Congregational Circulars

19 January: Greetings beloved children to whom God is revealing the realities and exposing the fakes,


Geoff, Dave and I have been in shock these last few days. We have known since last Friday that 2005Shebat29, 2006February2/3 is not the date when the 10 kings of the UNPBC appear, but is rather the date of an antitype to 911.

For 911 was the event that triggered the unity of thought (have one thought) of Revelation 17:13...

12 And the 10 horns that you saw, these are 10 kings... 13These have one thought and they give their power and authority to the beast (Revelation 17)

This lasted 10 months until the UNICC was set up on July1 (2002Tammuz18). Its first day of judicial authority over all the world's military was 2002Tammuz19. The US accepted its authority, but negotiated an exemption for a year. The law maker behind the UNICC is the UN. Kings make laws. So the UN became the world's military king through the UNICC on 2002July1.

But 2006February 2/3 (2005Shebat29) is the first day of the 10 months of unity of purpose (do one thought) of Revelation 17:17...

16 And the 10 horns that you saw and the beast, these will hate the harlot....17 For God put into their hearts to do his thought and to do one thought and to give their kingdom to the beast until the words of God are accomplished (Revelation 17).

10 months of unity of purpose (do one thought) ends in the kingdom of the UNPBC being given to the UNGA on 2006Chislev29 (2006December23/24). The event that triggers this second unity of thought, which is a unity of purpose, i.e. they actually do something with their unity, is the greater 911 of 22 (February 2, 2006).

The UNPBC does not actually get a kingdom until the last 7 months of its 7 heads, which run from 2006Iyyar29 to 2006Chislev29.

We know that the 10 kings without a UN kingdom but with authority as UN kings over Afghanistan etc, did not appear at the start of the first 10 months of one thought, so neither do they have to appear at the start of the the 3rd 10 months of one thought. The second was from 2002Tammuz19 to 2003Iyyar19 and resolution 1483 retroactively authorising the coalition's invasion of Iraq. The coalition sought the authoirty of the UN, which is giving the UN their authority

So to summarize:
10 months of have one thought then give power (911 - 2002Tammuz19)
10 months of have one thought then give authority (2002Tammuz19 - 2003Iyyar19)

10 months of do one thought then give kingdom (2005Shebat29 - 2006Chislev29)

The having one thought results from 911, the doing one thought results from 22. I have attached Dave's grahics of the UN timelines.

So we knew this and advertised it in the UK Independent Newspaper on Wednesday 18th. The paper came out at midnight on the 17th. Then, on Thursday 19th, today, Bin Laden went and published an Al Jaziera video where he says that the reason he has not yet repeated 911 was that it takes time to properly prepare his attacks. He says he will attack the US again, and implies that he is now properly prepared, by giving the US an ultimatum to get out of Iraq and Afghanistan.

I have attached the advert. We said that there would be a Global Security Threatening Event on February 2/3.

However we know a lot more than that. We have discovered the future of terrorism in the system all written out in Isaiah!

We already know the valency of Isaiah 30...

25 And upon every high mountain and upon every elevated hill there must come to be streams, water ditches, in the day of the big slaughter when the towers fall.
26 And the light of the full moon must become as the light of the glowing [sun]; and the very light of the glowing [sun] will be [for] 7 times, like the light of 7 days, in the day that Jehovah binds up the breakdown of his people and heals even the severe wound resulting from the stroke by him...
30 And Jehovah will certainly make the dignity of his voice to be heard and will make the descending of his arm to be seen, in the raging of anger and the flame of a devouring fire [and] cloudburst and rainstorm and hailstones.
31 For because of the voice of Jehovah Assyria will be struck with terror; he will strike [it] even with a staff.
32 And every swing of his rod of chastisement that Jehovah will cause to settle down upon [Assyria] will certainly prove to be with tambourines and with harps; and with battles of brandishing he will actually fight against them (Isaiah 30).

The day of the big slaughter is not the literal day of 911. It is the 7 year 'day' from 2001Elul19 to 2008Elul15. Since the big slaughter did not stop on 911, it started then. But likewise neither do the towers stop falling on that day. In other words, falling towers are a feature of the day of the big slaughter. They are a prime terror target and will continue to be so until Armageddon. And more will fall down. Furthermore Assyria is northern Iraq, the focus of the war on terror. Whereas Isaiah says: Assyria will be struck with terror!


However the greatest and most accurate confirmation of all of this comes, with the greatest possible irony, from the very scripture written on the 'Isaiah wall' outside the UN TOWER, in NYC. The famous part is verse 4...

4 And they will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore (Isaiah 2).

But the account actually says...

2 And it must occur in the final part of the days [that] the mountain of the house of Jehovah will become firmly established above the top of the mountains, and it will certainly be lifted up above the hills; and to it all the nations must stream.
3 And many peoples will certainly go and say: Come, you people, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will instruct us about his ways, and we will walk in his paths. For out of Zion law will go forth, and the word of Jehovah out of Jerusalem.
4 And he will certainly render judgment among the nations and set matters straight respecting many peoples. And they will have to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning shears. Nation will not lift up sword against nation, neither will they learn war anymore.
5 Oh men of the house of Jacob, come and let us walk in the light of Jehovah.
6 For you have forsaken your people, the house of Jacob. For they have become full of what is from the East, and they are practicers of magic like the Philistines, and with the children of foreigners they abound.
7 And their land is filled with silver and gold, and there is no limit to their treasures. And their land is filled with horses, and there is no limit to their chariots.
8 And their land is filled with valueless gods. To the work of one's hands they bow down, to that which one's fingers have made.
9 And earthling man bows down, and man becomes low, and you cannot possibly pardon them.
10 Enter into the rock and hide yourself in the dust because of the dreadfulness of Jehovah, and from his splendid superiority.
11 The haughty eyes of earthling man must become low, and the loftiness of men must bow down; and Jehovah alone must be put on high in that day.
12 For it is the day belonging to Jehovah of armies. It is upon everyone self-exalted and lofty and upon everyone lifted up or low;
13 and upon all the cedars of Lebanon that are lofty and lifted up and upon all the massive trees of Bashan;
14 and upon all the lofty mountains and upon all the hills that are lifted up;

15 and upon every high tower and upon every fortified wall;
16 and upon all the ships of Tarshish and upon all desirable/valuable boats/vessels.

Everyone knows that this applies to the last days, the final part of the days. It particularly applies to the mountain of the house of Jehovah rising up above all the other mountains. So this is the judgement on the Harlot, which is an overt acceptance of the LWs by God. So it applies now. But please read verses 15 and 16 very carefully and try to stay calm (I couldn't).

The nouns TOWER, WALL, SHIPS and BOATS all appear only once in the account and so are literal in the greater meaning. So the day belonging to Jehovah of Armies of Isaiah 2 is the day of the big slaughter of Isaiah 30. And it is 'upon' or against the following...



But this precisely describes 911, where valuable commercial airships, air vessels hit the high towers of the WTC and the fortified wall of the Pentagon.

However this is not a one shot campaign. Isaiah is describing terrorism throughout the day of the big slaughter. He is giving us the pattern, the targets of all the terror campaigns. The terrorists will go for High Towers (such as the UN tower), Military bases (fortified walls) and High Tech (expensive) Mass Transport Systems. These things will be hit again and again until the end.

Furthermore, NYC was founded on February 2, 1653. Its brithday is 22. So it must be the major target of the 22 attack, as it was on 911. So now we know when Bin Laden will next strike. We know where, and we know what targets he will choose. He will attack NYC and probably other cities, he will do it on February 2 (or possibly 3) and he will hit High Towers and Military establishments and Mass transportation systems. And these attacks will continue until the end.

The incredible thing to me about Bin Laden's annoucement, is that he says that he is planning his attacks from Baghdad. So he is declaring that his base is in Assyria! The place where God's rod of chastisement will strike. The fall of the Muslim religion must start in Assyria.

Blessings to the blessed


13 February: Hi Dave,

Ant is going to come up and see you about the illustrations.

Here is an unbelievable sign!

The lives of his true firstborn son Jesus and his human firstborn son Adam both obey the fundamental pattern. Both of these firstborns are the image of their father. So God's life must also have obeyed this pattern. So dear reader behold how great this pattern is! Here is our attempt at matching it to the life of our heavenly father...

Event God (time in real years) Adam 
Born  0 Invented bidirectional time 12,066 years before the Big Bang, 12,066 BBB 4027Tishri10
Commissioned to build temple of his body  11x360 =  3,960 AT (After Time) Created first living beings, heavenly animals 4016Tishri (entered Eden)
Appointed to feed 30x360 = 10,800 AT. System ready for feed the angels (Kid's room prepared) 3997Tishri10 (deep sleep)
Wife born, feeding starts 30x360+42 = 10,842 AT. Satan born 3997Heshvan22 (Eve born)
Passover lamb enters house 30x360+1260 = 12,060 AT. Satan enters heavenly temple (his priesthood starts) 3997Heshvan22 (Eve born)
End of old system 30x360+1264 = 12,064 AT. First Heavens end. Holy spirit covenant made between Satan and 12 apostolic angels (Satan + 12). All the other direct sons of Jehovah were passed over as regards ever being able to be a part of God's wife. Only the firstborn sons were killed in Egypt. The angelic sons of these passed over angels could enter the holy spirit by baptism into one of the 12 tribes. The Holy spirit is these 12 and their kids (by baptism not by procreation), modulo the replacement of Satan and reserves etc. These were the 12 angelic sons of Jacob. Well Esau really who got surplanted. 3993Nisan14 (Adam sins)
New system inaugurated
appointed over all true seed 
30x360+1266 = 12,066 AT. Big Bang. The physical universe created. Time becomes unidirectional. Sin is shown up. God's laws implemented. This is 0 ABB (After Big Bang) 3993Nisan16 (New body)
Entrance  30x360+1305 = 12,105 AT = 39 ABB: Angels, all of whom are still direct sons of God, physically enter the physical universe. 3993Iyyar25 (Adam enters Eve)
Conception  30x360+1316 = 12,116 AT = 50 ABB: Angels start procreating themselves 3993Sivan6 (Eve conceives)
Birth  35x360+120 (-9/+20) = 12,711-12,740 AT = 645-674 ABB. 144,000 Holy spirit angels all baptised. 3992Shebat (Cain born)
Birth  37x360 (-9/+20) = 13,311-13,340 AT = 1245-1274 ABB. Holy Lords, heavenly administrators all baptised. 3990Tishri (Abel born)




31 July: Greetings everyone with ears that hear and eyes that see,

It is indeed sad that loving New Yorkers, and advertising dates widely in an attempt to save them from what we believe will be a massive tragedy, hardly brings even a thank you. In fact it brings condemnation for the most part. It would have been so much easier to take 8 small adverts in a local paper in the UK and the just wait until we are right and then publicise like crazy.

In that case we would have got loads of praise and glory for being true prophets, once it happened, but have saved nobody physically. That route would have given us no grief at all. The world gives grief to those who show it love. And the world embraces those who exploit it and abuse it, but who do not condemn it. The world is truly like a vain status hungry woman. Yet God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

Well we have given our credibility to the citizens of New York. And hardly a one of them sees it.

Anyhow, I hope you all had a better sabbath than me!

Our new date of 2006Ab3/4 which is now 2006Ab4 has produced quite a few nice 'confirmations' recently. Here are some that I thought of yesterday...

[1]  We delivered the first letter, 'letter to the society' to Brooklyn on September 11, 1992 (1992Elul11). But I was not commissioned to build the temple of the 2NC saints until September 16th 1992, (1992Elul16) the day we celebrate the second new covenant. So there was a 5 day gap between the book arriving on September 11th and the covenant being made on 1992Elul16. Likewise we presently have a 5 day gap between 911 and the Watchtower starting to compete with us prophetically.

[2]  If the first birth pang truly comes on 2006Ab4, then this is 322 solar days or 46 weeks after September 13th 2005, the day the UNPBC came first appeared. This birth pang is a birth pang of this church. It is the start of the raising of the mountain of Jehovah above all the other mountains and is really the birth of the big growth of TCC4 (the 4th true Christian Church). Now the Kingdom itself is full of indefinitely long living non adamic kids. These kids have a double gestation period as we saw in the pre-flood system. Now if we count not 46 weeks but 92 weeks 644 solar days, from 2006Ab4, we end up on 2008Iyyar29, which is when Jesus comes and the church ceases growing. David had the idea that our church is like a big baby, all it does is grow. And since the birth of this baby is in kingdom bodies, it's gestation period is a double length period to what we see today.

So the church itself is born as an evangelizing force after 46 weeks, and the congregation itself is completed after 92 weeks.

This fits remarkably well. Is it just a coincidence? I am too tired to say.

[3] The 12 baskets of fragments in the feeding of the 5,000 are 12 years of unauthorised food distribution from the Watchtower to the remnant. We had authority to feed them from 1994Ab2/3 onwards. So these years runs from 1994Ab to 2006Ab. This month is 2006Ab. That is a really strong witness to the Watchtower losing the contest this month.

[4] Michael Schwingenschloegl has had another dream. Here is his statement of the dream...

Then I dreamt that I and a brother were in an ancient surrounding in a kind of palace and there was a battle going on. We did something like a vow that we are going to fight in this battle now, although we knew that we were going to die. We were wearing some ancient breastplate and a bow and arrows.

When we entered the battlescene we were in a hall where we saw our brothers die and we shot arrows against the enemies. This enemy army was great and powerful and in this room where only we two left. My friend was hit by two arrows but not fatally. Then they enemies instead of killing us closed the door to this hall and we locked the door then. I collected the arrows that were all over the floor, the broken arrows and some very small pieces of wood together to the middle of the hall. I don't know exactly what happened then but we saw an equitation on the floor in the middle of those arrows and I knew that if we were able to solve this equitation/this riddle we could win against the enemies. I think the equitation was something silly like a+2b+3c+4d+5e+6f=5001. And I felt in my dream the significance of "5001".

That's all I remember. Maybe you could use it.

and Daniel Kobsday had a dream that I would tell him that he would die on his birthday. The really wierd thing is that he joined the conference call on his birthday yesterday, and I told him he would die in 19 months time.


Now I am perfectly capable of giving you an explanation of Michael's dream that ties up beautifully with Daniel's dream and pretty much confirms 2006Ab4 as the date. Here is said interpetation...

Michael is Me, his un-named friend is Massoud, who delivered the Letter to the Society to Brooklyn on 1992Elul11, and has not yet joined the LWs. The door is the door of the Watchtower that I knocked on and that they did not answer on September 11, 1992. They shut the door in my face, denying me entry to their temple as a priest. I then locked their door having the key both to their temple and to mine (well both temples are Jesus' of course but you know what I mean).

7 And to the angel of the congregation in Philadelphia write: These are the things he says who is holy, who is true, who has the key of David, who opens so that no one will shut, and shuts so that no one opens (Revelation 3)

They did not disfellowship me but instead they did what Herod did:

20 For Herod stood in fear of John, knowing him to be a righteous and holy man; and he was keeping him safe. And after hearing him he was at a great loss what to do, yet he continued to hear him gladly (Mark 6).

They would not accept me but neither could they reject me for a long time. Anyhow Thie period that we spend in this room with the door shut is 5001 BLC days according to the Great Equation of Michael. Now 1992Elul11+5001 BLC days is 2006Ab2. And 1992Elul16 + 5001 BLC days is 2006Ab7. But 1992Elul13 + 5001 BLC days is 2006Ab4.

1992Elul11 was Friday/Saturday September 11th/12th. 1992Elul13 is Sunday/Monday September13th/14th

So it is entriely possible that the letter to the Society was first read on the Monday i.e. on 1992Elul13 and they decided to close the door on that day and not to accept my priesthood. In which case God lets us out of the room by knocking down their temple 5001 days later on 2006Ab4. Try it in the BLC software calendar!!

Here is the freaky thing. My birthday is September 13th. So they killed off my priesthood on September 13th and that kind of ties in with Daniel's dream. They you ask what are the arrows? Well they are assaults on Massoud, who stole a business from me and left the church in 1994 (before we took the name LWs). I hope this dream and interpetation are true because it would be great if he survives these arrows and eventually rejoins.  

So now we have the scriptural backing, we have the inspired dream backing and we have the physical realities backing this bomb interpretation.

I do hope that is enough to win this contest. So it is time for me to call again on our Father and to say...

36 Oh Jehovah, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, today let it be known that you are God in Israel and I am your servant and it is by your word that I have done all these things.
37 Answer me, O Jehovah, answer me, that this people may know that you, Jehovah, are the [true] God and you yourself have turned their heart back (1 Kings 18).





1 August: Hi Brothers and Sisters,

Don't forget that I come from a race of people who beat the english at the 8th attempt at Bannockburn!


According to legend, after his defeat at the hands of the Comyns and the subsequent incarceration of his family, Bruce hid himself in a cave, which is located near Gretna and can still be visited today. While in the cave, Bruce observed a spider trying to spin a web. Each time the spider failed, it simply started all over again. Inspired by this, Bruce returned to inflict a series of defeats on the English, thus winning him more supporters and eventual victory. The story serves to explain the maxim: "if at first you don't succeed, try and try again." Other versions have Bruce defeated for the seventh time by the English, then let him watch the spider spin seven webs, fail, then spin an eighth and succeed

Blessings ta ye all


1 August: Greetings everyone.
Many times people thinking of joining the LWs ask, Why are there so few of you when you have such amazing interpretations? And they ask why has God chosen me so early on? What is so special about me? Well I think perhaps you now know. You are prepared to stick with a church that makes actually so far 9 enormous mistakes. You can see sincerity and faith and you realise that these things are more important for a church than being right first time. The faithful and sincere slave, who does not have to be right.
I have updated the home page with the new date. Basically I dropped the sabbath condition to get 2006Ab3/4 and that was a mistake. The 7 sabbaths followed by a Jubilee pattern is central to all of this since the 7 annual festivals are followed by the rapture which is a release to Jehovah if ever there was one. So we have now made 7 sabbath mistakes - I think - and so the next date is the next sabbath which is 2006Ab8 or August 4/5. This coming sabbath.
I have said this many times before, but this time I do think we have it because we have actually made 7 sabbath mistakes. The idea that June 8/9 was a mistake, when we changed it to June 9/10 before June 8/9 came along doesn't really work.
7 mistakes on sabbaths when we actually looked for a bomb are required. These are...
That gives 2006Ab8 as the date, since I am asking you all to look on that date. There is one further possibility and that is to regard 2006Tammuz2-6 as one mistake. But I had 3 different calculation methods giving the dates of 2006Tammuz2, 2006Tammuz3, and 2006Tammuz4-6, so I have not gone with the one big mistake idea. I got round the pregnancy thing by going BLC.
It is all on the home page. I have not updated any other pages yet.
As regard Michael's dream. Well if we count 5001 days from 1992Elul16 we end up on 2006Ab7, one day too soon. But then we could count them starting on the day after the door was shut I suppose. I rather like the idea that when the Watchtower shut the door in the face of my great understandings, God opened the door of the second new covenant to me. It seems to me to be the way God would act. So I think they did reject me on 1992Elul16, the day we celebrate the 2NC. But the first whole day of having a shut door would then be 1992Elul17 so you can add 5001 days to that and get to 2006Ab8 if you try!!
I thought my double pregnancy thing was great but obviously not!
It has been a long journey, and we may have a few more steps to take, but if it is sabbaths, then it is Ab8, Ab15 or Ab22 and that is it. And this is all about releasing the world and the Watchtower, so really it must be sabbaths. I like sabbaths.
1 August: Greetings again,
I have just finished updating nyc.html and U271. I realised that the last day of the Jubilee in 2003, which was 2003Adar24 or March 22, when wheat when limit up in Chicago, is a really special day. Because 2004Adar25,26,27,28,29,30 did not exist. 2003March23 solar was 2004Nisan1 lunar. This sort of thing happens with lunar and solar calendars. the Lunar claendar either loses 5 or 6 days or gains an intercalary month at the end of the year.
So really in terms of the BLC, wheat went limit up on Adar 24,25,26,27,28,29 and 30. So we could legitimately slide the 1800 day contest not merely 5 days to the future, but any number of days between 5 and 11 into the future. So the new date we have, which came from sliding it 9 days into the future in order that the 1750th day is a sabbath, is actually not in contradiction to the methodology of the previous date. We have just Sabbathified it!
I mean there is only one sabbath that falls 850 days after one of the dates 2003Adar24,25,26,27,28,29,30. That sabbath is 2006Ab8 which falls 850 days after 2003Adar28. And really 2003Adar28 was 2003March22, if it was any day at all.
So really the fundamental reasoning behind 2006Ab3/4 might still be correct. We just failed to sabbathify it.
A bit mathematical for sure. But it gives us the new date without breaking the reasoning behind the old one.


2 August: Greetings all,
If anyone wants some fun, have a look at the Q & A page, now on the tool bar. I have put in some of my email nuclear prediction banter with the skeptics!


6 August: Greetings citizens of the Kingdom to come,
The next date is just the next sabbath. I suppose one cannot say that 2006Tammuz2 aqnd 2006Tammuz3 are two different lookout dates, since one goes up on the 2nd and one does not come down after the second because one has to go up for the 3rd. So making 3 mistakes from 2006Tammuz2-6 was not correct. Also despite my brilliant BLC interrpetation it is a bit dubious having a 900 day period edning on 2003Adar28 which did not exist in the BLC.
So now 2006Tammuz2/2 are one sabbath attempt period and 2006Tammuz6 is a second sabbath attempt period. Since although we advertised it as 2006Tammuz2-6, the dates 2006Tammuz4/5 were merely necessary to get us to 2006Tammuz6 which was the 7th sabbath day where we asked people to look out for a bomb. So really the attendant could come down and not look on Tammuz4/5 but would have to go up on Tammuz6. I disucssed this with Dave and put it on the site. I advertised the whole period from the 2nd to the 6th because the 4th and 5th were the weekend, so if one was leaving NYC on the Thursday afternoon one might as well stay out of it until the Tuesday evening. So it is reasonable to regard 2006Tammuz2-6 as two mistakes by this argument.
There is one other interesting phenomenon in 1 Kings 18 which points to the date of 2006Ab15 being correct and it is this. There are 100 prophets of Jehovah in the account, and 100 is divisible by 50. There are 400 prophets of the sacred pole, and 400 is divisible by 50. There are 450 prophets of Baal in the account, and 450 is divisible by 50. So every group of prophets in the account has a size which is a multiple of 50. So we simply must divide the total number of prophets by 50. Well 950/50 = 19. So there is a witness to 19 times in the account. This can mean 19 days, months or years according to the bible code. Now the Second New Covenant saints all die on 2007Adar14 in an antitype of the death of Moses, followed by an 30 day mourning period, just as the sons of Israel mourned Moses for 30 days before they left the plains of Moab for the Kingdom of God. But 2006Ab15 is precisely 19 month before 2008Adar14 counting inclusively. So the period from 2006Ab15 until 2007Adar14 would be 19 months of true prophetic interpretations made by all the prophets in this contest. A cute interpretation. Whether it is true remains to be seen!
If this date is wrong then the last possibility is 2006Ab22, wherein we regard 2006Tammuz2-6 as one mistake. So this game will be over in 14 days or the other as far as I can see. Although it seems to me that Ab15 is correct.
So we are running out of options here, finally. May the true God raise up his mountain in his due time.


8 August: Greeting lovers of God's laws,
It is nice to stop being a prophet of doom for a while. Yesterday I was writing up ideas that we had before the sabbath and I discovered another Rapture Covenant. As you may know we used to have two rapture covenants, These covenants are legal means by which humans are raptured into angels, just temporarily without actually being permanently born again. You kind of borrow your father's ferrari for a few months, just so that you can either survive Armageddon, or so that you get get to the evening meal of the lamb's marriage, which being held up in heaven requires formal white robe evening wear - i.e. an angelic tuxedo.
We already had the rapture covenants represented by the two daughters of Lot, who raped their dad when he was drunk and they were up a mountain. These are the 1BRC and the 2BRC. We call these two covenants the first born rapture covenant and the second born rapture covenant, since we do not know the names of the first and second born daughters of Lot. This is of course very appropriate, since those who are raptured by the covenants they represent, get an angelic body, but not a new name, since they are not properly born again.
I suppose the sanctified ones get to buy their own Dinner Jacket or Tuxedo, or Angelic Dinner Robes, or Marriage Garment, whereas the raptured guys have to hire one from the shop and take if back after the event.
Now the 1BRC raptures all those in the LWs who do are not sanctified, the sons of the CRC. The 2BRC raptures all those who are not in the LWs and not sanctified, the sons of faith, the sons of the FRC. Both these rapture covenants are subcovenants of the 2NC, since they are symbolised by daughters of Lot, and since Lot represents FDS4 after the 2NC kings have died. So Lot is the 2NC Lords who happen to be running the LWs at Armageddon. See U154 for more details on Genesis 18/19 and the greater meaning of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.
But who raptures the rest of the Great Crowd? Who raptures those invited to the marriage feast, who die before Armageddon? Who raptures all those in every true religion since Adam, who were not born again and so do not own a tuxedo?
Well it is poor old Dinah, the daughter of Jacob. Another one who was involved in a sort of rape which wasn't exactly a rape. She appears to have been not totally aversed to the idea herself. The word 'rape' comes from a root meaning to carry off. And of course one carries of one's rape victim. But Jesus carries off his marriage guests and those he wishes to save from the flood of lava as well.
So the covenant of Dinah, which I am calling the GCRC, the Great Crowd Rapture Covenant, is a subcovenant of the 1NC, since Dinah was a daughter of Leah, who stands for the 1NC. Whereas the 1BRC and the 2BRC are subcovenants of the 2NC, since Lot was the father in that case.
P.S. The index page on the intro site and the understandings page on the main site are now up to date. So the recently updated web page list now actually gives the most recently updated web pages.
Please send in any question you may have on this new understanding or any others.

10 August: Greetings brothers and sisters,
I was speaking to Bill and Dave earlier today about a UN ceasefire. The thing is that the image of the Beast only loses one head, which stands for one month. So this month the UN has to re-establish its headship over the world. So we theorized that there would be a UN ceasefire and then the UN would say Peace and Security and then... well you know the rest.
I said to Bill, I cannot see how this will happen before this sabbath. But apparently the US and France have now agreed pretty much everything for Israel and Hezbollah. So it is possible that there will be a ceasefire announced tonight or tomorrow, and Kofi Annan will truly stand up on TV and Say Peace and Security tomorrow and that will put the head back on the UN and then sudden destruction will be instantly upon them on the sabbath!
Certianly the 12 baskets full of fragments in the feeding of the 5,000, which are 12 years of unauthorised Watchtower food to the remnant, which started on 1994Ab2/3 when FDS4 was exclusively appointed as I told them at the time, must end in 2006Ab being 12 full baskets, 12 full years. It was Joesph who interpreted a basket for a day and as we know Ezekiel and Moses tell us to take a day for a year. So the Watchtower must announce the fast of Jonah 3 this Hebrew month, and they will not do that without God doing a big sign through us. And it will take a while for the men of Nineveh to repent and then the King to hear about it and to get up off his throne and call for a Watchtower fast in what will be mock repentance for thie UN harlotry.
So really Ab15 is looking better than ever as the correct date, since it gives 15 more days for the fast to spread from the men of Nineveh to the King and for the command to be given.
These are interesting and scary times to live in!
The day of Jehovah is about to begin.


11 August: Greetings fellow believers and sharers in the power of the scriptures,
It now appears that indeed the UN Security Council have agreed a UN Peace resolution ofr Israel and Lebanon and Ehud Olmert, the Israeli PM, says he will recommend it to the cabinet on Sunday monrning. I mean he cannot exactly recommend it on the sabbath, although I am not sure whether the Israeli military wages war on a sabbath. MSNBC says...
Reuters says...
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - World powers agreed on Friday on a U.N. resolution to end four weeks of fighting between Israel and Hizbollah, but an Israeli government official said the offensive in Lebanon would not be halted yet.

The draft resolution was set to be unanimously approved by the Security Council later on Friday, diplomats said. The Lebanese government accepted the draft, an official source said.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told President Bush that he backs the resolution, an Israeli government official said.


"The prime minister spoke with President Bush and thanked him for his assistance in keeping Israeli interests in mind at the Security Council," the official said. Olmert will urge his cabinet to approve the U.N. resolution at a meeting on Sunday.

An Israeli official, however, said the Israeli army would not stop its offensive until the cabinet met on Sunday to consider the resolution.

So we would appear to have peace and security about to be declared at the UN. And this is supposed to be the lasting peace, not the quick fix peace. So the stage would appear to be well and truly set, and the UN appears to have got its headship back. Time to leave NYC I would say - sorry Reggie!!!

May God protect the faithful from all lawlessness




14 August: Greetings fellow trumpetters of the day of Jehovah,

I spoke to Greg and to Francis Conger on the conference call yesterday. They met in West Virginia for Francis to get baptised. So please welcome Frank to the congregation. 

Here is what will hopefully be the last Press Release on the first birth pang of the Kingdom at the UN in Manhattan...

Bible Scholars Now Predict a Nuclear Terrorist Attack on the United Nations in Midtown Manhattan on 1 of the 2 Remaining Jewish Sabbaths in August

According to their latest understandings this will be their last prediction of Nuclear Doom and Gloom for the UN and for Midtown Manhattan. They therefore advise people with faith in God not to be in NYC on either of the last two Jewish Sabbaths in August. These run from Sundown Friday August 18th to Sundown Saturday August 19th and from Sundown Friday August 25th to Sundown Saturday August 26th.

London, UK (PRWEB) August 15, 2006 -- The Lords' Witnesses Bible Scholars are the people that correctly predicted the date of the Beslan terrorist atrocity in Russia on September 1st 2004.

Although their nuclear predictions have had little success to date, they correctly predicted that the UN would lose its military headship over governments last month. This was fulfilled when Israel invaded Lebanon on July 12th, without a UN mandate. And they correctly predicted that it would regain its military headship over governments this month. This was fulfilled on Friday August 11th, by means of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which calls for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and all Lebanon. The UN therefore lost its military headship for one month as they have been predicting since the G8 summit at Gleneagles in 2005. The UN did actually lose its headship over the government of Israel for one month. So they have been very accurate with their non nuclear predictions. For the details of these predictions see

Their president, Gordon Ritchie, who claims to be the head of the 4th and last true Christian church, the Lords’ Witnesses, said: "This bomb must go off on a Sabbath in August in our current understanding. If it does not then we have run out of options as far as I can see."

The Lords’ Witnesses believe that many bible accounts have extra symbolic meanings in addition to their literal meanings. They have been working on a grammatical bible code, which they call the true bible code, which tells the reader whether a bible account has a greater meaning in addition to its literal meaning or not.

They have found that the nouns in every bible account obey certain grammatical rules. They have verified these grammatical rules for around half of the bible stories in the 4 Gospels. For more information on this see

Their president was recently asked: Why would God make the bible in a manner so complicated that even people who spend much of their life studying it do not understand it? He answered as follows: “God told Adam that he would eat bread in the sweat of his brow. The same is true with spiritual food, which is accurate bible understanding. God has set his text book at the limit of our intellectual capability, but not beyond that limit. Mankind has cracked the genetic code of life. We have sequenced the DNA of the human genome, an inordinately difficult task. But we have not yet fully cracked the grammatical code of the bible, the scriptural code of everlasting life. The reason for this failure is not that this task is more difficult than sequencing the human genome. It is because the human genome project had a funding of several billion dollars and a research team of several thousand people, whereas the bible code project has a funding of a few thousand dollars and a research team of a few dozen people. The irony is that the victory over age and death that both groups seek in this research will not come from studying the genome, the code of physical life, it will come from studying the scriptures, the code of spiritual life.

The certainly of an everlasting future for mankind in human bodies that do not age or die comes not from the work that Crick and Watson did in the twentieth century, but from the work that Jesus Christ did in the first century. For the bible clearly states the Adam and Eve had such bodies before they sinned. And though they lost those bodies, God, through various ransoms, will not fail to get them back for us.


Michael came up with a lovely understanding of Jesus words when he said with reference to the Great Tribulation: Unless those days were cut short not all [chosen] flesh would be saved. But for the sake of the chosen ones, those days will be cut short.

Now we all assume that this means that Armageddon was in some way brought forward so as to happen earlier. But Michael rightly points out that Aramgeddon cannot be moved, it was always going to be 6000 years after Adam's sin which was the founding of the world of sin.

So instead it is cut short the other way, in other words although it started on 2004Elul14 as we predicted in advance with Beslan, it does not really kick off badly until the day of Jehovah begins either this weekend or next weekend. In this way the Great Tribultation is effectively shortened by 23 months. I mean we are all just going about our daily lives in the west without a huge amount of great tribulation in general. This will change wehn the day of Jehovah begins.


I will be working on the JW landing page this evening, God willing, and I will start with 13 different proofs of the date of Armageddon. If you want to know how bad the Day of Jehovah will get for our enemies, have a look at Zechariah 14:1-12. Verse 12 says this...

12 And this is what will prove to be the scourge with which Jehovah will scourge all the peoples that will actually do military
service against Jerusalem: There will be a rotting away of one's flesh, while one is standing upon one's feet; and one's very eyes will rot away in their sockets, and one's very tongue will rot away in one's mouth (Zechariah 14).

So I think we have chosen the right side to be on in this battle.





17 August: Greetings gallant soldiers given victory over death by God himself, through Michael Gabriel and Melchizedek,

I have put up 12 proofs of the date of Armageddon and a few other bits and pieces on 911 and the Watchtower joining the UN at

The site is targeted at JWs and assumes a reasonable knowledge of Watchtower understandings. I do hope that this will be enough scriptural proof for God's old people to see that the world ends in 20 months time.

May God open the heavenly kings' eyes and the earthly kings eyes!


P.S Bill and Francis and Mike please proof read this for me if you have the time. Say Bill starting at the top of the page and Francis starting at section [7] and Mike starting at the bottom!! Thanks brothers!!


20 August: Greetings everyone,

The new date is the last sabbath in Ab, which is also the last sabbath in August, and is 2006Ab29. This is an interesting date as it is precisely 4 months beofre the Image of the Beast gives its headship to the UNGA on 2006Chilsev29 616 days before 2008Elul15.

Now the image of the beast is the 2nd beast of Daniel 7. It is not the third beast, because in Word1 the order of the second and thrid beasts is swapped - see U156. They say to this beast: Get up, eat much flesh. This counts as 4x. since a plurality of people tell it to do 2 things.

The Image so far has most definitely sat on its backside. It has not got up at all. But when it does, there will be huge carnage. So whatever happens in the next 4 months there will be terrible carnage. What will happen is that the UNPBC actually put its head over the parapet and do something, we may even see the 10 kings!?!?!

The 3 ribs in its mouth, being 25% of mankind, and being between its teeth, look like the Muslims, who are 25% of mankind.

I have done a few other sentence counts, have a look at U701. In particular the image of the beast, or the 2 horned beast is said to kill all those who will not worship the image of the beast. Another sentence which counts as 4x. So there will be 4 months of what amounts to a political killing I believe.

I also managed to count Micah 4 and the final part of the days when the mountain of the house of Jehovah is raised up. I got 736x from Micah 4 and 723x from Isaiah 2 which is a very very similar account, but as always not quite identical.

Anyhow there are 736 days from 2006Ab29 until 2008Elul15, since 736 = 120 + 616.

So it all looks rather like 2006Ab29 is the big day. I have nothing beyond that date. The 12 baskets of leftovers end in 2006Ab, the 12 years of the woman with the flow of blood end in 2006Elul, but she starts bleeding the month after FDS4 was appointed to feed and so the Watchtower started living off baskets of leftovers from what was their authorised food.

So, yes I know I have said this before. But I do think we have it now. Incidentally I could see none of the sentence count confirmations before the sabbath was over as usual. I saw them all a few hours ago!

The other thing is that the UN Beast itself has its last 4 heads, which stand for 2004Elul to 2008Elul, in the Great Tribulation and in Armageddon. Now if the day of Jehovah starts on 2006Ab29, then the image of the beast has its last 4 heads, which run from 2006Ab29 to 2006Chislev29 in the day of Jehovah. So in both cases the last 4 heads 'get it'! Things get bad in both cases at the beginning of the 4th head! Another nice argument. If the image of the beast not only looks the same but gets the same trouble then we are there.

What I am saying is the the GT started with the 4th head of the UN Beast, in 2004Elul, and now we have the Day of Jehovah starting with the 4th head of the image of the Beast on 2006Ab29. This seems quite a strong argument to me. Especially as we most certainly got the GT right, since it is merely a count back from Armageddon and Beslan was an act of unprecedented depravity on children.

The other argument is that of Bruce Willis in the movie Armageddon... "I can pretty much guarantee that Ab29 will be correct, because if not then we are screwed!"

In any event may the true God Jehovah raise up his mountain in his time through the true God Jesus!



21 August: Greetings seers of the invisible realities and hearers of the inaudible words,

Sorry I missed the conference call, I was deep in research trying to confirm the coming sabbath as the date for the start of the day of Jehovah. As a result we now have a much more understandable U67 on the feedings of the 4,000 and the 5,000. And U701 has some reasonable sentence counts in it.

Thanks for all the proof reading of

Well now the world has no excuse. 12 proofs of the date of the end for all the world to see. I will now do the sections on top 10 LW improvements to JW understandings and Top 10 JW misunderstandings and Top 10 LW understandings that the JWs do not have.



21 August: Hi fellow sufferers of this system, I just had an amazing conversation with Anthony who works with me, and I thought I'd tell you about it before I forget it. I was telling him that in the next system we will all go to Egyptian parties where we dress up like Egyptians and eat like Egyptians and walk like Egyptians and watch holographic daily highlights of Cleopatra's reign etc.   Then I said and of course one of the most popular DVDs will be of Jesus' crucifixiction. Then it hit me that all of the pain and suffering in this system is of use not merely in teaching us, but actually in teaching our children born in the new system who will not themselves experience the kind of pain and suffering that we all know.  
What I am saying is this. It is not only Jesus who has a bible written of his ministry and his exploits. We all have a bible of our lives, every one of us, even the wicked, and these bibles are a vital part of the innoculation from sin of the new system.

So our pain and suffering makes us all the heroes of the next system, where our very lives in this system will be the text books of the new morality of the next. Not the text books on how to live a moral life, but the text books of what goes wrong if we do not live a moral life! Just as useful!

We are all stars of the pain and sacrifice movie of Satan's system, a 6,000 year long movie. So when you suffer and are in pain remember please that your forebearance is not merely educational to you and those around you, but also it will teach millions of your and of other people's descendents in the new system.

We are all stars in the knowledge of bad movie!




22 August: Greetings all,

Here is a strange new report on CNN wherein a cleric supposedly gave permission to Bin Laden to do nuclear terrorism in the US so long as it is limited to at most 10 million US citizens! That cleric is all heart isn't he?

But how anybody can believe this nonsense I do not know, It came from the CIA guy in charge of finding Bin Laden. He must be one of the world's great success stories. Obviously he is not paid on a commission only basis!




24 August: Greetings brothers and sisters.

Here are some spiritual gems from younger christians...




































28 August: Greetings my wife, my horse, my brothers, my friends, my fellow soldiers of God's law and God's war,
Thanks so much to everyone who sent me emails of support. You are my brothers in this service to God. One supporter makes up for a hundred detractors!
I like the rest of you thought we had this one. But we did not. And the reason was that we had a fundamental chronological error in the pattern of the church. This is an old bug as it were, that I have not looked at for years.
I thought that the 2NC was made with me on 1992Elul16. But it wasn't. This is the bug that has been screwing up our nuclear interpretations since the start (I hope - unless there is another one as well).
The thing is that Christian temples are all commissioned in Tishri. And making the 2NC with me, is commissioning me to build the temple of the 2NC. And the 3 greater Christian festivals are antetypes of the passover and weeks and booths. But they fall on the same dates as the passover weeks and booths as we saw in the case of the 1NC being made on the passover night. This is covered in U209. Zechariah 14, which as we know is about the last days, goes on about the festival of booths.
The 2NC is the final ingathering covenant for the saints in this system, its celebration is the greater festival of Booths.
The passover and cakes ends the exedenic times and is the festival of land inheritance, for the heavenly kings really own the kingdom.
Booths ends the Gentile Times and is the festival of kingship, for the earthly kings really run the kingdom.
Weeks ends the Alienation Times and is the festival of priesthood, for the water baptised members of each church are ressurected as angels by the Angelic Tuxedo Covenant, the ATC, the covenant of Dinah. This is so that they can come to the marriage feast of the lamb in their angelic outfit, which they rent for the feast, through the ATC!
Moving the pattern one month forward means that at last we can start the 1800 day contest on 2001Tishri30 when they lost their water baptism. Now the contest is all about a drought called by Elijah on Ahab. And I have told the Watchtower about their lost water baptism. And they will not get any more water baptism except at my word! I have wanted to use that start date for some time but could not since it put the end date after Ab.
But now, with the pattern moved up one month, the Watchtower lost their authority to feed on 1994Ab30, so the first day of unauthorised food was 1994Elul1, to the last day of the 12 years of unauthorised food is 2006Elul.
Fixing 1 Kings 18 was easy, I should not have had two parallel interpretations of go back 7 times. Either it is 7 annual festivals with 7 nukes or it is 7 attempts at one festival. I had it both ways. I pointed out that this might be wrong and we had never done it before, and it was wrong. It just means 7 nukes between 7 pairs of festivals.
1 Thessalonians 5:3 is a bit more troubling. But there it has a sentence count of 11x which would take us from 2005Tishri to 2006Elul, so it still might be OK. Maybe the pregnancy period thing just does not apply, although it seemed like a great interpretation to me.
So what this all means is that merry go round of counting mistakes was all a waste of time. I did it because I was desperate not to miss the date and I had no other way of getting one at the time. But had I realised the 2001Tishri30 was a possible start date, none of this would have happened. The good news is that we have now fixed the bug.
The first bomb does not go off 1750 days after 2001Tishri30, since that would be 2006Elul10 which is a Tuesday, not a sabbath. But the first sabbath after then is 2006Elul13. This fits with the 450 prophets of Baal being seized and not allowed to escape, so nothing happens until after 1750 days (900 + 400 + 450), but it does not have to happen on the 1750th day I suppose. Athough the guys in the cave did seem like a good nuclear symbolism. Thereagain, They are coming out of the cave, not going into it, and we cannot have it both ways!
I interpret verse 44 now as the 7th day of the week, i.e. a sabbath. It does not mean the 7th time, since it is ambiguous, and ambiguous scriptures take a different meaning in the world symbolism to the literal meaning and the literal meaning is the 7th time. So it must be the 7th day of the week, or the 7th month or something. But only the 7th day of the week fits.
There is one troubling thing though. If you interpret verse 44 as the 7th day after the 1750th day, i.e. the 7th day of looking starting from the 1750th day, then you get 2006Elul16/17 which is September 11/12/13 which is the date that Yisrael Hawkins has for a nuclear bomb .
But we have been looking for a lot more than 7 days already so that cannot work. Basically the attendant is told to go and look between two festivals i.e. before 2006Tishri15 now. But we know from lots of scriptures that this thing must happen in 2006Elul...
The parable of the fig tree in Luke 13, 3 years of no fruit from 2001Tishri to 2004Tishri, then one year of manure from 2004Tishri to 2005Tishri, then it gets cut down in the year from 2005Tishri to 2006Tishri, which year ends on 2006Elul30. So it must happen in Elul. Likewise the pattern of FDS4 means they lost authority to feed saints on 1994Ab30 so the 12 baskets of fragments run from 1994Elul to 2006Elul, so again they must stop feeding in Elul. The woman bent down for 18 years with weakness in Jesus wife in the second half of her second presence which runs from 2005Nisan30 to 2008Nisan14, 36 months, she is fixed in 2006Tishri, so at least one remnant from the Watchtower joins us in Tishri, before the contest ends on 2006Tishri30. The 18 men the tower of Siloam fell upon run from 2006Tishri to 2008Nisan, they are those killed by the bundle of weeds which is the Watchtower
In theory I supposed, it could happen on 2006Elul20 or 2006Elul27.
The nice thing is that now we have a proper sabbath system and a proper festival system...
16 Therefore let no man judge you in eating and drinking or in respect of a festival or of an observance of the new moon or of a sabbath.
17 for those things are a shadow of the things to come, but the reality belongs to the Christ (Colossians 2).

Literally Paul was saying do not let anyone condemn you for not complying with any feature of the law of Moses, since Jesus died to end that law. But Paul was also literally saying that the law was a type in the case of eating, drinking, festivals, new moons and sabbaths. The LWs now understand this. We celebrate a greater sabbath system, with both daily and monthly sabbaths. We have the Biblical Lunar Calendar which governs our entire chronology through new moons. We eat and drink at our festivals, and now we have the 3 greater annual festivals. 3 Christians covenants to celebrate.

So as usual the understandings have become better, the path has become brighter, and we can now obey God's laws more closely. All from making a mistake.




29 August: Greetings brothers in atomic interpretation,
I am becoming happier and happier about the Festival of Booths idea. It is a bit of a blooper celebrating the 2NC on the wrong day in the wrong month for 13 years. But this new understanding is wonderful. We have got the reality that the law was a shadow of.
We have the new moons - the BLC
We have the sabbaths - both daily and monthly

We have the eating and drinking of lamb and fish and chicken and unleavend bread and bitter greens etc
We have the 3 festivals now - the greater passover the the last supper, the greater booths of the last breakfast and the greater weeks of the last lunch (well it was the 3rd hour of the day when Peter stood up during Pentecost!)

16 Therefore let no man judge you in eating and drinking or in respect of a festival or of an observance of the new moon or of a sabbath.
17 for those things are a shadow of the things to come, but the reality belongs to the Christ (Colossians 2).

When we do a full year of all these things can we not rightly say that we are actually serving God correctly? Have we not grasped the reality that belongs to the Christ? What belongs to the Christ is the saints, for they are his sons. And all 3 festivals are about becoming permanent of temporary saints.
All of this beauty came from our 11th mistake!
Now here is another interesting thing. Let us suppose that it is the second possible sabbath of 2006Elul20 which has the UN bomb. Well in that case the second nuke will be 40 days later on 2006Tishri30. Could that be the real 40 day Jonah warning period?!?!?
Incidentally I have worked out how to witness to the JWs at last, as a result of two of them calling on my house on Sunday. They were very nice and listened to what I had to say which is unusual. Here is the technique...
We go to a kingdom hall, sit through the meeting, and after the meeting we ask to speak to the elders. Then we say this...
You go door to door on field service preaching your bible understandings to everyone and offering them bible studies do you not? [Yes]
God is not a Hypocrite is he? [No]
So likewise his servants should not be Hypocrites [of course not]
You are not Hypocrites are you? [No]
So I am coming to you wishing to preach our bible understandings to you, please therefore accept a bible study from me, since you offer the same to everyone else in your territory and you are in my territory!
The purpose of this bible study is not to convince you that I am right or vice versa, it is to dicuss the bible with a view to determining the truth.
If you will not accept a bible study from me, then you are a hypocrite, not a Christian.
So which are you?
That might do it!
Anyhow we have to work out what booths we need to make. Remember that Jonah went off and made himself a Booth! I think that big double 7 day festival of Hezekiah, is the fetival of Booths we will have on 2006Tishri15 or possibly on 2006Heshvan15 too for a late booths.

1 September: Greetings sons of the holy book,
Here is a nice scripture I found yesterday. Paul describes how our true worship should work...
14 On the other hand, we exhort you, brothers, admonish the disorderly, speak consolingly to the depressed souls, support the weak, be long-suffering toward all.
15 See that no one renders injury for injury to anyone else, but always pursue what is good toward one another and to all others.
16 Always be rejoicing.
17 Pray incessantly.
18 In connection with everything give thanks. For this is the will of God in union with Christ Jesus respecting you.
19 Do not put out the fire of the spirit.

20 Do not treat prophesyings with contempt.

21 Make sure of all things; hold fast to what is fine.
22 Abstain from every form of wickedness.
23 May the very God of peace sanctify you completely. And sound in every respect may the spirit and soul and body of you [brothers] be preserved in a blameless manner at the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ (1 Thessalonians 5).

So we should for a fact be prophesying something. In fact something which is open to being held in contempt! This chapter is of course the same chapter that defines the day of Jehovah from the pregnancy and from the declaration of Peace and Security!
So I have now put together 11 proofs of the month of 2006Elul as the start of the Day of Jehovah, the start of the final part of the days of Isaiah 2. These are at the bottom of U271.
I further have 4 proofs/indications that the first sabbath after the 1750th day, or 2006Elul13 (September 8/9) will be the sabbath of the UN bomb (not the second sabbath of 2006Elul20 as I had originally thought). These are listed below the 11 proofs of the month of the attack.
There is a bit more work to do of that section as regards the Chronology of Josephus, but I put it up now, for you all to get familiar with it, if desired.
I am of course aware, that if nothing happens in Elul then people might say, 11 proofs of the start of the Day of Jehovah and no fulfilment means that your 12 proofs of Armageddon are equally suspect. Each of the 23 proofs are different and of different worth so that is not totally true. What is needed is one completely correct proof of course!
Lets hope 11 proofs are enough!


Greetings fellow surfers of the holy word,
Here is our latest press release....
Bible Scholars perform 11 different scriptural calculations all of which point to the United Nations being hit by a nuclear terrorist attack this month!

Their calculations show that the attack must occur on a Jewish sabbath, i.e. from Friday evening to Saturday evening eastern time. The most likely sabbath is September 8/9. The other two possibilities are September 15/16 and September 22/23.

London, UK (PRWEB) September 3, 2006 - They claim to have fixed the bug in their decoding that caused their earlier mistaken predictions. As a result they have so many different scriptural calculations leading to the same month for the UN bomb, that "coincidence is no longer an option" for their research team. See for yourself at

If you do a quick back of an envelope calculation attempting to asses the probability of predicting the correct day and location of the first nuclear terrorist attack, the odds of a successful prediction are at best 1 in 40,000 according to their chief researcher - Gordon Ritchie. He says: "Let us say that the chances of such an attack ocurring anywhere in the world in the next 5 years are 50%. Then there is a 1 in 4,000 chance of getting the day right. Then let us say that the chances of this attack being against the UN in Manhattan rather than being against some other high profile target are 1 in 10. Then the chance of getting both the day and the location are 1 in 40,000."

He further computes the chances of 11 different scriptural calculations all pointing to the same month as follows... "It is hard to determine what the chances are of two scriptural calculations giving the same month and the same year. But it is easy to see what the chances are of them both giving the same month, that would be 1 in 12, since there are 12 months in the year. So the chances of 11 calculations all giving the same month are 1 in 12x12x12x12x12x12x12x12x12x12 or 1 in 61,917,364,224 or around 1 in 61 billion."

So even though a nuclear terrorist attack on the UN this month is very unlikely, it is much more likely than 10 coincidences all getting you to the same month and year as your first scriptural calculation. Incidentally they do not have any calculations suggesting a different month for this attack. Therefore they would argue that an attack has got to happen before the end of this present biblical lunar month (Elul), i.e. on or before September 26th.

Best to avoid Manhattan on the next 3 sabbaths according to those calculations!

Perhaps persistence is futile as regards saving New Yorkers? But we still have to try!




7 September: Greetings holy family of God's grace and choosing,
On Tuesday 956 we got 7,000 visits and 54,000 website hits. This is second only to 666 when we got a record 12,000 visits and 84,000 hits in one day. Yesterday (966) I think we did even better, but I have not yet got the stats. Our press release must have caused an internet site or press outfit to pick up the story of 11 proofs. We got quite a big article in Yahoo News
That seems to doing some good.
Have a look at the end of I28, we worked out some amazing stuff about Michael and Gabriel and Tartarus. I have also updated the joining page in the section age limits for baptisms. Bill point out that error. Michael Schwingenschloegl has pointed out that since we celebrated the 2NC on the wrong day from the start, I cannot have properly made the 2NC with anyone yet! - doh! So on Tishri15 I will make it with all the 2NC saints who turn up. Furthermore, all 12 apostles turned up when Jesus made the 1NC, so Mike thinks we will have 12 apostles by Tishri15.
Francis has come up with 2 more proofs of Armageddon being in 2008 which I had forgotten about (I mean we have so many you must understand how hard it is for me to keep track of them all!)
Q: How many proofs of 2008 does it take to screw a lightbulb into the Governing Body?
A: The one proof God will give them in 2008.
Now, I am not a gamlbing man, well except with wheat call options on the Chicago Board of Trade. But if 11 proofs of the month all giving the same answer is a 1 in 61 billion shot. Then now our 16 proofs of Armageddon to the month and year and in many cases to the day, all giving the same answer, must be a 1 in 61 zillion shot.
Therefore believing in the understandings and the spirit direction of the LWs should no longer merely be a matter of faith. Rather, it has become a matter of fact (to within any measurable statistical methodology).
Plainly the good people of the world have misunderestimated us!
May the father of all of our minds and hearts bless the faithful and the pure in heart with the truth at his appointed time for each one.

7 September: Greetings all,
Just a note to say that in the last 48 hours nearly 16,000 people have visited the site and we have had just under 120,000 hits. Furthermore the US military is now our 8th largest visitor, more people from the US military visit our site than visit it from Great Britain?!?!?
Here are September's figures for the first 6 days...

Top 30 of 86 Total Countries
# Hits Files KBytes Country
1 60977 42.92% 50011 43.36% 2731218 43.31% Network
2 33014 23.24% 26402 22.89% 1436517 22.78% US Commercial
3 21848 15.38% 17733 15.37% 987894 15.67% Unresolved/Unknown
4 9658 6.80% 8371 7.26% 415819 6.59% Belgium
5 3151 2.22% 2535 2.20% 134098 2.13% US Educational
6 2176 1.53% 1728 1.50% 94016 1.49% Netherlands
7 1383 0.97% 1175 1.02% 59764 0.95% Canada
8 1292 0.91% 1149 1.00% 56433 0.89% US Military
9 1220 0.86% 779 0.68% 46013 0.73% Australia
10 1216 0.86% 868 0.75% 55295 0.88% United Kingdom
11 993 0.70% 837 0.73% 43950 0.70% Non-Profit Organization
12 885 0.62% 767 0.66% 40811 0.65% US Government
13 808 0.57% 670 0.58% 35238 0.56% United States
14 351 0.25% 260 0.23% 15671 0.25% Germany
15 300 0.21% 190 0.16% 11536 0.18% Japan
16 295 0.21% 252 0.22% 21774 0.35% New Zealand (Aotearoa)
17 197 0.14% 95 0.08% 5442 0.09% France
18 166 0.12% 150 0.13% 7796 0.12% Mexico
19 123 0.09% 96 0.08% 6121 0.10% Italy
20 117 0.08% 86 0.07% 5068 0.08% Ireland
21 111 0.08% 75 0.07% 4082 0.06% Singapore
22 93 0.07% 77 0.07% 4132 0.07% Macedonia
23 88 0.06% 76 0.07% 3897 0.06% Old style Arpanet (arpa)
24 88 0.06% 41 0.04% 2474 0.04% Sweden
25 86 0.06% 52 0.05% 3579 0.06% Russian Federation
26 82 0.06% 70 0.06% 4279 0.07% Austria
27 80 0.06% 54 0.05% 3285 0.05% Malaysia
28 77 0.05% 68 0.06% 3464 0.05% Finland
29 74 0.05% 64 0.06% 2955 0.05% Switzerland
30 72 0.05% 46 0.04% 2873 0.05% Croatia (Hrvatska)


11 September: Greetings brothers and sisters in the certainty of God and in the perfection of his word,

I could not call the conference today as my phone has been cut off by BT. Their mistake not mine (for a change!) My sentence count of Isaiah 2 was no good. But Ian directed me to a much better proof of the 1NC saints coming in next month, (which means that the 2NC kings come in this month) from John 4 which has now replaced the Isaiah 2 sentence count as proof 9. Have a look at the greater meaning of the account of the Samaritan woman and the 4 months until the harvest. So we still have 11 proofs. In fact I have a couple more wheat related proofs which I have not put on the web.

Ian also came up with a blinder for the genealogy of Michael. We know that Michael was the 41st generation of angels from one of Satan's brothers but we did not know which brother. Ian pointed out that Samuel passed over the 7 older sons of Jesse before he came to David. So Michael is a descendent of the 8th born first generation angel (Satan's 7th brother). I have written up Michael's angelic genealogy in U254.

I have also put a few very very simple proofs that good angels do possess humans at the end of Intro18. Here they are...

21 and [while] I was yet speaking in the prayer, why, the man, Gabriel, whom I had seen in the vision at the start, having been
made weary with tiredness, was arriving by me at the time of the evening gift offering (Daniel 9).

So Gabriel was a man whom Daniel has seen in a vision. But here he arrives physically. 

3 In being fatherless, motherless, without genealogy, having neither a beginning of days nor an end of life, but having been made like the Son of God, he remains a priest perpetually (Hebrew 7).

Yes, Melchizedek, was made like the son of God, like Jesus. He was a non adamic human, a son of pre-fall adam. 

1 Now the 2 angels arrived at Sodom by evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. When Lot caught sight of them, then he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the earth (Genesis 19).

5 And they kept calling out to Lot and saying to him: Where are the men who came in to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may have intercourse with them (Genesis 19).

10 So the men thrust out their hands and brought Lot in to them, into the house, and they shut the door (Genesis 19).

So these two angels were men. QED.


Bill managed to see the PO of his local JW congregation and got him to agree to read our 12 proofs and report back. May God open his eyes!!

Let us hope that 12 proofs are enough for him!

The Jonah 40 day thing now makes next weekend the more likely of the two remaining candidates in my opinion. One can argue that had the bomb gone off this weekend then effective, one way or another, the Watchtower would have been constructively fixed with 47 days warning which is too long. So if it goes off next weekend, then due to my previous actions, and given that they do follow the site and probably laugh at our predictions, they will then actually get 40 days warning.

But Tony and Jeff are going for the last possible sabbath because of the last minute nature of the plan!

May Jah and Jesus bless your faith and kingship and sainthood and priesthood and may they give us all one hundred fold more than what we have lost in our attempts to serve them as the scriptures promise.



17 September: Greetings sons and friends of the 2NC,
Jeff and I had a go at improving our understanding of how to celebrate the 2NC and booths. Well Jeff mainly fell asleep. But he slept in a very upbuilding and helpful way!
The result is U209.
We also realised that we cannot have the 1NC saints celebrating the ARC on Nisan14 and the 2NC saints celebrating it on Tishri15. All covenant must be celebrated on the day when they were made. So we all should have drunk the cup of the ARC in Chicago or Manhattan - Doh!
So we only drink 3 cups on Tishri15. The cups of the 4EC, the CRC and the 2NC.
We have updated our understanding of John 21 to some extent - see U208. We should have a beach barbecue on the morning of Tishri15. Then that whole day is a sabbath. Then we should congregate together for a further 6 days during which time we all do some items for the church. Borthers and Sisters can give a talk, do a drama, sing a song, whatever (sisters cannot give a research talk or a teaching talk but can relate experiences etc). Eveyone must do something! This is what I was trying to achieve in Chicago, but actually the scriptures reuqire that non one turns up empty handed for Booths! Then on the 8th day, which is Tishri22, we have another sabbath, where we just party and do not do anything laborious. Then that is it. Although we expect again to extend this for another 7 days to accomodate the large number fo people who come in after the UN bomb.
So the whole festival lasts from the Beach Barbecue on the morning of Wednesday October 11th, until Wednesday October 18th, the final sabbath day. Since it is a festival of Booths, plural, we do not all have to meet in the same place. But the Euro LWs should congregate and the North American LWs should congregation presumably!
17 September: Greetings future Booth dwellers,
I sent the festival of Booths stuff on Thursday but something was wrong with my email server, so I sent it again today. Evidently the UN is still in one piece and with a very low radiation level, so this sabbath was not the one. I am writing to the Watchtower today to give them a 40 day warning again anyway since the contest must end on 2006Tishri30. My warning will be 40 days inclusive. So it would appear that Tony and Dave were right with the last minute theory.
The 11 proofs are based on the revised pattern of the church, which gives us authority over the saints in 1994Elul and the loss of the water baptism of the Watchtower on 2001Tishri30 with the letter of Paul Gillies, and the start of the Great Tribulation being 2004Elul14, and the date of the end of Armageddon being 2008Elul, and the date of the end of the sealing of the 2NC saints being 2002Tishri, and the date of George's baptism being 2005Nisan30, and perhaps also the date of the UNPBC saying "Peace and Security". So if we are wrong next weekend, or if nothing happens by Elul30 (which is Monday/Tuesday), we are in deep doo doo chronologically as far as I can see at present.
So may our loved ones Jesus and Jehovah raise us up if that is their will

17 September: Greetings once more brothers,
The final sign of Jonah letter is at
Mary sat at Jesus' feet, which is a witess to 10x. Mary is the 2NC saints and Jesus' feet are his flesh his wife on earth (feet are in contact with the earth). So these 10 years run from 1994Tishri when the 2NC saints started to be sanctified according to the pattern of FDS4 to 2001Tishri when the 1NC saints lost their water baptism, and then from 2005Nisan with the baptism of George to 2008Nisan when the 1NC saints die.
So that is a proof that the pattern of FDS4 is correct.
Furthermore Moses stretched out his hand over the Read sea, which is a witness to 5x, which run from 2001Tishri30 to 2006Tishri30. A dry period between two water baptised congregations - see U271 proof 6.
So I just get more and more confirmations of the month and we only have one sabbath left. There is still time for the Watchtower to repent at this new sign of Jonah after next weekend and before Tishri30.


20 September: Beloved of Jesus,
The General Debate of the 61st session of the UNGA lasts from September 19th to September 29th. In this Debate, as we know, everyone is saying 'peace' and everyone is saying 'security', and many people are saying 'peace and security'.
There is but one sabbath lying entirely within this debate period. The sabbath of 22/23 September.
So if the bomb is to go off whilst they are actually saying 'peace and security'. Then it must go off this coming sabbath.
The UNPBC first gained breath, life, at the 60th session of the UNGA.
So I cannot see how the stage could be better set.
As regards the 8 days of Booths. I know that many people will find it hard to manage all 8 days. The mandatory part is the Lord's breakfast on the first day of the festival, Wednesday morning October 11th (Tishri15). The beach barbecue. The rest of the festival is recommended but not mandatory. If you do not make the first day becuase you cannot get there then you can do it 30 days later. If you do not make the late Lord's breakfast either then we have to disfellowship you unless it was physically impossible for you to make it.
This is our first attempt to celebrate Booths, the festival of our covenant, and therefore the festival of this church. So please do make the effort. Ideally everyone should do at least one more day, since the scripture says: No one should turn up emtpy handed, meaning we should all bring some form of praise. And we cannot offer that on the sabbath, since it would be church work. So we should all do one item at least between day 2 and day 7. Day 8, the last day of Booths is the second sabbath.


21 September: Greetings children of Abraham,
Here is an incredible interpretation based on an idea from Ian and Edwin. I must dedicate this to Bill's wife though since it relates our church beautifully to the Reformation and the 95 Theses of Martin Luther. Have a look at the last section of U150. Guess who became a leader 69 weeks of years or 483 years after Luther posted his 95 Theses on the castle church door? Guess what happens 70 weeks of years or 490 whole BLC years after he nailed that door?
In other news, Greg has pointed out that the first item on the agenda of the 61st session of the UN General assmebly is... Peace and Security! Have another look at the link to the 61st session webpage...
So they will be discussing Peace and Security as the first item on their agenda during the General Assmebly Debate period which runs from September 19 to September 29.
Gordon  ________________________________

24 September: Greetings brothers and sisters keeping in expectation,
Michael has come up with a brilliant interpretation to solve our present dilemma. Evidently the '7th something' of 1 Kings 18:44 is not a weekly sabbath. So really it must be the 7th month. But the bomb has to go off in the 6th month, Elul, not the 7th month, Tishri. Then Michael remembered that the sabbath in the UK ends 5 hours before the sabbath in the US. So it is actually possible for the bomb to go off in Elul in NYC, but for the attendant in the UK to say to Elijah in the UK: Look, a small mushroom cloud like a man's palm, in Tishri, since we get into Tishri 5 hours before our US cousins get there.
So by that theory the bom must go off during the last 5 hours of Elul, i.e.. between 2:30 and 7:30 EST on Tuesday 26th September.
Which reminds me of John Cusacks line from Serendipity when Kate Beckinsale said perhaps it is not the right time for us, John said: Maybe we should have met on British Time and we are 5 hours too early!
For most of our chronology the bomb must happen in Elul. But the conversation must now happen in Tishri, hence the fix. Ingenious yes! Correct - well?
So we have recovered from an impossible situation to the most accurate prediction we have ever had for this event!


24 September: Midnight Greetings brothers and sisters,
We have updated the site with new weekly sabbath understandings and the new date. Mike and Geoff and I will be on the conference call at 5 pm BST which is 12 pm EST on Sunday at my place. Hope to speak to you then.
Ian made a great obervation about God and this church. God is always allowing his people to be put into seemingly impossible situations, rather like a batman movie or a james bond movie. But he always gets them out of these spiritual or physical cul de sacs. We appear to be performing according to precisely that M.O! We always get the next solution just before the day of the bomb runs out. This time we got it just as the Sun went down over NYC.
May the true Gods raise up the mountain so that all our enemies are beneath our feet!
Now if you were bad, generally violent under law, you got 40 strokes less 1.
Well I have been bad in that I have run several business in tandem with the church, when I could easily have concentrated fully on the church several years ago when I was rich. I would then have been happier and richer and the church would have been better informed. So I advertised 31 dates for the UN expansion which actually will not occur until the 4th UN incarnation comes into existence. And 7 of these had partial fulfilments. So that was 24 beatings. Then I have made 15 nuclear mistakes with no fulfilment, which when added to 24 UN mistakes gives us that grand total of 39 advertised mistakes without any fuflilments. Michael helped me through this last one and the holy spirit helped him. So it would appear to be unlawful for me to receive any further interpretational strokes. Of course the scripture says this...
47 Then that slave that understood the will of his master but did not get ready or do in line with his will will be beaten with many strokes.
48 But the one that did not understand and so did things deserving of strokes will be beaten with few. Indeed, everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded of him; and the one whom people put in charge of much, they will demand more than usual of him.
49 I came to start a fire on the earth, and what more is there for me to wish if it has already been lighted? (Luke 12).



26 September: Greetings brothers and sisters in faith,

Here are the Sun Set times for NYC. I am not sure which one God would use. So now you can bite your nails until the bomb or until 8:21 EDT!

September 26, 2006



Actual Time 6:49 AM EDT 6:48 PM EDT
Civil Twilight 6:21 AM EDT 7:16 PM EDT
Nautical Twilight 5:49 AM EDT 7:48 PM EDT
Astronomical Twilight 5:16 AM EDT 8:21 PM EDT
Moon 10:59 AM EDT 8:24 PM EDT
Length Of Visible Light: 12h 54m
Length of Day
11h 58m
Tomorrow will be 2m 48s shorter


The time window starts 5 hours before Sundown. I have checked and rechecked and cannot see a way out of this one. May the true Gods answer the true Elijah and raise up the true mountain.


27 September: Greetings brothers and sisters stuck in the night of Jehovah,
It has not happenned today. One explanation is the the BLC is one day out (not likely). The other is that the pattern needs adjusting again and the date of the end of Armageddon needs adjusting to Heshvan rather than Elul16. With these two fixes we can move the date into Tishri (but I do not know when in Tishri). The end date of Armageddon is a bit of a left over from the incorrect Elul16 date for the 2NC celebration. So I would prefer to count the 1.1 million men drawing sword from 1048Nisan16 when David purchased the temple,ending up on 2008Heshvan6, 50 days after 2008Elul16. The Day of Jehovah is then 50 months long, the length of a Jubilee, and each half is 25 months, so the mid point is 2006Tishri. All the 11 proofs except woe woe, can be fixed on this basis (woe, woe therefore must mean something else and not 2 years of woe). I can count Zephaniah to give 25 months, although the "day of a and b" looked to me like a good witness to 2 times, but perhaps it is more of a witness to its two half nature?
The trouble is the pattern of the church. We cannot move the Tishri commissioning date since the 2NC must be celebrated in Tishri at Booths. But if you examine the pattern of the church you find that I am appointed over all Jesus possessions (the saints) before any 2NC saints are sanctified. So I am appointed over Jesus' wife before I have a wife. It is a strange circumstance. It is possible therefore that they do not lose thier authority to feed their own wife until my wife starts to exist. I mean a church or a composite slave must have more than one person in it perhaps? That only occurred in 1994Tishri. So if we say that my wife started feeding the 1NC saints after she came into existence, that would mean she started in 1994Tishri, and 12 years later is 2006Tishri,
So it is all fixable and yet again the lack of fulfilment has shown up two possible errors. The end date of Armageddon and the precise details of the pattern, given that my wife does not appear until after I am appointed.
I do not know if these fixes are perfect, so I am going to go home eat and sleep and think and write it up tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know that we should have 10 proofs of Tishri with these fixes. And a lot of the Elul proofs were in fact Tishri proofs with the assumption that the 2NCs react first.
So we are unscrewed yet again. But at the end of Tishri we will once more be screwed.
Thanks to Daniel for the encouragement and May our Gods guide us to the perfection of their holy word
Thanks also to Michael for coming over and helping me through this. Your idea was great. But the success of an idea is not always related to its brilliance!
And thanks to everyone for keeping on knocking and asking and seeking with the LWs as we are commanded to do. We will find, it will be opened and we will be answered (surely this month!)

27 September: Greetings little flock or long suffering faith,
Fixing the pattern was not that hard - see U42. The Watchtower did not lose authority to feed the 1NC saints until they had some 2NC saints in their church. Then, since they had no authority to feed these, they lost authority to feed all their saints, the minute the first 2NC saints appeared on 1994Tishri22. So the 12 months runs from 1994Tishri to 2006Tishri. Also the 100 years of feednig of the 1NC saints runs from 1895Tishri to 1994Tishri inclusive now.
As regards the last day of Armageddon... The 1.1 million days of U40 and 1 Chronicles 21 work much better from 1048Nisan16 when David purchased the threshing floor of Ornan, than from 50 days earlier when we thought perhaps Joab finished his census. So the end date goes 50 days forward to 2008Heshvan6. But then the midpoint of the Day of Jehovah (which started on 2004Elul14 with Beslan and now ends on 2008Heshvan6) is 2006Tishri10, atonement day.
That is a good day to wake up the Watchtower and the world. So that looks like the day for our bomb
The other proofs are all fixed except the 'woe, woe' proof which I have discarded. Not sure how to interpret that one anymore. So now we have 10 proofs of the month of Tishri and one of the day of Tishri10. I have updated all the relevant web pages. Have a look at U271.
So now the dawn really does begin precisely at the mid point of the 50 month day of Jehovah, which is an improvement. Also we do not need the 50 day fix in U42, which is another improvement. And every proof of Tishri really is a proof of Tishri this time, rather than indicating that something happens earlier in Elul as we thought in the case of the 11 'proofs' of Elul.
So we were screwed a few hours ago, but the holy spirit unscrewed us yet again!
This thing must happen before Booths, since the attendant has been looking since before Pentecost and he does have to see something before the next festival, I think.
On the negative side. If nothing now happens by Tishri30, we really really are screwed. But the promise of Jesus is that we will be answered, so he will unscrew us whatever happens! We just have to ensure that we do not become unhinged in faith in the meantime!
Gods Bless


28 September: Brothers and Sisters,
Who is keeping on knocking like us?
Who is keeping on seeking like us?
Who is keeping on asking like us?
Who is showing the world that they have faith in the perfection and relevance of God's word however many times they cannot yet see that perfection?
Who is being ridiculed daily for their belief in the truth of the holy scriptures?
Who is announcing that the Day of Jehovah is here and has been doing so since that day began on 2004Elul14 with Beslan?
What other church can enter and win a 5 year contest in this system when there are only 18 months left of this system?
This is not the time to be downhearted because we have not yet won the contest! It is the time to rejoice and jump for joy, for we are being ridiculed daily for
our faith in the perfection and power of the holy word. We are showing the Watchtower precisely what they did wrong. After 1975 they were not prepared to take any embarrassment from failed predictions. But we live on embarrassment from failed predictions, because this church does not care one iota for the glory of men. We exist to glorify God by clearly demonstrating the power of the scriptures (or at least our faith in that power) and at the same time even more clearly demonstrating that such power is given not by direct revelation to spiritual genii but to those who have the faith to keep on seeking until they find it.
It is a time to rejoice and to jump for joy because there is a contest and no one can win it but us.
It is time to realise that we are doing the right thing. We are providing a spectacular demonstration of faith in the holy scriptures in the context of a spectacular disregard for our own credibility in the eyes of men.
Is this not precisely what God wants?
Yes it is bitter in the belly. But the truth about mankind is indeed bitter!
So may our two loving fathers bless our faith in the word and in their love and in their righteousness and may they bless this church with the wisdom of Solomon, the intelligence of Daniel, the courage of David, the faith of Abraham, the righteous zeal of Paul, the depth of John, the loyalty of Ruth, the leadership of Peter, the sincerity of Nathanael, and the love of the Christ, even more than they have so far and from this day forward and forever.

28 September: Good evening fellow faithful followers of Christ,
Today was a good day.
I have updated U40, have a look at the section on the 1,100,000 days. Fire comes down and consumes David's sacrifice in that account just as it does in 1 Kings 18. Also both the 1,100,000 days and the 470,000 days are an integral number of years plus 200 days. So we now know that Armageddon lasts for 200 days. The rapture is not on 2008Tammuz1 after 75 days but on 2008Elul16 after 150 days when the ark hits the mountain and when the 5 months represented by the 5 fingers on the hand of lot and on the hand of his wife and of the hands of his daughters are fulfilled. I mean the angels took them by all 5 fingers of their hands, not by two and a half fingers! Doh! Zoar is therefore 2008Nisan16 to 2008Elul16, the period of the kingdom that is still in this system for the sons of the 1AC. A small thing, a small part of the Kingdom. The waters in the account of the flood are the angels in the greater meaning at Armageddon.
There are only 3 accounts in the bible where fire comes down from the heavens and consumes a sacrifice.
[1] The sacrifce of David on Orana's threshing floor after the registration on 1048Nisan16
[3] The contest of 1 Kings 18
[2] The innauguration of Solomon's temple, on the site David purchased in 1026Tishri
So this fire from heaven is a big link between the regsitration account and the contest account.
Then Wheat went to $4.48 per bushel at one point and finished the day at $4.45 the highest it has been since I started investing biblically (gambling biblically) in September 2002. It is now actually at a 10 year high. Today was a very significant day in the wheat market.
So Bill and Tony and I are doing great. The LWs have a bit of finance - on paper anyway!
Reggie who lives in NYC emailed and said that he was not downhearted - so none of us have any excuse!


29 September: Invitation to the Christianized Festival of Booths,

As you know this church believes at present that on Atonement day, the UN will get nuked and that this sign will result in a huge wall of waters coming into the LWs. Such a thing would change all of our plans for Booths. It almost seems faithless to devise a plan B for a Booths in the event that no nuke goes off before it, but we are commanded to turn up 3 times per year, and since we finally know when the 3rd festival is, we should at least turn up.

So let us make temporary simple plans for Booths knowing that these plans will be superceded on Tishri10.

In this vein I suggest that everyone ensures that they meet up with at least one other LW and then then can eat the last breakfast on a beach with barbecued fish and bread and wine on the morning of Wednesday October 11th. Tishri15 runs from Tuesday evening October 10th until Wednesday evening October 11th.

These simple arrangements can then be upgraded on Tishri10. I am guessing a German speaking festival, one UK festival and a couple or three US festivals.

As regards the cups and covenants - see U209. I should make the 2NC with everyone at the festival. This can be done by phone since it is merely a verbal agreement.

Any questions please email me ASAP


2 October: Blessings all you who serve God with your own minds and with your own hearts,

The home page looked a little bit manic, launching straight into nuclear prediction etc. So following discussions with the Goldsmiths and Dave, I have 'Kingdomified' it. I have put the nuclear prediction is its proper Christian context. In this way we look a little less like lunatics.

I mean no one is interested in logical and beautiful and insightful interpretations and the only way to get through to them is a big sign sure. But we are first and foremost a Christian church, and secondly I am Jonah, the prophet of doom. Doom I say!

I have increased the number of proofs of the date of Armageddon to 14. I mean can one have too many proofs of 2008? The Martin Luther proof is great. I have also updated U154, U152, U14, U40 and U101. See the Site Index page for the latest updates and links. If anyone is feeling a bit insecure about that date do not worry, I am sure the holy spirit will provide a few more proofs in due course.

Here is our latest road map for Armageddon.

2008Nisan14 End of world
2008Nisan16 Start of Kingdom, Start of 150 days of Zoar.
2008Iyyar29 1NC saints turn up
2008Tammuz26 100 day battle of Armageddon
2008Elul15 End of Zoar, Rapture of sons of 1AC.
2008Tishri30 7 year 1NC saints malediction ends
2008Heshvan6 Last human dies. End of the 100 day battle of Armageddon.

Have a look at U154 for some interesting ideas about the 50 righteous men that Abraham bartered with Jesus about.

Now there is something quite important that we have to get straight in this church. It espcially applies to me and to Ian and to Bill and to US Barb. Here are my thoughts for your consideration and comments...

I am concerned about how much 'anti government' stuff we send to each other and how much 'anti government' stuff is residing on our computers. There will certainly come a time in the future when we are investigated. At that time we do not want to present a target to the investigating authorities. I think we are being a bit naive. I think we have to be very careful about taking political or anti government positions. I know as members of this system we all want to 'fix it'. Or at least point out where they have gone wrong. And of course John the Baptist pointed out to Herod what he was doing wrong. But Jesus made absolutely no political statement to anybody about anything and he could see it all so clearly.

Our aim is to be able to preach the good news as far and as wide as possible for as long as possible.

Is sending the congregation anti government info (however true it may be) going to help us accomplish this?

We all know that Bush is corrupt, Blair is corrupt, and every government is corrupt and every part of the public sector is corrupt and much of the private sector is corrupt and we are surrounded by a sea of immorality yes. And with our increased understanding of God's law, we see corruption far more clearly than most other people. Furthermore we actually understand how to solve it in many cases from our scriptural training. BUT. Has God employed us to research and fix this system, or to research and preach the next?

Many of us have delved into 911 and the Iraq war abuses and all sorts of other dispicable attrocities that the wild beasts are perpetrating. I have put some of it on the website in the past. But we must be so careful. If we give Satan something to hit us with, he will hit us with it!

Look at it like this. The entire administration of this planet has terminal cancer - right? So what difference does it make which organ has it the worst? I mean if Bush is the worst or the CIA or some extra judicial group contracted by the CIA or the Israelis or the Taleban or Al Quaeda or some awful terrorist group that is completely out of everyone's control, what does it matter? The geopolitical system is riddled with cancer and it will self destruct. What more do we need to know really? We must try and float above all this nonsense.

Do you see the danger? In this regard I recommend shredding any anti government stuff on our PCs and trying to be apolitical in everything we do. I am not saying I can actually obey this recommendation. But I truly believe that we can damage the future of this church and can cause people to be locked up and possibly even killed by being too political. Yes our world leaders are crap. But actually if Al Gore had been given the presidency that he actually won, all that would have happened is that Armageddon would have been delayed for a few years. So the world would have died from cancer a bit more slowly. Would that be better for us? I mean when you have terminal cancer, surely the quicker it all ends the better? And Tony and George might just be the boys to achieve that for us! (They sound like hair dressers) Putting this another way: Do you want to delay the coming of the Kingdom?

What I am saying is that bad political leadership might not be a bad thing right now as it will result in a much quicker death from cancer for this system if you see what I mean. As Shakespeare said: Twere best twere done quick! I mean is God cutting the days short, whilst we are trying to extend them by fixing a few political problems?

In any event it must be the job of the angels to sort that sort of thing out. We should not attempt to 'improve' on their efforts.

Have this mind set... We will be investigated, your computer will be removed from your house and every file on it will be checked. When this happens what do you want them to see? If they just see bible interpretations and no political stuff at all, then we are all in a much better position. And then if we are persecuted, it will be purely due to our work for the Lord, not due to our taking some kind of political position. so we can then jump for joy, for in this way they persecuted the prophets who came before us (and who were considerably more accurate in their predictions!) I mean Kordokovsky was fine until he became political. There is a lesson in that.




2 October: Greetings brothers and sisters,

If you just delete a file from your PC it becomes unavailable to Windows but is still on your hard disk. In order to completely remove that file from your hard disk you need to overwrite it. But then since the Hard Disk is a magnetic storage device is has remnance. So it is possible to see what has been overwritten. Therefore software companies have produced file shredders that overwrite files 7 times or more. This totally removes them. Here are some links to examine...

"Those (civil libertarians) who are likely to come into conflict with their goverment, should overwrite at least six times."

a google search for 'file shredder' or 'overwrite times' will bring up many alternatives.




5 October: Greeting brothers and sisters in the promises of God,

We can now add to the 10 year high in the price of wheat, the news that today wheat went 'limit up' (it rose by 30 cents per bushel). The last time it did that was on the last day of the Jubilee, which was 2003Adar24 (the next day was 2004Nisan1), this was March 21st 2004.

So without any doubt the grain offering is presently going up (very nicely). So the stage is set for them to stop behaving as prophets from the standpoint of 1 Kings 18...

29 And it came about that, as soon as noon was past and they continued behaving as prophets until the going up of the grain offering, there was no voice, and there was no one answering, and there was no paying of attention (1 Kings 18).

So the Watchtower must start the fast of Jonah before this present wheat rally ends. So all the scriptural criteria that we can see are met for an answer from God. And what better day for him to speak that the day of Atonement, Jesus' birthday?

So for the 16th or time expect the first birth pang between Thursday evening and Friday evening EST.

The Festival of Booths!!

This is the time of year to celebrate the final ingathering, the harvest festival of the faithful at Armageddon. For we farm crops but God farms righteousness with the fertilizer of love in the soil of faith. So please come and join us at your nearest grain silo!

For those of you living anywhere in the US other than the Upper Peninsula, we will be having the festival in Ohio .  Barb has found a place called Buckeye Lake just off I-70 East of Columbus that has a small beach ( Fairfield ) we can dine on.  There are also some inexpensive motels near there on US 79.  A map and links are provided for you below. It would be nice to get some idea on numbers of attendees.  If you intend on flying in, let us know so we can work out transportation for everyone!

For those of you in the Upper Peninsula , see section II below.,+OH


Bill and Steve and Gordon


5 October: Greeting fellow Christian revellers!

As we now know Jesus Christianized the passover on 33Nisan14, the holy spirit Christianzed Pentecost on 33Sivan6, accepting it as a christian festival, by joining in in a big way! And Zechariah 14 tells us that in the Day of Jehovah we will celebrate booths from year to year. And that those who do not celebrate Booths will get no rain and a scourge.

1 Look! There is a day coming, belonging to Jehovah, and the spoil of you will certainly be apportioned out in the midst of you...

16 And it must occur [that], as regards everyone who is left remaining out of all the nations that are coming against Jerusalem, they must also go up from year to year to bow down to the King, Jehovah of armies, and to celebrate the festival of the booths.
17 And it must occur that, as regards anyone that does not come up out of the families of the earth to Jerusalem to bow down to the King, Jehovah of armies, even upon them no pouring rain will occur.

18 And if the family of Egypt itself does not come up and does not actually enter, upon them also there shall be none. The scourge will occur with which Jehovah scourges the nations that do not come up to celebrate the festival of the booths.
19 This itself will prove to be the [punishment for the] sin of Egypt and the sin of all the nations that do not come up to celebrate the festival of the booths.
20 In that day there will prove to be upon the bells of the horse 'Holiness belongs to Jehovah!' And the widemouthed cooking pots in the house of Jehovah must become like the bowls before the altar.
21 And every widemouthed cooking pot in Jerusalem and in Judah must become something holy belonging to Jehovah of armies, and all those who are sacrificing must come in and take from them and must do boiling in them. And there will no more prove to be a Canaanite in the house of Jehovah of armies in that day (Zechariah 14).

We need to get cooking up nice spiritual meals.

The interesting thing is that we are to celebrate Booths from year to year. But we only have 2006Tishri and 2007Tishri left then we are raptured. And in heaven their are no people who fial to celebrate Booths are therefore get no rain and scourges. So we must celebrate Booths this year and furthermore, the festival of Jehovah must have started before we celebrate it.

So here is our chance once again to do something special and unprecendented since the days of FDS2, for Jesus and almighty God himself. We do not want the scourge, we do not want a drought. We want to do just so and to revel in the joy of the holy spirit!

So please do bring along something you prepared earlier in your wide mouthed cooking pot and let us enjoy the last festival of the year on behalf of our less astute brothers who have overlooked it for 1500 years! Let us fulfill the words of Zechariah 14 as Jesus himself fulfilled the words of David, Isaiah, Micah, Moses, Daniel and so many other prophets. For God has revealed his love for us in that he has told us through his word how to celebrate the final ingathering in the Christian church. We are his honoured guests on Wednesday for a week.

May our Gods bless our festivities and may we enjoy them and may they enjoy them with us and may we play our part in man's historic struggle to understand and carry out their will, and may they bless us with the understandings we seek and the courage and energy and love to act upon them.



8 October: Greeting brothers and sisters in interpretational prophecy,

I went to Poland to a wedding and only got back here 15 minutes ago. Hence my tardiness in updating the site. Poland is a beautiful unspoilt place. Not very commercialized and not status seeking and not pretentious. The people are friendly and helpful and humble and drink a lot of Vodka and sing all these Polish wedding songs. It was a beautiful experience. 95% of Poles are Catholics apparently. And while I was there, before I had loads of Vodka or was it after - no I managed to stay upright the whole evening actually, I though that perhaps the second half of the Day of Jehovah had begun on Tishri10 but that it did not necessarily need a bomb during its first 24 hours.

However in the UK, on Friday morning (i.e. on Tishri 10) the headline of the Times Newspaper (our most prestiguous daily national paper) was: Seizures of radioactive materials fuel dirty bomb fears.,,29389-2391574.html

Which would seem to be a good healine for the start of the last half of the Day of Jehovah. Also Michael found a threat to the UN building in Geneva made on Tishri9 at

So I think our position should be that the second half of the Day of Jehovah did start on 2006Tishri10, but that it started with the warning about a terrorist dirty bomb, rather than the bomb itself. I mean since the GT started with Beslan, it was reasonable to assume that its second half would start with the UN bomb. But no. That did not trun out to be the case. What we got was a front page UK dirty bomb warning on Tishri10.

However the bomb must go off before Booths in our current understanding of 1 Kings 18 and it must go off before 2006Tishri30 (Sundown October 26th) according to our 10 proofs. I will update the website accordingly and then I am going to get some sleep.



8 October: Greetings fellow tabernaclers,

Bill has had a lovely idea for Booths. Of course it would be great if we could all take 8 days off and spend Wednesday to Wednesday together. But it might get a bit boring for 2 person booths, since each person would have to listen to 4 days of speeches from the other!!!

So his diea was that we try to meet either from Breakfast or lunch or dinner or just for a cup of tea, once a day, during the festival, so that we do celebrate it for the entrie period from the sabbath on Wednesday 11th to the sabbath on Wednesday 18th. We just do not celebrate it continuously!

As regards my making the 2NC with the saints, I think it should be loike a baptism. You call me when you have finished your meal and wish me to make the covenant with you. It is a service from God, through Michael and Jacob and myself to you. We are at your disposal I pray and hope and understand, in this regard. I will be on
0781 809 3544 in the UK which is 01144 781 809 3544 from the US.

I am also wrestling with the date of the last breakfast itself. I mean if someone new came in on Thursday 12th, could he partake of the Lord's morning meal?

It would certainly be the wrong day for the 2NC. So Ian right now I think I might have to come up Friday/Saturday, and then do a late Booths 30 days later as well!!

I will sleep on it. And tomorrow Tony and I will find a place for a beach Barby in the UK.




10 October: Greetings dear and holy family,

Steve has come up with a great Booths idea. Since we should all celebrate it for 8 days, but we are not going to with in other for 192 hour straight he has suggested that we all give each other a phone number with which we can telecelabrate this festival on each of the 8 days by calling someone in the church and sharing something we have cooked in our wide mouthed cooking pots.

So all those who intend to celebrate the greater festival of Booths in fulfilment of Zechariah 14, Hebrews 10, Exodus 34, Deuteronomy 16, etc, please send your mobile number of your festival phone number to me, and I will then send everyone a Booths directory, so we can all celebrate with each other for the entire 8 days by phone at least!

May the Gods of loving perfection bless our festival and our brothers and sisters in the patriarchs


11 October: Greetings sons and daughters of the kingdom of God's love,
 It gives me great pleasure to announce the IAN has returned home to the LWs.
He is going to preside over the Northern celebration of Booths in Southport with his daughter Claire. May God bless their true worship. and may they build a magnifcent Booth for God!

I must confess here, that I did not give him enough time to be repentant after I warned him for apostasy. And I must re-iterate for my and for our future reference that judicial committees for disfellowshipping people must be conducted in person where at all possible. I disfellowshipped Ian by email and this is entirely unsatisfactory. I should not have done it that way. Had I seen him face to face then perhaps we could have communicated better and I maybe would not have chucked him out.

As you may remember at the time of the disfellowshipping I understood that Ian was a Satanic Diadem, someone sent to corrupt and damage the church. I still believe that he was abused by Satan in this way, but the good thing about Satanic Diadems is, that since there are 7 of them, they are temporally successive. So the second one starts going after the first one has stopped. In other words the first 6 of them all repent or leave permanently. Ian chose the former - a wise choice! 

Ian and I have both learned a lot about God's love, about true worship, about our own mistakes and failings and about each other's faith and love for God. So I it is a great thing and a blessed thing that we are both now working together to try and serve God as best as we can.

What better day for a son to return to a father than Tishri15, the first day of Booths, the day of the festival of the 2NC, the covenant of the final ingathering of the saints?

May God bless his innings and all our innings so that they last for ever


12 October: Greetings brothers and sisters in the holy families,

We made some history today, being the first Christian church for 1500 years to attempt a Christianized version of the Festival of Booths. A great (if somewhat drenched) time was had by all. It was holy. It was fun and it was coooool.

I have fixed the bomb chronology by decoupling the 7 festivals from the 7 bombs. Coupling them seemed like a cute and neat idea. But it is actually very sick and totally absurd from a moral standpoint. What do holy festivals have to do with terrorist nuclear bombs? Absolutely nothing. So please accept my apologies there, I put chronology before common sense. So now all we know is that there will be 7 bombs before the rapture and 7 festivals before the rapture. But there is no temporal relationship between the holy festivals to God and the nuclear bombs which are effectively festivals to Satan I suppose. What fellowship does Christ have with Belial? Well literally none, although in the word symbolic meaning his wife does become satanic, and she rides a 7 headed beast which is being controlled by Satan.

Seriously though, it was a morally repugnant interpretation. I just did not see it.

Jehovah certainly appears to be raising up his mountain financially right now however. Wheat went limit up again.

Please feel free to criticise LW interpretations if they are daft from any perspective (they often are).

No Papal Infallibility
No Papal Interpretational Exclusivity
Non Habemus Papem

May God bless our faith with endurance



13 October: Greetings faithful tabernaclers,

Barby Matthews has come back home. The first flying pig of Mark 5, the first JW to leave the Watchtower for the LWs has landed (again) in the Lake.

Let's hope that this time she is joined by a few million more!

May God bless her love for him and keep her faithful always!



14 October: Greetings again my brothers and sisters in the things that matter,

Ian once said that a persistent feature of God's dealings with his people is that he permits them to appear to get into impossible situations, and then at the very last minute when from a physical perspective all hope is lost, he rescues them. He is rather like the script writer for a batman episode or a James Bond screenplay. Just when the Dr Evil has got our hero suspended over the vat of boiling oil, he finds a hitherto unmentioned ludicrously unlikely escape mechanism.

The script of this church is becoming more and more like a Spielberg production. It would be approaching farce if it were not so serious in its consequences. Here we are with 13 days left until Chronological meltdown, and Michael Schwingenschloegl comes up with this beauty...

Tishri22 is the 8th and last day of the Festival of Booths (The Harvest Festival of the Law of Moses, from Tisrhi15 to Tisrhi22, which has a shadow of the things to come according to the apostle Paul). 

Tishri22 is a festival sabbath (so it is a 7th 'day' in this sense)
Tishri22 is the 7th (and last) festival sabbath of the year.

Sabbath1 Nisan15 (First day of Cakes)
Sabbath2 Nisan21 (Last day of Cakes)
Sabbath3 Sivan6 (Pentecost)
Sabbath4 Tishri1 (Trumpet day, first day of agriculatural year)
Sabbath5 Tishri10 Atonement day
Sabbath6 Tishri15 (First day of Booths)
Sabbath7 Tishri22 (Last day of Booths)

Tishri is the 7th month of the year.
Tishri22 is the 7th day of the festival of Booths after the first day. And the LWs have been looking out for a date for a bomb since 2006Tishri15, because we knew the bomb would be in Tishri, and but had run out of interpretations as to which day in Tishri it might be on Tishri14.

These criteria would appear to be an almost perfect fit for 1 Kings 18:43,44

43 And he said to his attendant/boy: Go up, now/please [an]. Look in the direction of the sea. So he went up and looked and then said: There is nothing at all. And he went on to say, Go back, 7 times.
44 And it came about in/during the 7th [one/day/time/month/festival/sabbath] that he got to say: Look! There is a small cloud like a man's palm ascending out of the sea. And he said: Go up, say to Ahab, 'Hitch up! And go down that the downpour may not detain you!

During the 8 day festival of Booths, from 2006Tishri15 to 2006Tishri22, one goes back for 7 days after the first day to one's Booth. On goes back 7 times. And the 7th time of going back is the last day of the festival. This day is the 7th and last festival sabbath of the year and is called the Great Sabbath. It also occurs in the 7th month.

Has the holy spirit finally given us the date? How many more sevens could we have?



P.S. I mistakenly thought that the Passover was a sabbath. But it is not! The word 'sabbath' first appears in Exodus 16, after the passover.