History of the decoding & Gordon's battle with FDS3

My thanks to: Professor Horace David Ritchie (dad), Grandpa Prentice, Hugh Woodcock (DCPS), Roger Shakeshaft (DCPS), Mr Ashenhurst (DCPS), Chris Wall (Dulwich College), Esmond Rand (Dulwich College), Classics Master Tomlinson (Dulwich College), Graham Findlay, Dr Ray Mitchell, Dean Green of Queens, Prof Thompson (Feit Thompson theorem), Dr Hyland (Logic at Cambridge), Dr Martin Powell (Algebra at Oxford), Clifton Turner (JW study conductor), Tony Moore, Massoud Vakili, Dulwich College Preparatory School, ILEA (funding), Magdalene College Cambridge and Magdalen College Oxford, for teaching me to think gracefully.

Every religion (except perhaps the Gnostic church of St Paul and hopefully the Lords' Witnesses today) eventually makes the mistake of stifling free thought amongst its congregation. Perhaps the most effective way of doing this is to pass itself off as a promoter of bible research whilst acting to destroying it. These churches discourage the congregations from doing their own personal research because the priests are insecure about their failed research or biblical understandings. So being more interested in their own power and status within the congregation than they are in actually performing their priestly duties to teach the congregation the truth from God, they stifle this truth and steal God’s power for their own corrupted self seeking use. It is a syndrome which is not unique to churches. Academic departments, government departments and commercial companies all have it as well. My father used to call people who practice this, the ‘Mediocre Mafia’. Jesus described them thus:

Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men. For you yourselves do not go in, neither do you permit those on their way in to go in (Matthew 23:13).

The reader will see from the history of the battle below how the Governing Body of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (with the partial exception of Daniel Sydlik) have taken just such a position with my research. It is so hypocritical given that their original name was ‘International Bible Students’.

It is my fervent hope, and my strong resolve that I and that the Life, the Lord’s Witnesses, the Bible Decoders, will always encourage bible research from all of the members of the congregation and indeed from anybody else! Whether such research agrees with our present understanding or whether it shoots it down in flames entirely!

The best way to ensure that this occurs is always to admit publicly the possibility that any of the currently accepted interpretations may be wrong. We have to be academic in our approach to bible understanding here and not professional or political! Dammit they could all be wrong! It is up to the reader to decide! But this is how one follows God, one simply obeys the best bible information that one has at the time! I hope that the reader will see that this website has this information and by some considerable margin right now. I hope that he or she will help us to improve it in the little time that is left. And I hope that God gives us all the grace to see it! God can reveal his true interpretations to anybody! Sinners and righteous alike, rich and poor, well educated and barely educated, powerful and powerless, good and bad, healthy and sick, church goers and church haters, straight and crooked, guilty and innocent, men and women and children. His arm is never cut short, and there is nothing that is too extraordinary for him. He can reveal them! But only those who love him will accept them.

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8).

For they loved the glory of men more than even the glory of God.
However, Jesus cried out and said: He that puts faith in me puts faith, not in me [only], but in him [also] that sent me; and he that beholds me beholds [also] him that sent me.
I have come as a light into the world, in order that everyone putting faith in me may not remain in the darkness
(John 12:43-46).

N.B. Many of the understandings in these historical letters and books are wrong and many (but not all) have now been corrected. Below is a list of most of the correspondence between us, it was rather one way! I have lost one or two letters I think.

1976September - 1977JuneNatural Sciences at Cambridge University
1977September - 1980JuneMathematics at Cambridge University
1980September - 1980DecemberStarted but did not finish PhD in Group Theory, Pure Maths, at Oxford University
1981Invented electric quadracopter but did not patent it due to the Benson Skymat.
1981September - 1984JuneFinished but did not submit PhD in Computational Aerodynamics at Imperial College London (due to dispute with Professor Bradshaw)
1982Met Massoud Vakili at Imperial College
1983 - 1985Invented new type of switched mode power supply
1983 - 1987Invented Magnetic Levitation Device, for display purposes
1987Licenced the Levitator to Living Images Ltd
1987Tishri22 Gordon sanctified and 2NC Made between Jacob and Gordon - somehow? Became a living image of God !!
1987 - 1990Worked for Living Images Ltd as consultant
1989Jehovah’s Witnesses knocked on my door, started bible study
1990January/FebruaryMet Tony Moore
1991Tishri approxGiven talk about three rights of the firstborn in Kingdom Hall on a Thursday Evening. 
1992January20-22 [A] Wrote to Elders deducing the Gentile Times from Leviticus26
1992January24-26Realised could be a 7 times Exedenic parallel to Gentile Times
1992January28Watchtower become affiliated to the UN DPI as a UN NGO. The harlot starts riding the beast.
1992February1 (1991Shebat21)Worked out Exedenic Times and 2008Nisan from Genesis4 (had Pizza that evening, Feb1, with group of JWs and told Sharon she would not reach 50)
1992FebruarySharon Thomas from the Leytonstone congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses works out that the Kingdom of God begins in 2008 from the corresponding ransom of Jesus aged 33½ for Adam who sinned aged 33½.
1992March14 (Saturday)Partly unsealed Daniel12 with Tony Moore at Dundee Court
1992March17 (Tuesday)Tony and I worked out the Midst Prophecy
1992September10 [AA] Date of Covering letter with: ‘Letter to the Society’ by hand
1992Elul11 [B] Massoud hand delivered 12 copies of Letter to the Society & Divine Plan of the Ages & covering letter to 12 governing body members through Todd Ellison at Brooklyn Bethel, HQ of JWs
1992Heshvan16/17 [C] (November 16) Genesis booklet sent to Brooklyn (12 copies)
1992Heshvan19 (November18) Genesis booklet arrived in Brooklyn
1992Heshvan30  Gordon wrote 'large stone letter'
1992Chislev1 [AB] Instruction Letter to Todd Ellison
1992Chislev1 [AC] Help letter to Governing Body - Large Stone
1992ChislevMassoud and I realised that we were priests of some sort
1993Tammuz18Saturday, July 10th, Baptised into the Jehovah’s Witnesses at Crystal Palace. Gordon knew that he would be thrown out. He was already baptised from heaven as Elijah4.
1993Adar17 [D] Letter about New New Covenant
1994Nisan3 [E] Letter about Memorial
1994Sivan24 [F] ‘Letter to the Elders’ given to the local elders
1994Tammuz9 [G] Letter about Milton Henschel & Covering letter to Todd Ellison
1994Tammuz21 Gerrit Loesch joins Governing Body effective July1, 1994.
1994HeshvanRealised that I had to baptise the great crowd (Caroline called & said she had a message from God for me just when I was thinking about this: Have I myself conceived all this people? Is it I who have given them birth? Numbers 11:12)
1994Heshvan20 [H] Letter saying: The Doors to the House of Jehovah are open
1994Heshvan20 [AG] Covering letter to Todd Ellison: Unilateral communicator
1994Heshvan30 [I] Letter about the greater temple of Solomon, not built by David
1994Heshvan30 [AF] Covering letter to Todd Ellison: Talks about talks.
1994November1st trip to New York to try to see the Governing Body
1994November16 [F] Letter to the Elders hand delivered to the writing committee
1994November18 [AH] Letter from Watchtower acknowledging receipt
1994Chislev12 [L] Letter to governing body asking for a meeting
1994ChislevDan Sydlik rang me at the Dorset Hotel
1994December7 [M] Letter to Dan thanking him for calling
1994December20 [N] Letter to Dan informing him of the dates of my 2nd trip to NYC
1994December262nd trip to New York to try to see Governing Body
1994Nov to 1995Jan [P] Diary of events and conversations for this period
1995January17 [Q] Last Letter to J. Barr of writing committee about the memorial
1995Nisan10 [R] Letter to Governing Body: Memorial will fail
1995Nisan25 [S] Letter to Governing Body: How to celebrate memorial
1995July7 [T] Letter informing Society of change of Address
1995Heshvan6November 3rd: 9 early versions of [W] fedexed to Governing Body
1995November83rd trip to New York to try to see the Governing Body
1995November9 [U] Letter to the Governing Body asking: Who really is the FDS?
1995Heshvan20 [V] November17: Obey Master or Slave, 13 copies to Bethel
1995November22 [W] Personally gave 13 copies of ‘The Faithful & Discreet Slave is cut in two’ to Travis at Brooklyn Bethel
1995November26 [AD] Invited all the writing department to Speculators Banquet at the New York Hilton, nobody came, the invites were all hand delivered to the Bethel & residences and were intercepted
1996January12 [W] ‘FDS is cut in two’ & ‘Letter to the elders’ sent to 100 congregations in New York
1996February15 [AE] Covering Letter with ‘FDS is cut in two’ to local elder
1995Adar41996February28: Told I would de thrown out in 7 days time
1995Adar111996March6: Disfellowshipped, 1260 days after 1992Elul11
1995Adar [X] Record of my disfellowshipping
1996April14 [Y] Letter to Dan explaining my 1260 day ministry Revelation 11. Called ‘The Cock always crows twice’
1996May20 [Z] Letter of disgust to the 100 congregations in New York.
1999Elul26Gordon Realised that the 7 years of eyes of Revelation 5 had ended and the 7 years of horns had started. Seeing ends, power starts. He was antitypical Joseph the 1st horseman of the apocalypse. Time to go conquering. Time to go subduing in the midst of his enemies. Gran Canaria Thurs night 9th September 1999.
2000January251999Shebat14: This website is advertised by Fax in the UK.
2000January26before 2pm 1999Shebat14: This website is advertised by Fax in the US. First responses to fax adverts 'Calling all Christians'.
2000January27after 9pm, 1999Shebat16: LWs first respond to enquiries from website and fax campaign
2000March21First public meeting of the LWs in the Cumberland Hotel, London, around 200 attended, responding to a faxed invitation. 3 ways of deducing the date of Armageddon were presented in the evening
2000April/May/JuneWeekly talks at the Cumberland Hotel, W1, very large leaps in our understandings were made.
2000Elul16The 2NC celebrated with Tony who was baptised on this day. LW congregation starts on 616
2000Tishri16The 2NC celebrated 30 days late due to new understandings of how to celebrate it. Jamie, the 3rd LW, was 'water' baptised by Gordon (through the laying on of hands) on this day.
2000NovemberGordon Ritchie, Gary McCaferry and later Justin Pugsley and Richard Williamson invent HyperOs, software that runs Microsoft Windows entirely from system RAM, and runs several copies of Windows without multibooting. Gordon wished to show an incredulous World that he is good at computer coding, in order to establish credibility with bible decoding (this was his excuse in any event). Writing software that competes with Microsoft is light relief from bible decoding intellectually. But it is not as satisfying spiritually obviously.
2001October823:41 BST, 2001Tishri17. Guardian exposes that the Watchtower is a UN NGO. www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2001/oct/8/religion.world
2001October9UN DPI Disassociated the Watchtower from the UN at the Watchtower's request.
2001October15Guardian writes an article exposing the Hypocrisy of the Watchtower www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2001/oct/15/religion.unitednations
2001October222001Tishri30. Paul Gillies writes to the Guardian in response to their two articles on October8 and October15 falsely accusing the Guardian of misrepresenting and saying himself that the Watchtower only joined the UN as an NGO affiliated with the DPI in order to gain a library card. The writer visited the UN office when it was in Millbank towers in London and was able to get any book he wanted from the UK office or the Library in the UNs Manhattan HQ via the UK office, without needing a library card and without needing to go to the US. So the Harlot dismounted the beast due to her being exposed. See letter from Paul Gillies.
2001November12001Heshvan10. Watchtower HQ writes to all the branch offices in every nation re-iterating the library card lie and recommending that all the branches use the same lie to deflect righteous criticism of their putting Satan's throne in God's temple. See Letter to Branches.
2002Elul162002August27. Baptised Roger Knight at what we thought was the correct date for a 2NC celebration. He then went off to AOL (the angel of Laodicea) and formed an LW church within the JWs, the congregation of Laodicea, the 7th congregation of Revelation 2/3.
2003Iyyar14Laodicea commences, with the baptism by Roger Knight of the second member (calculated as 430 years a month for a day before 2017Elul14), the day before the late Passover on 2003Iyyar14. This was necessary for them to do in order to maintain their stolen baptism!
2003August/SeptemberGordon begins to realise that HyperOs was not what God wanted him to be doing. The period from 2000 to 2003 should have been used to further bible understanding, not to attempt to compete with Microsoft. A wasted opportunity. But Gordon's false step means an opportunity for the rest of the world. So come on you men and women with faith. Be modern day interpretational prophets and prophetesses, come and decode the bible with us and feed on the divine truth, there is nothing on earth like it!
2006Nisan8April6: 1st Letter to Don Adams telling him how to celebrate the Passover
2006Nisan18/19April17: Red Lobster letter sent to Don Adams comparing the Passover celebrate by Reggie (and LW student) with the JWs to the Passover celebrated in Chicago by the LWs.
2006Nisan202pm in NYC Dan Sydlik died  
2006Nisan21Emailed the church saying: Dan Sydlik has died and "I am going to write another fax to Don Adams. This one will go into Jesus not drinking the cup or eating the meal again until he does it new in the kingdom of his father. I will copy everyone in on this fax. In the final analysis, we must act out of faith and love, not fear and self-interest. And we must do that whilst we still can!"
2006Nisan21-232nd Letter to Don Adams instructing him how to celebrate the Lord's Evening Meal, sent between 01:57 April20 and 05:13 April22, 2006. 
2006Nisan30/Iyyar116 page Sign of Jonah letter faxed to Brooklyn Bethel and 70 of the 112 Watchtower Bethels worldwide
2006Sivan24/Tammuz2-6Second Watchtower Destruction date (or date of first publishing of 2nd Watchtower destruction date). A 7x Alienation Times prediction malediction on the LWs begins.
2010Chislev20-23The first fire sign of 1Kings18 occurs. The largest fire in modern Israel's history upon mount Carmel.
2013Tammuz3Gordon Apologizes to the Watchtower for the mistakes in the Sign of Jonah Letter and warns them of the coming New Passovers in a New Letter
2013Tebbeth18-Shebat1Our 400th fire sign prediction failure (counting 2010Chislev21 - when the first fire sign occurred). Hopefully we have by now learned that interpretations belong to God and that we only get them if he permits it. The bar is set slightly above human intelligence so that the holy spirit needs to give us a foot up in order that we can see over the wall into the garden of God. We should not have implied that God would execute a nuclear judgement upon the Watchtower Bethel. Satan kills with nuclear bombs. God kills with Passovers. He will execute a New Passover judgement upon the Brooklyn Bethel and upon all the other Bethels and then upon all the congregations and then upon all those who have left the congregations of the Watchtower but not joined another church (those in the prison hole).
2013Shebat3-2015Sivan11Our extended 401st fire sign prediction (counting 2010Chislev21)
2015Sivan13-2015Chislev25Our extended 402nd fire sign prediction or 401st fire sign prediction (discounting 2010Chislev21)
2015Tebbeth20-2016Nisan9Our 403rd fire sign prediction or 401st (discounting 2010Chislev21 and 2010Chislev22 - which were not mistakes due to the first fire sign upon mount Carmel in Israel from 2010Chislev20-23)
2015Adar16Made the 533rd subprediction of 2015Adar20-25.
2015Adar24Made the 534th subprediction of 2016Nisan1/2.
2015Adar29=2016Nisan4Made the 535th subprediction of 2016Nisan6/7.
2016Nisan8Made the 536th subprediction of 2016Nisan8-10.
2016Nisan10Made the 404th main prediction of 2016Iyyar6-11 and the 537th subprediction of 2016Iyyar6-8.
2016Iyyar8/10Got/published the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Tammuz14 and the 538th subprediction of 2016Sivan6/7 and 2016Tammuz6-11
2016Sivan7/9Got/published the 539th subprediction of 2016Sivan10-12.
2016Sivan12Got the 540th subprediction of 2016Sivan27-28, 10x of testing of God after the contest started on 2006Sivan12..
2016Sivan15Published the 540th subprediction of 2016Sivan27-28 on the 24th day of the 9th late 1NC Pentecost of the Kingdom of Haggai2.
2016Sivan28Got the 541st subprediction of 2016Tammuz6/7 for the 2nd fire sign
2016Tammuz1Published the 541st subprediction of 2016Tammuz6/7 for the 2nd fire sign
2016Tammuz7Got the 542nd subprediction of 2016Tammuz10 for the 2nd fire sign
2016Tammuz8Published the 542nd subprediction of 2016Tammuz10/11 for the 2nd fire sign at 06:16 on 16June16 which is 6-16 of 6-16. 
2016Tammuz13Got and Published the original 543rd subprediction of 2016Ab8-10 and 2016Ab10-12 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs at 08:55 on 2016June21. 
2016Tammuz20Got the replacement 543rd subprediction of 2016Ab4-6 and 2016Ab8-10 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs
2016Tammuz21Published the replacement 543rd subprediction of 2016Ab4-6 and 2016Ab8-10 for the 2nd and 3rd fire signs at 07:00 BST on 2016June29
2016Ab7Re-published the original 543rd prediction as the 544th prediction.
2016Ab10Got and Published the 545th subprediction of 2016Ab10-12 and 2016Elul4-6 or 2016Elul6-10 and the main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Elul14.
2016Ab17Re-Published the 545th subprediction of 2016Elul4-6 and 2016Elul6-10 with the second period extended backwards by 2 days.
2016Elul9Got and Published the 546th subprediction of 2016Tishri4-6 and 2016Tishri6-8 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Tishri14. This was the last prediction for the JW wilderness period in accordance with Numbers33 - see U364..
2016Tishri7Got the 547th subprediction of 2016Heshvan4-6 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Heshvan14. This was the first answer of 1Kings18
2016Tishri11 Published the 547th subprediction of 2016Heshvan4-6 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Heshvan14.
2016Heshvan6 Got the 548th subprediction of 2016Heshvan9-12 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Heshvan14.
2016Heshvan7 Published the 548th subprediction of 2016Heshvan9-12 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Heshvan14.
2016Heshvan12 Got the 549th subprediction of 2016Heshvan20-22 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Chislev1.
2016Heshvan13 Published the 549th subprediction of 2016Heshvan20-22 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Chislev1.
2016Heshvan22 Published the 550th subprediction of 2016Heshvan23-25 or 2016Heshvan29-Chislev1 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-Chislev1.
2016Heshvan24 Realised that the second option in the 550th subprediction of 2016Heshvan29-Chislev1 would be correct
2016Heshvan26 Published the 550th subprediction 2nd option reasoning for 2016Heshvan29-Chislev1.
2016Heshvan30 Got the 551st subprediction for 2016Chislev2-9, from the malediction deferred first kingdom 1NC Pentecost.
2016Chislev1 Published the 551st subprediction for 2016Chislev2-9.
2016Chislev9 Got the 552nd subprediction for Hanukkah, 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2.
2016Chislev13 Published the 552nd subprediction for Hanukkah, 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth2.
2016Tebbeth1 Given the 1st extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth7 and discovered the now known to be non existent Laodicean 2NC Pentecost from Tishri16-Chislev5.
2016Tebbeth2 Published the 1st extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth7.
2016Tebbeth7 Got and published the 2nd extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Tebbeth9 with the now known to be non existent late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost date of 2016Tebbeth8.
2016Tebbeth9 Got and published the 3rd extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Shebat1 with the now known to be non existent late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost date of 2016Tebbeth26.
2016Tebbeth9 Got and published the extended 404th main prediction for 2016Iyyar6-Shebat10.
2016Tebbeth9/10/11 Got and published the 3rd extended 552nd prediction from 2016Chislev25-Shebat1, with the non known to be non existent later Laodicean Pentecost on 2016Tebbeth30
2016Tebbeth10 Realised that the now known to be non existent late Laodicean 2NC Pentecost was more likely to be 2016Tebbeth30, a late version of the late 2NC Pentecost.
2016Tebbeth11 (4-6pm on 2016December14, the very start of 2016Tebbeth11) Realised that 2nd appointments over 1NCs occur at 2nd 1NC first fruits and 2nd appointments over 2NCs occur at 2nd 2NC first fruits. Therefore the new Laodicean 2NC Pentecost (which we now know does not exist) had to be 2016Chislev30. So the late new Laodicean 2NC Pentecost had to be 2016Tebbeth30. Published this revised date for it.
2016Tebbeth28 Revised our expected date of the 2nd fire sign from 2016Tebbeth26 (the weekly Sabbath) to 2016Tebbeth29 (the 7th Sabbath of late Laodicean 2NC Weeks on 2016Tebbeth28 (published at 21:36 on 2017January1).
2016Shebat1 Got and published the 4th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Shebat22, with 77th contest BLC Pentecost on 2016Shebat21.
2016Shebat21 Got the 5th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Adar2, with 24th Baalian Pentecost and 78th God testing Pentecost on 2016Shebat30. This was the 1st answer of 1Kings18
2016Shebat22 Published the 5th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-Adar2, with 24th Baalian Pentecost and 78th God testing Pentecost on 2016Shebat30.
2016Adar2 Realised that the final extension to the 404th main prediction and the 5th extension to the 552nd subprediction runs from 2016Iyyar6-VeAdar10 and from 2016Chislev25-VeAdar2, due to the intercalary VeAdar this year. And that the 24th Baalian Pentecost from 2013Heshvan1 is 2016Adar1/VeAdar1 and the 78th God testing Pentecost from 2006Iyyar1 is 2016Adar1/VeAdar1.
2016VeAdar1 Got the 6th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Nisan8, with 24th Baalian Pentecost from 2013Chislev1, the fall of Laodicean as a true church to 2016VeAdar30=2017Nisan6 and 78th God testing Pentecost by the Watchtower for a sign from 2006Sivan1 to 2017Nisan1=2016VeAdar25. This was the 2nd answer of 1Kings18.
2016VeAdar2 Published the 6th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Nisan8, with 24th Baalian Pentecost from 2013Chislev1, the fall of Laodicean as a true church to 2016VeAdar30=2017Nisan6 and 78th God testing Pentecost by the Watchtower for a sign from 2006Sivan1 to 2017Nisan1=2016VeAdar25.
2017Nisan7 Got and Published the 7th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Nisan13, with 78th God testing Pentecost by the Watchtower for a sign from 2006Sivan12, the first prediction to 2017Nisan11.
2017Nisan10/11 Got/Published the 8th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Iyyar2
2017Iyyar2 Got and Published the 9th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Iyyar8
2017Iyyar8 Got and Published the 10th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Sivan8
2017Sivan7/8 Got/Published the 11th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Tammuz6
2017Sivan11/12 Got/Published the 12th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Tammuz8.
2017Tammuz7/8 Got/Published the 13th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Tammuz12 and the correct 3rd fire sign festival of 2017Ab5 (as the 4th fire sign).
2017Tammuz11 Got/Published the 14th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Tammuz22 and the 404th main prediction extension from 2016Iyyar6-2017Ab14 (correct 3rd fire sign festival) .
2017Tammuz22 Got/Published the 15th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Ab8.
2017Ab7 Got/Published the 16th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Elul8 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-2017Elul14.
2017Elul5/7 Got/Published the 17th extended 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Tishri8 and the 404th main prediction extension of 2016Iyyar6-2017Tishri14, and the 3rd fire sign prediction for 2017Tishri5.
2017Elul8 Predicted the true and real Laodicean Passover would occur on 2017Elul14
2017Elul11/12 Got/Published the 2nd fire sign prediction for 2017Elul19, the 90th Watchtower Solar Baalian Pentecost from 2005Sivan10, 16 years precisely after 911, 2001 (2001Elul19).
2017Elul11/20 Got/Published the 2nd fire sign prediction for 2017Elul24, the 27th Laodicean Solar Baalian Pentecost from 2013Shebat1 .
2017Elul7/24/25 Got/Realized/Published the 2nd fire sign prediction for 2017Tishri5, the same as the 3rd fire sign prediction
2017Tishri5/7 Got/Published the 18th extension to our 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Heshvan8 and the 404th main prediction for 2016Iyyar6-2017Heshvan14, with the 2nd fire sign on 2017TIshri20 or Heshvan1 and the 3rd on 2017Heshvan5.
2017Tishri27 Published: The EU and the UN and the last 16 months of this world from Daniel 7 video on youtube. Coined the word GLOZIs for global socialists, the modern day national socialist worker party members, the modern day NAZIs.
2017Heshvan5/7 Got/Published the 19th extension to our 552nd subprediction for 2016Chislev25-2017Chislev8 and the 404th main prediction extension for 2016Iyyar6-2017Chislev14, with 2nd fire sign on 2017Heshvan9 or 2017Heshvan11 or 2017Heshvan14 and 3rd fire sign on 2017Chislev5.
2017Heshvan15 Updated the 2nd fire sign prediction to be 2017Heshvan21 and published the prediction
2017Heshvan21 Got the 4th fire sign as 2017Chislev21, 7 times after the 1st fire sign. 
2017Heshvan22 Updated the 2nd fire sign prediction to be 2017Chislev5 and published the prediction
2017Heshvan22 Published the 4th fire sign of 1Kings18 as 2017Chislev21.
2017Chislev5/7 Got/ Published the correct sub, main and fire sign predictions of 2016Chislev25-2017Chislev22, 2016Iyyar6-2017Chislev22 and 2017Chislev10 and 2017Chislev21, the 20th extension to our 552nd subprediction..
2017Chislev8 Saw that the LW Gentile Times ran for 7 months from 2017Iyyar15 to 2017Chislev15. Then we go into the ark wherein Caesar is Jesus, for the 3rd marriage on 2017Chislev16.