The First Nuclear Terrorist Attack (the 2nd fire sign of 1Kings18) will occur East of London and the Second (the 3rd fire sign of 1Kings18) will occur in Manhattan or vice versa

We now expect the first of these twin nuclear terrorist attacks to occur one on Manhattan producing a rising mushroom cloud of 1Kings18 from the Hudson and the other on London producing a rising mushroom cloud of 1Kings18 from the Thames near Dartford. These 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 will occur during 2017Iyyar5-2017Iyyar8 (2017May3-6). More specifically we expect the 2nd fire sign to occur in the UK in the evening of 2017Iyyar7 (Thursday May 4 between 22:26 and 23:29, during the 3rd hour of Acts2 after sunset) and the 3rd in the US the morning of 2017Iyyar7 (Friday May 5 between 07:50 and 08:50, during the 3rd hour of Acts2 after sunrise). Because the lightning flashes from the Eastern Parts over to the Western parts in Matthew24, and because there are fire signs in the evening and morning of Matthew16:1-4

The 404th and current fire sign prediction (401st discounting 2010Chislev21 and 2010Chislev22 and 2010Chislev23-24) for 2016Iyyar6-2017Iyyar14 (2016April14-2017May12) together with our 8th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Iyyar8 (2016November29-2017May6)

So we must in all seriousness advise everyone in Manhattan or in Dartford, UK with faith in God to AVOID those areas from 2017April27-30 at least. 

2017Nisan1 (Sunset on 2017March29) is the start of the acceptable/goodwill year of Isaiah61, during which we all get our inheritance by Lot by entering into a salvation covenant. 
The fire signs occur at the start of the Great day of Jehovah of Joel2 and of the Lord of Acts2 - when the true knowledge shall become abundant.
2017Nisan1 (Sunset on 2017March29) is also the start of the first new Sabbath year of the Kingdom under Jesus to 2017Adar30. This is when all Hebrew slaves (the widest possible definition of God's people) are released from slavery to false religions and the world and theoretically released from slavery to Satan as Caesar and can enter into the greater ark of Noah in order to avoid the Great Tribulation of Matthew24, the Unprecedented Tribulation of Mark13 and the greater flood of lava for 40 24 hour days plus 40 further nights from 2018Nisan14-2018Tammuz4.
2017Iyyar1-7 is inclusive - exclusive late new Rosh Hashana. These are the 7 Jericho trumpets. .