We thank our almighty God, Jehovah, the unbegotten creator, and his son, Jesus Christ, the second God, the only begotten God, for a wonderful book which we try to understand. 

We know from years of research that the book in its original inspired form is perfect. We know too that the literal meaning does not have that perfection. So we know that it has greater meanings which together with the literal meaning exhibit the perfect brilliance of our creator. We are imperfect, but we strive towards a perfect understanding of the bible through a series of mistakes. We make mistakes, we recognise these mistakes, we correct these mistakes and then we learn something new. That is how we decode and interpret the holy word of God. And that is how it was meant to be interpreted. Its words are inspired by intellectually perfect beings and written by imperfect sons of physical Jacob to be interpreted by imperfect born again sons of God, who in fact are sons of physical Jacob by covenant. How good we are as his sons is not measured by how many mistakes we make, but rather by how many mistakes we admit to and therefore learn from. The more mistakes we learn from, the better our understanding of his book is and the better our grasp of his morality becomes. So the church that is the most overtly fallible doctrinally, is the church that has the truth most precisely. 

Every interpretation in this website results from corrected mistake after corrected mistake after corrected mistake. And when the reader one day reaches the perfection of love and righteousness which is his destiny, being a son of God, he will be there as a result of correcting mistake after mistake after mistake in his character and in his actions and in his conceptions.

May both our heavenly fathers and the holy spirit enjoy teaching us and guiding us to this perfection and may they help us to enjoy this journey ourselves as we progress from sin to perfection, from lawlessness to righteousness, from self interest to common interest, from naivety to wisdom and from love of ourselves to love of God and of our brothers, his sons.

P.S. Matthew 24:36 does not prohibit foreknowledge of the date of Armageddon - see U237.