[56] 6x of Religious Slavery followed by a Sabbath Release into Religious Freedom

All Hebrew slaves must be released in the 7th year of slavery. This would have been the 7th old secular year of Zoar from 2018Tishri1-2019Elul30. But then Zoar secular year was changed on 2012Sivan1 to run from that day due to the Zoar Passover on 2012Sivan14 and the anointing of Jesus as Caesar to non adamic Zoar (although he was prevented from acting as such due to the Kingdom ~Gentile times from 2011Tishroi15 to 2018Tishri15).  So the new Sabbath year for Zoar runs from 2018Sivan1 to 2019Iyyar30. During this year one can still be sealed into a salvation covenant. FRC sealing ends on 2018Adar30. And one can still enter into the ark. FRC ark entry ends on 2019Iyyar7. Every son of the FRC enters into the ark (except for 2NC Lords). 

12 In case there should be sold to you your brother, a Hebrew or a Hebrewess, and he has served you 6 of years, then in the 7th year you should send him out from you as one set free [work for 6 years max but stay for another year as part of the family if desired before leaving or leave on the first day of the 7th year] [in the greater meaning the Christian congregation works for 6 presidents and then leaves during the 7th?].
13 And in case you should send him out from you as one set free, you must not send him out empty-handed.
14 You should surely equip him with something from your flock and your threshing floor and your oil and winepress. Just as Jehovah your God has blessed you, you should give to him.
15 And you must remember that you became a slave in the land of Egypt and Jehovah your God proceeded to redeem you. That is why I am commanding you this thing today.
16 And it must occur that in case he says to you, 'I shall not go out from your company!' because he does love you and your household, since it was well with him while with you,
17 you must also take an awl [needle] and put it through his ear and to the door, and he must become your slave to time indefinite. And to your slave girl you should also do this way [physically one chose to be a slave if one was emotionally or financially more secure in that environment than one felt when alone. A slave gives physical headship to another. But spiritually there are many people who give spiritual headship to another. This is idolatry. So in the greater meaning an idolater becomes a slave of his church rather than of Jesus Christ. He becomes a Churchian rather than a Christian. His ear is then pinned to the door of the church, he only listens to those who come into his church. He fails to listen to God or to those in any other church which may well mean those in the true church. Many false churches actually command this idolatry - the Watchtower certainly does]
18 It should not be something hard in your eyes when you send him out from your company as one set free; because for double the value of a hired labourer he served you 6 of years, and Jehovah your God has blessed you in everything that you would do (Deuteronomy 15).

2 In case you should buy a Hebrew slave, he will be a slave 6 years [presidents], but in the 7th [president] he will go out as one set free without charge [into the next true church].
3 If he should come in by himself, by himself he will go out. If he is the owner of a wife, then his wife must go out with him.
4 If his master should give him a wife and she does bear him sons or daughters, the wife and her children will become her master's and he will go out by himself.
5 But if the slave should insistently say, 'I really love my master, my wife and my sons; I do not want to go out as one set free,'
6 then his master must bring him near to the [true] God and must bring him up against the door or the doorpost; and his master must pierce his ear through with an awl, and he must be his slave to time indefinite (Exodus 21).

13 This is what Jehovah the God of Israel has said, 'I myself concluded a covenant with your forefathers in the day of my bringing them out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of servants, saying:
14 At the end of 7 years you men should let go each one his brother, a Hebrew man, who came to be sold to you and who has served you 6 years; and you must let him go free from being with you. But your forefathers did not listen to me, neither did they incline their ear (Jeremiah 34)

Satan's 6,000 year lease ended on 2009Tishri14. Jehovah became Caesar to the Gentiles of Adam on 2009Tishri14, since he owns Adam and no leases remained in force either to Michael or to Satan over the Gentiles. Jehovah appointed Jesus to evict Satan who had become a sitting tenant over Adam. Jesus could not himself become Caesar or indeed Aaron at that time due to the Kingdom maledictions. But 2012SIvan16 began Zoar which is the non adamic promised land of the Kingdom of God. So 2012Tishri1 began the first secular year of the non adamic earthly kingdom of God. The first 6 secular years ran from 2012Tishri1 to 2018Nisan30.. A Sabbath is the 7th of 7 equal time periods. Except that in this case the 6th year is cut short by the new calendar. So a Sabbath is the 7th of 7 calendar units shall we say. A Sabbath year is a 7th secular year (under a divine law). So the Sabbath year for Zoar is 2018Iyyar1 to 2019Nisan30. Whereas the Sabbath year for non Zoarites who are still under the old Tishri1 secular calendar runs from 2018Tishri1 to 2019Elul30.

Non adamic people do not have Satan as Caesar (unless they are maledicted). So we did not get a new Caesar on 2012Sivan16 when we became non adamic due to the LW Gentile Times and the Kingdom Gentile Times both of which ran from 2011Tishri15 to 2018Tishri15. The Pentecost is when the law (secular and sacred) begins to be operational (at least it was on 1513Sivan7). We are not sure whether an anointed secular king requires a Pentecost before his law becomes operational. Perhaps he does?

Jesus was anointed/installed as Caesar to Zoar presumably in 2012Sivan and to Laodicea in 2018Iyyar and to Watchtower escapees in 2018/Elul - hence the 3 new secular years (Sivan1, Iyyar1 and Elul1). 

The 2nd and the 3rd fire signs precede the Great day of Jehovah of Acts2 and Joel2 and Isaiah13 and Zephaniah1 and Malachi4 and 2Thessalonians2 and 2Peter3, which is the day of Passover and fire sign responder salvation from 2018Tishri5 onwards. 

The 40 year wilderness penalty on the Watchtower from 1976Tishri1 ends on 2017Tebbeth20 due to the 12 month bride rejoicing and the 50 day installation and the 2x30 day Jacob's ladder gaps
The 40 month wilderness penalty upon Laodicea runs from 2014Tebbeth8 to 2018Tammuz8 due to the 2x30 day Jacob's ladder gaps.

In fact all the Hebrew slaves, the widest possible definition of God's people (sons of Eber, sons of Abraham, sons of Ishmael, sons of Moab and Ammon, etc.) must leave their prison and be released into the 1AC during the new Sabbath year, and sealed into the FRC during that year. The world must lose its hold upon Zoarite sons of the FRC by 2019Iyyar30, the end new Sabbath year for God's official people. And it does lose that hold on 2019Iyyar7, when the last son of the FRC (sealed on 2018VeAdar30 =2019Nisan6) enters into the ark. Then Mark of the beast testing ends on 2019Sivan14 (the 1st Abrahamic Passover execution - of the firstborn of the dragon and the rest of public sector Adam) and the lava flood begins on 2019Iyyar14.

The 2nd and 3rd fire signs of 1Kings18 make it obvious to those whose ear is not pinned to the church door, that Elijah is running the LWs. Therefore all non idolaters should leave the Watchtower in the 7th presidency (the current president, Robert Ciranko). Whereas Idolaters remain behind with the 7th president. Some of course can buy their freedom due to their hard work (spiritually) prior to the 7th presidency. Very few did.

Likewise mankind has been a slave to Satan for 6x (6,000 years) and the Sabbath release for mankind is the 1,000 year Kingdom of God, the seventh time. If one is bound to go to Gehenna, release from this also occurs during the seventh time (i.e. at any time during the 1,000 years). This means that people can be released from Gehenna throughout the kingdom.

All mankind has a choice between freedom and slavery after 6,000 years. So during the Time of the End, all mankind gets to choose whether to remain a slave to sin and Satan and have their ear nailed to the door of his system - which becomes Gehenna. Or to go free from sin and enter into the kingdom of God. God's law compels Satan to offer them this choice at this time. Everyone therefore has a choice to leave Gehenna, subject to its rules. Even mass murderers can leave during the 1,000 years if they are truly repentant. However they must still reap what they have sown and they will have a lot of apologizing to do to relatives etc. But they can do this on the outside after they have shown genuine repentance. You cannot actually want to be free from sin without being repentant for that is what repentance means.