and nights end. Moses shatters the 2 tablets given him by God.
1513Tammuz17 Levites kill 3,000 men at the command of Moses.
1513Tammuz18-Ab27 Moses goes back up the mountain a second time to beg forgiveness for Aaron and the people
1513Ab28-29 Moses is back down making the ark and the tablets with hands
1513Ab30-Tishri9 Moses goes back up the mountain receiving the law a second time.
1513Tishri10 Moses is back down with his people for atonement day.
1512Nisan1 Moses finishes Tabernacle, Jehovah's cloud comes down.
Aaron anointed, his installation starts, Reuben makes its presentation.
1512Nisan7 Last day of Aaron's installation
1512Nisan12 Naphtali makes the final presentation

40 spies sent out from Kadesh in Paran (Joshua 40 in sacred years Nisan-Adar)


Aaron dies ages 123


Sihon defeated, the towns of Aroer and Heshbon taken

1474Adar1 Moses dies (March 1st 1474) 30 solar days before 1473Nisan7 aged 120 (1474Adar30=1473Nisan6)
1473Nisan1 First sacred year of clean worship under the law.
1473Nisan7 Morning for Moses ends, God tells Joshua to get up and cross the Jordan. Joshua tells the people that 3 days from now they will cross the Jordan (Joshua1:11).
1473Nisan10 Israel crosses the Jordan (Joshua4:19), Circumcision at Gilgal.
1473Nisan14 First Passover in promised land
1473Nisan15 Israelites first eat fruits of promised land, Manna stops, Exedenic Times end

Land distributed by Lot (Joshua 85)

1467Tishri1 First Sabbath year under Law starts

Joshua dies (aged 110)


First of 8 years of Cushan oppression


Othniel becomes Judge, 450 years of Acts 13 end.


Last year of Cushan, Othniel defeats him


First of 40 years of no disturbance, saved by Othniel


Last year of no disturbance


First of 18 years serving Eglon


Last year serving Eglon


First of 80 years of no disturbance, saved by Ehud


Last year of no disturbance inclusive


First of 20 years serving Jabin


Last year serving Jabin


First of 40 years of no disturbance, saved by Deborah


Last year of no disturbance


First of 7 years serving Midian


Last year serving Midian


First of 40 years of no disturbance, saved by Gideon


First of 23 years of Tola judging


First of 22 years of Jair judging


Last year of no disturbance in days of Gideon.


First of 40 years of Eli judging


First of 3 years of Abimelech playing prince


Last year of Abimelech.


Tola rose up to save Israel at some stage in his 23 year judging period.


Tola dies, then Jair ‘rose up’ becoming head judge in some way over some area


Last year of Jair judging Israel (60 before Saul inclusive)


300 years from defeat of Sihon in 1474 when Ammonites don’t take land, end


Ammonites take Gilead


First of 18 (regnal) years of Gilead region in the hand of the Ammonites


First of 40 years in the hand of the Philistines


First of 20 years of Samson judging (in the days of the Philistines - the 40 years) 


Last year of Ammonite oppression


First of 6 years of Jehpthah


Last year of Jehpthah


First of 7 years of Ibzan


Ark captured by Philistines for 7 months


Eli dies, last year of Eli judging.


First of 20 years of ark being in Kiriath Jearim


Last year of Ibzan

1142 or later

First of 10 years of Elon

1133 or later

Last of Elon

1132 or later

First of 8 years of Abdon

1125 or before

Last year (20th) of Samson


Samuel delivered Israel from the hand of the Philistines, last of 40 years.

1125 or later

Last of 8 years of Abdon

1116 Saul’s Accession year
1115 Saul’s first regnal year
1106 David born to Jesse
1083Nisan Samuel anoints David to be King, David kills Goliath, Armies of Jehovah start to escape from Egyptian dominion again at end of 2nd 430 years. David starts living like a wild beast in the wilderness for 7 years (Gentile Times)
1076 David Accedes in Hebron, 7 years a wild beast end
1075 David’s first regnal year in Hebron
1068 David first regnal year including Jerusalem too
1048Nisan14 3 day plague due to David’s registration sin starts
1048Nisan16 Plague stops, David purchases the threshing floor of Ornan.
1048Nisan16 Solomon commissioned to build temple, 3 Temple Times start. 1,100,000 million days until 2008Nisan16, then a further 200 days of extra 1AC entrance at the end of the system
1036 David’s last regnal year & Solomon’s first regnal year (David died aged 70)
1033Iyyar2 Solomon’s temple construction begins (1 Kings 6:1, 2 Chronicles 3:2), 4th regnal of Solomon
1026Tishri1 Last annual festival celebrated at the Tabernacle (1 Chronicles 6:32)
1026Tishri7 Fire comes down from heaven and consumes Bull. Cloud fills Solomon's temple on the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of temple construction (by Hebrew reckoning)
1026Tishri7-14 Altar of Solomon’s Temple inaugurated excluding Tishri10
1026Tishri15-21 Solomon’s Temple inaugurated
1026Tishri22 Fire comes down from heaven and a cloud fills the house of Jehovah. Solomon's temple is accepted by God.
1026Heshvan Temple construction finished, King’s house construction starts
1014 Solomon finishes the king’s house (1 Kings 7:1, 9:10 c.f. 300 shekels)
997 Solomon’s last regnal year, Jeroboam & Rehoboam accede before Tishri
997Tishri15 Booths not celebrated by Israel, 390 error years of Israel start (Ezekiel 4) - Hence the Gentile Times started on 607Tishri15, 390 error years later. 
997Heshvan15 Jeroboam’s bogus festival with golden calf at Bethel
996 First regnal of Rehoboam of 17 in Jerusalem
996 First regnal of Jeroboam, 22 years on throne (not regnal)
979 First regnal of Abijam of 3 (acceded 18th of Jeroboam = 979)
976 First regnal of Asa of 41 (acceded 20th of Jeroboam = 977)
975 First regnal of Nadab (acceded 2nd of Asa), 2 years on throne (not regnal)
973 First regnal of Baasha of 24 (acceded 3rd of Asa)
951 First regnal of Elah of 2 (coregent with Baasha, acceded 26th of Asa)
950 Zimri accedes for 7 days
950 Omri accedes non comprehensively in 27th of Asa, rivalry with Zimri & Tibni
946 Tibni dies, Omri accedes fully in 31st of Asa
945 First regnal of Omri of 6 in Tirzah
939 First regnal of Omri of 1 in Samaria
938 First regnal of Ahab of 22 (acceded 38th of Asa)
934 First regnal of Jehoshaphat of 25 (acceded 4th of Ahab)
918 First non regnal year of Jehoram in inferior coregency with Jehoshaphat
917 First regnal of Ahaziah of 1 coregent with Ahab (acceded 17th Jehoshaphat)
917 Ahab and Ahaziah die in 18th of Jehoshaphat = 22nd of Ahab
916 First regnal of Jehoram of Ahab of 12 (acceded 18th of Jehoshaphat)
912 First regnal of Jehoram of Jehospaphat of 8 (5th of Jehoram of Ahab)
912 Jehoram of Jehoshaphat accedes to full coregency with father
906 Ahaziah of Jehoram (Judah) accedes in 11th of Jehoram of Ahab
905 First regnal of Ahaziah of 1 coregent with Jehoram of Judah who dies
905 Jehu anointed by Elijah’s attendant, kills Jehoram of Ahab and Ahaziah
904 First regnal of Jehu of 28 (accedes in 12th of Jehoram of Ahab)
904 First ‘regnal’ of Queen Athaliah of 6 whilst Jehoash hidden and 1 after
898 Athaliah killed 7th of Jehu, (her 7th) Jehoash accedes aged 7 under Jehoida
897 First regnal of Jehoash of Judah of 40
876 No recorded king in Israel
875 First regnal and accession of Jehoahaz of 17 (23rd of Jehoash of Judah)
861 Jehoash of Israel accedes (in 37th of Jehoash of Judah) inferior coregency
858 First regnal of Jehoash of Israel of 16, Jehoahaz his father dies
857 Amaziah accedes (2nd of Jehoash of Israel)
857 Jozacar & Jehozabad conspirators prevent Amaziah having this regnal year
856 First regnal of Amaziah of 29
843 Jehoash of Israel dies
842 First regnal of Jeroboam of 41 (acceded in 15th of Amaziah = 842)
828 29th of Amaziah, killed 15 years after Jehoash of Israel died (2 Kings 14:17)
827 No king of Judah until 816, conspirators killed Amaziah 2 Chronicles 25:27
816 Azariah = Uzziah of Amaziaz accedes aged 16 in 27th of Jeroboam
815 First regnal of Azariah of 52 in Jerusalem
802 Jeroboam dies in 41st regnal year
801 No king of Israel until 778
778 Zechariah of Jeroboam accedes 38th of Azariah for 6 months in Samaria
777 Shallum kills Zechariah, accedes for one month 39th of Azariah
777 Menahem kills Shallum accedes 39th of Azariah
776 First regnal of Menahem of 10 in Samaria
767 Menahem dies
766 Pekahiah son of Menahem accedes 50th of Azariah
765 First regnal of Pekahiah of 2 in Samaria
764 Pekah kills Pekahiah accedes 52nd and last of Azariah
763 First regnal of Pekah of 20 in Samaria
762 First regnal of Jotham of Azariah of 16 (out of 20) in 2nd of Pekah
747 Ahaz of Jotham accedes in 17th of Pekah
747 Last regnal of Jotham due to war with Pekah and Rezin of Syria
744 Pekah killed by Hoshea in his 20th regnal year
743 Hoshea accedes non comprehensively in 20th of Jotham
743 First regnal of Ahaz of 16 coregent with Jotham now Pekah is gone
732 Hoshea accedes comprehensively 12th Ahaz
731 First regnal of Hoshea of 9 in Samaria
729 Hezekiah accedes 3rd of Hoshea
728 First regnal of Hezekiah of 29 in Jerusalem
727 Shalmanezer accedes as King of Assyria (Cambridge Ancient History)
726 First regnal of Shalmanezer of 5 in Assyria (CAH)
725 4th of Hezekiah = 7th Hoshea, Shalmanezer besieges Samaria (2 Kings 18:9)
725 Shalmanezer’s main military campaign from 725 - 723 (Eponym Chronicle)
723 9th of Hoshea, Samaria falls between 723Nisan and 722Nisan.
723 Main event in Shalmanezer’s life is destruction of Samaria (Bab. Chronicle)
722Tebbeth Shalmanezer dies (Babylonian Chronicle, CAH)
721 First regnal of Sargon II of 17 in Assyria (CAH)
715 Sennacherib taunts Hezekiah in his 14th regnal year, Angel kills 185,000
704 First regnal of Sennacherib of 24 in Assyria (CAH), Inferior coregent before
700 Last regnal and death of Hezekiah
699? First regnal of Manasseh of 55 in Jerusalem
647/6 Josiah born
646/5 Josiah’s first year, he is one year old
644? First regnal of Amon of 2 in Jerusalem
643? Last regnal of Amon, killed by conspirators
638 First regnal of Josiah of 31 he was 8 this year or 9 if acceded in 639
626 13th of Josiah to first of Nebuchadnezzar is 23 years (Jeremiah 25:1-3).
612 Nineveh, the Capital of Assyria, the Rulers over the house of Israel falls to Nabopolassar, King of Babylon (CAH - Cambridge Ancient History)
611-610 King Nabopolassar marches victoriously around Assyria (CAH and Babylonian Chronicle Series no 3)
610Tishri Start of last land sabbath year missed by Israel in the 390 error years
609Tishri End of last land sabbath missed by Israel, start of the 70 year exile for the house of Israel serving the king of Babylon (Jeremiah 25)
608 Last and 31st regnal year of Josiah, killed by Pharaoh Necho at Megiddo
608 Necho defeats Josiah: ‘History of Ancient Egypt’ (Rawlinson), (609 CAH) on way to help Assyrians
608 Jehoahaz=Shallum (4th born of Josiah) reigns for 3 months, chosen by people of land
608Chislev10 Jehoiakim accedes, chosen vassal of Pharaoh Necho, not vassal of God, 7800 day famine starts
607 First regnal of Jehoiakim=Eliakim of 11 in Jerusalem 2nd born of Josiah. Jehoiakim becomes servant of Nebuchadnezzar for 3 years (Siege began in 3rd of Jehoiakim - Daniel 1:1)
607Tishri First agricultural year where people of land taxed for Pharaoh according to individual tax rate 2 Kings 23
607Tishri So God is no longer Caesar: Pay back Caesar's things to Caesar !
607Tishri End of 390 agricultural error years of nation of Israel. No King representing God left.
607Tishri Start of Gentile Times
605 Nebuchadnezzar, the king, starts beseiging Jerusalem, after his accession, but before his first regnal year, in the 3rd regnal year of Jehoiakim - Daniel 1:1.
604 First regnal year of Nebuchadnezzar (Berossus Ptolemy CAH)
604??????????? 7 Prophetic Times of curse of law of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 begins on sons of Israel.
597 Jehoiakim dies
597 Jehoiachin accedes for 3 months and 10 days, and then taken to Babylon in the 8th year of Nebuchadnezzar (2Kings24:12) at the return of the year, This is actually the sacred year because the Babylonian Chronicles establish that Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem the first time on 2 Adar (16 March) 597 BC. - D. J. Wiseman, Chronicles of Chaldean Kings in the British Museum (London: Trustees of the British Museum, 1956). But exilic years from the land are counted as secular years and do not have an accession year. So his first secular year of exile ran from 597Tishri1 to 596Elul30.HE retunred to being the King of Judah in the 37th year of his exile, when Jehoiachin, the KING OF JUDAH was lifted up out of the prison house and had his head lifted up and his throne was made higher than the thrones of the other kings that were with him (Jeremiah 52:31).
596 First regnal year of Zedekiah of 11 in Jerusalem
588Tebbeth10 Nebuchadnezzar lays siege to Jerusalem
587 10th year of Zedekiah = 18th of Nebuchad(r/n)ezzar (Jeremiah 32:1)
586Tammuz9 Wall of Jerusalem breached. Zedekiah flees and gets caught upon the plains of Jericho not many days later.
586Tammuz Zedekiah captured blinded and deposed by Nebuchadnezzar. the 2520 + 13 years of the Discontinuous Israeli Gentile Times begin.
586Ab7 Nebuzaradan, the army chief, entered Jerusalem
586Ab10 Solomon’s temple burnt (Jeremiah 52:12,13), 7800 day famine of Ezekiel 4:9 ends. The siege of Jerusalem began on January 15, 588 and continued until July 18, 586, when the famine was so severe the people were cooking and eating their own children (Lamentations 4:9-10). The invaders broke through the walls and took the city, looting and destroying the houses and finally burning the temple on August 14, 586 (586Ab10) - The Wiersbe Bible Commentary: Old Testament
586Ab10 Second Exile of Jerusalem begins. Exile of Judah begins.
586Tishri Gedaliah the son of Ahikam the son of Shaphan a Levite was assassinated
585Nisan Start of 70 sacred years of exile from temple for Judah
585Nisan Start of 70 sacred years of exile from temple for Judah
561 First regnal year of Evil-Merodach of Babylon
561Adar25-27 In the 37th secular Tishri1 year of exile of Jehoiachin in Babylon, Evil-Merodach, in his accession year, releases him from prison. lifts up his head and raises up his throne to be higher than the thrones of the other kings that were with him in Babylon - Jeremiah 52:31-34 and 2Kings25:27. Merodach gave him bread unit the day of his death. all the days of his life. That double description means the day of Evil Merodach's death too? Jehoichin is the last King of Judah to sit upon David's throne -  Jeremiah 22:30).
561Adar27 Jehoiachin once again becomes King of Judah (once he is released from prison and his throne is raised up) for 12-13 years of the sentence count of 2Kings25:28-29 and Jeremiah52:32-33. He is the last King of Judah - None of his sons get a throne - Jeremiah 22:30. His grandson Zerubbabel, the son of Shealtiel, became the post exilic governor of Judah, not the king. 
548Shebat Jehoiachin dies. He was freed from captivity by Evil Merodach for 12-13 years, the sentence count of the list of Evil Merodach's actions of 2Kings25:28-29 and Jeremiah52:32-33. He is the last King of Judah.
548Shebat The Discontinuous Israeli Gentile Times restarts and runs to 1948Sivan4, when the modern state of Israel came into existence.
539Tishri14 Babylon Falls without a battle, Nabonidus Flees - Nabonidus Chronicle
539Tishri14 70 year land exile of Israel in Babylon ends. Thanks to Ed Schnopp on www.freeminds.org
539Tishri16 Gobryas (Ugbaru) Army chief enters Babylon October 5th Gregorian
539Heshvan3 Cyrus enters Babylon
538 First regnal year of Cyrus in Babylon. Cyrus claims God commissioned him to build temple. But he died before its completion, it was a false claim: Ezra 4
538Tishri Zerubbabel commissioned to build his temple (Zechariah 4:9)
537Tishri15-21 Zerubbabel and Joshua celebrated Booths on the temple site in Jerusalem in the second year of being in Jerusalem after the exile, the second year of return, the second year of Cyrus, the second year of Darius who was coregent with Cyrus over Babylon (Ezra 3:8).
537Chislev24 The Foundation of Zerubbabel's temple is laid (Haggai 2:18) in the second year of Darius the Mede being king over Babylon.
521Nisan Start of 7 ‘sevens’, sabbath years (release from temple and law of Moses) of Daniel 9:25
521 First regnal year of Darius Hystapes. Daniel works out 70 years of Judah
521 Daniel makes entreaties, word went forth (Daniel 9:1,23)
516Adar3 Zerubbabel’s temple completed in the 6th regnal year of Darius Hystapes
516Adar/AdarII Word went forth to restore worship in newly completed/inaugurated Zerubbabel's Temple. Start of 62 ‘sevens’ sabbath years release from law of Moses, Daniel 9:25
516Nisan Zerubbabel’s temple 'inaugurated' though not under law
515Nisan 70 year temple exile of Judah ends, first sacred year with temple begins
515Nisan Last of 7 ‘sevens’ sabbath years with no temple of Daniel 9:25
474 First regnal of Ataxerxes I (Longimanus) (Insight: Persia - this one is right!)
455Nisan Word of Artaxerxes, in his 20th year, went forth to Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem
455Nisan Start of 69 weeks ending with anointed one John’s baptism in 29Nisan
455Nisan Last of 62 sabbath years released from law (516 to 455 inclusive)
455Nisan Nehemiah appointed governor of Judah for 12 years, until 32nd year of Artaxerxes
455Tishri1,2 Word went forth to restore Booths in public square before water gate
455Tishri Start of 69 weeks of years ending with leader, Jesus’s baptism in 29Tishri
455Tishri24 Oath to obey law 2nd time, this is the last of 61 law sabbath years of Daniel 9:25
455Tishri24 Jews under law with temple again for 1st time since 586Ab7 when Solomon's temple was destroyed, this was the second inauguration of Zerubbabel's temple.
443 32nd year of Artaxerxes, last year of Nehemiah being governor of Judah, he returns to Shushan
323 Alexander the Great dies
312 First year of the Kingdom of the Seleucids over Israel
311 Ptolemy Lagos, Cassander, Lysimachus and Antigonus Monophthalmus signed a peace agreement to divide up the Kingdom of Alexander into 4 but as prophesied in Daniel 8
305 And then in 305 Ptolemy, Cassander, Lysimachus and Seleucus Nicator declared themselves 'kings' over the 4 quarters of the Greek empire
175 First regnal year of Antiochus Epiphanes (137th years of the Seleucids). He is the little horn that comes out of the Seleucid horn.
171Elul29 6 September 171, the trangression causing desolation to Zerubbabel's temple, the Jews sign agreements with Antiochus to worship false Gods. 2300 days of Daniel 8 start
170 Antiochus takes Jerusalem, and steals the gold and valuable items, the golden candlestick and censer etc.
168Chislev25 The Abomination causing desolation is placed in the temple, swine are offered on an idol altar placed on the holy altar.
165Chislev25 Judas Maccabeus restores the temple and the constant feature restarts, 2300 days of Daniel 8 end.
164 Antiochus Epiphanes dies of grief realising that his failures stem from his attacking of Israel
3Tammuz16-30 Zechariah's service in the sanctuary in the 8th division of 24 in the year, Abijah
3Ab1-15 Elizabeth conceives John the Baptist
3Shebat Mary conceives Jesus (in Elizabeth's 6th month)
2Nisan/Iyyar John the Baptist Born (around 266 solar days after conception - full term baby)
2Heshvan21 Jesus born to Mary on the 2NC/Human Pentecost, being a first ripe fruits of mankind.
2Heshvan29 Jesus circumcised
11Tishri Jesus Commissioned to build new temple of his body (in Temple when 12)
28Tishri1 John becomes 30 years old
28Shebat John starts baptizing 6 months and 20 days before the first presence begins on 29Tishri10 or 29Heshvan20
28Shebat Gabriel enters John the Baptist by Simeon, 69 weeks of years to messiah/leader from 455Nisan end
29Tishri1 Jesus becomes 30 years old.
29Tishri10 Immanuel is raptured (being non adamic), Michael enters, Jesus Baptised, appointed to feed
29Tishri10 69 weeks of years to leader/messiah end
29Tishri10 First Presence of the Christ begins
29Tishri10-Heshvan19 40 days and 40 nights fasting in the wilderness. Tishri10 was the atonement day fast!
29Heshvan20 Jesus gets heavenly powers. Satan tempts him to use them. Satan is possessing a human. The 1275 day ministry ransom period begins.
29Heshvan21Peter met: You will be called Cephas (John 1:42).
29Heshvan23-29Jesus' Galilean ministry starts. First miracle, water into wine at Cana
29Heshvan29Peter spirit baptised, Jewish call when water was turned into wine - 30 times after he was circumcised.
30Nisan Jesus’ first coming to temple to drive our money brokers (John 2:13-16)
30Nisan Robbers in temple beaten with few or many strokes with a whip of ropes like the evil slave
33Nisan10 Jesus’ 2nd coming to temple to drive out money changers: Cave of robbers
33Nisan14 April 1, Jesus impaled, End of Law, New covenant made & validated, transgression causing desolation to the Jewish system, 2300 solar days of Daniel 8 start.
33Nisan14 Partial lunar eclipse 17:37 GMT April1. 
33Nisan15 Jesus is resurrected after 10 hours sleep into the ark in the clouds in the atmosphere of the earth.
33Nisan16 Jesus, in human form, offers his angelic soul as a ransom for Adam. This is angelic gain and loss day. 3 days and nights in the hearts of the heavenly congregation end. Proselyte call into the 1NC. Jesus appears to Mary. 40 days of appearances start
33Nisan16 FDS1 appointed over all, end of 3 temple times. Jesus is resurrected as a human. 3 days and nights in the tomb end. Jesus blows onto the disciples and tells them that what they bind on earth will be bound in heaven. He gives them authority over the law of the church. 
33Nisan16 The 7 day priestly installation of FDS1 to 33Nisan22 begins
33Nisan22 The first Sabbath of weeks.  Jesus appears to the apostles at the appointed mountain in Galilee - beaming through the closed doors. They are fully installed as priests at sunset at the end of this day..
33Nisan30/Iyyar1 Jesus begins the 30/31 day ascension process up the steps of Jacob's ladder
33Sivan1 Jesus enters heaven, the ascension on the 40th day of Acts1 after the first Sabbath of weeks 33Nisan22 (when Jesus appeared to the apostles at the appointed mountain in Galilee - beaming through the closed doors).
33Sivan5 The first disciples are sealed. Pentecost. The apostles get the capability to intransitively give the gifts of the spirit by the laying on of the hands.
33Sivan5 Alienation Times ends
34Shebat10 The Samaritan call into the new covenant, at the 6th hour, half way between Pentecost on 33Sivan5 at the 3rd hour and the Gentile call at the 9th hour on 36Tishri14
34Tebbeth Paul sanctified and water baptised from heaven, Elijah 2
36Tishri14 The Gentile call, Cornelius, the Circumcision covenant ends 4 days after the fast of Tishri10 which Cornelius observed see Acts 10.
39Ab10 Brothers first called ‘Christians’ by divine providence 2300 solar days of Daniel 8 end
45Tebbeth Paul commissioned to build worship system of FDS2
45Tebbeth? ELC covenant of Bilhah made with Paul
59Tishri First 32,000 remnant ascend into heaven
64Tebbeth FDS2 appointed to feed at the proper time, Jesus’ 2nd coming starts. Jewish call into the ELC under FDS2
66Tishri Gentile call into the 1NC ends, 30 years of Matthew15 after Cornelius was converted
66Tishri22 HC Cestius arrives at Gabao and Jews go out to attack on the sabbath, in fact the solemn assembly (i.e. sabbath of the festival of booths) HC is the Hebrew Calendar not the BLC. Perhaps they were the same back then??
66Tishri22 HC The Great Tribulation of the Jewish system starts
66Tishri23,24,25 HC Cestius tarries at Gabao 3 days, whilst Jews seize elevated parts around
66Tishri26 HC Cestius attacks Jews & moves his camp to Scopus 'Watchtower'!?
66Tishri27/28/29 HC Cestius makes no assault for 3 days, collects corn from nearby villages
66Tishri30 HC Cestius enters the city of David
66Heshvan5 HC Cestius breaks through temple wall with Roman tortoise, retreats to Scopus, 'Watchtower', 'without any reason in the world', Daniel 12:11, Matthew 24:16, Mark 13:14, Luke 21:22 fulfilled.
66Heshvan6 HC Cestius retreats to Gabao
66Heshvan8 HC Cestius retreats to Bethoron and gets taken apart by the Jews
66Heshvan9 HC Cestius escapes to Antipatris losing 400 men, the rearguard.
67/71-76 The Papacy of the first Pope, St. Linus. He was the 6th King of Revelation17. During his reign John wrote Revelation. There would be no point in his writing it and condemning the woman (Jesus' wife) for playing the harlot with Rome (the beast) after TCC1 had lost its water baptism!
69Tammuz19 FDS1 is cut in two, becoming WSS1 on this day and FDS2 is appointed 3 days later. 
69Tammuz22 FDS2 appointed over all belongings, Jesus’ second coming in the first presence ends
69Elul11 ELC Pentecost for FDS2
70Nisan14 HC Titus pitches camp by the city (Josephus bk5.13.7)
70Nisan23 HC Siege commences
70Iyyar7 HC Romans take the first wall on the 15th day of the siege
70Iyyar12 HC Romans take and then lose the second wall
70Iyyar16 HC Romans retake second wall
70Iyyar21 HC Romans begin to raise banks against the 3rd wall
70Iyyar29 HC Jews brake down the ramparts of one of the banks
70Sivan1 HC Jews destroy the rest of the ramparts, Jews reach camp at Scopus, Titus intervenes, Jews pushed back to city. Titus decides to build wall round city
70Sivan2 HC Titus starts building pointed stakes all round city, 'there came upon the soldiers a certain divine fury??'
70Sivan4 HC Titus finishes the wall 'in 3 days', 3 full days, and garrisons it
70Sivan5 HC Immediately upon finishing, in the first watch of the night Titus inspects the wall. Escape now impossible for the first time (defection still possible), Luke 19:43 is fulfilled
70Sivan10 HC Titus starts raising his final banks.
70Tammuz1 HC Romans finish their final banks, whole place is devoid of trees for 90 furlongs all around. Manneus the gate keeper, in charge of all dead bodies taken out of the city paid for by public stipend 115,880 bodies, in all defected & lots of other eminent men followed, 600,000 poor thrown out of the gates.
Jews attack new ramparts and fail, and Romans batter and undermine the 3rd wall a bit. Final assault begins. Mid point of Armageddon for Jerusalem. The last day that Josephus records defectors as leaving.
70Tammuz2 HC 3rd wall falls down due in the night, revealing a further wall built by John.
70Tammuz3 HC Sabinus and 11 others have a crack at the new wall
70Tammuz5 HC Romans take tower of Antonia, battle from 9th hour of night to 7th hour of day ensues
70Tammuz17 HC Physical Constant feature ceased in temple for the first time, Titus orders demolition of tower of Antonia and building of a road to temple for legions. This is the new fast of the 4th month of Zechariah8:19
70Tammuz19 HC Josephus speaks on behalf of Titus, explaining how the Romans had accepted to be put to death if they ventured into the sanctuary, the inner temple, and out of respect for the holy place had allowed a sign in Greek and Hebrew to this extent. Pleads not to defile the sanctuary but to fight elsewhere. Jews make insolent reply. Titus gives orders to besiege the temple starting at the 9th hour of the night. Those who had fled to Romans and been saved in Gophna, by Caesar's decree, were paraded round the wall, OK
70Tammuz20 HC Titus makes his first assault on the temple itself from the 9th hour of the night to the 5th hour of the day, with selected troops, through the breach
70Tammuz22 HC Jews set north west cloister adjoining the tower of Antonia on fire, to halt the advance of the Romans, thereby beginning the burning of the temple, and another group made an attack on the Roman wall outside to try to escape the famine, at 11th hour of the day, 'after one day had interposed since the Romans ascended the breach'
70Tammuz23 HC Legions finish the road and come near to the court of the Gentiles
70Tammuz24 HC Romans set fire to the adjacent cloister, the tower of Antonia is separated from the temple, general fighting in the court of the Gentiles
70Ab10 HC Titus burns the sanctuary
70Elul8 HC Jerusalem finally taken, after 5 months (135 days from Nisan23)
71Tebbeth Naphtali Gentile call into the ELC in TCC2
73  Transgression by FDS1 which causes them desolation, idolatry with the Roman world power, 2300 solar days of Daniel 8 start. They end when it becomes a false church in 79
74Tishri10 FDS1 disassociated, losing its water baptism, ES1 becomes GNS1. First part of first presence ends. 46 years of John's Baptism end.
75-83 1 John written in the last hour of TCC1. 
83 50 years of the feeding of the 5,000 end. They started when there were 5,000 male saints in the church (since women and children are literal in Matthew14, the parallel account to Mark6) i.e. after Acts 4:4 when they had 5,000 men in the church (women are saints too). So they started later in 33AD presumably. 50 years later is 83. So TCC1 fell as a true church on or before 83 AD - because a true church must provide true food. The Roman Catholic church banned food from the first 5 loves in 83 AD - presumably as a result of the Revelation of John - which condemned it as a Harlot riding the beast of Rome. Pope Anacletus (the second Pope - Peter was never a Pope) reigned from 76-88. He was the 7th King of Revelation17 in the first presence meaning.
83 TCC1 falls as a true church during the reign of Pope St. Anacletus and at the end of the 50 years of feeding of the 5,000 of Mark8.
83Ab10/84Ab10 TCC1 starts to be burnt. Saints start leaving it for TCC2.
84Tishri10 First presence restarts after 10 year gap of Daniel12 - see U152. Peter is the 1st 1NC saint to leave the Roman Catholic Church to join Paul's church TCC2 because he was taken where he did not wish to go (outside of Jesus' body) for 10 years of his stretched out hands of John21. Two little dickie birds sitting on the wall (of the law of FDS1 judging TCC1 and the law of FDS2 judging TCC2) one named Peter one named Paul. Fly away Peter. Fly away Paul (both leave TCC1 for TCC2). Come back Peter. Come back Paul (both come back at the end of this system in the ark).
99Tishri 32,000 remnant ascend into heaven
136Tishri End of the 100 year Gentile call
159Nisan10/Iyyar20 First presence ends, 120 years of the post Moses adamic limit + 9½ year gap of Daniel12 from 29Tishri10/Heshvan20. The last one of sealed 72,000 + 6,000 reserve first presence first new covenant saints dies. 
159Nisan10/Iyyar20 Gifts of the spirit end.  
159Nisan10/Iyyar20 The Canon of the bible is complete.
400-460 Approx date for the 1,000 year abyss of Satan as a penalty for betraying the righteous blood of Jesus whilst possessing Judas. Satan must have continued to be alive during the testing of the saints in FDS2. 
410 Rome sacked the first time
444Heshvan Water baptism of FDS2 ends?? (1440 years, 4 Prophetic times of Revelation 7 before 1884Heshvan21). FDS2 was not a broken tablet of a covenant. The saints merely died out and then there was no job left for the church.
455 Rome sacked the second time
1382 Wycliffe completes his first bible translation at Oxford University.
1400-1460 Satan is released from Gehenna after 1,000 years with no repentance
1401Nisan13/14 March28 (Julian), April7 (Gregorian). De Heretico Comburendo. The first law passed condemning to death those who read Wycliffe's Bible. This was when the word of God in English really hit the Catholic church, hence the Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Arundel, persuaded Henry IV to pass the law. This was the word going forth of Daniel 9, 69 weeks of years before Elijah3, Russell was water baptised from heaven.
1452-1519 Leonardo Da Vinci. The Renaissance
1491-1547 Henry VIII who broke England away from a Europe dominated by the Catholic Church, which was necessary for the British Empire to be formed.
1517Heshvan13 October31 (Julian), November10 (Gregorian). Martin Luther nails his 95 theses to the Wittenberg Cathedral door. this began the Protestant Reformation. 69 weeks of years before the Watchtower Reformation in 2000Heshvan whereby the GB became headless and so Gordon, Elijah4, became the one and only leader over sons of the ICC.
1874 Russell thought that Jesus would return in this year. 40 years of wandering in a chronological wilderness ensues until 1914, when the Gentile Times ended which Russell believed meant that Jesus has returned invisibly, and WW1 began. 
1876 Russell in October issue of Bible Examiner says Gentile Times ends 1914
1879 First Issue of Watchtower Magazine (July)
1884Tishri2-Heshvan21 Charles Russell becomes Elijah3. He is water baptised from heaven. The 69 weeks of years starting with De Heretico Comburendo end.
1884Heshvan21 November13. Charles Russell water baptized from heaven, born in the flesh as, Elijah3. 
1884December15 1884Chislev22/23. Watchtower legally incorporated
1887Iyyar10 Charles Russell sanctified into the 1NC, Second presence begins, Lord's day begins. This is the Judah/Gentile continuation call for 30 years to 1917Iyyar10
1895Tishri/Heshvan Remnant commissioned to build FDS3 worship system, 22½ years before its inauguration in accordance with the fundamental pattern - see U42. One can be commissioned without being sanctified. Russell was not so commissioned because he died before the temple was inaugurated. 
1914Tishri15 The continuous Gentile Times end. This is NOT the end of the discontinuous Gentile Times.
1914Heshvan2 Late 2NC first fruits day after the end of the Gentile times. FDS3 appointed to feed 
1914Chislev21 Late 2NC Pentecost. The feeding administration of FDS3 is installed and begins operations.
1914Chislev29 Isachaar call. 60 year Jewish call into the 1NC for genetic Israel (on the mother's side). So that those called first will be called last. This call extends to 1974Chislev29.
1915Nisan14 First Passover after FDS3 was appointed to feed, and first Passover after the end of the continuous Gentile Times. Belshazzar's feast in one meaning. 101 years/Passovers for judgement and 102 until the start of the division of the Watchtower kingdom. So the Watchtower must be divided during the 2017Nisan14/Iyyar14 Passover.
1917Iyyar10 30 year 1NC Gentile continuation call from 1887Iyyar10, for non genetic Gentiles (on the mother's side) ends
1917Heshvan14 1917November2 Balfour Declaration. UK, the 7th world power, decides to work for Jewish Homeland in Israel. 
1918Nisan14 Babylon (Christendom) falls
1918Iyyar22 First fruits day from Nisan14. FDS3 appointed over all belongings. 16,000 remnant resurrected?
1918Iyyar22 Rutherford is spiritual head over all the saints and all the sons of the ICC on earth.
1918Iyyar22 Zebulun call, 1NC Proselyte call, to sons of the 3EC, begins for 30 years to 1948Iyyar22.
1918Iyyar24 President and Governors of JW’s arrested and incarcerated (May 7th 1918)
1918Tammuz11 2nd 1NC Pentecost FDS3 administration begins (from inside prison!). Administrated feeding program starts and lasts for 100 years to 2018Sivan6 max - for they reclined company by company, garden row by garden row, administration by administration, in groups of 50 and 100. 
1918December12 Federal Council of Churches of America pass a resolution that the League of Nations is the political expression of God's Kingdom on earth and is 'of the Kingdom of God'
1918December18 Federal council of churches send letter to President Wilson saying: League of nations is the political expression of the kingdom of God on earth. This is the Transgression causing desolation to Babylon the Great - which had some sort of standing with God - as a prison for his people - prior to 1918Nisan14. Start of 4600 solar days of Daniel 8.
1918Veadar12/13 1919 March 21st, President and directors of Watchtower released on bail, 1260 days in Wilderness of Revelation12 start.
1919Tebbeth15 1920 January 10: League of Nation Covenant comes into force
1919Shebat No Samaritan call to sincere false worshippers in another mountain, namely Christendom, the Christian churches of Babylon. It is not need
1922Elul10-18 September 5-13th Cedar Point Convention. End of the 1260 days in the Wilderness of Revelation 12.
1922Elul13 1922 Friday September 8th Rutherford gives famous King and Kingdom talk at Cedar Point Convention, telling people to ADVertise the king and Kingdom. End of the 1260 days in the Wilderness of Revelation 12.
1922Elul15 1922 Sunday 10th September: Resolution adopted at the Cedar Point Convention notifying the failure of the League of Nations as decreed by God and identifying it with the Wild Beast of Revelation 17.
1931Ab7-13 24th July - 30th July, Columbus Ohio Convention, adopted the name Jehovah’s Witnesses
1931Ab7-13 Sanctuary brought into its right condition, 4600 solar days of Daniel 8 end
1931Ab7-13 1365 days of Ransom archetype period begin
1935Iyyar28-Sivan2 Washington DC convention which starts with: Behold the great crowd, 1365 days of Ransom archetype period end
1937Veadar6 1938March13: Anschluss, Germany annexes Austria in breach of the treaty of Versailles, article 27 para 5. The League of Nations is abyssed and 'is not'.
1942Tishri5-7 September 18-20: Cleveland Ohio Convention of Jehovah's Witnesses, President Knorr,  quoting Franz's work, stated: The Wild Beast is not, meaning the League of Nations was abyssed, then he said: The Association of worldly nations will rise again.
1945Tammuz13 June 26th UN formed by Charter
1945Heshvan13 October24, Charter ratified by China, the last of the security council members, Official UN Birthday.
1948Iyyar22 30 year Proselyte call into the 1NC ends.
1948Sivan4 British Mandate from the League of Nations to govern Palestine ended at midnight 1948May14. 
1948Sivan4 The State of Israel is declared by Ben Gurion and accepted by President Harry Truman. 
1948Sivan4 The 2520 + 13 years of the Discontinuous Israeli Gentile Times end. The 2520 year curse of the law on the sons of Israel of Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28 ends. God no longer prohibits the sons of Israel from returning to the archetypical promised land. He no longer prohibits them from winning military battles etc. They become the same as any other race.
1961Heshvan21/22 U Thant begins his first term as the acting 3rd secretary general of the UN.
1962Heshvan28/29 U Thant is elected unanimously as the 3rd secretary general of the UN for a term backdated to 1961Heshvan21/22. The 616 months of the UN beast with the 7 heads with the blasphemous name of the Holy See upon them begin. They run to 2013Adar28/29.
1964Nisan7 Vatican city forms its UN mission
1964Nisan22/23 April6. Vatican city joins the UN as the holy see. It gains permanent observer state member status as the Holy See. 
1957Elul16 September13. Gordon born.
1964Nisan Gordon born into the 1AC, 30 years before 1994Nisan, when FDS4 was appointed to feed.
1974Chislev29 60 year Jewish call into the 1NC ends. Jesus is not completely 'born'.
1975Nisan Gordon commissioned to build the temple of FDS4, 22½ years before FDS4 was inaugurated on 1997Tishri2
1975Nisan Baptized from heaven as Elijah4
1975Iyyar18/19 May1. The Watchtower Governing Body vote unanimously to become democratic, deciding things by a 2/3 majority like the Catholics do. This was Jezebel usurping Ahab. Knorr and Franz And Barry were against this. But the went with the majority will. 30 years of idoaltry of the governing body commence to the end of the Watchtower as a true religion on 2005Sivan10. 
1975Elul29 The date proposed by the president of the Watchtower Freddie Franz for the end of Satan's 6,000 year lease. The 130 second speech gives the date of sundown 1975September5 (1975Elul29, the last day of the month in the modern Hebrew lunisolar Calendar). The 8 minute speech gives the history of their attempts to get the date of the end of the world.
1975Elul29/30 September9/10 (BLC). The Watchtower give up on chronology. They stop Watching. They become a Watchtower without a watch. You cannot give food at the proper time if you do not know what time it is. Their 40 year chronological wilderness penalty runs from 1976Tishri1 to 2016VeAdar30=2017Nisan6.
1976Tishri1 The 40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty to 2016VeAdar30 begins.
1977Sivan20 June8. Knorr, the 3rd president of the Watchtower, the angel of Pergamum dies.
1977Tammuz4 June22. Franz becomes 4th president of Watchtower, the angel of Thyatira in this presence. He makes the mistake of tolerating Jezebel, his wife, the balance of the governing body,. He yields to a satanic democracy. 
1981Chislev19 December 19th: UN Security Council Resolution 497 Condemns Israel for not abiding by UN Resolution 226, Declares that Israel's decision to impose its laws on Golan is null and void legally and has no effect. Calls on member states to cut off Israel and impose sanctions. Israel did not pay a lot of attention to this resolution!
1983Nisan Gordon sanctified and 2NC made between Jacob and Gordon (no idea how), 33½ years before Solomon2 temple is inaugurated in 2016Tishri
1990Ab9 August 2: Iraq invades Kuwait
1990Ab9 August 2: UN Security Council Resolution 660 condemns the Iraqi invasion and demands that Iraq withdraw immediately and unconditionally.
1990Ab12 August 5: President George Bush Senior declares that the invasion: Will not stand.
1990Ab13 August 6: UN Security Council Resolution 661 authorising mandatory sanctions against Iraq.
1990Elul21 September 13: UN Security Council Resolution 666 Measures to do with Food Distribution in Iraq and Kuwait
1990Chislev8 1990 November 29: UN Security Council Resolution 678 Authorises all member states to use: All necessary means to uphold and implement resolution 660 and subsequent resolutions to restore international peace and security in the area.
1990Tebbeth27 1991 January 17: Allied air attack begins
1990Adar5 1991 February 24: Ground attack begins
1990Adar9 1991 February 28: Cease fire takes effect
1990Adar11 1991 March 2: Massive motor vehicle retreat from Kuwait city, 600 vehicles incinerated
1990Adar11 1991 March 2: UN Security Council Resolution 686: Relating to the suspension of combat operations and the importance of Iraq taking measures to end definitively the hostilities.
1990Adar12 1991 March 3: Iraqi generals surrender to Schwarzkopf. Saddam not present
1990Adar14 1991 March 5: Most POWs released
1991Nisan1 1991 March 17: First day of Biblical Hebrew year in old Calendar
1991Nisan18 1991 April 3: UN Security Council Resolution 687 Relating to the Restoration of Sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity to Kuwait and the return of its legitimate government, and to the status of sanctions.
1991Tishri1 September 13th. First day of Agricultural year (from Tishri to Tishri), in which the UN had military power. The 7 years of the 7 heads and the 10 years of the 10 horns count backwards from the end of Armageddon. So we count back 17 years from 2008Tishri to 1991Tishri to find the first power year of 10 of the UN. The UN has this agricultural year as its first year of 10 years of military power, (10 horns of Revelation 13) thanks to its success in the Gulf War earlier in the year.
And I saw a beast ascending out of the sea with 10 horns and 7 heads
1991Heshvan10 The Watchtower applies to join the United Nations. This is the transgression that causes their desolation. 
1991Heshvan10 The harlot church applies to ride the UN beast
1991Heshvan10 10x of testing God in Egypt of Numbers14 begin. They run from 1991Heshvan10 to 2001Heshvan10 when they lost their 3EC water baptism. 
1991Shebat18 1992January 28th, The UN (DPI) accepts the Watchtower as an associated Non Governmental Organisation. The Watchtower agrees to support and promote the ideals and principles and charter of the UN. This is the transgression that causes desolation to FDS3. This is the start of the 4600 solar days of Daniel 8 (morning fulfilment in the second presence). 
1991Shebat18 Satan says: Yes, go ahead, you can certainly put my throne in Jehovah's temple. I agree to that - no problem. 
1991Shebat21 1992 February 1st, afternoon, Gordon works out date of end from Exedenic Times, 7 times of vengeance on killers of Cain, Genesis 4. The Appointed Time of the end begins - in one meaning. 
1992Elul11 September 11th, 1992, Letter to the society hand delivered to Brooklyn by Massoud. 1260 days of second witness of Revelation 11 begin. The book prophesied that the UN would take over the world for the last 7 years of this system, since it is a Beast with 7 heads. And prophesying that since the World would end in 2008, so the UN would take over in 2001.
1992Chislev22 Freddie Franz, 4th President of Watchtower dies.
1992Chislev30 Milton Henschel, 5th president of the Watchtower takes office. He is the angel of Sardis, not a saint, having the name that he is alive but being dead.
1993Nisan18 First fruits day. Elijah4 appointed to build the greater temple of Solomon.
1993Tammuz18 Saturday afternoon July 10th. Gordon baptized as a JW.
1994Nisan3 Gordon writes to the Watchtower asking them if an unsanctified brother can ask a blessing on a 1NC cup at the Passover. And if dead flesh can touch a living cup. And whether Jesus' blood can flow around the whole church or only around his wife. This is the direct fulfilment of Haggai2.
1994Nisan21 FDS4 appointed to feed the 2NC saints.
1995Nisan10 Letter about the memorial explaining precisely how to celebrate it and why God would make no allowance if the Watchtower failed to get it right knowing how to do it,
1995Nisan14 Passover. Watchtower denies Christ the first time in this night
1995Tishri 8,000 remnant resurrected
1995Adar11 1996March 6. Gordon DFD by Watchtower, 1260 days of second witness of Revelation 11 end.
1996Nisan14 Passover. Watchtower denies Christ the 2nd time in this night
1997Nisan14 Passover. Watchtower denies Christ the 3rd time in this night
1997Sivan9 1NC Pentecost
1997Tammuz9 Late 1NC Pentecost
1997Elul28 Greater tablet shattering day, 40+40 days of Moses after the late 1NC Pentecost inclusively. FDS3 falls in authority over the saints, becoming WSS2, all Jehovah's Witnesses are NOT disfellowshipped by Jesus yet. FDS3 falls after the 3rd failed Passover day, because they refuse to celebrate the Passover properly as instructed by God's messenger denying the Christ 3x in that night on 1995Nisan14, 1996Nisan14 and 1997Nisan14 - see U200. FDS3 becomes the Evil Slave, ES2. ES2 starts ruling over the saints, without Jesus' authority, but they are still ruling over the water baptised with Jesus' authority.
1997Tishri1 Interposing festival Sabbath
1997Tishri2 FDS4 appointed over some of Jesus' belongings (the 2NC saints)
1997Tishri2 2NC first fruits. 2NC proselyte call to those in the Watchtower
1997Heshvan21 2NC Pentecost, LW administration begins - October26/27.
1999Elul26 The 1st horseman of the apocalypse starts to ride, the antitypical Joseph on a white horse with a bow: Conquering in a spiritual war. Evening of September 9th.
1999Shebat14 2000January25. The apocalypse, the final revealing starts, this website is it’s first external world wide manifestation. May God bless your faith and give you courage and clarity of thought! Please help us in this work of decoding, teaching, disseminating and learning. 
2000January26 Gordon (Elijah4) sent the first UK fax inviting people to visit this website (and US fax).
2000February8 Gordon (Elijah4) sent the US fax headed: Calling all Christians. 
2000March21 2000Nisan15. First public LW meeting held in London at the Cumberland Hotel. Talk on 3 different ways to prove that the date of Armageddon/End of the world (in fact judicially) is 2008.
2000Nisan30 Fact Sheet from the US State Department "The U.S. supports the granting of permanent seats for Japan and Germany and is prepared to accept three additional permanent seats for developing nations from the regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America." Daniel 2, the two feet are the UK and the US, each chooses 5 toes, 5 Permanent Security Council Members. The UK chose the original 5, the US is beginning to choose its 5 members here - see [167]
2000Elul16 Tony baptised into the LWs. The congregation begins. The first baptism performed by Elijah4.
2000Elul16 6,000 BLC day working week until 4th marriage guest ark entry on 2016Iyyar15 begin counting. This being the working week of the LWs. Following by a 1,000 day Sabbath from 2017Iyyar16-2019Shebat25. For if a day is like 1,000 year to God and if a day if like a year to God then a day is like 1,000 days to God. 
2000Tishri1 1st month of LW promised land Sabbath timetable begins. Since we now have a congregation, a land.
2000Tishri16 Jamie baptised into the LWs. There are now 3 LWs!
2000Heshvan4/5 2000October7. Milton Henschel, the 5th president of the WTBTS resigns along with all the other GB members and Don Adams becomes the 6th president of the WTBTS of Pennsylvania. GB adopts a rotating chairmanship and there is no longer any real head of the Watchtower. So they become headless. Gordon is then the only leader over sons of the ICC. So this is the end of the 69 weeks of year of Daniel9 which began with the Reformation of Martin Luther and ended with the Reformation of the Watchtower, which decapitated it, making Elijah4 the only leader over the water baptised. 
2000Shebat19 2001January20. Bush43, starts to ride. He is given the great sword of the US military at his inauguration as President of the US, when he becomes the commander in chief of the US military machine. Bush43 takes over on 2000Shebat19 precisely 7 months before 911 (2001Elul19). It is granted to him to take peace away from the earth. He starts the endless and worldwide 'war on terror'. Not sure if he really was the 2nd horseman of the Apocalypse. It certainly was not Barack Obama. It now has to be Donald Trump - the most powerful military machine in human history. Perhaps Bush43 was given the authority to take peace away from the earth but failed to do that other than in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, whereas Trump proves more successful?
2001Elul19 2001 September 11, a.m. Twin Towers Atrocity. 10 months of unity of thought of 10 kings begins. 
2001Elul19 2300 evenings and mornings of Daniel8, 4600 solar days, from this transgression causing desolation to Satan, by causing desolation to his earthly vassal, the UK/US world power, the 7th world power over God's people, start counting to 2014Nisan15, when the heavens are in the right condition because the unrepentant members of the dragon have been executed.
2001Tishri16 2001 October8. The UK Guardian Newspaper exposes the Watchtower as having been a UN NGO associated to the UN Department of Information for 10 years. http://www.theguardian.com/uk/2001/oct/08/religion.world. For more see U246.
2001Tishri17 2001 October9. Watchtower disassociates itself from the UN. It ceases to be associated to the UN Department of Information. 
2001Tishri30 October 22nd, Paul Gillies writes the cover up letter of no repentance to Guardian Newspaper, the UN having disassociated the Watchtower at the Watchtower's request on October 9th. The Woman demonstrates no remorse after having dismounted the beast. The Watchtower show no repentance for idolatry and harlotry with the Beast. But this was merely correspondence between the press office of the UK and the Guardian Newspaper. Perhaps God does not read the Guardian!


2001 October 26: Bush43 signs the Patriot Act into US law 107-56. The 430 years of slavery to intelligence services, a month for a day, to 2015Adar4 in the post 911 world begin..


2001November1, the awful letter to the branches. This finished the water baptism of the Watchtower. We think it might have been subject to the 7 days of appeal which they give to those they disfellowship and so God might in return give to them.


First part of the second presence ends. The Watchtower water baptism is removed by Jesus because a church which is unrepentant for placing the throne of Satan in God's temple cannot carry out a water baptism for those who are repentant.


All non reserve 1NCs are dead by this date.


Saturday afternoon January18. The first LW meeting is held at which JWs attend (both spies and openly). Gordon reveals that the 2300 evening and mornings of Daniel8 run from the Watchtower joining the UN as an NGO on 1992January28 to 2004Elul14 (2004September1 - the start of the field service year), when they lost their constant feature of field service. Then the 1290 days of Daniel 12 runs from 2004Elul14 to 2008NIsan14, the end of the 6,000 years of the world.


Saturday evening 9th February. Barby Baptised at Burlington Hotel. The first JW who left specifically to join the LWs.


Saturday March 9th Ian baptised. The first male JW who left specifically to join the LWs.
2002Nisan1 The UN is retroactively given world headship for the calendar year starting on this day. It has been the Worldwide Ministry of defence since the Gulf War and has been the Worldwide ministry of Food, and is became the Worldwide Ministry of Health with the Aids initiative of June 2001. On 2002Nisan1 the Kingship of the world was undecided, a matter of dispute between the US(UK) and the UN.
The UN eventually gets this year as a regnal year through the supremacy it shows over the US over the ICC on July 1st and then July 12th 2002. The first of 7 years of the 7 heads


2nd 1NC first fruits. FDS4 NOT appointed to feed the 1NC reserves.


July 1: The ICC is established, giving the UN power over military personnel of every nation of the earth whilst these troops are operating in a nation which has signed up to it (The US and Israel have not yet). But their troops are subject to it, if they are operating in a nation which has signed up to it. This occurs 300 BLC days (inclusively) to the day, or 10 BLC months after the unity of thought began on 911. Now a period of 12 days of divided thought begins until the solution appears on July 12th. And I saw a beast ascending out of the sea with 10 horns and 7 heads. These (10 horns which are 10 kings - eventually) have 1 thought so they give their power... to the beast. 10 is compared to 1. This is a coded witness to 10 times, which is the duration of the period of unity of thought. This period is therefore 10 days, 10 months or 10 years.


July 12: US backs down. They agree to the jurisdiction of the ICC effective in one years time unless the UN security council votes against it. Of course the UN security council can always vote against it at any time. Security Council Resolution SC/7450. http://www.un.int/usa/02_098.htm. The UN is now the 8th Biblical King of the World, the 10th horn, the US has given its power to the UN through the ICC.


Gordon baptises 'Roger Knight' from the Watchtower. He effectively steals the LW baptism and goes back to start the Laodicean congregation within the Watchtower. He is the Laodicean apostle. 


4,000 days to 2013Chislev1 of Authorized Laodicean feeding of Mark8 under Jesus' instruction, as a true church, begin with Roger Knight being appointed to feed 1NC reserves.


First fruits day from 2002Tishri14. 


5,000 days of John6 of reclining for male JWs as LWs begin with the baptism of Roger Knight, who began Laodicea. They run to 2016Elul11. Then we have 5 months of taking 5 loaves , then one month of giving thanks, then two months of distributing to those reclining - a generic plural - to 2017Iyyar, when all the Watchtower 1NC reserves have joined Zoar. It takes the JW 1NC reserves that long to come to the table and sit down as a part of the land, the congregation, of the LWs.


Roger Knight baptizes the second Laodicean without informing the LW church. This is when he stole the 4EC water baptism. The Laodicean congregation begins.


Start of the 430 years a month for a day in the enslaving Egypt of Laodicea to 2017Iyyar23, when Laodiceans are permitted to enter and do all enter into Zoar. All the armies of Jehovah, the entirety of Laodicea, come out UPON THE VERY DAY of 2017Iyyar23

2003 Tuesday March 17th/18th, GW Bush gives Saddam a 48 hour ultimatum. No UN authority for such an ultimatum. This is the beginning of the sword stroke to the second head, the second year of headship, of the UN Beast.


2003 Thursday March 20th, the War on Iraq starts. The sword stroke (unauthorised war on Iraq) is delivered to the UN Beast by the two horned UK/US beast.
And I saw one of its heads as though slaughtered to death. The day that the UN gets headship, the US as good as cuts its head off because it has no desire for its troops to be desire to be subject to the UN ICC;
After the Iraq war, the US and the UK evangelise the expansion of the security council to 10 permanent seats. Bush and Blair together lead the Wild Beast ascending from the earth with two horns like a lamb that starts speaking as a dragon. To quote one New Yorker of Irish descent whose father helped build the Twin Towers. "I used to think that we were the good guys, now I am not so sure." The Warmongering of the UK/US world power is of course the work of the dragon, Satan's heavenly organisation. He is the one who wants unjust warfare, pre-emptive strikes etc. Saddam should have been arrested at the end of the Gulf War, yes, Mrs. Thatcher was right. But one cannot declare War on a country today, because we failed to arrest its leader 11 years ago. Yes, Saddam should go, not for WMD, but for genocide, but the ends do not justify the means.

It tells those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast that had the sword stroke and yet revived (Revelation 13). 
This image of the beast is the expanded security council with 10 Permanent members. It will become a UN within the UN if you like.


2003 March 22, Milton Henschel, the ex 5th President of the Watchtower and the only president to abdicate, dies. This is the beginning of the 12 full years of the 12 full baskets of fragments from 2003Nisan1 to 2014Adar30. there is is a blooming 13th not quite filled basket. Then there is the time between cooking the food, baking the loaf (which must occur during the life of the president) and distributing it which is breaking the loaf (which can occurs for up to 6 months after the loaf is baked). So the 13th basekt is not filled until 2016Elul13. Well the last Watchtower 1NC reserve leaves that church for Zoar on 2016Elul1, at the end of the 2,000 pigs of Mark5 from 2010Shebat11, the end of the 2nd presence. 


2003 May 22, UNSC resolution 1483 legitimizing the coalition as the occupying power in Iraq. The US/UK by accepting the UN authorization have now accepted the UN as their authorizer, and so have given their authority to the UN. Also the second head of the UN (which runs from 2002Tishri to 2003Tishri) has now recovered from the sword stroke. Start of the 3 agricultural years of US/UK beast exercising all the authority of the UN. 

2004Elul14 1290 days of Daniel 12 start, first 4600 solar days of Daniel 8 (2300 evenings and mornings) from 1992January28 when the Watchtower joined the UN as an NGO, i.e. the harlot church started riding the beast of Revelation 17, end. The Watchtower constant feature (field service) is removed (it is not said to end because it is transferred to the LWs). This is September1, the start of the service year. God no longer accepts field service as a sacrifice to him. The LW constant feature which began at that time was a wheat offering in pursuance of Revelation6 and 2Kings7. This website (another constant feature of the LW church) had been running since 1999Shebat14. 
2004Elul16 4600 solar days of Daniel 8 (2300 evenings and mornings) after Gordon first worked out the date of the start of the Kingdom. Another possible fulfilment


'Roger Knight' Baptizes AOL (David Splane?). This is 7 months of Joash before AOL's reign began on 2005Chislev21, the Late 2NC Pentecost.

The Watchtower becomes a false religion, 1290 days of Daniel12 after the abomination causing desolation of the library card letter to the Bethels of 2001Heshvan10. The constant feature of the Watchtower water baptism ended on that day too. 2005Sivan10 is precisely the finishing of the dashing of the power of the holy people to pieces, because it is the end of the Watchtower as a true church a process which began on 1997Elul28 (tablet shattering day). On 2005Sivan10, the Watchtower, with the exception of Laodicea, became a false church, having lost its final constant feature on 2004Elul14=2004September1, the start of the field service year. Field service and a water baptisms were both constant features of the Watchtower. The can only feed for 12 more full baskets not 13. So they are finished feeding, which means the world has ended by 2018Sivan10 (since they are a bundle of weeds to be burnt). 2018Tammuz8 is the 2nd 1NC Pentecost when the Kingdom of God has completed its installation.

2005Tammuz29 2005July7/8. The Gleneagles G8 summit. Terror attack on July7 in London.
2005Tishri6 2005September12/13. The UNPBC is defined in the Draft Outcome Document of the 60th world summit.


LA (the Laodicean Administration) headed by AOL, the Angel Of Laodicea, is appointed over the Laodicean 2NC saints. 


FDS4 is cut in two. We are split into Laodicea over their 2NC saints and the LWs over the rest of the 2NC saints. Elijah4 did not get ready - he was running a software company instead. So he lost part of his 2NC appointment to Laodicea (people of judgement).


The Late 2NC Pentecost. The Laodicean administration, having completed its installation over their 2NC saints, begins operations. The reign  of AOL, the greater Joash, begins, but not yet over Jerusalem 
2005Tebbeth15 2005 December 20. UNGA and UNSC make UNPBC Operational. First day of UNPBC.
2006Iyyar1 2006Iyyar1 UK time (Saturday evening April29) which was 2006Nisan30 US time (Saturday afternoon April29). The Sign of Jonah Letter is faxed to the Brooklyn Bethel. The first members of Israel are gathered to the contest. The contest does not start yet.
2006Iyyar2 The woman of Revelation 12, Jesus' 1NC wife + fiance, flees to be fed in a place prepared by God in the wilderness for 1260 days to 2009Heshvan2, when FDS4 was appointed over the Laodicean 2NCs, at Late 2NC first fruits. 
2006Iyyar10 The second part of the second presence begins with the first 1NC reserve being baptised into Laodicea for the 2006Iyyar14 Passover as instructed by Elijah to Ahab in 1Kings18. This is 4½x of Daniel12 after 2001Heshvan10, when the first part of the second presence ended.
2006Iyyar21 The first warning bomb date fails. The church says: There is nothing at all. 
2006Iyyar22 Laodicea appointed over the 1NC reserves
2006Iyyar28 The second warning bomb date fails.
2006Sivan1 The revised Sign of Jonah letter is faxed to Brooklyn, with 2006Sivan12 as the Watchtower destruction date. This does not start the contest either.
2006Sivan6 1NC Pentecost. 
2006Sivan6 June4. PRWeb publish press release for 2006Sivan12 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/6/prweb394193.htm
2006Sivan11 First prediction date. This begins the contest being 11x 450 = 4950 days of Ostracism after Letter to the Society was hand delivered to Brooklyn on 1992Elul11
2006Sivan12 Revised first prediction date (revised from 2006Sivan11 on 2006Sivan1). This begins the contest following 11x 450 = 4950 days of Ostracism after Letter to the Society was hand delivered to Brooklyn on 1992Elul11
2006Sivan12 Contest of 1Kings18 begins, since we revised the first prediction from 2006Sivan11 to 2006Sivan12 on 2006SIvan1 before 2006Sivan11 came about.
2006Sivan12/13 This first Watchtower destruction bomb date which was directly communicated to the Watchtower in the Sign of Jonah letter fails (having been revised by one day to 2006Sivan12 from 2006Sivan11).
2006Sivan13 The church says: There is nothing at all (1Kings18), once they have seen that the first bomb date has failed. 
2006Sivan13 Possible start date for the contest if the prophets of Baal were encouraged to join in once Elijah4 had failed the first time.
2006Sivan14 LWs publish their second Watchtower Destruction Date of 2006Tammuz3 (changed to 2006Tammuz2-6 later). So we had no finished the period in the camp of Joshua 6, until the revised prediction came out.
2006Sivan21 June19. PRWeb publish press release for 2006Tammuz3 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/06/prweb400595.htm
2006Sivan24 June22: 6:44 pm UK time - sent an email saying could not decide whether it was 2006Tammuz2 or 2006Tammuz3. June 23: 3:00 am UK time - submitted press release for 2006Tammuz2-6 quoting email link to webpage with explanation and calculation for that date period. It used to take at least 2 hours to write and polish and submit and correct and resubmit any press release. So the website, which was always updated before the press release was written, would have been publishing the new date period by 1:00 am UK time, we think, which was 7pm Eastern US time. Sunset in NYC on 2006June22 was 8:31pm and civil twilight ended at 9:04 pm. So the website published 2006Tammuz2-6 to New Yorkers on 2006Sivan24. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/06/prweb403497.htm. 2006Sivan24-Tammuz3 is the start of a Daniel4 7x prediction malediction on the LWs of 1Kings18:43.
2006Sivan25 June23. PRWeb press release for expansion of 2006Tammuz3 to 2006Tammuz2-6 created and submitted (date from PRWeb account)
2006Sivan27 June25. PRWeb publish press release for expansion of 2006Tammuz3 to 2006Tammuz2-6 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/06/prweb403497.htm
2006Tammuz3 First attempt at our second fire sign prediction later revised to 2006Tammuz2-6. 
2006Tammuz7 Second Watchtower destruction bomb prediction date period of 2006Tammuz2-6 is seen to have failed.
2006Tammuz9 The LWs publish their 3rd Watchtower Destruction Date of 2006Tammuz28/29
2006Tammuz11 2nd 1NC Pentecost. The Laodicean administration, having completed its installation over the 1NC reserves on 2006Tammuz10, the 7th Sabbath of 2nd 1NC Weeks, begins operations over them. The 40 month reign in Jerusalem of AOL over Laodicea begins. It runs to 2009Heshvan2
2006Tammuz14 July12. PRweb publish press release for 2006Tammuz28/29 http://www.prweb.com/releases/2006/7/prweb410224.htm 
2006Tishri10 Atonement day is celebrated properly by the LWs for the first time, with a fast (Gordon was at 18 Middleton Road).
2007Nisan14 The last year of this system begins. This is not the start of the time of the end. Was a cute interpretation though! Actually it is. It is the start of the Time of the End of Laodicea - from its transgression causing desolation to the end of the world.
2007Iyyar14 Laodicean 2NC saints drink the 1NC cup at the Watchtower Passover. This is Jacob posing as Esau. This is the transgression causing desolation to Laodicea. 
2007Iyyar14 2300 evenings and mornings of Daniel8, 2300 solar days, start counting to 2013Elul8, when Laodicea has its constant feature removed, by God no longer regarding their LW style research as true worship.
2007Sivan6 1NC Pentecost is celebrated (although on the wrong day) for the first time by the LWs at Luke House in Westminster. We make an international communal synchronized prayer in an attempt to fulfil Acts2.
2008Nisan14 March 21/22: The end of Michael's original 6,000 year headlease upon Adam. The end of the ARC world judicially. Entrance to First Abrahamic Covenant ends (modulo the extra week of Daniel9). 1290 days of Daniel 12 starting with the removal of the constant feature of Watchtower field service end. Adam sinned on 3993Nisan14 breaking his covenant with God and Satan sinned that day breaking his covenant with God. Jesus made the ARC with God on that day, reversing the disaster of Adam and Eve. Midst prophecy of U100 ends.
2008Nisan15-21 The last week of Daniel9, wherein he must keep the covenant for the many (the 1AC) in force.
2008Nisan22 March 29/30: First Fruits day after the weekly interposing Sabbath of 2008Nisan21. The kingdom of God starts judicially in heaven. Jesus marries his wife, the 144,000 1NC saints in heaven. This is the first day of the Kingdom of God, notwithstanding the fact that Satan's 6,000 year lease does not end until 2009Tishri14. That lease was for physical headship. So Jesus and the first presence 1NC Kings became spiritual heads, priests on 2008Nisan22. In fact the 1NC Kings become the holy spirit for mankind,. the holy spirit of the Kingdom, sons of the 3HSC. This is the 3rd heaven that Paul saw. Jesus became the physical king over mankind subject to the 42½ month ministry ransom agreement on 2009Tishri18, the first of the week. The secular/agricultural calendar runs from Tishri1 and the sacred/festival calendar runs from Nisan1. This is the first of 3 marriage of the lamb to the first presence, the second presence and the reserves 1NC Kings.
2008Nisan22 The Kingdom Exedenic Times malediction from 2008Nisan22 - 2015Nisan22 begins.
2008Nisan22 Laodicean 1NC reserves (the ones in a true church) appointed over themselves.
2008Nisan22-28 7 day first presence 1NC marriage feast of Leah.
2008Nisan22-28 The marriage feast is coincident with the celebrating of the full the week of the woman, which is her installation as a physical priestess of genetic physical genetic life. Aaron took 7 whole days to install. Likewise the bridal installation is 7 whole days. So veil lifting day is the 8th day.
2008Nisan29 Bride leaves the bridal chamber, which is in heaven, and lifts the veil. 
2008Iyyar1 Kingdom monthly Jubilee calendar begins.
2008Iyyar7 Incorrect Jubilee day of the LWs (according to our old calendar). 
2008Sivan11 May 17/18. First 1NC Pentecost in the Kingdom of God. But this is during the 6,000 year lease of Satan who get the first 6 months of the Kingdom. The first presence 3rd Holy Spirit is Kingdom appointed as heavenly priest over the 1NC reserves?
2008Tishri1 The first secular year of the Kingdom of God does begin. But Satan's lease is still in force until 2009Tishri14. So this is not the first secular year of the Kingdom under Jesus. 
2008Tishri1 We were in expectation of Kingdom bodies etc from this date, since it was the first year start actually in the Kingdom. We thought at the time, that the sacred and secular years combined in the Kingdom and that both of them started on 2008Tishri1. We were wrong. But that is what we thought back then. So we were expecting a kingdom manifestation from 2008Tishri1 (and actually from 2008Nisan14)
2008Tishri2 2NC first fruits. The first presence 3rd Holy Spirit is Kingdom appointed as priest over the 1NCs. So we are entitled to start expecting non adamic Kingdom bodies from this day. God is Swiss German. Everything must happen at the first opportunity on the correct day subject to all maledictions. No secular kingship appointment is possible on this day since Satan's 6,000 year lease is still in force.
2008Tishri2 The 1335 days of non adamic pregnancy expectation of Daniel12 to 2012Sivan16, Isaaic first fruits, begin in one fulfilment. 
2008Tishri15 This is the first day of biblical Hebrew winter in the kingdom of God. The LWs did not celebrate Booths, mistakenly believing that the Marriage feast of the of the lamb was still ongoing a month for a day. The feast was actually 2008Nisan22 to 2008Nisan28.
2008Heshvan15-21 Late Booths? The LWs did not celebrate this since the marriage feast of the lamb was ongoing for 7 months until 2008Heshvan17 or so we thought at the time! 
2008Heshvan21 October24/25. The first 2NC Pentecost in the Kingdom of God.
2008Chislev6 LWs realise that Jericho is Laodicea, a hidden LW sect within the Watchtower. Joshua therefore 'arrives' at Jericho..
2008Chislev7 Jubilee release day at the 10th hour - we thought incorrectly. Jubilee horn blown (2000Elul1 start Sabbath calendar). It should have been 2008Tebbeth10 (2000Tishri1 start Sabbath Calendar).
2008Tebbeth2 The 8th and last day of Judaic Hanukkah. 
2008Tebbeth10 True 2nd LW Jubilee release. 
2009Heshvan2 AOLs 40 month in Jerusalem reign over Laodicea ends after 40 months of Joash from 2006Tammuz11. LA falls over its 2NC saints.
2008Adar1 Shebat1 (ABLC). Gordon works out 2012Heshvan26 for the last day of adamic man thanks to the temple ratio prophecy of Emmanuel and Mike. This gave the date of the final 40 day fire storm that wipes out unraptured mankind as running from 2012Tishri16 to 2012Heshvan26. 2012Heshvan26 was published this day. Actually the final lava flood runs for 40+40 days from 2017Tebbeth8 to 2017Adar27 - we presently understand.
2008Adar2 Shebat2 (ABLC) The LWs now have one beautiful witness to 2012Sivan15/16, the day we escape from our adamic bodies, given by God to Mike via Emmanuel (a human), the Temple Ratio Prophecy - see U108. And a second witness from the 1335 days of Daniel12 from 2008Tishri1 - the start of the first secular year after Jesus first presence marriage on 2008Nisan22. We thought at the time (incorrectly) that this was the start of the new combined kingdom secular and sacred year. Hence we were in expectation as written in Daniel12. Actually the 1335 days began on 2008Tishri2, 2NC first fruits, when the 3rd Holy Spirit was appointed as heavenly priest to the 2NCs.
2009Nisan16 1NC first fruits. 6 month Hebrew summer begins on this day. 
2009Sivan5 1NC Pentecost, first ripe fruits.
2009Sivan6 Gordon and David worked out how Jesus comes upon a cloud at the manifestation of the presence. A few of the 1NC reserves join the LWs as a result of the clouds of the fire signs of 1Kings18. They go up into the LWs and are hidden by the media cloud which physically engrosses everyone.
2009Tammuz27 Total Solar Eclipse on this day. 
2009Tishri14 Satan's 6,000 year lease from 3992Tishri14 (Nisan1 years) ends. The 1266 days of ministry power swapping begin to 2013Nisan20. The physical authority follows the spiritual authority. 
2009Tishri14 1266 days of the miracle ministry payback deal begin. Jesus is appointed over all mankind physically excluding the genetic house of Israel. Jesus is now Caesar but does nothing in that capacity for the `1266 days of the ransom deal just as Satan could not exercise his Kingship over man whilst possessing people in Israel during Jesus' ministry.
2009Tishri15 The discontinuous Gentile Times, with a 95 year Maccabean gap from 141Tishri to 46Tishri BC ends. 
2009Tishri15 The Kingdom Gentiles Times malediction from 2009Tishri15 - 2016Tishri15 begins.
2009Tishri29 Late 2nd tablet shattering day. Laodicea falls over the 1NC reserves.
2009Heshvan2 1260 whole days of the woman of Revelation12 (the 1NC reserves) being fed in a place prepared by God in the wilderness from 2006Iyyar2 (the day after the Sign of Jonah letter) end.
2009Heshvan2 FDS4 re-appointed back over the Laodicean 2NC saints. The post satanic lease kingdom cannot be divided (since divided house fall - and this one is going to stand). So Laodicea in no longer the place prepared by God for 2NCs to feed 1NC reserves.
2009Heshvan2 Late 2NC first fruits
2009Chislev21 Late 2NC Pentecost. FDS4 becomes operational over all the 1NC reserves (we had the ones in Laodicea - in theory)
2009Chislev21 1600 stadia of Revelation14 from the earthly city of FDS4 over the Kingdom start counting to 2014Iyyar30/Sivan1, when the dragon starts down Jacob's 30 step ladder.
2009Chislev21 The Kingdom Alienation Times malediction from 2009Chislev21 to 2016Chislev21 begins. The 2nd presence 3rd Holy Spirit cannot act as a priest to God's people during this period. 
2009Chislev21 FDS4 completes its installation and begins operations 1NC reserves (of which some are in Laodicea).
2009Chislev21 The City (the Watchtower administration) and Jericho (Laodicea) are now judicially in our hand, since we are now operational as priests over all 1NCs reserves
2009Chislev21 Now that we have divine authority, God is in a position to instruct us in how to campaign against Jericho. He could not do that until he had given us divine authority for the campaign. 
2009Shebat27 1335 days of keeping in expectation Daniel12 from 2006Sivan12, the first Watchtower Destruction bomb date (revised from 2011Sivan11 before that date), end. The blessing of U264 is complete. Happy is the man that reads this understanding.
2010Nisan1 Jesus' first Kingdom regnal year begins over Adam minus genetic Israel.
2010Nisan11 The BBC reports that the UK Foreign Affairs Committee declares that the 'Special Relationship' between the US and the UK is over. Presumably because our foreign affair had ended! They issued the Ghastly Orwellian Declaration: "It is wrong to speak of the special relationship". Madness which is part of the scripturally predicted break up of the dual 7th world power (UK+US) to make way for the 8th, the UN. It is really a statement that both the UK and the US are ready to join the New World order, rather than continuing to run what is now the old world order. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/8590767.stm. On 2010Ab7 Obama and Cameron declared it is still going strong.
2010Nisan18 1NC first fruits
2010Iyyar16 Second 1NC first fruits
2010Iyyar16 FDS4 is appointed over the 1NC reserves - but not yet the over genetic Israel, due to the ministry ransom deal of U27.
2010Sivan24 Ted Jaracz the head of the Martha class, loses his portion, suffers a terminal stroke on 2010Sivan24 and dies at 7:30 am on June 9th (2010Sivan25).
2010Tammuz27 Total Solar Eclipse. 
2010Tishri1 The first campaign day of the Jericho instructions begins. 6 campaign day years to 2016Tishri1. Then 7 revolutions of calendar months in the 7th year to 2017Nisan30.
2010Tishri1 The first secular year of the Kingdom of God under Jesus begins.
2010Tishri15-21 Booths Celebration. LWs tried several dates for the 2NC celebration during Booths but omitted Tishri20. Dave and Gordon did actually try Tishri22 which was correct!
2010Tishri22 LWs correctly celebrated the 2NC on the 2NC Assembly day.
2010Heshvan20 LWs incorrectly celebrated a late 2NC on the 6th day of late Booths.
2010Chislev20-23 The first fire sign of 1Kings18. The worst fire in the history of Modern Israel occurs. It sets the mountains of Carmel ablaze!! Aircraft drop sea water on the blaze making a cloud from the sea!! This cloud was visible on the Sabbath of 2010Chislev22 (so that the attendant could see the cloud made from the sea, rising on the 7th day). In fact Ian saw the fire as a fire sign on 2010Chislev22. 2010Chislev21 was the late 2NC Pentecost. So this sign occurred during the late 2NC Pentecost.
2010Chislev20-23 Contest noon. 1628 BLC days after the start on 2006Sivan12 and 1628 BLC days before the end of the 24 hour calendar day on 2015Tammuz1, sunset. the first evening.
2010Chislev21 Our first correct prediction date for the first fire sign upon mount Carmel in Israel
34 months of spying indecision for Laodicea from the days of the first ripe fruits of the 2NC grapes (2010Chislev21, the late 2NC Pentecost) begin. They start spying due to the first fire sign of 1Kings18 upon mount Carmel in Israel on 2010Chislev20-23.
2010Chislev22 Our second correct prediction date for the first fire sign upon mount Carmel in Israel
2010Chislev22 Ian recognizes the fire upon mount Carmel in Israel as being a fire sign of 1Kings18.
2010Chislev22-23 December 4th. Senior Governing Body John E Barr dies. New Senior member is Gerrit Loesch. 
2010Chislev23-24 Our 3rd correct prediction date for the first fire sign upon Mount Carmel
2010Tebbeth24 1,000th day after 2008Nisan14, the end of the world of Michael, the ARC world. 
2010Shebat2 1,000th day after 2008Nisan22. 
2010Adar29 - 2010VeAdar3 Fukushima disaster, first nuclear cloud rises from the sea on 2010Adar30 (KBLC). LWs predicted the right type of event, the right day but the wrong location. This was not the second fire sign of 1Kings18. Fukushima means 'blessed island'. The garden of Eden was a blessed enclosure. The Honshu disaster was also biblical sign because it was a 9.0 richter scale earthquake and a fulfilment of 1Kings18:44. 
2011Iyyar14 LWs celebrate the 5th Passover of 1Kings 18 contest which Elijah4 asks the attendant, the church, to go up to. This is the 2nd that Elijah asks his attendant to go back to after the first Passover no show in the kingdom on 2009Nisan14
2011Heshvan10 The second presence ends. 5½ years it began on 2006Iyyar10. And 5½ years of Daniel12 before the 3rd presence starts non adamically through the 1NC reserves on first Watchtower Passover entry day, 2017Iyyar10, the end of the strange/wonderful things of Daniel12 where the 1NC reserves float above the river of the 4EC without getting their toes wet..
2011Heshvan10 Laodicea loses its water baptism 5000 Shekels + 72x sentence count of body parts and copper body armour of Goliath of 1Samuel17after the Watchtower fell over the saints from 1997Elul28 to 2011Ab18+72 = 2011Heshvan10.
2011Chislev9 Total lunar eclipse that deceived us.
2011Chislev15 - 2011Shebat17 2011December15-2012February16. 344th recounted public fire sign prediction. The end of the publicly trumpeted LW circumnavigations of the Jericho of the shuttered up Watchtower.
2012Iyyar21 Second 1NC first fruits. FDS4 is appointed over the Laodicean 1NC reserves, at the first opportunity after Laodicea has lost its water baptism.
2012Sivan1 The first Kingdom Jubilee month from 2008Iyyar1.
2012Sivan14 The Zoar Passover - we missed this at the time. We die to Adam. This is a REAL DEATH. And we are resurrected in non adamic Isaaic bodies on 2012Sivan16, the 3rd day inclusively thereafter (as Jesus was from a human standpoint).
2012Sivan14 FDS4 loses all of its appointments over everything by virtue of all of its people being physically dead in the first death, asleep and not in our original adamic bodies.
2012Sivan15 Venus transit. Venus means love, Jesus is the Sun, the earth is the LWs and the future LWs. Jesus shows his love for the earth. This being the interposing festival Sabbath, the first day of Zoar Cakes, prior to Zoar First fruits. 
2012Sivan15 We appear to be transadamic on this day (neither adamic nor non adamic)
2012Sivan15/16 The Temple Ratio Prophecy of U108 is fulfilled. All the priests, the sons of the ICC, go through the wall at the far end of Adam's temple and gain non adamic Isaaic but not Methuselaian bodies. They leave Adam but do not start reverse ageing until Zoar. But these phase 1 non adamic bodies will not kill them for they are not under any fleshly death sentence any more. Ageing is now at half speed (since Isaac had a 240 year max lifespan body) but not suspended or reversed in these temporary non adamic bodies.
2012Sivan16 Zoar non adamic first fruits. This is 1335 days of expectation of Daniel12 after the appointment of the first presence 3rd Holy Spirit as heavenly priests over the 2NCs on 2008Tishri2. Or can you run this from the first day of the first secular year of the Kingdom, 2008Tishri1, after Jesus' first presence marriage on 2008Nisan22?.
2012Sivan16 All LWs become Isaaic non adamic, following the pattern of the human death and resurrection of the Christ..
2012Sivan16 FDS4 could not be appointed as non adamic priests in Zoar on this day because it occurred during a Jubilee month. A Jubilee is a release not a commitment by appointment.
2012Tammuz16 Late Zoar non adamic first fruits. A weekly Sabbath which did not prevented FDS4 being appointed as non adamic priests to feed (not sure who)
2012Elul5 The late Zoar Pentecost. FDS4 is installed to feed Zoar.
2012Tammuz16 Late Zoar first fruits. FDS4 is finally appointed to baptize non adamically into Zoar - even upon this weekly Sabbath (priests in the temple could treat the Sabbath as a secular Sabbath only according to Jesus). The LWs all got non adamic Isaaic bodies which have a 240 year max lifespan and therefore age at half the normal rate on 2012Sivan16. But on 2012Tammuz16 we got an upgrade to the 4EC water baptism which empowers us to give these bodies to all who join Zoar. We think that the sons of the 1AC get non adamic Abrahamic bodies some day too - not sure when. Actually it is presumably upon entrance into Zoar, the half way house for half speedageing bodies.
2012Tammuz16/Elul5 40 months of being lead around a chronological wilderness in Zoar chasing a pillar of fire and cloud by prediction begins for the LWs to 2015Chislev16. Then on 2015Chislev17 we got the 546 wilderness encampment understanding of U364.
2012Heshvan2 2NC first fruits. Zoar is re-appointed to rule over all the 2NCs AND is appointed to feed 1NC reserves?
2012Chislev21 The late 2NC Pentecost in Zoar. Zoar completes its installation administratively over 2NCs. Their law now applies to all of them (if they join the church). And we complete our installation to feed the 1NC reserves.
2012Tebbeth4 Supposed end of the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Calendar.
2013Nisan18 1NC first fruits.
2013Nisan20 End of 1266 day miracle ministry payback. Jesus now has authority over the entire Kingdom of God. 7 month war + 12 month casting out period for Satan and his angels of Revelation12 begins.
2013Nisan21 Jesus now has authority over the entire Kingdom of God. 10 month war of Revelation12 and 14 month period until Satan is thrown down to the earth begin.
2013Nisan21 Jesus stands up following Daniel12:1 after sitting at God's right hand for 5 years on God's throne in the Kingdom from 2008Nisan22 to 2013Nisan20
2013Iyyar5/6 Fertilizer explosion in a town called West, in Texas. This caused a rising cloud of smoke upon West at sunset in fulfilment of Luke 12:54-55. 
2013Iyyar9 The LWs see that the fertilizer explosion in West at sunset was a fulfilment of Luke 12:54-55. This was the sign for the church that Satan had been evicted from heaven.
2013Sivan7 1NC Pentecost
2013Sivan16 Zoar first fruits. Zoar is now appointed over the genetic house of Israel after the end of the ministry payback period. 
2013Sivan16 Zoar first fruits. Zoar is now appointed over the 1NC reserves. This completes all of our Kingdom appointments. So finally Zoar is appointed over all of Jesus' belongings (including Jewish saints) on this date. 
2013Tammuz3Gordon Apologizes to the Watchtower for the mistakes in the Sign of Jonah Letter and warns them of the coming New Passovers in a New Letter
2013Ab5 1335 days of expectation of Daniel12 for fire sign prediction answers of 1Kings18, to 2017Nisan20, 2017Nisan21 being the last prediction failure
2013Ab5 Zoar feeding administration becomes operational over all of Jesus' belongings, that is the 1NC reserves and the 2NCs including those in the genetic house of Israel
2013Tishri10 The constant feature of Laodicean authority over saints ends, 1290 days of Daniel12:11 before the end of Laodicea physically on 2017Iyyar10, when their wall falls down. AND 2300 solar days of Daniel8 from the transgression causing desolation to Laodicea at the 2007Sivan16 Passover, when the 2NC saints from Laodicea partook of the 1NC cup.
2013Heshvan21 35 months of spying instruction indecision from 2010Chislev21 for Laodicea end.
40 days of actual spying by Laodicea on the LWs.
2013Heshvan25 Total solar eclipse.
2013Chislev21-Tebbeth15 399th LW fire sign prediction for Nuclear terrorist attacks from the waterways around Manhattan and from the waterways around London. This prediction is published on PRweb and on this site.
2013Chislev25 Revised the 399th prediction to run from 2013Chislev21-Tebbeth2 (i.e. to include all of Hanukkah). We thought incorrectly at the time that this period ran from 2013November28 to 2014January3 due to an intercalary VeChislev prior to 2013Tebbeth1. 
2013Tebbeth1 The greater night of weeping of Numbers14
2013Tebbeth1 Laodicea becomes a false church after sunrise.
2013Tebbeth1 4,000 days from 2002Heshvan21 of Laodicean feeding of Mark8 under Jesus' instruction, as a true church, end.
2013Tebbeth1 40 month wilderness penalty on Laodicea begins to 2017Nisan30 inclusive whole days.
2013Tebbeth18-Shebat1 400th prediction for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 and the second fire sign (two parts) of 2Kings1. The stone hitting the feet of the giant man of Daniel2. 
Extended 401st prediction for Nuclear Terrorist attack from the Hudson upon Manhattan or North New Jersey. And a UK nuclear terrorist attack on London from the Thames around Dartford.
2013Adar Michael defeats Satan in the 11 months heavenly war of Revelation 12. This is 616 months of Revelation13 after U Thant was elected unanimously by the general assembly of the UN to be the 3rd secretary general on 1962Heshvan28/29
2013Adar28/29 Jesus wins the heavenly war of Revelation12 by this day, since the beast only has 616 months of Revelation13 from 1962Heshvan28/29 when U Thant was appointed as actual 3rd secretary general (the first to have the blasphemous name of the Holy See riding upon its back).
2014Nisan1 The 5th Nisan1 year of the Kingdom under Jesus begins. 
2014Nisan14 Satan and the unrepentant members of the dragon are Passover executed into the first angelic death, tartarus (nor Gehenna). The repentant ones are Passed over.
2014Nisan14 Egyptian Passover and the Lord's evening meal
2014Nisan15 Satan has now lost the constant feature of his heavenly viewpoint. 1290 days of the Time of the End of Daniel12:11 start counting to 2017Heshvan14, his earthly Passover and the absolute end of the dragon.
2014Nisan15 The end of 4600 solar days from 911, 2001. That was the transgression causing desolation to the US/UK world power. The holy place of the heavens are now in the right condition - without the dragon.
2014Nisan15 2014April15 at 07:46. Total lunar eclipse but not on a blood sacrifice festival day. So this was not a Blood moon. For a blood moon, the moon is turned into blood by the blood of the sacrifice. The moon appears red due to light reflection from it which has come not directly from the Sun but from the earth. The light is red due to refraction (blue bends best) but symbolically it is red due to the earth being blood soaked since the blood of a sacrifice should be poured out onto the earth. 
2014Nisan15-21 Egyptian and Lord's evening meal Cakes.
2014Nisan20 1NC first fruits. Satan and the now repentant ones of the dragon are resurrected and thrown into the ark for 40 days of angelic pre-human quarantine. Not really sure what the basis of this resurrection was. A deal must have been done.
2014Nisan20 Jesus is appointed as uncontested King over mankind
2014Nisan29 Annular solar eclipse on 2014April29 at 06:05. The sun is not completely turned to darkness (since the eclipse was not total).
2014Iyyar14 We at one time thought but now reject the idea that Satan and the newly repentant members of the earthly dragon are passed over and given 42 months of authority of Revelation13 to 2017Heshvan14. Since they give authority to the wild beast until 2017Adar15.
2014Iyyar30/Sivan1 Satan and his angels start possessing their human hosts, the sons of the DAC or the rotten saints. The dragon is now entirely human. Hence all the spying laws. 
2014Iyyar30/Sivan1 1600 Stadia of Revelation14 after 2009Chislev21, when the city of earthly Jerusalem, FDS4, became operational over both camps of 2NCs at the first Late 2NC Pentecost of the Kingdom of God after the expiration of Satan's lease.
2014Iyyar30/Sivan1 The passed over dragon starts down the 30 steps of Jacob's ladder to 2014Sivan30/Tammuz1.
2014Sivan5 Ascension day (4 days before Pentecost which is 6 days plus 40 days from first fruits). 
2014Sivan7 Broke the first seal of Revelation6, namely that dates are expressed in terms of festivals. We had this as 2014Sivan6 when our BLC was one day out for 2014.  
2014Sivan9 1NC Pentecost. 
2014Sivan30/Tammuz1 Satan and the dragon step out of the ark onto the earth. They finish being thrown down to the earth.
2014Sivan30/Tammuz1 Now has come to pass the salvation, the power and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, because the ruler of our brothers has been thrown down, the one accusing them day and night before our God (Revelation 12:10)
2014Sivan30/Tammuz1 Jesus' uncontested kingship appointment becomes operational
2014Sivan30I/Tammuz1 FDS4 starts ruling with the Christ for 1,000 days of Revelation20 (a year for a day) but without his wife, to 2017Nisan10/11, when the 3rd presence begins.
2014Tammuz7 Second 1NC Pentecost.
2014Tammuz9 Late 1NC Pentecost. 
2014Tammuz26 During the day of 2014July25 in Mosul in Iraq, the tomb of Jonah the prophet is blown up by ISIS.
2014Ab29 August 28. Putin Invades Ukraine after having claimed that his paratroopers went there by mistake and the rest of his troops were there on holiday. Truth is indeed the first casualty of war. The bear of Daniel7 is being told to eat much flesh by its teeth, the Russian military. They do eat a lot of flesh in Syria up to the fall of Aleppo
2014Elul5-8/16 1335 days of expectation of Daniel12 after the first fire sign of 1Kings18 on 2010Chislev20-23 (or the first prediction failure after that seen on 2010Tebbeth1). Nothing.
2014Elul16 616 according to the Nisan1 kingdom calendar. 2014September12/13. Gordon/Elijah4's birthday both solar AND lunar. He was born on 1957Elul16=1957September13. This is not when the mark of the beast comes in.
2014Elul22 On this day the LWs got some Zoar food from Jesus in the form of the Zoar baptism and administration regulations
2014Elul25 LWs extend the 401st fire sign prediction period of 2013Shebat3-Tishri3
2014Tishri1 Rosh Hashana. The 7th Tishri1 secular/adamic/satanic/agricultural year of the Kingdom of God begins. The feast/festival of trumpets, shouting and raising the alarm. 
2014Tishri1 Rosh Hashana. The 5th Tishri1 secular/satanic/satanic/agricultural year of the Kingdom of God under Jesus begins. 
2014Tishri9 LWs deduce the 401st prediction extension of 2013Shebat3-Tishri25 and subprediction of 2014Tishri15-19 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18
2014Tishri10 Atonement day. LWs publish the 2013Shebat3-Tishri25 401st prediction and the incorrect 2014Tishri15-19 subprediction
2014Tishri11 October 8 at 10:56. Total lunar eclipse
2014Heshvan10 We publish the 401st prediction extension of 2013Shebat3-2014Heshvan22 and the subprediction of 2014Heshvan16/17
2014Heshvan22 We get and publish the 401st prediction extension from 2013Shebat3-2014Chislev6. This is the Solemn Assembly of Late Booths.
2014Heshvan23 We get and publish the subprediction of 2014Chislev4/5.
2014Chislev21 Late 2NC Pentecost. 
2014Chislev22 Published 2013Shebat3-2014Tebbeth6 401st prediction extension and the subprediction of 2014Tebbeth4/5. 
2014Tebbeth6 Published the 401st prediction extension from 2013Shebat3-2014Tebbeth11 and the subprediction of 2014Tebbeth7-10.
2014Tebbeth11 We extended the 401st fire sign prediction to run from 2013Shebat3-2014Tebbeth25 and made the subprediction of 2014Tebbeth16
2014Tebbeth20 Published the 401st prediction extension from 2013Shebat3 to 2014Shebat3, and the final subprediction of 2014Tebbeth29/30. 
2014Shebat1 401st prediction extension of 2013Shebat3-2014Shebat10 is published along with the subprediction of 2014Shebat5/6 for the 2nd/3rd fire signs of 1Kings18.
2014Shebat10 401st prediction extension of 2013Shebat3-2014Shebat17 is published along with the subprediction of 2014Shebat16 for the 2nd/3rd fire signs of 1Kings18.
2014Shebat19 401st prediction extension of 2013Shebat3-2014Shebat30 is published along with the subprediction of 2014Shebat22/23-29 for the 2nd/3rd fire signs of 1Kings18.
2014Shebat26 Subprediction of 2014Shebat22-30 and more specifically 2014Shebat29/30 is made.
2014Shebat30 401st prediction extension is made from 2013Shebat3-2014Adar9. Subprediction of 2014Adar3-7 is made.
2014Adar24 March 20 at 09.47 Total solar eclipse. This was not a part of the double sign of Acts2 and Joel2 for the great and fearsome and epiphanaic day of Jehovah, because it was not visible from the same place of the blood moon on 2015Nisan14.. 
2014Adar25 2015Nisan1
2015Nisan1 6th sacred year of the Kingdom under Jesus begins. This is Jesus' 6th regnal year over the Kingdom from 2010Nisan1.
2015Nisan14 7th non late Passover of the Kingdom of God. The 6th Passover after Elijah went to the top of Carmel (Garden land) and then asks his attendant of 1Kings18 to go up to a festival (the 2009 Passover) and look and there was nothing at all. 
2015Nisan14 April4 at 12:01. Total lunar eclipse. This is finally truly a at Blood moon. It is a total lunar eclipse on a blood sacrifice day. The first part of the double sign of Acts and Joel2 for the great and epiphanaic day of Jehovah. The total solar eclipse on 2015Adar24 visible from the same location as the blood moon, is the second part of this double sign.
2015Nisan14/15 End of the 7x of the Kingdom Exedenic Times form 2008Nisan14/15.
2015Nisan15-21 7th Cakes of the Kingdom of God
2015Nisan21 Interposing weekly Sabbath before 1NC first fruits
2015Nisan22 1NC first fruits. The first day of the 1NC Pentecost count. 
2015Nisan22 2nd presence 1NC Kings marry Jesus in heaven. This is the greater marriage of Rachel, 7 years after the greater marriage of Leah on 2008Nisan22.
2015Nisan22 The non reserve 3rd Holy Spirit is appointed but subject to the Kingdom Gentile Times and the Kingdom Alienation Times maledictions
2015Nisan22-28 2nd presence 1NC Kings marriage feast
2015Nisan28 The first Sabbath of 1NC Weeks
2015Nisan29 Veil lifting day of Rachel (the 2nd presence 1NC Kings)
2015Iyyar26 Extended the 401st prediction to run from 2013Shebat3 to 2015Sivan11. This being the 5th Sabbath of 1NC Weeks. This was its final extension.
2015Sivan11 1NC Pentecost, 2nd presence marriage Pentecost
2015Sivan11 The second presence 3rd Holy Spirit does not begin priestly operation in the Kingdom due to the Kingdom Alienation Times
2015Sivan12 Got and published the 402nd prediction of 2015Sivan13-25 - and the subprediction of 2015Sivan14.
2015Sivan15 Published the subprediction on 2015Sivan17 (got this at the end of 2015Sivan14)
2015Sivan16 2015Sivan16. End of the 3x of the Temple Times for the temple of non adamic man, from 2012Sivan16, the last day of the temple ratio prophecy, when the LWs gained non adamic half speed ageing Isaaic bodies
2015Sivan16 Zoar first fruits (counted from the first festival Sabbath in Zoar Cakes, which is the first day of Zoar Cakes, which is Sivan15). 
2015Sivan17 Got the subprediction of 2015Sivan23/24
2015Sivan18 Zoar weekly Sabbath first fruits (counted from the first weekly Sabbath in Zoar Cakes)  This appears not to be a valid festival. Post Christian first fruits are counted from festival Sabbaths in virtual Sabbaths. 
2015Sivan18 Published the subprediction of 2015Sivan23/24
2015Sivan25/26 Got/Published the subprediction of 2015Sivan30/Tammuz1
2015Tammuz1/2 The end of the 24 hour contest day from 2006Sivan11/12 through noon of 2010Chislev20-23 to 2015Tammuz1/2 - only after this can the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18 occur!!.
2015Tammuz2/3 Worked out/published the subprediction of 2015Tammuz6-11
2015Tammuz9 The second 1NC Pentecost (from 2nd first fruits on 2015Iyyar20)
2015Tammuz11 The late 1NC Pentecost
2015Tammuz12 Got and Published the 402nd prediction extension from 2015Sivan13-Tammuz30 and the subprediction of 2015Tammuz14-17.
2015Tammuz17/18 Got/Published the subprediction of 2015Tammuz21-22.
2015Tammuz23 Got/Published the subprediction of 2015Tammuz28-29
2015Tammuz29 Got/Published the subprediction of 2015Tammuz30/Ab1 and the 402nd prediction extension from 2015Sivan13-Ab11 (2015June1-2015July30)
2015Ab2 Got and published the subprediction of 2015Ab2-5.
2015Ab4 We extended and published the subprediction of 2015Ab2-5 to be 2015Ab2-6.
2015Ab5 Zoar non adamic Pentecost
2015Ab7 We got and published the subprediction of 2015Ab8-9.
2015Ab10/11 We got/published the subprediction of 2015Ab12-14 and the 402nd prediction extension from 2015Sivan13-Elul5..
2015Ab15/16 Got/published the subprediction of 2015Ab19-21
2015Ab22 Got/published the subprediction of 2015Ab26-28
2015Ab29 Got/published the subprediction of 2015Elul1-6 and the 402nd prediction extension of 2015Sivan13-Elul6
2015Elul6 Got/published the subprediction of 2015Elul6-8 and the 402nd prediction extension of 2015Sivan13-Elul14
2015Elul30 Last day of the 5th secular year of the Kingdom of God under Jesus
2015Tishri1 The first day of the 6th secular year of the Kingdom of God-under-Jesus (Satan's lease did not expire until 2009Tishri14). Jesus' first regnal year began on 2010Nisan1. 
2015Tishri2 2NC first fruits
2015Tishri10 Atonement day. But no atonement between 1NCs and 2NCs. 
2015Tishri10 Got/Published our 402nd prediction extension of 2015Sivan13-Heshvan7
2015Tishri19 Got/Published our subprediction of 2015Tishri21-22 for the 2nd fire sign and 2015Heshvan4-6 for the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
2015Tishri23 Got/Published our subprediction of 2015Tishri23-24 for the 2nd fire sign and 2015Heshvan4-6 for the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
2015Tishri27 Got/published the 402nd main prediction extension from 2015Sivan13-Heshvan23 and the subprediction of 2015Heshvan4-6 and 2015Heshvan20-22 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18
2015Heshvan6 Got/published the subprediction of 2015Heshvan6-7
2015Chislev16 The last day of the 40 months wilderness penalty upon the LWs in Zoar from 2012Ab16.
2015Chislev17 Around 9 pm Jeff and Gordon and Dave realize that the 41 camp pitchings and the 41 camp deconstructions of Numbers33 as a result of the pillar of fire and cloud moving away to some other place by the sons of Israel stand for 41x13=533 prediction updates to LW fire sign chronology as a result of the pillar of fire and cloud moving to some other time. We have records of 525 predictions and subpredictions. We overwrote a few subpredictions (between 2 and 10 we think) - see U364. This must have ended our wilderness penalty. In fact it is 41 deconstructions and 42 constructions for a maximum of 42x13=546 predictions in the wilderness.
2015Tebbeth19 The inclusive end of the 430 years a month for a day in the enslaving Egypt of the manipulated and fabricated worldly fear of false flag terrorism in the post 911 world. 
2015Shebat22 Got and published the 403rd main prediction extension of 2015Tebbeth20-2015Adar7 and the subprediction of 2015Shebat28-30.
2015Shebat30 Got and published the subprediction of 2015Shebat30-2015Adar2.
2015Adar4 Made and published the subprediction for 2015Adar5-7 for the 2nd/3rd fire signs of 1Kings18.
2015Adar4 The end of 430 years a month for a day in the enslaving Egypt of the post 911 intelligence agency power grab world, from the Patriot Act being signed into law by Bush43 on 2001Heshvan4 (2001Cotober26). Can the armies of Jehovah now leave the enslaving Egypt of the post 911 world for Zoar?
2015Adar7 Made and published the 403rd main prediction extension from 2015Tebbeth20-2016Nisan9 and the subprediction for 2015Adar9-15 for the 2nd/3rd fire signs of 1Kings18.
2015Adar16 616 secular. This is 1335 days of pregnancy expectation of Daniel12 from 2012Tammuz1, the start of the first Jubilee period in Zoar and the 2nd of the kingdom? Sons of the 1AC get non adamic Abrahamic bodies?
2015Adar24 We got and published the 534th subprediction/prediction of 2016Nisan1/2. 
2015Adar24 2016March9 at 01:58 GMT. Total solar eclipse over the pacific, the same area that saw the blood moon. This completes the double sign of Acts2 and Joel2.  
2016Nisan1 The start of 7th regnal year of Jesus over the Kingdom
2016Nisan14 Egyptian Passover and Lord's Evening meal. The LWs did not celebrate this due to 1Kings18. Elijah4 go back a 7th time after the no show on 2009Nisan14.
2016Nisan22 Got the 404th main prediction of 2016Iyyar6-11.
2016Iyyar8 Got the 404th prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-2016Tammuz14 and the subpredictions of 2016Sivan6/7 for the 2nd fire sign and 2016Tammuz6-11 for the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
2016Iyyar10 Published the 404th prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-2016Tammuz14 and the subpredictions of 2016Sivan6/7 for the 2nd fire sign and 2016Tammuz6-11 for the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18.
2016Sivan6 1NC Pentecost. 
2016Sivan12 Elijah4 is given the 540th subprediction, the 2nd fire sign prediction of 2016Sivan27-28..
2016Sivan15 Elijah4 publishes the 540th subprediction
2016Sivan16 Zoar first fruits
2016Sivan28 Elijah gets the 541st subprediction for the 2nd fire sign of 2016Tammuz6/7. This is when he 'sees' the 2nd fire sign cloud in the West. It is 3 months of Luke12:54-56 before 2016Elul28, which is the completed 3rd Holy Spirit veil lifting day.
2016Tammuz1 Elijah publishes the 541st subprediction for the 2nd fire sign of 2016Tammuz6/7. 
2016Tammuz7 Got the 542nd subprediction for the 2nd fire sign of 2016Tammuz10/11.
2016Tammuz8 Published the 542nd subprediction for the 2nd fire sign at 06:16 on 16June16 which is 6-16 (UK) of 6-16 and is 16-6 (US) of 6-16. 
2016Tammuz13 Elijah4 is given and publishes the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Ab14 and the original 543rd subprediction of 2016Ab8-10 and 2016Ab10-12, these predictions are as a result of the first answer to the 1Kings18 contest (we suppose).
2016Tammuz20/21/24 Elijah4 is given/publishes of the web/uploads to youtube, the replacement 543rd subprediction for 2016Ab4-6 and 2-016Ab8-10.
2016Ab1 The 2nd Jubilee month of the Kingdom from 2008Iyyar1.
2016Ab5 The Zoar non adamic Pentecost. 
2016Ab5 The end of 1335 days of non adamic pregnancy expectation of Daniel12 from 2012Heshvan21. Sons of the CRC get Methuselaian bodies. 
2016Ab5 3 months precisely after 2013Iyyar5, when 8 minutes before sunset there was a rising cloud upon West in Texas, due to a fertilizer explosion - modulo the years - following the symbolism of a compass. For this is a fulfilment of Luke 12:54-56 which gives us a South wind, a quarter of a time after a rising cloud upon West at sunset (for West means sunset in Greek). This South wind gave us Methuselaian bodies. This was a sign for us only, for the church only.
2016Ab7 We republish the original 543rd prediction as our 544th prediction 
2016Ab9 3 months precisely after 2013Iyyar9 (ignoring whole revolutions of the compass) when the LWs realised that the rising cloud at sunset upon West in Texas was a fulfilment of Luke12:54-56. 
2016Ab10 NOT Watchtower temple burning day. The 10th day of the 5th month of the sacred year. Solomon's temple was burnt on 586Ab10 by Nebuchadnezzar and Zerubbabel's temple was burnt on 70Ab10 by Titus. The 1NC temple of the Watchtower begins to be burnt on 2017Nisan10, the 10th day of the 1st month of sacred and new secular year. But the temple of Adam starts to be burnt on 2017Ab10, the 10th day of the 5th month of the sacred year, in the 19th old secular year and in the 19th new secular year not of Nebuchadnezzar from 604BC but of Gordon over the saints from 1998Tishri1 following his appointment on 1997Tishri2. 2017Nisan1 begins the 20th regnal year of Gordon from 1997Tishri2 and the 19th old then new secular year of his over the saints.
2016Ab10 Got and Published the 545th subprediction for 2016Ab10-12 and either 2016Elul4-6 or 2016Elul8-10. 
2016Ab17 Published the backwards extended 545th subprediction for 2016Elul4-6 and 2016Elul6-10. 
2016Elul9 Got and published the 546th prediction for 2016Tishri4-6.
2016Elul9 The 24th day of the 9th Pentecost in Zoar for 2NCs. From this day and forward God gave blessings. We got the blessings of the two 6,000 year leases understanding and the understanding that Satan lease ran from 3992Tishri14 to 2009Tishri14, and that the 10 years for enemies to be made as a stool for feet run from 2008Nisan22 to 2018Nisan14, and the 11 Prophetic Times of Abraham's sacrifice of Genesis14 from 1943Nisan14 to 2018Nisan14 on 2016Elul10/11. 
2016Elul11 5,000 days of reclining of John 6 from the appointment of FDS4 to feed the 1NC reserves on 2002Tishri21. Then 5 months of taking 5 loaves, then 1 month of giving thanks, then 2 months of distributing to recliners to 2017Iyyar, when the last Watchtower 1NC reserve reclines in Zoar to eat in time for the 2nd Watchtower Passover on 2017Iyyar14.
2016Elul16 6-16 day sacred of Revelation13. 
2016Tishri1 Rosh Hashana for ADAM and for ABRAHAM only. The start of the obsolete 7th old secular year of Jesus over the Kingdom. All Hebrew slaves must be released in this year or in the new version of it from 2016Adar1-2017Shebat30. This is the widest possible definition of God's people. All of God's people must leave false churches during this year. Get out of her my people. God swore in his anger: They shall not enter into my rest. The first Sabbath year of the Kingdom of God is that rest. For the Israelites were given their inheritance by Lot in the first Sabbath year in the promised land.
2016Tishri2 2NC first fruits. 
2016Tishri7 Got the 547th prediction which was shall we saw a significant part of but not all of the first answer from God of 1Kings18 because it contained the 7 calendar week to divinity and because it was the first prediction that upon publishing had the correct date for the physical end of the world, the Passover of adamic death on 2018Nisan14, which gave us the end of the 'day' of the fire signs and of kingdom salvation -  but not the hour of the fire signs.
2016Tishri7 The 547th prediction was perhaps the start of the first answer because it gave Elijah the 'day' of the fire signs but not the hour. 
2016Tishri7 The 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th regnal year and the Sabbath year of the 7th millennium of the ARC world. So this is a very good day to get the 7 calendars to divinity understanding.
2016Tishri7 God accepted the temple of the antitypical Solomon on this day. He accepted the temple of Solomon on 1026Tishri7 BC. Swap the 1 and the 2 in the year number to get the first and the second Solomonic temple acceptance days!
2016Tishri7-Shebat1 The first part to the last part of the 1st answer of 1Kings18 is given.
2016Tishri11 Published the 547th prediction. This ended the 10x of testing of God as to whether or not he can get through to his prophet the correct prediction understandings for 1Kings18, begin 10 years after 2006Tishri11, which is when we made our 10th prediction. So we make 10 predictions and then we take another 10 years before we get an answer. So God is tested for two lots of 10x here - in the wilderness and in Egypt - in accordance with Numbers14.. 
2016Tishri15 The end of the Kingdom Gentile Times from 2009Tishri15 - 2016Tishri15.
2016Tishri20 We finally understood that the 2NC celebration is the Solemn Assembly which is not the Solemn Assembly but is merely, the Assembly. And that Booths is the one person church disassembly for 7 days following the convocation on Tishri15 and leading to the re-assembly on Tishri22.
2016Tishri22 LWs hold the 2NC Assembly for the first time! We drank the cup of the 2NC on the correct day!
2016Tishri23 Solomon sends the people away to their homes in accordance with 2Chronicles7 
2016Heshvan2 Late 2NC first fruits
2016Heshvan6/7 Got/published the 548th prediction for 2016Heshvan10-12, the 75th contest Pentecost from 2006Sivan11/12.
2016Heshvan12/13 Got/published the 549th prediction for 2016Heshvan20-22. And the 404th main prediction extension from 2016Iyyar6-2016Chislev1.
2016Heshvan17 Flood timetable begins on the 17th day of the second month of the 2016Tishri1 year. The greater Noah's age (Jesus' age) was counted counted in Tishri1 secular years, since that was the calendar back then. 1NC kings start to flood down from the heavens into the ark for 40 days to 2016Chislev26. But it takes them 1 day to go through the Tsohar and 30 days to descend down Jacob's ladder, in the ark, to reach the deck of the boat on 2016Chislev17/18. Then they flood out into the wilderness for 40 days to 2016Tebbeth27. They go into the wilderness because many of the 2nd presence 3rd Holy Spirit are under the 40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty. Then they are fed as priest for 3½ months of Revelation12 in a place prepared by God in the wilderness from 2016Chislev21, the end of the Kingdom Alienation Times, until 2017Nisan6=2016VeAdar30, the end of the wilderness penalty. Whereas all the springs of the vast watery deep are not broken in two until 2017Iyyar17, the 17th day of the 2nd month of the new secular Nisan1 year. So the calendar change divides the floodgates of the heavens from the springs of the vast watery deep.
2016Heshvan21 2NC Pentecost. The 550th 2NC Pentecostal day of the contest. The 11th 2NC Contest Pentecost
2016Heshvan22 Got and published the 550th prediction for 2016Heshvan23-25 or 2016Heshvan29-Chislev1. 
2016Heshvan24 Realised that the 2016Heshvam29-Chislev1 option in the 550th subprediction was going to be correct for the new 2NC Pentecost on 2016Heshvan30..
2016Heshvan26 First published the reasoning for the 2016Heshvan29-Chislev1 option in the 550th subprediction
2016Heshvan30 The 551st subprediction for 2016Chislev2-9 is given at 12:40 on Saturday November5. Together with the 404th main prediction extension from 2016Iyyar6-Chislev10.
2016Heshvan30 The 551st subprediction for 2016Chislev2-9 is emailed to the LW church at 14:12 on Saturday November5.
2016Chislev1 The 551st prediction is published at 01:55 on Sunday November6.
2016Chislev9 Got the 552nd prediction for Hanukkah 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2.
2016Chislev13 Published the 552nd prediction for Hanukkah 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2.
2016Chislev21 Late 2NC Pentecost
2016Chislev21 The 7x of the Kingdom Alienation Times end. The Kingdom Holy Spirit can now act as priest to the saints and to the true church
2016Chislev21 Kingdom Holy Spirit is installed over the true church. They go forth to restore and rebuild Jerusalem by acting as priests to the true church for 70 solar weeks upon the people of Daniel9 until 2018Nisan12, the end of salvation for Adam. 
2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2 2016November29-December7. This is the 15th Hanukkah after 911, 2001, the day of the small slaughter when the towers fall of Isaiah30. 
2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2 552nd subprediction for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18
2016Chislev25-Tebbeth7 The 1st extended 552nd subprediction for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 with 2016Tebbeth7 as the (now known to be non existent) late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost.
2016Chislev25-Tebbeth9 The 2nd extended 552nd subprediction for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 with 2016Tebbeth8 as the (now known to be non existent) late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost.
2016Chislev25-Shebat1 The 3rd extended 552nd subprediction for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 with 2016Tebbeth26 and then with 2016Tebbeth30 as the (now known to be non existent) late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost.
2016Chislev25-Shebat22 2016November29-2017January26. The 4th extension to our 552nd subprediction for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18, which together are the 2nd fire sign of 2Kings1 occur. These are a nuclear terrorist attack from the sea, the Hudson, upon Manhattan AND from Thames, the sea, upon London near Dartford. 
2016Tebbeth1 Given the 1st extended 552nd subprediction from 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth7
2016Tebbeth2 Published the 1st extended 552nd prediction from 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth7
2016Tebbeth5 Deduced incorrectly that the (now known to be non existent) Laodicean 2NC Pentecost ran from Tishri18-Chislev7
2016Tebbeth7 Got and published the 2nd extended 552nd subprediction from 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth9, with (now known to be non existent) late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost on 2016Tebbeth8
2016Tebbeth7 Deduced incorrectly that the (now known to be non existent) late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost in 2016 fell on 2016Tebbeth8, since the (now known to be non existent) Loadicean 2NC Pentecost ran from 2016Tishri19-Chislev8 being counted in weekly Sabbaths.  
2016Tebbeth9 2016Tebbeth11 (4-6pm on 2016December14) Realised that 2nd appointments over 1NCs occur at 2nd 1NC first fruits and 2nd appointments over 2NCs occur at 2nd 2NC first fruits. Therefore the new (now known to be non existent) Laodicean 2NC Pentecost had to be 2016Chislev30. So the late new and now known to be non existent Laodicean 2NC Pentecost had to be 2016Tebbeth30. Published this revised date for it.
2016Tebbeth9 Got and published the 3rd extended 552nd subprediction extension for 2016Chislev25-Shebat1 with the incorrect late and now known to be non existent Laodicean 2NC Pentecost date of 2016Tebbeth26.
2016Tebbeth9 Got and published the extended 404th main prediction for 2016Iyyar6-Shebat10.
2016Tebbeth10 Realised that the late and now known to be non existent Laodicean 2NC Pentecost was more likely to be 2016Tebbeth30, a late version of the late 2NC Pentecost.
2016Tebbeth10 The 10x testing of God as to whether he can get the correct date for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 through to Elijah ends upon the 10th day of the 10th month of the 10th year of the contest from 2006Sivan11/12, in the sense that the last prediction mistake has now been made?
2016Tebbeth10/11 3-6pm on 2016December14. Realised that 2nd appointments over 1NCs occur at 2nd 1NC first fruits and 2nd appointments over 2NCs occur at 2nd 2NC first fruits. 
2016Tebbeth11 Re-published the 3rd extended 552nd prediction from 2016Chislev25-Shebat1, with late Laodicean Pentecost (which did not exist) on 2016Tebbeth30
2016Tebbeth27 The last BLC day of Modern Hebrew Hanukkah in 2016 (which runs from 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2 under the modern corrupted Hebrew metonic calendar)
2016Shebat1 Realised that there was no Laodicean Pentecost. Laodicea was simply appointed at  the late 2NC Pentecost.
2016Shebat1 Got and published the extended 404th main prediction for 2016Iyyar6-Adar10.
2016Shebat1 Got/published the 4th extended 552nd subprediction from 2016Chislev25-Shebat22 and for the 77th contest BLC Pentecost on 2016Shebat21
2016Shebat1 The 4th extended 552nd prediction is the second answer of Jehovah to Elijah, giving him the 'hour' of the fire signs (we assert) 
2016Shebat21 Got the 5th extension to the 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Adar2 and for the resolving Pentecost of 2016Shebat30, the 24th Baalian Pentecost from 2013Heshvan1, the fall of Laodicea, when their prophets of Jehovah became prophets of Baal. This was the start of their 40 month wilderness penalty.
2016Shebat21 Gordon woke up with the 24th Baalian Pentecost at 8 pm GMT on 2017January24.
2016Shebat21 The 5th extension to the 552nd subprediction was the finishing of the 1st answer from God to Elijah4 of 1Kings18 which ran from 2016Tishri7-2016Shebat21
2016Shebat21 The 77th contest BLC Pentecost from 2006Sivan12, the (revised) first fire sign prediction of the second Sign of Jonah letter, the start of the contest. This is when the final part of the 1st answer of the 5th extension to the 552nd subprediction came.
2016Shebat21 2017January24/25. The end of the 1335 days of fire sign answer expectation of Daniel12 from 2013Sivan7, the Zoar installation over the 1NC reserves and over Genetic Israel, which completed our Kingdom installations over all of Jesus' belongings
2016Shebat21 25 years precisely after Gordon first got proof of the Exedenic Times on 1991Shebat21, from the 7x of vengeance of Gensis4, which gave him 2008Nisan14 for the end of the ARC world. 
2016Shebat21 The word goes forth from God in the form of the completed 1st answer of 1Kings18 to Elijah4, which triggers the restoring and rebuilding of Jerusalem and 70 solar weeks of Daniel9 upon the people later is 2018Sivan12, the end of Kingdom salvation.
2016Shebat22 Published the completed 1st answer of 1Kings18, 5th extension to the 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Adar2 and the 2016Shebat30, 24th Baalian Pentecost from 2013Heshvan1.
2016Shebat25-Adar2 Late, late Hanukkah
2016Adar1/VeAdar1 The 78th God testing Pentecost by Elijah4 for an answer from 2006Iyyar1, the Sign of Jonah letter. 
2016Adar1/VeAdar1 The end of the 10x of testing of God in Egypt and in the wilderness for an answer for the 10 years + 10 months of the testing of God, 78 Pentecosts, 3900 days from 2006Iyyar1, the Sign of Jonah letter.
The first Sabbath month of the 2nd Jubilee of Zoar.
2016Adar16 The start of the 195 days of extra 1AC entry of Abraham's negotiation of Genesis18 to 2017Elul30, the end of the old secular year, which is the Sabbath year for Adam and for Abraham..
2016VeAdar1-30 The descended 1NC princes mourn their failed faithless 1NC brothers, who were dragged out of heaven by the tail of the dragon, and died during the 40 year wilderness period, upon the mountainless plains of the rejected brother, Moab (the son of Haran, the brother of Abraham). 
2016VeAdar30 The end of the 3½ times of the descended 1NC woman of Revelation12 being fed as a priest in a place prepared by God away from the face of the serpent (this is the new Eve in the new Eden preparing for the rematch with the serpent) from 2016Chislev21, the end of the Kingdom Alienation Times. Many of the 2nd presence members of the 3rd Holy Spirit are under the 40 year Watchtower wilderness penalty to 2016VeAdar30.
2016VeAdar30 The 2Kings1 exclusive chief of the 2nd 50, the 24th Baalian Pentecost from 2013Chislev1
2016VeAdar30 2017Nisan6. The last day of the 40 whole 30-day-month wilderness penalty upon Laodicea (and on the entire the Watchtower) from 2013Chislev1 (after the 34 months of spying instruction indecision from 2010Chislev21 - 2013Tishri21, plus 40 days of actual spying from 2013Tishri21-2013Heshvan30, plus the night of weeping, 2013Chislev1, then during the daytime of 2013Chislev1, we have the fall of Laodicea as a true church - see U360).
2016VeAdar30 2017Nisan6. The 40 calendar year chronological wilderness penalty on the Watchtower from 1976Tishri1 ends at the end of this day, because Rosh Hashana is moved to Adar1 for the true church and God uses that calendar for his penalties - see U360. So JWs no longer believe that God cannot predict the future or give the date of the end to his people through his prophets.
2017Nisan1 8th regnal year of Jesus over the Kingdom begins
2017Nisan1 7th old then new secular year of Jesus over the Kingdom begins
2017Nisan1 Inclusive New Rosh Hashana. The 7th festival of the Jericho instructions in the 7th campaign year from 2016Tishri1. These being: Tishri1, Tishri2, Tishri10, Tishri15-21, Tishri22, Heshvan21, Nisan1-7
2017Nisan1 The start of the acceptable year of Isaiah61, during which every kingdom citizen must be sealed into a salvation covenant.
2017Nisan1 The start of the new kingdom secular year occasioned by the 1st Watchtower Passover on 2017Nisan14 and the greater meaning of Exodus12, and by the change of secular rulership for those who enter into the ark from 2017Nisan17 of Genesis 8:4.
2017Nisan1 The start of the new kingdom Sabbath year, during which it is possible to enter into God's rest in the ark. 
2016Nisan1 2016VeAdar25. Festival Sabbath, monthly Sabbath and first day of the annual Sabbath. A GREAT SABBATH
2016Nisan1 2016VeAdar25. We realise that the 4 years 4 months 4 days 4 hours of Revelation9:15 has a 9x sentence count too (in fact it is 16x) and so runs form 2012Heshvan21 to 2017Nisan10, when the 3rd and 4th angels/apostles start baptizing JW non Laodicean 1NC reserves.
2017Nisan1-7 New Rosh Hashana, the 7 day long festival Sabbath of trumpets shouting and alarm. The 7th Jericho new Rosh Hashana trumpet is blown but is not heard since all are deaf until the fire signs occur.
2017Nisan1-7 The 7 new Rosh Hashana trumpets of the Jericho campaign, a day for a trumpet.
2017Nisan1-7 The Jericho new Rosh Hashana SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUT !
2016Nisan2 We publish the revised expected 2nd fire sign date as being 2016VeAdar30=2017Nisan6, the same day as the 3rd fire sign. We now have the 24th Baalian Pentecost of Laodicea and the 78th God testing Pentecost of the Watchtower as being 2016VeAdar30. 
2017Nisan6 2016VeAdar30. The last overlapping day of the old sacred year.
2017Nisan7 We get and publish the 7th extension to our 552nd subprediction from 2016Chislev25-2017Nisan13, with 78th God testing Pentecost by the Watchtower for a sign from 2006Sivan12, our first failed fire sign prediction contained in our revised Sign of Jonah letter, to 2017Nisan11. 
2017Nisan7 We are given the completed 2nd answer of 1Kings18, on 777 old secular. The first part of the first answer came on 2016Tishri7 which was 777 sacred. But 2017Nisan7 is the new secular equivalent of 2016TIshri7 which is the direct antitype of 1026Tishri7 when Solomon's temple was accepted by fire and by cloud. 
2017Nisan8 Porch day of 2Chronicles29 - But nothing happened?
2017Nisan9-10 2017April6-8. The 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18. Manhattan is hit with a nuclear terrorist attack from the sea (the Hudson river) causing a rising mushroom cloud over Manhattan OR Dartford is hit with a nuclear terrorist attack from the Thames causing a rising mushroom cloud over the Dartford bridge.
2017Nisan8-11 2017Apri5-9. The sign of the Son of Man appears in heaven. This double sign being two small clouds each like a man's palm rising from the sea, man made mushroom clouds, the 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 which together are the 2nd fire sign of 2Kings1. 
2017Nisan8-11 2017April5-9. The day of the big slaughter when the towers fall of Isaiah30 begins.
2017Nisan8-11 2017April5-9. The stone cut by angels/demons hits the first and the second foot of the giant image of the man of Daniel2
2017Nisan9/10 The the Laodicean concubine of Judges 19/20 is seen fallen with her hands upon the threshold of  Laodicea trying to leave for  Zoar. She is prohibited from doing so until the wall of Jericho falls down to the earth on 2017Nisan10.
2017Nisan9/10 1290 days of Daniel12:11 from the removal of the constant feature of Laodicea on 2013Elul9/10, end. This is the end of Laodicea as a church. The wall of Laodicea, Jericho falls down.
2017Nisan9/10-21 The Concubine of Judges19/20 (Laodicean congregation 2NCs) falls with her hands upon the threshold of Laodicea/ Zoar for 12 days to 2017Nisan21. She can come in from 2017Nisan17
2017Nisan11 We start baptizing non JWs fire sign responders, on the day after the first weekly Sabbath of the exclusive Sabbath year. We take the 2nd sandal off the non JW foot.
2017Nisan10 Peter appears as the prince of the army of Jehovah to see Joshua of Joshua5, in the cloud of the 2nd fire sign and after the end of the 40 year wilderness penalty from 1976Tishri1 to 2016VeAdar30=2017Nisan6.
2017Nisan10 Jesus comes to the true church, Zoar, in the cloud of the 2nd fire signs performed by Satan, declared in advance by God. Written by Samuel in 1Kings18 and by the Gospel writers. Interpreted by FDS4.
2017Nisan10 The 3rd Holy Spirit, the new Eve, goes to face the serpent in the Watchtower. This is the rematch between the new Eve, Jesus' wife, the last Adam's wife and Satan. They tell Laodicea to fish on the other side of the boat, for 1NC reserves - John 21. 
2017Nisan10 Descended 1NC Kings go to the Watchtower as a result of the words of Daniel (the 1NC reserves) upon their seeing the 2nd fire sign.
2017Nisan10 Jesus is atoned with the first 1NC reserves from the Watchtower on this day. They are at one with Jesus - in the flesh. He has his fiance back! 
2017Nisan10 Joshua takes the bolt/sandal off a small part of his 1st foot, the 1NC reserves.
2017Nisan10 Pass over the midst of the camp, tell them to get provision ready, for in 3 days time of Joshua1 we Passover this Jordan on 2017Nisan13, the start of the non 1NC reserve, non Laodicean JW baptism
2017Nisan10/11 Tetramenos of John4 begins with the baptism of the first JWs, the Passover victims, after the wall of Laodicea has fallen down. The JW harvest starts to come as a result of the fire signs. The harvest and the Tetramenos run to 2017Ab10, temple burning day, the end of the 4EC water baptism at the completed 3rd Holy Spirit Pentecost. 
2017Nisan10/11 The 3rd presence begins with the baptism of the first 1NC reserves into Zoar. It lasts until 2019Shebat25, 1,000 BLC days of the LW Sabbath after FDS4 is all in the ark on 2017Iyyar15, 6,000 BLC days after the LW congregation began on 2000Elul16.
2017Nisan10/11 The first Passover entry day of the first Passover month of 2Chronicles29. The first weekly Sabbath of the exclusive part of the new Sabbath year. The 2nd weekly Sabbath of the inclusive new Sabbath year. We start baptizing 3EC JWs.
2017Nisan10/11 2017April7-9. The 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18. Manhattan is hit with a nuclear terrorist attack from the sea (the Hudson river) causing a rising mushroom cloud over Manhattan OR Dartford is hit with a nuclear terrorist attack from the Thames causing a rising mushroom cloud over the Dartford bridge (the one that did not get hit by the 2nd fire sign).
2017Nisan10-12 First Watchtower Passover sheep entry days. The first group of 1NC reserves are water baptised into the LWs. Jesus rejoins the LWs. 
Or 2017Sivan13
Temple building time of Haggai 1 begins. The foundation of Jesus must be laid first. So this counts from the start of the laying of the foundation or from the end depending upon whether or not laying a foundation is building a temple. Is a temple inclusive or exclusive of its foundation?
2017Nisan13 Water baptism of 3EC JWs begins (after we have Benjamin of Genesis42)
2017Nisan13 Joshua takes the bolt/sandal off the larger part of his 2nd foot, the non 1NC reserve non Laodicean 3EC JWs. 
2017Nisan13 450 Prophets of Baal are commanded to be seized and are seized and are baptized. These run a day for a prophet to 2018Sivan12, the last day of Kingdom salvation.
2017Nisan13 The 7 months of the 7 fat Watchtower cows seen by the completed 1st Watchtower Passover Pharaoh standing upon the bank.
2017Nisan14 1st new Watchtower Passover feast. 1st day of wilderness sacrifice of Moses and Jonah and Cana. 1st 1NC reserves join the LWs. 4EC Blood on the left doorpost of the Passover house door must be seen. The virgin blood of the 3rd marriage must be seen. 
  All the male 1NC reserves left in the Bethels and the eldest male non saint by water baptism left in the Bethels die physically.
2017Nisan14 The Hananiah Passover of Daniel3.
2017Nisan15-21 1st Watchtower Cakes AND Booths. The escape resulting from the first Watchtower Passover execution occurs. Cakes and Booths unite as prophesied by Israel reaching Succoth (meaning Booths) on the last day of Cakes.
2017Nisan16 1st vomiting out of Jonah
2017Nisan16 We finish or have finished or officially finish helping the 1NC reserves set up their autonomous administration. From now onwards they baptize themselves. Non Laodicean 1NC reserves baptize 1NC reserves. Laodiceans baptize NOBODY, they are under the Laodicean Alienation Times. Laodiceans go into the reserve tribe under the JW half apostle. Does this mean that the half apostle must baptize the 1NC reserves?
2017Nisan16 Zoarites can now baptise people into the 1AC (so that these grateful lepers fall at the feet of Jesus standing on his autonomous congregation)
2017Nisan17 Laodiceans are now permitted into Zoar, onto the dry land of Jonah (because Jonah has finished his priestly installation from 2017Nisan10-16). They are given to the one with 10 minas - Peter, the 1NC autonomous congregation (does this mean that they cannot enter into the ark?).
2017Nisan17 Ark comes to rest upon the mountains (plural) of Ararat on the 17th day of the 7th month of the old secular year of Genesis8:4. Ararat means 'curse reversed'. The mountains of Ararat ARE the non adamic Zoar administration of FDS4 and the autonomous 1NC reserve administration within it.
2017Nisan17 The Ark comes to a rest of the 17th day of the 7th month of the old secular year of Genesis 8:4. So now ark entry can begin and people can enter into God's rest in the ark.  .
2017Nisan18 Ark marriage entrance begins for marriage guest sons of the CRC, the clean animals, the birds of the heavens, for one day only.
2017Nisan18 3rd marriage in the ark which is the 1st 1NC reserve marriage.
2017Nisan18 The 3rd bride and the 3rd marriage guests enter into the ark on this day.
2017Nisan18-24 3rd marriage feast in the ark.
2017Nisan22 2NC Assembly
2017Nisan24 The vision of Daniel10 is given.
2017Nisan25 3rd marriage veil lifting day.
2017Nisan30 End of 2,000 pigs of Mark5 from 2011Tishri10, the end of the Laodicean water baptism. The last Watchtower 1NC reserves flying pigs jump off the overhang of the false church into the sea of the world, to drown in the waters of the 4EC.
2017Nisan30 The last day of the 7th month of the 7th campaign year of Jericho.
2017Iyyar10 The 10th day of the Jericho campaign Jubilee month of 2017Iyyar. This is the Jubilee release for JW true 1NC reserves. They are now all released to come into Zoar for the 2nd Watchtower Passover.
2017Iyyar10 First Passover 1NC reserves atone on this day. So no one is baptized into Zoar at all.
2017Iyyar11-12 2nd collection of sheep in the house. Last 1NC reserve from the Watchtower collected to the LWs.
2017Iyyar14 2nd new Passover. 2nd day of wilderness sacrifice of Moses. 2nd day of walking of Jonah. 2nd stretching over the boy of Elijah. 4EC Blood on the lintel of Passover house door must be seen, the virgin blood of the 4th marriage must be seen.
2017Iyyar14 All the male 1NC reserve saints left in the Watchtower congregations suffer the Passover execution and die physically. Also the oldest male by water baptism in every JW congregation dies.
2017Iyyar14 The Mishael Passover of Daniel3.
2017Iyyar15 The end of the 6,000 BLC day working week of the LWs from 2000Elul16.
2017Iyyar15-21 2nd Watchtower Cakes. Escape from the Watchtower due to the second Watchtower Passover execution occurs.
2017Iyyar15-21 2nd Watchtower Booths. 
2017Iyyar16 2nd vomiting out of Jonah
2017Iyyar16 The start of the 1,000 BLC day Sabbath to 2019Shebat25, when the ark leaves and the 3rd Presence ends
2017Iyyar16 The heavenly baptised saints, the birds of the airs, enter into the ark for salvation purposes on 2016Iyyar16 together with the clean animals, the unsanctified sons of the CRC for the 4th marriage
2017Iyyar16 The start of the 300 discontinuous days of the 300 cubits of human entrance into the ark of Noah. These 300 discontinuous days end on 2017Adar30 because they exclude the last 6 days of the 4th and 5th marriage feasts (7 days for each feast) and they exclude 2017Tebbeth28-390 inclusively.
2017Iyyar16 4th marriage, 2nd 1NC reserve marriage in the ark.
2017Iyyar16 The Coronation of the 3rd Holy Spirit - who now become kings. Thrones are placed.
2017Iyyar16 The 3rd Holy Spirit is appointed as the secular King over the 1NC reserves
2017Iyyar16 2017April15/16. 2nd 1NC first fruits day. 
2017Iyyar16-22 4th marriage feast
2017Iyyar17 The 17th day of the 2nd month of the new secular year of Genesis 7:11. All the springs of the vast watery deep are broken in two. People start flooding into Zoar from all the other churches. 
2017Iyyar22 2nd Watchtower 2NC Assembly
2017Iyyar23 430 years of dwelling in the enslaving Egypt of Laodicea, a month for a day from 2002Tebbeth23, the start of that congregation, end upon this very day. All of Laodicea joins Zoar. All of the armies of Jehovah come out of Laodicea UPON THIS VERY DAY!
2017Iyyar23 4th marriage veil lifting day
2017Iyyar23-Sivan20 4 Weeks (7,7) of exclusively saintly salvation ark entrance, for the birds of the heavens, the heavenly baptised saints.
2017Iyyar24 The greater Nineveh of the Watchtower is overthrown, 40 days of Jonah after 2017Nisan14, the walking distance of one day, the first new Passover.
2017Sivan7 1st Watchtower Pentecost
2017Sivan7 1NC Pentecost. The 3rd marriage Pentecost. 
2017Sivan10-12 Passover entry days for the 3rd Watchtower Passover
2017Sivan10-12 3rd collection of sheep in the house. Last 1NC reserve from the world and the Watchtower prisons collected to the LWs. 
2017Sivan12 The end of Zoar 1NC reserve entry. 
2017Sivan13 The Time of Distress of Daniel12 begins to 2018Sivan12, inclusively, the end of Zoar entry. Daniel's people (1NC reserves are Jesus wife not Daniel's people) escape exclusively into Zoar during this time. This is classical biblical sophistry. It is defining the chronology of a physical disaster in terms of a spiritual escape from that disaster (which is the only real form of escape from it actually).
2017Sivan14 The last heavenly baptized 2NC saint (bird of the heavens) enters into Zoar by this day. This is 12 full baskets of feeding of John6 before 2018Sivan14 when Zoar ends and stops feeding.
2017Sivan14 3rd new Passover. 3rd day of wilderness sacrifice of Moses. 3rd day of walking of Jonah. 3rd stretching over the boy of Elijah. 4EC Blood on right doorpost of Passover house door must be seen. Virgin blood of the 5th marriage must be seen..
2017Sivan14 All the male 1NC reserves in the Watchtower prison holes (disfellowshipped or disassociated and not joined any other church) die physically in the Passover execution, along with the oldest male by water baptism in each congregation prison (DFD or DAD from any ongoing congregation).
2017Sivan14 330,000 ex JWs have entered the LWs by this date according to 1Samuel11.
2017Sivan14 The Azariah Passover of Daniel3.
2017Sivan15-21 3rd new Cakes and Booths. Escape resulting from 3rd Watchtower Passover execution occurs.
2017Sivan16 3rd vomiting out of Jonah
2017Sivan21 The heavenly baptised saints, the birds of the airs, enter into the ark for salvation purposes on 2016Sivan21 together with the clean animals, the unsanctified sons of the CRC for the 5th marriage
2017Sivan21 5th marriage, the completed 3rd Holy Spirit marriage.
2017Sivan21-27 5th marriage feast.
2017Sivan22 3rd Watchtower 2NC Assembly
2017Sivan28 5th marriage veil lifting day
2017Sivan28 The 3rd Holy Spirit (the South wind of Luke 12:54-56) starts blowing
2017Sivan28 The 40 day deluge of priests, waters, into the LWs to 2017Ab7, begins on 5th marriage veil lifting day - from Genesis 7:10. 
2017Sivan28 The unsanctified sons of the CRC exclusively go in to Noah (Jesus) for 7 months (7,7) from 2017Sivan28 - 2017Tebbeth27, the end of CRC sealing. All the heavenly baptised saints must be in by 2017SIvan21 for the 5th marriage, since they are marriage guests.
2017Sivan30/Tammuz1 90 days of Luke 12:54-56 after the 2nd fire sign
2017Sivan30/Tammuz1 The Great Tribulation begins
2017Sivan30/Tammuz1 Weeping over the entire month of Tammuz of Ezekiel6 begins
2017Tammuz5 4th marriage Pentecost. The crowned 3rd Holy Spirit Pentecost
2017Tammuz5 1st Cana Pentecost. 
2017Tammuz5 2nd 1NC Pentecost. the 3rd Holy Spirit is installed over the Zoar 1NC reserves.
2017Tammuz5 The 3rd Holy spirit starts reigning with the Christ for 1,000 years of Revelation 20:6 to 3017.
2017Tammuz7 The late 1NC Pentecost
2017Tammuz10 1st Babylonian Passover entry day
2017Tammuz14 1st Babylonian Passover
2017Tammuz15-21 1st Babylonian Cakes
2017Tammuz22 1st Babylonian 2NC Assembly
2017Ab5 Late 4th marriage Pentecost. The late 2nd 1NC reserve marriage Pentecost. The Zoar Pentecost. The late 1st Cana Pentecost. 
2017Ab10 End of 4EC water baptism
2017Ab10 The water of the 4EC is turned into the wine of the 2NC. The 5 month 2NC Lord human mediated spirit baptism begins once both groups of 6 water jars of Cana have been filled and on the first ripe fruits day of the 5th marriage Pentecost, the 3rd 1NC reserve marriage Pentecost, the completed 3rd Holy Spirit Pentecost, the 2nd Cana Pentecost. When water is turned into wine it is no longer water. So the 4EC water baptism ends.
2017Ab10 Temple burning day. Solomon's temple was burnt on 586Ab10 by Nebuchadnezzar and Zerubbabel's temple was burnt on 70Ab10 by Titus. The temple of the Kingdom priesthood, the ICC, is burnt on 2017Ab10, the 10th day of the 5th month in the 19th new secular year not of Nebuchadnezzar from 604BC but of Gordon over the saints from 1998Tishri1 following his appointment on 1997Tishri2.
2017Ab10 Last member of Solomon (heavenly baptized 2NC saint) starts ascending up the 30 steps of Jacob's ladder. 50 days of the width of the ark after 2017Sivan21, the last day of ark entrance for marriage guests.
2017Ab10 2nd Babylonian Passover entry day
2017Ab14 2nd Babylonian Passover
2017Ab15-21 2nd Babylonian Cakes
2017Ab22 2nd Babylonian 2NC Assembly
2017Elul10 Late 5th marriage Pentecost. The late 2nd Cana Pentecost. The 2Kings1 chief of the 3rd 50. Elijah4 and FDS4 rise up into heaven and come down to the King hand over to the 3rd Holy Spirit
2017Elul10 The 3rd Holy Spirit is baptized into Zoar in the antitype of John's absurd baptism of Jesus. They immediately take authority over all the unsanctified ones.
2017Elul10 The 3rd Holy Spirit takes over Zoar directly, for 10 Minas of Peter, 10 months to 2018Sivan14, the end of Zoar.
2017Elul10 Last members of FDS4 reach the top of Jacob's ladder 
2017Elul10 Entry day for the first adamic Passover. 
2017Elul14 Judgement. The first of 3 Adamic Passover days. Judicial execution Passover of Adam begins. The left doorpost of the Passover house. This is the Passover of the firstborn genetic sons of Adam those in the public sectors of the world. The genetic firstborn adamics in the public sector are executed
2017Elul14 The Shadrach Passover of Daniel3. 
2017Elul15-21 First adamic Passover Cakes
2017Elul16 195 days of God's merciful FRC responses to Abraham's testing 1AC questions to 2017Adar30, the end of FRC sealing, the end of the new kingdom secular and the acceptable/goodwill/Sabbath year.
2017Elul16 6 precise months of compulsion of the Mark of the Beast test of Revelation13 begin and run to 2017Adar16, the end of that test - 14 days before the end of FRC sealing. 
2017Elul16 2017September10/11. 616 according to the Nisan1, new kingdom secular calendar which is now also the sacred calendar. The Mark of the Beast of Revelation13 becomes law. No one will be able to buy or sell without a UN ID number. It is a global registration.
2017Elul30 Last day of the Sabbath year for Adam and non Zoarite Abraham.
2017Elul30 Kingdom entrance into the 1AC ends.
2017Tishri1 Last Old Rosh Hashana for Adam and for non Zoarites
2017Tishri2 New 2NC first fruits.
2017Tishri10 Entry day for the 2nd adamic Passover.
2017Tishri10 Atonement day (especially for Adam)
2017Tishri14 The 2nd adamic Passover day. The lintel of the Passover house door. This is the Passover of the firstborn genetic sons of Adam in the private sectors of the world. The faithless genetic firstborn adamics in the private sector are executed
2017Tishri14 The Meshach Passover of Daniel3.
2017Tishri15-21 Second adamic Passover Cakes
2017Heshvan10 Entry day for the 3rd adamic Passover
2017Heshvan10 Late Atonement day between God and the Adam.
2017Heshvan12 The 7 months of the fat Zoarite cows end. 14 months of cows ascending into from JW Egypt into LW Zoar from 2017Nisan13 to 2018Sivan12
2017Heshvan13 The 7 months of the thin Zoarite cows start. These run to 2018Sivan12, the last day of JW and non JW Zoar entrance.
2017Heshvan14 The 3rd adamic Passover. The right doorpost of the Passover house. This is the Passover of those genetic firstborn of Adam in the prisons of the world. The genetic firstborn adamics in the prisons are executed
2017Heshvan14 The Abednego Passover.
2017Heshvan15-21 3rd adamic Cakes-Booths.
2017Heshvan21 2NC Pentecost
2017Tebbeth5 The human mediated 2NC Lord wine spirit baptism ends after 5 months, the gestation period of a mountain goat of Job39 and the fingers of the hand of Peter of Acts3 and 318 trained men of Abraam of Genesis14 divided by 2 before the end of Zoar on 2018Sivan14
2017Tebbeth27 Ark entrance ends for sons of the CRC 7 months after 2017SIvan28, 5th marriage veil lifting day. Therefore CRC testing ends this day - the last day of CRC sealing?
2017Shebat1 FRC ark entrance for unclean animals begins for 2 months to 2017Adar30 (by 2)
2017Shebat14 Last 1NC reserve dies, 300 Denarii of perfumed oil after 2017Nisan14, the first Watchtower Passover. Or is this 2017Shebat10 and they are an atonement sacrifice from 2017Nisan10?
2017Adar10 Entry day for the dragon's/demonic Passover
2017Adar10 Atonement day between God and the repentant demons of the dragon. A very big deal.
2017Adar14 The dragon's/demonic Passover. This is the Passover of the repentant and unrepentant demons of the dragon - the 4th man walking around in the furnace resembling a son of the Gods of Daniel3. This is for the demons of the dragon and the sons of the DAC. 
2017Adar14 The unrepentant demons of the descended dragon die the second death
2017Adar14 The end of the 42 months from 2014Elul14 of authority of Revelation13, given to the dragon and by the dragon to the wild beast..
2017Adar14-15 Esther 9 is fulfilled again
2017Adar15-21 Dragon's Cakes-Booths.
2017Adar22 Repentant Dragon Assembly?
2018Iyyar12 Repentant demonic Pentecost. 
2017Adar16 End of Mark of the Beast compulsion. All Hebrew slaves must escape from having Satan as Caesar during the Sabbath year. This can be done either by entering into the ark or buy refusing the Mark. The compulsion of the Mark of Revelation13 for great and small and rich and poor and free and enslaved, compared to all ones, lasts for 6x precisely (due to the comparison) which must run from 2017Elul16-2017Adar16. 
2017Adar30 Last day of 300 cubits of ark salvation entrance (the last day of FRC ark entrance) from 2017Iyyar16, the 4th marriage, excluding 2017Iyyar17-22, 2017Sivan22-27 and 2017Tebbeth28-30 inclusively.
2017Adar30 Last day of the acceptable year of Isaiah61 from 2017Nisan1
2017Adar30 Last day FRC sealing
2017Adar30 End of the first new secular annual Sabbath of the Kingdom under Jesus. This Sabbath is God's rest into which all ark boarders and all those who are sealed must enter. So you have to join Zoar during the Sabbath year or before it in order to be saved by the ark.
2018Nisan1/6 No adamic flesh is present above ground (they are all underground). The ground (Adamah) has drained dry following Genesis8:13.
2018Nisan7 Cover lifted off the ark after FRC sealing is completed 2017Adar30-2018Nisan6.
2018Nisan1-21 Omega Covenant sealing into Christian bodies begins for the last minute faith repentant robber class!
2018Nisan7-13 7 whole days wait for the rain after shutting the door of Genesis 7:4 at sunset at the end of 2017Adar30=2018Nisan6.
Temple building time of Haggai1 ends.
2018Nisan13 - 
Those JWs and non JWs seized on these days, after Zoar, can be saved through the Omega Covenant. But they must go to sleep in the first death on 2018Sivan14 or 2018Tammuz14, being passed over as regards the 2nd death but not the first. They are pictured by the repentant robber crucified next to Jesus - Mr last minute faith. 
2018Nisan14 After the Passover execution of the last ones of underground Adam, the 40+40 days of the lava flood begin. The volcanic rain starts. The extinction level volcanic event which kills nobody but fixes the planet begins. .
2018Nisan14 Truly I tell you TODAY - you will be with me in Paradise. So on Nisan14 (in 2018) the faithful repentant robber class starts being with Jesus.
2018Nisan14 The end of the world of Adam physically
2018Nisan14 Abraham inherits the Kingdom
2018Nisan14 The end of the Time of the End of Adam of Daniel12 from 2008Nisan14.
2018Nisan14 The end of the 11 Prophetic Times of Abraham's times of Genesis15. By what shall I know that I shall take it (the kingdom) in possession> . By this sacrifice of 11x from 1943Nisan14 BC to 2018Nisan14 AD. Amen. 
2018Nisan14 The end of the 10 years of putting his enemies under his feet.
2018Nisan14 The end of Adam. The final Adamic Passover of the first death. The remnant of Non abrahamic Adam die off. 
2018Nisan15-21 Adamic death Cakes. The festival of escape from Adam.
2018Nisan21 First fruits, the start not of the Kingdom of God, but of the 2 month Omega Kingdom under Jesus, represented by the 2 robbers/evildoers crucified either side of Jesus. All 4 gospels enumerate these 2 men.
2018Iyyar27 Genesis8:13. Waters dry off entirely. The end of 4EC testing for the OMC. Unsealed sons of the ICC revert to adamic flesh.
2018Sivan The end of the 80 months of the sentence count of Exodus14:8 from 2011Tishri10, the end of the Laodicean water baptism, the end of the 2nd part of the 2nd presence
2018Sivan12 The end of the Time of the Distress of Daniel12 from 2017SIvan13
2018Sivan12 The end of the 2402 days of the 600 chosen (for Zoar) chariots with a 3rd man upon each plus Pharaoh's chariot plus the people of Exodus14:7 from 2011Tishri10, the end of the Laodicean water baptism, the end of the 2nd part of the 2nd presence
2018Sivan12 Last day of JW and non JW entry in to the Passover house of Zoar.
2018Sivan12 Kingdom salvation ends.
2018Sivan12 Entry into the Omega Covenant of Jesus ends
2018Sivan13-Tammuz12 Those seized in this period go to Gehhena.
2018Sivan14 Zoar ends.
2018Sivan14 Peter's 10 Minas from 2017Elul10 end.
2018Sivan14 The 1st abrahamic Passover of the pre kingdom baptized sons of the 1AC. This is a Passover not of the first death but of the 2nd.
2018Sivan14 The 2nd abrahamic Passover of the kingdom baptized sons of the 1AC. This is a Passover not of the first death but of the 2nd.
2018Sivan16 The Kingdom of God is appointed over Methuselah and Melchizedek and Immanuel, the sons of the CRC and the FRC and the OMC.
2018Sivan16 Remember me when you get into your Kingdom. The pre kingdom baptized sons of the Omega covenant, the faithful robber class, are resurrected (remembered) on this day
2018Sivan16 Zoar first fruits. 1st abrahamic Passover victims are resurrected. Death where is your victory?
2018Tammuz4 End of the flood on the 4th day of the 4th month of the 4th undisputed regnal year of Jesus over the Kingdom. 
2018Tammuz12 The last day of seizing of the prophets of Baal (JWs - Baal being the Governing Body and Satan its master. they worship Watchtower status not God).
2018Tammuz14 The last day of entry into Hades, the first death. Death the last enemy is brought to nothing. Death - where is your sting? Death - Game Over.
2018Tammuz16 Late Zoar first fruits. 2nd abrahamic Passover victims are resurrected. Death where is your victory?
2018Ab5 Zoar Pwntecost. The Kingdom of God becomes operational over the sons of the CRC and FRC and OMC.
2018Ab5 The end of 1Corinthians15:24: Next, the end, when he hands over the kingdom to his God and Father, when he has brought to nothing all government and all authority and power.
2019Shebat25 3rd presence ends. 1,000 solar days of the LW Sabbath after the last day of marriage guest entry, when Elijah4 and the balance of FDS4 enter into the ark on 2017Iyyar15.
2019Shebat25 The Ark and the 3rd Holy Spirit leave. The help us set up the Kingdom for 1075 BLC days from 2016VeAdar1 to 2019Shebat25.
2019Shebat25 The 2NCs are now earthly Kings with the 1NCs are heavenly priests.
2019Shebat25 1,000 BLC day LW Sabbath ends.
3017Tishri14 The Kingdom of God ends and the 2nd hexamillennial working week begins. 2NCs are secular Kings of one Kingdom and priests to another.
3017Heshvan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 2nd Hexamillennial working week.
4008Nisan14 The 8th millennial day ends. All of mankind is circumcised in every respect - since circumcision occurs on the 8th day. All of Adam now has judicial life, we are all born again - Hallelujah! - Hallelujeshua!
9017Tishri14 The 2nd hexamillennial working week ends
9018Nisan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 2nd Kingdom of God
9018Nisan16-22 The 2nd Kingdom of God begins. 2NCs become heavenly priests of the 4th Holy Spirit and 3NCs become earthly secular Kings
10,018Heshvan14 The 2nd Kingdom of God ends and the 3rd Hexamillennial working week begins. 3NCs are secular Kings of one Kingdom and priests to another.
10,018Chislev1 The first day of the new secular year for the 3rd Hexamillennial working week.
16,018Heshvan14 The 3rd hexamillennial working week ends
16,019Nisan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 3rd Kingdom of God
16,019Nisan16-22 The 3rd Kingdom of God begins. 3NCs become heavenly priests of the 5th Holy Spirit and 4NCs become earthly secular Kings
17,019Chislev14 The 3rd Kingdom of God ends and the 4th Hexamillennial working week begins. 4NCs are secular Kings of one Kingdom and priests to another.
17,019Tebbeth1 The first day of the new secular year for the 4th Hexamillennial working week.
23,019Chislev14 The 4th hexamillennial working week ends
23,020Nisan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 4th Kingdom of God
23,020Nisan16-22 The 4th Kingdom of God begins. 4NCs become heavenly priests of the 6th Holy Spirit and 5NCs become earthly secular Kings
24,020Tebbeth14 The 4th Kingdom of God ends and the 5th Hexamillennial working week begins. 5NCs are secular Kings of one Kingdom and priests to another.
24,020Shebat1 The first day of the new secular year for the 5th Hexamillennial working week.
30,020Tebbeth14 The 5th hexamillennial working week ends
30,021Nisan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 5th Kingdom of God
30,021Nisan16-22 The 5th Kingdom of God begins. 5NCs become heavenly priests of the 7th Holy Spirit and 6NCs become earthly secular Kings
31,021Shebat14 The 5th Kingdom of God ends and the 6th Hexamillennial working week begins. 6NCs are secular Kings of one Kingdom and priests to another.
31,021Adar1 The first day of the new secular year for the 6th Hexamillennial working week.
37,021Shebat14 The 6th hexamillennial working week ends
37,022Nisan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 6th Kingdom of God
37,022Nisan16-22 The 6th Kingdom of God begins. 6NCs become heavenly priests of the 8th Holy Spirit and 7NCs become earthly secular Kings
38,022Adar14 The 6th Kingdom of God ends and the 7th Hexamillennial working week begins. 7NCs are secular Kings of one Kingdom and priests to another.
38,022Nisan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 7th Hexamillennial working week.
44,022Adar14 The 7th hexamillennial working week ends
44,023Nisan1 The first day of the new secular year for the 7th Kingdom of God
44,023Nisan16-22 The 7th Kingdom of God begins. 7NCs become heavenly priests of the 9th Holy Spirit. No earthly Kings are required. Man becomes self ruling. Each man is his own king.
45,023Nisan14 The 7th Kingdom of God ends and the millennial Jubilee to Divinity begins
46,023Nisan14 The Jubilee to Divinity ends. All of God's sons are now divine.