Bible Scholars Now Predict a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the United Nations in Midtown Manhattan between July 25th and July 27th

They implore New Yorkers with faith in God not to be in the city between Sundown Tuesday July 25th and Sundown Thursday July 27th.

London, UK (PRWEB) July 12, 2006 - The Lords' Witnesses Bible Scholars are the people that correctly predicted the date of the Beslan terrorist atrocity in Russia on September 1st 2004.

The FBI visited them in May and showed some interest in their interpretations and in their dates.

They correctly predicted the date when the UN would become a ‘king’ in fact over Afghanistan on December 5th 2001 by virtue of the Bonn agreement. This agreement began the last hour of the life of the Beast of Revelation 17, which according to the symbolic interpretations of many churches is the UN.

They correctly predicted the day that the UN would become the military ‘king’ of the world, through the UN International Criminal Court, on July 1st 2002. The Commander in chief of the US military is subject to the jurisdiction of that court. They correctly predicted the very day when the UN Peace Building Commission would appear, on September 13th 2005. They correctly predicted before 911 that: ‘An act of war or unofficial war, i.e. terrorism, would lead to the UN becoming the 8th biblical king of the world’.

They advertised all of these dates in advance in the USA Today newspaper in the United States and in the UK Independent Newspaper in the United Kingdom. They have been homing in on the date when they are convinced that the UN Plaza will be the object of the world’s first nuclear terrorist attack.

And they now have 3 biblical indications that such an attack will occur before July 28th 2006 (from 1 Thessalonians 5:3, 1 Kings 18 and Revelation 13), and one biblical account (1 Kings 18) which symbolically interprets to give the day of this attack as being 2006Tammuz28/29 in the Biblical Calendar which is between Sundown July 25th and Sundown July 27th in the modern Gregorian Calendar. For the details of the new calculations please see

But for those people in the New York Metro area who are not familiar with the methodology of symbolic bible interpretation, they are releasing a psalm to the World’s greatest city in their attempt to get people to leave it between Tuesday evening July 25th and Thursday evening July 27th…

Oh dazzling city of fortune’s dreams
Who cradles her children between sparkling streams
How sweet is your tongue in the Hudson’s mouth
That kisses your cheeks from the North to the South

Was there ever a man with a dream in his heart
To whom you did not say: Come here and let’s start?
Was there ever a maiden so fair and so bright
who made a greater impression than you do each night?

With your forest of towers you have conquered the skies
Their tops in the heavens, hid from mortal man’s eyes
Your buildings are as thin as a young virgin’s waist
They’re as tall as was Babel and they’re put up in haste

But as with the virgin, your beauty is your curse
For when virgins are despoiled the prettiest go first
And the world is not worthy of your majesty or glory
And that is the moral of this sad prophet’s story

The jealous will strike you if our research proves true
They will seek to cause terror and to pierce your heart thru
But remember these words if these things do transpire
You will not be defeated, though they burn you with fire.

One look at your skyline and all things can be done
All self doubt is banished and all battles can be won
Your towers are the strongest statement man has e’er made
That we’re here to stay for our debts have been paid.

So fear not faithful Gothamites if your home town is burned
God will build you another after lessons have been learned
For there is a city more radiant even than Manhattan
A city made of angels where only good things can happen
With avenues of gold and with rivers of life
It comes down from heaven and is Jesus Christ’s wife.

This psalm is best read at least 10 miles from Midtown Manhattan between Sundown Tuesday July 25th and Sundown Thursday July 27th . Regrettably it does not take 48 hours to read! But Psalms 1 to 150 could fill any 48 hour period very nicely! Alternatively visit