Bible Scholars Perform 11 Different Scriptural Calculations All Of Which Point To The United Nations Being Hit By A Nuclear Terrorist Attack This Month 

Their calculations show that the attack must occur on a Jewish sabbath, i.e. from Friday evening to Saturday evening eastern time. The most likely sabbath is September 8/9. The other two possibilities are September 15/16 and September 22/23.

London, UK (PRWEB) September 3, 2006 - Bible scholars claim to have fixed the bug in their decoding that caused their earlier mistaken predictions. As a result they have so many different scriptural calculations leading to the same month for the UN bomb, that "coincidence is no longer an option" for their research team. See for yourself at

If you do a quick back of an envelope calculation attempting to asses the probability of predicting the correct day and location of the first nuclear terrorist attack, the odds of a successful prediction are at best 1 in 40,000 according to their chief researcher - Gordon Ritchie. He says: "Let us say that the chances of such an attack ocurring anywhere in the world in the next 5 years are 50%. Then there is a 1 in 4,000 chance of getting the day right. Then let us say that the chances of this attack being against the UN in Manhattan rather than being against some other high profile target are 1 in 10. Then the chance of getting both the day and the location are 1 in 40,000." 

He further computes the chances of 11 different scriptural calculations all pointing to the same month as follows... "It is hard to determine what the chances are of two scriptural calculations giving the same month and the same year. But it is easy to see what the chances are of them both giving the same month, that would be 1 in 12, since there are 12 months in the year. So the chances of 11 calculations all giving the same month are 1 in 12x12x12x12x12x12x12x12x12x12 or 1 in 61,917,364,224 or around 1 in 61 billion." 

So even though a nuclear terrorist attack on the UN this month is very unlikely, it is much more likely than 10 coincidences all getting you to the same month and year as your first scriptural calculation. Incidentally they do not have any calculations suggesting a different month for this attack. Therefore they would argue that an attack has got to happen before the end of this present biblical lunar month (Elul), i.e. on or before September 26th.

Best to avoid Manhattan on the next 3 sabbaths according to those calculations.