[913] Jairus' Daughter, The Widow of Nain's Son and Lazarus: The 3 Stages of adamic death

Jairus's daughter (Talitha Cumi):  Not dead but asleep - 1st stage Golden cord between human soul and shared angelic sleep server still attached
Widow of Nain's son: Asleep but being transported to Hades - 2nd stage - at the Gates of Hades but not yet in Hades.
Lazarus:  Dead and asleep in Hades - 3rd stage

The 3 accounts tell us about the 3 states of adamic death. It also shows us that the human spirit is a multi souled operating system. 

5 because man is walking to his long-lasting house and the wailers have marched around in the street;
6 before the silver cord is removed [there is a gold cord - which has already been removed. The silver chord is removed after the wailers], and the golden bowl gets crushed [skull, brain. This is crushed after the gold chord is removed], and the jar at the spring is broken [blood manufacture, bone marrow, spleen], and the waterwheel [heart] for the cistern [vascular system] has been crushed.
7 Then the dust returns to the earth just as it happened to be and the spirit itself returns to the [true] God who gave it [the spirit is transferred from the human soul and he shared angelic server of nightly sleep to Hades, where it sleeps with non conscious control. This is Vanilla Sky. The holy spirit must guide your dreams in some way - God exercises some management of your dreams]. (Ecclesiastes 12 NWT)

Golden cord is between the human soul and the shared angel. Silver chord is between the living human shared angel and the Hades shared angel (spirit has returned to God).

Human - golden cord - Shared angelic server of nightly sleep - silver cord - Shared angelic server of Hades.
(Jarius' daughter)                         (Widow of Nain's son)                                                          (Lazarus)

The gates of Nain (meaning sit/dwell/recline) are the gates of Hades. Upon resurrection, he did not stand up, he sat up. So he is a dweller in the Kingdom, a son of the 1AC, not a ruler in it. Who are the bier bearers? What is the bier? It is his shared angelic server of sleep. The bier bearers are looking after his transfer to the Hades server) They stood still. They stopped moving the son forward towards Hades and out of the shared angelic nightly sleep server. 

11 And it happened on the next day, He went into a city being called Nain [sit/dwell/recline] [Hades. Jesus goes there not to sleep but to resurrect!]. And many of His disciples went with him; also a great crowd [indeed they do go to Hades]. (Luke 7 GLT)

12 As he got near the gate of the city [Hades], why, look! there was a dead man being carried out [of his shared angelic server for sleep, but into Hades], the only-begotten son of his mother [1AC has no submediators - So she has only 
one very big son]
. Besides, she was a widow [the 1AC - Abraham was dead to her but not to God who can interact with Eden2]. A considerable crowd from the city was also with her [the sons of the 1AC are with here, the sons bound for Gehenna are not].
13 And when the Lord caught sight of her, he was moved with pity for her, and he said to her: Stop weeping.
14 With that he approached and touched the bier [coffin, his shared angelic server of nightly sleep], and the bearers stood still [stopped their work carrying the bier to his shared server in Hades, through the silver cord - vanilla sky], and he 
said: Young man, I say to you, Get up!
15 And the dead man sat up [situp/dwell - the other meaning of Nain. He is resurrected, as all ion Hades shall be] and started to speak, and he gave him to his mother. (Luke 7 NWT)

Symbolically he is dead. He is being carried through the gates of Hades. He is transitioning from sleep to death, from sleep server to Hades server. For Jesus does not say he is asleep and Luke says he is dead twice. He is being transferred from his human shared angelic server in which he sleeps and dreams to the shared angelic server of Hades in which he sleeps and dreams in the 1st death. He is being transferred by angelic spirit techies - the bearers. He is not yet in fully Hades, So he is not yet asleep in the first death. There are no bearers needed to transfer our spirit from the human to the angel of nightly sleep. So we are running on both those souls at the same time. 2 nostrils, 2 lungs, 2 vessels for the spirit of God. 

Stage1: Clinical death. Fall asleep as one does every night, golden cord between the human soul and the shared angelic server of nightly sleep is still attached - Jairus' daughter
Stage2a: Golden chord between human body and shared angelic nightly sleep server is cut. This is being in the Gates of Hades - the last step before official death - David.
Stage2b: Transfer of spirit from shared angelic nightly sleep server to Hades server through silver cord - Widow of Nain's son. When this transfer is completed then you are officially dead, in Hades.
Stage3: Silver cord is removed and one is asleep in Hades angelic server - Lazarus.

Scientists have recently discovered that brain cells live on for hours after death and people may actually hear their clinical death being announced by doctor's after they have flatlined. - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-4992712/When-die-KNOW-dead-mind-works.html