[934] Luke 14: The Reticent Guests for the Evening Meal

16 The [one] said to him: A man, a certain one [tij] was spreading a grand evening-meal, and he invited many.
And he sent his slave out at the hour of the evening-meal to say to the invited [ones], 'Come, because things are now ready.' [for 2019Sivan14, after the Laodicean slave was reappointed on 2019Iyyar20]
But they all unitedly started to beg off. The first [one] said to him, 'I bought a field and have necessity to go out and see it; I ask you, Have me excused.'
And another said, 'I bought 5 yoke of cattle and am going to examine them; I ask you, Have me excused.' [5x.2x=10x, which must run from 2019Sivan14 to 2020Nisan14, the expiration of the last 1NC reserve]
Still another said, 'I just married a wife and for this reason I cannot come.' [3 rejections for the 3rd marriage engagement feast on 2019Sivan14. The 3 rejectors care more about their own business than the business of the householder]
21 So the slave came up and reported these things to his Lord. Then having become wrathful the householder said to his slave, 'Go out quickly into the broadway [plateiaj could an adjective or a noun - Mounce. We take it as a noun here] and the lanes of the city, and bring in here the poor [ones] and crippled [ones] and blind [ones] and lame [ones].' [for 2019Tammuz14, the 4th marriage engagement feast]
And the slave said, 'Lord, what you ordered has been done, and yet there is place/room.'
And the Lord said to the slave, 'Go out into the roads and the fences, and compel them to come in, so that my house may be filled. [for 2019Ab14, the 5th marriage engagement feast, which fills the house of the 1NC. But the house is ambiguous. So it must also refer to the house of Jehovah, the greater temple of Solomon, the temple of Zoar. So Zoar is involved in the staging of the final Passover]
For I say to you, None of those males [partitive genitive] that were invited will taste of evening-meal [genitive direct object] of me.' (Luke 14)

The same slave, the reappointed Laodicean administration, collects all the guests for all 3 Watchtower Passovers and subsequent ark marriages.