[6] Divine Bodies

Almighty God, Jehovah, exists in a spirit body, but not in an angelic spirit body, he exists in a Divine body. Michael gave up his angelic soul too when he died, and he can never get his angelic soul back permanently as it will be used to ransom the sons of Adam in order that they too can become ever living angels. He was resurrected into a Divine body, the same type of spirit body as Jehovah. Jesus now is indeed a God to be worshipped like Jehovah is. Jesus is now a mighty God but he is not almighty God. Actually, since the ransom of Jesus' Angelic body for Adam's associated angel has not yet actually occurred it is still possible for Jesus to enter his angelic soul again in the short term. Although that angelic soul is now owned by God, not by him. For in fact Adam had both a human soul and an angelic soul when he was created by God directly as we shall see below...

So now we can understand Jesus words at John 10:

17This is why the Father loves me, because I surrender my soul, in order that I may receive it again.
No man has taken it away from me, but I surrender it of my own initiative. I have authority to surrender it, and I have authority to receive it again. The commandment on this I received from my Father (John 10).

The soul that Jesus surrenders of his own initiative and that no man took away from him was his angelic soul. For men certainly took away his human soul, and his crucifixion obviously was not of his initiative, but of but rather it was an initiative of Satan's through the high priest Caiaphas resulting from the betrayal by Judas who was possessed by Satan at the time. So the above scripture proves that Jesus had an angelic soul as well as a human soul. This capability of humans is indeed why we have two nostrils and two lungs, for the good book says...

7 And Jehovah God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a living soul (Genesis 2).

Two receptacles for the breath of life, representing two souls, two vehicles for the spirit, the human one and the angelic one. So Adam was born again when he was born. We have recently discovered (in August 2011) that Hebrew uses the word nostrils, which is in the dual number to mean - double! For example...

5 And to Hannah he giveth one double [literally nostrils] portion, for he hath loved Hannah, and Jehovah hath shut her womb (1Samuel1 Young's Literal).

Obviously Jesus will not be getting back his human body that was impaled/crucified. He is not going to walk around again in that one again because it has been given to God who has used it validate the First Abrahamic Covenant, the 1AC, and will in the future use it to ransom Abraham as we saw in I28. Of course had God already ransomed Abraham with Jesus' body then no Jew would ever die and neither would many Muslims! Since they are all among his sons. 

Jesus' angelic body on the other hand was given to God who evidently loans it back to him before it is used to ransom Adam's associated angelic soul, and thereby impart the blessing of the ARC to its covenanters - see I28. The death of Jesus' angelic soul validated the Angelic Ransom Covenant, the ARC, as we shall see in I28. But God resurrected that soul and loaned it back to Jesus until such time as it is needed to give everlasting angelic souls to the sons of the ARC. Jesus' human body of course wasn't even his in the first place, he took it from Joseph and Mary's son at his baptism.

Spirits and Spirits

We have seen that a Day plus a Night equals a Day. And from this we deduced that the Day will eventually conquer the Night. Similarly a spirit plus an angelic body equals a spirit. So this prophesies that one day all spirits will become acorporeal. Today God exists in a divine body as does Jesus, the angels exist in angelic bodies and humans exist in human bodies. But one day after we all become Gods, bodies will no longer become necessary, if we interpret the dual meaning of the word 'spirit' correctly.