Bible Scholars Widen the Window to 5 days for a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the United Nations between June 29 and July 4 (corrected)

They advise everyone with faith in God to be at least 20 miles away from Midtown Manhattan between Sundown Thursday June 29th and Sundown Tuesday July 4th 2006. So, New Yorkers, make the last weekend in June a long one – starting on the Thursday.

London, UK, (PRWEB) June 25, 2006 -- They deduce this potential tragedy of biblical proportions from the symbolic interpretation of several bible accounts. They rely mainly on 1 Kings 18, 1 Thessalonians 5, Exodus 13 & 14, Revelation 13, Isaiah 2 and Joel 2. Many churches agree that bible accounts have greater symbolic meanings. Few agree on what these meanings might be. The Lords’ Witnesses Bible Scholars have discovered a symbolic bible code, which tells the reader how many symbolic meanings each bible account has and which helps determine what these meanings are. This is where their confidence in their biblical forecasting comes from. For more on the code see

The reader might think that such an endeavour is the preserve of religious freaks or wacky bible fanatics. But the Bible Scholars point out that Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered half of Pure Mathematics (Calculus) and who invented the entire subject of Newtonian Dynamics and who discovered gravity and who 300 hundred years ago formulated the laws which enabled NASA to put a man on the moon in the last century, knew that the bible was written in a symbolic code. He spent much of his life trying to decode it and calculated that Armageddon would be in 1948 (it would have been difficult for him to verify that calculation and correct it accordingly as we can today!) Much of Newton's scriptural work can be found in his book: Observations on the Prophecies of Daniel and the Apocalypse of St. John, published presently by The Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. ISBN 0-942487-02-8. Not quite as popular as the Da Vinci Code, but much more logical!

Here is a quote from Sir Isaac's work, which is of such wisdom as would enlighten any press release… "When I wrote my treatise about our system, I had an eye upon such principles as might work with considering men for the belief of a deity". 
"From such a point of view science appeared as the handmaiden of religion. Its purpose was not to manipulate nature for the material benefit of mankind, but to demonstrate the existence of the creator" (Isaac Newton – by Richard Westfall)

Ironically, applying the true bible code to the account of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19, reveals that Armageddon occurs when mankind’s technology has abused the planet so badly that the planet finally hits back and erupts in a giant volcanic reaction to global warming and to nuclear warfare. This reaction covers the entire surface of the globe with molten lava, in much the same way as the flood of Noah covered it with water. This then is the end result of our manipulation of nature for what we misperceive to be our material benefit. For a short explanation of how they get these dates, written for a regular New Yorker - see