[700] Old Testament Noun Counts

Keturah and the Second New Covenant

1 And he added Abraham [Jacob, also a 'father of a crowd of nations', as mediator of the JAC] and he took a wife/woman [Subcovenant], and name of her [ was] Keturah [meaning sacrifical smoke and difficult questions or knots - the Second New Covenant, the 2NC, a decoders covenant].
And she bore to him Zimran and Jokshan and Medan and Midian and Ishbak and Shuah.
3 And Jokshan fathered Sheba and Dedan. And the sons of Dedan they became Asshurim/Asshurites [Assyrians] and Letushim/Letushites and Leummim/Leummites.
4 And the sons of Midian were Ephah and Epher and Hanoch and Abida and Eldaah.
All these [ were] sons of Keturah [16 sons are 16 years of the 2NC from 1992Elul to 2008Elul??].
5 And he gave, Abraham, all that he had to Isaac [when he was about to die] [this is Jacob giving all his born again sons to the sons of the 1NC, their rulers. We are all actually under Peter and the heavenly 1NC saints right now]
6 but to the sons of the concubines [Literally, Hagar and Keturah, who was a concubine before she became a wife. Symbolically, the covenants of Bilhah and Rachel, the ELC and the 2NC] that [were] to Abraham, Abraham gave gifts [spiritual understandings, decodings of Revelation to Paul for the sons of the ELC and to Gordon and the sons of the 2NC]. And he sent them away from Isaac, son of him [sons of the 1NC], while he was still alive, east-ward [hmdq], to the land of the East [The earthly part of the Kingdom of God, the second Eden.]

CNC (4,6,7,7,2,7) = 33
INC Abraham, Woman, Name, Keturah, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, Shuah, Jokshan, Sheba, Dedan, (Sons of Dedan), Asshurim, Letushim, Leummim, (Sons of Midian), Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abida, Eldaah, (Sons of Keturah), Isaac, Sons of Concubines, Gifts, Son, Land of East = 26

7 And these are the days of the years of the lives of Abraham that he lived, 100 of year [partitive genitive] and 70 year and 5 years [Zilpah had one or two 100 year sanctifications?? Bilhah had a 70 year sanctification?? Keturah had a 5 year one from 1994Elul to 1999Elul].
8 And he expired and died, Abraham in old-age good, old and satisfied, and was gathered to his people.
9 And Isaac [son of the 1NC] and Ishmael [sons of the ELC, the earthly priests], his sons buried him into the cave of Machpelah [meaning double. A double memorial tomb for the born again - with two souls. The 1NC look after the angelic soul and the ELC look after the human soul] into field of Ephron [The congregation under cultivation of Adam, the sons of the 3BC], son of Zohar, the Hittite [Michael, the God] that [is] upon-faces/in-front of Mamre [meaning well-fed, prepositional genitive, the end of the manifestation of the second presence],
10 the field that Abraham had purchased from [the] sons of Heth [God - Jehovah]. There Abraham was buried, and Sarah [princess] his wife [The 1NC].

11 And he was after death of Abraham [once the JAC ceased accepting new entrants - 2006Shebat], that God blessed Isaac, his son, and he lived, Isaac [the sons of the 1NC], near Beer lahai roi [meaning - well of the living one who sees me. So in heaven near God] (Genesis 25).

CNC (4,3,6,6,8) = 27

Total CNC = 33 + 27 = 60 (2 threads).
Total INC Abraham, Woman, Name, Keturah, Zimran, Jokshan, Medan, Midian, Ishbak, Shuah, Jokshan, Sheba, Dedan, (Sons of Dedan), Asshurim, Letushim, Leummim, (Sons of Midian), Ephah, Epher, Hanoch, Abida, Eldaah, (Sons of Keturah), Isaac, Sons of Concubines, Gifts, Son, Land of East, Days of Years of Lives of Abraham, Year, Old-age, People, Ishmael, Cave of Machpelah, Field of Ephron, Mamre, Field, Sons of Heth, Sarah, Death of Abraham, God, Beer, Lahai, Roi = 42

Abraham (7), Isaac (5), Ishmael (1), Sons (8), Wife (2), Field (2), Keturah (1), Sarah (1), Year (3).

Wife means salvation covenant
Son means covenant son.
Field means congregation of a blessing covenant 

The above interpretation relies of many literal names applying to a second individual or group of individuals. Abraham meaning 'father of a crowd of nations', also applies to Jacob. We have applied Isaac, meaning 'laughter' to the 1NC saints. We have applied Ishmael, meaning 'God hears' to the sons of the ELC. These are all plausible but do not seem like slam dunk interpretations. Sarah likewise meaning 'princess', refers to the whole congregation of 1NC saints, Jesus' fiance, and Keturah, meaning 'difficult questions' or 'knots' and 'sacrificial smoke' does refer to the congregation of the 2NC saints for a fact. We are the bible decoders, the knot untanglers. The sacrificial smoke is our prayers asking God what on earth or what in heavens his book means!

However Jacob is the 'Abraham' of the born agains, being the system mediator for the Abrahamic system of the ARC. So perhaps it is not quite such a stretch. A crowd of nations can be a large crowd from 2 nations of a large number of nations. 

The History of Ishmael

12 And these [are the] generations of Ishmael, the son of Abraham whom Hagar, the Egyptian, [the] maidservant of Sarah bore to Abraham.
13 And these [are the] names of the sons of Ishmael, by their names, according to their ancestry: [the] firstborn of Ishmael Nebaioth and Kedar and Adbeel and Mibsam
14 and Mishma and Dumah and Massa,
15 Hadad and Tema, Jetur, Naphish and Kedemah.
16 These, they [are the] sons of Ishmael, and these are their names by their courtyards and by their walled-camps: 12 chieftains according to their tribes.
17 And these [are the] years of lives of Ishmael, 100 of year [partitive genitive] and 30 year and 7 years. Then he expired and died and was gathered to his people.
18 And they settled from Havilah near Shur [Syria], which [is] upon-faces/in-front of Egypt [prepositional genitive], to go you to Assyria. Upon-faces/in-front of all of [-lk] brothers of him he was hostile (Genesis 25).

CNC (5,8,3,5,6,5,4) = 36 (4 threads).
INC Generations of Ishmael, Hagar, Egyptian, Maidservant of Sarah, Abraham, (Names of sons of Ishmael), Names, Ancestry, Firstborn of Ishmael, Nebaioth, Kedar, Adbeel, Mibsam, Mishma, Dumah, Massa, Hada, Tema, Jetur, Naphish, Kedemah, Sons of Ishmael, Courtyards, Walled-camps, Chieftains, Tribes, Years of Lives of Ishmael, Year, People, Havilah, Shur, Egypt, Assyria = 32

'Egyptian' [tyrcm] and 'Egypt' [~yrcm], are the same Hebrew word. But they have different Hebrew meanings, one being a country and the other being the nationals of a country, so the both count individually in the INC.

The names of these 12 chieftains are by their names, according to the ancestry, by their courtyards and by their walled-camps. And there are 4 threads for these names all of which appear once. So today the sons of Ishmael must be split into 12 protected groups as above.

God prophesied that Ishmael would have 12 chieftains saying:

20 But as regards Ishmael I have heard you. Look! I will bless him and will make him fruitful and will multiply him very, very much. He will certainly produce 12 chieftains, and I will make him become a great nation (Genesis 17).