Bible Scholars Now Predict a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the United Nations in Midtown Manhattan on 1 of the 2 Remaining Jewish Sabbaths in August

According to their latest understandings this will be their last prediction of Nuclear Doom and Gloom for the UN and for Midtown Manhattan. They therefore advise people with faith in God not to be in NYC on either of the last two Jewish Sabbaths in August. These run from Sundown Friday August 18th to Sundown Saturday August 19th and from Sundown Friday August 25th to Sundown Saturday August 26th.

London, UK (PRWEB) August 15, 2006 -- The Lords' Witnesses Bible Scholars are the people that correctly predicted the date of the Beslan terrorist atrocity in Russia on September 1st 2004.

Although their nuclear predictions have had little success to date, they correctly predicted that the UN would lose its military headship over governments last month. This was fulfilled when Israel invaded Lebanon on July 12th, without a UN mandate. And they correctly predicted that it would regain its military headship over governments this month. This was fulfilled on Friday August 11th, by means of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which calls for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and all Lebanon. The UN therefore lost its military headship for one month as they have been predicting since the G8 summit at Gleneagles in 2005. The UN did actually lose its headship over the government of Israel for one month. So they have been very accurate with their non nuclear predictions. For the details of these predictions see

Their president, Gordon Ritchie, who claims to be the head of the 4th and last true Christian church, the Lords’ Witnesses, said: "This bomb must go off on a Sabbath in August in our current understanding. If it does not then we have run out of options as far as I can see."

The Lords’ Witnesses believe that many bible accounts have extra symbolic meanings in addition to their literal meanings. They have been working on a grammatical bible code, which they call the true bible code, which tells the reader whether a bible account has a greater meaning in addition to its literal meaning or not.

They have found that the nouns in every bible account obey certain grammatical rules. They have verified these grammatical rules for around half of the bible stories in the 4 Gospels. For more information on this see

Their president was recently asked: Why would God make the bible in a manner so complicated that even people who spend much of their life studying it do not understand it? He answered as follows: “God told Adam that he would eat bread in the sweat of his brow. The same is true with spiritual food, which is accurate bible understanding. God has set his text book at the limit of our intellectual capability, but not beyond that limit. Mankind has cracked the genetic code of life. We have sequenced the DNA of the human genome, an inordinately difficult task. But we have not yet fully cracked the grammatical code of the bible, the scriptural code of everlasting life. The reason for this failure is not that this task is more difficult than sequencing the human genome. It is because the human genome project had a funding of several billion dollars and a research team of several thousand people, whereas the bible code project has a funding of a few thousand dollars and a research team of a few dozen people. The irony is that the victory over age and death that both groups seek in this research will not come from studying the genome, the code of physical life, it will come from studying the scriptures, the code of spiritual life.

The certainly of an everlasting future for mankind in human bodies that do not age or die comes not from the work that Crick and Watson did in the twentieth century, but from the work that Jesus Christ did in the first century. For the bible clearly states the Adam and Eve had such bodies before they sinned. And though they lost those bodies, God, through various ransoms, will not fail to get them back for us.